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This email is only going to be understood by those that truly do the thing -not just specifically train the grip like it's MEANT TO BE (see some new videos I put out on that today) but train hard, and right in general - the way you are MEANT TO TRAIN - taking NO PRISONERS! 

Its also going to be rather long, an ode of sorts to a little kid at the end, who was more inspiring than the hordes of ruffians and bozos I see out there at the park daily with nothing better to do than inanities (one of these nuts was throwing shoes up in the air as a game - an adult at that. He did apologize as it fell right next to me - though tiger like, I was watching him anyway - interesting how animal like training makes you more animal like by the way? You meow to cats, and you "sneak up on people" while walking silently normally on tip toes who then jump up six feet in the air and say "sorry, you startled me!" - the wife does it all the time. Hehe).  .  . 

Anyway, let me start with the first dude I met - a friend of mine -real man who used to train with weights a while back. And he had a strong, strong grip when I first met him, but today - though it was as strong, "something was off" when I gripped his hand, and I put my finger on it instantly. 

"You've not been working out as of late, have you bud" I queried. 

And being the real man he is - he got it - understood, and smiled, and replied in the affirmative. 

And hey. 

Thats fine. 

Life happens!

"I know I'm fanatical about it", I laughed - "but . . . "

"carry on", he said. "I'll be here!" 

And that puts him in DOER category right there - he knows I'm there to work out. For a purpose - isnt wasting my time! 


Wish more people were like that! 

This happened with my buddy from the Marines all the time - a guy with a grip like a cement grinder. 

I'd grip his hand, and I'd tell instantly. 

"Vincent, you've been working out again have you not!!" 

Yes, he'd reply. 20 sets of 20 dips per set was what he did ... Or, 10 sets of 20/set. Pretty impressive, and when he slacked off - you could tell. 

I can tell in myself too.a 

It ain't just about grip training, its how you FEEL - the VIBE. 

When you're training LEGS hard - like hiking hills daily for hours - your grip will change very naturally my friend. 

No, that isn't the key to building grip strength like no other, but ... people will FEEL the difference when they grip your hand. 

It's the X factor that comes when you train hard - daily. The LOOK IN THE EYES - the vibe - it has to be FELT to be experienced - conversely, people who dont work out much at all, and their vibe - same! 

Anyway, as I worked out, there was a crowd gathering today. 

Not going to be able to get a hell of a lot done, I thought. 

But I did, and as I did my pull-ups, I saw an old geezer that normally rolls in a wheelchair around here "get up" and do some baby step-ups on the monkey bar. 

Isn't a bad workout for old geezers at all that sort of thing, but why the hell he rolls in a chair when he's perfectly capable of standing is beyond me. 

Anyway - as he did, he kept repeating, step after step. 

RELENTLESS, as I wrote about this morning!

Maybe he's recuperating from something - I dont know, but during physiotherapy and stuff - they start you off BASIC - and you relentless repeat, over and over again. I've never heard some of the fools, asswipes and jokers that complain about high rep workouts being boring or tedious complain to the physio about this ... ? Have you? I doubt it! 

Idiots incaranate basically. 

Anyway, as I was prancing around trying to find a decent spot to go beyond 200 pushups, beyond kids yelling, Madam's walking all over the place - shoes falling from the sky and other BS - I found a ... TREE!

THIS is what I've been looking for in that park - to do handstands and handstand pushups on, and I saw one of the most inspiring things as I did. 

Little kid, all of 3 shows up tree next to mien, and starts apeing me!

It was just so cool, the way little kids ape - and do - until the age of 5, after which I told who I assume is his Dad (perhaps from back Stateside too) - "kids until 5 - they're so curious, after which the formal schooling system kills it all". 

Kid was great, did handstand after handstand, and did it on his shins when he couldn't go no more - I even took a video - with permission - on Youtube! 

Just so awesome to see that happen, kids like the kid in Rambo III where he points at my bracelet, and asks "what is that". 

Then my sunglasses. 

"Those are dangerous", I laughed. 

Kid even wanted my "big" tree


Truly as in the movie - wanted "everything"! 

Anyway, I've no idea where dude was from, or his friends, but back Stateside I thought, not sure tho. 

He asked if I do calisthenics a lot in the park. 

"You've got a strong grip". I noted as I gripped his hand, careful not to over do it, but I could feel his grip too. 

"You work out occasionally, right?" 

Not too often was his answer, but I Suspect his not too often is more than what most people do in a lifetime. Hehe. Or. close to it ... 

You've got a strong grip too, he went. 

I then explained to him I hate the pumping and toning on pointless machines in the gym and would rathe be out in the fresh air. 

"Hey, if someone likes that, by all means ..." I said. "But it ain't for me!" 

Finished off with another little girl wanting to know my name, I said Michael. 

"Thats different from Rahul!" dude said. 

I had to point out that the Chinese pronounce Rahul as Lahoo, and I got tired of being labeled Yahoo or Lahoo, so Michael it is, although I didnt get into the full story. Hehe. 

We were just goin to discuss how HK is SO different today (they have been to HK, but not China) than it was before - but he had to go, so did I. 

Anyway, hopefully lady didnt think I was being racist. in today's PC world, cant never tell. 


Loads of fun, enjoy the videos, and remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System - when you train this way - wonders never cease to happen, my friend - you'll be an inspiration to all around you as well!

And little kid - again. Inspiring, he was even breaking sticks to show off the grip. Champ! hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up Shoulders like Boulders! and Battletank Shoulders! if you're interested in truly building "out of this world" shoulder strength that will SHOCK you once you get good at it - and most others as well. Leave the Jim goers GAPING in astonishment as you do one rep after the other of ... the almighty handstand pushup and all its mightier variants. Do it NOW, my friend. Get the books NOW, and start cranking. ZERO EXCUSES MOFO, as Marc would say! 

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As I shook hands with a "trusty" vegetable vendor - I noticed his grip. 

It's surprisingly "soft" at the best of times, but despite the guy being out of shape and having a big belly - he's got THICK hands - the sort of hard, calloused hands that comes from doing heavy duty labor all one's life. 

He used to be a tailor too. 

I've often been told my own hands are "small" - which they are. Delicate, is what I often used to think! And my aunt was right in that I have "long slim fingers, beautiful fingers" as she said (not that I care two hoots about that as my bleeding palms and calluses show, hehe - "surgeon's fingers, talented fingers". 

Well - them fingers can be thick and talented too - though there might be a reason why dude is no longer a tailor. Hehe. 

Anyway - lots of men with strong grips have surprisingly "soft" grips when you grip their hands. 

It's not about trying to out-grip the other person all the time. 

For me, I'll always have a firm grip no matter what - and I'll always remember the lady who shook my hand at work in 2003 - small, petite lady, yet, her grip - my! 

"You've got a damn strong grip", I remember saying. 

So do you, she grinned back (I was holding back - because, well, she's a lady and ... you get my drift, and she knew it. Not that she minded. Hehe). 

I remember my colleagues talking about it later, and how they all agreed my grip and surprise was in response to HERS which was exceptional for her size and gender - just shows, with no excuses, the sky is the limit! 

Anyway - back to old time grip strength - old school forearms - thick - rugged - strong - the HANDS thick and rugged as well as you'll see with many old school weight lifters that do their lifting with thick bars. 

Guys like yours truly who do their training with thick bars might not have that sort of hand structure - but the MUSCULATURE can be built as can the strength which is the good news here. 

Genetically, you may have tiny hands. 

Even Sylvester Stallone does. I remember my ex talking about how small his hands were, and how her hands are bigger than his (apparently Sly's hand size is there somewhere on display in NY). 

Anyhow, as I shook the guy's hand repeatedly this morning, he "no no'd" about his grip, being a bit deferential to the customer. 

But I kept doing it, grinning, and he finally responed with strength in his grip, and then suddenly gripped my hand - arm wrestling style. Hehe. 

Thats the strength that never goes away - years of hard labor - years of hard yards - what I wrote bout RELENTLESS REPETITION this morning! 

(Edit - I knew I forgot something when I first wrote this! It is these sort of people that have seen tough times and therefore dont sweat it with so called "tough times today" and what are essnetially "first world problems" to be very frank - unlike the WUSSES and PANSIES moaning about price rise, inflation and so forth that their own (Democrat) policies have created - or liberal tosh, in short. 

It rhymes too, but jokes apart its true. 

Truly, those who have seen tough times, and these type of folks have - are old school, and dont complain about so called tough times - or do "bad thngs to nobody" - I knew there was a damn good reason I saw that meme this morning! )

Nothing sexy about chopping vegetables or meat all day - or working as an ironmonger - or blacksmith - or a farmer (carrying heavy buckets, corn, and what not all day long in the heat, rain, all of it - especially in countries where farming is not mechanized to the degree it should be - plowing through muddy fields). 

Nothing sexy about repeatedly doing what I tell you in Gorilla Grip - monkey bars - pull-up variants - newspaper work -back and forth, back and forth, for hundreds of reps daily without fail. 

But - if you want old timer like strength, that is what you got to do. 

Could be Doug Hepburn pounding out handstand pushups all day long as an example that motivates you - while he was at work being a lifeguard. 

He didnt do one set, or two, or one day or two. He did them throughout the day - every day he went to work. Key, my friend, and there are tons of more such examples - the Saxon brothers, for one - known for their incredible strenght and "out of the world" grip training hard for like four hours a day. 

You may not need to do that much, or even half, but put in the hard yards you simply MUST if you want to join the ranks and legions of the TRUE GREATS - there are no two ways around this my friend. 

Thick hands, rugged hands, and always remember, "the punch is the last to go on a man" - and so is the GRIP. 

Those of us that have done the thing KNOW what this is about, my friend. 

Anyway - if you're interested in building this sort of rugged, cast iron grip that will last for years and years - well, implement the information I teach you in Gorilla Grip - and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) and Gorilla Grip (TIPS)  - if you so CHOOSE. 

That last bit is also key, only YOU and You ALONE can make the choice in terms of opening yourself up to a whole new world of ruggedly lasting STRENGTH AND FITNESS - or, if you're content to remain at "normal guy" status. Completely up to you - choice is yours - but if I were you - I know which path I'd go down, and have gone down. And if I were your BROTHER, I know which path I'd point you down! 

And that's that, if you're interested in building them THICK MITTS if I might put it that way - then do yourself  a favor and get the above courses NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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The human body,  my friend, was not meant to grunt and groan its way through hard physical labor - especially "unnatural forms" of "labor" (such as the bench press for one). 

Grunting and groaning your way might happen when you're straining to get that last rep. 

It WILL happen if youre a powerlifter or something similar. Or, simply trying to budge a massive sofa that hasn't been moved for ages - think those old school sofas we've all heard of (at least those of that are old school - we have seen 'em, most likely tried to move 'em too - when I tried first at the age of 20, damn thing wouldn't even budge. Hehe). 

For the most part though, we were meant to move powerfully - but in a lithe and GRACEFUL MANNER - much like the apes we so closely resemble. 

And upper body wise, there are few exercises that build brute strength and animal like, ape like power in the upper body than one I wrote about this morning - the monkey bars. 

Much ignored, much maligned, much NOT DONE by most people or even kids these days - these are a GREAT way to fry fat off your body - build strength quickly - including a corsucating iron grip if done right - and much more - but above all, it builds a level of GRACE in the upper body not delivered by any other exercise. 

Hindu pushups look - and are - a grace filled motion. 

Many other bodyweight movements are as well - especially two of the ones I love the most "tiger bend pushups" and "archer" pushups -the sheer MOTION of the latter, fluidly moving back and forth (the typewriter variant) is so gracefilled people will stop and watch when you do it (right). 

Nothing quite captures people's fancy as monkey bar work done RIGHT though. 

And done right, which very few people can do, its an EXTREMELY graceful movement - both in terms of feeling, and for the person watching - sort of like the upper body equivalent of ballet if that makes sense. 

Most just grab on any which way and try to go from one rung to the other. 

This is fine, but you do it SLOWLY. 

When you start, you likely will find it tough to do ONE rung at a time for one rep, let alone more, so focus on the grip .

Focus on the STRETCH throughout the entire upper body as you do the movement, strengthening and burning flab at the same time, and giving you a fluidly isometric workout in a true "ape like, jungle" Tarzan fashion/manner. 

I repeat - focus on the STRETCH and grip the most here. Not so much the reps, those will come. 

When you get better, go back and forth as many times as you can. 

Then you progress to TWO or more bars at a time, which is when the real grace will come into play, as you dont just wildly swing from one bar to the one after the next, instead, you torque gracefully from SIDE TO SIDE - feeling the stretch along the sides especially - even your non gripping hand as it goes from one rung to the other, you're bringing it up in a catching sort of motion, palm outstretched. 

All of these things, my friend, do more than build just brute strength and conditioning, they also build GRACE - and a level of power and maturity in the tendons and ligaments of the upper body you cannot get with other type of workouts. 

They build that rock solid "packed" chest we all want. (and some of us have). 

They build an iron grip. 

They're great from getting oohs and ahs from people half your age and double it - neither age group will likely be able to do 'em right. 

And they're also great for what Brooks Kubik once in a private email conversation with me referred to as "waist whittling" (although I was reporting back on waist whittling done via subway stair sprints at the time). 

Brooks is HUGE on core - always has been - and grip. 

Hallmark of a TRUE fitness stud ... 

Anyway - thats that for this one. 

Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) - and Gorilla Grip (TIPS) contain plenty of info on the monkey bars and how to incorporate them into your workouts - and thats just ONE Of the exercises covered. 

If you're truly interested in building a brutal, IRON clad "black smith like grip" like few others can dare to or dream of having, then get the above books now and start cranking. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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Friday, 25 November 2022 14:21

Dead hangs, pull-ups - and more!


I dont know why, but I felt compelled to post this video - again. 

I just love dead hangs like nothing else - they are one of the BEST isometric movements you can do for the upper body - bar none. 

Often times I'll start my day with a 30 second dead hang even before my beloved Squats. 

With good reason, along with clubs (which are great to do with pushups, btw - a GREAT movment! They really loosen up the triceps and get the blood flowing again) - they loosen and strengthen the lower back - or entire back, I should say, upper especially like nothing else. 

I still remember Dad when I was young trying - and falling down after a second. Hehe. 

Unfortunately I never did them when I was young. 

But I do them all the time, today was another dead hang day, I loved it! 

Without further ado, here is the video for those that cannot see it at the bottom of the page - Friend, 

I dont know why, but I felt compelled to post this video - again. 

I just love dead hangs like nothing else - they are one of the BEST isometric movements you can do for the upper body - bar none. 

Often times I'll start my day with a 30 second dead hang even before my beloved Squats. 

With good reason, along with clubs (which are great to do with pushups, btw - a GREAT movment! They really loosen up the triceps and get the blood flowing again) - they loosen and strengthen the lower back - or entire back, I should say, upper especially like nothing else. 

I still remember Dad when I was young trying - and falling down after a second. Hehe. 

Unfortunately I never did them when I was young. 

But I do them all the time, today was another dead hang day, I loved it! 

Without further ado, here is the video for those that cannot see it at the bottom of the page - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4pPal3l3Zg&t=26s

And learn. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This is one movement that will like the actual pull-up itself in any of its shapes, forms and guises BRUTALLY expose not just fat around the midsection, but if you're overweight in general, you wont be able to do it for any appreciable length of time - period. Most people that are fat try to avoid pull-ups anyway (big mistake) and whine about "your nonsense about just do it when you could tell people to do assisted pull-ups". 

Sorry, that isn't there (assisted pull-ups or in any appreciable form, even horizontal pull-ups mostly - though I believe I put that in one book somewhere) in either Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! - or Pull-ups -from STUD to super STUD within WEEKS! 

I dont handhold or baby sit pansies. 

When I could do not do an exercise, I hammered myself relentlessly until I could do it, simple as that, so should you if you want to get good at something, no excuses pal. 

I really want to get one taken with my thick gripz, see how that pans out (video on that - and on THICK BARS outdoors!). 

All in good time. Hehe.

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While getting through my 500 pushups today (which has again become a goal for me daily after ... I think 10 years? Hehe 2011 - 2022 and going strong... 11, OK) - I was super sore from yesterday's workout which y'all know all about. 

And I was "easing" in this morning - not with regular high rep "sets of 20" (my preferred number) pushups in slow mo form to work up to 500, but sets of 5-10. 

With super strict form and super tough movements, now, as I've done 30 this way, and the blood starts to flow (I'm already through 25 pull-ups and a few stretches) - i'm getting ready to rock - and ROMP - and PUSH. And pull, hehe. While pushing!

The pike pushup is a pushup I mention in Pushup Central, I think, but only the BASIC variant. 

This, my friend - I dont mention this as a pre-requisite to handstand pushups in Shoulders like Boulders!. 

I really SHOULD though - because this movement is one of the best ones you can do to condition your shoulders - and build huge lumps of muscle on them at the same time - while simultaneously getting a solid, great workout in. 

And the very angle of the movement, a "Triangle" shape is what you'll have to get into - Hindu pushups x 100 I'd say - gets your shoulders ready for vertical pushups i.e. handstands, and then the pushup from that position. 

This movement is also way too tough for most to do off "jump street" - thanks Charles! - therefore, it's not in the pre-requisites in the book - but Hindu pushups sure am, and they should be done galore as well. 

I haven't been working Hindu pushups at all as of late, I'm more into the "floor humper" I spoke about yesterday - on fingertips, working up to one arm. 

So should YOU, if you're truly into core fitness and overall strength and conditioning. 

Anyway for pike pushups, your body forms a triangle - a very inverted one - on your tippy toes, then you bring the head down in a straight line. 

Sounds easy but it's anything BUT. 

Fingertip versions are even tougher. 

Now, something else people have been asking me about as of late ... 

A style of pushup which taxes forearms big time. 

And one which ... I don't do too often, and have not included in the book, because I believe it's overkill and isn't really "required". 

And not entirely safe starting out either, or even when you're advanced. 

Thats the "back of the hand" pushup done on the back of your hands. 

Look, I can do these, I sometimes do them - but the very angle of them makes it a bit of an unnatural movments, pretty much like chin-ups aren't the natural way to "pull or grip" i.e. supinated is what you do normally, not pronated. 

Same with pushups, how many times do you push with the back of your hand? 

Of course, you can do these if you want, but be very careful not to injure your break your wrist. 

These tax the forearms differently, but again they are not REQUIRED - hence, I haven't really devoted a lot of attention them - and probably wont in the future either. 

Focus on what works, and max bang for your buck ... 

And Pushup Central, and all of our other products sure do deliver on that front. 

And they always will. 

Whether or not YOU, my friend, take the required action after all this is entirely up to you ... 

I know one damn thing though, if you're into fitness of ANY nature, then Pushup Central is just a must grab, even if you never get anything else from us. 

Really, I'm being honest. 

And that is that - back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee 

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Wednesday, 09 September 2020 12:50

Pull-ups done on UNEVEN surfaces.

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a long, long time but haven’t for whatever reason.

Once I was having a conversation with my friend from the Marines (an ex Marine, the same dude I’ve written about so often).

And we were talking pull-ups, and the right way to do ‘em.

And I think we ended up getting into a bit of a discussion about form and kipping, which apparently my friend said was OK to do to get your numbers have (if you have to!).

I disagreed. As I always HAVE Done, for reasons I’ve been pointing out a lot as of late.

And while that was the discussion, we ended with this.

“Rahul, the way you do ‘em is the RIGHT way” my friend said.

“But in the military, we do pull-ups in many different ways! You don’t always get a pull-up bar to perform that sort of movement, often under duress, in real life . . . “

I added the part about duress, but the rest of the quote is pretty much what he said.

Now, he’s spot on.

Pull-ups are a functionally effective exercise if there ever was one, and there are just so many different ways to do ‘em.

Ways that could well save your life even if you’re not in a war . . . or save OTHER lives with the brute strength it builds and the capacity to perform physically at higher levels for a much longer period of time.

This morning, there was a heavy ass plant at the house I moved.

I mean BIG and heavy.

And I pulled it like nothing - - like it wasn’t even heavy to start with (most men would struggle to budge it).

Most “modern day men “ that is.

And I don’t care if you’re doing pull-ups to build that sort of brute strength, or simply to be more functional and STRONGER in your daily movements (believe me, when you can move couches up and down stairs on your lonesome, it not only makes you feel good, but has a very practical aspect to it!).

Or, if you do what Sig Klein did during a fire which was to climb down a drain pipe with one hand, a lady in danger nestled in the other . . . while the entire damned building was on fire.

Now THAT is strength. Useful strength!

So back to uneven surfaces.

There are MANY ways to do pull-ups, my friend, and I’ve found that doing ‘em on uneven surfaces not only makes the exercise far more difficult, but also more interesting.

And more advanced.

Believe me, there is a reason I put out a TON of new pull-up movements in “Pull-ups - - from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks” (my advanced course on pull-ups) and I would not be lying to tell you that most of these movements are anything but mainstream, and certainly anything but EASY (and usually way, way too ignored!).

That’s the advanced course, of course.

But what good is that gonna do YOU, you ask, if you can barely hang on to the bar, let alone even start to execute a proper pull-up?

Well, take heart for one. Tons of “men” are in your position, and that’s why I created the BASIC course on pull-ups – Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Definitely one you must grab, so do so NOW my friend, and once you’re done with THAT, and getting better at pull-ups, grab the advanced course.

Functional strength that can save your life one day, and definitely make the one you’re living a heck of a lot more convenient. Can’t and doesn’t get better than that does it mi amigo?

Hey, that should have been the title of the post!

Anyway, YES.

That’s what I thought too!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve been doing my pull-ups (some of ‘em) on a massive thick IRON monkey bar set out in the park, which is NOT even. It’s triangular, and doing “walks” up that sucker is something to be honest, not to mention the monkey bar work which is tough enough as it is, but doing them this way is not only more functional and productive, but also adds a whole new DIMENSION to things!

PS #2 – That above tip right there is worth it’s weight in GOLD, as are all the tips I put out in Gorilla Grip. Truly the definitive course in terms of developing that cast iron kung fu like grip, and to be honest, that can only HELP you while doing pull-ups!! ?

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Or grippers, or what not.

Might sound unbelievable, but as I revamped Gorilla Grip a couple of years back, EXACTLY the same thing happened to me.

I wrote about it.

Those that are DOERS got the message, and the Bozos, well, they complained about “not enough information” (along with price shoppers etc).

I increased the price, and they ranted even more. HEHe.

But anyway, I wrote about the subconscious in an email or so prior to this, and this is what is so great about the plans the SUBCONSCIOUS gives you.

Those that get it love you for putting out stuff that is the best, and works!

Just flat out works

And those you DO NOT want near you – they get repelled even more.

Can’t ask for more!

Anyway, during that period, something strange happened.

As you know, when creating 0 Excuses Fitness (Which was actually planned for a change) I didn’t do anything except that workout system.


No hills, no pull-ups, no sprints, no Animal workouts, no nothing.

I just did what is mentioned in the System.

Got in the best shape of my life.

But I noticed something curious.

My GRIP strength, which I thought would SUFFER, had actually increased tremendously!

True, I was doing a few handstands here or there, but nothing special.

No grippers, no grip work …

SO what gives, you ask.

Well, a nutter on the Gorilla Grip page said “I said I did this, but didn’t tell him how in the book”, but I DID.

And it’s two things, maybe more.


And it’s not the regular pushup either.

In Pushup Central, a courses some people have RAVED about as containing “almost impossible to do exercises” - - I give you several types of pushups that by the very positioning of the fingers build the grip and forearm tremendously. No, I ain’t talking just fingertip pushups though yes, those DO help.

Those help a lot, but again, it ain’t that.

And in the book on REVERSE pushups, the best darn exercise and it’s derivatives – well – that is something else I did during that period, and though it’s not mentioned on the sales page, THOSE improved my grip tremendously beyond belief during that period.

And when I got back to pull-ups etc?

IT was like I never ever left.

Much like life itself …

And thereeth standeth another FACT.

Pick up the courses NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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Saturday, 12 December 2020 10:26

And now, the inner forearms!

A field day for you GRIP fanatics out there. Including yours truly, the bonafide leader of the pack in that regard I’d say, hehe, though I’m waiting to be toppled from the post! ;)

But really, I spoke about outer forearms and the SWELL you feel (not pump! This is real training!) when you train them right along the outside.

Talk size – strength -e verything!

And now, in tandem with that, as I finish that workout which I interrupted mid way to write to you (and yes this one has been interrupted too!) ...the res tof the forearms.

This one includes THICK gripz – those foam like handles you often see on doorway chinning bars.

They seem simple, but are nothing of the nature. Anything but I was gonna say!

And I have NOT covered those as yet in my courses. Pretty much because you dont need ‘em, but if you have ‘em, they make a very welcome addition indeed to your grip arsenal and indeed pull-up arsenal.

And it’s this.

HANG for time.

Really squeeze those suckers!

I know I mention all this in thick bar work etc in the book.

But these grips work you differently.

You’ll feel the FINGERS really working hard as opposed to the thumb, whereas thick bar works distributes the load evenly.

Which is better?


I do BOTH, and so should you, but if you had to choose one, the latter.

But if you HAVE thick grips – well – use them!

And pop off handstand pushups post all this.

And stationery handstands, walks, and the works.

Thats the end of the workout then – write back – tell me how you feel afterwards!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Off to finish now!

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Not just because of the way they make you breathe.

Not just because of how they burn fat all over the entire BODY – especially the upper!

Not just because of how the ygive you a SUPERLATIVE workout in a way very few, if any, workouts CAN!

Not just because ... do you need any more reasons??

Those would be enough for me!

Not just because of the time taken.

I got done with 2000 jumps and 50 pull-ups right now in a workout that lasted about ... oh say 10-15 minutes.

I haven’t stretched.

I am POURING SWEAT and writing to you !

I’m going to go stretch now soon, but for nowm why do I mention this?


And because of the upper forearm workout – a much neglected area – that this sort of workout will give you.

Believe me, the grip maniac can barely grip now!

And it’ snot the inside of the forearm either that’s burning (which most target).

It’s the OUTSIDES!

And if I did fingertip pushps right now?

Lets just say I wouldn’t even be typing at you right now!

But really, my friend.

TRUE forearm workout, and I’ve included this in Gorilla Grip means you work the forearms BOTH WAYS.

ALL ways.

EVERY which way.

From the inside out!

And thats why this sort of workout.

And rope pull-ups!

And one arm pull-ups!

And thick bar HANGS!

And everything mentione din Gorilla Grip.

Grab this now, my friend. Truly the best training manaul ever on GRIP!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don’t forget to pick up Jump Rope MANIA! Right here as well (For more such fat burners of workouts!)

PS #2 – Remember, the simple things are often ignored - - and are also what work the best. In Gorilla Grip, I gave you a very simple exercise that doesnt even gasp! Involve your BODYWEIGHT.

IT’s so simple it requires NOTHING – almost.

But do it after what I mentioned above and then write back and tell me!

I’m out, hehe. Back soon!

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