Tuesday, 26 January 2021 18:55

Increase your grip strength and build “crush strength” x 10 or so WITHOUT Doing a single pull-up or pulling exercise!

Or grippers, or what not.

Might sound unbelievable, but as I revamped Gorilla Grip a couple of years back, EXACTLY the same thing happened to me.

I wrote about it.

Those that are DOERS got the message, and the Bozos, well, they complained about “not enough information” (along with price shoppers etc).

I increased the price, and they ranted even more. HEHe.

But anyway, I wrote about the subconscious in an email or so prior to this, and this is what is so great about the plans the SUBCONSCIOUS gives you.

Those that get it love you for putting out stuff that is the best, and works!

Just flat out works

And those you DO NOT want near you – they get repelled even more.

Can’t ask for more!

Anyway, during that period, something strange happened.

As you know, when creating 0 Excuses Fitness (Which was actually planned for a change) I didn’t do anything except that workout system.


No hills, no pull-ups, no sprints, no Animal workouts, no nothing.

I just did what is mentioned in the System.

Got in the best shape of my life.

But I noticed something curious.

My GRIP strength, which I thought would SUFFER, had actually increased tremendously!

True, I was doing a few handstands here or there, but nothing special.

No grippers, no grip work …

SO what gives, you ask.

Well, a nutter on the Gorilla Grip page said “I said I did this, but didn’t tell him how in the book”, but I DID.

And it’s two things, maybe more.


And it’s not the regular pushup either.

In Pushup Central, a courses some people have RAVED about as containing “almost impossible to do exercises” - - I give you several types of pushups that by the very positioning of the fingers build the grip and forearm tremendously. No, I ain’t talking just fingertip pushups though yes, those DO help.

Those help a lot, but again, it ain’t that.

And in the book on REVERSE pushups, the best darn exercise and it’s derivatives – well – that is something else I did during that period, and though it’s not mentioned on the sales page, THOSE improved my grip tremendously beyond belief during that period.

And when I got back to pull-ups etc?

IT was like I never ever left.

Much like life itself …

And thereeth standeth another FACT.

Pick up the courses NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee