Monday, 19 July 2021 07:45

Why Glyn Schofield continues to be a loser incarnate. Even the Brum sewers complain!

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Truly ... well, two things. 

Even the sewers don't want CERTAIN things residing in them. 

I aint referring to so called giant crocs/alligators in the NYC sewer system either!

I'm referring to that huge log in the Brum sewers that had been chokin it up for months ... 

It finally seems to be out, as you can see from the fact that the troll of the century or millennium (not to mention "El Tubbo" x 1000) is back - yet again. 


Or maybe he's been back all along, and I just didnt pay attention to him!

But it's a nice day to talk about him. Hehe. Very nice day indeed!

And the second thing up there - why the Bozo is such a loser? 

The main reason - if I could nail it - ONE reason? 

It isn't so much his wierd fetishes, his trolling , the insane fits of rage he flies into when yours truly needs to bitch slap him down (ugh) - it isn't so much the fact that hes always on the toilet every second beer he drinks (ugh!) (dont ask why he tosses those bottles down from the 11th floor of his apartment in China, then complains about why he gets notices not to do so - not everyone wants beer bottles raining down on them "out the ass" if you get my drift) or his blatant racism, or even the fact he' stuck in a dark, deep room right now he'd do ANYTHING to escape. 

A room where he's constantly living by Mommys rules for one. 

A room where he's stuck without most of the things he WANTS. 

A room where ... ah, but you get my drift. 

There is being a caveman by CHOICE. I'v written tomes on that before course. 

Then of course, you have Glyn Bozo. 

Minus the ass in nose, or nose in ass from what it seems from the fit he's worked himself into right about now ... 

Poor Glyn. 

Main reason though, isn't any of the above. All of that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde stuff adds up, yes. 

But its mainly because this guy is one of the laziest guys you could ever see!

Or meet, or read about. 

Truly, the guy is so lazy that waking up in the morning (or in the PM) and taking a shower is too much for him - or brushing his stained teeth (no prizes for guessing what he does with his electric toothbrush - ugh again). 

He's too lazy to even troll right. 

I mean, think about it. 

For years, he's been bullying me (so he thought, hehe) after first blocking me on WeShat when I couldnt smack him one. (he would have bawled like a baby, so I probably wouldn't have, but still). 

Then of course, his insanity in the wechat groups, and the horrible racism he spread about me. 

Truly a horrible, horrible person this Schofield is. 

Just plain NASTY, as you can see from what he does to others - and what he tried to do to me, including, most tellingly last year when he thought "he'd go public". 

Poor Bozo - his tactics all backfired. 

Spectacularly, if anything. 

yet, think about this. 

If he had enough the slighest amount of real brain, he'd ape me - and try to LEARN from me to get the same results!

Truly, he's got a Master at work in front of him. 

Pun not intended, Glyn. 

ANd since you're a lazy phocker, I dont mean "bodyweight exercise guru" either. 

I mean a marketing genuis, expert, and master. 

But of course, it all takes work. 

Building your own site, class quality products that noone out there can begin to match, real results, a track record of very satisfied customers, all this didnt come overnight. Hehe. 

It certainly wasnt apparent to the Bozo when he made them stickers. Heh again. 

But all of that is something the Bozo could do, if he wanted to. 

Trouble is, he's too lazy, so he showed up at Amazon. 

I hope he does again, hehe. 

Anyway, if there's one thing I cannot stand beside Nazi feminism, it's LAZINESS. 

And losers like Bozo. 

Enough on that, but thats the reason - j ust thought I should tell you! 

It DOES hold a few valuable lessons on success as well. 

And on that note, to join the ranks of the truly "elite" - those who REALLY got what it take to succeed - well, jump aboard the exclusive community here - the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship

And, make sure you get a regular dose of the solid fitness system we're on - truly a global phenomenon!

The 0 Excuses Fitness System - the best for the best, truly!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee