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Friday, 02 June 2023 12:14

Getting the most BANG out of each rep.

Nah not THAT type of exercise - I hardly need to tutor you on that on this here site. Hehe. 

I mean workouts as in fitness workouts. 


This afternoon, I thought I'd take it easy. 50 squats and a LONG stretching session was ALL I did, friend. 

I was feeling pretty good when I do what I do often. 

"Let's do just ONE pushup". 

I was resting at the time, so I really had no biz thinking pushups, but the "urge" to do so was greater than that not to (hint - key sign of an achiever) - and I dropped down, did one letter perfect rep. 

Then a few minutes later, this thought popped into mind. 

"Lets do 5 letter perfect reps, and call it a day". 

5 I did, chest touching the floor on each rep, and I was amazed to find out I did not even want to stop there. 

160 pushups later, I'm soaked in sweat and worked to the bone (especially forearms - man!) in a way I haven't been as of late. 

What gives? 

What made this so intense for someone like me who casually cranks out 500 plus pushup workouts? 

Well, there's several aspects to it, but maintaining focus on BREATHING And form as opposed to merely rep count and speed is key here. 

Look, I tell you in Fast and Furious Fitness I can and do make 10 pushups harder than a 100, and this if done right is true. 

Most people, even when they do FOCUS on the muscle being worked - focus on the wrong one for pushups - the chest. 

This is better than nothing, but the real focus should be on breathing, triceps and LATS (or back) in that order. 

Focus on the BACK of the body in general - and the front takes care of itself. Yes, those of you with naturally tight hamstrings - I fall into this category despite all the very extensive stretching I do - listen UP. 

Finally, the key most folks miss even after you tell them (even I miss this sometimes during high rep workouts). 

The legs. 

Yes, you heard me, scoffer - LEGS. 

Specifically, the THIGHS. 

I've written before in Pushup Central about proper form, keeping the body straight, but that isn't all there is to it. 

You tense the thighs - the quads while doing pushups. 

And if you do them the way I do - you CLENCH them as hard as you can while doing the pushup. 

This turns the pushup - any form - into an entirely different workout that will work you to the BONE - especially the core my friend. 

Try it, and see, and you'll understand what I mean. 

Brooks Kubik in his classic book "Dinosaur Bodyweight Training" referred to this as the principle of co-contraction. 

You can call it what you like, what he meant is what I'm saying - tense all muscle groups being worked consciously and breathe in and out "into them" and in general while you do your reps. 

(That's a book I often read, much like any great book - such as 0 Excuses Fitness for one, or Think and Grow Rich, or the Magic of Believing- you cannot digest the contents of the book in one sitting - you have to come back repeatedly to get true value for the book. The discerning reader will note how he learns something new every time from these books when he does this!)

Really get MAX bang for each rep that way - and when you train this way you dont need very many reps at all to get a great workout in. 

For me, today it was the relatively low number of 160 pushups. 

OK, I swung my club for 100 reps too, but pushup wise... 

When you train this way, you may find you ... 

Do more warm up sets. I did more today (so about 185 in all). 

SLOW down as you focus even more on breathing and form (and this is fine provided you dont DWADLE). 

Do more "supersets" - I did a LOT of these today - perhaps thats another reason my forearms BE TOAST. MY!

And many other things. 

You'll find above all youll get a great, great workout in without very many reps at all, and thats the key - and what I want to pass on in today's email. 

Since I have - thats that! 

Be sure and pick up the best course ever on pushups out there TODAY - Pushup Central. 

And thats that friend. Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee


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Some of it is so stupid I wonder how it made it to the "list" of idiocy in the first place - perhaps the lazy asses populating this planet, and there are a lot - made it up in their minds and put it there. '

I've debunked so many of these before - one being the "pushups are only good for conditioning" myth. 

Utter baloney coming from folks who cannot do high rep pushup workouts in proper form. 

Then, the nonsense about "they only tax the chest, and you won't build the upper body fully with just pushups". 

Utter tosh. (although yes, pull-ups are key too!). 

Then the thing about "they dont give you cardio" 


Do 100 Hindu pushups in proper form without stopping, then come back and tell me ... 

The one I want to debunk today - is this one - this utter rot I keep reading about " some firefighter's test". 

Apparently if you're a firefighter, and can do "40 or more pushups in less than 60 seconds" or some bunk, you're fit and are ... ah, but let me just quote it

Men who can perform 40 pushups in one minute are 96 percent less likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who do less than 10. The Harvard study focused on over 1,100 firefighters with a median age of 39. The exact results might not be applicable to men of other age groups or to women, researchers warn.

Incredibly this bunk is BELIEVED. 

First off, why just firefighters? Does the pushup distinguish between firefighters, lazy asses, and tri atheletes, boxers, wrestlers, average Joe/Jane etc? 

You bet - except only in terms of being able to DO IT. 

Second, who the hell came up with this "40 number" - and more importantly, less than a minute 

Proper pushups are done with emphasis on the DEEP breathing. 

That means, at the bare minimum, pushups should take you a second and a half per pushup. 

More as you keep going in a set as you "tire" and pause for rest, which I do not advocate doing in the downward dog position. (depends on the style of pushups, but lets say regular pushups the article or so called study is referring to). 

Third, how the hell did they get that percentage. 

I dont know, I could do less than 10 pushups in a minute for weeks, and still build strength, health and muscle... 

These so called studies, my friend are utter bunk. 

Lazily jerking your way up and down ain't a pushup. 

its better than nothing granted, but it's an invitation to more injury down the road, and no long term or even palpable benefits to heart health or overall strength and conditioning. 

Do 10 proper pushups the way I teach, my friend. 

Then do 30 the way "you've seen them done" focusing more on quick, rep count etc. 

You'll quickly see the truism of what I say above.

Moral of the story - DO, don't "follow the herd". 

Thats that!

More such myths busted in the "all time greatest courses on Pushups" - Pushup central - which goes the best together with, as even the book narrators have put it (and they're super critical mind you) "the best damn course on jumping rope out there) "Jump Rope Mania". 

I'm missing my jump rope already! 

And I'll be back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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These are an advanced strength movement, and most people will fall flat trying to do 'em - even well conditioned athletes that have not done them before. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again pushups are not the big dog of fitness because Rahul mookerjee said so, and a whole host of other illuminaries have proven it, though that reason wouldn't be wrong either. 

Its that because with one simple movement and no equipment other than a wall or floor which you have even in isolation in a prison ward, hehe - not that you gotta be in jail to do pushups! - you can literally work the entire body from the inside out. 

Including, as I state in Pushup Central - the legs and cardio system like never before, and while Hindu pushups do a great job of that, there are others - so advanced I dont even mention them in the book that do an excellent job too. 

Plyometric pushups. 

Clapping pushups (from various positions, angles and such). 

These will all be detailed in the upcoming book on plyometrics, but ONE style of pushup I've always stressed you should get damn good at  - the extended arm pushup, or the floor humpers, or Jack La Lanne pushup. 

IF ALL you did was this one exercise for high reps, medium and low throughout your entire pushup workout, you'd build shoulders, lats and a core of steel and you'd be incredibly LEAN too all throughout your body, especially the core. 

As you perfect this movement though, and this will take a lot of time - remember this one truism - strengthening your body from all different angles and positions. 

Enter the archer pushup. 

If your hands are straight out in front of you almost touching the floor in the pushup mentioned above, then the archer pushup makes it even tougher by literally putting your arms at a 90 degree angle, forearm facing the floor, arm splayed out - as you do this pushup. 

The side to side motion mimics an "archer" shooting a bow and arrow, and this pushup heavily works the core, lats, thighs (yes), glutes (yes again, if you know how to) - the entire cardio system - and most of all, the upper chest and traps at a deep level. 

Bicep and foream work too, which you wouldn't think you got from pushups eh? 

But you do, my friend - big time! 

Thing about working the chest, most people focus on the "mid" to lower chest, which is fine, but it's the upper chest, and working the chest fibers from the inside out via deep breathing and exercise that really give you that broad shouldered, barrel chested look. 

And thats why I emphasize deep breathing with every workout my friend. 

I have to hear you breathing - at least from a few paces away - deep inhales, deep exhales, focus on form, omit all three, you might as well not be working out. I'd rather you NOT work out than do something with sloppy reps. 

My youtube channel has plenty on how to do these, including 50 rep workouts with these, and the other toughie - extended arm pushups. 

And believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

I could think of 51 more pushups I could put in book number two, and will down the line as well ... 

For now though, I'm out. Thats an advanced style of pushup to workup to. And never forget the basics my friend -work pushups daily, no exceptions, zero excuses - literally. 

And as David Quiros rightly reviewed "learn how to do pushups Creatively and RIGHT" - emphasis on RIGHT - by the "by far the best book on pushups out there, nothing even comes close to coming close" - Pushup Central. 

That is that then, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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After all the writing I did about injuries today, man - I was extra cautious when jumping into a handstand this evening. 

I haven't done handstand pushups for well over a month, perhaps a month and a half now, and being it was at the "fag" end of a 500 pushup workout (plus 20 pull-ups which felt WAY EASIER than they should, slow and steady - more on that later, lengthy splits sessions and squats, of course - 200 today) - I was extra cautious and I even figured I'd do the easy kind "top of the head to floor". Thats by far the "easiest" - if such a thing can be SAID about handstand pushups way to do 'em (chin to ground is when you really start progressing, the progressions shown in Profound "70% Gorilla 30% Human handstands" - man, now you're getting someplace w/those!!). 

INcredibly, I almost "bounced up and down", my lats felt loose as heck, and I was literally pushing "air" it seemed!

So i did 5 more - same thing!

Then I did 3 more. Same thing! 

And then I grinned, thinking about how 20 pull-ups today felt way the hell easier than they should have (interspersed as they were between sets of tough pushups). 

My friend, lots of people ignore (and lots of these people are well intentioned) the humble ole FLOOR pushup - regular tricep pushups of various sorts - in favor of fancier versions like the Hindu pushup, handstand pushup and such. 

They think "its too easy". 

Then you have nutjobs that claim high rep workouts are boring and do nothing, and all the logic in the world won't convince these usually fat and out of shape buffoons otherwise, but the point is - they ignore it too. 

Now, Hindus, especially handstand pushups are not "bad". I'd be an idiot to say that! 

They're good, damn good, and YOU best get damn good at 'em either, yet, again, the floor pushup cannot be ignored. 

I dont care if you're trying to get good at pull-ups or even handstand pushups themselves, the regular pushup cannot be ignored. 

Handstand pushups are certainly one great way to get better at pull-ups, but again, are they required for that purpose alone (they are required for many other purposes, so dont be lazy - do 'em- work at 'em assidiously!). 


If you look at people like Iron Mike, Bruce Lee and the such - you'll see something that might not make sense, but if you're a doer that does and doesnt constantly ask ridiculous questions (I mean geez, just DO the damn thing and you'll find out why!) - you'll know why and it'll make perfect sense. 

The mainstay of their pushups are body parallel to the floor floor pushups - now in Walker's case, a pet favorite of his was diamond pushups - which I can understand why, for me it's the Jack La Lanne pushup by far - but again, without feet elevated and such. 

That dont mean you shouldn't do tougher variants. 

One of the keys to getting better at pushups and fitter is something not directly mentioned in Pushup Central, but it's mentioned in the TIPS - is this. 

This might and will come across as a sock to the jaw for fat nutters (or nutters in general) claiming "they're boring workouts" .... 

... Do pushups for high reps, low reps, and medium reps throughout the 500 pushups workout. 

You might think "pah, I'm too fit for low reps". 

No. You're not either. 

I can find you pushups regardless of your fitness and conditioning level that will kick your RIGHTEOUS gluteous "el maximus" from here to Timbuktu - - no questions asked. 

For me, I'll often do Jack La Lanne pushups in high reps - 15-30 per set during these workouts, or archer pushups -a toughie, but I have gotten so good at 'em now (so should you!) (not mentioned in Pushup Central btw) that I crank those out in high reps too. 

But I'll often slow it down, and do pushups which I can barely crank out 5 without collapsing. 

That, my friend is the key to SUPER gains in high rep workouts which most people don't get... 

Last, but not and never least, the lesson that has brought home to ME many a times - never ignore the humble FLOOR pushup my friend - never ever. 

ANd thats that! 


Rahul Mookerjee

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Thursday, 12 January 2023 11:36

Foot positioning while doing pushups

Everyone talks about HAND positioning when doing fitness, but foot positioning? 

Not many people talk about this at all - except when doing Hindu pushups which people do understand (somewhat) how placing the feet differently turns the exercise into a whole another exercise - and workout altogether. 

Even when doing the regular pushup, I bet you didnt think about it - the slightest change in foot positioning turns the exercise into a completely different one- then of course, you add in hands etc, truly - pushups are not just the big dog of fitness, but the MOST versatile bodyweight exercise out there, my friend, the MOST! 

Slight changes in foot positioning hits your entire core and triceps - body, actually, differently, and when you really bring the legs into it - watch out!

It's no coincidence that my triceps are HURTING - differently - like a deep, deep burn - even though I did not - or have not, as yet - hit my daily 500 pushup goal - its been 320 thus far.

Slow and steady - or, slower and steadier than usual is part of it. Proper form and ALL The way down and ALL the way up - another part of it!

Always ways to make it a hell of a lot tougher do I find ... so should you! 

Anyway, enjoy the video at the end of the page. 

For those whose email readers dont auto pop up the video this here is the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWuku841faM&t=250s

And remember two things before you click on away - or three. 

One, pushups are by far the fastest and best way (along with a healthy dose of squats) to get in SHAPE - quick. 

And my book Pushup Central shows you how to - with variants upon variants upon variants of pushups that most wouldn't have dreamt of - or thought of - and definitely not done before you crack the BOOK open. 

Truly pathbreaking, so get this course NOW if you have not already. 

Two, the great Virat Kohli from India. 

Ive no idea how many runs he churned out in today's match against the Lankans, but he's been in a rich vein of form, yet, it was only a while back that all the pundits, the great Indian public and so forth (and in a cricket crazy country like India where effigies are burnt and houses stoned when cricket matches are lost thats something - cricket is almost a religion here!) - WROTE him off. 

He was going through a bad patch which lasted much longer than anyone thought, himself included. 

Today, you wouldn't think it by looking at his purple patch - which is back!

Virat isn't so much of a genius or even inspired as much as he is PERSISTENT. 

It shows in his game, mentality, most of all fitness, and I've no idea, but ask him - he'll tell you how many pushups he does himself daily!

Its persistent that brings you the big things my friend, persistence long after everyone has written you off - in many cases even your own conscious mind has. 

The will - and desire - to go another round when the deck's stacked against you, and when you think you cannot. 

Thats true genius, true champions, the material they're made of. 

NEVER make the mistake of writing a genius off - or do so at your own risk. 

And thats that .

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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Monday, 02 January 2023 10:07

Triangle pushups

One of the best and most effective pushups for the upper body is also likely one not covered in what is possibly the best course on pushups (and overall conditioning in general) - Pushup Central - or maybe it is, I cannot quite recall. 

It, along with several supplementary exercises is also a great way to work up to handstands and handstand pushups  - specifically building up the shoulders and traps (especially) in a manner very few exercises can hit. 

I added an inch or so to my traps when I first started doing this - within DAYS - along with the soreness to boot. 

No good pain, no superlative gain! Hehe. Ain't that the truth pal. 

Anyway, it's DEFINITELY Not mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders, pretty much because it's too tough for most people to do, and the other supplementary exercises do a fine job of building you up as well. 

And theyre being called triangle pushups for a reason - they're actually better known as pike pushups. 

Some have commented they look like an advanced version of the downward dog in Hindu pushups. 

Maybe it looks like that, but it's anything but just that 

When you do these at high levels, you'll feel your upper traps and back being "isolated" - yet working more in tandem with everything else - than ever before, and you'll feel the POWER coursing through you, my friend - as you get LEAN and in the best shape of your life. 

You truly form a "sharp triangle" with your body more so than the "round triangle" with downward dog. Do it, and youll know (and watch the video too - and others on our youtube channel on this one!) 

And on a cold windy day, I bring you some MORE tips (ok, now that I think about it, it HAS been covered in Pushup Central) on this superlatively awesome exercise - in video form. 

Have at. 

FEEL the power - like He Man said, and pushups will turn you into a he-man or she-man, hehe - if done right - very quickly too. 

Most dont have a clue on how to do it right. Google ain't your best friend either, for those thinking "it's out there for free". 

No it isnt. 

Nothing can bring you the experience a true "Master of his craft", as I've been called amongst more - can bring you with his words - either verbal or otherwise - they cut DEEP - they cut RIGHT. 

Nothing can bring you the hands on knowledge like someone who HAS it can - free or not does not even come into the picture, if cost even enters your mind on something like this, invaluable knowledge you cannot put a price on then you're an utter fool my friend. 

NO-ONE brings you pushups like I do, there is NO course like it out there. 

Without further ado, make this vow to yourself this year - two - in fact. 

One, "I'm going to get good - damn good - at EVERY type of pushup there is". 

And two. 

"I'm going to religiously, BAR NONE, without any excuses make sure to get in at least one workout DAILY - no exceptions allowed - from Pushup Central - 365 - or given it's the 2nd, 364 days of the year. Actually, I'll add in one more to make it a round 365!". 

And that, my friend, will get you in the best shape of your life if you follow through and DO. 

More later - video at the bottom, I believe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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Monday, 05 December 2022 06:26

Floor pushups vs handstand pushups.

Should be a no brainer, right? 

Most would choose the latter "to build strength, muscle and conditioning at a far higher level" - there would be nothing wrong with doing so either, but ... 

Here is the fact, my friend - like a customer Charles Mitchell once told me in 2018 "less than 0.1% of the population can even GET into a handstand and hold". 

By that I mean a proper handstand - held for time as well, preferably at least 30 seconds. 

Those that can, can barely BUDGE from the up position before collapsing down. 

Not to say they "can't" do it. 

They're usually too lazy or too fat - or a combination of both - and wont work at it assidiously. Trust me, if someone like me can get to elite level at them, so can you - so can anyone. Fact. 

But anyway - while doing them today with pull-ups, I was struck by just how EASY they've gotten for me. 

This is a feeling, I thought to myself as the top of my head touched the ground again -I never had even when doing those long workouts for Battletank shoulders - although I did them then, the FEELING was different. 

Sure, add on 3-4 years of solid, continous practice, thats one reason, my overall health and conditioning levels - another reason. Et al.

The real reason, though, my friend is this - STICKING - and always getting back to - and improving on BASICS. 

In Shoulders like Boulders, I gave you some supplementary exercises to do BEFORE you start cranking out handstands, this section is often ignored by people. 

Along with the dip though - a huge, huge exercise in there? 

The FLOOR pushups I give you - specifically, the table, Hindu and REGULAR pushups. 

Trust me on this one, my friend. 

I've said it before, I've given you real life examples, I'll say it again - nothing beats pushups in their own way, not even pull-ups. 

They build and tax the CORE in a manner even pull-ups dont (no, that ain't me saying they're "better" or worse). 

It's a different sort of conditioning from the inside out - to really feel it, you have to do 100-200 pushups daily for years, and add in other core work, but really - if I were to pinpoint the core reason behind this feeling of "easy peasy" for handstand pushups - it would boil down to really scrutinizing my own form daily on regular and other floor pushups, doing them - and getting better with each workout. 

One of those things you'll have to DO to experience, but I've given you the key. 

Now whether or not, as John Walker, another customer famously once told a price wanker "most have been found wanting when it's time to put in the WORK" - you're willing to listen and DO the thing is up to you. 

And dont think for a minute handstand pushups ever get easy to the point you dont get a great workout from doing 'em. 

They never do. 

And level four in the "Shoulders" series will show you that, and then some (in the works as of now). 

In the meantime - have a great day - train hard - and write back - let me KNOW how it GOETH!!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - To know all there is about doing pushups at an elite, high class level - invest in Pushup Central NOW. When you get to the point of doing what I do in some of the pictures on the sales page (and if you think thats something, wait till you see the BOOK!) - well, write back again - LET ME KNOW!

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I haven't covered either one of these (the pull-ups) in "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" - and their pushup equivalents - in Pushup Central. 

(to the idiot "evangelist" commenting upon my books, much like with Bozo Schofield, at least READ the books you're leaving your half ass price wanker reviews on, fool...) 

Maybe I will, but the pull-ups are just too brutal to cover directly. 

Maybe in Volume Three!

One being the towel pull-up. 

Brutal, this one happens if you throw a towel over your chinning bar (just make sure you dont do it right after the shower, hehe - and if you do, make sure no-one is around to either observe your "full moon" or admire and "worse" (think Glyn, ugh)) ... and do pull-ups that way. 

There's many variants to this as well, but the basic movement itself is extremely brutal, and much like the special grip exercises with towels in I believe Gorilla Grip -ADVANCED! - it will truly build a grip from CAIN very quickly indeed even if thats all you do grip wise, and again, trust me, you'll naturally (want to and will) gravitate to MORE. 

Second being something I mention indirectly, that being rope pull-ups - doing them on ROPES. 

Ring pull-ups are often thought of as tough as well, they are. 

But ROPE pull-ups, the way it taxes the grip - and remember, when it comes to ropes unlike steel bars, thin is NOT easier! It's even harder to grip a thin rope while working out than perhaps a thick one in many ways. Try it, and see!

Maybe I'll write more on these later, for now, the pull-ups that are very directly mentioned in the books above and explained in great detail should be more than sufficient for you pull-up monster and afficiandos! 

Now, their pushing equivalents. 

Well, none for the towel movement, I gotta say, unless you count what I do normally, which is to pop off a set of max or not max fingertip pushups in a towel right after a shower, usually a freezing cold one. 

If it ain't freezing cold, which it dont seem to be these days, I take pains to make it that way - right after a workout. 

Yes, more conventional wisdom of "if youre body is warm dont jump into the cold shower" flying out the fuckin window... where it BELONGS, to the trash can. Hehe. 

Try what the Finns do sometimes, boil in a sauna first, then jump into the freezing cold waters of the Arctic, then talk about "logic", body temperatures and such. 

Anyway ............... 

A style of pushup I recently saw which made even me go WOW? 

Handstand pushups - not on dipping bars, which are WOW enough (Doug Hepburn did these). 

But handstand pushups - on get this - ROPES! 

My, the grip required just to do these - I'm not an expert on these, but thats something to work up to, me thinks! 

In the meantime, you can of course use ropes, rings and other pushup bars to do pushups, but I prefer the good old floor, fingertip and knuckle amongst other variations. 

I believe simple, again, works best, and it does. 

Now, last comment to cover, an idiotic one that came in - along the lines of - the long lines of "so what if you're Indian" (followed by some choice words involving color if you get my drift). 



Like I care about the slang - I'm being polite. Hehe. 

I just "junk mailed" the guy again like I'm doing with all spam these days, but his whining was about "so what if you're indian, why does that uniquely qualify you to sell Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" (this relates to an email I sent out in that regard). 

Well first off, you idiot, I never said that was the only thing that does. 

That is the icing on the cake, sure. 

But the cake itself, if that ain't there, there's no point having icing is there - unless you're into that, of course. 

What I mean is this - just like I kept telling Charles the former friend, no, "Indians aren't necessarily better than a qualified white chef, or any color, for cooking Indian food" (I sure ain't) - the same way, my "heritage" doesn't have F all to do with this. 

If I wasn't the bodyweight exercise Guru, a term very well deserved even if I say so myself, then none of what I say would matter. 

But that dedication and fantacism to training is what qualifies me, my friend, along with everything else I speak about - and my heritage merely means what is "alien" to most is "common knowledge" for me, but again that is only because I'm interested in training, and I do, as opposed to "evangelist arm chair wanking for Bozos" if you get my not so subtle drift. 

Nothing matters except that, pally. 

It aint bout the BS, it's about cutting right on past it, which is an alien concept for most - especially these days, that I admit. 

And thats that. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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While getting through my 500 pushups today (which has again become a goal for me daily after ... I think 10 years? Hehe 2011 - 2022 and going strong... 11, OK) - I was super sore from yesterday's workout which y'all know all about. 

And I was "easing" in this morning - not with regular high rep "sets of 20" (my preferred number) pushups in slow mo form to work up to 500, but sets of 5-10. 

With super strict form and super tough movements, now, as I've done 30 this way, and the blood starts to flow (I'm already through 25 pull-ups and a few stretches) - i'm getting ready to rock - and ROMP - and PUSH. And pull, hehe. While pushing!

The pike pushup is a pushup I mention in Pushup Central, I think, but only the BASIC variant. 

This, my friend - I dont mention this as a pre-requisite to handstand pushups in Shoulders like Boulders!. 

I really SHOULD though - because this movement is one of the best ones you can do to condition your shoulders - and build huge lumps of muscle on them at the same time - while simultaneously getting a solid, great workout in. 

And the very angle of the movement, a "Triangle" shape is what you'll have to get into - Hindu pushups x 100 I'd say - gets your shoulders ready for vertical pushups i.e. handstands, and then the pushup from that position. 

This movement is also way too tough for most to do off "jump street" - thanks Charles! - therefore, it's not in the pre-requisites in the book - but Hindu pushups sure am, and they should be done galore as well. 

I haven't been working Hindu pushups at all as of late, I'm more into the "floor humper" I spoke about yesterday - on fingertips, working up to one arm. 

So should YOU, if you're truly into core fitness and overall strength and conditioning. 

Anyway for pike pushups, your body forms a triangle - a very inverted one - on your tippy toes, then you bring the head down in a straight line. 

Sounds easy but it's anything BUT. 

Fingertip versions are even tougher. 

Now, something else people have been asking me about as of late ... 

A style of pushup which taxes forearms big time. 

And one which ... I don't do too often, and have not included in the book, because I believe it's overkill and isn't really "required". 

And not entirely safe starting out either, or even when you're advanced. 

Thats the "back of the hand" pushup done on the back of your hands. 

Look, I can do these, I sometimes do them - but the very angle of them makes it a bit of an unnatural movments, pretty much like chin-ups aren't the natural way to "pull or grip" i.e. supinated is what you do normally, not pronated. 

Same with pushups, how many times do you push with the back of your hand? 

Of course, you can do these if you want, but be very careful not to injure your break your wrist. 

These tax the forearms differently, but again they are not REQUIRED - hence, I haven't really devoted a lot of attention them - and probably wont in the future either. 

Focus on what works, and max bang for your buck ... 

And Pushup Central, and all of our other products sure do deliver on that front. 

And they always will. 

Whether or not YOU, my friend, take the required action after all this is entirely up to you ... 

I know one damn thing though, if you're into fitness of ANY nature, then Pushup Central is just a must grab, even if you never get anything else from us. 

Really, I'm being honest. 

And that is that - back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee 

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The jury seems to be out on this - including my own. 

I wrote about the one arm pull-up this morning here, and as promised, now, my thoughts on the one arm PUSHUP.

Last year I was rapping with an old customer, perhaps the right guy to talk to about pushups - former martial artist and a lot more - and before proceeding, here is the review he left for Pushup Central

The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world's oldest and "most diverse" exercise.

If you're like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training "brutally effective" training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it's absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.


Now, I won't get into the review here again, I've done that enough times already (and lets not EVEN get into the Bozo - ugh, I said that wrong didnt I?) ... 

I was talking to him about doing high rep pushups, how pushups do help your pull-up prowress - or help you get better at pull-ups provided you address the "fat around the midsection" issue (which pushups do a damn good job of addressing if you do 'em right and regularly, not just "sometimes") ...and a lot more. 

And I remember him saying that he felt one arm pushups were more a "show" movement, for real workouts, they weren't really that useful. 

Now, he's right on one - very main thing. 

As with one arm pull-ups, the vast majority of people would do just fine without doing a single one arm pushup in their lives. 

If you focus on and do pushups the way I teach you in Pushup Central with "both limbs" (though you'll see me take some away occasionally, hehe) - then my friend you will do just fine and need nothing else from that perspective. 

Most of the people we know that really did pushups at a high level, high repes, Iron Mike Tyson, Herschel Walker, the list goes on and on - while I've no doubt they did a lot of one arm pushups in their training, the VAST BULK (no pun!) of their training most likely was done with two limbs. 

So it should be as well. 

The main thing though for me, which seperates one arm pushups from the same category in pull-ups - it is far harder to mantain proper form when doing one arm pushups. 

You'll see folks doing 'em with legs spread, back bent and so forth, such is the nature of the movement. 

Getting reps in with proper form can be done ... but maintaining that form over a long workout is neither practical nor really doable - nor is entirely functional. 

Thats one main reason I rate it as "part show" - but not fully. 

Doing a one arm pushup still takes some incredible strength and conditioning my friend - especially if you do them slow in sets of 10 - on your fingertips, and so forth. 

But would I recommend one arm pushups in workouts - the question goes? 

Yes, but perhaps AFTER your regular pushup workouts. 

For instance, 25 regulars, maybe 5 one arms, then 40 regular's, maybe 5 more one arms ... 

They make for a great sizzler and finisher, not entirely the case with one arm pull-ups which you'll see you can work far more into your workouts than one arm pushups (though again, most people would do just fine doing pull-ups properly with both limbs) ... 

There's plenty of other movements we could talk about here which lots of people say fall into the showboating movement -my book Advanced Plyometrics has one of them "the clapping pushup". 

I'll be talking about that later, so stay tuned. 

For now, remember Pushup Central is all you need in terms of pushups - ever. 

If you so choose, you can go even more advanced,  but these exercises in this here book are enough to keep you busy and very productive indeed your entire life. 

The greats did 'em, if it was good enough for 'em, it was for you, no excuses. 

Chop chop, as she said. Hehe. (if you ain't got to it already, you should have, do it NOW). 

And thats that. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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