Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 23 October 2021 08:31

Thoughts truly do CREATE - and DESTROY.

I have been saying this forever, and a day, my friend, but most people - even on this list - dismiss it as "just spiritual stuff" - or "we dont understand these things" despite me breaking it down into bare bones form. 

I say iti in ALL my books- the MENTAL is the most important - witjhout the mental, you wont get anywhere. 

Actually, you'll always get SOMEWHERE - because the subconscious mind is ALWAYS WORKING!

Trust me on ths one!

Read the Magic of Believing - you might not believe ME, but believe Claude Bristol, eh? 

Of course, the Tom Toms will claim "he isn't famous" so ... 

Well, he should be - and Napoleon Hill - he most definitely is! He said the SAME DAMN THING!

I just went to the bathroom, and was thinkiing about "how nice it would be if a certain type of light for my room which I couldn't find online could be delivered to me anyhow". 

That is all I thought, I dismissed the thought after thinking it would happen. 

Lo, a couple of minutes later, someone DID deliver it. 

Despite it not being available online, and the person that delivered it - you'd say she was my enemy subconsciously in most regards, and she is, yet, she did it!

I've often thought about "how nice it would be if I could have that pizza - or chicken - or what not". 

Back in the day, when I could not afford it - mysteriously, friends would call me up out of the BLUE and order these things for me - or invite me out. 

Now, what happens is either I do it - WITHOUT any conscioius plans to do so - it just HAPPENS!

Ever notice sometimes you "wish something would happen" - really happen -and it DOES - either by hook or by crook? 

The other night, some woman I didnt know from Adam (or Eve) showed up at my doorstep. 

I had NO clue who she was, perhaps a lady of the night. 

But I had been oddly enough thinking about a woman with her exact features ... NOT for "sexual" purposes - and bang, there it was. 

She wouldn't tell me the name of the person she was looking for, hehe. 

BUT - the address was mine!

Trust me on this one, this happens ALL The time for me, my friend. 

Thoughts do CREATE. 

Think it's just positively? 

No, thoughts DESTROY TOO!

Your DESTRUCTIVE thoughts will create just as much as CREATIVE, constructive ones will!

And if there is ONE lesson I can give you amongst all the doom and gloom being spread around, which the only reason it's being spread around is that PEOPLE dont believe in "the mind stuff" - it is this. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

You have to SEE yourself do the thing - you have to see yourself positively first!

You have to keep going despite all obstacles, physical, mental or what not!

Unless you do that, nigh NOTHING will happen - no matter if you buy my books, or if you buy someone else's. 

Trust me on this one!

And that, friend is the lesson. 

Ponder it for a while without dismissing it as airy fairy bunkola. 

It might just benefit yo umore than anything else I've ever written!


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 22 October 2021 05:34

"Like me, like my dog. . . "

It's a Chinese saying, my friend. Im sure they have the equivalent in India ... after all, it all "originated" in India originally (as anyone with any sense knows). 

Much of the "mystique" about China, my friend - in fact all of it - comes from India. 

Right down to green tea and TaiChi ... 

Just ask the Tibetan for one ... 

But anyway, I have lost track of the number of people, usually women, who've told me this - "love me, love my dog". 

In Chinese, I dont know what that transltes into i.e. the Pin Yin or how to say it. 

"Guo"? For Dog? 

I dont know, thats what this dog thinks, hehe. 

Since it was mostly women with the thinking "men are such dogs!" - that told me the same thing, funnily enough. Women, indeed a funny "beast"! 

But anyway, that aside... 

It means when you like something - or someone - you dont go in "halfway". 

You dont pull your pants up and dip your feet in that river. 

You jump in headlong - regardless of whether it's a river in the Northern Territoties in OZ (my buddy from the Maines, I believe, has an alligator - or croc- I believe croc - tootth from there!) (since OZ doesnt have alligators as far as I know) ... brimming with hungry crocs. 

Basically, you go the whole humpty. 

Like her, like her DOG too - has always been part of my "mo" - and how it has worked out for me my whole life - women or none. 

Remember, with me, either this or that!

No dithering in the middle. 

And if I like something, or someone, I DO go the whole humpty. 

To me, I dont see how it could be any other way. 

Anything else is wishy washy BS. 

Charles the former friend and many others kept praising India and how "the INdians are the one that know it all" - and how "I'd love to visit India one day" - but guess what.

They never DO. 

In Charles case, of course, it's his girlfriend that "those are dirty black people" - so they dont go. 

In another friend's case, he knows how much of a pain in the ass it can be. 

Which the latter might be true - it is. 

The former, well, I'll let Glyn answer. He's the best person to ask for such things. 

But really - my thing, and I've told Charles many a times... 

"You dont really like India, you just talk". 

Now, dont get me wrong. 

Many times people have GENUINE reasons for not being able to actually follow through on what they claim. 

Travel wise, North Eastern India to me is a HIDDEN - and still pristine and much unexplored GEM - not just in india - but the ENTIRE WORLD!

It's a part of the country which is still hard to visit, for everyone - paperwork is one reason I haven't settled in that part - as yet. 

But I sure do WANT TO!

And I will someday. 

With Rahul Mookerjee, no dithering about - when he wants to do something, eventually, somehow, he does it. 

I LOVE that part of the country, and despite what some idiots say, NO, they're not CHINESE - theyre INDIANS!

Bottom line - ask them themselves if you dont believe me. They make some fierce, valiant soldiers there too!

But with someone like Charles, he's got every opportunity over the years to visit the country, yet doesnt ... 

...i.e. you dont "really like". 

I dont know, to him the PICTURE he sees in his mind when he thinks India might be the things that are paraded about, but not "real life there". 

And of course, his girlfriend due to that very reason would never go, and him, well ... 

I dont know, I'm extreme in that way too!

But ................. 

Like me, like my dog, eh. 

Good news is THIS, my friend. 

Fitness wise, you aint gotta like me. 

You can hate me, dislike me, troll me, whatever you want. 

But fitness wise, even if you hate me - but DO what I say - you WILL get into the best damn shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

And that is an ironclad guarantee from Rahul Mookerjee, and he doesnt make those too often ... 

Out for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 


And it's a mistake I've made in the past, NOT focusing on this business as much as I should have - though I never quite "gave it up either". 

But middling effort in the middle years meant, well, middling or declining results, and now, well, the results show. 

But anyway ... I've spoken a lot about a lady named Carol. 

Others too. Hehe. 

Yes, so sayeth the man "with no sex life": - "and too much of it" - depending on how you look at it, LOL! 

You know what this girl Carol asked her "center" once? 

(where I was badgered into doing a Sunday morning class, which to be honest I accepted only because of the girls, hehe). 

Carol was a student there, that is how I initially "met" her. 

I forget her face, of course, and the second time I met her she was in a mask. 

So, I couldn't recognize her - and she oddly enough recongized me (HA!). 

Yes, my face stands out in a crowd - always been that way - good or bad - and when Chinese immigration cannot recognize me on my passport, I've always wondered WTF. 

Of course, each of my photographs is decidenly not photogenic or perhaps a lot so - depending on how you look at it (I've been accused of "Stealing pictures: too. That picture you see on the INspiratonal Fitness Recollections page - a certain idiot Maggie accused me of stealing it! LOL). 

I forget her face (Carols) again - and the first time she met me outside class, was oddly enough, when she was helping me find a "cleaning lady" (not Glyn, no!). 

Bozo was raising hell in "Keeping it real in China" at that point. 

But I couldn't recognize her, and she giggled. 

'I like it when my teacher recognizes me!' 

This girl Carol till date has been one of the two women - or perhaps the only one - that without trying (I doubt she knew it herself) BROKE through the wall (in many regards) that I built around myself from a very young age, and let nary a person through. 

And she did it so damn expertly, no wonder it happened and turned out the way it did. 

but anyway, she asked the "boss" at the learning center this behind my back (when she thought I wasn't looking). 

"How can he be native English speaker, his skin not white color, he brown!" 

(right down to the grammar. LOL) 

Now, credit to her - after "three months with me" - she was speaking English better than me perhaps, a better "education" than she could ever have paid for if you get my drift. Hehe. 

As she later said. 

"Because I have no choice!" 

She didnt. Hehe. I spoke English to her, none of the sissy crap about "I'll learn your language Ma'am" like a lot of Bozos keep doing. 

Nothing wrong with learning another language, but, well, you know how it goes!  

Anyway ............. 

That question by itself, of course sums up exactly what I hate most about ESL, other than the Bozos there, and why I dont do it despite being propositioned almost daily to do it (big bucks). 

It's not so much about the moronic factor - well, it IS. 

I can't stand FOOLS. 

It's about the disrespect too. 

And when I Do this business, or any others I do? 

Most people that buy my books do so either to "enjoy them" - or because (mostly) they want to LEARN the skills I have. 

"you can do things people can't, but want to, which is why people buy your books". 

and there endeth the discussion. 

And a few idiots, Bozos and price shoppers aside - most of you? 

Thats what it boils down to, plain and simple. 

You buy my stuff and learn from me - not because of the color of my skin or how long my hair or what not is, or how many hills I climbed (well, thats MAYBE one reason, hehe) - or how many women I've been with - or how many beersI downed - or ... well, you get the point. 

It's a simple BUSINESS transaction based upon MUTUAL RESPECT!

And thats what I always wanted to do all my life. 

Hence, I never stuck around in any job for long at all.  

My trading, my business here, the other things I write - people could give a rip less (i.e. real customers) about anything else other than what I BRING to the table, and thats a hell of a lot fitness wise. 

And, I would never let my guard down - or my standards down. 

Many women Ive been with wonder "why I dont care about them being with other men" (they think I dont know it. Hehe). 

I truly dont. 


Because I'm uber selective about who I really choose as a partner, as opposed to "bed fellow" if you get my drift. 


And the Carol sorts don't come along too often ... 

It's all about respect, to me. 

And its about intelligence. (true, Carols question was rather racist and dumb, but thats China, so .. gotta make allowances. She was actually and is blazingly intelligent...) ... 

And that, friend, is what I love most about doing real business. 

Back soon with more... !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - 16 Inspirational fitness recollections (0excusesfitness.com)

Those long hot summers, those little birds (I forget the name) that trill ONCE in the heat and stop - I just heard one of them now. Celestial sign? I think SO!

Tuesday, 19 October 2021 06:53

"What you gonna do NOW?"

Marc the African Silverback Gorilla often had this to say when we were discussing "TIC" *this is China". 

"What you gonna do" he'd often say. Hehe. 

Which he was right, a lot of the "This is China" things... there's not much "a single person" can do. 

It's about collective thinking, when peoples mindset as a WHOLE changes - right down to the idiocy about skin color, foreign devils, dancing monkeys, idiotic rules set up to oddly enough, shoot themselves in their own feet ... and so forth. 

But I dont know, to me, it's also another memory, that of my Dad's friend once telling my Mom when she was (at the age of 17, before going to college) (as usual) "stop me from drinking beer" (which I hid and did anyway - including smoke fags etc - pun intended, and not, hehe - without anyone knowing about it. I suspect Dad knew a little, but as long as Mom didnt know, he didnt give a shit either way. oddly enough Dad's house was one when he was growing up, "all was allowed"!! Mine? Think AGAIN!) ... 

"How will you stop him when he leaves the house" was what this guy said. 

From a lifelong drinker and smoker, and quite like an Uncle of mine who passed years ago, so SAGE!

My Mom, of course, the next day complained about it.  

"What if it were his own son!" 

Well, he woudl probably have said the SAME thing, friend. 

True, his "own son" wasnt a rebellion "do it my way" sort. 

Much like my older cousin wasnt. 

And therefore, both of them were the "ideal sons" for my Mother. actually, everyone was for her - except me. Hehe. Bozo Schofield would be too, I'm sure!

But anyway ... 

I remember an instance in middle school where I was WHACKED - hard - by Dad (who claimed "I should beat you with an iron rod like the police do!") when I did nothing but "push back" against an idiot girl in school taunting me. 

Not being content to make me stand outside class for the whole day in the heat, apparently "she was a girl" "so she could do anything". 

And of course, my mom fed into this too, and growing up, in my family, it was all about "what made Mom happy". 

The sheer rage I feel NOW at it when I think? 

It isn't because he was physcially stronger than me at that age (physically my Dad has never been "strong" in any which way). 

It was the way in which that sort of thing shattered my self confidence. 

Right from the age of 3, when my mom pushed me against the wall - three corners closing in - I still remember it - for the cardinal sin of puking in the swimming pool (havent we all done it at some point??) - at the age of 3 - right after lunch (when I told my wife, she was like "jeez, at least go a bit AFTER lunch!") ... it was always that way. 

Now, why do I bring these two instances up. 

Because, as I've said before, a LOT of us feel this way ... 

A great customer of mine once emailed me saying he had an abusive father too - who once told him "not to take more milk" from the breakfast table. 

All the abuse caught up, and this guy, at the age of 13 bopped him one straight on the NOSE. 

Needless to say the abuse stopped thereafter. 

My own confidence was too shattered to do even that tho, plus I was always a "small specimen" (no, Vincent, I was not always a big dude, hehe) physcially... 

But it was things like "women can do it" but men can't that always amused me. 

In school us eighth graders would make boobs out of handkerchiefs, we got found out. 

Routine guy thing, you'd think. 

Yet the hammering I used to get at home for it - oh boy!

I remember asking Abhishek Raathi, a friend of mine about it - what HE got at home. 

Beyond the routine scolding, nothing. 

And dont get me wrong - I Dont condone disrespect - but neither do I condone NO goose and gander. 

Look, "just because he's a boy" doesnt mean he can be whacked and brutally punished - while women get away scot free. 

Especially if you're a kid doing what kids do ie PRANKS! 

But that was life for me growing up in a Nazi feminist household. 


If physically or otherwise attacked by anyone - woman or man - or in between Bozo - I'll go after them and then some. 

I could care less if they are weaker or stronger. Like Charles once famously told me. 

"I dont care who they are - woman, man or child - if they deserve a whack, they're getting it". 

Its sad the world has come to this, of course. 

But as my own wife said, people have no feelings anymore for anything - or anyone. 

And a lot of it is due to our experiences growng up and such. 

But anyway ... 

I grin every time I think of it "what are you going to do now" statement. 

It's so fuckin true ... 

And lesson herein for YOU with kids. 

REmember, you can beat them NOW. 

You can berate them until the cows come home!

(Speaking of which, my Mom oddly enough never said a word against the makers of the super hit Hindi Film Khalnayak which WOMEN loved too! - which really made the "boobie" thing popular in school at the time) 

(She took it out on me though for sure!) 

Anyway, you can do all that - now. 

But what exactly will you do once they grow up, friend. 

They're going to do what theyre going to do, and the more extreme the abuse growing up, chances are in many which ways, the more extreme the PERSON becomes. 

To me, I have channeled my own "anger" into succesful businesses - and indeed, when someone attacks me, my first thought is "how can I profit off this"

And I usually DO!

But not everyone is like that. 

Look at Glyn - look at the criminals globally - look at serial killers, the "worse than scum" paedophiles etc, one common thread amongst them all is a very unhappy and turbulent childhood. 

And, look at the successes - a LOT of them have the same thing. 

All depends on what you DO with life, and the lessons it imparts, but if you have kids, I'd say you should bear all this in mind, and then some, when dealing with them!

My Mom often asked me if "we should have let you run wild!" 

Oddly enough, the fascination I had with running wild would probably never be there if that were to be the case. Hehe. 

Fact, as the Bozo would say as well. 

Anyway ............................ 

Lifelong fitnes is another lesson ya'll should impart to your kids. 

And Kiddie Fitness does the trick very well indeed. 

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Adult version of the above course here. If you want some, come GET some. 

Monday, 11 October 2021 04:41

Would I do it again?

October 2015, perhaps the same "day" as I'm writing this today, i.e October 11, 2021... 

On a massive travel - during a National Holiday. 

Past the phase where I accidentally rear ended an idiot - not quite, but it left ONE scratch on his old car! - who saw fit to keep slamming on the brakes willy nilly on a highly congested highway in deep, deep, Southern China ... Guizhou, I believe, to be precise... 

Got semi-scammed by him .

Carol said it was no big deal, handed me the keys to the car again. 

'Twas around 8 PM then, I believe we reached our final destination around 3 AM ... 

Of course, no beer at that time, so I pestered the hotel owner. 

It's China - all available if you pester enough!

Sure enough, they got me the beer from a next door "machine" or something (no beer vending machines in CHina, so I didnt know what they meant!). 

They wanted my passport for a copy - normal procedure in China when checking into a hotel (for foreign devils) - but their photocopy machine wasn't working. 

Carol said "he want you to leave it here and tomorrow he return!" 

I didnt think much of the plan. 

"No way! I dont want them to lose it ...  " 

Then off to the room it was, the beer, and before collapsing I asked Carol this one thing. 

PLEASE let's get up a bit late tomorrow, and just "relax" a little - not run around the country helter skelter like a chicken with its head cut off!

I said this in different words, but really - that is what we had been doing uptil that point!

It was only a few hours ago we were at "Huang Guo Shuo" waterfall - a good 8 hour drive away from where we were NOW - which turned into 14 plus due to traffic etc. 

I still remember thinking of messaging people etc I had to during the drive. Didnt do it... 

Anyway, there was way more to that "trip" than I'm letting on - and that night I'm talking about! 

But that chaotic period aside, that time aside - would I do it again? 


I fell in love - madly. Never happens to me! 

It fell apart. 

Big time!

If I had the chance, would I do it again? 

I dont know, as I look at pictures of Guizhou, I remember that ONE Spot where we sat down, held hands (I know, I know, I'll stop. Hehe). - and more. 

But the point being - WOULD I do it again? 

Or, lets flashback to say 2007/08 ... 

Let's flashback to all the Saturdays I would "take off work" so I could date my then girlfriend - wife - whatever you call it! 

Basically turned into a day long drinking session plus "going hither and thither" to whichever extent possible in India at the time, but she didnt mind. 

Neither did I!

That emotion, that sort of passion, it's different from "lust". 

I've only felt it on two occasions in my life. 

Would I want to feel it again? 

Probably not, hehe, but ya'll know it - never say never!

But again, point being ... 

Would I do it all over again given the chance? 

Carol said yes to that question in 2018. or 17, perhaps. 



All the crashes I've been through, the downtimes, the ups, all of it - if I had to go back and say "would I do it again"? 



Because the learning experience is what it's all about ... 

Thats the BEST thing I can give to my daughter too. 

Whether I'm there physically with her or not, there are a lot of things she picks up from me. 

Following your heart - and sticking to your guns no matter WHAT. 

Ultimately, it will all work out!

The value of persistence - and stickablity during the TOUGH - or tougher - or toughest times which may seem never ending. 

The ability to take on ONE challenge - best it - have two more thrown at you - best those - three more - keep going!

Most of all, I guess in life, and fitness wise, if it were Day one today, and I was "starting to climb that hill"? 

Guess what. (and If I KNEW the road ahead, the long hours I'd put in, and so forth? The ridicule, the scorn, all of it - the GOOD parts - the great customers - all of it?) 

I'd do it all over again - with vim, vigor, gusto - and GUMPTION!

That endeth this stream of consciousness from me... 

I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here - remember, it WILL get you in the best shape of your life!

Also remember the various coupons etc we've got going on!


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - I was going to write about the first weekend "getaway" I took my "wife" out to, and many others. Maybe later! 

Maybe that travelogue that has been pending for SO LONG!

I call it an ability, because I truly believe we ALL have the powers to craft, and create our own futures - lives - everything. 

And I often shake my head in wonderment, of course, at the idiots and morons who are "too busy at work" to create any relationships, talk to people, anything - even basic courtesy - while all the while whiling away their time on bozo like phones and soaps, and so forth. 

"No, no, no! I'm really too busy". 

Even if this were true, it doesnt negate the need to be a human being my friend. 

And reach "back out" to folks who reach out to you ... 

There's too many in that category, I must say - you email people, no reply, you talk to people, no reply, you send them messages, no reply!  

They probably think differently. 

Which is great, but ... the rules have NOT changed, friend, no matter how much you might have given up or think they have. 

Anyway, my second thought? 

What "after their busy life halts" - or when it ultimately will? 

That wheel WILL Stop turning one day. 

Thats life!

When all of it's taken away, can YOU stand on your own?  

And believe me, the answer to this lies in the answer to the following question. 


Can you create something out of nothing? 

i.e. your ability to create - how much do you nurture and PRACTICE this abiity daily? 

If you're like most people, you're creating nothing daily - despite maybe even consciously trying to. 

IT ain't just about writing either. 

It's about the ability to create businesses on the fly, for instance out of nothing. 

0 Excuses Fitness my friend, was born out of an idea I got in September 2017, I think. 

The earlier (this) site? 

An idea I got in 2012!

My other businesses? 


But why just writing related? 

Lets take a look at my GREEN TEA related business - or my trading - or a few others. 

I never imagined in my wildest dreams I'd be sitting here in China trading green tea TODAY - or wherever I may "sit" or roam". 

It just happened - I sowed a seed "without thinking about it", almost, and it happened!

THAT is what I'm talking about? 

Are you going to be the one that looks for opportunity EVERYWHERE, so you can create, almost on the fly? 

I believe THIS my friend is the single most, along with peristence and vision, skill an entrpreneur or indeed human being must have. 

To create things - On the fly!

"Your ability to create". 

Its also one reason I never worry about the future, and never have. 

Because no matter what happens, I'll still be able to CREATE, and how!

So should you, my friend, so should you. 

Good news, we can ALL Do it - if you learn how

And even if you dont want to, fitness, my friend is an absolute must, you know this. 

And the abiity to workout on the fly, equipment or not, gym or not, weights or not, anything or not - is something invaluable, except most people dont know how. 

Learn how to. 

Then do it!

Start TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 30 September 2021 06:25

How things have changed, eh.

In one of those ruminant moods today, my friend. 

And I was thinking, life - - and kids!

How different do kids have it TODAY while growing up - as opposed to when WE were growing up, my friend!

I remember being barely a year older than my daughter is now - 8 - and my Dad whacking the hell out of me for defending myself at school (apparently the other guy's verbal taunts were fine, when I let go - gave him a taekdowndo kick to the KNEE - I still remember him bawling all day long in the school clinic) - I got whacked for that!

Now, part of this was because I didnt tell my parents at home. 

They called my parents to school to complain, and given my parents - yelling at me for damn near everything - I didnt want to go there! 

This trend repeated itself through school, of course. 

Apparently when I (remember, I was always a skinny runt in school!) got "beat the heck out of" - the other guy could do it "because good boys dont fight physically, "those boys" do it, but we "study"' and other B.S. 

But it wasn't just my parents, to be frank. 

It was different back then. 

My wife apparently got paddled - not just on the derriere - buit the legs and such for trivial stuff like "pulling the laundry line down" - at the age of 5 no less, I believe. 


Those were different times, those of you with kids know how different it is today in terms of molly coddling (well, in general - I'm sure extreme cases still exist). 

But as I keep telling my daughter (or as I told her a while ago, I believe). ...

"Papa never scolds you, because I dont want you to grow up hating your Dad". 

Now, this will ring home - and true - for MANY of you reading this ... 

Times were indeed different back then, and maybe thats why the world is where it is tody with no-one giving a rip about anything or anyone no more. 

But it had it's benefits, it made us tough - the doers, at least. 

It appleid Nature's laws of "survival of the fittest". 

There's always a plus if there is a minus - and that ain't me "positive" just saying it. 

The great seer Emerson did too . 

"For everything you lose, you gain something". 

And anyone with brain throughout the ages knows this and has said it.. 

Anyway, that aside. 

A lot of y'all reading this, my friend, and I gotta say this yet again at the risk of sounding like a stuck record - a lot of ya'll want to buy a lot of stuff from me. 

But over the past couple of months, a LOT of you guys - just haven't been doing it. 

And if this email is reaching you (segmented email so) ... then there's a great chance YOU TOO fall into the same category, my friend. 

Trust me, buddy. 

I've been in this racket long enough - I know, I watch, I TRACK. 

Not to the extent most people do - end of the day, I could give a rip less if someone doesnt "do", but a lot of you are DOERS!

Some are having financial issues, apparently. 

Some ... not sure. 

But the vast bulk? 

"We don't care". 

We dont care what he says or thinks. 

Well, thats fine I suppose when it comes to you, though it's a self defeatist (I'm being polite) attitude if thats you. 

(and really, it ain't about what I think either ...) 

But when it comes to your kids, my friends, I'm sure you guys would never scrimp! 

For you adults out there, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute and UTTER must have!

Trust me. 

But even if you want to neglect yourself (though I cannot imagine why you'd want to neglect your health, fitness and training) - then kids??? 

Trust me, the kiddie version of the above is Kiddie Fitness - it has different exercises, yes, because some of the stuff in 0 Excuses Fitness is not suitable for young kids. 

Given the rising level of obesity and big bellies amongst kids though ... this is a must have for YOUR kid, friend. 

 Be sure and grab thisNOW. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Actually I do "scold" my daughter on occasion. I just do it differently. 

I remember my Dad lamenting about how "my own son hates me" in NY in the USA at the age of 15 ... 

Well, what can I say. 

I have my own version of things, I'm sure he does too. I'd say I was right, but of course, what do I know... 

But you on this list know what I mean!

But, history doesnt always have to repeat itself, if you get my drift, friend. Some things can - and DO - change!

I will never forget the comment Charles Mitchell, a great customr once made about me... 

"Your courses are not for the faint of heart! The only reason you're not as rich as Jeff Bezos is because most people look at your books, and say "F that!" ... 

Never become a pussy trainer just so you can sell more books!" 

Now this, to me - is what typifies ME!

I am NEVER EVER going to be, act like - or become something I'm not at my very core - money or no money doesnt come into the equation, friend. 

But a lot of us nomads, or nomadic types or semi nomads (China) - I've noticed we all have some things in common. 

A crappy family life back home - or not at all. 

Overbearing, domineering Nazi feminist mothers and fathers that are either not there, or pander to the women willy nilly. 

(hey, that is fine i.e. pandering if thats what gets you off - ever thought about the effect it has on KIDS????) 

The usual guilt trips, jealousy etc - as Uncle Bob once told me "that sort of thing can really fuck a kid's development up"). 

And many other things - but where I truly believe I stand apart? 

A willingless and WILL to DO MORE WITH MY LIFE - SERVE OTHERS - through my outstanding books and products - MAKE PEOPLE's LIVES BETTER, not just my own (and my own by extension) as opposed to the Bozo schofield nomadic types who just drift from place to place like a feather, or perhaps bump on a log at sea...

No goals, no aims, (other than be a cuck and lick ass that is) - no money, no real intentions of doing anything other than be a monkey and drink the next beer. 

Anyway ... there's more reasons. But first, lets take a look at an email I got. 

Thanks for your reply.  It's nice to know there are some intelligent people left in the world, including your daughter!  Nice to know there are others on the same wavelength.  You lead an interesting life with the way you move around a lot.  Wish I could be a nomad like you!

Now, he was replying to what I Said in my last email (posted on this site since it didnt go through to everyone). 

My response - 

Trust me, buddy - If I had a "normal" family, I'd probably be happy staying put in India or wherever it is. I mean, a family that talks about aborting a three month old (in the foetues) baby - then claims all the nonsense they do, then after the baby is born they forget it all, forget all of what they did - in short, a Nazi feminist family, then you do what you have to do to SURVIVE - and THRIVE.

I guess I could bow to their whims and be a cuckold the rest of my life, work some crappy minimum wage job "because Mommy deemed it so" and "stay in one place". But thats not me as you know, haha. I'll never stop fighting for what is RIGHT. And I'll never bow to anyone's whims - always been one to do my own thing - which you know, hehe. COmes with problems not faced by most people, but hey - thats life - and in any case, I'd rather surmount problems myself than bitch and moan like the Libs do, end of the day, CONQUERING TOUGH TIMES is what real men and true survivors and winners in life are MADE OF!

And therefore...

And - you're welcome - hows the training going by the way - keep me posted on them pushups, especially the fingertip ones, hehe.



Trust me, that ain't even scratching the tip of the lunacy in terms of family. 

But really, I come from a place of deep, deep knowledge in terms of Nazi feminism, and am definitely THE Person to learn from in terms of combating it. 

No, it aint just another book. 

You won't find anything and another one like it out there - much like with Pushup Central, my friend, and my other fitnes courses. 

And really - think about it. 

Why would someone be a nomad if all was good at home? (wherever home is). 

To me, its always been where I hang my hat - with certain conditions. Hehe. 

But even if things were "excellent" back home, I'd probably have a yearning for more. 

I'd never accept the status quo on anything. 

Dreams, desires, aspirations - most of all, you ask? 


My personal freedom to me is numero UNO, my friend. 

This so called sham of a marriage that cost me money, years, all of it - I never wanted it in the first place. 

And of course, my "naiveity" in that regard - though to me, it was more about being in the flow, and doign what I do in life - take a decision, then see where it goes - hey, I learned a lot, so I'm happy for it! - ensured years of chaos and turmoil. 

All I asked her to do? 

Live together. 



Anyway my personal freedom to me is the most important thing, friend. 

By far. 

And life's too short to be a caged beast - or have dreams and aspirations you never fulfiled. 

I've done more in my own life thus far than bozos and cuckolds (a lot) globally have, and I'm not even "getting started" as yet. 

Why tie yourself down to one place - when there is som much to experience? 

Yes, having a base is one thing. 

But what when - which is what has happened most of my life - that base is pretty much taken away? 

What NOW - given whats happening to the world - what would you choose, a base - or the ability to move anywhere, work from anywhere, be your own Master (or Mistress, if it's Christina reading this, hehe) - work on your own time - and so forth? 

Well it doesnt happen overnight, but happen it does. 

I've worked at it for years. 

So can you, and no, its never too late to start - ask Colonel Saunders, hehe. 

And a lot of others. 

It's about doing, and doing now, and starting, and not postponing ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

From yours truly nomadic, "until the next time"! 


Rahul Mookerjee


This wont go out as a blast to the email list. Apparently there was some issue with the auto credit card renewal or something - which will happen "tomorrow" - so for now, this is a nice little test to see how many of you come here to read "without the daily email blast" (well, the email will still go out, but it might not hit ALL your inboxes this time). 

I bet most people will be reading. Hehe. 

I can feel it. 

But really, I've been talking to a great customer, Charles Mitchell, ex cop from the US. 

And we've been going back and forth on what an utter disgrace what is going on right now is - I mean, cops on horseback for one automatically racist because some guy slipped int the river, while the horse was doing what it does best - i.e. run? 

Like Mike Pompeo said, it's a matter of soverignity - bottom line - an d certain things, despite what Hiden Biden thinks - need to be made clear. 

I've said this before, I'll say it again. 

NO country wants illegals with no skills overrunning it's borders willy nilly, with NO due process, during COVID etc - and most gallingly, stretching an already stretched to the BRIM system!

NO country wants that - other than Liberals and Biden worshippers (my own family is that for the most part except my little girl, truly a CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK!) ... what they want? Votes! 

Illegal votes, and given how they stole the election the last time I dont even think they need to get illegals in.

MOre like Bill Hates and the lot wanting cheap labor for the future and their dastardly plans - and of course most likely China pulling the strings behind the scenes... 

I've said before you simply cannot kow tow to terror, that is exactly what is happening!

And this liberal disease has spread EVERYWHERE - and Nazi feminism in general is a natural outshoot of liberalism. 

And it's just getting worse, friend. 

Women can get away with bloody murde.r 

I was talking about the insanity in my family where "if the sun doesn't rise", it's Rahul's fault. 

(No wonder I went to China, Charles, to escape that lunacy!) 

My so called wife, or ex wife, or whatever the term is can break things all day long, and it's Rahuls' fault. 

She can always be in a bad mood, minute yours truly is, he gets threatened with bullshit. 

She can complain about not having money when I send plenty - and when I send it , she never does what the money was intended for in the first place. 

Nazi feminism is truly a DISEASE, my friend - and a natural offshoot and outshoot of LIBERALISM which is even worse, but at home, it's Nazi feminists that really "irritate", 

And you, my friend, unless you're cuckolded Bozo Schofield - need to fight, and keep fighting. 

Sometimes, you can fight directly. 

Often and most of the times though, if you're dealing with Nazi feminists, the best way is indirect - to make it look you're not fighting at all. 

So the idiots and morons will think, while you yourself "laugh all the way to their demise". 

Sounds dramatic, maybe melo dramatic I know, but THINK - for yourself - in terms of what is happening with this world, you'll know. 

And get the course on how to combat Nazi feminism right HERE

Trust me, you guys - a lot of you will benefit like nothing else from this. 

I truly speaketh from a place of experience. 

And now, since I've spoken - lets let Charles speak - 

It's not incompetence, or even stupidity.  Joe and the democrats are doing exactly what they planned to do.  Flood the country with illegal immigrants from impoverished and war torn countries and turn them into democratic voters!  Joe is just a puppet and whoever is pulling the strings knows exactly what they are doing.  Why do you think no congressional democrats visit the border, Why do you think the vice president(that's a joke) who is supposed to be in charge of the border doesn't go to the border?  And the corrupt lying media does everything they can to protect them.  Now they are trashing cops on horseback who did nothing violent to these people, not one injury!  Saying they are acting like slave masters!  It's a joke!  This is to take the heat off of them for what they are doing or rather NOT DOING!  And that pathetic excuse for a homeland security secretary is a joke.  Look, they all lie right to your face and don't give a shit because really, what are you going to do about it???  If the republicans in office aren't doing anything about it , what do you think you are going to do?  Joe Biden could drop his pants on national TV and take a dump and tell the public "this is what I think of you all" and the mainstream media would say that was single greatest act of presidential leadership in the history of this country!  I don't understand what is happening to this country but it is obvious that this president and his administration is working hard to bring it to it's knees.  I believe there are forces at play that no one even knows about.  Time will tell.

Said lik e a sage, Charles, said like a sage. 

Exactly my feelings, and ... well, I'll say it - what I Told him - (replied to him) 

Hey Charles

Thanks for the email, great to hear back from you! How are things going for you - hows "life in general" in the world that seems to be getting loonier (I mean loony, not just crazy, haha) by the day? Seriously, some of the stuff going on...!

(my own "family" is a perfect example, hehe).

they're ALL rabidly anti Trump and worship the very ground Biden walks on, think Modi is a fool, and so forth ...

(when I told my Mom and wife about China starting this mess - remember, one can "feel" things, and no-one knew about this, but the "something is fixing to happen" feeling was there! - I mean, I lived there for years, haha - they claim "it's just politics and a theory", of course, when it's the panixine lunacy, then "you have to take it" (which I haven't, lol)).

My Mom once made the comment of "Hillary Clinton" would make the best US president, and my Dad nodded his head in agreement.


'nuff said, so I dont even try and deal with them, like a brick wall if you get my drift, utter insanity.


So, you can well imagine the dysfunction and chaos there (hence why I lived in China for so many years, it wasn't ideal, no, but their lifestyle etc as I mentioned before, and these lunatics I deal with family wise in India - hehe).

Gotta say though, and another customer of mine said this - my daughter is indeed a chip off the old block. Eight years in all, every bit as smart as you and I are, perhaps even more in some areas. THE ONLY POSITIVE, but boy is it a huge one!!

Back to Joe - yes, I'm not sure who is behind Joe - I dont know, Bill Gates and some of the other liberal wishy washy sorts?? Those are the guys with the money, and as you know, money is ultimately what talks in the US system as opposed to China where you can be a multi-billionaire, but that money still has to be spent per CCP rules. Of course, theres no way I'd take their system - but yeah, perhaps some of the huge property developers, perhaps some of these Bill Gates sorts that "want to own the planet" (outlandish as that might sound) . . .

Yes, it's indeed a shame the way the media takes these acts of utter "sabotage" (ie just letting people in willy nilly, releasing them - all ILLEGALS! - willy nilly into various parts of the country) - and then spins them over and over again into how "Joe" is doing the right thing by the country - if you look at his Twitter, he's even got live feeds from video calls or something he did with (apparently) random people urging them to take the panixine (and dont get me wrong - I think it's personal choice, if someone feels they need to take this vaccine - which to me isn't even a vaccine, because it ain't been properly tested, there are side effects, most of all, it doesnt do what vaccines normally do i.e. keep the damn plague away - you can still GET the damn thing after being panixated - but these vaccine mandates etc are not just unconstitutional, they're utter BS. India is a deeply flawed democracy for one, but end of the day, vaccines are still not "mandatory" in India - and they never should be either! (of course, even if it was, enforcement is lax in India, but really, Biden - China's wet dream in terms of dictatorship, the way he so called leads).

All a massive game for securing votes, I agree, but truth be told, given how the Dems secured the last election, I dont even know if they need more illegals in there to do that - unless it's for "cheap labor in the future". Yes, sounds crazy I know, but anything goes with these guys!

(and I won't even get started on Afghanistan. Haha - now THAT?? Pandering to terror, literally, the way I see it, leaving behind equipment etc (granted, all decommissioned, but you can bet China will reverse engineer them in a jiffy too...)

Yes, what really "got my goat" is the way those border patrol agents were being potrayed as racist slavemasters. Typical Liberal Bullshit, never gave the cops a chance to explain their side of it, just put together some hastily doctored images of horses running into water, and some guy slipping in the mud, and then thats racist. Just retarded, and it's insane people even believe this BS, but then again, given the level of thought the majority of people have - not surprising is it. Haha.

I mean geez, horses are used in police forces worldwide, not just in America - and NO-ONE is pointing out the fact that these guys show up ILLEGALLY - and when you tell them "nicely", they dont listen - so obviously, as Mike Pompeo rightly said, you have to show them it's unacceptable! Of course, anytime someone says that about US sovereignty, they're racist, if China and North Korea detail and shoot illegal immigrants, then they're protecting their borders, and neither Creepy Joe nor Hyena Harris will utter a word...

It's just lunacy, the way people think these days, I mean EVERY country wants legal immigrants - they're qualified and bring a lot to their "new" homes - but why would ANY country want (beyond purposes of charity to an extent) illegals with no skills, and likely criminals as well? Its sad whats happening in Haiti and other places yes, but that doesnt mean you ruin what is good to "help what is not good" - not like the US had anything to do with the Haiti mess anyway!

Lunacy, man, lunacy, unless of course China's pulling the strings behind the scenes for all this, given how Bill "Hates" and LinkedIn and the rest (I got banned from Linked In for some BS I was censored for once, I said I wouldn't say it again and then didnt - but then mysteriously three months later I got banned anyway because I wasn't going to give them my passport to send to the CCP, haha. I believe I sent several emails out about that).  .  .

As we discussed before, and Trump kept saying this too - everyone talks Russia, Russia, Russia, but the REAL threat is China - Russia I truly believe wants to be left alone in its massive corner of the globe - but its China that is the real problem.  (but China's fixing to get theirs - it's been coming for years - the impending Ever grande collapse will truly set the cat amongst the pigeons big time. Of course, and unfortuantely, it might also lead to increased chest thumping and more chance of actual widespread war etc...)

Oh well - back to you - how is life treating you?? The UK is currently in a bit of a mess in some regards (of course the loons on the left are claiming "Brexit" did it - no it did not - Brexit was the best thing to happen to the UK in years, this EU idea was deeply flawed, I've always said that from the get go), but the rest of the world is too - how are things back Stateside??

Stay safe - train hard - and keep thinking for yourself - best thing you can do!

Politics etc aside, thanks for your support - replies, etc! You've been with me for years, so that counts for a lot.

So - thanks - and - keep me posted on how all your TRAINING IS GOING!


Rahul  (i.e fingertip pushups - HAVE you got to the magic 25/set as yet? Hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 25 September 2021 13:36

Joe Biden, truly! An utter disgrace!

The more I see of this man - and his antics Joe Biden, the more I think I'm a fool to think what I initially did i.e .that Joe was a nice guy, albeit unqualified to be President - big time for reasons stated many times. 

Like L (we'll call him that) - a great Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) customer once stated, thats an image the media has given him. 

And he's right! (i.e. L).

Now, I've dealt with this type all my life - idiots that dont do the thing, yell like banshees, give you guilt trips but when confronted with HARD FACTS claim "Rahul is arguing illogically" - or dont reply at all - because they HAVE no reply. 

And of course, anytime YOU give them a logical reply, they start yelling like idiots and banshees "as if that will intimidate the other person" or get them to do their bidding. 

Ultimately, it never has for me, and it never will. 

But this latest Biden claim where he basically tears apart Federal Border Patrol in Texas ... jusrt unbelievable, and even more of a disgrace than his usual statements. 

Apparently some joker made the claim that "they are running us over with horses" or some BS, and the media was more than happy to slap together some (most likely doctored) images of border patrol "gherraoing" Haitians back into the river, presumably sending them back to the Mexican side. 

First thing you know, if you listen to the fine men ON THE GROUND - I'd rather to listen to a cop over a politician anyday, and the same for these Border Patrol Agents, doing a tough job, getting very little support out there, trying to keep their country SAFE!

ie. No-one "ran" anyone over with horses, not one single person in the thousands of deported illegal migrants!

Really, why would any country want illegal aliens willy nilly creating problems unless it's France??

Dont get me wrong - whats happening in Haiti is sad, but there is no reason the U.S.A should be forced to take in people from anywhere - ultimately, life's tough, people need to fix their own problems!

Bottom line. 

Every country wants LEGAL migrants. 

NO-ONE wants illegal migrants though - especially during raging "plague from China" times, record unemployment, social security stretched to the brink and so forth - except of course joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both making ludicrious statements against their own agents!

Apparently Sleepy Joe claims "there will be consequences", and Harris mumbled and cackled a few words to that extent too. 

Yet, NOTHING - and NOONE - is saying anything about the fact these people are illegal, and shouldn't be at the border that way in the first place!

If they did that in acountry like China or North Korea, guess what would happen. 

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess eh. 

Yet, when people in the US try to protect their own borders, apparently thats not kosher and "they're obligated to take us in" mentality comes in. 

Just why, may I ask?

can someone give me one good reason? 

Legally, hell yeah. 

Illegally - just why? 

And as for the horses thing, horses are used by security forces in general globally. 

Royal Canadian "mounted police" I believe. 

They have 'em in the UK too. 

I believe even New York officers use horses to an extent when required (crowd control etc). 

Simply being on horseback doesnt mean they're using that as a weapon!

Comparisons are already being made to the slavery era - utter BS to me from where I stand, and I ain't even Border Patrol. 

I think Texas should do what Governor Abbott once said i.e. build a wall on the border THEMSELVES. 

Since apparently Biden and company could care less... 

Truly, this admin is by far the worst ever, makes the Obama admin looks positively STELLAR by comparison, I dont ever recall Obama ever tearing his own people apart like this. 

Just pathetic, Joe, just pathetic. 

I'll wait for the challenge to do pushups - or the idiotic laugh he makes so often before his infantile threats. 

If there ever was a man not fit to be Prez... ! 

Anyway, horses are fine, fine animals my friend. 

There is a reason stallions are mentioned on the Barnstormer Shoulders page!

But truly, to get the workout of your life, Animal Kingdom style - and conditioning and STRENGTH - and health levels to boot - ROARING! - there is only one book that does it - 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

Get this NOW, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS, hehe.

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