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Tuesday, 14 September 2021 10:50

"Your father is a little nutty"

I've got several interesting tidbits to share with y'all on this one! Hehe. 

Dont ask me how - but a little birdie whispered some things to me - or "tweeted", if you were to ask me in a literal sense. Hehe. 

"Your Dad's a little nutty!" 

No, not YOURS - although the old man might well be a bit batty in some cases, but I'm talking ME here. 

That was what MY dad said about me recently, hehe. 


Well, apparently like most of the libtards and Bozos out there advocating UNCONSTITUTIONAL Hiden Biden vaccine mandates, which completely ignoring that maybe, just maybe , if we had to mandate something, it should be something that actually WORKS - you know, like a  REAL fuckin vaccine - or mandate health and fitness and a proper diet - not that I would advocate mandating anything, but if you had to. 

Maybe my Dad could do what he keeps claiming I never do i.e. dont look at just what the man says and how he says it, but overall. 

Maybe he could look at the mess Hiden Biden has created on the border - and how he's emboldened dictatorships GLOBALLY. 

Maybe he could look at, you know, the mess Biden created in Afghanistan. 

All far more important than this vaccine crap people with nothing better to do are intent on trying to shove down people's throats. 

Anyway, apparently my little girl was at her grandparents, they were complaining (my grandparents) - or maybe my daughter was asking, I'm not quite sure which "why Americans - some - aren't getting vaccinated". 

According to Hiden Biden, that number is in the minority. 

According to me, no. . . 

According to me, it's all part of the idiotic scare campaign the media has going on to pull more into the sheeple mode of thinking. 

My Dad's answer apparently was "they're like your Dad, a little nutty". 

My little girl thought I'd be pissed upon hearing that. HEhe. 

Me? Pissed at that? 

"Honey, thats a compliment" I tweet-guffawed back at her (I use the word tweet for a reason, hehe, speaking in FORKED tongues here). 

But it's all true!

And it IS a compliment. 

First thing you know, and these were all things I told her, and keep telling her. 

Anytime you try to be different, or ARE different, do more than what the average Bozo does in a lifetime in a week or so - well, you'll be criticized. 

Anytime you're the sore thumb people will try and fix it. 

Or, the crab that tries to climb out of the bucket, or, the nail that sticks out - or a DOER, in short. 

Visionaries throughout the ages have been ridiculed for it, and my daughter from what she tells me faces the same thing in the parks etc when she goes out to play with other kids because she is different. 

Of course, for her, my wife and grandparents oddly enough "think it's OK". 

For yours truly, of course, I gotta be a Tom Tom (according to them). 

And if not, "Americans are like Rahul a bit nutty". 

I mean, Jesus Christ, I see that as a compliment again ... Haha. 

The numero uno country in the world got where it did by being a little nutty and different, I'd say! 

And I'd rather BE nutty or whatever these nuts call me and keep my freedom of choice - and my freedom of THOUGHT - and therefore, my results and actions. 

Tom Tom's my friend only criticize you because YOU have something inside of you they never had, and never ever will Have. 

Its as simple as that, especially when the criticism comes behind your back and when you did nothing to them anyway so if you were really "nothing and nobody" - no-one would be talking about you and gossipping anyway, yet they do ... Hehe. 

There it is, my friend. 

Contradictory, but very true. 

Bezos once said if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. 

And, being called a "bit nutty". Hehe. 


I'll honestly take that, Dad - And proudly mention to everyone I meet!

Anyway, enough on that front. 

Remember, nuts are the ones that always drive change - in any way , shape or form - globally. 

And this here nutcase tells you the nuttiest (so it seems) yet MOST results producing fitness system out there - revolutionary till this date - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Get your nut - uh, I mean, thang, hehe - on NOW. 


Mik ... ah, I forgot. I'm Mike in China , I'm mike on another site, but here, I'm good ole Rahul Mookerjee. Hehe. 

PS - As for Hiden Biden's silly mandates, they're unconsitutional and won't pass muster in court, it's as SIMPLE as THAT. 

PS #2 - The other loony tidbit? 

"Mommy's got the vaccine". (but secretly). 

Now, my wife and Mom have a strange sort of thing goin gon i.e. "friends when convenient, enemies when not" so who knows. 

But last I asked my wife, she was very admantly NOT getting it. 

I dont know if she did some drama or what not about it - but if I were a betting man, I'd bet on her NOT having got it. Hehe. (and told my Mom "what she wanted to hear"). 

I suppose that is one way of handling it...

Then again, what do I know. 

I've been wrong before, but not most of the time!

This last PS never went out to the list. Perhaps it will soon!

Anyway if there is one good - so called good - thing covid19 has done, it's exposed pre-existing weakness and fissures on all fronts like never before. 

Relationships included. 

So in that regard, gotta say at least THAT is a good thing, ie. you might say all this drives wedges between people, but to me, if this didn't something else would, and might as well get it all over with as far as I see rather than prolong what isn't. 

I dont expect you, the reader to agree, or not, but thats my take on it.. .

It's interesting, my friend. 

For a "dark bedroom dwelling beer swilling maniac" - the long, long list of women that I've been with, that continues to grow, my prodigous output both "there" and books wise - and writing wise - and emails wise ... results, and so forth ... 

Staying in shape no matter what. 

Taking what life has to throw at me down the years (more than what most people could begin to imagine), and ultimately twisting it into a pretezel, tossing it right back ... 

"Conversation rules the nation!" (TEMB, you were right - it isn't the hair or body that does it,hehe). 

Or the "size" or lack thereof. 

It also, and Bozo is a perfect example - RUINS the nation... 

The point here is women, my friend. 

I am UBER selective - to the point of being extremely fastidious about WHO I chat to - and that extends to women too.  

The minute anyone is an energy drain on me, or a vampire, or "doesnt respond" or other BS o r "too busy" - I cut them out of my life. 

I dont delete, block etc - in some cases, yes, but I do that MENTALLY. 

For me, that very long list of women? 

MOST, if not all those women were all gorgeous - they ALL had money (without exception, and at the time, more than me). 

Some married, some not ... 

And this may come across as even stranger, but for someone that keeps preaching, and rightfully so the benefits of being FIT -when I was a phat phock and out of shape - I had some of the best experiences of my life in that regard. 

It wasn't because I was "married and fat and happy either". 

Most of that time, I was "single". 

It was something else, friend. 

Ultimately, its what Carol once told me. 

"Talking to you, I found it very interesting!" 

And THAT is what does it. The brains. 

She had a long, long list of men HANKERING after her which she kept on hold. 

A lot of the other girls did to as "they wanted to see how and where Rahul and them would work out" first. 

Then they went to those guys, or didnt... (after I left, or whatever happened). 

Lucy, a girl I know recently sent me a message about "you just want me for yourself!

Which is astouding given she sleeps around causally, and I asked her about it, and I encourage it. 

By all means, if a woman wants to do that ... 

But for me, "I want YOU, you're better than them", she keepst elling me - something didnt fit. 

The conversation, the communication - it didnt feel right. 

Most guys would just for the "kill" and notch another notch up or some rubbish. 

I do so without even thinking about it and NOT going for the kill - astounding as that might sound. 

True, that leads to cases like Grandmother Ashley occasionally who other than their marriage have done F all sexually in their lives. 

It also leads to cases where "my husband not so romantic as you!" - these women learn and enjoy sexuality like nothing they've ever done before. 

And so do YOU i.e. me in that case by extension obviously. 

I wrote about how it's businessmen that most women hanker after. 

It's not so much the politicians or movie stars or studs - its those with brains - that usually create businesses with good eventual cash flow (until they crash, and then they rebuild again) ...

...It's the BRAINS! 

The brains is what eventually leads to MONEY down the line. 

And we all know what women want the most. Even women want "it" - yes - but for women, stability and money trumps all "ultimately" and she will make sacrifices in any regard for that. 

Men ultimately won't. (ie men ultimately do what they do for some sort of SEX or sexual desire and proceeding towards fulfiling that desire SOMEHOW in some way, shape or form)

Thats just how we're wired, my friend, and trying to change it doesnt work. 

Trying to understand it, and play the game accordingly - works - and how! 

As for yours truly, I'd rather have women that dont sleep around with a bazillion different men. 

And have always had ... 

And "loose sleeping around" doesnt cut it for me (when it comes to women). 

Call me a misogynist, but there it is .. 

Alright enough of this. 

But it needed to be said!

Hey, there are some things women can do and men can't - it works the SAMe in reverse too. 

And if you're still thinking "its the body that attracts" - well, get that body then - and do so by getting on the system there - truly turning you from "dud" to Stud in all regards - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And I'd rather not, and never have been a notch on any woman's "post" either, hehe. Always had higher standards for myself than that, and it shows!

It could be Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, the latter bitching about his lack of stayng power, the shape of his nether parts or what not. 

It could be Sly Stallone and Brigette Nielsen, the latter complaining about much the same thing (for an ex porn star at that! I mean, the stupidity of it all - Sly was good enough to make money that way when the chips were down, and...) 

But it's a common refrain - females having abnormal expectations of male celebs and then complaining about their lack of prowress in bed. 

Ever notice these females where THEY are when they complain - and where the men are? 

Look at Brigette where she is today - and Sly. 

Ditto for Trump and Stormy! 

Not to mention, some of these women are the bitchiest, most entitled and most domineering ever!

(and you CAN profit from that, if you know HOW - trust me, it isnt what youre thinking either).

I'll always remember Marc the African silverback Gorilla complaining about a woman that once messaged him out of the blue (well, he messaged her, actually, I believe) and the upshot? 

She wanted a house and car before even "talking further". 

"she's over 43, and so damn entitiled", he went. 

I dont want a woman that doesn't turn me on, he continued. I'm over 40, and ...! 

Now, I agree with that part of what he said - completely so! 

Not to mention, successful men TRANSMUTE Their sexual energy into their WORK, and have no time for BS or honey do's. 

When we're with women, we like to be treated WELL - not like Bozo Schofield does. "in ass". 

Anyway, I believe I told you some interesting tales about Grandmother Ashley in the last email? 

I edited that one on the site, and added in a few tidibits as well, namely about how her so called cleaning wasn't much, if at all, better than my own - not to mention the bitching up a storm and of course, as for Bozo Schofield we dont know what his skills are there either, but anyway .. 

So that night of the "infamous" HJ 

"You dont need me", she kept moaning. 

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. 

They did - or the lack of things happening that night. 

So much did she piss and moan that I got sick of hearing about it. 

She went to bed. 

I drank a six pack, and joined her (that was like 14 beers already). 

Middle of the night, I was snoring peacefully. 

She did something that brought me "boing" if you get my drift. 

But as I was starting to enjoy it, she stopped. 

Got on top. 


Nothing wrong with cowgirl, or cowboy, but you know, sometimes, some other things feel better, I told her that. 

(sometimes a man just wants to be a lazy ass in bed and enjoy if you get my drift, not to mention after like 15 beers...)

And the amount she bitched again ...!

Then the next morning, we woke up at 6 - or I did, then she did too. 

"Ashley, you sleep", I told her. 

I gotta go climb!

"I'll climb with you!" she went. 

Now, nothing against climbing hills with women - I do and have done plenty of that. 

But her, I knew she'd never be able to keep up with me on the hill. 

And, she didnt look like she ever climbed either (she wasn't really fat, but she was too bodacious if you get my drift - apparently yoga shomga did squat all for her, as I keep saying. HA!)

Even Jassy the yoga Queen has come around to understanding that. 

Anyway, I tried tellng her no, finally she got pissed off and left, not the ideal start to the morning at all ... 

And I told her, Ashley, you dont look like you ever climb!

"How do you know", she went. 

Well, because I spend like 5-6 hours out there daily I told her, because I've never seen you there, and ... 

"How do you know! I could come when you were not there!" 

Maybe she did, but she sure didnt LOOK it. 

And she sure wouldn't have been able to keep up with meon the hill! 

Anyway, back to successful men and some of the women complaining - they dont GET IT. 

Look at where these women are, how they got there, and where they are today. 

Look at the men, their stories, if they did it themselves, went through the school of hard knocks, whether the women did too, you know, all those hard to ask questions. 

These questions answer a lot. 

Ashley for one tom toms her various pharamices and what not, fact is this - without her Dad supporting her with MONEY and then her husband (who has hotels or something) - it wouldn't never have happened. 

Sure, she repaid it. 

But, all too often, men never get that initial BOOST ... women DO!

And the next time when you hear Stormy Dan or whatever whining bout the Trumpinators wang doodle, just pause and think "what about HER". 

Not exactly a spring chicken for one ... 

Anyway, where am I going with this - I dont know. 

seemed like the ideal rejoinder to the last GrandMother Ashley Email I sent out!

And also, a perfect place to promote 16 INspirational Fitness Recollections, another book that has seen a lot of interest. 

Along with this, which is a tiny purchase - make sure to pick up a bad one - or a big one - or a BIG BAD one too - the BOOK OF ALL BOOKS set to come out - Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness

Price will go up dramatically very soon. 

And, the baseline of all fitness systems here

OK, thats it for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 13 September 2021 07:07

"My mother told me ..."

I once briefly - very much so - dated a girl named Ashley (so was her English name). 

Eyes full of naughty candor, hidden desire and more - yet, externally (and I dont mean clothes etc - she wore the most revealing clothes ever) - you'd be forgiven for thinking "Prude Central". 

She was of course the same dame that ... ah, but lets recap it in brief.

When we went on our first date, it was a movie we watched, and dinner etc too I believe. 

Well, actually not - that was second maybe. 

Before that, we did something - I can't remember what. 

And as she dropped me off in her car back home I did what was normal - absolutely so for me. 

I leant over - gave her a kiss - smack on the lips, and made to leave ... 


Wait a minute. 

Did I just kiss her? 

Felt like a cold sod actually, and I tried again. 

I'd need a screwdriver to pry open them lips, hehe. 

And not the kind you drink either! :LOL 

I brought this up. 

"Ashley, all I'm tryhing to do is kiss you". 

And I went again. 


Just hilarious when I think about it, yet the statement she made, half giggling, half serious 

Made me GOOGLE, GOGGLE, and more!

"My mother tell me that ..." then she stopped. 

OK, what did she tell you. 

"My mother tell me that ..." 

OK, like WHAT did she TELL YOU???

"My  mother tell me kiss on cheek, OK! But man who kiss on lips, velly bad man!" 

Or I think, something to the order of "never let man kiss on lips!" 

I think I wrote about this stupidity before, but what I didnt mention - is that I roared in laughter when I heard that. Remember, it wasn't like she was 19 years of age either - over 30, and thats being kind!

I literally ROARED, and eventually she got the joke, so much so that that night when she went back home and texted naughty - one of the texts went "Mommy said that .... " 

Anyway she wasn't a bad person. 

I think she also said "why you no do in movie theater, why you want in car". 

Thats interesting the questions girls have asked me, Carol for one would always ask "why so many kiss in car". 

Well, what else is there to do eh. 

A mans gotta be a man!

And in the movie theater, I dont know - with Carol it was more her telling me "you're not interested in the movie, you want other things!" 

So I did, and always have, nary a movie have I ever actually "watched" with a girl unless the movie is REALLY good. 

But with Ashley that day, I dont know, there wasn't any hanky panky in the theater. 

Anyway, Mommy apparently also told her that (she didnt say this, but that was likely her upbringing) that "men HAVE to "go down there" but for women it's optional". 

I mean really, she bitched up a freaking thunderous thunderstorm over it, when she finally did it,she was nigh terrible at "lo lo" if you get my drift. 

I didnt dare to ask for "go go" either. 

(and, I dont know if she knows it, but for a brief while, I actually had her name on WeChat as "Grand Mother Ashley") 

Then the infamous "cleaning your house" episode. 

I was trying to wriggle out of a date or something by saying "I've got cleaning to do". 

(which I did, and Bozo Schofield wasn't there either to do it, so I, since I did NOT want to call in gaggles of maids - figured I'd get to it and be done with it). 

Ashley thought otherwise. 

"Lets go out! I'll do it for you later!" 

No, I , uh, I interjected, but she showed me cleaning supplies which she had apparently already bought, so that was that. 

When she actually did the cleaning though, I learnt her version of cleaning was to complain every minute while she did it and expect me to join in. 

I was like, if I've got to do it anyway, why wouuld you offer Ashley? 

No answer, of course. 

(not to mention she did a shitty job at it, not much better than my own admittedyl crappy cleaning skills. Wonder where the Bozo was when he was needed, hehe.)

Anyway, needless to say that relationship didnt last too long. 

and shortly thereafter, the infamous hissy at the learning center where she strode in wearing mico minis or something - and complained about the A/C being on16 in the heat of summer. 

Gotta give it to her, brains, I probably had more in my little head than she up there. 

Then again, thats true of Nazi feminists in general, and it's why I teach you how to combat and profit from it as I do - because, I, my friend, have been there, done it, and moved mountains in that regard. 

So can YOU, if you LEARN how to. 

Trust me, so worth it. 

Ashley shows up in several other books not on the site. 

And again, she's not a bad girl per se. 

Looking at her photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking "sheer lust". 

Which she had as well, of course. 

But I never got the "you dont need me" part after she gave me a HJ once. 

I dont want to get too risque here, but as I lay there, relaxed, she started. 

"You dont need me!"  

"You just need ...: " 

Nigh absurd, of course given that ... but not any more so than her statement (she was a nurse in another life) of "men should wash before sex, but I dont need to, because I'm a nurse!" 

Just IDIOTIC to the extreme. 

Of course, she knew precious little about male anatomy, so it maks me wonder what sort of nurse she was. 

Anyway, the "mother told me comment" makes me guffaw every time I hear it, so I Thought I'd share it, being the big bad male I am ... 

And, thats a recollection yes - the Fitness ones, equally inspiring - are right here - 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections. 

Women dont even get a mention that book, bro. 


You'll want to pick it up now. 

i.e. if there is one thing your "mother should have told you", (Ahsley speak, hehe) it is that. 

But mothers and inane advice aside (though often times fathers aren't much bettter) ... 

I saw a sage quote from the Trumpinator's son on Twitter. 

"If they want to mandate everything for the so called health of people, why not mandate proper diet and exercise". 


And something as y'all know, I've been shouting myself hoarse about from the rooftops ever since last year. 

I mean, do we ever hear anyone talk about health - and fitness - the right way? 

Or even any sort of fitness? 

All panic and panixines that just dont work, and I wasn't shy about saying that on Twitter to him either. 

Anyway ... 

I dont know if Mom or Dad (anyone's) would recommend what I am below, but the BEST thing you can do for yourself now in that regard, my friend, is place the pre-order for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness

This is truly the best and most astounding fitness book I've ever written (almost done - kettlebells remain) ... and given all I've put out as of now, thats saying a hell of a lot. 

You'll want to grab this NOW, my friend. 

Dont delay a second longer. 

Place the preorder NOW - and email when you do, and I'll place your name on that "roll of honor" of DOERS AND REAL MEN TOO!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ashley, and the tales I have, not just about her, but in general. HA!

(That one time when I was doing what real men do on the couch after inviting her back, i.e. "cop a feel" (she was bodacious) and she'd keep slapping my hand away because "we need turn light off before make sexy". UGH) 

(and her comments of "you are ENGLISHMAN from NEW YORK" so why you no blue eyes!). 

Like, super ugh ... 

Saturday, 11 September 2021 11:29

"Don't be a faggot!"

Uncle Bob, Uncle Charles ... LOL. I dont know why that just came to mind, but before y'all send me ANGRY REJOINDERS i.e. how dare I call you that - relax. 

I didnt. 

I am NOT calling YOU, the reader the F term in the subject line above. 

It was what Charles the former friend once "complained about" to me though - during that one infamous meeting with Glyn Bozo and himself. 

Bozo was sitting outside drinking free beer either Charles or me bought him (before he gorged on free stuff he pestered - cum - made an ass of himself - cum - I better not say that c word, bozo might ...- "felt sorry for Bozo" that I bought him and he despite saying he would pay, couldn't find an ATM or some nonsense when it was time to, he had a phone, of course, but he wouldn't use it - like Charles said - Glyn NEVER pays!) ... and was pretty oblivious to it. 

But Charles - or me, actually had to go take a leak. 

Peeeeeeeeeeeee as the Bozo for some reason pronounces it. 

I wont' go any further. 

So I tried to find a restroom nearby. 

Charles slapped me one on the thigh. 

"Just go THERE!" he pointed to some gate and some house in a quiet residential compound. 

Now, I hesitated. 

I'm hardly the sort to go piss on people's doorsteps!

I've done it on highways etc before in China, but only when, as Carol with me at the time said "well, there's no toilet nearby, how we DO!" 

I still wonder how women in general "hold it" that long. 

But anyway ... 

(bozo probably knows that, hehe)

(apparently he sits down or what not to "go") 

But anyway ... my second thoughts or reservations about what Charles asked me to do was why he called me a faggot - in a friendly manner, of course. 

But I dont get it, since when did making a nuisance out of oneself NOT make one a faggot? 

I'd say the public louts and drunks for one at football matches or what not fit that category. 

Sit outside, drink all you like - thats fine - but when you go peeing on peoples gates or doorsteps and run away, you're no better than the mangy dogs on the street, at least so I think. One thing to "find a spot in the woods" - or even trees - but publicly in front of people's houses? 

I dont think so friend. 

And it would get you shot in many a location. 

The Chinese, of course, just call the police. Hehe. 

Anyway ... 

thats what I think of often - the expression when some idiot emails me like he did the other day. 

"I want more products" 

Apparently that three page email - one page was dedicated to "how I browsed all your products", couldn't find what I liked, so I want more - except he's been saying this since 2016 and when it comes time to buy - like Glyn Bozo, he's always got an excuse not to. (not that I'd want Bozo buying, I'm talking mentality here). 

And with his inane comments about "you always sell!' and associated moans, I should have just told him what Charles stold me. 

"Dont be a faggot!" 

On a seperate note, that night. Glyn apparently didnt just "go" - but squatted pants down to do "2" if you can believe that, but if you ask certain people in the know, and again, this is on camera, this idiot was so drunk (perhaps high too) - I still remember his voice that day lurching along to monkey biz - that he took a "2" in class right there and then. 

I'm using the number because, I dont know, Glyn is just UGH. 

And for a nut like that, obviously defecating in public is no big deal. 

He'd be right at home in Shantram's novel where they speak of "doing it n India on the Bombay seashore - turning yellow" (yes, Shantaram has solid - gory - and graphic descriptions). Hehe. 

But with them, you feel sorry for them, they're in a poor country, genuinely so, but when Bozo from the UK shows up and does those things- just, I dont know, UGH. 

Then again, the INdian wrestlers "went together every morning" as a rite of passage too. 

True story - except of course Bozo wouldn't be allowed in ... 

Anyway, I dont know what prompted me to write this "steamy" email to ya'll. 

Except perhaps to say to the freebie seekers, what Charles once exhorted me not to do. 

"Don't be a faggot!' 

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps - LOTS of you have been clicking over and checking out Animal Kingdom Workouts - dont put the decision off any further, friend. If you want it, which you do, just up and get it and start BENEFITING already... 

He isnt announcing, of coure. Hehe. That role was made immortal in the WWE by the great visionary Vince Mc Machon - who for much of the WWEs rise, the fan actually thought "Gorilla Moonsoon" called the shots and Mac Mahon was just a solid color commentatory and ring announcer. 

Nothing like that, friend!

Like Jeff Bezos at Amazon, he chose that position because he wanted to see everything UPFRONT AND CLOSE AS THE BOSS!

The best way. 

If you want something done right, do it YOURSELF. And some tasks just cannot be delegated, PERIOD!

Now, back to Trump - he's doing color commentary basically, and I've seen some interesting discussions about "who might win  the bout". 

I dont know - to me, if its a boxing match which it seems it is - - then thats Holyfield's "forte" I'd say ... 

If its UFC, then it's Belfort's area of expertise. 

And all else being equal, I'd say whoever's "area of expertise it is" - all else being equal - WINS!

If it was a pure street fight, all else being equal, I'd go with the uFC guy, but of course - and again, too many variables involved in a street fight, but note I said IF ALL else is equal!

Which of course, it rarely is

Then this bout - is it an exhibition match, or a real one, or a combo therein, or something like that? 

I'd say perhaps the first. Hehe. 

Of course, I'm not sure!

And there sure ain't no Rocky around here, both of these guys are solid and well estabilished in their own fields, but again, since it seems to be purely boxing, I'd say Holyfield. 

And one look at the former champ's shoulders, Holy SHMOKES!

He looks to be in shape if nothing else! Hehe. 

Much ik eMike Tyson and the rest - but so does the light heavyweight former UFC champ. 

Should be interesting no matter what happens!

I for one look forward to hearing what the ole Trumpinator says, hehe. 

I dont know if he's got much actual knowledge of boxing, but hes got the VISCERAL part down pat!

And he'll likely emerge as a winner in that regard to his die hard fans any way. 

God knows he needs that luck. 

Most ex Presidents have for years had it very "cosy" post retirement, extremely so!

Trump - not so much!

The precise opposite. 

Not only have most of his source of funding dried up - but his hotel and real estate businesses are struggling - and tons of loans are coming due. 

He personally likely wont be indicted or anything as a lot of reports say - I mean, think about - a former Pres? 

THAT will probably keep him off the hook personally, though people might try ... 

But being he hasn't done anything outright illegal (I know, I know, the assault on the Capital wasn't warranted, I'd rather personally have had that sort of thing done LEGALLY i.e. protest LEGALLY!!! - but then as people have said, "what do you do when the courts dont listen!" - but then Trump's legal defense was shitty and shoddy to be honest - even his biggest supporters know that - and it's an unGodly mess, but whether or not Trump "directly" did it ... well, that can be debated forever!) ... and being "not showing tax returns" really isn't something they'll ultimately put an ex Prez in jail for, at least thats my take on it - he should himself emerge relatively unscathed, unlike a few others at his companies... 

But, financially, he's in the hole - big time. 

(not to mention that he's the only Prez in a long - ex Prez - time that has not been offered a book deal by any major publisher - they're ALL staying away, despite offering Pence and the rest solid deals on everything)

(Hey, Trump may end up ... self publishing, if you can believe that!) 

(I am not sure why the publishers dont want the cash cow that would be a book like that, but I think they've figured the potential hassles would outweigh the money on this one, and being the rest like Pence are all non controversial, well...) 

Back to Donald though - he may be in the HOLE - NOW - but that doesn't mean hell stay there though ... 

Trump's a doer, and will eventually, I predict return to the top, but he's got a battle on his hands!

Anyway, for now, thats my take on it. 

And how this applies to YOU? 

Well, as I said before ... 

The exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System are what UFC guys - boxers - wrestlers - and martial artists of EVERY caliber follow, my friend. And even if you dont fall into one of them categories which most of you guys don't - they will benefit you more than anything else you've ever done, and keep you in the best shape of your life. 

And if you want boxing specific, just for the heck of it - hey. 

Pushup Central and Jump Rope Mania are your ticket(s)!

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS. - Remember to place your pre-orders in for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, time truly IS TICKING ont hat one. 

PPPS - Last, but not least, the Trump VS Biden "boxing match" I alluded to Trump referring to before? 


Biden's reputed to have once said that he'd "beat the hell out of Trump if in high school". 

I'm not so sure he could do that. And, it's hardly high school either now, is it. Hehe. 

Regardless, if ole Sleepy "Creepy" Joe could actually, you know, meander from one end of the ring to the other without either falling asleep - forgetting what he was there for in the first place - or throwing a hissy every time things didnt go his way (and really, ole Creepy has a VERY HARD time controlling his temper, as we all know!  - which to me is yet another reason he's so NOT Fit to be Prez - not to mention he handled the REAL war in Afghanistan so terribly for one!)- he might just (not) have a chance. Hehe. 

It's hilarious though, and I suspect as I said before, Trump knows this very well!

Anyway, if you're of the frame of mind that "Tramp and Biden" dont matter and you dont "need either", and/or if you're like Andrew Yang, whose reportedly forming a "third party" (what that party is and can be that hasn't already been tested, tried, dusted, dried, and thrown out the window is anyone's guess) ... then I got NEWS for YA. 

You're right. 


Politics is the last thing I'm usually interested in, and only COVID and Trump forced me to sit up and take note. 

All crooks of the highest order ultimately, or most. 

Trump - well, thats his saving grace - and what I like the most about him - he's a businessman. 

What you see is what you get! 

And as for you, my friend, if you want to channel your inner beast and turn into your own version of Holyfield or who have you - well - HERE is the course that will do it - Animal kingdom Workouts!

BAck soon. 

Life's indeed a trip, hehe. And these trolls - like the Bozo for one they make it even better. Hehe. 

You've read the last email on Tai Po Central, I'm sure ... 

If not, do so now. 

(no, I won't link it here). 

But I've often got the comment - a wail, rather. 

"You can mock me, but ...!" 

Funnily enough, most of the time, I wasn't even trying to mock anyone. 

I was simply saying it like it is ... 

This has happened to me so many times that I quietly chuckle anytime someone brings it up. 

The Bozo above got pissed off, and therefore sent me his inanity. 

What he doesnt, of course, know that my last name is "uniquely" spelt - it's usually spelt "Mukherji". 

Check it out on Google, you'll see!

I have no idea why. 

But this unique name made me a target and butt of many a jokes. 

And I gave it back - well, not always - but these days, I welcome these attacks. Hehe. 

More fodder for me basically, and as to why I mock people (I really don't unless I actively focus on doing it, but I hardly ever do) ... 

It seems like mocking to them, yes. 

But if your fragile ego cannot understand - banter, for one - or goose and gander for one i.e. Charles writes about how my emails are useless while being a phat phocker that can't even begin to do a dead hang himself ... or, most importantly, fact, then so be it. 

I'll mock you until the cows come home, and I'll be brazen about it. 

Trolls, wackos, SJW's - libtards, and other assorted morons deserve exactly THAT. 

Not to mention the wackos advocating terrorism like the idiot in the last email was ... "because they're soooooooooo racist". 


I can just feel the jackboot ... NOT. 

Most amazingly, this wack job forgot to note I'm hardly white myself. Hehe. 

Come to think of it, he'd probably call me whiter than white, and as Charles did (former friend) "white man in Indian skin" or some nonsense. 

I've never heard such horse baloney before, Charles. 

Actually, I have - from wackos aplenty. Hehe. 

Now, the last, and what y'all are thinking ie. sales. 

Do I mock people to increase sales? 

Well, sometimes ... 

But usually, I dont say a word. 

My books do a mighty fine job of mocking the Tom Toms' though - Isometric and Flexibility Training for one. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts does a fine job of mocking the "former friend" types who couldn't even begin to do the basic exercises in there - as does Corrugated Core. 

And if there ever was a book - or two - that will make (and has made) a mockery out of the way so called fitness is potrayed these days with Jassie like selfies galore and other rubbish ... 


And Battletank SHOULDERS!

And, Profound "70% Gorilla 30% Human" handstands

And of course, the upcoming book which will put ALL of the above to "shame" in a good way. 

Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness

Go ahead and place your pre-order now, friend. 

You will NOT want to miss this one!


Rahul M"ock"kerjee Mookerjee "Mercurial Mookerjee" (anyone got anything else to add, please do, hehe) 

Sunday, 05 September 2021 05:58

Tai Po Central

I've often gotten hilarious responses on some of my Tai Pos - most of the time all unintentional. 

And lots of Bozos have trolled me on it too, which I quite enjoy (for obvious reasons. Hehe). 

Look, when you're writing in the flow, friend, the only way you SHOULD write - it happens. And if it is 't happening, and you're obsessing about every single mis-spelt word or punchooation or what not, then you're not doing it right. 

Really, you aren't (if thats you). 

Sure, I dont put typos in emails on purpose, and often times while writing I'll fix them, but most of the time I don't 

They're there for a reason. 

I'm here to WRITE. 

Not fix bloody tai pos that hardly matter anyway. 

Like John Walker said in his review for Animal Kingdom Workouts ... 


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

And he's right. Hehe. Glyn is indeed what he said and more ... And it truly IS one of my best books ever - literally a behemoth. 68 exercises no less then, you get to the workouts which most people, even advanced gym trainees and crossfitters give up after a couple of rounds. 

Like Charles Mitchell said (I dont know if he has this one, I think NOT) ... 

"The only reason you're not as rich as Jeff Bezos is because most people look at your books and say F that! 

Never become a pussy trainer so you can sell more books!

Keep challenging us!" 

Showl will, my friend!

As you correctly said, thats me. 

And always will be. 

As for the Bezos comparison, hey - I've got time on my hands. Hehe. ;) 

But anyway, yeah - taipos. 

Like who CARES. 

Especially in emails ... 

In books, I do my best to ensure that there are no mis-spellings and some slip through anyway, so be it. 

Now, last night, a guy - a great guy, I believe - was translating one of my fiction books about a lady called "Pooja" (a vegetable seller I wrote about) (another one of those REAL stories) into Portugese. 

Which is great, but ... then I got this from him. 

His initial email to me mentioned somethign about tai-pos which I ignored ... 

I shoudn't have. Hehe. 

Looks like I'll bother you a lot.
Page 3 line 14. odessey
Page 4 line 12. an dfeeling
Page 4 line 18, thats
Are these up to what I've already done. As more come, I'll tell you.
Now, one doubt. Page 5 line 21, he switched back to A.M. I couldn't figure it out.

I guess the first is understandable - he did not know the meaning of the word, so asked - and hey. I love that! 

It shows he's INTERESTED in doing a great job, and not a run of the mill job "winging it" via Google or what not, and trust me, the cultural thingies and "figures of speech I use specific to English" - you cannot just Google them and translate. He seems to k now this too. 

But the rest? 

It's obvious to me... 

And three hours later (it was 3 AM then - and midnight when I received his first email) ... he canceled the job. 

Ok, fair enough. Seems he got ticked off or whatever, or maybe he wanted a book he could work on on his own time without having to ask for feedback, but still, canceling because of that? 

I dont know, I've sent him an email ... 

Hi Nelson

Sorry to see you canceled the translation! I'm happy with you "bothering" me - but if the book is something you feel you cannot translate, thats OK as well.

Odessey - basically means a "long and adventurous journey": "And feeling" "That's" I write in the flow, so typos occur, but those are fine - my readers don't particularly mind them. This particular book was written "even more in the flow", hehe, as you can probably tell. Switched back to AM - if you could paste the whole line, I'll be happy to explain it! Dont worry about "bothering me" - I use complicated words sometimes and many figures of speech unique to English, so many people ask me what things mean while translating - I enjoy that, because it shows the person is interested!

Let me know if you can / want to continue working on the book, if not, all good.


We'll see what Nelson says... 

But focusing too much on taipos is a sure sign of either being overly fastidous or a Bozo, flat out. 

Which he might be the former, I dont know ... 

Anyway, on that front, I got an email this morning which was so suited for Bozo Glyn in Brum.

When you are 33 years old and not earning a single penny and you keep on trying to earn but not getting success, what should you do?

I take this back - the FIRST part of this is so suited to Glyn. 

This was a post about people giving up etc "because they did it for months and saw no resutls" or what not, and persistence ... 

But for Glyn, he never TRIES in the first place. 

True, he tries to scam and does it - then gets found out, and booted back to curb. lol. 

True, he's the best damn troll out there - bar none. I'm yet to see one better!

Other than scammer, troller, racist jerk and utter fool (and everything else ya'll know), I'm yet to see anything GOOD being said by anyone about Glyn - let alone productive. 

He recently sent me a note about "I scammed the nation" i.e. glyn. 

Anyway ... thats the Bozo update for the day, but there was another Bozo who sent me this on Twitter. 

Bandar ki shakal, ghade ki aqal aur naam hai Mock-er-jee Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Chup kar be bhsdk

My Hindi BE weak, but basically he called me a monkey face and "donkey brain" or something like that. 

I've been recommending Glyn to him. Hehe. 

Anyway this was my OP - 

HEre we go again. LOL. Seems Bozo is drunk... Ah wait, hastags... #drunkmuzziebozos lol Did the Prophet show up as yet? LOL

You might wonder what the discussion was about? 

Well, he was claiming I hashtagged my posts to increase visiblity and that "no-one cares".

Apparently he does for one. Heh. 

And the INITIAL discussion was me responding to the dastardly attack in NZ. 

A terrible, terrible thing to happen and sad that these bloody extremists are targeting what used to be one of the safest places on earth, truly an oasis (still is in many regards). 

That was what I said on Twitter, and apparently this Bozo responded complaining about racism. 


But Bozos, of course love to play the race card. 

Absolutely! Every single nation in history should have fought against their White, 3rd world colonizers who came and stole everything from minerals to their culture and their land. Find a mirror and take a good hard look.

Weird, these idiots. 

I mean, let bygones be bygones - move the fuck on - we aint exactly in the Jim Crow era no more! 

I should have known, some Bozo would come and classify a terror attack as fighting against racism or some BS. Really, get a grip dude. Playing the race card ... such an old and STUPID technique. Not to mention, it hasn't been applicable for ages!

He then sent me this gem - 

Race hasn’t been applicable in ages? Wow! You’re so far from reality it’s shocking. Since you can use Twitter, I’m sure you can google, but then again, that would need a few grey cells which you clearly are missing.

I then made the comment about Prophet. 

As expected, that got his goat. 

And as these trolls do, he reverted back to his "own language" as he was clearly unable to respond cleverly in English - not just that, but he reverted to "type" i.e. vile abuse because he knew what I was saying was right. Hehe. 

Typical Tom Tom, just like Schofield, wonder if the two would get along. HEhe. 

Always fun to bring 'em out of the woodwork, or the rocks they crawled out of (popped out of as this nut tells me). 

And that, my friend, is the update for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A couple of my other "consternation inducing tweets" ... 

Tony Greig was indeed a class act - and classic - two in one. hehe. Yes, those Sharjah matches, now that you bring it up. CLASSIC!!

Unfortunate, but true - there are cities (or towns??) in the UK that pretty much follow Sharia law! Must stop immediately, this pandering to terror and extremism of any nature!

And, a sensible one ... 

Amazing how many oppressed people's gained education, improvements in health and sanitation, which leads to better quality of life.

And my response to it ... 

Which I basically responded by giving him the example of the Brits in India, true, they did terrible things and NO-ONE is supporting or advocating colonialism, but they did give the country the railways which are being used till this date... 

Anyway, now that y'all know, yet again, my position on all this, I'm out. 


Enjoy thy Sunday... 


The morning after the great Chicago Fire, a group of merchants stood on State Street, looking at the smoking remains of what had been their stores. 

They went into a conference to decide if they would try to rebuild, or leave Chicago, and start over in a promising part of the country. 

They reached a decision - ALL Except ONE - to LEAVE Chicago.

The merchant who decided to stay and rebuild pointed a finger at the remains of his store, and said "Gentlmen, on THAT very spot, I'll build the world's largest store, no matter how many times it may burn down". 

That was more than fifty years ago. The store was built . It stands there today, a TOWERING MONUMENT to the power of that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE. The easy thing for Marshall Field to have done would have been exactly what his fellow merchants did. When the going was hard, and the future looked dismal, they pulled up and went where the going looked easier. 

MArk well this difference between Marshal Field and the other merchants..... 

That, my friend, is a story told from Think and Grow Rich - and a true one - and verbatim (I capitalized a bit more, but thats it). 

I'm sure you know the Marshall I'm referring to - at least the old timers will. 

For the young 'uns, Google is your FRIEND.

This story speaks not just about determination and desire - but a bulldog tenacity to mow down ANY AND ALL Obstacles before one!

I can relate, and identify. 

So many times in my life I've had ... to ... REBUILD AND START FROM SCRATCH, or less than it! 

Fitness, life, business ... many things!

Many times. 

At no point did the thought of giving up on anything enter my mind, no matter how irritated, frustrated, or angry I was - or how hard it might have seemed. 

Damned if I dont do this was always my eventual attitude. 

And eventually, it got done. 

Goal GOT accomplished. 

I moved on, fell, rebuilt, and so forth. 

Thats how real achievement comes about, my friend. 

One of the key skills to have in life is this - one, the knowledge that no matter what, you're never too big to fail even if you do all the right things. 

Sometimes, you're MEANT to fail even at that stage!

And you do. 

Nothing can fight the Universe, friend. 

And it's laws

And two, more importantly, you need to know - or HAVE th egumption to always be able to rebuild from scratch, the CONFIDENCE to do so. 

If my fitness biz were taken away from me tomorrow? 

All the books, articles, writing etc? 

I'd blithely rebuild from scratch tomorrow. 

Not that I'd want to do that, but I'd do it anyway, and I'd succeed again. 

THAT is real desire, my friend. 

And if there's something that the panic-demic has forced upon many people, it's starting from scratch, or having to - either financially, or workwise, or otherwise, or a combo therein. 

Or, if you're the ex communications Minister in Afghanistan, you take on a delivery boy's job. 

Or, like some people in India, airline pilots are driving cabs!

China, you have people that used to work for huge companies now literally surviving hand to mouth doing "odd jobs" here and there (a lot of these people had never thought "what if" and build up their OWN collateral, business etc) ... 

It's happening everywhere. 

China Tom Tom's being forced to return home are in many cases coming to their senses about the so called dream that never ever was. 

They're doing odd jobs, roughing it out too as opposed to the princely treatment they "sometimes" got in China(not really anymore though). 

And so forth ... 

Happening everywhere. 

IF that happened to you, friend, tomorrow, would you hold your head up high and say the above WITHOUT HESITATION - and feeling like yes, you could do it? 

The latter is key. 

Trust me, not everyone can ... 

Fitness wise, I've had to start from less than scratch - with less than scratch to train with - many a times. 

And I've done it, each and every time. 

So can you, my friend. 

If you're so woefully out of shape that doing ONe pushup is beyond you, let alone 10 or 51, fear NOT. 

My books take you truly from less than zero to more than HERO, my friend ... 

And the first thing you must do fitness wise is have a desire to improve - a BURNING DESIRE. 

If you've got that, I can supply the tools

But only YOU my friend, can supply the desire. Nothing supplants that, nothing at all. With it, you're everything, without it, you're less than nothing. 

Trust me on this one. 

So, there it is, friend. 

Take it or leave it, but its; so damn true!


Rahul Mookerjee

So says a monkey at a dancing center - a lady who I removed from one of my wechat groups once for violating rules. 

And, of course, she responded with ... this - first up. 

"fuck u" 

That is what she responded with first up, no kidding. Hehe. 

To say I didnt take the conversation further was an understatement. 

Neither did I respond back- some things, some people - are NOT worth it. 

Now, today, I saw the same person - out of desperation for SOMEONE to take her classes (given the China crackdown on illegal teachers has just intensified, as has the "all learning centers need to be NOT for profit" campaign that Xi has started recently - in short, "becoming the new North Korea" as someone told me rightly) ... posting this. 

"chinese lessons available for both Chinese and foreign citizens!" 

Interesting she used the word citizens. 

But really, in a Buy and Sell Group (where wackos pester each other to buy things on the cheap rather than GIVE - away!) ... she posted this. 

Admittedly group admin allows ads on Friday. 

But still, I wasn't goin gto reply, but it was too much. 

The Chinese learning Chinese? 

Do they do so, I asked. 

The flood of responses I got - oh my. 

People say they're "busy". 

Yet, I've always said the busier they say they are, the freer the are - for B.S. (like Charles's example in the last email). 

The flood of overhelpful responses told me one thing (while I got a warning for mentioning the person broke rule in my other group and was booted) - or two. 

Two, actually. 

One, people have nothing better to do. 

When you've got 10 people pasting group rules accessible to ALL for no reason, well that says it all - not to mention the speed of the responses. 

Bang, bang, bang!

Like Jay Roy (a certain dude from Cameroon whom Victor, a true Tom Tom in every sense of the word tried to pass off as an "American English speaker" because he wore his hat to the side or some rot) once correctly noted, send them a red packet, see how quick they grab it up!

(those are basically tiny bits of $$ for everyone in the group. Haven't seen those in a while which says a lot, but honestly, yours truly ignores it - far better things to do with my time than running after dimes or less). 

Unlike a certain "Vicky" I once knew who Gorilla Girl Sophia rightly put in her place (I believe I covered that story before!? I'vegot so many to tell you!) 

But second, and more importantly, everyone is thinking the same thing I am. 

I can feel it. 

I mean, Chinese paying to learn Chinese? 


And yet, all too scared to say it. As I told Dani (she was like if I saw a comment that stupid, I'd have to say something!). 

If I say something stupid as that I need to make a coment? " - Exactly, but you're a smart girl. China mostly (these days) attracts Bottom of the Barrel "white" Bozos that think their skin color makes them Gods gift to China teaching (it's a monkey job basically - no real teaching) "A B C" to the Chinese, haha (you've heard of the ESL rubbish, I'm sure?).

Plus, a lot of them have painted themselves into a corner, left themselves with no choice but to kiss Chinese ass, and plus China - well - with all the crackdowns on expats now, people are scared to even open their moutb (not all, but most) ...

Damn, if its thad bad in first world Spain, I dont know, <chopped> must be even worse? ? But I went to the <chopped> office here, I went to another stores the other day, all A/C, but yeah, no "office" other than that and of course, I'm sure government facilities in Spain are A/C too!

(Apparently in Spain they're not running A/C in offices to save money! ) (and in China, back when I DID work, its always been a battle to turn on the A/C full blast)

But Spain ain't the only country with lunacy around these days. 

China is #1 in that regard, or close to it, hehe. 

The chinese though - I dont get it. When you turn on the A/C in the middle of summer, even hotter than now, they feel "cold". Same in India, haha. I dont get it, but maybe you've seen that in Venezuela too, since the A/C hardly ever runs, when it does people feel cold.

Or, they "open the window while running the AC to let the climate in". Or, they'll do what Ashley did, complain (when wearing a tiny mini skirt) up a storm about "how cold it is in class" ... .(in summer!).

So, Lunacy Central all over the world - the India thing was years ago, apparently girls complained "my hair flies" when I turned on the AC in the middle of summer, thankfully I had a decent boss who told 'em to ... well, you get the drift. 

Venezeula, Dani probably knows better. 

And China, well, enough said. 

Alright, point of me teling you all this? 

Not really to get you to shake your head and say "WTF". 

Well, maybe it is. Maybe a few chuckles!

We all need 'em!

And, stepping aside from the lunacy, here is the most down to earth, SENSIBLE - SENSICAL - fitness system you could and should ever invest in - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

See you "aboard!" 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, truly a group with no drama, truly no lunacy. And thats how I like it! Hell, I vet people very thoroughly and then some, I've been known to happily decline people on this one too!


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