Wednesday, 14 July 2021 09:59

Why Donald Trump was spot on about "when the looting starts, the shooting starts!"

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I am sure this will get me a lot of flak - so be it - I've been wantin to say it for the past two days, now I am. 

It is nothing short of SAD - and PATHETIC - what is happenign right NOW in the great nation of South Africa!

Just as what happened to Zimbabwe, rightly known as the "bread basket" of Africa - once upon a time a prosperous and thriving nation that Mugabe destroyed beyond any repair it would seem, the same thing seems to be happening to South Africa, 

Two beautiful countries, so much nature, so many great people. 


No, I'm not an apartheid supporter, so those that are thinking that, please - don't. 

IT was reprehensible, and anyone with any sense will tell you that. 

But the point of the matter is ... 

In Zimbabwe, like it or not, it was the white owned farms doing the best - and providing employment etc to dozens if not more people - white, black , everyone!

Then came the protests and forced land seizures. 

Several great folk left Zimbabwe, Andy Flower, the great cricketer being one. 

He was very dramatically pulled out of South Africa I believe during the middle of a world cup match so Mugabe's henchmen couldn't get him!

There are no telling what heights he would have reached, say in Australia or perhaps even the UK ... 

He was a great and very underrated batter and wicketkeeper!

Anyway, cricket aside, point being (Henry Olonga, of course, the black guy with him was even braver - at least Flower had a British passport - Olonga had exactly F all in that regard, but he devoted himself to the cause! Today both are safel y residing in the UK) ... that the forced land grabs - and "returning land"? 

Exactly what is accomplished - well, "God only knows". 

Because they accomplished NOTHING. 

Folks in support of that say "well ,that needs to happen for the blacks to get thier land back". 


What needs to happen is everyone needs to work and be promoted etc on MERIT!

We cannot, my friend, keep clinging on to the past. 

Zimbabwe, and now South Africa is one prime example of the that. 

Apparently the former President Zuma was put in for contempt of court. 

I dont know just why the hell he didnt show up for the anti corruptipn hearings if he had nothing to hide? 

More to the point - where is the excuse to start LOOTING and rioting for this?? 

I mean , protest all you like, but much like the BLM and Antifa madness in the USA - it's hurting the very people the movement purports to support!

Dont get me wrong. 

Protest all you like. 

But do so LEGALLY and without harming others!

BLACK people - get this - and Ive said it many times before - were the most harmed during the BLM and defund police madness. 

And when faced with a mob intent on wreaking hell, there is but one way to deal with it, my friend. 

No, I dont support Tinamenn style putdowns. 

Neither do I support chaos and anarchy. 

The law, my friend, simply must reign, and that was the Trumpinator's point, and guess what. 


Anyway, never a good idea to cling on to the past, but its always a good idea to RELIVE good things from the past, and Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition is one of them. 

Two copies left, so grab them while you can. 

Once gone - they're GONE!

I'm out. BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee