Tuesday, 15 December 2020 09:47

Instead of worrying about “if you’re doing it right” – why not just DO IT?

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Just got done with a brief meditation session.

And much like my workouts, I work these in throughout the day, believe it or not. 

You don’t even need a quiet place if you’re doing it right, though that helps.

And as yours truly “seer” as some have called me (perhaps they’re right)’s fingers FLY ... and my mind is so “out there” ... I gotta tell you this.

Meditation wise, most people bitch about “we’re not doing it right”.

Or question themselves 10,0000 times about it ...

Or wonder when the time will be just right ...

Brings back a time when my Mom once famously made the comment about “we should abort our kid since we weren’t fit to be parents, and other assorted rubbish about the tim enever being right”.

It’s pointless trying to reason with her.

So I didnt.

But a friend, Michael told me the following.

“I dont agree at all. The time will never be right!”

And he was RIGHT.

I would have said the same damned thing to Mom, but ...

Anyway, this ain’t about her.

It’s about just DOING THE THING!

Fitness wise, why not just get down and DO THEM darn pushups and bear crawls, and FIND OUT FOR yourself just how effective they are?

Instead of pissing and moaning about form on pull-ups, why not start by DOING what I tell you the best you can?

In terms of “Hindu pushups” being too difficult – and the form “needs to be down pat” (and it does, dont get me wrong) – again – why not just START?

Make a start, bro, and do so NOW.

That isn’t to say form don’t matter. 


But sometimes, and often times, you’re far better off just DOING THE THING as opposed to endless “rounds of questions”.

Believe me, I’ve done these exercises for damn near my whole life or so it seems, and I learn something new EVERY TIME.

Something to be learnt there,methinks.

Now – go out there – andjust do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the BEST course on pushups right here – Pushup Central. I challenge you to find one BETTER!

PS #2 – The Bozo asked me if “really? A book on pishups?” (I’m sure he spelt it that way on purpose, hehe). Well, yes. A book on pushups bro. THE BEST EVER! GRAB IT NOW!

PPS - A customer responded to the above comment in a SAGE manner indeed by asking the Bozo how many books he'd written or what the Bozo knew about any sort of training or anything at all. No response from the Bozo, of course. Hehe. I love it. 

(I'm NOT loving the Mc Donalds the Bozo so loves, tho. UGH!) 

(Speaks volumes though as to why he's a fat puddle of PUDGE).