Thursday, 23 February 2023 04:45

Why nothing EVER replaces bodyweight exercises and bodyweight workouts!

There's a very good reason the old timers despite their weightlifting prowress and other feats of strength NEVER ignored bodyweight training - they knew to do so would be nigh foolish. 

It doesnt matter which end of the spectrum you're talking about either - could be Charles Atlas with his isometrics - John Grimek with hiis feats of strength - or (my personal favorite) the mighty DOUG HEPBURN! doing handstand pushups on a log and dipping bar in addition to his other work. 

I've written about this before and Doug said it himself - the HANDSTAND pushups were what built his prodigous pushing ability. 

It was not weights that built the weight lifting prowress - it was his bodyweight training routine, and yesterday, lifting them heavy boxes which a while back seemed impossible to even budge - I was struck - HARD by the truism of what I'm saying again. 

History has proven me right as well. Scores of people that are weak in the gym do bodyweight work exclusively for a while - then they come back to the gym - and voila - "miraculously" all their lifts go up - they're far stronger than before. 

The reverse? 

Not a chance. 

You could be a big strong lad lifting boxes all day long, but if you've got a belly, NOTHING will make them pull-ups easier to perform! 

Same thing for pushups. 

Nothing quite beats one arm pushups, archer pushups, and some of the advanced pushups I've written about (and will put in Pushup Central - Volume Two when I get TIME - which is of the essence right now. With all the great reviews we're snowed under - and keep them coming guys!! - and with everything else going on, Rolls Royce Publications Inc is one busy place (cave hehe) to be in right NOW). 

So much to teach, so many books still to come... All in "dew" time, eh. 

In the flow, and here is what I wrote to Terrence Miller, who along with his immense appreciation of Zero to HERO! - and Gumption Galore! - so much so that he's using the tips in his OWN Coaching classes! - loves training on HILLS! 

He's in CO - lots of snow to shovel too. Hehe. 

And he's going to be narrating Advanced Hill Training for us and the next natural step, and book #2 in that series - the almighty 68 exercises KING of all books - Animal Kingdom Workouts!

OK- Battletank Shoulders vies for that King position as well, but there is something SO special about animal movements. 

As I wrote to him  (actually, this is what I sent EVERYONE interested in the narration, since we've recieved so many auditions for it already) .. 

This is one of our most popular books - Animal kingdom workouts! Animal movements are some of the best fitness movements you can do - and they can be done ANYWHERE - and they will bring the average Gym goer to their knees in a jiffy as well (and therefore exponentially increase levels of health, strength and fitness very quickly if done regularly!). The best narrator for this project should be on board with what should be common knowledge i.e. the SIMPLEST of things work the best - and that nothing, I repeat, nothing trumps bodyweight exercises done right. Sure, there are other workouts that COMPLEMENT bodyweight exercises, but nothing TRUMPS bodyweight - period. 

And it doesn't, my friend - doesnt! 

And remember, this is an advanced course, so you'd be well advised to get good at the 0 Excuses Fitness System FIRST before you jump on this one. 

Aright, thats it for now. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee