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Technology, that ole bugbear...

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Life's a trip eh.

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

aka Training Day, that movie I'll never stop watching, one that to me is a classic, albeit not spoken about a lot. (but most people know it!).

Alonzo, that whole movie - just - thats by far, to me Denzel's best movie!

I still remember we had a choice between watching "Snow Dogs" and "Training Day" when it first came out, with the girlfriend, pizza and beer galore, weekend off from work in NY - and we were discussing which one to watch first.

No prizes for guessing which one I chose (those were the "Blockbuster Video" days - anyone remember that chain? Hehe).

She wasn't too happy about it.

"You'll just fall asleep later and wont watch Snow Dogs with me!"

And I dont believe we ever did watch it. Hehe. What she said was true. It happened, next day - I dont know, we went somewhere, then work, then we had to drop the videos off - another classic case of people getting what they dont really have any plans on REALLY following through on. Believe me, if she really wanted to watch that movie, she'd have found a way. Hehe.

It was more about the romance...

Anyway, where am I going with this - ah yes, technology.

From Blockbuster video to DVD players, to computer DVD players, to ... well, Wifi, broadband dumbphones, and now back to the good ole days for many people.

Reminds me of what my Dad once said about the Middle East.

"They rode in on camels, they drive in swanky cars, they'll ride OUT on camels too".

They aint the only ones, eh. Hehe.

I just read Nasa has successfully crashed a "vending machine size spacecraft" into an asteroid the size of a football field.

To stop it from destroying the Earth (or others like it).

Which is great  - as we destroy the Earth ourselves here, or as humans we seem to be doing a good job of destroying planet Earth better than any asteroid ever could - while they focus on the tech to protect us from the other threats which pale in comparison to the REAL threats facing us NOW.


The irony of it all ...

Anyway, fitness wise?

Technology is something I adopt - early.

I was amongst the first to pioneer digital only downloads on the website, when everyone told me to sell physical books.

dont get me wrong here.

I sell physical books too.

And for a good reason, those that buy those are the old fashioned guys - my type of guys.

But digital, well, thats the trend, I saw it coming a long time ago, so might as well jump on the bandwagon eh - and I was proved right on that as well.

I believe in giving you ALL options - so we even have hardcover on the site for most of our products.

And, although the initial download of the 0 Excuses Fitness System was over 2GB in size, since most will play it on the dumbphone, I made it dumbphone compatible and reduced file size etc to the very manageable on most broadband/4G connections 10-12 min download, if even that (that will go down in the future even more as we ramp up hardware even more behind the scenes).

I never once sold physical DVD's though, and I doubt I EVER will - despite some of my hardcore customers burning the material to THEIR own DVD's. And hey, gotta love old school there too my friend!

Some things though, I'll always be old fashioned, because old fashioned and playing the long game (right) - well, you can never go wrong in terms of those two.

And fitness wise, life wise, you'll always find me to be old school, always - no exceptions.

And that, I suppose is that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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