Saturday, 24 September 2022 07:15

More on the best for the best, and more on lousy life advice to be avoided (precious few do).

All the BS that goes on these days, the "you're good!" BS when you aren't, the feel good nonsense that is supposed to attract nirvana, magical results without you doing much and what "everyone" wants i.e. a pot of gold x 1000 (or a million, hehe) to themselves - it's permeating through to kids big time.

Something I often wish I could tell my wife (no point telling her much of course, or anything) is this - go easy on it when it comes to KIDS.

I wrote about this this morning.

It's one thing to brainwash yourself as an adult knowing you're doing so and being cognizant of your own failures, and refusal to CHANGE or accept what YOU Did wrong.

Evey adult has the right to make choices for himself or herself...

But kids, especially young kids?

I keep hearing my wife tell my daughter for one "You're the best!" - when she isn't.

"You're so slim!" when she's GAINED Weight over the past couple of years. (or last year, or what have you).

And so forth.

Now, dont get me wrong.

Being POSITIVE is what should be done, and NO, I am not advocating the polar opposite either - what happened to me as a kid, and what happened to the wife, and all of our generation with "way too much tough love" than was required or necessary (and we're seeing the results of all that pent up animosity now in the world TODAY are we not?) ...

But there is a limit to everything, excessive cossetting and molly codding is harmful, downright injurious to health - both mental and physical - and accomplishment of ANY NATURE, either as a kid or adult.

Saying "you're the best" when you're not even trying ... well, that leads to be being lazy and a sense of self entitlement which I unfortunately see developing in my daughter (though I do nip it in the bud often).

What I wish people would say more?

You CAN be the best.

Not "are" when you're not.

Now if you ARE the best at something, then so be it - but chances are you wont feel the need to say it then or even will say it - your results will speak for themselves in many ways.

Sure, you CAN say it at that point ...

But saying you're making a million dollars when you're broke, saying "you have it all" and "feel good vibes" when the reality is the polar opposite, all of this tends to have the opposite impact long term and a far more deleterious impact/effect than most realize.

Sometimes, tough love is exactly what is required, and I get it till this day, and would NOT have it any other way.

I've mentioned how as well! (if you have been paying attention to these here dispatches, hehe). And I'm super tough on myself personally - in all regards - till this date.

No, I'm not a perfectionist, I would not advocate you be one either, but I do things per a schedule, I have DISCIPLINE, I "get her done no matter what" and a host of other unsexy things that people ignore, but are really what "in the the trenches for YEARS" lead to you becoming the best, and staying there.

The best for the best fitness wise, as I'm proud of saying.

And the results speaketh for themselves, my friend.

Back to fitness?

Kiddie Fitness is the BEST resource - by far (again, like I keep saying, I challenge you to show me one better) - if you've got kids , and indeed these movements - most adults wont be able to do them properly starting out - especially balance wise - that need more exercise than screen time, and most these days DO.

0 Excuses Fitness, and all of our other products are by far the best when it comes to fitness for adults and other verticals.

And what I wish people would hear more, daughter included.

You CAN be the best, but you have to put in the Time, the effort, the HARD WORK, the unsexy stuff.

Ah, but how dare I.

How can I even say that, the marketers here will say, you're killing sales that way!

so be it.

I'd rather sell to those that GET IT.

And not make false promises, overpromise, underdeliver - I'd rather keep up to the 0 Excuses Fitness mantra of underpromising big time and over delivering by the same damned magnitude and then some.

Alright, enough for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee