Rahul Mookerjee

And I mean it. Quite literally!

As we were filming the second round of photographs for Animal Kingdom Conditioning, I got a complete workout in just WHILE taking (and re-taking) the photographs.

I was literally collapsed in a puddle of my own sweat BEFORE doing a single pushup.

Every time I bent down to get into a new position, sweat literally BEADED off me. I mean ROLLED off me.

And you know the most amazing part, or maybe not?

Two parts actually.

Both that will beggar belief.

One, the movements weren’t pushups or anything traditional you might expect. In fact my daughter took the pictures for this second round, and she had a royal BLAST doing the exercises (in some cases) better than yours truly! ?

And two and perhaps even more amazingly, STATIC holds killed me.


You guys have asked about books on isometrics, and one armed movements (more than one person).

You guys haven’t specifically asked about static holds, but isometrics are the level to static holds, and we gotta start someplace.

And you guys mostly LOVE tough workouts that leave in a state similar to what my workouts left ME in today.

Collapsed. Challenged, and in a heap of sweat, and feeling GREAT all over.

In fact, I was having soup for lunch with my daughter and she asked me just why I sweat so much.

These days I’m sweating even straight out of the shower!

“Honey, it’s because those that workout a lot literally sweat a lot more” (in most cases, fit people DO sweat more than the average Joe).

And these workouts leave you burning fat long, long after youre done with them which is another reason you’ll notice increased sweating around the core, I told her (we were sitting around the table and I had my shirt off, and so . . . ).

And being she was such a good girl, we got her a special treat. Ice cream(s) hehe. Always good, especially in the heat.

And so it goes my friend.

IF you’re looking for advanced workouts - - animal like workouts - - then you’ll be DELIGHTED with this book.

Isometrics and static holds? You’ll get them and then some. In fact you might not be able to do even the BEGINNER movements in this manner for very long  . . . THAT is how tough these exercises are!

You may actually find moving QUICKER easier than moving SLOWER on some of these.

I know.

That makes nil sense doesn’t it.

But it’s true!

And on that note its off for the final round of photo editing before I finally get this thing together. Talk soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In the meantime don’t forget to pick up THESE two courses – Corrugated Core and Pushup Central.

P.S #2 – Oh, and if you haven’t as yet, start with the BASICS right here – The 0 Excuses Fitness System ; truly the BEST fitness system out there!

. . . or after writing to you guys, hehe.

Those that aren’t snowflakes that is. Hehe again, or maybe those that ARE as well!

(w.r.t the snowflake thing, a bunch got ticked off at my last extra long email and are STILL getting ticked off at a) the content and b) the length of the email).

How dare I, hehe.

Anyway, I’ve done up a post about that this morning, and was going to send it to you NOW.

But . . . now is not the time.

Now is to tell you this (because YOU TOO might be going through it in many ways) is that today was a hellatious day in all regards.

What do I mean?

Well, I got through a hellatious and wonderful workout for one. That’s the good news!

And the bad? Or rather irritating, or annoying?

Tried making a few payments to my hosting providers (both of them) and they BOTH failed.

It didn’t work initially at all. Apparently some issue with Paypal. Tried with card again, no dice.

And when it finally did go through, the money got debited from my bank account but never reached the host.

Sweeeeeeeetttt . . .

This has happened to me with the bank I am using right now in the past.

And while you’d think it’s an instant re-credit back to the account, that’s not what happens in most cases.

I once withdrew a not insignificant sum from the ATM once (in local currency) - - the equivalent of USD 100 or so, and the ATM never spat out the money.

Went to the bank, and they said I’d have to go to my bank.

Went to mine and they said they’d raise the issue with the other bank.

The year was 2018. Sound familiar my friend? Hehe .

And the money was NEVER refunded after that.

I once had an issue while recharging my phone online, and the money disappeared from the account, and showed up three weeks later.

Pithy amount, of course.

About double of that disappeared today in terms of the hosting . . . And when or if it’ll show up is anyone’s guess.

Chalk it down to the game huh.

And on the home front, it’s the same as usual. Headed perilously close to where things were in 2018, or worse . . .

. . . and of course, the pictures weren’t retaken. Hehe.

GREAT news?

Is that I edited, and all is well on that front. Now it’s a matter of finishing up and getting it done, but I just had to “vent” to an extent first.

Being I’ve done that, WHY am I doing it?

Well, simple.

There are NO dearer friends or family I have than my list.

You guys listen to me chat. You guys listen to me talk. You guys are THERE for FITNESS and myself every step of the way.

You guys support me. YOU guys make it worth while!

And so, it’s only natural that whatever happens in my life gets communicated to you first.

Not to take that to extreme and giddy limits, but you get my point!

And also, to tell you that . . . things are always better in a certain way after a workout.

After the hours of annoyance today, and likely more to come later on, I’m feeling somewhat calm. Somewhat relaxed . ..

And the best damn workout I had, in RECORD time contributed to that!

And it was straight out of 0 Excuses Fitness, my friend.

Trust me, these ARE the workouts that make you feel on top of the world. If you do ‘em right!

And I sure do.

And so can you, my friend.

Go right HERE to grab the program.

OK, enough of my ramble. Back to my animal kingdom workout books!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Remember this my friend. Could always be worse. My buddy Vincent is in a place he shouldn’t be for doing the RIGHT thing. In the wrong place, for doing the right thing, and I understand how it feels. Oh yes, I do. All I can say is . . . the darkest hour is always before the dawn my brother.

Or, the following quote from Napoelon Hill.

Every adversity, every misfortune, carries with it the seed of an equivalent, if not greater BENEFIT.

And so it goes!

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 16:42

Anything from here on in is a BONUS!

This afternoon I shared a tip – or two, actually on how I got my workout times down from an already good duration to even LESS.

Something which all of you should be aiming at doing.

I don’t care if it’s climbing a hill, or doing pushups, or jumping rope, or banging out plyometrics. Key is to reduce the amount of “rest” you take and the amount of time it takes you “in between sets”.

And this doesn’t go just for you guys looking to burn a ton of fat.

It goes for those of you looking to build real strength (note – lifting barbells and taking long 10 minute or more breaks may count as a certain type of strength, but it’s as far removed from FUNCTIONAL strength as can be, my friend).

And the mental tip I gave you in that email was eating a bear - - a bite at a time.

Something I’ve spoken about at length on both the sites.

Way too many people look at the overall number they have to complete.

For instance, a 100 pushups. Person gets to 10 or 15, starts panting.

20. HE’s really bushed. 25. Starts really getting winded (if he’s doing some of the patented workouts yours truly put together in Pushup Central, but really even if he is NOT, as the average lard ass CANNOT do even 10 regular pushups, or even 5 proper pushups without falling flat on their face).

Anyway, when he looks at that number. 100. Or maybe 150.

Longggggg way off, he thinks.

He dawdles some more. Will I get there? Can I?

Before he knows it, 5 minutes have passed.

10 more reps.

Can I?

And in the middle of this can I, will I, he completely loses focus on whats important; the next set and the next rep!

Eat a bear one bite at a time, my friend!

And the other tip is: Anything from here on is a BONUS.

Let’s say you’ve got 100 pushups scheduled.

But you’ve been doing 100 for a long time now, and can’t seem to break the plateau.

No matter what you do.

It’s like some people with sales. Try as hard as they might, sometimes people are unable to break a certain sales figure!

It’s a MENTAL thing for the most part.

And what I’ve got to say is what I just told you.

Anything above this is a bonus my friend.

Do the 100.

Knock out 5 more with no stress. Remember. Bonus!

10 more. Bonus! Take a bit more rest in between sets if you must (not a lot though!).

And proceed that way until you hit 50 more.

Youll be amazed at how EASY it is to do it this way as opposed to setting an initial goal of 150 and then not being able to make it.

Don’t get me wrong though.

If you’re like I am, and can set hard, hard goals and force yourself to get there no matter what then of course, more power to you.

But for most people it makes more sense to do it the way I just mentioned.

Have at - - and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Make sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here. Make sure too to apply this formula to the sample workouts shown at the back of the book! Get them reps UP, my friend. I’m currently at 3000 jumps for the day which ain’t bad at all. Loftier goals ahead tho - - stay tuned!

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 16:58

Muscle memory, and more!

Back in 2017, there was a period of many months where I did not climb a single hill (other than steps to my fourth floor apartment at the time, and that don’t count for me, hehe) daily, and did NOT do a single pull-up for MONTHS.


The pull-up champ didn’t do a single pull-up . .. for months!

Neither did the self proclaimed (and rightfully so) hill maniac!

All I did was pushups, squats and bridging.

Exactly the SAME workouts that I teach you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System so yes, everything I teach you and sell has been put through the grinder multiple times FIRST to make sure it WORKS!

As Charless Mitchell a long term customer recently said, “You truly are the real deal!”

Anyway, one fine afternoon I was feeling in the mood for a CHANGE. Big time, at that!

And what was the change?

Well, I wanted a bit of an outdoor workout, and the HILL . . .

And, since I was past 150 pushups, I wanted to do pull-ups.

No biggie I thought. Lets go do ‘em!

Lets go PROVE that pushups do indeed help in building up your pull-up muscles (prove it again, I should say!).

And the results?

Well, surprising in a way, and maybe not in another.

You 0 Excuses Faithful would be expecting me to bang out pull-ups by the dozen the minute I got to the park that day, eh?

Didn’t happen.

In fact, I didn’t do a single pull-up that day.

Curiously enough I gripped the bar and held on for a dead hang LONGER THAN I had before my “break” (extended break!).

Then I tested my one arm hangs.

No problem.

Monkey bars (these truly are a Rahul Mookerjee special, the way I teach you to work out on those!).

Was a bit stiff first,  but no other issues.

And yet, the pull-ups.

I figured I’d take a while to work back up to it.

And yet, within THREE days, NO MORE, I was back at ‘em - - hammering ‘em out in high reps like never before!

Despite my performance on the first day . . .

So muscle memory IS a real thing my friend.

And the hill climbs?

I barely felt it, as before. Hehe.

And while muscle memory is a real thing, it doesn’t mean it’ll all come back instantly, so if you’re in a similar situation - - don’t get frustrated!

Hang in there; if you’ve been doing ‘em before; it WILL come back.

This of course assumes you need to take a break for the first part, and most people do NOT.

I repeat. Most people need to do more - - not less.

The only reason I took a break was the obvious; to test out the System fully before it’s release, and boy did it go well.

Astoundingly well, and like a house on fire, and everything else you can think of!

And on that note, I’m out. That’s today’s tip; take it or leave it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – A certain person on LinkedIn asked me “not to talk about politics” and “do it at home” if I wanted to. Um, sorry, but NO sorry - - I WILL Talk about politics if I want, and yes, I AM qualified to talk about more topics than just fitness. Curious though how most of the nay saying seems to come from those that do not agree with the political viewpoints I post (when I do). Folks – there is something called debate! . . . for a REASON. A very good reason at that!

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 14:43

When to listen to your BODY

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been writing a lot about how my workout routine over the 10 days or so has left me BUSHED.


Shattered (in a good way, hehe).

SPANKED. (that was the word I was looking for at first!).

And as I sit here, typing this to you, I’m trying to debate whether or not to go in for ANOTHER ONE  of them workouts.

. . . and I think I’ve decided, for ONCE, to do the SENSIBLE thing and call it quits – for today. Hehe.

Quit while I’m ahead, as it were, and get back at it tomorrow!

And this is the best thing to do, and this is a key, key area of training that a lot of people ignore, but even more EMBRACE – in the wrong way.

All too often, you’ll have morons running for the hills complaining about “being sore” after a workout, and not doing anything for days other than moan and groan about their sore muscles, and how weightlifters need FIVE days of rest a week, and the sixth is eating day, and so forth . . .

(and to these people I have two things to say -a ) I wonder what would happen I put you through a REAL WORKOUT! And b) Get real – and EMBRACE the soreness).

Being sore is part and parcel of it all, my friend.

If you quit at the first sign of soreness, you’ll never get anywhere.

But for the elite few of us that train like madmen - - or “really kill it” - - or so forth, sometimes, it DOES do some good to let your body recover a bit.

As I can barely lift my arms and shoulders a day AFTER a workout of NOT working them directly in ANY WHICH WAY, shape or form, I decided today will be the day I take a break.

I could go for a massage. I could probably do a very gentle walk up the hill. Or so forth.

But I’m not.

Instead, I’m going to put myself in YOUR SHOES as I’ve done so many times before, and realizing that a lot of you don’t have access to the above, I’ll do the following.

A gentle walk around the ‘hood (without a mask, hehe).

A few stretches

A few PATENTED stretches STRAIGHT OUT OF 0 Excuses Fitness.

And perhaps a bit of on the spot running.

I am NOT going to gorge, or give myself a ‘cheat day’ and ruin all the hard work I’ve put in over the past few days.


It will be active rest and recovery, and I have ZERO and less doubt I’ll be CHOMPING at the bit, and raring to go again tomorrow!

And that’s that for now. See if you can find today’s lesson – or a couple, actually – most valuable ones!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such training related gems, and STORIES (real life!) pick up your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System now, my friend. It truly is MORE than just the BEST exercise system on the planet. It’s a way OF LIFE!

Monday, 15 June 2020 15:55

My ABS be a burning!

As a certain Mr. Wong from wayyyy back in the day used to often say (exclaim) –


Yes, that’s rightl He said it without the “U” – don’t ask me why, hehe.

Maybe that’s how they say the fabled four letter word in a different language, but it ain’t Chinese for sure, and neither is it any of the dialects spoken in the mainland

And as I break into the sort of “breathless” giggles – laughs – the sort you have when you’re really gasping for breath and when a six (soon to be 7) year old beats the heck out of you in kiddie movements (as she should, hehe), it reminded me of Mr. Wong’s words.

It also reminded me of how back in the day, when I was lifting weights, he used to grip my forearms and and comment on their size and strength.

And that, of course was pre-Gorilla Grip days.

Yes, that “infamous” incident when I fell out of a bus and a tennis player about 6’1” almost crushed my hand later, and acted like he didn’t mean to (sure he did, hehe) STUCK in my craw - - and ever since, I’ve worked my grip (and legs) with a passion second to NONE.

But this ain’t about grip is it.

It’s about ABS.

And my abs are SCREAMING right now with the kiddie version of a jump my daughter beat me at.

Admittedly, she cheated again, hehe, but she did better than yesterday! ?

And that’s what counts. Small, incremental improvements are how you do it, my friend – and how it’s done in terms of fitness. Biting off more than you chew rarely, if ever leads to frustrations ville and NO results.

What exactly is this sort of jump you ask?

Well, I revel all in Kiddie Fitness, so I won’t get into it here. After all, that’s what the book is for no?

But yeah, I WILL tell you one damn thing.

I didn’t just graduate to climbing that hill of mine, for instance, in 1 day. Or one week. Or even a month.


I worked up to it.

First, it was once every morning and evening thrice a week (with the morning being daily).

Then I hammered out two in the morning, and then three, and kept the one in the night . . .until it became two at night over the space of three weeks.

And beyond a certain point, I just started to FLY up the hill, and now, it barely seems like anything . .  .

And that’s how it should be for you too, my friend.

Start small. Build the momentum, keep it going. And build from THERE!

As an aside, it was interesting to see all the folks out there putting on masks as soon as they saw us approach.

. . . and through out workout outdoors (part of it, at least), they smiled on, and actually tried to join in.

All kudos, hehe.

And so much for this dumb ass, blasted COVID scare all over the globe.

Ah well. That’s that for now – I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Be sure and grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System (if you’re truly serious about fitness, and losing that muffin top that sticks out a mile in tight clothing, hehe) right here - https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Thursday, 04 June 2020 14:11

Doing something everyday

Last year was a time I was guilty of not devoting as much time to this here business as I should have.

And for good reason in ONE way, I suppose. I was involved in a new venture at the end of 2018 which took off pretty quickly, but as they say and as a client from THAT job way back in the day once told me (I think I was 27 at the time, and my web development business, something I was into at that time was going OK).

“Good to know your business is going ok, Rahul! Far better to be slow and steady than be the rocket ship that takes off, crashes and burns . . . “

There was more, but that was the gist of it.

That client taught me a lot (I should say dealing with that client, actually) about life – sales- communication – and while a lot of my writing ability was obviously something I’ve honed myself as well as my unique style (as a subscriber recently pointed out) – SOME of my negotiation skills were learnt on the job – by negotiating with a person who was BETTER at it at that time than yours truly was, hehe.

Or was he?

He once told me,

“Rahul, you were the only one that could SELL me the project!”

‘Tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true and there are more details in the book right HERE.

Now, on to last year (again).

I was giving my friend Dwayne a bit of background on the fitness biz and he was giving me some real world useful pointers on it, which I gladly took on board.

Dawyne’s a sensible man that has been there and done that, and any advice he gives you has been “tempered” by the fires of life - - and you KNOW that if a man has been there and done it, and then talks about it (much like I myself do) then I’m more than willing to be the ear that listens and learns.

We never know everything . . .

Anyway, I was not devoting as much time as I should to this here business and Dwayne gave me this little bitty wisdom that slipped through the cracks as it were.

Just post something everyday, Rahul.

Even if you’re not really going full bore, that’s fine. Just keep posting, and eventually . . .

Curiously enough this was advice I was following FULL TIME since 2017 for 0 Excuses Fitness (and back in the day for rahulmookerjee.com) but yet, despite it having brought success, I “put it on the back burner” temporarily.

We often stop doing those very things that make us successful, my friend. In an insidious and “back door” manner (no pun intended) something else creeps up that takes center stage, then something else and something else, and before we know it, we forget that we’re not doing what we were cut out to do.

Napoleon Hill said the same thing when his inner voice told him he was being a stubborn student, and told him that the reason for his recurring disappointments were his lack of persistence in following through with what was truly his “mission in life”.

You have been a stubborn student! Learn this lesson once and for all, that you will find happiness only by helping OTHERS find it!

And there’s more to that story that I’ve gone over before so I wont get into it again now. Maybe another email.

Point being this.

Doings something everyday IS what it’s all about.

The little gains do add up over time.

PERSISTENCE, truly IS to man’s character what carbon is to STEEL!

And if there is one major quality that seperates the true achievers from the rest, it is this.

The SAME principle applies in terms of fitness.

I’ve often said that it’s like putting money into a bank account.

One excellent workout after the other. Or perhaps 5 excellent workouts in a week, and that one day you don’t “feel like it” you go light – feel great later – and you still put something in the bank.

You wouldn’t stop putting money in the bank would you?

Well, then why not do the same thing with fitness my friend?

Believe me, the gains DO add up over time – with compound interest at that!

And that’s today’s message. For more such wisdom – hark on over here and get the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

No, it ain’t “free”. No, there aren’t any discounts (unless you’re really serious and in that case shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do). But it’s stuff that WORKS, my friend. Truly does. For the doers only though, as I’ve said many times before!

Right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Have you checked out our latest product “16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections”? I almost forgot to tell you about that. Go right HERE to check it out - https://0excusesfitness.com/16-inspirational-fitness-recollections/

Friday, 29 May 2020 10:55

Practising what I “preach”

Often times when you buy products online (and this holds true especially for information products) you’re not entirely sure as to whether the person is actually “doing” what they’re saying, are you?

You’re not entirely sure if the life coach you’re considering buying a book from has truly “been in the trenches” – or if he just got lucky and one of his books was picked up and got famous, and . . .

And so forth.

Now yes, we all make our own luck but this is not about that. There are many variables that contribute to ultimate and true success, and to me, one of the main things to consider is has the person been beaten down REPEATEDLY – only for it to have no impact, and the person stands back up and KEEPS on KEEPING ON?

I know of very few such cases, my friend, and the ones I DO KNOW of are the ones that ultimately succeeded – and in a lasting manner, and how.

I do not know a single successful person, for instance, who was the first to line up at the government office for their stimulus checks – all the while complaining about Donald Trump and how he’s hurting the nation, and other associated nonsense (while sucking off the very teat that he is providing).

No this isn’t about politics, but I’ve found that a vast majority of the people that “give advice” do anyting but follow their own advice – themselves, and this is TRUE my friend for people across all spheres of life, not just fitness or “life coaching”.

Well, yours truly has certainy been in the trenches and then some, and if you’ve been following my writings, you KNOW what I’m talking about!

This morning I woke up feeling great, but as I proceeded with my work, something strange happened.

The “great” feeling disappeared.

Well, it didn’t disappear so much as fade away, as I read some news (something I usually never do unless I’m bored) and I was left with a “deflated” feeling.

There have been some things going on in my life right now from a personal standpoint too that are taking “somewhat” of a toll, and yet, when I looked at myself in the mirror and said what Claude Bristol said so many years ago, I told myself I will GET THROUGH THIS.

I’ll get through what is making me “irritated” (I suppose that is the right term) at this minute, and it will PASS.

I pictured past successes.

I pictured myself climbing my favorite HILL, and doing the things I LOVE in life.

And very soon, the “descending black cloud of doom and gloom” was replaced by a neutral cloud.

Not enough.

I paced around the room some.

Did some pep talking.

And then . . . . dropped down, and banged out a 100 Hindu squats, making sure to focus on the DEEP BREATHING aspect of it.

And now as I sit here a good 20 minutes or so later, I’m still dripping with sweat, and I’m ready to GET HER DONE!

And that’s how it should be for you too my friend.

Visualization plus physical exercise makes an UNBEATABLE combo – and that’s what today’s missive is about!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And when you’re looking for fakes, look past the mere WORDS of what theyre saying. As I keep telling my coaching group, mere words are one thing, but the FEELING behind the words can never ever be hidden my friend. And it’s true. More on this later, but if you’re looking to sign up for personal coaching where I get you in the very best shape of your life – both on a PHYSICAL and MENTAL level – well – sign up right HERE - https://0excusesfitness.com/coaching/

Thursday, 28 May 2020 08:42

Lockdown workouts

Depending on which “neck of the woods” you’re currently in, you are probably still feeling the effects of lockdown – if not IN LOCKDOWN as we speak.

And a lengthy ass lockdown at that, one that has done way more damage than people thought it would be.

When this lockdown first started in Wuhan in China, I was very vocal about saying that it was a case of “closing the door after the horse done bolted” way, way back last year.

No-one believed me, of course, but now as the facts come out (and to be fair, there were certain other people that said the same thing – Donald Trump being one, but all was roundly ignored in favor of the liberal “China tom tomming” that seems to be the rage in certain parts of the world – thankfully NOT in the ole US of A though), people are having second thoughts.


How hard is to THINK?

A virus that was very deliberately ignored (for reasons which are certainly outside the scope of this piece) and allowed to spread – and then you shut down cities and countries AFTER it’s spread – ALL over the world – and a virus that can be spread and carried by those with no symptoms?

Further, a virus where the VAST MAJORITY of people that have got it have – newsflash – RECOVERED.

And a virus where the number of deaths, though substantial pales in comparison to what happens EVERY YEAR – with – gasp – the common flu!

Do we shut down countries for the common flu?

Anyway, enough of the nonsense on all sides there.

As this madness continues, and countries supposedly start to come out of lockdown (but nigh on nothing is working normally anywhere, including mainland China for a long, long, long time) – lets talk about EXERCISE.

And getting the heebies from being confined at home for a long, long time – in the case of a country like India, over THREE months at the time of writing this.

In the case of China, a lengthy lockdown that never really ended . . .

And of course, physical fitness – and WEIGHT gain – and not being able to sleep – and all the rest of it.

Last night, I walked down to a convenience store WITHOUT a mask, braving the “stares” I got, hehe. I’m used to it as a foreign devil in China.

And I saw people outdoors exercising as usual – but with a mask.

How the heck one can breathe through a mask while exercising, I wondered.

And I picked up my own jump rope, and started to workout, but then something “took over”.

The atmosphere was one of FEAR.

Overwhelmingly NEGATIVE and not towards yours truly either, who is often spoken of being “as yellow as the Chinese” (don’t ask me, hehe).

And I went home – and did my post dinner workout at home.

What did I do?

First, a workout straight out of Kiddie Fitness.

Bear Crawls. Duck waddles. And the grand daddy of them all, something I’ll write about later, something that torches the average adult’s shoulders and upper chest within a second of so of getting into said post (if they can even GET INTO IT!) – the alligator crawl.

Believe me, though I’m in shape, that gave me a workout and a half, especially since I’d been writing all day long prior to that. (More on using time productively later, hehe).

And then it was time for some patented stretches – some straight out of 0 Excuses Fitness – and some straight out of Corrugated Core.

I was buzzing for a long, long time afterwards, and I worked until 4 AM or so, and woke up in the afternoon – on my time.

And that’s how it should be, my friend.

Cast the fear and irrational thoughts aside, and GO ABOUT YOUR OWN BUSINESS as usual!

Keep moving around, and working out, and staying HEALTHY. Chances are if you’re got a strong immune system this silly virus wouldn’t affect you EVEN if you came in contact with it (which is a FACT most people have either forgotten or conveniently choose to IGNORE).

And so forth, my friend.

While the world chooses to wallow in negativity, you do what you can to create – and attract – positivity to YOU.

And it will come, my friend – both in terms of workouts – and LIFE itself. Believe me now and trust me later, it WILL Come – if you just do the thing.

Anyway that’s all for this post. I’ll be writing about boxer pushups as promised on the other site soon – stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Over lunch, something interesting happened.

My wife and daughter were chatting from what it seems . . . about yours truly who was truly “lost” in himself, and thinking about something else.

Over a plate of boiled egg and rice, and for that don’t know, twas delicious, hehe.

On that note, HEALTHY CAN BE delicious, my friend and usually always IS if you do it right.

And though I love Chinese food as well, my course on Dish Delicious contains NO Chinese dishes.

Mostly all Western and Indian dishes – super healthy dishes at that and then some – and delicious ones you CAN eat day in and day out without dreading, hehe.

Youll never even feel like you’re sticking to a diet if you eat these, and as I ate today, I sure didn’t feel like it.

“This is what they call a foodie”, I remarked laughingly to my wife.

Or, a Chi Huo as Cindy once called me, hehe.

Anyway, back to drums of fat.

My wife was telling my six year old, soon to be seven daughter about the ROLLS of fat that I had when she was born.

Yes, back during my lard ass days, hehe.

“Papa literally was three times the size he is now”, she said.

“Really?” exclaimed my daughter. “But I want him to be more!”

I want him to be soft and cuddly, she went.


That she does, as every little girl does!

And after that, my wife said the following.

“You could literally fill DRUMS of fat from him before” she said, giggling no less than NINETEEN to the DOZEN, hehe.

And its true my friend.

Its true, and since we think in pictures, I thought of a big blue nasty vat (the sort that the Chinese use in “slaughterhouse style” lunch rooms – ugh, that’s a memory from back in the day that ain’t nice at all! ?) . . . and a vat filled with FAT at that.

Human fat, and if you think that’s gross, well, that’s precisely what people pay big bucks for in terms of liposuctions and other (to me gross) cosmetic alterations.

And believe it or not, certain cases involve the patient “wanting to look at their fat” after it’s taken out.

Gross perhaps, but par for the course for folks these days!

Funny part?

It’s not so much the gross nature of this that I’m against as the unnatural nature of it, and the fact that these results NEVER EVER LAST!

Liposuction may make you look good temporarily (albeit with stretch marks due to the fat being “suddenly” taken out and previous tight skin becoming saggy).

Weight loss “belts”, all the latest rage won’t even do that. All they’ll do is a burn a hole in your POCKET – NOT your waistline and the fat deposits around it.

I once saw a machine that claimed to “jiggle your fat for you” and if there ever was an excuse to be lazy, that machine was IT. It promised the moon and probably delivered the exact opposite, and probably made sales aplenty as it is, as it said exactly what people WANT To hear, that being lose weight – the EASY way.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it don’t work that way my friend.

The good things in life are neither free nor easy.

I mean, they’re easy if you set your mind to it, but you can’t just show up and expect to get results. You have to do THE thing.

Other hand, if you want lasting results, then THOSE routines and exercises are the WAY TO GO, my friend.

For real.

And if you don’t believe me, look at the scores of people who show up for liposuction – AGAIN – after the first or second treatment.

That fat comes right back on, and so it should, as you have NOT increased either the T levels in your body – or the levels of HGH – or the levels of muscle – by doing precisely nothing other than lie under a surgeon’s scalpel.

And so, your body’s “chemical” balance was NOT altered the way it is, for instance, when you workout NATURALLY – and build a ton of strength and muscle (while releasing that all important HGH for HOURS after your workout) while at it!

Moral of the story is this – if you want lasting results – then do what LASTS.

Don’t look for the easy way out, my friend. It don’t exist.


Rahul Mookerjee

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