Life (242)

It BE a most satisfying feeling hehe.

And I mean that in terms of life, fitness, biz, and just about everything else you can think of.

And the satisfaction comes not from the final result so much as NOT having jumped the gun and been “impulsive before” (although I do recommend this, there is a time and place for it my friend).

What exactly do I mean?

Well, consider the following for one.

As the great Deng Xiaoping, the one and only Chinese leader I do admire despite his faults (the rest aren’t even fit to be called leaders to be quite frank) once said.

“Hide your strength, bide your time”.

And no, tom tommers. He did NOT say “to get rich is glorious”. His words were taken out of context in that regard.

And neither did he support the current shenanigans going on w.r.t. the PRC, and neither WOULD he have. In fact a speech he made to the contrary in the UN years ago pretty much says it all when he said “should China turn imperialist, then the PEOPLE of China should support the ROW in fighting against it” (I am paraphrasing – but that’s the sum and substance of it).

Anyway, what do I mean. Hehe.

What I mean is this my friend.

Let me give you an example.

Years ago, Bozo Schofield, who by dint of his silly dancing monkey job in China (while on the lam from the police) thought he “had it made”.

Between bouts of drug usage, going insane, being locked up temporarily (and kicked out on the road – literally – by friends who got tired of him taking advantage of them repeatedly – trust me – he literally took advantage in the worst way possible and then some), he found time to troll yours truly.

With racist memes and stickers. Apparently according to Bozo Scofield (his thinking which is nigh obvious) “Colored people have no place in the American South”.


And this bozo over the years has been curiously following my every move, and getting his panties into a wad at just about everything I Write. Hehe.

I blocked him on social media. He gets around that block by “snooping” on my websites.

I blocked his IP. He used another. I blocked about 15 different email addresses he signe dup for when he emails me. He persists.

All this for a “one man show with no contacts”, as someone once so “adroitly” told me.

For someone “that would take 10 years to get his biz going” (as a friend told me).

For someone “with no ambition” (as another nutto once told me).

And the comment are numerous. The list of names I’ve been called is now past 900 (well past) and I look forward to hitting 1000. Not to mention I could write a BOOK on the comments themselves, and probably sell it too. Hehe.

As they say, you’re indeed defined more by your haters than those that “so called” support you while privately doing the very exact opposite …

Anyway, amidst all this, the satisfaction comes from not “living life on my own terms and enjoying it”.

Bozo Scofield’s latest claim is he’s a multimillionaire (apparently he was before he turned 40 or what not). When in actuality he doesn’t have two pennies to rub together, got kicked out of his Mama’s basement a long time, and is currently apparently in “public housing” and … ah, but need I continue?

I think NOT. LOL.

And yours truly?

I’m not a millionaire let alone multi. In fact, I’m quite far away from even selling a million books! ?

(But I’m getting there)

And to be honest, I’v never quite thought of becoming a multi-millionaire (even without the multi).

Sorry, Glyn the Bozo Scofield and all the rest who must be smacking their chops with glee at the statement above.

But it doesn’t really interest me. If it does happen, well andgood.

What interests me is my freedom, and being able to live life on my own terms as I choose.

No 50, 60, 70, or 80 hour work weeks. No silly monkey jobs. No silly jobs which you get kicked out of for stating facts as they ARE …

And certainly no mooching up to your girlfriend or SO hoping she’ll give you money for your latest beer blast (on your lonesome, if you’re Bozo Scofield) and then whining about it when she doesn’t, and getting kicked out on the road in China, and running to the cops because youre too much of a you know what to to admit you stole quite a significant sum of dough from (again) you know who…

So anyway.

The person with zero contacts, and the one that “never made it” is the one being followed, trolled and way worse.

And he’s happy about it, hehe. In fact he THRIVES on it!

And as my friend from the Marines recently told me, and he’s SPOT ON.

“Rahul, you should consider that a compliment. Obviously he feels threatened by you (they – sic)”.

And they did way back then as well. The racism only started after this Bozo Scofield got to know of ONE business of mine, hehe.

And none of this would happened if I had “tom tommed” things before they happened.

None of this would happened if I claimed to have followers before I hit the mark I’m at now (and it grows by the day – how funny eh? ?).

And so forth.

Hide your strength, bide your time.

Ignore this advice at your own peril, and YES, it applies to fitness too!

I didn’t write those books on pull-ups before I could do them myself, and how!

I didn’t write 0 Excuses Fitness before I got into the best shape of my life (and no, fat doesn’t equate to ‘strong” or “big” – sorry).

(Neither does my “strength” when I was admittedly “thick” obscure the fact I was FAT at a certain point in time – this is for a certain selective reader, or perhaps a whole bunch (I could start the name of the bunch with “L”)).

And so forth.

GET the results first, and then talk about ‘em.

As Napoleon Hill famously once said, tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW IT FIRST!

Actions count brah. That’s just as simple as it gets.

Take this little gem and apply it if you so choose, and watch your life start to change before your very eyes!

Last, but not least, to the person who I recently had an agreement with “not to mention” (so long as you don’t hound me) – fair enough.

But neither were your “disclosures” incidental nor were they “unintentional”.

And I’ll reveal ALL in a future email.

For now, stay tuned for the next email – contains an important tip or two about LOWER ab fat!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apparently Bozo Scofield decided he’d copy my email style as well. How coincidental, eh. LOL.

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(No it isn't cheap. No, I'ts not for free. No, I won't give it you at 10% of the price if you "just want to lose 10 kgs". Yada, nada schnada. You are either IN - or out - it's as simple as that, brah (sis)). 

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 10:13

You have to take the long view

And it is TRUE.

I don’t care if youre thinking life, or fitness, or business, this applies. And how!

Recently, a friend of mine commented on a new business venture I started a couple of months ago.

Actually, I should say an “offshoot” of an existing business, really. To be honest. Pun intended. In more ways than ONE! ?

Maybe I just started doing things differently (and remember, I KEPT doing them the old way too).

“Hmm”, he noticed (best intentions at heart).

“Why do you want to change things up if they aren’t failing?” he asked curiously. “Why the new slant?”

Well, I didn’t change things I replied. I merely added a new twist to it, a new business offshoot as it were …

More potential, more opportunities.

Yesterday, this person asked me how much money I made from the “new way” and old.

Old? Its going great, I said.

“And the new way” he eagerly asked.

ZERO, I replied.

And I meant it.

That new business, or offshoot of an existing one has netted me a grand total of ZERO as yet, and probably won’t net me anything until next year, recession or not, Chinese plague or not.

You could have deflated a balloon, so disappointed he was …

Listen, my friend.

Some of the most successful businesses were started when the person starting them was at rock bottom, and then some – or during some of the worst recession or global depressions ever.

I don’t care what your situation is right now, but it boils down to this – when you really, really gotta do something you’ll either sink or swim (as a former boss of mine said).

Might sound harsh, but the tough times are what separate the doer from the dreamers my friend, and the achievers from the has beens.

And you gotta take the LONG view here.

If you’re starting a biz in the depression, for instance (such as now, which is easily the most turbulent time of our recent lives … and EASILY a time that could lead to another massive World War (despite what the nuts on the left think)), then profit?

Forgetttt about it, my friend.

Unless you’re already established, or selling something essential, it ain’t gonna happen and even then it’s dicey and up in the air.

Down the line though, slowly …

Thing is, most people don’t GET to that point.

People don’t understand that businesses that LAST make SACRIFICES, often times for YEARS that the average joker isn’t willing to make.

Note I said WILLING, not able. Everyone is able. Where there is a will, there is indeed a way. For everything!

Often times, way back in the day I had to choose between putting food on the table and keeping my businesses going.

Not an easy choice, is it?

But it’s a choice we all face when we START something, and often times down the road as well.

It’s a tough choice, my friend, but you have to make that business a priority (no, I don’t mean don’t put food on the table, but I mean, that biz has got to come before anything else).

It is only IF you have this mindset that you can progress, and eventually succeed – lasting success, not a fly by night and “rapid” success that most people hope for.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Often times, while the most rapid succeses come within days or weeks (and usually they do if you’re doing things right) … the LASTING successes come from YEARS of hard training done right.

Muscle memory comes from YEARS of hard training done right!

So does your overall conditioning, how quickly you bounce back from injuries down the year, how quickly you get back in the groove, and so forth.

There was a point I didn’t do pull-ups for ages.

Months, actually.

But when I started doing them again?

‘Twas like I had never stopped.

Sure, took me a few days to get back to 100 pull-ups per workout.

That’s a FEW DAYS to get back to something I hadn’t done for months, and something (a level) most people won’t reach in their entire LIFETIME.

Mostly for lack of real trying…. (and of course, hiding behind the big guy can’t do pull-ups silly excuses).

And so forth.

Take the long view, my friend. That’s how it works both in terms of life – and business – and relationships – and fitness – and damn near everything you dabble in!

Unless you’re Bozo Schofield, of course, but even he seems to have taken the long view to becoming the most useless and most ignored “troll of the century”, hehe. Or unless you aspire to him which I highly doubt!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apply for life coaching right HERE if you so choose my friend.

. . . but especially on social media I should say.

A while back I wrote that “infamous” piece about how I would not learn Chinese if you paid me to do so. And believe me, I MEANT EVERY WORD!

Perhaps that is why the article was such a resounding success in many ways i.e. came straight from the heart, and was true.

Believe me, my friend.

People can see past the BS, and while they may or may not like you (or hate you in my case) for saying it like it is, they WILL follow you to the ends of the earth to hear what you got to say if you follow that one rule above and KEEP IT REAL.

Ah, Keeping it Real in China. What a “nice” group that used to be before I gave it up. Lots of rants in there that would do just great printed out on a roll of toilet paper, as Uncle Bob once said about our communication (daily (hourly, actually, if not more) emails while bored shitless at the factories we worked at – long story).

But really.

That one article generate SO MANY comments that at one point I was literally hearing my phone beep every second. Believe me now and trust me later, yes, it did tick people off a lot.

I posted it in a China Facebook group of all things . . .

The irony. How dare I eh.

Well I did.

And the beeping is an exaggeration in that my phone  is always on silent mode no matter what. But the point stands, as do the notifications I got.

And guess what, they weren’t all hate and the usual “your racist” nonsense (it still befuddles me as to how Im racist by choosing not to a learn a certain language but for the mainlanders it’s their way or the highway, much like the liberal lunatic left, so that don’t surprise me one bit().

Some of the comments actually made perfect sense including some of the responses to the “hes a racist” chants which I’ve covered before.

And I did respond to a couple of comments on that thread (no more tho).

But really, mi amigo.

Its far better in most cases to NOT get into a pissing contest on social media.

In most cases.

In that case, it was warranted to a degree, but even then, I eventually took the fight back to my own den. My own lair (which most of those people that comment up a storm are too LAZY to create or foster).

The same type of people that badger you incessantly with idiotic questions and yet when you ask THEM questions about their own life or situation, they never reply.

“Will India defeat China?”

“China’s a powerful country! Can India defeat it?”

(just a couple of replies to a recent post and the guy got on FB Messenger for them)

Look, dude. Get on Google for fuck’s sake and then Google it .  . .

And when I asked him a question, of course. The question that mattered.

Resounding and ringing silence so loud it could have woken the dead.

As TEMB (who for whatever reason chooses to call himself “Eric”, hehe) said “no answer is often an answer with these nuts”.

And it is, in many ways.

I can’t stand people like that.

Nor those who say “I won’t discuss it publicly” and then pester me with 1000 voice notes for something that could be said in writing in one paragraph (usually the voice them justifying the non-existence of their point to themselves if that makes sense!).

Or those that say “my friends might see”, but I agree with you privately.

Dude (or lady) at least have the balls to say it publicly. There are extenuating circumstances on occasion, but far less than what most people make out to be, and the above two cases ain’t it for sure.

And yes, this email is mostly MARKETING, and I’ve already given you many different marketing tips, but before I cover the why, here’s something else.

Aside from fitness, I’ve made no bones about the fact that I AM a damned good marketer even if I say so myself, and CAN AND WILL Teach those interested tricks that will double, triple or even quadruple your sales in ANY Economy if I say so myself.

Believe me, if I can do it (and here’s proof) then YOU can too.

IF  you’re serious.

And if so, I can help . . .

But back to it. Because . ..

It accomplishes zippo for one.

Not only are you getting nothing out of that effort (and in most cases heartfelt comments with emotion behind them) but you’re rarely if ever going to convince someone to change their POV on most things.

That emotion might be best spent doing what I am right now, or with your SO (or on him or her) or other things . . .

. . . Things that matter.

IN certain cases, yes. Perhaps getting into a bit of a fistfight online may help if the person youre attacking has a massive audience.

But even then perhaps not . . .

. . . And if you’re Bozo Schofield for one that claims . . . ah, but we’ll get there.

These are the two main reasons why other than waste of time, and one last “monkey in the wrench”?

Or was it spanner in the works, hehe.

It’s well known that a lot of people hate my very guts, and existence. Much like Major General Michael once told me years ago “Rahul you hate my guts don’t you” (I didn’t, really!) . . .

But curiously enough it is these people who can’t resist following yours truly.

“lets see what he’s got to say”

(because deep down inside they know I say what is TRUE and what I say makes perfect SENSE).

“Lets get a couple of tips for freeeeeeee!”

And so forth.

And as the liberal left no doubt latches on to this post with renewed vigor (believe me, I might as well not post it on social media as people are going to look for what Rahul Mookerjee is sayin anyway even if the social media post isn’t out there) hey – I welcome it! ?

Go for it!

Oh, and if you’re Bozo Schofield on drugs trying to convince me “I have no followers and can’t market worth a damn” with a sum total of two followwers on Twitter yourself, one being an alter ego of you, and the other being ..  I don’t know, but the profile pic is so weird I won’t even go there … well, please  Glyn.

Do it if you must.

But really, you’re making a massive fool out of yourself.

Which you are, anyway, so I suppose youre being honest in that regard and kudos for that! ?

And there endeth this particular rant. The haters will find reasons to hate and the DOERS that GET SOMEWHERE IN LIFE will LISTEN – and learn

If I were you, I know which Id choose!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you want to apply for life coaching, send in your application right here. Be aware that I’m usually dealing with several things at once, so if you’re not serious or if I get a bad vibe off your email, you’ll be blocked pronto. You can wail and moan all you like later, but sorry, I won’t be unblocking you . . .

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales (that works in ANY economy bar none).

PPS – A certain poster who specifically asked not to be named and so I wont name him wrote in to say I was a pompous ass for saying “masks aren’t necessary” and I didn’t “value human life”. Yada, nada, schnada. All I can say to that? Ho hum! Hey, pally. China spread the plague and then of course disappeared leaving the ROW to deal with it, and guess what, hiding at home ain’t gonna make it go away. Might as well man up and get rid of it the natural way which is to ignore it and eventually you’ll see it as just the flu or other common diseases. Really, my brother. All it is is a version of the super flu, and that’s it!

PPS #2 – Donald Trump is back in office (I mean, back in the White House). Yippee!! Here’s to the one and only Trumpinator!

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 12:45

When that SHOE starts to PINCH . . .

Its interesting isn’t it?

The number of people willing to sacrifice their TRUE values and beliefs, and NOT say it like it is, not necessarily because they’re scared of any reprisals (or not) -  but because of the almighty DOLLAR?


Or Rupee. Or Rupiah. Or pound (ah, but we’ll get to that part later! ?).

Reminds me of a time when my “dear” Dad told me the following.

“Rahul, it’s great you’re honest and say it like is, even so, brutal honesty needs to be tempered with a modicum of practicality!”

Now, these are my words. He used the word “white lie” . . .and to give you some background don this, yours truly was working a job in the Middle East at the time.

And at a certain point, yours truly was blamed roundly up and down for sending an email he never did (actually, for “instigating” the sending of that email even though they knew I didn’t send it – don’t ask!).

And for not castigating the sender of the email, and apologizing on my behalf.

And for (most importantly) brazenly (according to them at least – boy, if they knew me NOW!!) denying I had anything to do with it.

Because I didn’t.

It was the truth.

Cost me the job in the end, because that was the point relations deteriorated big time.

Loss of face, and what not but anyway, point being this.

I have always been this way my friend.

A customer Jason who I’ve written about befofe emailed me recently telling me much the same thing.


I love your daily emails, and admire your frankness. However, my sincere advice to you (and please do not take it the wrong way) is to tone it down occasionally, especially the politics. You never know who may get ticked off!”

(and not buy your products is what he didn’t say, but meant, and before y’all reading this start, he’s a Gorilla Grip customer, and has nothing but GREAT things to say about not just that one initial course, but the entire series).

Now, I guess I could put a call to action here but I won’t .

Instead, back to my response.

I’ve always been this way my friend.

I could care LESS if that approach costs me dollars, pennies, or makes me the same.

I was the same way when I barely had two cents to rub together (or dimes) – and I’m the same now.

Ain’t nothing changed bro.

Like I wrote about a while ago, my values are what I care about and standing up for, and doing the RIGHT THING, and I WILL Go to the ends of the world to say things to that extent. Regardless of business lost/gained.

End of the day, when we “go”, as I recently was chatting with Charles (Mitchell) about, all we have is a satisfaction of having made a difference by doing the right thing! At least, that’s how yours truly views it.

And on that note . . .

I get this same sort of thing a lot of time when I write my posts on China and the CCP.

And I gotta say this my friend.

Tom Tomming (I seem to have patented the word! ?) – and TRUE support are about as different and unique from each other as bread from meat.

Oil and water.

And so forth.

They do NOT mix.

Not even a little. No overlap. No congruence.


Wei Shenmo, some may ask.

Well, because . . . but before I get into that, let me say (or point out) something.

Ever notice that most, if not ALL the China tom tommers (actually, ALL) that praise the current Chinese regime up and down, and say (either literally or figuratively) that it can do NO harm, wants peace, never spread the China plague, and most certainly does NOT want war with any country, and never ever entertained any thoughts of global dominance, never does any wrong in Tibet and Xinjiang, and so forth, and well . . . you get the drift, but (and I know, this is long!) ever notice these guys all have MONEY (business) interests involved?

Like Donald Trump recently said in his rally at PA (and he’s damn right as usual).

“Russia, Russia, Russia, that’s all you hear about. But they ignore the real threat, China. No-one says a word about China. They all have their little deals going on”

(And yes, the She She Pee did take care to become that octopus with tentacles of many forms, shapes and guises as opposed to the erstwhile Soviet Union, but they’ve forgotten that its fairly simple to chop off the head of an octopus or snake if you know how! ?).

Usually people that are scared that China is their only option and they best not alienate it.

Or loser “ESL” teachers whose only option back home is public welfare, shared housing and the like . . .

Hey, don’t get me wrong. If you’re a GENUINE teacher there, so be it, but you wouldn’t fall into the tom tomming category then anyway (a past supervisor of mine comes to mind – a true business person but I’ll let it be for now).

You’d be either silent or joining me in approval. Probably the former, and that I can handle.

Hey, no sense upsetting the apple cart eh.

But the tom tomming is what I Can’t stand, and it’s usually losers from some of the above categories that do it the most.

A certain “Wacko Scholfield “comes to mind and on that note . . .

Dude, look.

Let me be flat out honest.

I care not if you’ve got no work in your life other than making racist memes of myself and spreading them over the place, or stealing money from women (who have likely filed yet more police complaints against you) and then claiming myself or someone else was in bed with them, doing drugs, going off the rails every so often, and of course haunting the Internet to make up for lost time when you were locked away in god only knows which jail or looney tune bin.

Probably the latter, I suspect (although I DO remember you jumping bail . . . ).  .  .

But really.

I care NOT. I could care less, to be honest.

I could care less if you badger Charles up and down with 200 plus messages daily with “new names for yours truly” to add on to the burgeoning and rapidly so 650 plus “uncomplimentary names” list.

Hey, I will even stand for your right to be a loser, and do so openly. Honestly! ?

But what I can’t handle is you bring a ROYAL (sic? In more ways than one! Hehe) PEST.

Yes, you heard me.

If you’ll stop being a PEST, I might, might (emphasis) just do what you’ve been hankering after all this while (and since you’re no doubt glued to the screen waiting for my next dispatch, I figured I’d say it here).

That’s my only request, or demand. Take it or leave. It. That’s how it’s going ot be my friend. If you pester me, you’ll get called out. Don’t, and you’re free to spread your filth to other like minded folks. You won’t hear a peep outta me!

Even during your tom tomming and posting about me on your WeShat moments (I mean, dude, really. We all know you need attention, but that sort of thing is just pathetic, like asking someone to do your dirty work for YOU because you’re too much of a pussy to do so yourself). . .

Anyway, where was I before I got into that rant.

The difference between truly supporting something or a country or someone, and tom tomming.

REAL support involves an honest and open appraisal/analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

(and saying “China can do no wrong” because you might not get that ESL job or the purse strings from your Chinese S.O. doesn’t count my friend).

Everyone has ‘em. Both.

As my wife recently said during an argument of sorts,

“No-one is right all the time”.

She wasn’t referring to me, but she’s right. Spot on. Dead right!

I don’t care if it’s me, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, the Pope, or Donald Trump, “to err is human”
 and no-one is right all the time.

Least of all the CCP.

Those that truly care about the country (yours truly, and MANY OTHER CHINESE!) are pointing out the obvious flaws, shortcomings and debacles the CCP is getting the country into for their own selfish interests (not to mention become the Chinese equivalent of Nazi Germany).

Those that truly want the country to do well and have a soft spot for it (might sound amazing, but I love the PEOPLE of China!) will always be HONEST about the country and it’s dealings.

And of course, we all know what happens to said people.

Jail time and reprimands. More of the former than the latter, I gotta say.

(and yes, this list of people, at least the Chinese bunch includes people that are by all angles SUCCESFUL and do not, I repeat, NOT, fall into the “financially insecure” category).

In fact they fall into the “Very financially secure so long as they don’t say nothing bad about the PRC” category.

And yet they say it, because they CARE.

THAT, my friend, is the difference!

Now, politics aside, fitness you ask.

Well, the same damned thing applies.

Those that pooh pooh and rubbish bodyweight exercises in favor of booybuilding – are guess what.

The very people that CANNOT do the bodyweight exercises!

Be those either pull-ups, pushups, or handstand pushups (just to name a few off the top of my head).

Especially pull-ups and handstand pushups, which is a combo guaran-damn-teed to turn you into a bonafide ANIMAL, a RUMPUS KICKING one at that very quickly!

So says Mr Handstand pushup, and anyone that’s acutally done the thing.

Or those that claim “gyms are essential”! (usually you’ll see these folks handing out memberships to others as well . . . ).

And so forth.

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough, so I’ll stop here. On yet another note, someone recently messaged me and asked me about “doing that one thing that NO-ONE, not even your most ardent detractors can criticize you for” (something I wrote about a coupla weeks ago).

Apparently she can’t find her “sweet spot”, and that’s fine. Happens. But this one is already too long, so wait for me to do up another piece on that which I will shortly.

And that, my friend, truly ist hat.

Onward, upward, and BETTER!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Handstand pushup look cool don’t they? Wouldn’t it be cool for you to be called Mr. HandStand Pushup or BETTER some day? An Animal? BEAST? I bet it would, and yes, you gym goers want it the most – I can tell! ? Anyway here is the course that will get cranking out handstands and handstand pushups like there’s no tomorrow – Shoulders like BOULDERS. Jump aboard if you truly choose – and if you’re truly serious (no bitching and moaning or pissing and groaning about price please; I ain’t interested!).

Whatsupppp CHUCKKOOOOO .. .

. . . or at least, that was the first thing I wanted to say to Charles aka “Chuck”, the guy (not the loyal and down to earth customer Charles, but the other guy) I’ve written about a lot . . .

. . . he used to be a fairly honest and down to earth guy, but 2020 has changed a lot of people.

Truly the year of the survivor as it were, and truly the year where the CREAM rises to the top - - and Idon’t just mean fitness wise – I mean in all regards!

Anyway, what am I talking about, you might ask.

Well, a couple of posts earlier somewhere on these on my social media I posted a “politically” charged post on WeShat.

A form of social media I normally assiduously avoid due to the Chinese CCP censorship and monitoring, but a form of social media I just have to get on sometimes to talk to people that for whatever reason won’t and haven’t switched to less intrusive forms of social media (although they all do monitor, wechat takes things to giddy limits).

And what I basically posted about was the current unofficial war going on between India and China, and the fact that the Indians are finally giving the Chinese a taste of their own medicine, and how.

A lot has been written about how the Chinese view Indians as inferior, and how their economy supposedly dwarfs the Indian economy, how “India wouldn’t stand a chance”, and other such horse manure from the CCP “troll factory” or running dogs station.

Global Times being the prime moron here, which is basically a mouthpiece for the CCP.

One fine tweet from these idiots read as such “India has forgotten who it is”

Huh?? Racism (or intended) aside, what exactly do these buffoons think India, or the rest of the world is?

YES, we slept on things for way too long, but the plague you unleashed and a certain Trumpinator that was unleashed a few years ago changed all that permanently, and right now, it’s justa matter of time.

And that’s basically what I posted to weShat, or auto posted.

And Charles piped up, as he often does.

He was moaning about “why I posted here if I was bored (he thought I was) and had nothing better to do, and what would I accomplish by posting here”.


Well, first thing, Chuck-O.

My DEAREST, and former friend Chuck-O, and truth be told, you’re still a good dude, you’ve just been brainwashed . . . or you’re running scared of “them”.

What good does it do YOU To respond to my post?


I thought so!

Look, dude.

I don’t care if you believe the CCP is the best thing since sliced bread, and if you quote Global Times as a reputable source for what sgoing on globally, or choose to stick your head in the sand on a number of issues as you have and continue to do.

I don’t care if you call me a moron that “can’t speak English” (hey, remember that convo we had? ?).

And so forth.

I don’t give a shit either way.

But what I WILL RESPOND to, and what I DO CARE about is this, my friend.

My honor and integrity, and my reputation, and DOING THE RIGHT THING.

I am NOT GOING to stand by and let bullies “be bullies” and passively encourage them by pretending to roll overand play dead.

What is right is right ,and what is wrong is wrong, BOYO. You know this as well as I do.

You know very well what is going on.

You’re just shit scared you’ll have to return back home and . . . well, I won’t get into that. Your choice, your pregorative,  but when you come out and say I can’t say what I am, while you apparently can, I got THREE WORDS for ya.

No, NOT two words as “D-X” said all those years ago (man, them were the days!!). ?

Those being . . . (mine)


And doing the right thing, again.

A long time ago, when we met in person my honor and integrity was called into question by a certain someone you know very well (someone I won’t mention).

I looked you in the EYE when that was happening.

So did YOU.

And YOU WERE the first to REFUTE that statement!

My friend from the Marines (while chatting with me) once told me the following.

“You’re a man of high moral fiber, Rahul!”

And while the reasons he told me that were different from yours, right now, if you were here, I’d stand toe to toe with you and look you in the eye.

And look DEEP into your eyes!

Much like I did all those years ago, when you looked away . . .

I don’t care whose stronger, and who can pick up who and throw him out the window.

I don’t care about doing pull-ups (I do, but not).

What I truly DO CARE ABOUT is my HONOR and integrity.

And when there’s wrong being committed, I WILL go to the ends of the earth to expose that wrong.

And I WILL POST about it, and I WILL STAND toe to toe with you, look yoi in the eye (much as “Major General Michael” did all those years ago while drinking one fine night ?) and tell you the following.


And doing the right thing.

I don’t BS in any of my books and courses. That’s how it relates to fitness, for those asking!

My products deliver results, and while I ain’t everyones cup of tea, hey, end of the day, results are what count bro.

And as you yourself said, it ain’t how you start. It’s how you FINISH!

And on that note, me be finishing this here email. How dare I write that way. But hey, I’m the guy that can’t speak English worth a damn right Charles? ?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, none of this is posturing my friend. Always stand up and be counted and do the RIGHT THING – it will pay dividends down the line!

I feel it. Oh boy, yes, I do!


And I’m sure you have too on occasion.

Have you ever woken upon one fine morning (or afternoon, as the case might be) and felt something POSITIVE?

Felt overwhelmingly POSITIVE (this goes for an “el groucho” like yours truly as well, hehe).

Felt like things were just going to WORK OUT SOMEHOW!

Felt like you were on top of the world?

You probably have. And while truth be told, this is how you should wake up EACH morning, not all of us do.

For most of us, those days are far and few in between.

Anyway, this isn’t so much about . . . ah, but let me say what I want to first.

Back in December last year, I was faced with a problem that it would take a while to detail here.

I was working willy nilly non stop on it all week, and on a Sunday at that, I was working LITERALLY NON STOP to solve it.

Like 18 hours of the day workday (which I do NOT do normally).

And it was frustrating,

I must admit I cursed all throughout the day, albeit to myself.

I was irritated. Tired. The “fuck it” all feeling.

And so forth.

And as I drank a couple of beers at the end of it all, I said the hell with it, and meant it. Literally.

The next morning, as I climbed my favorite hill out there, I just FELT GOOD all of a sudden.


Go get ‘em feeling!

Like it was just going to workout!

Work out . . . hehe. Is it a coincindence it came out that way and I have one of the best damn workouts that day – or today for that matter? ?

(Such is life when writing in the flow, but hey . . . ).

And as I finished my workout, things went swimmingly well.

Two of the issues I was working on got solved. And an idea that I got during my workout helped me solve the third, and off it was to Hong kOng that day, I believe . . .

Great day.

Yesterday was yet one of these days for me, and I was FRUSTRATED to the extreme.

And yet, today when I woke up, right about at the “bright early hour” of 1130 AM or so, or perhaps 12 noon after NOT having slept until 4 AM last night (or so) . . . I am LOVING it!

That exuberant feeling is going full blast, and I have no doubt something good will happen today.

Something that will propel me forward towards my goals.

And what is common between now and the other day I mentioned?

Well, it is this.

Work on a problem intensely, my friend. I mean REAL INTENSELY. I m ean REALLY!

IT has to be ALL you think about – literally – for the ENTIRE DAY!

And the “how’s” of that aren’t as important as the why.

I don’t care how you do it, but DO IT – and convince the subconscious that THIS is a problem that HAS TO BE SOLVED NO MATTER WHAT!

And the way you do that is REPETITION my friend.

Claude Bristol when writing about the amazing powers of the subconscious wrote about the “tap tap” technique where he compared “drilling the idea into the deepest depths” of the subconscious to machine gun’s relentless “firing” that eventually achieves the desired result.

Or perhaps the way locomotives move, or perhaps the “Drip drip drip” Chinese torture techniques they used in ancient days.

Say a lie enough times, and you’ll start to think it’s true. And so forth.

Repetition truly is the cadence of the Universe my friend. And if you TRULY CARE about something and convince the subconscious of it, then that problem WILL BE SOLVED.

One way or the other, and I don’t care how it happens. It’ll happen!

And it’s happened on NUMEROUS occasions throughout my entire life my friend.

Now, does this apply to fitness you ask?

You bet it does.

And it applies to ANY exercise, no matter how tough.

REALLY, REALLY want to get good at pull-ups? Then do what I did and what I mention in “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within weeks” – and NOT just the physical part. There is a reason I revamped and repriced the original (yes, it’s MORE expensive now) to include the mental side of this and that’s why I’m writing to you about this now!

REALLY want to get to 500 Hindu squats in a row? Well, goodie. The trick that is mentioned as the FIRST commandment of Physical Training in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is a must do, and if it worked for Tracy - - it will work for YOU TOO.

Give it a try. Let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

As events across the globe spiral out of control and processed towards the inevitable and (to me at least) bloody obvious conclusion (and as the vast majority of people in the world, especially China seem to be preferring to go the “if we don’t talk about it it will go away on it’s own” route on this one), I gotta say one thing.

Something I’ve been saying for a while now.

Something I’ve been saying for ages, actually, and something that is nigh on crucial to success in ANY field or endavor.

That being, you gotta stop VACILLATING my friend.

No if’s, buts and maybe.

As George Bush once famously said, you’re either WITH us – or you’re against US.

He had his heart in the right place, and though his actions in Iraq for one are NOT something I support (for obvious reasons again, and even back then I didn’t support ‘em) what he said is true in times of crisis, and actually, when discussing anything important.

Way too many people right now are vacillating between offering lip service to the countries that are being directly affected by the Chinese aggression on their borders and elsewhere - - while adopting the silly and pacifist response of “we’ll continue to do business with them”.

And to me, it don’t work that way.

Thank heavens President Trump and his team don’t believe that, for one!

You simply cannot continue to support a bunch of thugs like that my friend. Every dollar spent in and on China goes back either directly or indirectly to the CCP and that’s just how it is.

Secretary Pompeo was very clear on this a few days ago too when he said the same thing, except in greater detail and was more “verbose” about it.

And in any case, I believe people will be FORCED to take a stance very soon, whether they like it or not, and the sooner they accept that reality the better it is.

Saying this, of course, has lost me more friends than gained, but that’s fine.

The few that remain are the ones I truly care about, and the ones that are worth remaining.

I was truly saddened last night by a good friends response to this entire mess last night.

He did not say one word against the CCP, the inaction by PM Modi in India, or the HIGHLY COMMENDABLE actions Trump and team have taken or anything of that nature.

All he said was the official CCP line (or something very dangerously close to it) of “we have to work together for mutual benefit”.

This floored me.

How can it work that way when one party is hell bent upon bullying the other and the entire world?

And yet, this blindingly simple concept doesn’t seem to be penetrating for a lot of people . ..

NO, you cannot separate border issues from everything else!

NO, you cannot allow Spy Way (Huawei) and other such CCP sponsored telecos to be the backbone of your infrastructure. Ditto for Chinese apps, Chinese programs etc.

We cannot discuss things in a void my friend.

And the same holds true globally.

And the sooner folks REALIZE this, the better it will be for ALL Concerned.

Thankfully, the developed world seems to be moving in exactly that direction, and I believe it is a matter of time (very soon now) before the Asia Pacific as a whole gets tired of the Chinese bullying and finally says enough is enough.

And now, fitness you ask.

OK. Let’s go there.

And let me throw a FINAL spanner into the works! ?

Fitness wise, you DO have to be on the side of the sensible, for one.

If what you’re doing right now is not working, then TOSS it regardless of what the bros tell you or regardless of what you read on the Internet.

If you’re NOT getting the results you want, well, guess what. Time to make that CHANGE!

But on that same note, do I believe that “lifting weights” (as many of you like to do) and bodyweight stuff cannot co-exist?


Done right, they can. And the old timers did it that way with great results.

What I DO believe cannot co-exist is pumping and toning, puffing and buffing, and REAL training.

That, to me simply cannot co-exisit.

And which side of that fence you’re on, only you know – and can tell me!

Let me know! ? I’m out for now, but will be back later with more! ?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve completely deactivated one of my WeShat accounts as of now. The only reason I had it was one of my friends, and given what he said the other day, well . . .

PS #2 – Good news – you can still follow me on other social media! Try Twitter, for one . . .

PPS – BE sure to check out our products page right HERE.

Back when I started 0 Excuses Fitness, (blink and you’ll miss it! ?) I wrote about an old professor of mine, who I called Dr. K.

Dr K was a Math professor at college, and Math being a subject I was always good at for whatever reason and always enjoyed, I took a lot of them in college!

I think some were electives. Some were required. But even amongst the electives, I had choices, and yours truly made the choice to take Calculus 1, 2 and 3 - - and then “Discrete Math” as well on top of that.

Now, 1 and 2 were required. The rest weren’t!

Anyway, I met Dr. K when taking Calculus 2 I believe, as he was the one teaching the class.

A tall slim guy with a sense of humor that was slightly off, and a brilliant effing brain if any, as I was soon to find out as I got to know him better and talk to him!

Along with Dr B (who I’ve probably written about as well and still stay in touch with, him of “internet 101” class), he was and is one of my favorite teachers/profs ever.

And this is coming from someone who barely ever went to class . . .

. . . Anyway, those were the days of “Netscape email”.

And Dr K had this system where you could check your HW assignments online (so did Dr B! ?) and submit them without ever having to go to class (if you know how to do it, which most didn’t).

I still remember my friends sitting there scratching their heads during Calculus exams, while yours truly would guzzle down a few beers and show up late for the exam, and still ace it.

Now, that’s not something I recommend obviously! Neither the showing up late part or the beer guzzling, but hey, I was 18 at the time. Gotta do what a 18 year old gotta do! ?

Anyway, Dr K had this long ass midterm paper we were supposed to do.

“Take home” exam as it were, open book as well (strangely enough, Dr B did much the same thing during his exams – both these guys were REAL world guys, not “airy fairy” professors that teach stuff you’ll never use!).

And I took mine home.

I think it was holidays back then . . . of some sort.

I still remember Jen, a girl I knew messging me on ICQ (remember that??) and telling me “I’m going to FAIL”.

It sounded about as ominous as the words of an undertaker.

And being the exam was nothing short of BORING for me, I did a half ass job, and turned it in.

When I did so, Dr K called me up a few hours before the submission deadline.

“You can do better than this, Rahul!”

And he sent me back home with the rejoinder of “You still have a few hours to get this done, Rahul!”

Go home, and get it done – well!

And a few weeks before that, which I really should have told you before I told you this . . .

I emailed him about the status of some HW that I submitted online.

He took a while to reply (which was strange for him, as he normally replied very quickly).

And I called him up.

He said the following.

“You’ve aced it! Come and collect it when you can”

And then . . . “Are you ever going to show up for class???”

My response?

“Uh, yes, perhaps I will”.

And I did.

After class, he spoke to me at length.

“You need to be challenged, Rahul!! You don’t need to take these Mickey Mouse classes!”

And though they were anything but Mickey Mouse for the rest of the people taking them, for me they were.

He was RIGHT.

He was SPOT ON. I had done all this in high school of my own accord since I was interested in Math, and therefore college (those classes) were a frigging BREEZE for me to be honest.

And I still ended up with a 2.7 GPA, while the “muggers” and “copiers” (two different categories, don’t ask, hehe) ended up with 4.0 GPA’s.

And this morning, as I think about Dr K, his words ring out in my mind.

“You need to be challenged!”

So true, my friend. So true. And anyone that achieves anything of note needs to be challenged, big time!

That’s how my whole life has been, and this has held true WORKOUT wise as well.

From wayyyy back in the day when Brooks Kubik asked me if I was in the military when I told him about my hill climbing routines, to people calling me an ironman, strongman, and everything in between – and a lunatic as well (and of course, the 100 or so other not-so-nice names) – one things stands out.

Big time.

I need to be challenged. And I believe in challenging YOU, my customers, to become the BEST you can be, and then some!

As Charles Mitchell who should actually be at “elite” status in many regards given what he does on a daily basis workout wise once said (again, I’m parphrasing) –

“I hate workout books that don’t challenge me! I know the way you exercise, and it’s nothing but easy!”

Amen, my friend. Amen!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be challenged, my friend, and be challenged to be a BETTER You. And our products will guide you every step of the way!

This morning I was reading about “PayTm” a Chinese backed Indian payments app which had surged in popularity over the past few years.

It’s apparently now (given the events of the past few months) being slowly but steadily pushed out by competitors with wallets that are equally, if not deeper as well as by the behemoth Amazon (for whatever reason, all these articles fail to mention the REAL gorilla in the room that does anything to grab customers and GETS Them – and hey – they have my vote for sure in ALL the countries I’ve used them).

Kudos Jeff Bezos – YOUR customer service is why you are where you’re at today, and that’s just the bottom line and an indisputable FACT OF LIFE!

And here is the point in me saying all this.

For years, PayTm in India was literally ROCKING.

Growing by leaps and bounds.

Company valuation increasing year by year, and money kept pouring in from Alibaba that apparently backs the app (not sure about now though).

And it wasn’t all bad. Chinese online payments have their downsides, most notably so in a country where the government scrutinizes and records everything, and its probably the only country in the world where today, you have very little, if at all, chance at DIGITAL security.

And especially when shopping. Cash is a rarity in mainland China. Big time.

And everything is done via Chinese apps like WeChat and Alipay which allow online payment and allow Xitler’s thugs to track your minutest purchases down.

Yes, they know what you ate for dinner last night and the cases of beer you ordered! ? NO, that is NOT an exaggeration my friend. Not in the least.

Anyway, online payments obviously have their upside, and PayTm was one of the first into the fray and it grew.

But these days, much like many other bloated businesses we see all over the place collapsing left right and center, PayTm is struggling big time.

Other apps have overtaken it.

And it doesn’t look to  be getting back on it’s feet anytime soon. Shaky foundations anyone?

Pretty much what will happen to China as a whole, and what HAS been happening silently (and the reason for Xitler’s expansionist policies etc which even his own band of thugs are getting tired of).

And again, point of me saying this?

Well first, same thing applies to fitness. You need a solid BASE to build upon.

If you can’t pound out 100 pushups per workout, much like I teach you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, hold a bridge for a while (or even get into position) or do squats, then you’re in NO position to do more advanced exercises like pull-ups.

Or handstand pushups.

And even if you manage to do ‘em, eventually you’ll collapse if the foundation ain’t strong enough.

Second, and more importantly.

It’s what you do when the chips are DOWN that counts my friend.

Very few people have it in in them to get up – keep getting up- and keep going.

You, me, nobody is going to hit has hard as LIFE. Life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. The world is a very mean and nasty place out there, and it will BEAT you to your KNEES and KEEP you there if you let it. It ain’t about how hard you can hit, my friend.

It’s about how much you can take.

It’s about how hard you can GET HIT and keep moving AHEAD – without blaming others for your failures or what not!

That’s how WINNING IS DONE, and yes, I borrowed that from Sly Stallone in Rocky, a man who should know a thing or two about what is being talked about.

And again, back to fitness.

Like I said yesterday, if your only exercise is climbing hills, GREAT.

Great workout! Hey, I know that better than most people.

But what when there is no hill.

What when you have inclement weather and cannot climb?

What when your favorite gym – or swimming pool is not available?

When you’re being SQUEEZED on all possible fronts, when your back is against the wall, and then some, how do you react?

Do you come out fighting all guns blazing - - or do you lie down and let life have it’s way.

The answers to these questions could well determine where youre headed in life – and your fitness journey as well – and I should know. Oh YES, I should know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My friend from the Marines, the “ruggedly strong” individual I refer to so often recently told me “you’re in rare form!”. Reminded me of what Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once told me “You’re in fine, fine fettle Rahul!’ one fine morning in bonny China . . . and while I may or may not be, fact is this – the WORKOUT routines I advocate will keep YOU in much the same condition physically and then some.

Get on the train NOW – right HERE.

Often times, I discuss the world with people (well, I USED to I should say, but whatever).

And countries in general.

Comparing countries and how they stack up. Politics. What is going on. And so forth.

And of course, the actual nitty gritties of LIFE in the countries.

And I don’t mean life as you see in those places in the movies. Or everyday life.

Or, the “touristy” stuff.

It’s amazing, but people still go on tours of Europe and other such vastly diverse places in a tour bus and expect to cover everything in the itenary in a trifling 10 days or so (or whatever the length of the tour is).

And of course, if we’re talking Asians (and specifically Indians and Chinese), for whatever reason they start to “miss home” as soon as they set foot abroad on foreign shores, even if that’s through the window of a tour bus.

Oh boy. IF there is anything more stupid than wanting (for example) Chinese food when you go to visit various parts of the USA to the point you’re not willing to try real American food, I’m yet to hear it.

Or, the Indians that jump up and down about “where is my curry” when they travel abroad.

Or, those that travel to the Himalayas in India, one of my FAVORITE Places to travel and visit in this world (there may be others, hehe) and never set foot outside the car.

Gorging on food all the time and getting FATTER and more miserable all the time, and then complaining about “I didn’t lose any weight on them hills”.

Yeah. Sure you didn’t!

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes . . .

Personally, for me, if I travel someplace, I like to visit ONE place. And do so in detail.

Not for me the running around from one place to the other as we once did in China a few years back, a trip that was great fun, but a trip that with all the driving involved (and there is more to this story! Which I won’t share here, hehe?) was anything BUT fun sometimes. Often times, I’d just want to go back to the hotel, get a beer, and CRASH!

Anyway . . .

Point being this.

When you VISIT a country, you see what is “outside”. Or what the tour guides show you.

But when you actually LIVE in that country, and actually get to know the customs, the languages, and the nitty gritties of the country, then that is quite another experience.

For instance, the Chinese often mark my packages as delivered when they’re not. Apparently that’s “become the thing to do” for most delivery companies to avoid being penalized for late deliveries, at least in mainland China.

And to me, this is utterly unacceptable.

Not so to the cHinese, and to people in general who stare at me incredulously and gape like a fish out of water when I rant on about just how UNPROFESSIONAL it is.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you something that might sound a bit surprising given my recent posts.

China, all in all, isn’t really that bad of a place to live in overall – IF you toe their line, of course.

But take away the Commie part, and even then, for a third world country (and lets face it, that’s what China is for the most part even now beneath the gloss and glitter), it’s a pretty decent place to live actually.

It doesn’t have many of the issues associated with most third world countries (not any more at least) . . .

Of course, the reasons for that are the land grabs and the resources and other things they steal and so forth. Everything comes at a price.

But still . . .


Hell no.

But a lot of people think it’s like a slightly nicer version of Sudan or Ethiopia for instance on the grand scale of things.

Not so my friend.

And I KNOW, because . . . well, I didn’t just visit. I put down roots there, hehe.

Anyway . . . how does this apply to fitness you might ask?


Just READING about fitness ain’t gonna get it one.

You can TALK about doing pull-ups like Bourne all you want, but until you actually get down to doing them, you’ll get nowhere (and indeed, just talk might HURT your chances of actually getting better at them more than you think!).

And so forth.

Climbing hills is great, but you have to literally FEEL how it feels on your fourth climb out there in the blazing sun to be considered a true IRONMAN, for one.

And so on and so forth.

Get past the gloss and glitter my friend.

Start DOING – today.

Not only will you make a better YOU by doing this – but you’ll make the WORLD a far better place too!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I just received the following email from a potential translator for one of my books (Fitness PIONEER) –

“Hi, Rahul! I'd like to translate your book, I find it really interesting and different from others related to fitness, it's not only about the body but our attitude. I'm overweighed and I know how it feels, haha. Hope to hear from you. Thanks. P.S: I speak latin american Spanish.”

Did he have it right? Me thinks so, amigo! Hehe.

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