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Thursday, 13 October 2022 14:40

On penny pinching "Bennies" and more ...

"Penny pincher drink water!" 

I still remember an angry Gorilla Girl hammering these words out at me while I attempted to calm her down. Hehe. 

(I think that was "direct translation from Chinese" as the Chinese love to say)

She looks exceedingly sexy when angry though so I didnt really try I believe. 

I still cannot remember what the fight was about, oh, now I do. 

I think it was basically when we were going to meet up, and we both knew what each other wanted, so I just told her "lets just meet up at home". 

She chose lunch initially, apparently the husband wasn't home then "you can come for dinner if you like", she giggled. 

Nah - not so much into the cuckolding scene, Sophia ... Hehe is what I told her (Bozo Glyn would wet his pants if he was allowed to watch of course), then it was agreed upon for lunch, then she started whining about "but I have to tell my husband anyway" and then I told her "please, I want NO part of that" - and ... well, it spiraled. 

Something like that at any rate, I think what I was most pissed off about was this - it was a rainy morning, I done got drenched on the hill, Gorilla Girl was giggling up a storm about it, and she completely threw my schedule off wack as well. 

Those that know me know (like a certain lawyer Jojo) I'm a creature of habit. I dislike my routines being disturbed even in the slightest, I take it to extremes yes, but for a damn good reason, it's better than having no routine. 

Still remember my ex once telling me sourly when she wanted to take long detours while we were on our way back from Crystal Springs (manatee ville) in Florida ... 

"You're just like my grandfather! Once he settles upon a route, he NEVER deviated from it!" 

(that was the famous fight due to deviating from good ole Mapquest as I drove back - remember them days?) 

Anyway ... 

With Sophia, ultimately it wasn't about penny pinching. 

Funny part?

And true story, when we met up - she chose the hill - which delighted me. Hehe. She knew Id like that the best. 

Then, apparently too many Chinese were staring on a Sunday afternoon at the foreign devil with his girl, so she wanted to go elsewhere - I asked her where. 

She had no idea. 

So I chose a coffee shop. 

We sat down inside, I ordered a beer - she a coffee and cake I believe (after I had to "push her to order it" - she didnt quite understand the menu or something). 

I paid. We left.

And then that evening the massive bitching session about ... guess what? 

"I WANT TO PAY FOR IT!!!" thundered Sophia. 


And she sent me the money on wechat, which I didnt accept, and she burst into tears eventually claiming "I was being so mean". 

Can't win for losing, hehe, eventually I accepted it, but it's funny how female brains work, from bitching about penny pinching to wanting to "pay for it all or else" ... 

Hey, Gorilla Girl is right in that AA sucks, I hate it too. 

But I'd rather pay! 

Anyway .... what does this little tidbit have to do with anything? 

Well, I dont even know, it came to mind so I told ya. Hehe, 

The main reason I was writing this? 

I call out penny pinchers and cheapskates a hell of a lot. For good reasons, but do you know just why I cannot stand these people and do everything possible to mock 'em? 

And NOT hide my contempt for this lot? 

Because - guess what - first off, whether or not you believe it, we all, to an extent penny pinch. 

I do it too. 

For instance, if confronted with a $300 toothbrush like Bozo claims he uses, and a $2 special, I'd choose the latter anyday. 

To me, a toothbrush is a toothbrush, it could come wrapped in fancy packaging or a simple "cardboard box from Amazon" - it could be electric or I could, you know, use my hands unlike Glyn whose always got his fingers in his own butt or something ... 

(admittedly he wants that $300 brush to brush his prostrate and not teeth which is a different thing altogether I guess)

Same thing with potatoes. 

They can come wrapped in fancy bags claiming "organic" - or they can be plain jane from the local farmer's market, or Walmart from all I give a shit, as long the quality is similar, I could care less what the outside looks like. 

But, a pair of jeans, for instance? 

To me - I'll almost ALWAYS buy Levi's. 

Now, why? 

I could just as easily buy other brands... 

Point is this - to me a pair of jeans is, for whatever reason (fit, unique style, whatever my requirements are) MORE important than say a bar of soap, or toothbrush ... 

And so whether I'm a trillionaire or not, I'll always look for the best deals on the latter bunch. 

I'll always "penny pinch", so to speak in that regard. 


Hell, I wouldnt think twice of buying a pair of Levis's, or Pepe, or whatever - no matter how much it cost, provided I really liked it, because to me that would be "value in terms of clothing". 

Same thing HERE. 

Lots of folks WANT - or claim they want - the books. It's obvious. 

But if you "truly want" - but are too cheap to fork over the bucks for it, then I'm sorry, but you're not being honest - you dont really want it. 

You'd rather have your Netflix or whatever, and thats fine. 

Point again, is this. 

People buy what they really WANT - no matter what the economy is like or other crap people make excuse over. 

People FIND a way to get what they REALLY, truly WANT. They dont moan about price or what not, they just do it. Thats how it works, life, fitness, any sort of product or service you might think of. Might not sound nice me saying it like that - but can you say it's not TRUE? 

So to me, it's simple - if you dont want to "truly buy" - then stop haunting this site and claiming "you'd like to buy". 

Way too many people do that, keep checking out the checkout page, adding to cart etc, but never actually take ACTION beyond that. 

Which until a point is fine, but if you never do anything, there's no point my friend. 

Be honest, first and foremost - all else after that. 

And thats the lot I cannot stand. ie HYPOCRITES and do nothing's. 

Id rather someone say "I dont want to your stuff" than vacillate until "kingdom come", so to speak ... 

Either this or that. 

Either you get it, or you dont, there is NO in between ... (and no, this doesn't apply to anyone in particular, no matter how several people might take it). 

It applies in general, and it explains my most reasonable views on all this. 

And thats that. 

Be sure and check out some world class fitness products HERE if you're truly interested in getting into top shape. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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I gotta write that long overdue book sometime ... Book #6 or perhaps more on the pending list, there are so many now I have literally lost track. 

Maybe I need to hire Alexa to keep up. Hhee.

"From 120 - 60 kgs, from ZERO TO HERO ... " - went my FIRST - and never published, never seen the day of light under that name book - most of it, or a lot of it subsequently got released as a very good next book "Zero to Hero!". 

It's definitely a book all of you should have on bookshelf, even if you aren't specifically looking for advice on success or motivation in general, there is so much more to the book than that. 

Anyway - I've never been huge on numbers unless it comes to results or sales. 

I believe I still dont know my exact height - somewhere around 5'9" is all I know, when the Chinese ask me 

I also know I look like a giraffe with my "long lissome legs" as Carol once said. Hehe (minus the lissome part - I hadn't taught her that word as yet. She was still getting to terms with "plump", hehe. Hey, Carol. That plump look SUITS you - you look so damn cute that way!). 

I still remember her picking up on the "Hey", "Hey Michael", she'd often say slapping my at the time fat thigh when I was not stretching right. Hehe. Memories! 

More fitness related memories here, anyway, I'm going off track again - or am I? 

At the end of the day what do we really have? 

When we go? 

Smiles and cries, if you're an Alonzo Harris fan. 

Or, to me, memories. 

I'll always remember what Carol said during that once in a lifetime adventure that just happened - years later, I still can't believe it, but happen it did! ...

"We may or may not be together in the future, but these memories will last, good memories!' 

True that, memories last a lifetime if you let 'em, both good or bad, and they are often the catalyst for occurences of either nature much later on in life when you would never "expect" it. 

Dont expect every experience to be a blockbuster tho, I've done made that mistake in the past. You hit a home run once, maybe twice, but even that home run, ask any champ player, duplicating is often nigh impossible. 

Much like you can't ape my writing and hope to succeed, or my style as I said yesterday (and as so many idiots continue to do). 

OK, back to the weighing scale. 

Once it was when I was literally ... I believe 117 kgs. Hehe. Fat as fuck according to me (but I still did pull-ups, as evidenced from the cover of Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks! which doesnt just show me getting my chin over the bar - it shows me doing a mid point pull-up, one of the toughest to do for most people!) and handstand pushups, and jumping rope ... 

I dont mention any of that to brag or tom tom, I Specifically promote my fat pictures - and why? To inspire YOU, to show you what is possible, but it only is if you're honest and not a believer in the extremely lame excuse of "I'm big, but not fat" - when you are - or "we all come in different sizes and shapes" - when fact is, no matter what you're size wherever, hehe - you're FAT, period. The mirror dont lie. 

Neither do the scales, my friend. 

True, BMI's etc often aren't accurate but thats only if you're super fit - or someone like maybe Herschel Walker (super fit x 100). 

For the average Shomoe on the couch chugging a six pack a night - whether they admit it or not - the scales usually dont lie.


Anyway - second time I'll never forget, in China. 


Weight of 65. Resting pulse rate of like 40. That was when I had an even more intense workout routine - https://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training details it ALL. 

That resting pulse rate was what I really enjoyed! 

I should actually say three times. 

A few days ago I weighed myself again. 

And bingo at the age of almost 42, I'm at 65 again. Hehe.

Effortlessly, almost. 

I think it was only last year that I was called both skinny and "fat". Hehe. 

Fat as in, "you look fat" - and a DOER said it, and I took it very seriously indeed. 

Maybe I did look sort of out of shape then, and I've mentioned this doer by name, I've written about how he predicted I'd be in my best shape overall in 2022, and with every passing day that prediction holds truer. Hehe. 

Know what the big deal is, how this applies to you? 

I dont have a crazy strict diet now like I did in China (at the time by chance, not choice). 

While I dont chug beer every night, I'll drink every so often. Vodka, beer, the lot. 

I sit at the 'puter almost all damn day. 

NONE of my workouts take more than 15 minutes at a go IF even that. 

And yet, I can run up flights of stairs effortlessly, people say I look around 26 years old - still - and more. 

I FEEL that way too. 

THAT, my friend, are the cumulative benefits of hard training your entire life damn near and still counting- or starting - and going strong, or all of it. 

And THAT, if anything shows you the sheer value my fitness programs deliver, the results they can deliver you, and will - not just fitness wise, and life. 

I'd be wrong to say you're a fool if all of this doesnt make you jump and get 0 Excuses Fitness NOW (those that haven't, there's still a lot of you on the fence). 

But damn close, my friend, damn close... 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Take that above bit as constructive suggestions/feedback, not so much criticism as some people love to whine about... 

That alone will determine if you're a doer or not! 


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I believe it was Mao, not exactly one of my "favorite" politicians to say the least (Deng Xiaoping I've always maintained is really the man responsible for China's meteoric rise to what it is today "Grandfather Deng" as they rightly call him" ... but a lot of what he said actually made sense from a certain angle. 

Like this - 

"Power flows from the barrel of a gun". 

I've no idea if Mao is the one that invented that saying, or if he got it from elsewhere, but if you think about it, it's true - and a quick look around what is going on in the world TODAY proves it. 

Think about it, you can talk all you like, but end of the day, it's heavy duty firepower and artillery that really SPEAKS - the loudest, and matters the most. 

It doesn't necessarily have to be all out war either. 

Look at the boxing ring. 

Mike Tyson once so eloquently said it. 

"You can have all the plans in the world - until you get punched in the mouth". 

That of course is another testament to this. 

Now I've always believed the mind is the best weapon, but even then - gotta admit. 

When you're staring down the barrel of that gun, and you dont know how to disarm the other person -well, 'nuff said. 

But take "gun" away - and replace it away with physical fitness - that is really what I want to talk about NOW. 

Look at all these people that troll women and children for one, attacking them from behind the relative safety of their computer screens. 

One reason Glyn Bozo, "king" of all trolls has never dared to say any of his rubbish to my face is because he wouldn't have a face - or any teeth, hehe - left after / if he said it. 

Come to think, he'd probably end up crippled for life too. 

These aren't mere words, they're FACT. 

Chuck once made the comment about "you'd probably have him hanging from a tree" - and then of course, Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla in general about what I'd do to trolls and their ilk - and people attacking me in general - "you'd tear 'em apart". 

And I would. 

Now, it could be either verbally or physically, but fact is this. 

Being physically fit, being lean, mean, QUICK AND AGILE on your feet - having the ability to launch yourself up on your tip toes and aim kicks out of nowhere - knowing that your punches have solid "SMACK" behind them - knowing, that in general, you have the fittest core ever (believe me, when you have a fit core, you wont just know it, you'll FEEL it, and that confidence will nigh show in every aspect of your life!) ... 

... When you can do what martial artists often do, get into the splits (advanced verson) and then challenge each other to take punches as hard as they can to take their CORES - midsections basically where all the vital organs are and so forth. 

End of the day, when you get to those levels of fitness is when you'll really understand the "emotion" behind the words if I might say so. 

You'll truly understand the meaning of the word smackdown when you can take - and then deliver x 10 back - one yourself. 

It cannot be taught. 

You have to experience it yourself. 

My programs, my friend, GET you to that level. 

Because lets face it, end of the day, man to man, player to player, nikka to nikka - DO you GOT IT? 

CAN you back your SMACK up? 

Most "modern day" (I use quotes for a reason) men or the sorry excuse for men most wimpy modern day men have turned into "metrosexual and other nonsense" cannot. 

Can YOU? 

And that, really is the import of this entire email. 

Start with the 0 Excuses Fitness System and Corrugated Core, my friend. 

Then progress on to Pushup Central, and more ... 

And you'll truly understand what the expression "kick ass while taking NAMES" (not mine btw) means along the way...


Rahul Mookerjee

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This morning I received one of those weird messages the Bozo sends when totally trashed out of what is left of his "mind" (which as a couple of customers have "giggled" - I mean that in a good way, heh - about "he was kind of at the back of the line when God dispensed brains") ... 

Apparently Bozo, after reviewing some $200 toothbrush on Amazon or something in 2020 is now claiming he buys "$300 toothbrushes" and from the odd nature of his email he wants me to get one too. 

In that email there are rambles about him having "African ancestry" - apparently too many people have called the Bozo out for having a "tiny pecker" or some nonsense that he keeps parading about on social she-dia when drunk, in one of his "I want to be a woman" moods (dont even get me started, this guy is the height of lunacy) and how his teeth are discolored or some nonsense, or how he has "gaps in his teeth" (which hey, Glyn, just go to a damned orthodentist or something, I did when I was young, then I stopped. Those damned braces, ugh). 

Anyway, apparently Bozo is in his "I want to be an African woman" moods, 'nuff said on that. 

But it reminds of a rant he left on the Animal Kingdom Workouts book which began with, of course, $$... 

"Since I have so much money to burn...", the Bozo went. 

Now admittedly Bozo is trolling, admittedly in his case even if he did buy $300 toothbrushes, apparently thats because he rams it up his rear end and other 'unmentionables', and so quality is required, hehe. 


But it aint just him, look at the things him and other fools spend their money on. 

"A fool and his money are easily parted", goes a saying. 

And it's true. Much like "there's no accounting for taste". 

Now, I'm not saying dont waste your money - hell, if you want to, by all means do it (or claim to do it), but Tom Tomming such tom foolery makes you look like an utter fool my friend. Fact.

Me, I wouldn't spend $300 on a toothbrush if you begged me to. 

I balk at spending $300 - $500 on a damned bumphone - or dumbphone, hehe - except unfortunately the dictates of modern day life mean I have to ... but that dont mean I "want to". 

I'd rather my old school blue Noke with a certain Aa Ling's photo pasted on the back (dont tell the wife, hehe. She peeled it off in 2009! "You dont need this anymore!"). 

But Bozo aint the only one ... 

There's plenty of Nazi feminists and other fools spending money willy nilly on things that dont matter, then complaining they never have any money and so forth. 

Ask a certain Jeff Bezos which toothbrush and toothpaste he uses. 

He probably buys economy off Amazon. Hehe. 

for a guy that drove his battered 90's Honda until 2017 or so ... hey, I get it!

I'm not averse to spending money - even the Bozo knows that. Hehe. Bozo "searches for his ATM card" which as Charles once said he "never has" - theres always an excuse - while I just up and fuckin pay to be done with it... 

But I'd rather INVEST. 

Give me a long term solid investment, or business plan, I'd gladly invest $300, or $3000 or more... 

So would any smart businessman. 

But an idiot like Glyn who claims to use the world's most expensive toothpaste, like really, Glyn, well and truly "scraping the bottom of the barrel" there my scorpion friend. 

Anyway ... 

FItness, and your own self - some of the , if not always THE best investments you can make my friend. 

Investments that will always pay off in spades no matter what. 

And if I had to spend $300 or less, I'd do it on the 0 Excuses Fitness System - without any delay. 

Truly the best investment you can make in your life ... if you haven't already do so now and start reaping the benefits TODAY. 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Last night, as I went to bed I had this thought "my daughter will be off from school tomorrow". 

Oddly enough, I had no inkling of how this was going to happen, I just knew it would, and I repeated it to myself a couple of times. 

You wouldn't know it from the wife yelling at her to go to bed and what not (in a good manner apparently). 

Anyway, this morning I was notified that "school was off for her for not just a day, but a week or so". 

(so much for those that think visualization does not work. hehe). 

The Delhi rains, I thought, it's turned into Cherrapunji apparently in that part of India, actually, much like it is in Southern China where it rains incessantly for weeks without a break (but the Chinese infrastructure is at least somewhat better equipped to handle it - Delhi's is NOT!). 

Just nasty it's become over in Delhi, anyway, I thought that was the reason, everything flooded, nothing working, all unseasonal as it were... 

But it wasnt because of that. School's apparently going on, now my daughter as of late has picked up some form of "hand foot and mouth disease". 

I hadn't even heard of this, I had to Google it. Nothing serious apparently, you dont even need a visit to the doc for it, but it's communicable - so therefore when my wife told the school, they told her no problem, we'll do online classes for a week. 

Of course, the grin on the daughter's face which she tried to hide from Mommy, hehe - said it all. 

I pinched her cheek. 

"Where's the lesson in this", I asked. 

She said she didnt know. 

"Sometimes, bad things happen in order for good to happen later". 

You had this infection I said. It wasn't your fault. And now, you have a week off from school basically... (online classes are a joke, even more so than the school is itself as I've said before). 

Now, it wasn't her fault. 

Her cousin was visiting, and "Granny" apparently saw fit to let her play with the cousin - without telling anyone the cousin had this same disease, and still has. 

What so called adults think, and how they do it - mystery!

My wife's mom (when my wife was young) once made her "sit" with her elder sister who had measles of all things, now of course, the wife got it too. 

"She didnt care about me, so she did it", went the wife went she told me about it. 

She's a middle child, three kids, of course, the Indian preference for a boy (the youngest) and the elder sister, well, she was sandwiched in between and ... but still , care or not, thats either downright cruel or stupid. 

Parents - mothers especially - can be that way, I still remember a girl I knew "Emily" - when she was six, her mom took her to a room to unwrap Santa's presents, and what did she get? 

A box of coals. 

You've been BAD, went the mom! 

Thats just downright fuckin cruel, I think .. 

So much for women being the kinder sex, the "caring" bunch and so forth? 

Anyway ...... as I sit here not fully recovered from a nasty stomach bug - or extreme tiredness, or perhaps the strange weather, or perhaps a combo of all of it, I'm wondering if this is good in that if this is indeed the break my body needed. 

For a long time, I've been pushing myself as I always do, hitting it hard. HAMMERING it, actually! 

Maybe this is indeed the break I need. 

But as adults, the above saying holds true. 

You sometimes have to go through what you might consider painful, or uncomfortable, or even downright hell in order to get to where you want to be, friend. 

Good things await, but like "you have to GIVE first before you recieve", same thing here. 

Start a biz, go through tough times, very tough times - but thats all good if you can keep the end goal in mind. 

Fitness wise, same damned thing.

Waking up early in the morning in the rain, cold, to do road work when no-one else is, keeping Muhammad Ali's words in mind ... none of it is "fun". 

Or even something you want to do. 

I sure didnt "want" to climb the hill six times a day. Hehe. 

But I did. 

That habit formed, then it stuck. 

And good, glorious things happened later... 

Thats how life works, thats how anything works. 

Sometimes, the bad, a lot of it has to happen first before the good "comes to pass". 

And looking around you, at the world today, thats something nigh everyone needs to hear, and it's TRUE. 

Anyway ... thats the advice for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Whoa! Forgot to say, doing those pushups and squats daily, getting those numbers in no matter what when no-one else is, when it's HARD for you - tough for you - all of that is not easy, not fun, not "nice". None of the above. 

But it has to be done. 

The 10 Commandments of Physical Success (life too) in the 0 Excuses Fitness System are well worth a read my friend. 

Grab this STELLAR, super, SUPERB, package now if you have not already. 

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Not so much to catch a glimpse of Sly's rugged forearms again ... but because, well, it's old school, it's ACTION - REAL action, not the make believe action they show these days - real stuff I love - from the old guys - done old school style!

As a certain Vince Palko once told me back when I still got on FB - "good to know the old guys are still around!"


He's right. He's one of them!

In a world where old school values are rapidly failing, where you're either a third gender or not - (as opposed to men being men and women being women and God forbid anyone says "that is natural!") ... well, Sly is often called a dinosaur.

But he's also the "last man standing".

In cricket, in life, sports, business, movies ... the dude (or lady) who takes it to the LAST ball, the LAST over, the LAST scene, the LAST ... well, chapter if I may - he - or she - is usually the one that ends up getting the plaudits, money, success - and rightfully so - the rest fade away ultimately.

Truly great people stick it through thick and thin to get to where they want to be.

They know, like a certain "Ms Dhoni" in India - that if you take the damn match to the last over, the last ball, then ANYTHING can happen - and if you're well set by then, which you are, if you've taken it that deep yourself, then chances are you will pull off the win, a stunning one at that.

Dhoni pulled off many for India!

I know I was dreaming of a certain Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly, another dynamic opening batting pair in India that broke, set and shattered many a record this morning ... anyway, WHERE the fuck was I.

ah yes, the Expendables.

So, I dont even know if it'll get mae. But hey, Rambo V got made - maybe this will too!

And the one guy I'd really like to see in the franchise - and I'm sure they've thought of him too?


I remember a great interview, lots of fun that Steve Austin once did (he's ALWAYS fun) - it's probably floating around on Youtube or something even NOW. And in there, he mentioned the Expendables (first movie in the series) - and how "great, now I'll be known as the guy that broke Sylvester Stallone's neck!"

Which apparently happened because sly is huge on making his stunts look real, punches "for real" (Dolph Lungdren reportedly once punched him "for real" during Rocky IV, and he had to be taken to hospital!) ...

Which is how it should be, and so, well, accidents happen, they did during that series, and many others!

Dysfunction and chaos at it's very best - producing great results. Hehe.

We'll get to dysfunction later, for now?

I'd say Iron Mike definitely deserves to be in there too with all the other old school guys!

"Your kicks vs my fists", and then that famous peekaboo style he has STILL Got ...

That was in one of the IP man movies he did - and damn, dude gave a pretty good account of himself against the top martial artist in Hong Kong.

Which is to be expected.

Give me a top level boxer that can MOVE - predict how the opponent will throw a punch, or kick and react before that - and I'll take a boxer anyday over a martial artist in a street fight.

Not always, but most of the time - all else being equal, you can't beat boxing (and wrestling).

Martial artists will be the first to tell you that as well.

Those kicks look great, but they're also great to get someone off balance - IF you can see it coming, of course!

And I dont know, maybe bring back Jean Claude Van Damme too! He did GREAT I thought in Expendables 2 as a believable villian - I love most of his work, so what can I Say (not so much Steven Seagal though, I've never really liked what he's done).

Chuck Norris, Van Damme, and Iron Mike.

And hey, in his prime, I'd bet on ole Mike ANYDAY in a fight against either one of those two (which is NO disrespect meant to either one of them, both top level sold martial artists till this day, but Mike Tyson in his prime, man, that was something else altogether! A certain Brad Pitt lived to tell about it...)

Anyway - random thoughts from me.

Some more -

If you really want to know what people think of , or maybe "associate with you" or see you as, or what not ... see what they save your name in their dumbphone as. Hehe. Or even on the flip phone

I'm different in this regard in that I've always, and still, save names of people by their first name, and thats that.

If they're there for a reason then I put something else after the name like "visa guy" or something like that.

But it's always interesting to see how others call you "Yukit" (supreme planner in Hindi) or "Ma'am's husband" (which was downright hilarious, dude that does my visas, I mean OK, "Ma'am" was the one that was doing all the co-ordination when I was in China (well, until 2016 or so), then happier times ended, I did it myself, I still do - OK, she found him at some agency, and so forth, I got her to do some business through him, so from all those angles it makes perfect business sense - and no, despite what some idiots might think, nothing else going on - but still, I was like dude, at least save my name as ME, I've been paying you for damn near seven or so years now straight...hehe).

Not that he meant bad.

He didnt.

But it's hilarious often!

Random thought numero two - or "dos" for our amigos reading this?

Well, if you ever get to know people's passwords, which obviously I dont advocate hacking into etc, you'll know what is REALLY dear to them - whether they know it or not.

Ditto for what they sing in the shower, the words they often use, and so forth. The mighty subconscious manifests itself in different ways my friend.

You just have to be agile enough to spot it.


On the Pushup Central page, Iron Mike is one of the guys I mention - a LOT.

And with damned good reason.

If there was one exercise that he did repeatedly, ONE exercise that turned him into a BEAST incarnate during his hey day - one exercise that Herschel Walker did, and still does - and MOST doers do - it is the good ole pushup.

Nothing replaces it.

Do it enough, do it daily, do it multiple times daily, do it often, you'll feel a POWER you cannot get from ANY other exercise.

Truly, the oldest exercise around probably, and for a damn good reason.

If you want to be a monster, a human BEAST - then you have to do what is mentioned in Pushup Central, period, no two ways around it.

As a certain customer once said about the book "you'll truly build INDESTRUCTIBLE humans" with this course!

So it is, my friend. So it is.

But agility - Tyson was as agile as a mother goose as well my friend.

And Jump Rope Mania - and some of the hidden tips, tricks, techniques and of course the damn WORKOUTS in the book are a great way to getting YOU there too.

Pushups and jumping rope just go together, I dont know why, but they DO.

Next, remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System too, it's a baseline for damn near everything, much like wrestling is a baseline for any other combat sport you engage in/practice.

Unless you prefer putting the cart before the horse of course...

And since this has gone on for long enough, I'm out.

But hey, I've been thinking about it since last night!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh yeah, dysfunction, this morning I was thinking about my family, the number of rapidly burgenoning nieces and probably nephews too, hell, I dont know - that "Uncle Rahul" has .. (I prefer Rahul, hehe) ... and never gets told about.

Not that anyone in my so called family tells anyone anything, the father's side of the family is never even mentioned, no-one knows what goes on there - mother's side, well, always mentioned, but always kept secret too - ah well, families, dysfunction, I'm sure y'all reading this can identify to an extent, but I really doubt most people have dealt with the level of dysfunction that is present in yours truly's "family".

Except the real doers, they have, and then some.

OK, enough for now.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2022 05:42

Technology, that ole bugbear...

Life's a trip eh.

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

aka Training Day, that movie I'll never stop watching, one that to me is a classic, albeit not spoken about a lot. (but most people know it!).

Alonzo, that whole movie - just - thats by far, to me Denzel's best movie!

I still remember we had a choice between watching "Snow Dogs" and "Training Day" when it first came out, with the girlfriend, pizza and beer galore, weekend off from work in NY - and we were discussing which one to watch first.

No prizes for guessing which one I chose (those were the "Blockbuster Video" days - anyone remember that chain? Hehe).

She wasn't too happy about it.

"You'll just fall asleep later and wont watch Snow Dogs with me!"

And I dont believe we ever did watch it. Hehe. What she said was true. It happened, next day - I dont know, we went somewhere, then work, then we had to drop the videos off - another classic case of people getting what they dont really have any plans on REALLY following through on. Believe me, if she really wanted to watch that movie, she'd have found a way. Hehe.

It was more about the romance...

Anyway, where am I going with this - ah yes, technology.

From Blockbuster video to DVD players, to computer DVD players, to ... well, Wifi, broadband dumbphones, and now back to the good ole days for many people.

Reminds me of what my Dad once said about the Middle East.

"They rode in on camels, they drive in swanky cars, they'll ride OUT on camels too".

They aint the only ones, eh. Hehe.

I just read Nasa has successfully crashed a "vending machine size spacecraft" into an asteroid the size of a football field.

To stop it from destroying the Earth (or others like it).

Which is great  - as we destroy the Earth ourselves here, or as humans we seem to be doing a good job of destroying planet Earth better than any asteroid ever could - while they focus on the tech to protect us from the other threats which pale in comparison to the REAL threats facing us NOW.


The irony of it all ...

Anyway, fitness wise?

Technology is something I adopt - early.

I was amongst the first to pioneer digital only downloads on the website, when everyone told me to sell physical books.

dont get me wrong here.

I sell physical books too.

And for a good reason, those that buy those are the old fashioned guys - my type of guys.

But digital, well, thats the trend, I saw it coming a long time ago, so might as well jump on the bandwagon eh - and I was proved right on that as well.

I believe in giving you ALL options - so we even have hardcover on the site for most of our products.

And, although the initial download of the 0 Excuses Fitness System was over 2GB in size, since most will play it on the dumbphone, I made it dumbphone compatible and reduced file size etc to the very manageable on most broadband/4G connections 10-12 min download, if even that (that will go down in the future even more as we ramp up hardware even more behind the scenes).

I never once sold physical DVD's though, and I doubt I EVER will - despite some of my hardcore customers burning the material to THEIR own DVD's. And hey, gotta love old school there too my friend!

Some things though, I'll always be old fashioned, because old fashioned and playing the long game (right) - well, you can never go wrong in terms of those two.

And fitness wise, life wise, you'll always find me to be old school, always - no exceptions.

And that, I suppose is that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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All the BS that goes on these days, the "you're good!" BS when you aren't, the feel good nonsense that is supposed to attract nirvana, magical results without you doing much and what "everyone" wants i.e. a pot of gold x 1000 (or a million, hehe) to themselves - it's permeating through to kids big time.

Something I often wish I could tell my wife (no point telling her much of course, or anything) is this - go easy on it when it comes to KIDS.

I wrote about this this morning.

It's one thing to brainwash yourself as an adult knowing you're doing so and being cognizant of your own failures, and refusal to CHANGE or accept what YOU Did wrong.

Evey adult has the right to make choices for himself or herself...

But kids, especially young kids?

I keep hearing my wife tell my daughter for one "You're the best!" - when she isn't.

"You're so slim!" when she's GAINED Weight over the past couple of years. (or last year, or what have you).

And so forth.

Now, dont get me wrong.

Being POSITIVE is what should be done, and NO, I am not advocating the polar opposite either - what happened to me as a kid, and what happened to the wife, and all of our generation with "way too much tough love" than was required or necessary (and we're seeing the results of all that pent up animosity now in the world TODAY are we not?) ...

But there is a limit to everything, excessive cossetting and molly codding is harmful, downright injurious to health - both mental and physical - and accomplishment of ANY NATURE, either as a kid or adult.

Saying "you're the best" when you're not even trying ... well, that leads to be being lazy and a sense of self entitlement which I unfortunately see developing in my daughter (though I do nip it in the bud often).

What I wish people would say more?

You CAN be the best.

Not "are" when you're not.

Now if you ARE the best at something, then so be it - but chances are you wont feel the need to say it then or even will say it - your results will speak for themselves in many ways.

Sure, you CAN say it at that point ...

But saying you're making a million dollars when you're broke, saying "you have it all" and "feel good vibes" when the reality is the polar opposite, all of this tends to have the opposite impact long term and a far more deleterious impact/effect than most realize.

Sometimes, tough love is exactly what is required, and I get it till this day, and would NOT have it any other way.

I've mentioned how as well! (if you have been paying attention to these here dispatches, hehe). And I'm super tough on myself personally - in all regards - till this date.

No, I'm not a perfectionist, I would not advocate you be one either, but I do things per a schedule, I have DISCIPLINE, I "get her done no matter what" and a host of other unsexy things that people ignore, but are really what "in the the trenches for YEARS" lead to you becoming the best, and staying there.

The best for the best fitness wise, as I'm proud of saying.

And the results speaketh for themselves, my friend.

Back to fitness?

Kiddie Fitness is the BEST resource - by far (again, like I keep saying, I challenge you to show me one better) - if you've got kids , and indeed these movements - most adults wont be able to do them properly starting out - especially balance wise - that need more exercise than screen time, and most these days DO.

0 Excuses Fitness, and all of our other products are by far the best when it comes to fitness for adults and other verticals.

And what I wish people would hear more, daughter included.

You CAN be the best, but you have to put in the Time, the effort, the HARD WORK, the unsexy stuff.

Ah, but how dare I.

How can I even say that, the marketers here will say, you're killing sales that way!

so be it.

I'd rather sell to those that GET IT.

And not make false promises, overpromise, underdeliver - I'd rather keep up to the 0 Excuses Fitness mantra of underpromising big time and over delivering by the same damned magnitude and then some.

Alright, enough for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Thursday, 15 September 2022 09:34

"You are fat inside"

Chinese girls have this cute, sexy way (to me, at least) of getting STRAIGHT TO THE POINT - albeit sometimes indirectly, and in my case I've always found it so cute that I find it hard to stay mad at them for any length of time.

Anyway ... my "Jie Jie", or lets say "elder sister" in China "Maria".

I'll never forget the two comments she made in 2003 when I first met her on Icq.

Remember those days? MSN messenger, ICQ ... no dumbphones, truly, as a certain "Pooja" said today, and as I've been saying all along, the 90s were the BEST days, HEADY!

She said the 90's generation was the best, which is close though.

Things were REAL back then, including a cute little photo of Maria's, pink shirt, lovely vivacious smile, long black hair (all of which still exists though she claims "I'm old now").

Before y'all jump to conclusions, we've never met in person. Hehe. Sometimes, the best relationships "flower" that way!

Not by choice, by chance.

I bought her a gift on a trip back from India (or to India, I believe) once and was going to meet her to give it to her, but she giggled and told me to mail it, which given she had a boyfriend at the time she was planning upon marrying, and did - was very smart. Girls from Fujian in China are not just gorgeous, they tend to be uber smart too.

Anyway - I'm getting side tracked.

Point of this is, she wanted to "see me", so I sent her a video of my apartment, I believe.

(at the time I was taking a video of a horribly mangled up ingrown toenail with pus oozing out of it that required not one, but TWO surgeries - first one was so so, second really worked - it hurts like a SOB - if you even touched it I'd yell, it happened during massage a lot, some of the ladies high heels would accidentally hit it, and MY! That HURT! (and finally prompted me to seek treatment for it in Hong Kong which I did successfully, never happened again, though I've had swollen ankles etc years later when I was phat) that was I was going to send to my parents to "show them") ...

Along with those two videos taken on a camcorder I got from Walmart in 2002, I think - which I finally gave away in 2021 - a school has it now, though what and how they use it, given the cassettes it uses are no longer around - I've no idea - but along with those two videos, I think I sent her a picture of myself in a T shirt or something.

Not a shirtless picture I sent a certain Cody years later, apparently that was because "she wanted to show her husband" (real reason was SHE wanted to see it. HA!) ... anyway, that's a different story, and a rather A rated one. It also spawned several books, so I guess thats good. Hehe.

But anyway Maria, the first comment was "you're fat inside!"

It did hurt my weetle feelings a bit at the time, I admit it.

This was before I had grown my thick skin, remember?

This was back when I still lifted weights, and here's the thing, the bottom line - Maria didnt mean it in a negative manner. In fact all along she was giggling about "handsome foreigner" "foreigners are big" etc, so it wasn't negative, it was just an observation, Chinglish as it were (Chinese English) ..

Then this -

"your home looks like a hotel!"

That one stunned me, that was hardly China in the 1960's where most lived in villages...

Till date I (when in china) live in that type of accomodation, though it doesnt even have elevators. Hehe. Some things never ever change!

ANd some preferences...

I dont know if Maria would still say the hotel part, but she sure as hell wouldn't say "fat inside". Hehe.

But point of this?

I was a BIG guy at that time - muscles wise.

I used to lift weights, I did pushups etc, but ask me to climb a flight of stairs, I'd be out of breath with all the smoking I did, though I managed to get two heavy ass suitcases (Mom and Dad) up to my fourth floor apartment, it taxed me - big time.

Kinda like Bruce Lee when he fought off all those attackers, yet it left him WINDED big time.

Anyway ......

Ya'll know the entire story of how I quit smoking, then Ann Lee came along months later, and my wife literally - oh I mean my LIFE, hehe - changed.

Point is this.

I did no grip work then, very little if any core work, my lower back was weak, although "looks were good" - I was 24 at the time - externally I was looking "ok" though a little big around the waist, it was nothing compared to what a lot of other people looked like, and I'd get compliments on my "large" forearms (they're anything but TODAY) all the time as well.

There was NO vascularity to them though back then ...

Point is this - real point.

If you're fat, you're fat my friend, and it'll show whether you hide it or not, whether your feelings are hurt or not.

If you're big, you're big, but if you're big and fat, then you're big and fat.

And big doesn't negate the importance of core training and a slim strong WAIST - trim waist I should say, trimmed down to BARE ESSENTIALS.

Trust me on this, core training, there are few things more important than it.

And here is a course that will train your core better than anything you've ever done - Corrugated Core (a much underrated yet SOLID course we have on this).

Combine with Gorilla Grip and the 0 Excuses Fitness System (bought in reverse order) and you're well and truly off to the races.

So am I - for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Question of the day, and this isn't necessarily a new one.

I roundly ignore, block, call out a certain person, he still finds ways to follow me and ... well, wants to chat, but doesnt.

It ain't just Bozo Glyn either, there are MANY like him.

There's a lesson there for all of you if you choose to learn. Hehe. Several actually, and while the person I'm referring to here is hardly a "troll" - Profit Troll will have more on this. Stay tuned, it's a book y'all WILL NOT want to miss!

Several "she's" fit this category too, the "stalker" in 2019 coming to mind, but there's plenty more, I've blocked this one girl's number - three of 'em - she signed up with a fourth one (on another list). Hehe. Some people ... (and on whats app as well). The he's meanwhile surreptitiously keep checking out what this cat has been up to.

Ah well, hehe.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2022 09:32

The best YOU - a better you - daily!

People are often confused about how to best focus on their goals and achieve them.

Note that I'm not talking about any of the following - goal setting, visualization, the "how to achieve the goal" (i.e. the get down to brass tacks methods you need to use) - and certainly not about success, money etc.

But it's this - once you've set your sights on a goal, usually distant, and no progress seems to happen for days, months, even years occasionally despite your persistence, you find your will flagging sometimes.

Applies to life, fitness, everything.

And the advice I give everyone is what you can learn from following Amazon, and how they did things over the years (I've always done it the same way too, but I'm giving you another example).

(also why they're pretty much the only companies I'll do business with - "companies" because each of Amazon's sub companies is a world unto itself, all under the same umbrella - sheer genius - so it should be).

(and their entire founding team was the geniuses on this one, not just Bezos, though his vision and core principles are what caused it all to happen).

Anyway - what is the advice?

Two bits, really.

One, focus on making a better product - or service - regardless of everything else.

The economy might suck, or it might boom, but a better service never goes out of style, or a better product, or more value for money, or OVERDELIVERING while underpromising, all of the things we do around here basically.

And two, more importantly, or just as - other than focus on customers and not competitors (fitness wise, this means focus on YOU, not the rest of the people doing this or that, telling you this or that or their results of lack thereof) ...focus on this one thing - make a better version of YOU Daily.

If you're a writer, focus on even better writing.

If you're working out, make sure that last workout was great - and the one today is better in some regard.

Business people, sometimes it might seem you're stuck, can't move ahead, waiting for the right breaks etc?

I get it.

But, there's always something you can do, there's always some way you can improve your offering, there's always some minor tweak to some process you can make somewhere that will, whether they know it NOW or not benefit the customer down the road (and therefore you too)..

Long story short?

Life is about living a better you - daily.

Shoot for improvement in something everyday.

Never rest on thy laurels.

Its the baby steps that really get you there, applied with persistence and vision, courage and gumptions, HEART AND GUT!

And it's something you can control.

Results are something you cannot control, effort - especially when applied the right way and to improve yourself daily - IS.

Focus on what you CAN do - and control - rather than all the intangible (at the end of the day) bullshit you CANNOT, and life becomes a lot fuckin easier, a lot smoother, a lot less worry and hassle, trust me on this NOW and believe me later!

As a certain company Rolls Royce Publications's tagline goes, "from the heart".

"Dil Se", they say in hindi.

So it should be, brah.

So it should be!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - More solid motivation to be found right here, if the world is getting you down, if you're floundering, if you're looking for success but not getting it, well the road map is mapped out in Zero to Hero (Vol #2 on the way) and Gumption Galore (from a tips standpoint). Get these two great books NOW!

PS #2 - Quote of the day from Emil Coue ...

"Day by day, in every way, I'm getting better and better".

But just saying it wont do the trick.

DO what it takes to achieve it.

And thats the point of this dispatch...

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