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I've written enough about this, I think. 

But I remembered a comment my wife often makes to my daughter (talk about WEAPONIZING kids against their own parents!!) about "cooking". 

"He never helps me in the kitchen", she moans. 

To my daughter. (if I got that right). (i.e. what she said). 

Fair enough. 

I'm not huge on cooking ... 

But here's the thing, friend. 

What does SHE help ME with? 

When I needed help with finances - money - you think my wife was there for me? Fat chance. 

When I needed help with something as simple as "support" in terms of not having to leave family etc, you think I got any help? 


When the money ran low (when things were tight) - guess who got the brunt of it all? 

My wife talks and complains all day long about not having maids and so forth (Bozo Schofield, you listening? Hehe). 

Yet, the facts are these ... 

I do my own damn laundry (Bozo must be having kittens reading this. Hehe). 

I pay the bills. 

Yours truly paid everything HIMSELF every time he was away from family - AND paid for family too. 

All those laptops, phones, all of it that I bought - all conveniently forgotten!

More - 

When I stay at home - I do an equal job in terms of taking the trash out sometimes, unloading the dishwaster, et al. 

Where I finally drew the line, and the reason for the extra hostility towards me Nazi feminism wise? 

I figured out how to hit - where it hurts the most . 

If you'd think mental, you'd be spot on, except, NO, it's not "talking or engaging with her" on ANY issue. 

In fact, I'm openly telling her (when she asks or rants) "that she is right all the time". 

In the book on it, I constantly talk about how it makes NIL sense to engage directly with a Nazi feminist, because you'll never win!

Instead, the ways to do so are sneaky and THEIR OWN WAYS!

Which of course, they can never combat - because they believe in them themselves!

Anyway, just a brief rant, but it'll ring true for a lot of you!

"I agree with all you say about women. I've had trouble with them too!" 

Hopefully not NOW, P. 


Anyway, get the book on not just combating, but BENEFITING from this pestilence as well, friend. 

And on that note, a few more hours left for the Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness pre-order to end. If you want in, GET IN NOW! (before I pull the offer tomorrow). 


Rahul Mookerjee

I gotta say this, friend. 

Boozy Bozo thinks he's puilled off the trick of a lifetime, but he hasn't. 

Then again, tricks. Perhaps he has. Ugh. 

Recently, I saw some article from I believe Al Jazeera (interesting how these damn devices have a mind of their own, think, predict, and show you exactly what you were thinking a while ago! THESE DAMN THINGS TRACK YOU!) about how "Carrie Lam" is destroying democracy in Hong Kong, Repression, and more. 

Which is all true. 

Repression Central, I call it. 

SAD TO SEE THIS HAPPENING TO HONG KONG, I'll never stop saying it!

But that aside, the article called her "Beijing's head girl". 

Which of course, Glyn would LOVE to be called that, eh. 


Blowing the hockey field and so forth ... 

Yours truly knows one damn thing. 

Yours truly "abstaining" I should say. Caveman, what have you ... beer drinker "el supremo". 

He wouldn't want head from ole Carrie, especially not the "rabbit" like picture Al Jazeera posted of her if you get my drift, I prefer my bits where they are and not Bobbitted or what not. Hehe. 

I really wouldn't! 

But again, sad what is happening to Hong KOng. 

And it's sad, despite Chinese women for the most part being the most aggressive in terms of feminism, and usually often Nazi feminism, there aren't really that many female leaders in the country. 

Guess why, folks. 

There is reason, and it ain't "male repression" either. China is actually one of the few countries in the world WAY safer for women than anywhere else. Women have all the rights they could possibly ask for and more. 

And yet ... hehe. 

Despite the men there literally salivating like Bozos after the few available women (supply and demand) ... 


Enough said. 

Anyway, BEER!

Some idiot posted an ESL job on WeShat, that I twittered 

"free diet" was supposed to be one of the so called benefits. 

Typical of ESL ... Eh. Dancing monkey galore. 

(watch the Tom Tom's attack me for saying that, heh) ... 

Hell, Bozo loves free. 

for me, my idea is BALANCED diet. 

A beerin each hand, hehe. 

And preferably a Corona, if not, the "Wife Beater" beer I so love!

STELLA  ARTOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's stupid, the rap that beer got. 

"Because men get violent after drinking it". 


Drunken women aren't violent? Have never been? 

Get real, folks. 

More to the point, you can get drunk off any beer, liqor, or what not ... 


So why just Stella, hehe. 

Not the prison Stellas the Bozos love, heh.

But ... point made, I believe!

anyway, idiots won't get any of the above. 

thats fine. 

And the idiots and Tom Tom's will skip right past, or hemph and haw at the LAST day remaining pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness

But the doers, the real men, well, they'll be placing their orders now. 

PLACE that pre-orer now, my friend, before the price goes UP. 

And you'll officially be not just a card carrying member of the "Rahul Mookerjee's Real man Club" - but a PLATINUM card carrying member!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do this now, friend. Really. Time ticks away with every second. Stop thinking "should I' or would I. Sometimes, ACTION I REQUIRED, and prompt at that! 

That thin line, my friend, that seperates utter and sheer GENIUS - from insanity. 

And I was thinking of writing this to you after my Jump Rope workout!

something made me, although I've pulled the damn rope out, pause and do it now. 

DONT DELAY! As Napelon HIll said, when the idea comes, if you delay, ANY delay will be crucial and could sabotage your plans for SUCCESS!

Of course, if you're on the toilet or what not, thats different. 

what he meant - don't wait. 


And this isn't even about the Bozo taking dumps in primary grade classes, ugh. 

I loved the Hannibal series, for one. 

Anthony Hopkins is one of those legends I gotta just say one thing. 

Respect, man. Respect!

much like Matt Damon (another legend in my book - but NONE GREATER THAN SLY STALLONE - truly the pinnacle is he!) will always be remembered for the superb Bourne Identity series. 

But Hannibal, my friend, you'll see wasn't your average Wacko. 

He was one of the most intelligent and charming persons you could ever meet - on the outside. 

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! 

Who woulda thunk "an old man" could do so much damage?

Yet, he did - albeit in fiction. 

(it was a book first, I believe, the Silence of the Lambs). 

And he ended up, well, the last Hannibal movie shows him escaping - with an arm he cut off himself to escape. 

Loon x 100. 

And thats what happens to these sorts. 

Hitler, another CRAZED genius in many ways. 

We all know about him!

Then, of course, Bozo Schofield who wouldn't be far off from either one of those two, especially Hitler (trust me, you ain't seen half of Bozo's racist rants as yet). 

But it's sad. 

He's actually an intelligent person - except he's used it ALL to do what?

Dupe. Scam. Cheat. Rob. Do drugs. As certain person said "waste his life and EVERY bit of help, every opportunity that was given to him". 

Ya'll know all about him. 

And yall know how he ends up - and ended up - and will end up. 

ON the street, a Bum off the roads, licking bums most likely in dark alleys and doing so for free because he just lovvvvvvves it. 

That thin line!

Bozo could have turned his fetishes into a biz. He was too lazy. 

Bozo could have trolled better. 

Again, dunce central. 

Bozo could have made anything of himself. 

As it stands right now, he's made one thing of himself - a laughing stock. 

As a great customer from the UK famously once said. 

"Glyn Schofield, you're a clown, if you're reading this, please stop, no-one cares". 

Actually, after linking it - here are his precise words - 

The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world's oldest and "most diverse" exercise.

If you're like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training "brutally effective" training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it's absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.

He was right!

Its sad people choose to use their intelligence in the wrong way. 

Look at Donald Trump for one, another sheer GENIUS in many ways. 

And look at all the good he's doing, has done, and thats why he's getting all the support he is!

I'll always support the Trumpinator, whether he runs in 2024 or not (though he will, which I'm glad for. We need him!) 

Look at your truly called "genius" by man. 

Sheer genius, as a customer told me. 

He don't even know about the other businesses!

That is the difference friend. 

Yours truly HELPS others, and will go to the end of the world to do so - and point out the TRUTH we ALL need to hear NOW and regularly. 

The other - the Bozo will go to the ends of the earth to do the exact opposite. Scam, cheat, and so forth. 

And as Emerson famously said in the Laws of COmpensation, the Universe cannot be cheated. 

Rewards will be commensurate - and with compound interest!

'nuff said. 

And if YOU, friend, want a fitness sytem that will give you rewards x 10 - trust me, it will "match x 10" everything you put into it and more nigh quick - then this is the ticket right HERE - The 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

Gran this now!


Rahul Mookerjee


Lots of people trash President Trump for this for one. 

But these Boozos that (then show in the emergency roon after fingering themselves with Lysol or what not to get rid of the China virus) complain about "how dare he say that " and "why doesnt he think his comments through" and stuff don't get it. 

Trump is by far one of the most natural - and best - marketers ever. 

So is yours truly, sitting right here. 

My buddy from the Marine was right when asked about "who is more brutally honest - Trump or myself". 

Although yours truly said Trump, he was very forthright in declaring the following - 

"It's by no means a foregone conclusion, Rahul!' 

It ain't either, hehe. 

I should say it's NOT. 

But anyway, yours truly has been known for just saying it and just doing it and often "thinking later". 

I know. 

It's confusing. 

I keep Tom Tomming Henry Ford and Jeff Bezos in terms of "thinking things through thoroughly", but yet - the KEY to business - and life success? 

Is when a decision needs to be made, you just look inwards - and make it. 


And you change it slowly, if at all (that was one of Ford's defining characterestics which most people hated). 

Same thing for making comments etc in conversation. 

Just say what you feel - just SAY IT!

And then forget about it. 

If you're honest in what you say, isn't that all that counts? 

Anyway, the storm one of my comments sparked 'internally' on a LinkedIn thread I won't post here, hehe (all those involved are actually nice folks trying to make a living, hehe) ... 

There was this lady posting a video about training kids in something or the other. 

You on this list know my feeling on watching videos. 


But something seemed off, the hair seemed a bit too "perfect" - and made up. 

It looked like a wig, plain and simple . 

I know the lady in question has natural hair - probably a lot of it. Hehe. 

So I just posted "nice wig! If it is .... " 

With a huge grin. 

My oh my, the thread ... the responses. 

White knights jumped in with "Wierd comment!"   (one was her "enamorata" of sorts from what I understand, or maybe a steady, I dont know, so probably thats why, but still! Hehe) 

Others jumped in with "what are you on!" 

And of course lady in question, "mine? or his? " 

That comment hit home! 

It's not so much what the other people said - it's the speed at which they responded. 

CAN you get that sort of marketing response - or even in life? 

THAT will determine your success in failure in life (where we are ALL Selling ourselves in one way, shape or form) or business, or what not... 

Trust me!

President Trump, of course, knows the truism of this and has been doing this since he was born most likely - like yours truly. Hehe. 

It's funny though, on that thread, they all missed the "IF it is part.... " 


They chose to focus on the first part. (I didnt even think of all this when posting, I just posted, this morning I saw the responses - and while I could reply, it would likely inflame the fine folks there further, so I didnt - plus, of course, what I've always said about NOT getting into pissing contests on social media - not that I would anyway. Hehe. (and not that this is a pissing contest)). 

Here's what seperates the real men from the cucks, by the way. 

I've spoken a lot about Charles and his girlfriend - the latter not overly impressed with my "record in bed in terms of too many notches". 

she said her bit. 

Charles said the exact opposite in front of her i.e. "its his life, who are you to comment". 

Bozo, of course, was boozing away with bad breath right next to me and could care less, but trolled me later about it. 

But really, THAT is why I still respect Charles despite our many disagreements. 

Then of course, my buddy from the Marines, we were having BBQ one day - and I made an off the cuff remark about "that girl". 

Thats all I said!

This woman (his girl) had NO idea who I was, much less notches or the number. 

All she knew was "his friend and married". 

And thats it. 

And yet, the way she looked at me like an angry tigress after I made the remark, then had the "audacity" to invite my buddy out for more quid pro quo drinks ... well! 

That look said it ALL. 

She gave him hell after that all the time for drinking with me. 

To his credit, he kept doing it. REAL MAN!

But he did sort of disagree later with me about "Rahul, thats boys talk!" 


But I just said it, moved on ... really, all I said was "she was fine" or something! 

Nothing that "offensive". Trust me!

But he didnt say it then. He just told me later, and that too only when we were discussing "why is your girlfriend so angry with you drinking with me". Hehe. 

He also said this. 

"Rahul, you're a man of high moral fiber! You're a solid individual. You could be born in the jungle and raised in (I believe he said Amazon hehe) for all I care..." 

(this had got into some inanity over "in US culture this isn't acceptable" (it isnt? HA!)) ... 

And we met up a few days later, drank beer together. 

"WE need to get past this!" 

We did, very well indeed!

Unlike a certain Manny from the Phillippines who years later probably still remembers a drunken argument we had at Freddie's job "after party" (trust me, we had a LOT to drink). 

As Uncle Bob so sagely said, 

"Geez, time to get past it already!" 

It was. Hehe. I tried. He didnt. Oh well. 


But anyway, Linked-Out is a cesspool of these whiny "do gooder" "help others out FIRSTTTTTTTTTT" "dont market too much or they'll hate you" sorts. 

Good for people selling $10/hour services or $9.99 ebooks or what not... 

For folks lik eme? 

More "fodder" for the cannon i fyou get my drift, hehe. 

Anyway ... 

Thats the reason why!!

I'm out. I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the most brutally honest fitness system ever, truly the best and most outstanding ever - right HERE - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PPS - Rememebr the time Trump said a tiny little line about "She's not a 10!" or something about a former model. 

Oh my, it was the same thing as what I did i.e. "Nice wig! If it is!" was all I said. 

The controversy in both cases, hehe... 

If you're smart - you'll LEARN!

(and you'll get the best book on working out right here - well, you'll place the pre-order for it - Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness). 

I can just hear the Tom Tom's and their tongues wagging. Hehe. Especially if they read the last blast. 

But really, I've earned the right - to call Qi Feng mountain "mine", I think. 

Now, before you think thats out of some insane urge to "keep an entire mountain" for myself (though it might be nice, hehe. I'd reintroduce some real wildlife on to it, and wouldnt let the Chinese gobble it all up!) 

But it's not out of "mountain lust". Hehe. 

Hell, I enjoy the gals on it for one! 

But this reminds me of ... well, first off, the irritation and annoyance I'd having during Chinese public holidays where the whole of China, for instance, seemed to have crowded intot he free park. 

So much for the myth of China having more money than Croesus...

And on the highways - for the first three days - when it was free (no tolls - thats something in China which is unique as far as I know, no highway tolls for the first three days of any national major holiday). 

I should know. Hehe. Remember that road trip?? And others? 

But anyway ... being a foreign devil in a crowd of Chinese is annoying. 

Regardless of how much the CHina Tom Tom's tom tom the Chinese as having become global, nothing has really changed in terms of "pointing fingers at" or "making comments about" or "remarking about why his eyes are brown and not blue because how can "Englishman from NY" as they called me have brown eyes" and other rubbish ... 

It's still a giant village in many regards, and you know how much I hate being pestered during my workout!

Maybe thats why I specifically always chose to go there during the DOWN TIMES. The off times. The hot as heck "afternoons", the rainy season, the ... 

But before that, I should say - unless I had a product to create! Hehe. 

Advanced Hill Training was created right smack in the middle of Lunar New Year 2018. 

Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD! followed shorty thereafter, as did Battletank Shoulders!

(now that I put in the links, I'm not sure. Maybe the book on pull-ups was right "before the holiday", a couple of days, or maybe after... either way, you get the point). 

But the hill, anyway ... 

It reminds me of marriage vows, whatever those are. I've never taken one. 

(I did mosey six times or whatever around an annoying ass fire in India though - apparently thats the "test of fire" or Agnee Pariksha in India - which is great form a culture standpoint, sitting in it, with uncomfortable clothes, lard ass "priests" goggling, and the damn smoke stinging your eyes! - hell, I remember the JOY when it was out of there and on to the bar with my new wife. Hehe) (and only one, dont worry!))... 

But, till death do us part or whatever ... 

hey, I respect those that took the vow and stick to it, dontget me wrong. 

but for me, I Dont think I can ever call a wife mine, nor would I want to. 

Girlfriend, hell yes. 

But nothing more! 

I grow weary of telling the Tom Tom's NOT to marry. 

Anyway, they will never listen. So if someone wants to jump headlong into a pit of vipes and snakes, by all means!

But anyway ... 

I was on the hill during the hottest part of the day - when no-one would dare to come out, and even the birds hid. 

When it was so damn hot it was lik ebreathing FIRE climbing up that hill. 

When there was NARY A SOUL but me on the hill - early in the morning in biting cold at 5 AM - and also ar 630 PM "dinner time for Chinese as Carol said" - and when it was so cold the rain felt like SNOW - x 100. 

I was there the first time it snowed on that hill in YEARS in 2015. 

I have done every workjout on that hill. People, no people, annoyance, no annoyance, nothing doing!

I've done my pull-ups there galore. Pushups. I found a "spot" outside the bathroom - well, the building, to do ... you got it! 

Handstand pushups!

"Find a spot", I still remember my buddy from the Marine chuckling at me once night while drinking in a market in Nancheng. 

We found a spot. 

I pity the poor people who lived nearby! 

But thats China fro you - still. Hehe. 

Dont get me wrong. 

They've made giant strides since the 1940's, better than India for one, but you'll routinely still see people pissing on the highways, because as Carol once told me "if no toilet, where to go!" 

(I wonder how klong the poor ladies hold it in. Us men, well..!) 

So the idiots that make a big deal out of foreigners pissing on the road in Shanghai, well, get real. Goose and gander. 

I could and have made a big deal out of the Chinese lady that put her feet up at a Starbucks - on the table - and spat at a man that told her to take 'em down or the NAzi feminists slapping men at the border - in full view,and the Schofield wimps taking it. 

(and loving it). 

I could tell you ALL about the Chinese woman that took a dump in a subway station in Shenzhen, China. 

It's on CCTV too. Hehe. 

I could tell you about the ones changing nappies on - ugh - the TRAY TABLES in trains and planes! 

It's horrible!

My point - it ain't just foreign devils. 

Look for the truth, friend, you'll see it every damn place if you so choose but not if you're a bloody China Tom tom, of course. 

Back to it though. 

Name a time, and I've been there on the hill. 

With it, on it, along with it, when NO-ONE ELSE HAS BEEN THERE, and the entire world has, and in between. 

"You workout, thats all you do! It's your life!" said my friend in 2017. 

Nah. I did a lot more, but YES, that workout has ALWAYS been a huge part of your life!

So it should be for you. 

And you'll read all about it in 16 INspirational Fitness Recollections

Hell, you may even and probbaly will see a second VOlume out on the way!

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, time's ticking as well for the pre-order on Lumberjack Fitness. It ENDS soon. And the price will go up, NO more pre-orders very soon. So if you haven't plonked down the moolah as yet, do so now, never a better time to DO than the present, friend!

And, of course, why learning from a know it all Bozo and an armchair wanker that does "F all" is a recipe for disaster. 

I ain't even talking Schofield here. 

Bozo Schofield is past being a "know it all". He's in the Universe of "dont even consider". Hehe. 

But I still remember, one of the shining, stellar, oustanding (not) reviews he left on Pushup Central. 

"a book pishups. Really! Boring. Poorly written too". 

Given the Bozo's fascination with nasty bodily fluids and excretions - I've got to wonder and wonder then if he left the misspelling in on purpose. 

Knowing his utter lack of knowledge on real marketing, probably not. Probably meant to say "piss ups", since pissing up beer bottles and then of course into the sewers is about all the Bozo can manage to do, if he can find someone to buy him the beer. 

The archetypical BUM on the street except this one, well, he loves bums too. 

You BUM!

 I still remember Rocky saying that. 

GEt a job, you BUM!


Bozo never will. 

But the know it all's - they never cease to amuse me. 

You hear it all the time, for instance, for those that successfully sell and market. 

Their "haters" (usually the know it alls) will prattle on about "oh, thats simple!" 

"Oh, of course, just marketing!" 

Politics wise. 

"Oh, but theyre politicians, they can do it, they can get away with it, we can't!" 

I swear, for instance, every time you tell the Bozo something he nods his fat nut as if to say "I know"! 

But while he may or may "know" some things, what does HE DO? 

Jack all, exactly. 

Well, I should not say the word jack around him. 

But basically, he ain't alone. 

Look at the armchair experts, their numbers only growing by the day claiming and making tall tales about "this is how you do something". 

The nuts who whine about "what do you know, you're just a one man show!" 

But what have these Wackos done? Have THEY ever been a one man show? NEVER EVER! (and no, depending on your woman for everything and the hard bits for you while you be a monkey ain't one man show - it's DEPENDENCY x1000!) (if the person who told me that really wanted to be a ONE MAN SHOW, do what yours truly does, has done all his life, THEN TELL ME!) 

Hell, one man show aside, have they ever done ANYTHING OF NOTE IN THER LIVES? 

Other than pass snide comments. 

Liberals, anyone??

And claiming to tell you "all about the secrets President Trump used to market himself", or some other utter rot. 

President Trump used a secret to market himself? 

It's so blindindly obvious, this secret, if at all it is, that I feel compelled to say what Napoleon Hill did all those years ago in Think and Grow Rich

You will find the secret in EACH page of the book, each chapter. 

It will jump out at you!

SOMEWHERE within the pages of this book you'll find the words that will "arouse" the seedlings of success in you (not the Bozo seedlings, hehe) 

I could tell you this secret now but that would deprive YOU of much of the beneift you would get if you found it youself. 

And soforth ... I'm "short paraphrasing" the great Hill. 

Napoleon Hill, though my hill is every bit as great too. 

I think I've earned the right to call it "mine" in many ways!

I've been there with it through thick and thin, when too many people have been on it, when no-one has, when the weather has been so hot nary a bird moved, when it felt like fire breathing into my lungs, when it was pouring in category 3 or 4 hurricanes ... when trees were crashing around me... 

I've earned the right!

And you'll read more in 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections along those lines. 

Anyway, the know it alls will say "so what! Just recollections! We dont want this!" 

But again, have these idiots and Tom Tom's put out anything of their own? 

Written a single line? 

DONE anything of note with "what they know"? 

It's easy to be a spectator and comment, friend. 

The big money only goes to the PLAYERS THOUGH - both in sports - and in life - and in business. 

Sure, knowing how to do and learning from the right person - uber important. 

But you have to ultimately DO, friend. 

DOING is where the rubber meets the road. 

Fitness wise, if Bozos snort and say "just pishups!" 

Well, yes, just pushups it is - but can YOU do them? even 10 of them? 

Slowly, proper form? 

Hell, can you even get into - and STAY in the pushup position or dip position or any position that doesn't involves hindquarters in air like the Bozo's without quivering like an aspen maple leaf in Toronto? 


The answer to that question will tell you a lot ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

But ponder this!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oops, almost forgot to say. PLenty of "hindquarters up in the air" in 0 Excuses Fitness System, except not the type you might associate with the Bozo. It's real man training, and it DOES help you in the sack too (thats  yet another reason Bozo can't do much with the pittance down there he's been gifted - not - with - he's just too damn FAT to even move properly, let alone move his you know what). 

Tongues are about the only thing that move for the Bozo. 

Anyway, here is a course that is guaranteed to resolve any and all problems in bed if you have 'em NOW - Animal Kingdom Workouts

YES, you'll truly turn into a BEAST in ALL regards if yo uget this. 

Do so now friend. Truly the best! (for the best)

Anne, my friend, an ex of mine from back in the day is one of these women that you never truly forget - and that never forgets YOU!

And she's just I dont know... one of these women that doesnt age!

Purr-fect match for a dude like me that doesnt eitgher, hehe. 

But Anne's not huge on workouts, so I dont know, but anyway, I saw a picture on wechat. 

She's trying to move a fridge. 

She can't! 

"Refrigrator cannot pull to open, still have to cook to eat, such a woman cannot have steel". 

I dont know, thats what it translated to, in a brand new house it seems... 

(she's married now). 

but, goddamn!!!!

As the Bozo so trolled me, Holy Smokin Jesus, Joseph and MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lookin at that cute little girl standing there in short, legs on ful display, who gives a rats ass about fridges!

Hey, thats what guys with GRIPS are there for!

Here is what I posted on Wechat - perhaps not the most "sanguine" of posts, but I had to! 

(and there is a reason I mention this) 

"Anne, you'll give me wet dreams. SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

She is! Was! And always will be, hehe. 

PERFECT 10! StilL1

Holy Mary, Anne. How could I make that mistake, and how could you. 

You dont need to pull anything except, well, you know... 

I'l lift and pull heavy things!


Gotta say it again. Goddess!

Anyway ... 

Goddesses aside, this post might be of interest as to WHY I wrote what I did - but really, I just did it. It's true, that I'll tell ya!

And trust me, Adam and Eve know each other very well on this one. HEhe. 

So whats the mistake you ask? 


Well, it ties into WHY I'm telling you this!

And the "email blitzkrieg" comment, my friend. 

Because 1) taking action is where the rubber HITS THE ROAD!

Way too few people these days take - action!

And it has to be said - repeatedly. 

But second, more importantly - COMMUNICATION!

Is always key, and the only thing that ultimatlely matters to me. 

Life. Relationships. Hot women which I attract like bees to honey or moths to a flame, take your pick - I used the latter expression on another site, but they both hold true. 

And books - and writing! 

Anne was an ex. 

Everything was great - in bed and outside. 

Except... She didnt speak English. Not a word. 

I didnt speak Chinese. 

Neither one of us were in the least bit interested in learning each other's language - not in bed, hehe. It wasn't needed there!

And talking, well, Wechat translate can only go so far!

But she did give me a book on learning Chinese which I made a gift of to Marc the African Silverback Gorilla. Wonder if he ever cracked it open. 

She was right in a way - and she was wrong. 

I was right - and wrong. 

Thats one of the decisions I made - to leave her - after the nth misconmmunication etc - I keep scratching my head over. 

She keeps apologizing for it too. 

Of course, Madam had a Chinese guy on the side "waiting in case I didnt work out". 

So she rushed off and married him! Hehe. 

But thats OK. I'm used to it.  I never wanted to marry her anyway, deep down inside, doubt she did either! 


Maybe she did. I dont know. 

SMOKING HOT describes the relationship on either side!

Anyway, studs and studdettes aside, that should tell you just how important communication is for me, why I write to you and so forth. 

and if you so choose, follow me on Twitter. 

I'll post the "Goddess's pic" there - she won't mind one damn bit! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Truly made my legs quiver, all three of them. Hehe. 

PS #2 - Bozo wil have kittens. Poor chap! 

PPS - Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD - well, them workouts - well, enough said!

This morning, my friend, I was talking to Gorilla Girl Sophia expressing my frustration over this bloody Wu Flu, and how people and governments globally have bought into the "panic" demic basically. 

From fear to continued lockdowns that kill more than anything else does (economies, therefore people by extension), from jumping up and down about a silly little virus that is no more a threat than the common flu is, from blathering "doom and gloom" to everyone over something that kills FAR LESS Than again - the common flu and other diseases did globally ... and of course, the panixines that don't protect you againt the disease, the silly quarantines globally, the idiotic travel restrictions and requirements, and so forth. 

Like be done with it already, as I told Sophia. 

She didnt understand initially. 

"what are you talking about", I asked. 

I shook my head in bewilderment. Remember, China ain't open fully either despite what the Tom Tom's blather on about! 

They ARE shoving vaccines up your ass though - quite literally. 

And the Bozo would love it , of course. Him of the "Schofield ended up in emergency room because he took Trump's advice on injecting bleach "a bit too seriously"" but then again, to Glyn Bozo, this sort of thing "rectal invasion" as I like to call it, is "normal". 

So it is in the PRC, where COVID tests are done that way. UGH!

Anyway, I explained. 

She got it. 

"do you hate the chinese government", she casually asked. 

Now, I'm a tad suspicious of answering questions like this on wechat, pretty much because a) I wasn't really bitching about the ccp to her, I was bitching about the global PANIC! and b) because "you never know who might be a mole, or sold the foreign devil out" (not because they want to either). 

Trust me, things have become a lot more serious in that regard in China since mid 2020 or so, which is when the world started to wake up to the reality of China, and China did the exact opposite, of course, in terms of spreading an alternate reality - or trying to. 

They didnt succeed, as they never do. The Chinese people in general aren't stupid. 

"Never honest, I dont like!" was what Carol once told me about the See Xi Pee. 

And Sophia today? 

"no. Not mostly! Too much lies!" 

And shes right. 

I explained that while they did SOME good things, they did way more bad than good. 

"can you tell me some truths", she went. 

And I explained it all to her, as I always do, though I suspect she knows most of it already (especially her question on "do many countries hate china"). 

But I told her. 

And then .. DEAD SILENCE. 

Nothing at all. 

No response!

Now, this isn't necessarily because my WeChat is being monitored - though it could be. It ain't that she's a mole - she's not. 

point is, discussions. 

And when you spend a lot of time typing something out, you expect the other person to get back with ... SOMETHING!

To test this out, of course, I messaged Jassy, another person I've been chatting with this morning, and of course, once we started talkikng about the plague? 

Dead silence. 

Carol - same. 

Now, to be fair, and as I've said before, I've never bothered two hoots about politics before, even though I knew the reality of the CCP way more so and way before the rest of the world did. 

Hey, its a matter of where I LIVE! Lived too, for so many years, more than many would ever think! 

But what they did in late 2019 was truly more than the tip of the iceberg, and I couldnt stay silent. 

Lots of people have stopped responding to my messages, or deleted me, or worse. 

Which is fine 

I doubt most of them want to do it. 

Though a certain Brit running a pub in China last year "Mate, I have to distance myself from you! Just SEEING your posts might get me in trouble!" probably did want to. Hehe. 

But really, just "seeing my posts" wont cause trouble, no more than it usually does. 

But China is pulling out all the stops now, so who knows. 

What I DO know is this - theyre the least open of any goverment I know. 

And so, with them, you never know. 

You could be talking on WeChat about this for years, think you flew under the radar, then next time you show up in HK - BAM! They put you in for 10 years or more. 

Or, you could think you're being monitored. When no-one is monitoring you, because the See Xi Pee does nothing without reason or (and) gain of some nature, usually either financial or "to make an example". 

It's the veil of secrecy that people are scared of. 

Ask people what they REALLY think, and you'll hear the REAL STUFF ABOUT CHINA!


They just can't say it. 

Which I get, hey... 

But anyway, other than from Bozo Schofield, whose latest madcap madness is "I want to wear panties and kiss your wife's feet (ugh)" I have not heard back from many of YOU over the past few days!

Lets change that, hehe. 


I've said this so many times I'm starting to wonder if it should not only be inscribed on my tombstone when I go - but in bold and red, hehe. 

They really help - the reviews. 

So do get back to me, and leave reviews. 

Do also get back to me with feedback or whatever - no reason for the deafening silence on this group for one!

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Since so many people - and companie in general seem to be missing the boat, well, I thought I'd put this out there. 

After yet another absolutely and utterly horrendous session (over three days) dealing with Google on a seperate issue which could have been resovled with ONE SIMPLE EMAIL - and which Google blatantly lied to me about in certain regards - and most of all, are brazely unapologetic about it. 

I often wonder, what do these companies THINK? 

Even the biggest can fail, my friend - and smart men like Jeff Bezos know this. 

Despite no longer remaining the CEO of the company, he's still the executive head of the board (whatever the term is) at Amazon. You can bet the current CEO will be leaning heavily on him for advice as well! 

True, Amazon has it's issues with front line customer service - especially in India. Or, calls routed to India. 

But overall, they have an escalation matrix - that still works as it's supposed to. 

You can get a real HUMAN being on the other end of the phone - or email - that actually listens to and understands what you're saying - and most importantly TRIES to understand. 

Not so with Google, one of the worst ever in terms of customer service. 

Not so with certain other big companies I won't name here. 

But here's what customer service is NOT about - 

Sending me a copy and paste email as the first response to a question, peppered with highly idiotic links that anyone can Google themselves. I mean really, guys, if I've read the links and contacting you after that, why email me the same damn things again?

Simply telling the customer "copy and paste responses" such as "where is my delivery" gets answered with a copy and paste from the website, which to be honest isn't showing the right info, but thats al customer service can tell you "whats on the website". Pray, whats the point of customer service if they dont deal with , well, SERVICING the customer? 

Promising the customer something - and then not only going back on that promise, but blatantly being "brazen" about it. Dishonesty is something I hate the most! 

Giving terrible "copy and paste" responses which make you feel you're talking to a robot (with terrible spelling etc as well) that could quite frankly care two hoots less about your issue as opposed to fobbing it off on the next unlucky rep to receive the case. 

Giving the customer email responses like "we understand that ... " (when there is no solution after the understanding), or and as I've stated before, staring off with flowery equivalent of customer service honey do's for the entire page, before they finally talk about your concern in "one line hidden away amidst the garbage" - which that one line doesnt even address your concern most of the time. 

Unfortunately though it's not Google that is the sole culprit here. Customer service in general seems to have become "boot the customer away" and "how dare he contact us". 

Jeff Bezos, again, is the only guy thats got it spot on i.e. "if the customer is contacting us, its likely because we messed up" - and so he FIXES the issue. 

Ain't no surprise he's the richest man in the world today. 

He's getting a lot of flak for his recent space journey, but to all the Tom Tom's giving him flak and telling him how he should spend his own money fixing more world problems - well, going to space and "colonizing" mars or what not is a fix in itself. Jeff Bezos knows very well the Earth's limited resources are running out, and he does nothing without a reason behind it. 

Plus, capitalism was what GOT him where he is today and you see the Tom Toms whining about socialist fixes "he can vaccinate the entire world over twice and still be as wealthy as he was before the pandemic". 


It's his damn money. 

He's got the right to do with it as he chooses. 

Simple fact of life -people with a socialist mindset, of course, won't get it .. 

And of course, they won't look at HOW he got there, and aspire to reach similar or higher levels themselves. 

But anyway , customer service to me is about understanding that not all customers are Bozos. 

Not all customers don't read links before contacting the company!

Not all customers are "always wrong". 

Not all customers are "abusive" for pointing out that customer service reps lie to them (when they do). They're stating a fact stated many times over - and they finally "lost it" and got frustrated. Happens to everyone, at least those of us that are human. 

Most of all, its about understanding each customer is unique, and many a times the rigid rules don't fit EACH circumstance. 

True, in huge congolomerates, certain rules are there, period. 

Even 0 Excuses Fitness has a very stringent, for ANY reason, NO REFUNDS POLICY. 

I've been very upfront with this always. 

But other than that, those in customer service need to realize two things - 

One their job is to SOLVE the problem - not be a rote copy and paste monster on roids. 

Two, each customer is unique. While each problem might not be able to be solved, at least make the customer he's been HEARD - instead of just pasting shoddily written responses (Google My Business team in India gain). 

It's just terrible. Honestly! 

I mean, EVERY time I get  customer service emails these days, I can smell whatsup. 

If they actually want to help (Google is actually fairly decent in that regard so long as you purchase paid services from them) - they'll get straight to the point. 

If they dont - it'll be the garbage above. 

Regrettably, there is way too much of the latter going on. 

Anyway, what do I know ... 

I'm just one person. 

But thats how it starts!

Anyway, those are MY thoughts on that - let me kno wif you agree!

And remember to pick up the best fitness system out there ASAP - right now - because it truly IS the best, my friend. 

Best for the best!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Women, my friend - are a strange, strange "creature". 

And the line between a "feminist" woman and a Nazi feminist woman these days is so thin that it might not even exist. 

True feminism is about equality, or as much equality as possible. Give and take. 

Yet, that movement died out almost as quickly as it started in the 1960's, to be replaced by Nazi femnism which is what the title of this email suggests. 

And which is what I'm completely against - it's always been goose and gander for me!

"With women my experience has been it's heads she wins, and tails you lose!" 

Can't win for losing. 

Or, whatever terminlogy you use, but this great customer was so right. 

You'll get blamed anyway!

Case in point being every time I complain about something, or, according to my "wife" "dare" to say something .

"How dare you say anything to US!" she'll holler. 

Note the usage of the words "dare" and "us" - both classic Nazi feminist words in terms of guilt trippping the male (the one that does get guilt tripped, or falls into the never ending trap of responding back directly and honestly)

(which can be done, of course, in certain situations but most situations - not - simply because "they're women" and how dare you, because of course, unless there's witnesses, they'll accuse you of abuse for just opening your mouth to speak, while they of course can run riot with whatever nonsense they so choose). 

When I complain about my computer to her, she claims "he yells at us" (which is utter nonsense, the "us" thing - she pulls my daugher into it even when she is NOT involved - quite obviously so!)

The most ludicrious of course, is when her own computer crashes, and I have to fix it "because I know how to". 


I could list 10 things right off the bat she does too, and never does and did for me ... 

I could list 10 things right off the bat my wife is actively plotting against me on... 

(I'm sure she would say the same thing - but facts speak!). 

Not to Nazi feminists though (facts dont speak). 

And back to computers, its insane, but her computer crash - I got blamed for it despite not having (quite obviously) even touched the damn thing. 

My daughter apparently did something with it, they had to restart it or what not. 

But it's familiar, this "getting blamed for everything" and usually when I have NOTHING to do with it, and am not even physically present there!

Anyway, two things - 

One, the guilt trips - and the usage of the word "us". For Bozo Schofields and Nazi feminists (notice how they use the same terminology), they will never take responsiblity and say "I". 

Instead, theyll try and pull others on their side by proxy as it were, to back their own non existent arguments up (when those others have no clue). 

And two, winning - or combating this scourge, and benefiting from it....

YES, you can do it - but fighting back directly isn't how. 

You CAN turn the guilt trips on their head ... but the way to do it is NOT how most men approach it. 

And Just so you know, it's not the following eitehr - 

Indirect caustic comments made to her. 

Ignoring her is part of it, but not the whole shebang by far. 

(She bang ... I dont know if that gives you a clue! Hehe). 

And it's not even writing books on it and then selling them. No. 

Not arguing with her. NOt doing more housework or laundry. Not turning into a whiny Bozo. None of the above, my friend. 

There's far better ways, my friend, and I cover 47 of them HERE in a manner that has never ever been done before in history. 

Truly one for the mgtow crowd, but even if youre a real man thats sick of all the BS, and women acting like they're men but not taking an inch of male responsiblity - well - you'll want to read this book. 

I'd say every real man owes it to himself to read this one!

I know. 

I wrote it!

Anyway, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


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