Rahul Mookerjee

Yo uchoose.

But a couple of years back, or maybe before that, I dont know, I remember my wife mentioning this to me.

Well, she made the “infamous” (by now) comment.

Two, actually.

One was “you look taller now!”

And two, of course, the Mr. Handstand Pushup comment.

Which received a lot of hate, and a lot of love, much like yours truly does. Hehe.

But I believe somewhere around that time, my little girl made the comment about “Pull-up champion Papa”.

(or, if you're Bozo Schofield on speed reading this from "Oxford Shocksford" (so he claims now!) ... a STUD. A SUPER STUD, actually at pull-ups) 

That I AM, my friend.


Very unabashedly so.

Even folks that could knock my ass out in the boxing ring, out wrestle me, our write me (nah, not that one) – or KNOW a way more about things than I do in general would admit that much.

Conditoning champ.

And pull-up champ.

And ardent LEARNER and student at what I dont know, and firm believer in “being good enough to best your guru someday – and then giving HIM credit for it!”

Giving credit.

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I freely mention Matt Furey as the source of the Hindu pushup and squat (I mean, not where I first heard about these exercises, but the man who brought them to light).

Until he did, in my mind and perhaps millions of other people, they were just “some exercises those wrestlers did (and do)”.

I was cautioned not to do this by a certain “jill ass” who claimed it would lose me sales.

Did it?

I think the opposite, actually.

Hey, if someone is better at you at something – and if someone DID something – then you give cREDIT!

And ditto for you.

Now, point of this?

Two, actually.

One, you decide which name is better, hehe.

Ill choose #2 but #1 is a close runner.

But now, hark back to THAT time.

While doing those pull-ups, for whatever reason, I was goin “OOO RRAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

like the Marines do.

Like probably a lot of serious trainers and trainees do in their own way and lexicon.

And ... a way that gets RESULTS.

It fires you up.

It pumps you up.

It FREES you up.

And as I told my little girl, “When you’re faced with a problem or enemy? ATTACK, ATTACK, and ATTACK – and never give up!”

Attack, bro is truly the best and only form of defense.

The Trumpinator, for one.

He’s being PILLORIED right about now.

And Mike Pompeo is continuing down the Attack China road via the new Taiwan policy, and more.


Mike Pompeo. Mike Pence. Bill Barr. Lots of others.

And most of all the TRUMPINATOR.

Men that get it. Men that just DO the thing. Like our great soldiers in the Marines etc. And special forces everywhere.

OOO ... RAAA!!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Those pull-ups did feel easier that day!

Friday, 01 January 2021 19:58

The paved expressway to “el GRAVE”.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or was that the other way around?


In this case, NO.

In this case, the “paved expressway to “el GRAV-O” like I said is paved with nothing but ... well, stupidity!


Anyway, what am I talking about you might ask.

And you’d be right to!

A few days ago I sent you guys an email about how a long term customer of mine from the UK was being told “that he should have stopped working out years ago and that he shouldn’t do it now or he’ll get a heart attack”.

You guys likely remember that.

And the dude made one of those CLASSIC comments.

“I’ve given up trying to explain it to her. Its like talking to a brick wall except the wall would likely make more sense if you know what I mean!”

Now, that ain’t a verbatim quote – the verbatim version is on the site a few emails back, but thats the sum and substance of what he said, and I must say I concur. Hehe.

And here is what Charles Mitchell, another long term customer and friend had to say about this - -

Happy New Year Rahul.As far as the conversation with your friend and customer is concerned, I am the exact same age and to stop working out is surely the express lane to the grave!  Nobody can stop the clock but exercise is the only real way we can slow it down.

People tell me I look younger than my actual age and I say thank you, but that doesn't really matter to me. What matters is what I am still able to do physically. Maintaining or even increasing strength in later years is the best thing anyone can do for themselves! Looking good as a by product is just a plus and shouldn't be the main objective.(of course that's just my opinion)

As far as bodyweight vs. weights, this is a silly conversation! Both have their pluses and minuses. Few bodyweight athletes can bench press 400 pounds, and I have yet to see a 400 pound bench presser able to do a muscle-up! Or 50 finger tip push ups for that matter!

Un fortunately, too many heavy weight lifters that lift monstrous poundages are pumped full of steroids which is not healthy. But the bodyweight exercises will build strength ( how many lifters can do hand stand push ups?) and keep you feeling and looking good and healthy for as long as you're alive. I hav done a mix of both most of my life and hope to continue to do so. And if anyone thinks that bodyweight doesn't build real strength, then they haven't done any of your programs!

The reason people buy your books is because you can do things that they can't, myself included, and they want to learn how.

So keep doing what you do and hopefully those with a reasonable intellect will see the benefit in it.


You’ll see my reply to him in a New York minute (minus the COVID ;)) but I gotta say one thing I forgot to say in my response to him.

He is SO right about the “those with a reasonable intellect part”!

No sense trying to make a horse drink in other words if it doesnt WANT to in the first place.

Anyway, here is what I had to say - -

Hey Charles 

Thanks for your email, and Happy New Year! I was actually thinking of you a short while ago - thoughts DO transmute! ;)

Yes, I regard most of my regular customers as "friends" as well - you included, hehe. And YES, stopping working out makes no sense whatsoever at any age (unless one has a REAL medical issue which prevents them from doing certain things - - but, there are always ways to work around that as well). But then again, wives and S.O.'s usually don't either beyond a certain point ... if you get my drift ... ;)

(Edit, and I gotta say this - LADIES - yes, we know - neither do husbands and "male halfs of the relationship. HA! Men are indeed from Mars, and women from Venus, or perhaps the other way around sometimes! But yes, nothing against either "gender" or a mix thereof. Just how it is :D)

YES, it's never about looks in that regard either! I'm the same as you in that people are generally shell shocked when I tell 'em my real age - but hell yes, it's about HEALTH from the inside out - and real strength and fitness, first, last and foremost!

Yes, the eternal debate isn't it - with regard to bodyweight VS weight lifters. Actually lifting weights can be GOOD sometimes (por ejempelo, the overhead press is an immensely useful exercise) but it's the pumpers and toners (and like you say, the "freaks pumped full of steroids and selfies, hehe") that I really rail against. Nothing wrong at all with REAL weightlifting DONE RIGHT - - hey, those old time strongmen did a lot of it! But yes, bodyweight will always rule in a certain regard - even the old timers would be the first to say that. (Doug Hepburn, Reg Park etc) ... (just a few examples - Jack La Lanne is another very notable example).

I've seen a LOT of people actually improve their weight numbers by STOPPING the weights entirely for a while and focusing on bodyweight only. . . I'm sure you have too! I haven't yet seen the reverse though ...

How many modern day lifters can do handstands or a handstand pushup (and thats just the start)? Well, we both know the answer to that is a gigantic, big ZERO. LOL again. And that, my friend, is proof right there for the "naysayers" in terms of "does bodyweight build real strength", but of course then there's the excuse "I'm a big guy" (when most are really FAT). And so goeth the endless "convo" with the "brick wall" !!

And last, but not least, definitely going full bore on books etc. Let me know what else YOU would like to see - ah, but wait. You DID tell me -plyometrics and one arm work. Note to self for 2021! ;)

(I'm doing some one arm/leg work myself these days - its a great, great thing to do if you can do it - and again, if someone works up to it, they can - YOU included!)

.... along with "mace and club" training and a host of others. Stay tuned. Lots to do, and I'm "loving it"! ;)




Well, my friend, thats about it for the day then. Straight from the horse’s mouth - - and in terms of books and courses – two things.

ONE, as always, please, please leave genuine reviews on the site – or Amazon etc (wherever you buy from) – or email them direct to me – it really helps.

And two, of course, shoot me an email if there is something you think I haven’t covered as yet, and I’ll be happy to make a note as I did for Charles (and actually a few others too!) and put it on the “to do list” for 2021.

And of course, Windoze – Linux should be the #1 thing on that list too!

But anyway, write back – let me know – we’re always happy to hear from you guys!

And so goes it. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Notice his comments about “how many lifters can do a handstand”. He’s spot on again. Charles is one smart dude! And here is where you can pick up the course on handstand pushups – and LEARN how to do ‘em – Shoulders like Boulders.

Once you’re past elementary stage you might want to pick up Battletank Shoulders!

And I FINALLY put out that shoulder compilation, so you can pick BOTH up in “one package” right HERE - - Barnstormer Shoulders! (Gawd only knows why it took me so long to do something so elementary, especially considering the other compilations have been out there for a long, long time, but hey, “dats” life!).

PS #2 – Pushup Central is probably the course that challenges Charles the most, and he loves it! Pick it up right NOW – it WILL get you int he best shape of your life – and remember - - Animal Kingdom Workouts is another BARNSTORMER of a course- be sure and grab!

PPS – All this Spanish talk in my emails reminds me I never did tell you ONE thing. LOTS of our courses have been translated into Spanish and Portugese. They’re not on MY sites for logistical reasons, but in case anyone’s interested, let me know – and I’ll have a link etc sent over.

IF there is a language YOU would like to see our books in other than English, let me know and I’ll see what I Can do!

(In other words – feedback rocks – and rules!)

(and she said that while making the appropriate physical gesture too).

(She WAS HOT!) (angry, hehe).

‘Tis hilarious indeed, but first a short (or a couple of short) stories ...

When Matt Furey once came out with his “Chinese long life secrets” or some such program, he headlined his product as follows (I’m thinking it was one of the subheads actually – I think the heading was something else).

Apparently at the time of writing Matt was injured in the gym (thumb to kidney – and believe me, that shit HURTS) and he couldn’t “perform” in the bedroom or something to that effect (at least temporarily).

And I ain’t sure if the page is still up, but I remember the marketing genuis behind it.

“In frustration, my wife turned me to me and said “I dont want a man thats a stud in the bedroom and a DUD in the gym!”

Now, these are evocative words indeed (and I suspect Matt paraphrased, but he did it in the right way).

Yours truly titled the books on pull-ups that got Bozo Schofield so riled up “dud to stud” and “stud to super stud” for a reason as well!

But it has got NOTHING to do with sex. Hehe.

But anyway, I remember a comment or a couple of ones my lovely and often angry wife makes (to be honest, strangers would be better friends than us, hehe, but whatever – it is what it is for now).

One was the comment in the title of the post when I was talking about exercise, I believe.

People often pooh pooh what they can’t do, for one.

“nuff said.

(And that I’m sure rings a bell with certain people who complain up a storm about my pull-ups, hehe).

(not in bed, don’t worry. Hehe).

But anyway ... she also once made the following comment during an argument.

“You dont know what I want!”

“You can’t give me what I want!”

Now, for reference ...

This was a long period between “romps in the hay” as it were.

I’m an avid practitioner of Napoleon Hill’s sexual transmutation theories, and it shows in my work.

Show me a successful man that isn’t highly sexed, and I’ll eat my hat!

(and it ain’t green either, hehe). The green ones have Bozo you know who written on it. Sad part, or maybe not, he LIKES that ... 

(And a very long list of names I haven’t counted bears testament to that).

And it also bears testament to what Hill said about men NOT succeeding in a big way before 40 (the vast majority).

“Most men before that age spend their time dissipating their fine energies to the wind, in other words, sowing their wild oats”.


Given my own background, I can’t say I disagree, hehe.

The very first thing I told my “lovely wife” (if you can call her that) in 2008 on Google Chat I believe it was!

The sauanas, the girls, everything ... LOL. The whole shebang as it were.

“How dare you tell me that”, was the response.

I can never get away from the “how dare I’s”, can I. Heh.

But anyway, comic relief aside (hey, I’m nothing if not brutally FRANK and I wanted her to KNOW who she was marrying, or “with” at the time) ... the point begets.

When you transfer your sexual energy into your work, miracles will happen my friend. Trouble is most men do NOT do it right ...

There is a reason boxers and wrestlers refrain from sex for MONTHS before a big fight – let me just tell you that.

And there is a reason why ancient Indian wrestlers were shit scared of “night dreams”.

Now, i cover some of this in my coaching calls. Sure.

But esoterism and transmutation aside, here are two FACTS.

One, being a TRUE stud DOES turn women on. No matter how much they deny it. Hehe. Proof’s in the pudding ...

And TWO, and more importantly, and for YOU on this list.

All of the exercises I do do the exact opposite of decreasing your libido.

You’ll be ready to go and then some in the sack, I’ll tell you that when you do these quick workouts that make your blood roar!

I’d still advise saving “your best for your work”.

But thats an entirely individual decision of course, and yours truly “el monk and caveman” probably is NOT the best person to tell you how to live your life, and does NOT want to either!

But yeah.

These workouts don’t just promote health, strength and fitness.

They increase LIBIDO.

The big T.

And they eliminate the need for that pesky V...

Alright, enough of the pseudo-raunch.

To get it on via the BEST damn fitness system ever – go right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – With the new paperback options on the site, you can get just the book if you want. I wouldn’t recommend it though. These exercises DO need a bit of a video tutorial which is why I created them (despite my DISLIKE of anything video or remotely close to it).

Grab NOW.

PS #2 - I can almost feel the flames coming off Bozo Schofield's face as he reads this. YEE-HA!

(but really, dude. It's true. She'd rather do it the normal way for one as opposed to your inane tendencies to "be a slave" or what not ...) 

(inane because you PUSH it on her when she doesnt want it!) 

PPS - To become a RAMPAGING super STUD at doing pull-ups - - a REAL MAN - - with REAL MAN WORKOUTS - grab the advanced course NOW, and get cranking. This will truly builds levels of strength hitherto UNKNOWN to you, and will make you virile, young, and a bonafide STUD again - and yes, the effects extend to the bedroom mostl likely too. Heh. 

Puff and buff.

Huff, puff, and blow the house of cards down but nothing else.

I’ve seen a LOT of that throughout my life!

And I continue to see it via inane messages and Bozo like rants I get in my Inbox. I’ll get into that later, but for now, flash back from the past, and one I’ve written about before.

Back in college, I took a “physical education 101 and 102” class amongst other things.

101 was great. I loved it!

And it was EASY too.

I remember having a paper or something to turn in at the end of the semester, and the instructor’s only requirements were – workout – and tell me about it!

And to be honest.

Being I was at 60 pushups at one go there ... I wrote abotu that.

I asked Rueben, a friend of mine. 

“What if he doesnt believe me”.

His response was apt.

Said with a shrug.

“Just get down right there on the floor and show him!”

And he was right. But the instructor was a smart, smart dude and a BULL of a man who likely did a lot of bodyweight himself too.

I passed I believe. With a B or something.


Had a pretty young instructor teaching the class. 

Yours truly remembers telling “Vince”, an Italian friend of mine (I love Italy, btw!!) the following.

“She alone makes it worth it”.

But she didnt.

Her version of teaching was to get everyone in the gym.


And while I did manage to get my ass seated on one of the inane machines, I just couldn’t figure out how to use it, and even back then, when I used it, I remember saying OUT LOUD – (and I didnt mean to offend – it just happened) – what the hell are these useless things??

I mean, even back then, when I didnt have much knowledge of fitness, they just seemed like the most BOZO like contraptions ever.

Something that Bozo Scofield would use, for instance, especially the seated chest press.

Ridiculous, especially considering the last version of the class 101 and the beefy police officer like STEELY STARED MAN - REAL MAN that did the class.

(nothing against ladies, this email ,by the way. But she was a bimbo!)

And she made the following comment to me and I was irritated as hell at that point.

Came over to me, rubbed my shoulders of all things.


I’m not Jassy! Hehe (although Jassy and I wouldn’t meet until YEARS later).

And then she said it.

Comment for the ages.

Said with a tinker and giggle.

“We’ll get you puffed and buffed right away”.

(something about “pumped” as well)


No wonder I still rant about the puff and buff routines and the bozos, weight tom tommers, and puff duffs that sit on their asses and pretend to be bad asses type of thing ...

If you’re really a bad ass – do this in the gym, my friend.

Get down ont he floor – and get into a handstand – and then pump out 10 perfect HANDSTAND pushups.

Or, 10 perfect pull-ups at ONE shot.

Or something like that.

THAT is BAD ASS, and the puff duff’s know it!

And thats why they dont do it, hehe.

Anyway, to end that story Vince ran after me.

We were in the truck together, figuring out if we should grab a beer to calm yours truly down. I had an exam later, but being I often showed up for Calculus exams half drunk it wouldn’t matter.

And it was Friday.

“you can’t be better than everyone else in the gym, Rahul!”

Hmmm ....

Thats what Vince THOUGHT I was upset about. You see, he loved the gym! And probably the lady teaching the class too, heh.

But that wasn’t what it was about.

I wasn’t trying to outdo anyone. I was simply saying it was BS.

And it was.

As for outdoing others, here is what Charless Mitchell, a customer (he owns both Shoulders like Boulders! - and Battletank Shoulders! - - smart dude!) had to say about my wife calling me “Mr Handstand Pushup”.

“Thats a name to be proud of! Less than 0.01% of the population can even do a handstand pushup!”

This is NOT verbatim, of course. As always , from memory, but being I have that of an elephant, I believe it’s accurate enough, hehe.

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right.

Better? Or not?

You be the judge!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – YOU TOO – can get to super stud level at these exercises, my friend. Even if you’re a DUD right now that can barely hold on to a chinning bar (believe me, most so called men these days CANNOT) ... you CAN get to stud level – and then SUPER STUD. Just DO the thing, and you will.

Here are the two courses you need to be looking at (in that ORDER, by the way!) -

Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks!

Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS! Hidden secrets that have NOT been revealed until now!

And they haven’t bro, they haven’t.

Or, if you’re really smart, you might check out the compilation. Your eyes might pop upon looking at the price...

Handstands and handstand pushups are interesting. I’ll say that much!

I’ve spoken a lot and rightfully so about the MENTAL benefits of handstand workouts. How the increased blood flow to the brain helps in everything you do.

Co-ordination. Balance. Agility- and SPEED – yes, these help with speed too!

And digestion, of course. Those of you that suffer from IBS or bloat – watch out – once you get on these programs, you CAN wave BYE BYE to such problems forever.

But really, the isometric part of the handstand (holding for time, really pressing etc – everything I mention in the book on isometrics) is often times a lot tougher for people than it should be.

Especially when you do ‘em MY style – which is way different from how most teach it.

The “back to wall” is the “easy way out” - - believe me.

What I teach is the real deal.

And is how you do freestanding handstands, which is and should be the next progression.

Now, weak traps and wrists are one reason. 

But, and I discovered this when doing an especially tough isometric this afternoon.

(Handstand isometric).

The FEAR of falling sometimes trumps “perceived weaknesses”.

As the minute(s) ticked by, even I had those thoughts.

What if my traps give out.

What if I fall.

Nothing would happen, of course!

But the mind plays many a strange trick on us, and to get rid of this – two ways YOU can use -

One, do the pushup itself, and get back to the iso part ofit.

Focusing on the MOVEMENT will take your mind away from the what if’s ...

Two, do a handstand walkout as I advis ein Shoulders Like BOULDERS!

And three (I know I said two, hehe) - - focus on the CORE. REALLY straightening, stretching and strengthening.

The MENTAL side of these is way more important than anyone gives it credit for.

And on that note, I’m off for some jump rope workouts. Not for yours truly tho.

More on THAT later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best and most advanced course out there on building them shoulders – Battle Tank Shoulders. Right HERE!

Saturday, 19 December 2020 07:32

On “40 years of Rocky”, and more ...

So, I just watched a movie last night. A rather short one!

From an all time favorite actor of mine.

Perhaps My ONLY favorite actor – Sly Stallone!

And he’s made a short little documentary film on Rocky which is little more than a brain dump to be honest. And I knew that from the get go after readin the movie reviews.

And yet, Stallone is a man I highly admire. 

He’s been there, done that, blazed a trail – and then some!

Fitness wise, he’s ... well, I dont think we need to go there! A guy thats making movies such as the Expendables at an age WELL over 65 or so (I think he’s way over 70 now?).

And while the last installment of the Rambo series was more gore than anything else, Stallone’s still in awesome condition for a man his age.

I’ve spoken about the similiarity between his conditioning routines and mine ... and how both him and I later realized that those LONG drawn out workouts with LESS food (and Stallone truly went to extremes!) was doing more harm than good.

They got results, but ...

Stallone’s muscle really exploded once he learned the value of doing LESS, not more – in the gym (and knowing his body!).

Anyway, in the brain dump amongst other things he talks about never giving up.

He talks about how his life was going nowhere fast.

And how it literally EXPLODED the year Rocky was released!

“Keep buying those lottery tickets! You never know when you might hit the jackpot!”

And he is RIGHT.

Now, in the movie, they went into a lot of interesting details about how Rocky was made on a shoestring budget which dwindled even further as the shooting progressed.

And, how the extras that were supposed to show up never did, hehe, because of pay etc, and how they improvised on the spot.

All great stuff, and while the majority of people won’t get it, Stallone is actually imparting more education in that half hour than most will get in their lives (similar to what I do in these daily emails of mine).

Take it or leave it, but the part about rehearsals bears WEIGHT.

They rehearsed CONTINOUSLY for months for the Rocky fights, trying to get it just right.

Stallone said that most movies dealing with boxing do NOT do these lengthy rehearsals.

Big mistake, and so sayeth the man himself.

And again, he is RIGHT.

Anyway, even while doing those lengthy rehearsals, there was doubt in Stallone’s mind as to whether all of the effort would pay off, and would be worth it.

Remember, this is a guy that slept on park benches and Grand Central station at a certain point, and had like $106 in his bank account at the time Rocky was accepted, and sold his dog off, pawned his wife’s jewelry, and, well, you get the picture.

A guy that did what he had to do.

And he put in the work.

Kept the faith.

And the results?

‘nuff said, hehe.

But really.

Point begets.

They say you need at least 10,000 hours of practice to get truly good at a skill.

Could be writing emails. Books. Could be teaching. Could be doin gpull-ups.

Could be hill climbs (those long workouts! I still remember!).

Could be walking X number of steps per day, and feeling ASTONISHED at 30 k steps taken during a single workout (that number adds up!)

But really, bro.

You gotta put in the time.

And you gotta keep the faith!

And if you do these two things, you’re WAY ahead of most people already, and you WILL get results down the pike – line – that will ASTOUND you.


Hang in there – stay strong – and HIT IT! TODAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the BEST damn fitness system out there – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 10:20

“Every time I do ‘em, it’s better!”

Or something of that nature said Charles Bronson, apparently “THE” or one of the , at any rate deadliest prisoners in the UK.

I’m not going to get into what he was originally put in for, or whether or not he’s a “Reformed character” now. Thats for another day (but quite frankly I could care less either way – this is about FITNESS).

And Bronson’s a PRIME example of a truly fit, strong and rugged individual, or at least so he was when he wrote “Solitary Fitness”.

Now, the book (a friend lent it to me) wasn’t really as advaned as Id have expected.

But from a man that can reportedly “do 1700 odd press ups in an hour”, for one and knock out press -ups with “two men on his back” – amongt other mind boggling feats if the reports are to be believed, well, as I said in an email or so prior to this.

SIMPLE AND BARE BONES IS USUALLY – and often times – the very BEST !

And Bronson had this to say about “hand stand press ups” (one of his favorite exercises apparently, and I d o NOT blame him one damned bit either!) 

“I love these! Every time I do ‘em, the workout is better!”

The quote isn’t verbatim, but I believe he did say that.

As probably did Herschel Walker every time he undertook a workout (before it).

As probably did Tyson.

Anyone’s that has ever done anything of NOTE in life, or fitness wise, or anything really.

You keep improving, bro.

I dont care if you add half a rep to your “10 rep pull-ups” per set for instance 

Or even if you hang on for a little bit longer.

Key is improvement in some way, shape or form.

And if you ain’t improving, you ain’t doing it right bro.

Same thing holds true for cardio – or strength training – or a combo of the two if you’re doing it right (and if you are, combo is what it’s after).

Life goes one way, bro – or two.

Either UP or DOWN. No in between’s – and thats what I gotta tell you for now!

Back soon, I’m sure.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn the KEYS that will take you to SUPER STUD level at pull-upskeys that will BLOW your mind and exercises you’d never DREAM of in your LIFE, let alone DO – right here – Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Sunday, 13 December 2020 06:38


I suppose it could also be an isometric if done that way.

Actually, it IS an isometric of sorts, but I haven’t included it in the book on isometrics because folks would diss it as being “too easy”.

But remember, bro.

I was going to write to you today about SIMPLE working best – in life, fitness, biz, relationships, anything, but I didnt for whatever reason.

Perhaps because I’ve mentioned it so often, an dperhaps because I am getting tired of stating the bleedin’ obvious.

But really, that exercise is mentioned in Corrugated CORE.

And in the “beginner” exercises section.

Truth be told, ADVANCED trainees such as yourself who do 100 plus pull-ups per workout have used it, and continue to use, and BENEFIT from it, and SO CAN YOU!

(Thats the course that got the infamous Bozo Schofield so riled up, hehe, and for a reason! When the FACTS CUT DEEP ... hehe.)

This one exercise is something that doesnt involve a push or pull.

You dont even need to stand to do it, though it’s preferable if you do.

And neither will it interfere with performance on other exercises.

You can do it as often as you like, or perhaps for 3 minutes a day.

If you CAN go that long, that is!

And I dont think you’ll be able to when you first start!

Anyway, it’s a superlative exercise, and NO, before you ask, it is NOT the famous isometric where you do nothing but squeeze the abs and contract them together.

That one is good, I’m sure.

I’ve heard and seen many people do it.

But THIS one is far better in my opinion.

And so I’ve included this one, but not the more popular one, heh.

As I do with all my courses. I tell you and include what WORKS and WILL WORK for you too if you let it.

Handstand pushups.

I teach you these in a way I have NOT seen ANYONE teach!

But believe me, it’s this way, albeit harder to pick up first that will get you to the levels of strength you ultimately desire in a much better and more co-ordinated overall body fashion!

And same thing for pull-ups – squats – or anything I mention and teach!

And back to the exercise above – RUN on over HERE now to find out what it is – Corrugated Core – and get cracking bro.

I look forward to hearing about your results!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is what a reader had to say about the book - 

This is functional core training, not your usual get "buffed for the beach" nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you're after performance above pretty, then this is for you.
John Walker.


PS #2 – And yes, DO send in reviews for all books you’re purchased. Much appreciated!

Yours truly “caveman” doesnt really get into news at all these days.

Well, Ikeep myself informed, but thats about it.

On the important things.

And one of the LEAST important things for me, if you can even call it that is “celeb gossip”.


I do NOT want to keep up with the latest celeb breakfast, or how their dog is so cute, or other “cutesy details they share” (Priyanka Chopra, an Indian actress recently shared something about her husband “wants to see her face before she puts make up on- first thing in the morning after waking up).


Not the act itself. But this sort of idiotic, inane news ...

But anyway, I wrote about cricket before.

And Virat Kohli, say what you might about him otherwise is at the very PINNACLE of his batting career, and how – and he’s fit as a fiddle (unlike most others in the Indian cricket team).

(well, at least of yore, but even now to be honest) ...

But Kohli is a FITNESS MANIAC!

Anyway, it doesnt surprise me that his wife a Bollywood actress (who is recently pregnant) shared a picture on social sh-media about ... her doing a modified handstand – and that while pregnant!

Quite the baby bump she’s got. I’m assuming at least four month or perhaps 5. I ain’t kept up ...

But Kohli was supporting her, while she in her own words “it was perfectly safe and used the wall for extra support, with my very able husband helping me” 

And very able indeed he is!

Carol a student of mine often wanted my help in doing handstands, and I’d often support her like that at the top of the hill as she did it, and then I would (without help of course).

But while both the ladies are holding static poses, the FIRST lady is pregnant!

And she’s doing a modified forearm version of the handstand at that.

Somewhat easier given the support she’s geting, but still, while pregnant!

Just goes to show where there is a will, there is a way!

So now, where is your excuse?

Write back – and tell me!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can get on the Shoulders Like BOULDERS! Train.

PS #2 – Her pose is called something in “yoga shmoga” but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the pose.

PPS - If you needed any further reason as to why I call my fitness system - truly a LANDMARK and NEVER seen before system in many ways - the ZERO EXCUSES FITNESS SYSTEM!

Monday, 30 November 2020 08:50

Muscle memory, and more ...

I remember a time in my life when I did not do a single pull-up for what seemed like ages (it was about a month- gasp!)

I’ve written of course about the time when I did not do any pushups for years, and how it HIT me when I finally started back up again (despite already being damn good at pull-ups).

Now, during this time I did pushups.

Plenty of ‘em.

And I really, really focused on handstand pushups.

Done in sets.

Done throughout the day.

And so forth.

I was really busy at the time doing a LOT of writing – sort of like I’ve been over the past few weeks NOW (and I dont predict it getting better any time soon, hehe).

And so I was knocking out mini workouts like I so often advocate.

When I went back to pull-ups, and I wrote about this I believe, I expected to effortlessly rock back into doing ‘em.

Not so my friend.

The first day I was amazed at how “different” it felt - and this BE the pull-up MASTER talking, hehe.

Not hard.


Funny part is this, tho ...

Once I got back to the park the second time to do ‘em, I started banging them out again with little or no “effort”.

And the thick bars, static holds – all came ROARING back with a vengeance, and then some.

Took all of three workouts, or two I should say to get back to BETTER than normal.

So, lesson here?

Or lessons?


One, muscle memory doesn’t go away if you train RIGHT. (no, the pumping and toning at the gym won’t build any sort of decent muscle memory. Sorry, but it’s true).

Second, pushups are of VITAL importance to any exercise program, and there is a reason why I call pushups the best exercise ever, and the BIG DOG of fitness in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Get good at pushups, and you’ll improve at everything else, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

And hence, I put out the supplementary exercises section in my books and course on pull-ups, both the elementary one (which is more than enough for most, to be honest) and the advanced course.

Super advanced be on the way too, hehe. Watch this space for more (i fyou’re interested in that!).

There is a reason though you see wrestlers and boxers pump out a ton of pushups, but lesser number for pull-ups.

Not saying they’re not good.

They are! One of the best exercises you can ever do!

But, pushups, pushups, pushups. Like I keep saying, hehe. Can’t be ignored!

(Not if you’re serious about real strength , health and fitness, not necessarily in that order).

And third?

Handstand pushups help to build pulling ability WAY more than you’d think if done right, and thats why I advocate doing them the way I do in my books – completely opposite to what most people think it should be like, but again, there is a reason.

And fourth?

Well, a lot of you love my books in paperback format.

And as of now, all of my stuff is digital (because it seems MANY people love it digital as well, especially the videos etc).

But as a bonus for purchasing off my site, and this is something you guys may or may not have noticed, I include a “faq” manual (an entire tiny course unto itself, really) along with Shoulders Like Boulders, for one, which is yours free if you buy off the site in digital format.

On Amazon etc you’ll have to fork out a tiny bit extra for it ... which is fine, of course, if you prefer it that way.

But I believe in giving those that buy off the site – as well as other loyal customers – a BENEFIT ... and that is the benefit here!

Alright, my friend. I’m out for now. Back soon – I’m sure! Hehe/


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I talk a lot, but believe me, DO what I say, and you WILL become a better YOU – and the fittest you’ve ever been.

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