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Wednesday, 26 October 2022 09:25

Where is Glyn Bozo when he's needed, hehe.

Thats the problem with introducing him to one of my current significant others who also goes by the term "wife", it was, I believe ... 

He is NEVER around when he's needed - else they'd make a perfect couple. 

Lets see, both worship maids like they're gold on Earth, both LOVE doing - or complaining about - or both - well, I should say the SO doesnt like doing it, but Glyn loves doing it - housework - Glyn especially loves doing the cuck things, like giving her massages for ages, rubbing her feet, and all this other LGBTQ crap that females go on about as "awww so sweet" ... while secretly checking out other alpha males, hehe ... 

But he's never around when needed! 

Always in ass as it were! 


Back in the day, when he was still infesting China, every time he'd move into a new apartment - it would be a running joke in the "Keeping it real" group - because you knew a drunken Glyn rant, replete with throwing "beer bottles off 11th floors of Chinese dorm rooms" (poor China, hehe) was coming. 

Not only that, he seemed to attract the worst luck when it came to washing machines - they'd never work, or he'd get the semi automatic kind assigned to him in the monkey jobs he so loved. (well, needed, I should say). 

Dont believe me - ask any of the dudes in that group - or a certain Josie, or any other chick, hehe. 

They'll all happily affirm to Bozo's lunacy, whether or not they agree with me on other matters, or anything at all, is a different tale. Hehe. 

"The Washing machine doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

"Damn thing wont work!" 

"I can't wash my clothes!" 

The Bozo would rant about this sort of thing forever - all night long if you can believe that while swigging cheap roadside Chinese liqor and god only knows what else. 

But today, as I read this - and why do I bring this up, well, it perfectly - or it gives you a nigh perfect example of the "cucked male" I spoke about in my last email to you - as I read this on Twitter from no-one in particular... 

I am dating a nerd uncle. Partner woke up at 8am to do extensive research on our washing machine to make it more “efficient”???IS NOW WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO ENSURE HE ISNT MISSING OUT ON FEATURES WHILE I WAIT FOR HIM TO MAKE BREAKFAST ugh
its been 2 hours... and he is still doing this...apparently we have a weird washing machine as it top load machine with a detergent dispenser????


"Princess, you need a certain Glyn Schofield (aka #bozoschofield) by your side", I went. "He wouldn't just look at the machine for ages, he'd live in IT - and more". Hehe. 

But really, think about it. 

This c*** should be PRAISING the man, you'd think. 

The ideal man, you'd say? 

Cooks, cleans, provides, even wakes up at 8 to fix the washing machine - and make it more efficient, whatever that shit means while her lazy ass does exactly F all ... I mean, dude even makes breakfast, doing both the so called manly and womanly things... 

And yet. she's complaining about it on Twitter, talking to other men, happily taking the husband's money ... 

And crowning glory, or not, the c**** is basically "looking on Youtube to see how else she can supervise him". 

Hmm, let's see, the chickie knows nothing about it herself, yet wants to supervise him. 

I see this all around me daily, women - even Nazi feminist ones that think they have control, and then end up, both ironically and paradoxically messing it all up anyways. 

Like I've told my own wife when she badgers me about things I "ought to be doing" - "dont supervise me hun, I dont need it, if you do, it aint getting done". 

She seems to have learnt - sort of. Do they ever? 

Height of lunacy I'd think though in that above situation. 

And he's happy about it. Hehe. 

Much like Venus's husband was when she literally asked him to DRIVE me to my apartment for ... I better not go there. 

Ugh. Sure, it was good for ME, but thats not the point I'm trying to make here, it aint about me, its about being "pussy whipped to an extreme" as the term goes, if I might use it...

That sort of delirium is what men in general need to wake up from, once they do, if they ever do, this lunacy will end almost instantly. 

Women need to be explained - in practical terms, as I just asked my daughter to write the word "practical" - hehe - that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. 

And it's true...

Unnatural routines and practices dont last, though they might seem to for years. 

And thats that. 

No prizes for guessing which part of the spectrum I'm on, I've always BEEN on it ... Hehe. 


Like I've always said - get fit - the rest will follow. 

And follow the best damn fitness system in order to do so - the 0 Excuses Fitness System


Rahul Mookerjee

I must confess, my friend, while I've been MGTOW for years now - living the philosophy damn near all my adult life without even knowing it existed (the terminology) - and then when I did, I nodded my head upon reading the terms ie. "these guys got it SPOT ON!"... 

Brings to mind what a customer once said "I used to think MGTOW guys were idiots, now I see they're the smart ones"

This is a long comment condensed down to the gist - and the "now" took him several years, probably more than a decade - to figure out. 

I've had it figured out since ... ah, but lets not make this about me. Hehe. 

MGTOW guys have this term for an ideal woman which I cannot put my finger upon, on the tip of my tongue, starts with "NO ... "I believe? 

I dont know, correct me if I'm wrong. 

But it's essentially a term for "finding the diamond in the rough" - the ONE woman that is different. 

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla and I used to discuss all the time over pizza - and as every MGTOW guy does - 

"Everyone thinks their woman is the ideal one, she's "different""!

My response to this sort of thing would be to laugh and say "no she ain't either". 

Marc would be more logical in his response "relentlessly logical" as his wont is, hehe (which I love - so am I - but I mix emotion into things often, which isn't necessarily bad either if done at the right time and right/OPPORTUNE place) - but that is what his response would boil down to as well. 

And every time I see these guys - a lot of guys - ostensibly "fat and happy" with a chick that is either fat herself, or not - I'm talking more the guys here, since MGTOW is a GUY thing ...I shake my head inwardly. 

Dont get me wrong, my friend. 

Nothing wrong with being happy - or thinking you are. 

But what I see when I see a lot of these guys, and its a vibe that cannot be mistaken - #1 "cuck" (not necessarily in the sexual sense either). 

And #2, more importantly, and this really hits home - "I've been there". 

And then what these guys usually are in real life - abject failures at what they claim to do, rejects for the most part socially - usually extremely fat and unfit (remember the bit about if you truly want to be a machine - you cannot do it when you're in a relationship, or that sort of relationship - look at history, look at the Indian wrestlers, listen to ole Mickey yell about "women weaken legs" - they were not just whistling Dixie out their asses, my friend) ... 

.. usually with little money, or a desk job with no potential for advancement, usually with a ton of unfulfiled dreams and aspirations that at their current rate they would never fulfil - and much more. 


I've been there - multiple times, so I know - and thats why I feel bad for these guys - I wish I could help. 

But you can tell when someone wants help, and trying to shove help down someone's throat never worked - it worsens matters "you cannot make that horse drink" - so I leave it be. 

Then I think about myself. 

And the myth of the ideal woman - look, I'll be flat out honest. 

She doesn't exist, my friend. 

And if she does, chances are excellent or second to none FINANCES - the man's - play a huge role in it i.e. he gives her money out the ass and then some. 

Or, she's younger - he's older - and already a success - and possibly divorced once or more. 

Cut it any way you like - this is coming from a guy whose never even had to "pay for it" for the most part - women do everything for a reason, and they are cool and calculating about it to an extreme - if you LET THEM. 

Of course, women aren't near as rational as men are - or should be - and neither can they be, they are not programmed that way. 

And like they said in the Bourne Supremacy "nothing is random" - they do it all, including monkey branching - for a reason. 

And for a guy who talks to so many women that openly cheat on husbands that PROVIDE for them, give them all they want - I'm telling you, this comes from the heart. 

Usually it takes guys years and years of pain - which they dont even know they're inflicting upon themselves to figure this out. 

Once they do though - they're instant converts to the MGTOW way of life. 

My question just is, think about all this logically NOW - and save yourself the hassle - and MAKE something of yourself, my friend. 

(to the "cucked" guys this that is). 

Unfortunately they wont, but the facts are this - the really fit guys - supremely strong - supreme successes - and so forth - are all neither mongamous nor are they "happily married" - that fact by itself should tell you a lot. 

I dont know when men in general will realize that the time for focusing on YOU, my friend is long past - you need to start doing it NOW. 

Fitness wise, start getting into the best shape of your life - by following the 0 Excuses Fitness System

And you'll see how quickly the rest falls into place once you start getting into shape - and THINKING clearly - and rationally - and once you have other "choices" at hand like so many women always "seem to" (hint - they really dont if you think about it). 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Logically speaking, if you can find any fault with what I said, do write back and let me know, but if you whine in an illogical manner about hurting feelings, then you'll go straight to spam or block. 

The jury seems to be out on this - including my own. 

I wrote about the one arm pull-up this morning here, and as promised, now, my thoughts on the one arm PUSHUP.

Last year I was rapping with an old customer, perhaps the right guy to talk to about pushups - former martial artist and a lot more - and before proceeding, here is the review he left for Pushup Central

The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world's oldest and "most diverse" exercise.

If you're like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training "brutally effective" training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it's absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.


Now, I won't get into the review here again, I've done that enough times already (and lets not EVEN get into the Bozo - ugh, I said that wrong didnt I?) ... 

I was talking to him about doing high rep pushups, how pushups do help your pull-up prowress - or help you get better at pull-ups provided you address the "fat around the midsection" issue (which pushups do a damn good job of addressing if you do 'em right and regularly, not just "sometimes") ...and a lot more. 

And I remember him saying that he felt one arm pushups were more a "show" movement, for real workouts, they weren't really that useful. 

Now, he's right on one - very main thing. 

As with one arm pull-ups, the vast majority of people would do just fine without doing a single one arm pushup in their lives. 

If you focus on and do pushups the way I teach you in Pushup Central with "both limbs" (though you'll see me take some away occasionally, hehe) - then my friend you will do just fine and need nothing else from that perspective. 

Most of the people we know that really did pushups at a high level, high repes, Iron Mike Tyson, Herschel Walker, the list goes on and on - while I've no doubt they did a lot of one arm pushups in their training, the VAST BULK (no pun!) of their training most likely was done with two limbs. 

So it should be as well. 

The main thing though for me, which seperates one arm pushups from the same category in pull-ups - it is far harder to mantain proper form when doing one arm pushups. 

You'll see folks doing 'em with legs spread, back bent and so forth, such is the nature of the movement. 

Getting reps in with proper form can be done ... but maintaining that form over a long workout is neither practical nor really doable - nor is entirely functional. 

Thats one main reason I rate it as "part show" - but not fully. 

Doing a one arm pushup still takes some incredible strength and conditioning my friend - especially if you do them slow in sets of 10 - on your fingertips, and so forth. 

But would I recommend one arm pushups in workouts - the question goes? 

Yes, but perhaps AFTER your regular pushup workouts. 

For instance, 25 regulars, maybe 5 one arms, then 40 regular's, maybe 5 more one arms ... 

They make for a great sizzler and finisher, not entirely the case with one arm pull-ups which you'll see you can work far more into your workouts than one arm pushups (though again, most people would do just fine doing pull-ups properly with both limbs) ... 

There's plenty of other movements we could talk about here which lots of people say fall into the showboating movement -my book Advanced Plyometrics has one of them "the clapping pushup". 

I'll be talking about that later, so stay tuned. 

For now, remember Pushup Central is all you need in terms of pushups - ever. 

If you so choose, you can go even more advanced,  but these exercises in this here book are enough to keep you busy and very productive indeed your entire life. 

The greats did 'em, if it was good enough for 'em, it was for you, no excuses. 

Chop chop, as she said. Hehe. (if you ain't got to it already, you should have, do it NOW). 

And thats that. 


Rahul Mookerjee

It really, really is - and he's a REAL guru - yours truly - unlike a lot of posing fools out there. 

Anyway I remember writing this a while back, around 2 months or so ago - https://0excusesfitness.com/2022/09/05/well-since-rishi-sunak-looks-set-to-lose/

And today, 44 days into her so called Prime Minstership, as Liz Truss officially steps down - all I gotta say is two things. 

One, she's a grade A hypocrite and that ultimately TOLD (not to mention her rubbish policies - as for the hypocrisy, see what she said about the monarchy a few years back and then now the reverse, polar, exact opposite to get votes - much like a certain idiot Kamala "sometimes Indian sometimes black "sometimes mixed"" Harris) ... 

And two, I told you so. 

I'm pretty positive my man Sunak will win the PM'ship this time, very well deserved too as I believe I said before. 

And as y'all are very well aware that showl as fuck ain't the first time I've been right, or predicted things correctly, and it damn sure wont be the last (in fact, I cannot remember a time I predicted something wrongly - right down to predicting what trolls will tell me and visualizing it. Hehe. And it happening!). 

Time, of course will tell - fitness wise though, one more - yet one more reason - a reason nobody in their right mind can ignore in terms of listening to me? 

It isn't so much the praise my customers heap on me, or the hate the trolls do, or my books truly being the best out there by any standards (well, thats part of it) - or my workouts being the most brutal (again - part of it) or any litany of reasons you might think of or come to mind...

It is this first, foremost and always - well, other than being in the trenches in a way few, if any people ever have - 

That PROOF is what counts. 

Solid numbers and results are what count, and lets leave mine aside. 

Lets look at proven - even more so - world class DOERS. 

From Herschel Walker to Iron Mike to even probably Michael Phelps (pushups etc) - or any doer, male or female, you might insert. 

They ALL did bodyweight exercises, and workouts, and high reps, in perfect form, and a hell of a lot of them. 

Could be Walker and Tyson (damn, if the two ever duked it out! I'd give it to Tyson in the boxing ring, but probably Walker otherwise, but they're both legends, kings of their chosen fields!) - (politics included, Walker literally blew away the idiot Warnock in the debate for one -- it was nigh hilarious to watch him bring out the facts as Warnock avoided any and all direct questions. Hehe) ... with their legendary pushup workouts. 

Could be the Gama with 1000's of squats damn near daily ... 

Could be ... well, you insert YOUR favorite doer. 

But they've all done what I promote, and in the - and this is important - FANTATICALLY DEDICATED way I do it, and continue to promote, and always will. 

Because guess what, regardless of how nice it is, how pretty is it, how much it hurts, and all the other bullshit, that - above all is what brings results, and stellar ones at that. 

Not everyone wants stellar results eh? 


The sun just rose in the West as well ... 

Lets be honest here, fellas. 

And if you want to be honest with yourself, do what truly works - learn from the "Master of the Game" (again, not mine, customer feedback that) - then pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System and some of our products now. 

Start experiencing what others have been nigh very rigtftully raving over - starting TODAY! 


Rahul Mookerjee

he's just an English speaker, a dumbass one

A predictable, yet such a lovely response from Gorilla Girl who was pestering me, as usual to learn English for free - as well as her kids. 

Ugh - on the last part, not so much because I dont teach English, but because of her tendency to constantly label all expats as English teachers, and more - what we (me and her) talk about is definitely NOT for kids. I hope she hasn't shown her kid the whole conversation for one! 

"I was punishing him!" she went. 

And in typical Nazi feminist style, of course, "because he was bullying girls at school" - then I asked her what if the girls were at fault? 

And he just responded like a man should ... 

Of course, "teacher said he bullied girls and Mother knows her son" was the only answers I got. 

Reminded me of me in seventh grade when a girl was constantly irritating me and taunting me, bullying me, I had enough, all I did was to push my chair back forcefully and it hit her desk, knocking her damn lunch off the desk - but thats it. 

The beating I got at home from that - and being forced to stand outside class (with another dude, for another reason) I'll never forget, much like the brutal beatings handed down to us boys while the girls got away mostly scot free (with the male teachers trying to flirt with them if you can believe it). 

True story, my friend, if you're a fat "VD Agarwal" - "let the climate come in" Bozo, you know it as well. Many of your cohorts do too! I'd name and shame, but nah - I'll leave that for the ... but anyway, Sophia. 

(I did tell her how much that made me hate my father, like in Rocky V, the boxer that says "I just think of my Dad when I get in the ring", and all the rage just comes out, and ... well, he hit hard for one!) 

(I was slightly more descriptive, but I was being factual, but I'll spare ya'll the details, or victuals. Hehe)/

So she was punishing him, then I asked her if I was a dumbass ... well, let me copy and paste. 

you really said in that language (english) to your son? Or Chinese? 

One question for you, Sophia, for the person that learns from a dumbass, what are they? Dumbass learning from dumbass? LOL

In the midst of that, I sent her a dick picture - again. LOL. Anyway, she replied after the picture. 

I know this many years ago, she said. 

Then I asked for a direct answer, which I never got ... 

well, the stupidest thing ever, satisfied?

(and all this is all true, screenshots - and I'm happy to provide some, hehe minus the "pic") 

not me be satisfied , that is not the point

I want to know, what do YOU think. Hehe.

So, for example (since I'm a dumbass) - all these people that buy my books, leave me reviews, etc - in many cases, these guys are rich - physically, they have been in the Armed forces, Marines etc - they are martial artists, former wrestlers - these girls (and guys) that learn from my other books etc - all of those people, what are they? Hehe. The stupidest ever to pay money and learn from me, despite their many accomplishments otherwise?

Another example - one that you can understand better, all those Chinese that pay to learn English from me ... then in many cases they become my <chopped> - also all dumbasses?

I dont care if the answer satisfies me. I'd like you to think and tell me your honest opinion, that is all.

Third example, Sophia learing English (when she can ) from me. Wait, how can that be possible. SHe is so smart. but she does it anyway ...

There was more. 

And I love Gorilla Girl, I really do. HEhe. 

I never did get that direct answer, of course.. 

And thats fine. 

Gorilla Girl and I have an unwritten agreement to troll each other for reasons the average Schofield will never understand, though he'll try. 

But she's a woman after all ... HEhe. 

Anyway - it reminded me of the idiots who call me everything from "cunt" to "narcissist" to "egotist" - all because I point out clearly evident facts about them. 

In some cases, the word "obese" is enough to trigger a flood of tears, completely ignoring the rest of what I say. Hehe. 

I've been told many times my words HURT - or UPLIFT. 

To an extreme in both cases. 

They HIT HOME - and the proof on all sides of this debate - well, enough said on that one!

And thats how I like it. 

Thats how I'd rather it be. 

And thats how it shall always be. 

Then of course, you have the Bozos who get their knickers in a twist simply because "you talk about them with someone else" (Glyn Bozo was hallucinating about just that) or the fools that masturbate on Nanjing buses "angrily" from what it seems (that even possible)? 

Or the asses that troll this site while claiming not to and write long emails based upon my style, cite research studies from the very sites and same topics I do (I rarely cite research, so I know this idiot copied me, and is anxiously, despite me BLOCKING him several times from the list, all his ID's - waiting for the next update from yours truly, salivating rather) ... 

And a host of others. 

Then you have the smart bunch that can't get enough of me. Hehe. 

Ultimately they all come back, they all learn from me, which begets the question ... maybe, like so many people are clamoring for a new definition of normal (and if you were to believe the LGBTW idiots, that would be true) ... there should be a new definition of dumbass ... Hehe 

Anyway, Gorilla Girl and yours truly dumbass (she's not in the videos guys - sorry - and she wont be either) - bring you the 0 Excuses Fitness System, the best damn system - it will turn you into a fitness phenom regardless of whether currently a slob, beached whale, an already fit person, a gym goes, a dumbass, or anything, really. 

It does NOT discriminate, so long as you DO. 

LGBTQ as well, hehe. 

And thats that. 

Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This started when Miss Dumbass, or Mrs, depending, was pestering me about doing video calls. Ugh. I've made no secret of how much I hate the dumbphone and calls in geenral, and bloody video calls and videos, I'd rather jump off a damn cliff (but I wouldn't break my legs, hehe - nah, kidding) ... 

More here - https://0excusesfitness.com/2021/04/25/why-rahul-mookerjee-does-not-and-never-will-do-video-calls/

I have a far more verbose version of this elsewhere, but I'll only reveal if the haters want it, hehe. 

Trade secrets, my son. 

Trade secrets! Hehe.


Sunday, 16 October 2022 11:20

On "two swords not co-existing" - and more!

I swear - they're enough to drive anyone batshit insane, if they weren't already. Hehe. 

Anyway, I was recently talking to my visa agent about some business going wrong - somewhat, at least and clarifying certain things, and the way he yelled back to me without meaning to spoke tomes. 


"Forget how it is in China!" hollered this normally calm dude. 

Now, for reference, all I was doing was pointing out a FACT about China, which he wasn't getting - but claimed he did. 

I mean, he got the fact, but he wasn't getting my import w.r.t the visa deal "gone wrong" ... 

(and when I point out facts I'm dually blunt about it, it HITS HOME HARD - and it hurts - he's said it before too, "my words are hurtful". 

But facts remain facts though...) 

I wont get into the specifics here, but turns out he's right - on one front, and I'm right on most, but that one front is the one that matters, so I couldn't really fault him - although he really should have told me before I embarked on the deal ... ah, but that isn't the point of me writing this. 

I was working out when he showed up, sensibly not at the house, but at the gate. 

I dont want the lunacy that resides within to be in any way involved with my stuff, of course, if anyone comes for me when I'm here (as in comes to meet me, even slightly) all hell seems to break loose. 

Apparently one alpha male is all they can very reluctantly "Stand". 

Women, I was telling the dude. 

Trust me, two women together- it just wont work! 

He interrupted me. 

"sir, let me tell you in our language", he went. 

Ok, please do ... 

"Do Talware ek ghar me nahi tik sakti!" 

i.e. "Two swords cannot co-exist in one house". 

The very statement - while completely true, shows you how illogical females are in general, and how pointless it is to reason with them on anything, especially the Nazi feminist ones. 

I mean, two swords can be used to sharpen each other and go after the real enemy - which they ostensibly do, but behind the scenes, they're just dulling each other and getting exactly F all for it. 


Most guys, the way they deal with it - is either accept it or "dont stay at home during the day". 

"You seem to be someone thats figured out how to live life on his own terms!" 

I hear a past customer's words so clearly. He's right too... 

Not only that, I've figured out - and DO - benefit from the madness big time even when it does not seem like it. 

So will you if you follow the tips in my book on not just combating, but PROFITING from Nazi feminists at the highest level possible

This book applies to business as well - dont believe me, read point #26, and apply to anyone - Bozos, phat phockers getting their panties in a twist about being called fat, and trolls in general. 

Along with that, apply what I teach you in Profit Troll - yet to come- and trust me, you'll welcome both the categories above - as I do. 

Anyway ... 

Thats that. 

For the best damn fitness system ever go here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - And 250 pushups, 350 club swings, and 70 pull-ups later, I'm qualified to tell you this too - the sheer confidence that comes from having a body in shape - mere words dont and can't do justice to it. 

And the lack of confidence spewing from Bozos not in shape, same thing. 

A long time ago I remember three incidents, one a case of road rage (though I was right) involving me - two a case of ... well, psuedo road rage - again involving me, and I was ... well, if you were look at local circumstances, "sort of right, and sort of wrong" - and three, WAY back in the day, a dude once said my ex's "legs were beautiful" (albeit not in front of me). (and she complained about it to me instantly, though he wasn't really being obnoxious, just ... weird). 

Case #1, I still remember the other guy yelling at me, and my own lack of confidence fighting back ... case #2, ditto. 

Case #3, well, I'd probably just laugh now and say "thats my bitch" or something ...  I dont know, speak big black dude's language maybe? LOL. 

We've all had these cases where we've been humbled (well, case #3 I guess is a compliment the way it was said, but the first two, I felt sort of ... I dont know, I felt I couldn't whip the other guys ass, period). 

Right now? 

Case numero one and two wouldn't have a set of teeth left, and probably not a leg either. Hehe. And I mean that. 

Number three who knows. 

And really, that confidence, that SWAGGER that comes from being in shape, and it all starts from the CORE, my friend - core fitness. 

Get a truly corrugated core, you'll know what I mean when you will feel like "you can knock down buildings" as you walk. 

Truly, nothing substitutes core fitness my friend ...

Reminds me of Van Damme's Bloodsport, where he advises a huge dude (friend of his) to go for the far more skilled Chong Li's gut - because he's weak there. 

You wouldnt know it by looking at it, but the way someone moves, reacts, you can tell - very easily. 

And, Van Damme himself fighting a bear of a man off whom kicks just bounce off ... the way he finally betters him, dropping down into the splits, and smacking him one ... to the GUT. 

The solar plexus region, I'd probably never use that sort of thing in a fight because it can cripple, maim, or worse. (admittedly I've had practice doing it, but still!). 

But its all about the core, my friend, a weak core = lack of true confidence, and it will show no matter how much you "bulk up" in other areas. 

OK, enough for now. 

Thursday, 13 October 2022 14:40

On penny pinching "Bennies" and more ...

"Penny pincher drink water!" 

I still remember an angry Gorilla Girl hammering these words out at me while I attempted to calm her down. Hehe. 

(I think that was "direct translation from Chinese" as the Chinese love to say)

She looks exceedingly sexy when angry though so I didnt really try I believe. 

I still cannot remember what the fight was about, oh, now I do. 

I think it was basically when we were going to meet up, and we both knew what each other wanted, so I just told her "lets just meet up at home". 

She chose lunch initially, apparently the husband wasn't home then "you can come for dinner if you like", she giggled. 

Nah - not so much into the cuckolding scene, Sophia ... Hehe is what I told her (Bozo Glyn would wet his pants if he was allowed to watch of course), then it was agreed upon for lunch, then she started whining about "but I have to tell my husband anyway" and then I told her "please, I want NO part of that" - and ... well, it spiraled. 

Something like that at any rate, I think what I was most pissed off about was this - it was a rainy morning, I done got drenched on the hill, Gorilla Girl was giggling up a storm about it, and she completely threw my schedule off wack as well. 

Those that know me know (like a certain lawyer Jojo) I'm a creature of habit. I dislike my routines being disturbed even in the slightest, I take it to extremes yes, but for a damn good reason, it's better than having no routine. 

Still remember my ex once telling me sourly when she wanted to take long detours while we were on our way back from Crystal Springs (manatee ville) in Florida ... 

"You're just like my grandfather! Once he settles upon a route, he NEVER deviated from it!" 

(that was the famous fight due to deviating from good ole Mapquest as I drove back - remember them days?) 

Anyway ... 

With Sophia, ultimately it wasn't about penny pinching. 

Funny part?

And true story, when we met up - she chose the hill - which delighted me. Hehe. She knew Id like that the best. 

Then, apparently too many Chinese were staring on a Sunday afternoon at the foreign devil with his girl, so she wanted to go elsewhere - I asked her where. 

She had no idea. 

So I chose a coffee shop. 

We sat down inside, I ordered a beer - she a coffee and cake I believe (after I had to "push her to order it" - she didnt quite understand the menu or something). 

I paid. We left.

And then that evening the massive bitching session about ... guess what? 

"I WANT TO PAY FOR IT!!!" thundered Sophia. 


And she sent me the money on wechat, which I didnt accept, and she burst into tears eventually claiming "I was being so mean". 

Can't win for losing, hehe, eventually I accepted it, but it's funny how female brains work, from bitching about penny pinching to wanting to "pay for it all or else" ... 

Hey, Gorilla Girl is right in that AA sucks, I hate it too. 

But I'd rather pay! 

Anyway .... what does this little tidbit have to do with anything? 

Well, I dont even know, it came to mind so I told ya. Hehe, 

The main reason I was writing this? 

I call out penny pinchers and cheapskates a hell of a lot. For good reasons, but do you know just why I cannot stand these people and do everything possible to mock 'em? 

And NOT hide my contempt for this lot? 

Because - guess what - first off, whether or not you believe it, we all, to an extent penny pinch. 

I do it too. 

For instance, if confronted with a $300 toothbrush like Bozo claims he uses, and a $2 special, I'd choose the latter anyday. 

To me, a toothbrush is a toothbrush, it could come wrapped in fancy packaging or a simple "cardboard box from Amazon" - it could be electric or I could, you know, use my hands unlike Glyn whose always got his fingers in his own butt or something ... 

(admittedly he wants that $300 brush to brush his prostrate and not teeth which is a different thing altogether I guess)

Same thing with potatoes. 

They can come wrapped in fancy bags claiming "organic" - or they can be plain jane from the local farmer's market, or Walmart from all I give a shit, as long the quality is similar, I could care less what the outside looks like. 

But, a pair of jeans, for instance? 

To me - I'll almost ALWAYS buy Levi's. 

Now, why? 

I could just as easily buy other brands... 

Point is this - to me a pair of jeans is, for whatever reason (fit, unique style, whatever my requirements are) MORE important than say a bar of soap, or toothbrush ... 

And so whether I'm a trillionaire or not, I'll always look for the best deals on the latter bunch. 

I'll always "penny pinch", so to speak in that regard. 


Hell, I wouldnt think twice of buying a pair of Levis's, or Pepe, or whatever - no matter how much it cost, provided I really liked it, because to me that would be "value in terms of clothing". 

Same thing HERE. 

Lots of folks WANT - or claim they want - the books. It's obvious. 

But if you "truly want" - but are too cheap to fork over the bucks for it, then I'm sorry, but you're not being honest - you dont really want it. 

You'd rather have your Netflix or whatever, and thats fine. 

Point again, is this. 

People buy what they really WANT - no matter what the economy is like or other crap people make excuse over. 

People FIND a way to get what they REALLY, truly WANT. They dont moan about price or what not, they just do it. Thats how it works, life, fitness, any sort of product or service you might think of. Might not sound nice me saying it like that - but can you say it's not TRUE? 

So to me, it's simple - if you dont want to "truly buy" - then stop haunting this site and claiming "you'd like to buy". 

Way too many people do that, keep checking out the checkout page, adding to cart etc, but never actually take ACTION beyond that. 

Which until a point is fine, but if you never do anything, there's no point my friend. 

Be honest, first and foremost - all else after that. 

And thats the lot I cannot stand. ie HYPOCRITES and do nothing's. 

Id rather someone say "I dont want to your stuff" than vacillate until "kingdom come", so to speak ... 

Either this or that. 

Either you get it, or you dont, there is NO in between ... (and no, this doesn't apply to anyone in particular, no matter how several people might take it). 

It applies in general, and it explains my most reasonable views on all this. 

And thats that. 

Be sure and check out some world class fitness products HERE if you're truly interested in getting into top shape. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

I gotta write that long overdue book sometime ... Book #6 or perhaps more on the pending list, there are so many now I have literally lost track. 

Maybe I need to hire Alexa to keep up. Hhee.

"From 120 - 60 kgs, from ZERO TO HERO ... " - went my FIRST - and never published, never seen the day of light under that name book - most of it, or a lot of it subsequently got released as a very good next book "Zero to Hero!". 

It's definitely a book all of you should have on bookshelf, even if you aren't specifically looking for advice on success or motivation in general, there is so much more to the book than that. 

Anyway - I've never been huge on numbers unless it comes to results or sales. 

I believe I still dont know my exact height - somewhere around 5'9" is all I know, when the Chinese ask me 

I also know I look like a giraffe with my "long lissome legs" as Carol once said. Hehe (minus the lissome part - I hadn't taught her that word as yet. She was still getting to terms with "plump", hehe. Hey, Carol. That plump look SUITS you - you look so damn cute that way!). 

I still remember her picking up on the "Hey", "Hey Michael", she'd often say slapping my at the time fat thigh when I was not stretching right. Hehe. Memories! 

More fitness related memories here, anyway, I'm going off track again - or am I? 

At the end of the day what do we really have? 

When we go? 

Smiles and cries, if you're an Alonzo Harris fan. 

Or, to me, memories. 

I'll always remember what Carol said during that once in a lifetime adventure that just happened - years later, I still can't believe it, but happen it did! ...

"We may or may not be together in the future, but these memories will last, good memories!' 

True that, memories last a lifetime if you let 'em, both good or bad, and they are often the catalyst for occurences of either nature much later on in life when you would never "expect" it. 

Dont expect every experience to be a blockbuster tho, I've done made that mistake in the past. You hit a home run once, maybe twice, but even that home run, ask any champ player, duplicating is often nigh impossible. 

Much like you can't ape my writing and hope to succeed, or my style as I said yesterday (and as so many idiots continue to do). 

OK, back to the weighing scale. 

Once it was when I was literally ... I believe 117 kgs. Hehe. Fat as fuck according to me (but I still did pull-ups, as evidenced from the cover of Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks! which doesnt just show me getting my chin over the bar - it shows me doing a mid point pull-up, one of the toughest to do for most people!) and handstand pushups, and jumping rope ... 

I dont mention any of that to brag or tom tom, I Specifically promote my fat pictures - and why? To inspire YOU, to show you what is possible, but it only is if you're honest and not a believer in the extremely lame excuse of "I'm big, but not fat" - when you are - or "we all come in different sizes and shapes" - when fact is, no matter what you're size wherever, hehe - you're FAT, period. The mirror dont lie. 

Neither do the scales, my friend. 

True, BMI's etc often aren't accurate but thats only if you're super fit - or someone like maybe Herschel Walker (super fit x 100). 

For the average Shomoe on the couch chugging a six pack a night - whether they admit it or not - the scales usually dont lie.


Anyway - second time I'll never forget, in China. 


Weight of 65. Resting pulse rate of like 40. That was when I had an even more intense workout routine - https://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training details it ALL. 

That resting pulse rate was what I really enjoyed! 

I should actually say three times. 

A few days ago I weighed myself again. 

And bingo at the age of almost 42, I'm at 65 again. Hehe.

Effortlessly, almost. 

I think it was only last year that I was called both skinny and "fat". Hehe. 

Fat as in, "you look fat" - and a DOER said it, and I took it very seriously indeed. 

Maybe I did look sort of out of shape then, and I've mentioned this doer by name, I've written about how he predicted I'd be in my best shape overall in 2022, and with every passing day that prediction holds truer. Hehe. 

Know what the big deal is, how this applies to you? 

I dont have a crazy strict diet now like I did in China (at the time by chance, not choice). 

While I dont chug beer every night, I'll drink every so often. Vodka, beer, the lot. 

I sit at the 'puter almost all damn day. 

NONE of my workouts take more than 15 minutes at a go IF even that. 

And yet, I can run up flights of stairs effortlessly, people say I look around 26 years old - still - and more. 

I FEEL that way too. 

THAT, my friend, are the cumulative benefits of hard training your entire life damn near and still counting- or starting - and going strong, or all of it. 

And THAT, if anything shows you the sheer value my fitness programs deliver, the results they can deliver you, and will - not just fitness wise, and life. 

I'd be wrong to say you're a fool if all of this doesnt make you jump and get 0 Excuses Fitness NOW (those that haven't, there's still a lot of you on the fence). 

But damn close, my friend, damn close... 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Take that above bit as constructive suggestions/feedback, not so much criticism as some people love to whine about... 

That alone will determine if you're a doer or not! 


I believe it was Mao, not exactly one of my "favorite" politicians to say the least (Deng Xiaoping I've always maintained is really the man responsible for China's meteoric rise to what it is today "Grandfather Deng" as they rightly call him" ... but a lot of what he said actually made sense from a certain angle. 

Like this - 

"Power flows from the barrel of a gun". 

I've no idea if Mao is the one that invented that saying, or if he got it from elsewhere, but if you think about it, it's true - and a quick look around what is going on in the world TODAY proves it. 

Think about it, you can talk all you like, but end of the day, it's heavy duty firepower and artillery that really SPEAKS - the loudest, and matters the most. 

It doesn't necessarily have to be all out war either. 

Look at the boxing ring. 

Mike Tyson once so eloquently said it. 

"You can have all the plans in the world - until you get punched in the mouth". 

That of course is another testament to this. 

Now I've always believed the mind is the best weapon, but even then - gotta admit. 

When you're staring down the barrel of that gun, and you dont know how to disarm the other person -well, 'nuff said. 

But take "gun" away - and replace it away with physical fitness - that is really what I want to talk about NOW. 

Look at all these people that troll women and children for one, attacking them from behind the relative safety of their computer screens. 

One reason Glyn Bozo, "king" of all trolls has never dared to say any of his rubbish to my face is because he wouldn't have a face - or any teeth, hehe - left after / if he said it. 

Come to think, he'd probably end up crippled for life too. 

These aren't mere words, they're FACT. 

Chuck once made the comment about "you'd probably have him hanging from a tree" - and then of course, Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla in general about what I'd do to trolls and their ilk - and people attacking me in general - "you'd tear 'em apart". 

And I would. 

Now, it could be either verbally or physically, but fact is this. 

Being physically fit, being lean, mean, QUICK AND AGILE on your feet - having the ability to launch yourself up on your tip toes and aim kicks out of nowhere - knowing that your punches have solid "SMACK" behind them - knowing, that in general, you have the fittest core ever (believe me, when you have a fit core, you wont just know it, you'll FEEL it, and that confidence will nigh show in every aspect of your life!) ... 

... When you can do what martial artists often do, get into the splits (advanced verson) and then challenge each other to take punches as hard as they can to take their CORES - midsections basically where all the vital organs are and so forth. 

End of the day, when you get to those levels of fitness is when you'll really understand the "emotion" behind the words if I might say so. 

You'll truly understand the meaning of the word smackdown when you can take - and then deliver x 10 back - one yourself. 

It cannot be taught. 

You have to experience it yourself. 

My programs, my friend, GET you to that level. 

Because lets face it, end of the day, man to man, player to player, nikka to nikka - DO you GOT IT? 

CAN you back your SMACK up? 

Most "modern day" (I use quotes for a reason) men or the sorry excuse for men most wimpy modern day men have turned into "metrosexual and other nonsense" cannot. 

Can YOU? 

And that, really is the import of this entire email. 

Start with the 0 Excuses Fitness System and Corrugated Core, my friend. 

Then progress on to Pushup Central, and more ... 

And you'll truly understand what the expression "kick ass while taking NAMES" (not mine btw) means along the way...


Rahul Mookerjee

This morning I received one of those weird messages the Bozo sends when totally trashed out of what is left of his "mind" (which as a couple of customers have "giggled" - I mean that in a good way, heh - about "he was kind of at the back of the line when God dispensed brains") ... 

Apparently Bozo, after reviewing some $200 toothbrush on Amazon or something in 2020 is now claiming he buys "$300 toothbrushes" and from the odd nature of his email he wants me to get one too. 

In that email there are rambles about him having "African ancestry" - apparently too many people have called the Bozo out for having a "tiny pecker" or some nonsense that he keeps parading about on social she-dia when drunk, in one of his "I want to be a woman" moods (dont even get me started, this guy is the height of lunacy) and how his teeth are discolored or some nonsense, or how he has "gaps in his teeth" (which hey, Glyn, just go to a damned orthodentist or something, I did when I was young, then I stopped. Those damned braces, ugh). 

Anyway, apparently Bozo is in his "I want to be an African woman" moods, 'nuff said on that. 

But it reminds of a rant he left on the Animal Kingdom Workouts book which began with, of course, $$... 

"Since I have so much money to burn...", the Bozo went. 

Now admittedly Bozo is trolling, admittedly in his case even if he did buy $300 toothbrushes, apparently thats because he rams it up his rear end and other 'unmentionables', and so quality is required, hehe. 


But it aint just him, look at the things him and other fools spend their money on. 

"A fool and his money are easily parted", goes a saying. 

And it's true. Much like "there's no accounting for taste". 

Now, I'm not saying dont waste your money - hell, if you want to, by all means do it (or claim to do it), but Tom Tomming such tom foolery makes you look like an utter fool my friend. Fact.

Me, I wouldn't spend $300 on a toothbrush if you begged me to. 

I balk at spending $300 - $500 on a damned bumphone - or dumbphone, hehe - except unfortunately the dictates of modern day life mean I have to ... but that dont mean I "want to". 

I'd rather my old school blue Noke with a certain Aa Ling's photo pasted on the back (dont tell the wife, hehe. She peeled it off in 2009! "You dont need this anymore!"). 

But Bozo aint the only one ... 

There's plenty of Nazi feminists and other fools spending money willy nilly on things that dont matter, then complaining they never have any money and so forth. 

Ask a certain Jeff Bezos which toothbrush and toothpaste he uses. 

He probably buys economy off Amazon. Hehe. 

for a guy that drove his battered 90's Honda until 2017 or so ... hey, I get it!

I'm not averse to spending money - even the Bozo knows that. Hehe. Bozo "searches for his ATM card" which as Charles once said he "never has" - theres always an excuse - while I just up and fuckin pay to be done with it... 

But I'd rather INVEST. 

Give me a long term solid investment, or business plan, I'd gladly invest $300, or $3000 or more... 

So would any smart businessman. 

But an idiot like Glyn who claims to use the world's most expensive toothpaste, like really, Glyn, well and truly "scraping the bottom of the barrel" there my scorpion friend. 

Anyway ... 

FItness, and your own self - some of the , if not always THE best investments you can make my friend. 

Investments that will always pay off in spades no matter what. 

And if I had to spend $300 or less, I'd do it on the 0 Excuses Fitness System - without any delay. 

Truly the best investment you can make in your life ... if you haven't already do so now and start reaping the benefits TODAY. 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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