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Saturday, 31 December 2022 07:01

End of 2022 - BLOWOUT SALE!

Here it is -

First off, for you RETURNING CUSTOMERS - and note, if youve bought from us on Amazon or other sites etc - - then to me, you're a returning customer, but you have to email me here so I can set you up on this site as well - - then you get an automatic 25% FAT - or flat, hehe - discount off your cart provided you have at least three products in the cart and for a change, NO minimum order "value" required - all that is required is three products to be there in your cart, and that  is it (and for you to be logged in when you make the purchase).

Second, for everyone - returning customers included, of course - a flat 20% discount assuming your cart value is at least $100 - no product limitations!

So those are two great sales, as you can tell, we value our returning customers and customers in general - very highly!

Lots of you have been waiting to get products, NOW is the time my friend.

Strike while the iron is HOT - this sale is slated to end Jan 1, 2023 - but I doubt I will let it last even that long, so hurry - it ends at the stroke of midnight TODAY i.e. Dec 31, 2022.

And speaking of hot ?

Well, this sale is hot - but THIS is the story behind it!

And thats that. 

Get your buying on NOW. 


Rahu lMookerjee 

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Wednesday, 28 December 2022 04:02

Troll update

Well, well, well! 

As we head into 2023 - I'm thrilled with what lies ahead - and how far we've come - on all our businesses (although I have to admit, the fitness business seems to be the one attracting the most number of trolls - wankers exist everywhere, but fitness for some reason has sadly turned into a pissing contest of "who can sell what for cheaper" which is sad ... as with anything else, the real goods always come at a price - a huge price - which is life too my friend, and you get the benefits accordingly too). 

Anyway - the trolls seem to have had, for the most part, an especially rocky Christmas. One fat troll was so enthused by the the turkey this year he, if reports are to believed, even sneakily ate up most of the wifes turkey, then claimed "it was a small bird, costs are rising" or some rubbish, ate up all the bread etc, drank all the booze up in the house too - didnt get out of bed the next day - did so irritated the day after - and then promptly started his trolling which is now bordering not just on lunatic, but downright desperate. More on that later...  but it reminds of a certain Schofield who once showed up at Charles's house in Jieyang, refused to budge, I still remember the aggravation in Charles's voice when he sent me those voice notes about Glyn. 

"he sits in a room all day trolling people, eats all my food, drinks all my beer, NEVER pays me for it ; makes a royal mess, doesnt clean up after himself" (he didnt quite include the part about Glyn taking off with his girlfriend's underwear - ugh - that came out later as he was tonked out rather unceremoniously on the road, face down in underwear on a street in Jieyang - someday I'll post that famous pic here. Hehe). 

Then a lot of them have figured out their financial situation isn't about to get any better (mostly because they're so damned lazy) - so they've decided to go down the SJW route apparently, and write long rants on Amazon about "why are his books so expensive!!!!!!" (not that it's any of their business, hehe). 

Some like Schofield have realized it's becoming increasingly hard to work their scams from overseas on gullible old ladies - and have hunkered down in Mama's basement - and every time they feel aggravated about something which is daily, they write lengthy rants about yours truly. Hehe. 

As you can tell, these trolls truly come in all shapes, sizes (ahem) and forms (double ahem). 

They will ALL be mentioned in the upcoming book on profiting at the highest levels from trolls (something most people wouldn't dream of, and dont know how to do - most get angry, hate it etc - but there is a far better way of dealing with it my friend - make MOOLAH off it!) ... Profit Troll

One of these fat muttonheads is an obese (literally) troll who regularly sends me photos of his phat self along with his boyfriend (I am NOT shitting you here) - that cannot do one single squat in proper form (and is too lazy to try, so claims "step-ups are the God of fitness" or some nonsense). There;s another who cannot do a pull-up in proper form and has a long history of cosying up to fitness guys, and then being summarily booted by each and every one of them because he neither looks the part (obese) nor can he sell anything (he lives on his wife basically, we all know him) - and then trolling them (oddly enough he never realizes his trolling is paying off for them big time, hehe) - and his latest is claiming that ... "dancers dont do pull-ups" (where this Bozo got this from only he knows) and that his fat back is the epitome of fitness ... 

This ass clown does the sort of pushups where his nose touches the floor first so he doesnt have to go all the way down on a rep ... 

(some of this sort have long brown "Pinoochio" like noses from poking it in where "it dont belong" - and literally, in "orifices" as Bruce once said, to "brown nose" "where it dont belong" Ewwww!)

Just bonkers that guys like this are even around, but hey. We all need the amusement. Personally for me I normally stay away from it all and just count the sales, but for me - well - sometimes even need my amusement, I have to admit, the desperation showing through in some of the trolling, most of which is ultimately centered around MONEY - is hilarious. 

Give them the product for free, they'll promote it all day as the next best thing in fitness as phat boy used to do, when you call a spade a spade - ie in terms of their results and their own complete lack of fitness they throw a hissy fit and go the other extreme. Strange, and its sick how they keep coming back to me for my "approval" - end of the day they're pissed I didnt lead them out of their mess. 

As Sly rightly said in ... the prison movie - Lockdown?? to a guy who kept saying "but you're our leader!" 

Goddamnit, I'm not your leader!!


But true leader are followed no matter what, so they follow me, tongues out, they have to do SOMETHING in their sorry lives, so might as well troll I suppose. 

Insane, the level to which price whinging has gone up to as well, not like these trolls have products of their own to promote beyond dodgy supplements, and writing books, putting out great videos etc - forgettttttt about it. Hehe. 

There's so many of them as well - but anyway, point of all this? 

Is two fold. 

One, a lot of our great customers decide - literally - hehe - sometimes - how to choose a product. 

"If the trolls troll you the most on it, and you're so proud of it, I must have that!" 

And so he did 

Pushup Central, the very BEST and only definitive course out there on pushups like only the bodyweight exercise Guru can teach you, yours truly used to be #1 on the list for a long time ...

And here's the review he left - 

 Brutally Effective!!!

The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world's oldest and "most diverse" exercise.

If you're like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training "brutally effective" training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it's absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.

Bozo left this review - 

Boring, poorly written... drivel. 

A whole book dedicated to... how to do pish ups. Really? Badly written too.

I'll let y'all decide which one to take into account. Hehe. 

But other than that, the other books on the hit list - 

Squat 101 - from idiots that can't squat because they're too phat. 

(or lazy, more like). 

Pull-ups - from Dud - to STUD within a matter of weeks!

(when seeing me even when fat do pull-ups willy nilly they whine about how I should be "kind to others" about their own utter lack of strength and fitness). 

As a customer rightly said about this book - 

Quite simply, if you cannot pull your own bodyweight from a dead-hang till your chin passes over the bar you are not "strong" and no amount of lat pulldowns will correct this weakness.
Buy this book and learn how to do the most important upper-body exercise correctly and you'll never look back.
Brilliant book, thank you.

And he's right... 

No chin over bar = not strong, my friend, cut it whichever way you like - emailing me pictures of your fat self chomping at the bit about "strong arms broooooooooooooo" won't cut it broooooooo... Hehe. (dont you just hate it when idiots show up at your doorstep with this "bro" bullshit? I know Marc the African Silverback Gorilla hated it..) 

Truly, as charles Mitchell once said about "Shoulders like BOULDERS!" - 

People buy your books because they want to learn how to do things from you - you can do things they cannot, but they want to! 

And the trolls troll exactly for that reason too. Hehe. 

And Jump Rope Mania with all the great stuff we've put out in the paid version is attracting trolls too (literally you'll want to get your hands on this one NOW. There is NO other course that will teach you how to get to ACE level at jumping rope than mine can. You'll want to grab it NOW). 

And so it goes, my friend. 

Advanced Plyometric Training is one slated to come out very soon, you'll want to place your pre-order for this now. 

(one troll even claimed "learning from this dude is not the way to go". but he forgot to put in WHY... Hehe. Can we say ??? 

Well, thats true, as the phat troll claimed once "he wants a few organs for the book". 

Not really, hehe. Like this guy said in a review for Grizzly Power 


 Let's Get Real.

Although I don't own this particular book, I do own two of the books in this compilation so I believe I can give an honest review.

Hopeful Evangelist points out that the authors books are reassuringly expensive and I have to agree they're not cheap, however, as I've pointed out in a previous review of the authors material, you cannot put a price on knowledge, if you want the authors knowledge you have to pay what he is asking, otherwise you'll miss out.

Interestingly, Hopeful states that the authors knowledge is nothing special??? Sorry I have to disagree with that statement, the author knows his stuff from the inside out and his training methods work but here's the "kicker" his training methods only work if you do!!! There are no magic exercises or routines and that's why most people do not get the results they expect from their training, they lack application.

It is often asked why prison inmates are so muscular and "jacked" what is their secret? Their secret if you want to call it that, is this, they train very, very hard and they do this consistently day in day out without fail.

If you apply yourself appropriately to any of the authors works you will be rewarded for your efforts but do you have what it takes? You've got to dare to sweat, dare to strain and dare the pain, most are found wanting, hope this helps.


The more they troll, the more I make. Hehe. I'm luvin it!

And thats that - truly the bottom line. 

Pity the fitness world has turned into what it has, but hey - yours truly - always the visionary, always the torch bearer, always the iconclast, and rightly so. 

Folks - step up - show your REAL MAN "vibe" (god the terms) - and get these products NOW - and if you do so before the New Year, well, plenty of other goodies awaiting you for the New Year. 

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Thursday, 21 January 2021 08:25

Everything in life is a SALE my friend.

If there is one thing I tell my daughter almost daily, it is this.


And no, I am not saying that because the inimitable Trumpinator said it.

In fact I Didnt even know he said it until 2020!

But I’ve lived my entire life that way – and guess what. WE ALL DO!

You “sell” yourself on a daily basis my friend.

To friends. Co-workers. To your COLLEAGUES – and CUSTOMERS. To your spouse. To your …

(and believe me, all of those relationships take work and selling in some way, shape or form!).

I’m from a family where for the most part sales people are treated as pariahs, and thought of as “easy money”.


As a colleague of mine once rightly said, if that were to be true, why would CEO’s of ALL companies – REAL CEO’S do one thing – SALES?

Dont get me wrong.

Your product is damn important.

If you talk up a big game, but your execution doesn’t back it up, your and you have wasted your time (and I give you examples of this in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, a book which is steadily climbing up both the sales charts and the hater charts, hehe. Both happen together for a reason!)

But really, sales is what DRIVES anything – companies included.

If you don’t sell hard enough in life – fitness – business – whatever … well.

You’ll have skinny kids!

And I don’t mean FIT skinny kids either. Hehe.

On that note, do remember to pick up Kiddie Fitness – with the entire world in lockdown shockdown over this damned Chinese plague, it’s the BEST gift you can give your little one. Trust me. And if you follow along, even better!

But anyway, the other things I tell my daughter (with all the pressure she seems to be getting for those ridiculous and RETARED online classes).

That in life, makin ga DEAL is what counts.


Never stop attackin – anything!

Be physcially FIT – the RIGHT WAY!

Be good – damned good at handstand training. The extra blood flow to the head results in far more than physical benefits!

And so forth.

Along with that, I tell her to be a good COMMUNICATOR (by that I don’t just mean language).

How to NEGOTIATE your way through life.

Yes, how to SELL your way through life!

And many other things (when I can).

And deep down inside, I can feel it.

She’s tuning out the BS already .

End of the day, much like those that hate me, ultimately they all “Follow” me.

And if there is one thing I want my daughter to be?

Not a follower.


If Kamala Harris can do it, my daughter damned well can. If she wants!

But anyway, to lead you have to LEARN first.

And you have to be willing to put in the “time in the trenches”.

And a lot more, and that forms the backbone of all my courses.

My stuff’s not for those that want quick fixes.

You gotta work at it. HARD!

And if you don’t, I don’t want you ANYWHERE NEAR my stuff.

Really. I don’t.

Thats why I have a very long list of people I do NOT want on the 0 Excuses Ship sales page (most have told me not to put it there, butI did, and will. The bigger the sale, the less people I want!)

Anyway, thats the stream of consciousness for now. Be sure and pick up a product or two, oh, and some comic relief before parting.

Here is what Glyn Bozo Hannibal Schofield the one and only XXXXXV had to say about Kiddie Fitness


Awful, terribly written, horrid author (RM - yeah. How dare I. How horrid I BE, LOL)

Having a four year daughter myself I thought I would try this. A friend I first met in Seoul, Korea, a certain Charles R T Bingham the Third recommended this book (turned out he was trolling me). Ineffably bad, it seems to have been written by a small and particularly stupid child. Avoid.

(RM - That “Bingham” is the Charles that helped him more than anyone else. Need any more proof of the Bozo being a SCORPION - - well there it IS!)

(I wonder if I should send this to Charles. Nah. I’ll let it be).

In the meantime tho …

Sometimes, you can’t help but LAUGH – UPROARIOUSLY!

(much like a certain “Thomas from South Africa” ..ah, another story for another time tho).

Bozo Schofield, you’re indeed the best. Keep it up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo got immensely worked up about the advanced book on pull-ups as well, hehe. I wont post his review here, but check out the book right HERE. You’ll love it!

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I was 15 years old at the time.

I was pissed off big time.

Because ... well, on a trip to Atlantic City the almighty casino and the waitresses therein (while I must admit the liqor was what drew me in – I have never ever been one for gambling of any nature! Hehe – that, and the smiling ladies of course! ;)) ENTRANCED me.

But of course, I wasn't allowed to enter.

And I got irritated. Cranky. And ... several other things that my daughter gets on a regular basis with the exact OPPOSITE reaction (even when I was her age, hehe) that I got.

My grandmother asked me to see the splendor of it all, which I did. She was right in a way when she said “have you ever seen anything like that in your whole life”?

I hadn't at that age, no!

And thats why I wanted to ...

Anyway, being I was on a trip with my parents and my good “Uncle” (him of the “caveman” comment and rightly so), I remember how irritated he got at me getting ticked off.

So did my parents but they were used to my grumbling. Yours truly “el groucho” as I often like to say, with good reason, hehe.

My wife is used to it. So much so that she doesnt even call me “her husband” anymore, and from a certain standpoint, I don't blame her.

And I don't mind at all. Being single is great! (even if “just in name”, hehe).

Anyway ... point of all this?

We'll get to that, my friend.

But I remember, that night as I returned “home” (which was Uncle's place in NY) in an irritated mood I pulled out my slippers from the bag they were in and they “crashed” on the wooden floor.

My uncle had a snarling sort of response to that to which at that age I must admit I Was somewhat “intimidated” ... (mostly because everyone acted like that one mistake was the mistake that brought the Tower of Eiffel (was it the other way, hehe) crashing down).

My son is sleeping, he yelled!

So he was, but I had no intention of waking him up. 

Hey, bro.

Mistakes happen. We err! And some of us are crankier than the average person and thats just how it is ..

.. But anyway, as my slipper done crashed today while doing something similar in this here neck of the woods, I was reminded of something similar.

That being, MARKETING.

It's always been this way for me.

People eithe rhate me or love me (and the latter category is small, focused, and doesnt have a lot of people in it at all).

The former has plenty, and it is growing by the day. Hale, hearty and healthy!

But for good or bad, or whatever reason, or perhaps just naturally (yes) – I've always been that sort of person to POLARIZE.

You either love me, or you hate me.

And in a Trumpian sort of manner, that is what I PREFER too.

I'd rather take sides.

I'd rather not straddle the fence. And so forth.

And if you look at the way Trump markets himself, or Dan Kennedy, or any of the other great marketing minds of our times, you'll see that the polarization technique is something they have all used in one way or the other down the line.

Truly, my friend – there truly is VALUE IN IT.

Why do I keep calling out the bozos and freebie seekers for one?

Well, because I dont want them clogging up my list for one.

Second, and more importantly, the minute you remove what you do NOT want from your space, the minute it starts getting filled up with what you DO WANT.

And I've made plenty more sales by doing just that and selling to those who truly believe in what I do, and why I do it as opposed to “trying to convince the fence sitters” than th eother way around

And thats pretty much what I intend to do down the road as well!

Take it or leave it, bro. Thats me (as my friend said once).

He was right!

Anyway, if you're into political incorrectness, and doing things that work – then I highly recommend my fitness system right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Of course, it does require work.

No handholding, no excuses, no mama's boying around. No mamsy pamsy intro (if anything , I've got Herschel Walker in the intro).

And the stuff flat out works.

And thats all I got to say about that!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Check out Pushup Central while you're at it. My fingers grow raw from saying it, but I challenge you to find a better course on pushups out there! Hehe.

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Joe Girard, my friend.

Have you heard of him? Many on this list are voracious reader, and should have …

And yours truly devotes a LOT of time daily to reading – but not junk. I used to be a HUGE fan of fiction, and still am to an extent, but you can count on the fingers of one hand minus 5 how many fiction books I’ve read in the past God knows how many years.

And you could probably reverse that number to get the low down on motivational and inspirational reads.

Now ,the law of 250 you ask.

I don’t know how I came across it today, but it’s been on my mind a while.

Joe Girard, known as the worlds greatest sales man for a reason (and believe me, he didn’t start out great!) coined this phrase, and guess what – when someone like that speaks, you listen.

This guy didn’t just crack sales and marketing.

He cracked the hardest form of sales there is – that being LEAD generation in a highly competitive market.

Its one thing to sell to people that come to you.

That, my friend, is something a LOT of people fail at – for example, at THAT job I keep referring to. (amazingly enough, they faile dat closing even the "pre sold" customers!) 

It’s quite another though to generate leads “out of the blue” and sell to them!

It can be done if you kno whow – sure. I did it for my business.

But at the level Joe has done … well, that takes some doing. 

Anyway, he went to a funeral one day, and he asked the funeral or mass director or something how they knew how many cards or what not to print for the attendees.

The answer was instant.

“Experience” , said the dude. “Approximately 250 people show up for this type of event”.

Then the great man researched weddings.

Same thing.

“Approximately 250 from the grooms side and 250 from the bride’s side usually”, he was told.

Now, WHY he wanted to find this out is beyond the scope of this email.

But the fact isn’t.

And the conclusion is this, all of us over the course of our lives, at any certain point know approximately 250 people that we can “influence in any way, shape or form”.

Even the Bozos, though they don’t know it. Hehe.

And while I am certainly not telling you to market yourself to “everyone” for fear of not offending those that don’t get it etc (actually I’m telling you the OPPOSITE), ther eis a very valuable lesson to be learnt in terms of what Joe says.

And, what I want you to do now is to take that little snippet, and see how you can apply it to YOUR life – relationships – business – whatever!

Ah, but fitness you say.

Well, it’s strange how it works.

I never thought of it this way.

But those workouts I did that got me in the best shape of my life?

250 odd pushups (NO, I did not have this law in mind!)

Divide the number by 60, and you get FOUR hours – roughly the time I spent hiking hills during those LOOOONNNG workouts!

Or, you get 40 minutes. Which is roughly the cumulative time most of my workouts these days last for, if even that.

I’m sure I could think about it and find many odd ways this number applie sto me.

I’m sure you could too!

But either way, something to bear in mind , and an interesting little ole tidbit, would you not say?


Anyway, think about it – and be sure to grab Animal Kingdom Workouts while you’re at it. 250 seconds might be a stretch to last in some of the workouts when you first begin, but if you can DO ‘em for that long – thats a solid start!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – 250 seconds is about say … 4 minutes. Yes. If you can do Animal Kingdom Workouts NON STOP for even 4 minutes when you first start – guess what – you’re in elite company already. Modern day men would be hard pressed to do more than a few seconds, even the Joe Schmos at the gym on fancy machines and split routines and babes and babettes aand what not!

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Monday, 15 February 2021 07:33

The UBER tough nut I cracked, and yet didnt . . .

I talk about a certain client in the 10 Commadents of Successful Sales, that was almost impossible to convince - even for yours truly - which I finally did in a way. 

I mention the entire story in the book, which is a must read if just from a life perspective, even if you ain't interested in making sales of any nature. 

(although I cannot imagine why you wouldn't? Isn't LIFE itself a sale of sorts?) 

But anyway ... this guy later made the following comment to me while doing business (Again) with me. 

"Hey, YOU sold it to me, Rahul!" 

That I did. 

When no-one else could. Including from other companies. 

I still remember "that company" sending me email they got from a competitor company on this. 

Of course, the canny old man probably knew about this too, hehe. He was playin the field, big time. A true salesman! 

But he met his match. 

Again, SORT OF. 

Not fully, but sort of. 

So did I. 

Not fully, but sorta - but I learned a lot from him, hehe. 

Including a certain bit about writing "loooooonnnnnngggggg emails" that everyone from bosses to spouses to colleagues have ranted about, that people say are terrible for sales, and yet here I am, still doing it. 

So much for the so called experts. 

Anyway, I sold him - YES. 

But it was a deal where his investment would be held in "Escrow" (or the equivalent) until a certain portion of the job was done, and so forth. 

And so he was safe guarding himself in that regard. 

COULD i have sold him to do what I do normally in these cases i.e a down payment or no way, Jose? 

I dont know. 

I didnt try. 

Company was more than eager at that point to take him on! 

But to me, (and yes, he DID pay up) it was a great lesson - sales wise. 

95% of the thingsI already knew. 5% I did NOT - and I learned. 

Classic and sage example of YOU NEVER KNOW IT ALL. 

And that, my friend, set the tone for how I price things now, my business dealings etc. 

And why I dont eat lunch for free with students in China or most anyone, unless I really WANT to and like the person. 

I value my time ... 

And to be honest, the reason the guy didnt want to pay upfront wasn't so much being smart and fear of losing money etc if the company up and disappeared one fine day (which given it was halfway around the world could happen - and it had happened to HIM before - he told me the story - another lesson right there! I'll reveal that story later...) 

The reason he was vetting so stringently is because he valued his TIME

He didnt want to invest in a company that couldn't KEEP UP to it's side of the deal. 

Which, unfortunately that company didnt ... 

But I learned some great lessons, and hence my customer vetting etc NOW. 

I value my time equally highly - perhaps MORE so than him, hehe. 

And I've learned a lot from him - so kudos to that dude! 

And that, my friend is that. 

My tea BE a boiling much like his "tea went stone cold" while writing to me, so I'll end this here!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But really, that is one reason I only want people that get it and dont whine, moan, complain, and piss up a storm incessantly. As certain other folks have said, if you can" "afford" the products (although I dont know why anyone would want to use that word!) - then "thats life". . . 

Anyway, for those that get it - get the best fitness system out there right HERE. Truly the purring Rolls Royce of fitness that will set YOU FREE! 

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That wasn't the exact comment Chuck made all those months ago. He literally threw a HISSY at my post on pull-ups - it struck home, because I basically said phat phocks couldn't do 'em, period, and to do 'em you have to lose weight around the midsection. 

That was a hard, hard hitting post. 


Anyway, ;let's see if I can find Chuck's (probably alcohol fueled) rant against a post NOT aimed at him - at all - he wasn't even on my mind when I wrote it. 

Here it is

And this, friend is the original post which dear Chuck ranted against - Deadlifts and grip training and my thoughts on each, and both . . . (rahulmookerjee.com)

Of course, he later batted that away by saying "but I just said that onwechat". 


Much like the Bozo is whining about "But I just trolled you on wechat with racist memes Chuck made". .  . 


I swear, the sense of entitlement lunatics like the Bozo have - and typical Tom tom's like him. And of course, liberals like Charles. 

Of course, he claims up and down "I'm not liberal or conversative! I'm sensible!" 

Yeah. Right. The paradigm of goose and gander, eh. 

Lets see, Charles, did I even mention YOU in the post? 

No I didnt. 

Lets see, Bozo Glyn. Did I EVER say one bad word about you - troll you - refer to your race - and then you respond with what, trolling and attacking me back x 10? 

Trying to destroy me? 

You thought I wouldn't reply, eh. For a long time I decided not to. 


When it biteth though, boy, it BITES. And it doesnt sting like a scorpion. It kills. 


STREET FIGHTER, as a big dude Aaron once called me!

Go for the jugular so people watching will KNOW not to mess with you said Donald Trump. So true!

My friend Rueben once said the following. 

I dont fight fair. I fight dirty - and I WIN!

He probably would, hehe. 

But like Trump, he's really the nicest guy ever. 

Just dont make the mistake of pissing him off. 

"Them damn women....." 

I'll never forget him in traffic, his trusty 9mm by his side (not Glyn's 9mm wang, lol) ... 

It used to be hilarious!

Some chick would cut in front of me, or slam on the brakes or something, and he "done got the red ass". 

I'll kill that motha............ he'd thunder, face all red!

Great guy!

And he'd have his gun by his side for added emphasis. 

Funny part, he knew, and I knew, he'd never use it. 

But it was good to have anyway ... Good ole Rueben! We love you!

But anyway, 

This ain't about my black Mamba for one, Bozo Schofield, so you can click away. 

It's about ... I mean, what do these loonies think? 

That they can make all the comments they like, including claiming "what I teach is gay" (sometimes, and then pad it away by saying "they were just kidding") - and I can't respond at all? 

I mean, here's my response. 

Is being a dancing monkey in China - a dancin gBozo, rather, any LESS gay or faggoty

I dont think so, brah. 

Tell them that though, they're up in arms. 

But apparently THEY can tell ME anythign they like, and I'm supposed to meekly take it!

Makes me wonder, did Charles really create those racist memes? Who knows!

I stil say no. 

But sometimes, I wonder... 

 Anyway, we all know whose advice works, and whose doesn't. 

Charles Mitchell said it best HERE

John Walker has been saying it forever My buddy from the Marines has. Panourgias has. Damn near anyone with half a brain, as Charles said, has... 

But anyway, why do I mention this. 

I dont know, I just got this email about ... 

The Blitzkreig of emaisl you're sending!

This was NOT meant in a bad way. 

Tomas is a 0 Excuses Fitness and Shoulders like Boulders! customer. 

He's considering Battletank Shoudlers as the next step. Smart dude! 

He had questions, I covered those, so what he said in terms of blitzkrieg was basically ... just that one line. The email was about something else. 

But it made me think. 

The left, and loonies in general complain, but do we ever see them complain about the blitzkrieg of BAD NEWS - idiotic crap that don't help you NONE that is Tom Tommed globally daily? 

For instance, this idiotic China virus. 

Or, the damn panixines. 

Or, the economy (ever notice how even when it's up, no-one says it is?)? 

Folks love to be the bearer of doom and gloom and the harbinger of BAD NEWS, ever see anyone say things are GOOD? 

Trust me, we attract what and how we think. 

You cannot escape thi struism, friend. 


Look at the world NOW. 

But anyway, I just noticed Governor De Santis in Florida made a great decision on making masks OPTIONAL in schools.

I cannot applaud this man enough. 


They're useless beyond a point, and it's personal choice. 

Kids can't make that choice. 



Governor Santis - great job!

Of course, Twitter came alight with the left attacking him of being a murderer, and worse. 

OF course, when asked about China - the country that SPREAD this (ccp) - no answers. 



I give up. 

Goose and gander is truly an alien concept these days... 

Anyway, my advice Works, friend. 

Take it or leave it, but you cannot dispute the results... 

And it will work for you too - if you let it! 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

PPS - Charles (the former friend) isn't exactly all for freedom of speech, of course, as y'all know, and can see HERE ... 

Glad to know the other Charles -a great customer - came out strongly against that too!!!!! KUDOS!!!!!

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