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Wednesday, 09 December 2020 08:55

Am I too extreme?

Funnily enough, although this word features on that very long list of names I’ve been called and continue to be called (over a 1000 now – yes, I’ve kept track – maybe I’ll sell it one of these days, hehe) ... it hasn’t gotten the amount of tom tomming it “deserves”.

Even Bozo Schofield left that one alone.

You dont mess with some things, hehe.

Because you know what ...

But anyway, its long been a bone of contention between family and me, and sometimes friends.

“You’re too extreme!"

Or, “Calm down, Rahul! You’re a guy that just... “

(He trailed off, but the import was clear. That was a friend Charles telling me to “stand back” and “take it easy” when a lady that I paid to do my visa in China was NOT doing it, giving me all sorts of retarded excuses and the deadline BE approaching.

Of course, it was Him in that situation he’d be shitting bricks, but I was supposed to “take it easy”, hehe.)

(The visa never DID get done. I had to spend double of whatI normlly would, and then some. I had to ... ah, thats an entire story unto itself. But so much for not being extreme!)

But she DID return my money. Thank heaven for small mercies, hehe. Probably because she came through a known contact as opposed to the next joker who just took off with my dough and I never heard from her again.

Ah, life.

But anyway, YES.

They’re right.

I AM “either this or that”.

But, as Marc the African silverback Gorilla rightly said.

“With you, at least I know where I stand!”

True dat, bro.

And often times I’ve heard people telling me to “go easier on myself” for a variety of reasons.

I probably SHOULD!

But in general, I dont.

And I expect more out of OTHERS TOO, hence my annoyance at inane excuses (and lame ones too) people make about not getting her done, about life in general, about not being able to do pull-ups because “WAH!” or being too fat, and yet not ADDRESSING the core issues ...

And so forth.

Other side of the coin though is this.

What I expect of others is FAIR.

And to do the right thing.

And not everyone does, of course. 

And the third and hidden side to all this is this. 

IF someone wants to do the thing, but doesnt know how (lets say pull-ups), well, I’ll take you by the hand and SHOW YOU.

(The above course WILL turn you into a BONAFIDE STUD at pull-ups bro. Believe me! A STUD!)

I won’t molly coddle or baby sit you.

I’ll be a coach though, and I’ll SHOW YOU. And I DO!

And those that truly want to do the things will do and will learn.

And the rest will piss and moan about it being too extreme.

Newsflash – it never ever is. This is coming from “Mr Ironman Triathlete” as I was called last year by a couple of gals.

Or “very very strong?” by "Madam" Christina, her of the “I want your books for free”

(Upon seeing just ONE photo from Pushup Central which shows me doing a fingertip pushup in a way most of you out there couldn’t BEGIN to imagine, and which builds INSANE strength in the digits.)

You can work up to it, bro. And I SHOW you to how to in my products and courses!

For thos ethat want it, of course.

And are truly serious.

And that, my friend is that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up Pushup Central NOW. Truly the best course ever on pushups and I challenge you to find one better!

PS #2 – Bozo Schofield (without reading the book) pissed and moaned about “A book dedicated to pushups. Really! How boring”.

LOL. That in itself should be enough for YOU, the serious fitness enthusiast to get going on this! Hehe.

PPS – The song at the end of the Bourne Identity. “Extreme ways”. I can relate. Perhaps thats one more reason I love that series! (and Damon, despite having seen very little of his other work)

You on this list know why!

But I will say it yet again – videos are something Rahul Mookerjee does NOT WATCH.

I repeat. 


I mean, I’d like to stay out of the “bozo” category, and the minute you stare non stop at anything that kills your imagination (TV, soap operas, inane and idiotitc promotional videos, or those “trying to make some sort of inane point in a long winded and overly showboaty manner” and so forth are PRIME EXAMPLES OF THIS) is the minute you slide further towards inertia and BOZO like behavior 

And “boredom” and complaining galore too.

Michelle, a friend of mine (or ...w ell, FB friend) once told me this.

“I am not the type of person who complains about where I live!”

(That being the PRC).

Last night, she messaged me out of the blue.

“Hey how are you"

I could tell that part was a formality. She needed someone to .. .

“Have you watched the videos”, she went three times without even allowing me the chance to do so (becuase deep down inside she knows I won’t, hehe).

Anyway, she sent me three links one after the other.

Bear in mind this person only talks to me either when she sends lengthy voice notes – or – you got it – videos.

In the “friendship” thus far I think it’s the first time she’s ever typed because “her English is supposedly too weak” (but it isnt weak when she speaks, hehe) 

So we got to talking.

“I’m bored!”

“China is so boring!”

OK ....

“I’m an interesting girl! I am not like most Chinese girls ! I travel all over world!”

And I tried to switch the topic to something interesting that being hiking.

“DG hiking is nothing compared to where I’m from!”

Apparently the “mountain” in her hometown in taiwan is far “better”.

It probably is, to be honest.

But really, hiking never gets boring my friend.

Neither does LIFE.

You have to FIND something to do. You gotta MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE interesting, no matter what.

I Could tell you a bazillion things to do within the confines of a room in that regard!

It’s not a matter of “boring”.

IT’s a matter of not being open minded enough to ... ah, but whatever.

What do I know, I told her.

And she bought it. Hook line and sinker.

“I’m just the fitness guy”, I tittered. “Maybe thats why I like hikes, foot massages (I dont, actually) and the like”

(I DO like body massages though)

(and thats why I put out a section on MASSAGE in the 0 Excuses Fitness book)

but really, the video she sent were LONG.

I watched about a few seconds of one.

That was enough.

Some inane nonsense about some tom tommers claiming “Taiwan is a much better place to live than America” – and then dissing America (curiously enough he’s American) in favor of China, Taiwan etc.

Punctuated by the most asinine and juvenile music ever.

So much for interesting and well traveled “different” ladies.

I rest my case.

And on a side note, as my friend from the Marines rightly said.

“Taiwan exists because of it’s friends. Simple. “

And it IS that simple.

Maybe thats what causes all the angst as well, hehe.

Anyway, thats that for now.

I dont like videos, but sometimes they’re necessary.

Last one I watched was of a guy taking apart a water dispenser.

Now that was cool. Learned me a NEW TRICK, hehe.

A do at home kinda thing.

And I believe I watched a Trump video (part of it) about going out and voting, but he made it interesting.

“Maybe you’ll vote for me, and maybe you won’t”, I remember him saying.

And after reading all this, maybe you’ll stay on my list, and maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or maybe you won’t.

Or maybe you’ll just send me more inane idiotic vidoes and wonder why I Dont reply to you.

All good either way, hehe ...

And thats truly that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Its funny how the human mind processes things ...

And how HABITS are formed.

For years and years and years and years, even when in China, I was of the opinion and bent of mind that the first thing you did upon waking up in the morning was (after coffee and a dump) was get into the SHOWER.

And stay there for a good 10 minutes or so.

This routine was so ingrained in me that I learned something new while doing it

That being, the benefits of COLD water showers in the EXTREME winters – not out of choice, but “necessity” (somehow those heaters in China find a way to give up when you need ‘em the most, hehe).

(It’s usually a small thing, but they usually give up when you want to take a QUICK shower and are pressed for time. If it CAN go wrong, probably will!).

Anyway ...

I’ll write about that later, but for now?

When I first floated the idea of doing what the Chinese do, which is to steadfastly shower at night, and usually never before, I was looked upon as crazy.

“Thats dirty”, people told me.

Hmm ....

When I Told the Chinese?

“How can you not shower at night! Thats gross!!”

Or, what Carol told me.

“I can’t imagine how you’d get into bed without a shower at night!”

(Not EVERYONE told me this sort of thing, but the vast majority of people in China DID, and DO until today, and those that didnt, probably just didnt and would anyway. Hehe).

Then when I went to the Middle East for an ill fated few months, it seemed like the “mid day time” (as they put it) was the time to shower, take a siesta, and so forth.

A two hour break between work seemed as alien to me initially as the shower at night first did, when I first got to know of it.

But I got used to it.

(Company I was at for a brief while did it’s damndest to pinch an extra hour out of its employees so in essence and really speaking it was a very hurried one hour break – I mean barely enough time to even sneak in a meal, because you were using company transport to go back and forth and other rubbish, but this isn’t about that ... but anyway ... point begets).

(The other hour they tried to pinch was mostly peopel sleeping al through it). Real work only started around 3PM ...

But again, and the point of all this 

Yours truly for one doesnt shower in the morning these days.

I prefer to get my WORKOUT in first thing in the morning. And THEN Shower.

If I dont workout in the mornings, then I’ll wait until I do, and then shower.

Often times, if I’m exceedingly busy, it will be a long night shower.

Do I feel “dirty” in the morning?

I Dont think so, my friend, and I haven’t been “stinking: any either.

I could never understand how smells and stinks somehow miraculously make their way into a clean bed! (to manifest in the morning).

They DON’T. It’s a matter of HABIT.

Nothing against morning showers either, for those that like it.

But again, the point begets.

There isn’t “one right way”.

The point is, to do it 

If you do what many peiople in China and India do in the winters, which being to NOT shower at all for days, and do so very sparingly so that a NASTY, NASTY, PUTRID stench comes out of the person – then I’d say hell no.

(and it’s both men and women. The women cover it up with perfumes and the like, but you can still “smell it”. UGH! And the men .... well, they dont even cover it up).

But otherwise ...

Fitness wise, SAME thing.

There is NO one right way my friend.

You may find that pull-ups done BEFORE your hill climbs work best. For you.

For me, they did for a while!

You may find that for a period you do NOTHING but Hindu squats

I did!

You may find that doing less is indeed more – as I’ve found!

And so forth.

Point being – do what works for YOU – and this is something I emphasize in all my books and courses.

And just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Picjk up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here.

Monday, 30 November 2020 11:58

How far ahead are YOU?

One of the things that I always ask everyone (well, on my coaching calls that is) in terms of progressing at anything (life, fitness, workouts, relationships etc) is this.

HOW FAR AHEAD are you – right now – of both the herd and yourself?

Por ejempelo, lets say you got a goal to do 100 pushups at ONE shot.

No breaks.

Perfect form.

No sagging.

Just up and down, up and down ... (no pun intended, hehe, especially given that email on supposed porno or what not).

Chest to the floor, back up. ALL the way.

A 100 of those suckers at ONE GO.

Now, you know the how of how to get there – or if youdont, Pushup Central will teach you. The techniques, I mean!

But really, when you DO the thing.

ARE you doing ‘em throughout the day?

ARE YOU doing what you can?

ARE YOU doing the isometrics if you can’t do a single pushup?

ARE you focusing on different variations?

Most of all, and this encapsulates all of the above – how much do you really want it?

If you do, you’ll likely be doing all of the above, and then some.

Ahead of yourself.

And the herd, that tries once a day and gives up.


I know which side I’d rather be on. 

I dont know if you guys have noticed, but I have my writing done in advance too.

To prepare for that rainy day where I dont “feel like writing” (which of course never happens, but just in case).

Do YOU have that sort of seriousness about your LIFE – and BUSINESS?

To make plans -backup plans – and all of that in the flow?

No, that ain’t contradictory!

If you do, I can tell you which way you’re going in life.

It’s UP.

And if you don’t, you are either stagnant, or going down, and they’re both the one and the same thing.

All fo rnow!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It’s been said it requires 10,000 hours of practice to really get good at something. I often say that absolute mastery of an exercise is something VERY FEW, if ANY people can achieve, including the great Bruce Lee who did thumb pushups for hundreds of reps per set!

How about a handstand thumb pushup??

(Note – dont try it!)

And so forth.

Point is, if you want to achieve, then DO. And do more than the herd, and outdo yourself too. It shoul dbe a competition with YOU first, and then the rest !

In came a comment from Bozo Schofield, whining as usual.

“No-one likes you!”

“The gorilla, the marine, Chuck” ... and on went the list.

Dont know about gorillas and “Chuck” is what Itold him , but the marines and high powered lawyer may have a different opinion on this, hehe.

But anyway, here is what my Dad (with whom it’s well known I dont agree upon anything at all, except those few things that yes, he WAS right about – slipped in “in between” and quietly, hehe, that stuck with yours truly).

Back in the day, when I was working for Freddie, at least in the “initial days of the job” I was doing my damndest to stand out – and make a case for myself.

Freddie hired me on gut and because he liked me.

(sorry, bozos, hehe)

But, the reason he presented to his boss was my I.T. knowledge and he needed a website built, and so forth ...

... And I was starting to get a little too aggressive with my follow ups on this with my managers (well, with “the” managers I should say, since I reported directly to the GM i.e. Freddie) ...

And in a moment of self doubt (back in those days sometimes it did crop up, hehe) I mentioned it in passing to my father when he was asking about it I believe.

“It’s not your job to be liked”, he commented quietly. “You’re there for your career!”

Actually, it was emailed to me now that I recall ...

... and of course, much to his probable and potential consternation, his other piece of advice on “toning it down” was completely ignored (i.e .the part about “sometimes you have to bottle it up andbe politically correct” and “white lie”).

I went the whole humpty, as I always do, have done, and WILL continue to do as I mentioned in that last “there” e-mail ...

And it shows, doesnt it?

IF something is right, then I say it no matter what.

If I didnt do something, such as “get an infamous email sent way back in 2012” that I was accused of, then (maybe it was 2013) I WILL say I didnt, and I WILL stand my ground regardless of what jobs I might get canned for.

As I discussed with Charles Mitchell a few months ago, at the end of the day you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror.

The only way I can do that is if I a) stick up for what I believe in , b) do the right thing no matter what and c) STICK TO MY GUNS!

C) is often times the most important.

No, I ain’t “preaching” here, friend. It’s TRUE.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Despite the hordes gravitating to the gyms and weights in the hope of fitness nirvana, I WILL point them down the 0 Excuses Fitness route anyway.

Despite the nuts benching cows in the gym and hurting their shoulders beyond repair, I WILL continue to state the benefits of handstand pushups until the cows comes how to roost (was that rooster, hehe).

And so forth.

It ain’t about sales. I’d probably make more – way more if I catered to the sheeple out there

But I ain’t gonna do it.

Thats not me.

It just ain’t me!

Never has been, never will be.

What I give you is what I do – and what works – flat out works – better than ANY OTHER bodyweight exercise program out there even!

And I am prepared to go the extra mile or five more, hehe, to back that up!

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here.

I’m not going to mention WHO.

Because if I did ... well, nothing actually.

But I ain’t gonna mention the persons by name on this one, if just to see how many of you have been paying attention to “el cavemano”. Hehe.

Over the months, years, and so forth ...

... And here it goes.

“You’ve spoilt my whole life!”

And so goeth the chant from two people, and also the one and only BOZO Schofield, and if you’d boil his insanity down to one thing, it is this.

“Rahul has always done what he wanted, and ultimately (even after he went through hell occasionally) GOTTEN what he wanted somehow”.

And it’s true.

Could be workout wise, me losing that spare tyre (or 10, hehe) I once had around my waist.

Could be financially, and pulling rabbits out of the hat when NO-ONE expected it.

Hit ‘em when they dont expect it, hehe.

My wife had THIS to say about me at that job I once worked at. THAT job.

“Khota sikka”.

Now, I had no inkling what this meant.

“It’s a Hindi expression”, she replied. “It means someone who can pull a rabbit out of the hat, or a Houdini when ALL is lost”.


I’ve always been a big game player.

I do NOT shy away from BIG challenges, but the small, routine ones?

As Dr. K famously said, I’m not much of a one for Mickey Mouse stuff, hehe.

And that shines through in BattleTank shoulders – and “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER stud within a matter of weeks” – and Animal Kingdom Workouts – and literally ALL my fitness stuff and other writing.

I go the whole humpty friend. I either do it or I dont. No middle ground!

But anyway, the same people who said what they did ...

The profoundly loony and moronic Bozo? Well, enough said on him.

The other person was one who always HAS to have her own way no matter what and make others do her bidding and a person who hasn’t earned a SINGLE dollar, rupee, RMB, or anything in her life – and yet tells others how to do it.


Like a bald man giving yours truly advice on how to grow hair, hehe.

The other person?

Well, despite her many stellar qualities she steadfastly refuses to either acknowlege or realize, she has to blame everyone else BUT her for her current position in life.

And I’m not going to get into specifics here.

But point begets.

If YOUR own life ain’t where you want to be, bro, then STOP BLAMING others for it either consciously or not.

YES, some of us have it tougher. Always have.

YES, the cards aren;t always dealt FAIR in life.

But guess what.

Thats how the cookie crumbles, brah.

If you take longer to get good at handstand pushups than I did, or do it much quicker – well – thats how it is!

From Christ to Edison to Ford, all the men that have really accomplished anything of note have done so ONLY after surmounting temporary defeat of the MOST frustrating, disappointing, obstinate and stubborn onces.

That is not me saying it. It’s Napoleon Hill in “Outwitting the Devil”.

And he was right.

Think of that line anytime you’re down, my friend, and if you’re truly a person that gets it, and one of life’s doers, you shouldn’t need any more of a pick me up other than this!

Gotta go now, but I’ll be back with more soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fitness wise, I already gave you the link for some inspiration. But life wise? Well, I’ve put out Gumption Galore, a collection of my best tips of yore ... and if you print that little sucker out and keep it by your bedside, I can guarantee you one damn thing.

You’ll never ever run short of inspiration again!

Saturday, 28 November 2020 10:02

More on a colossal waste of ENERGY

Most people that know me can’t figure it out.

And of course, they’re too lazy to actually READ what I write ...

... but I keep getting the talk about “why don’t you talk to me on social media!”

Or “why don’t you answer the phone!”

And some of these people are friends – or so they say they are.

And yet, they dont know how much I despise the dumbphone. Hehe.

Dont get me wrong. Sometimes, it’s good to pick up the phone and talk to someone.

But in the vast majority of cases, it’s NOT warranted, especially when what youre saying can just as easily be said on email, or text, or a simple “voice note” (that seem to be all the rage these days).

Instead, you have people “not reading because it’s too long”.

Or, people that “dont listen to all the voice messages because they get too many”.

And yet, when THEY want something, bang on target, here they are with the same thing ...

... Part of the reason for yours truly cranky caveman being the way he is is I get a LOT more accomplished staying to myself.


I get a lot more workouts done.

And so on and so forth.

Going within is something everyone should do, and yet it’s roundly pooh poohed by most.

Big, big mistake bro.

And here is the point of me saying this.

My daughter is almost 7 right now. Great English skills, great life and marketing skills, great sales skills, and great at many things

Of course, yours truly’s family claims I had nothing tod o with any of the above, especially the first. 


Anyway, that isnt the point either – point is this.

She constantly has people calling her up to “talk to her”.

Ostensibly to “make friends”.

But really, its because of what people often try and do with me in China, that being to “practice my English”.

For free, of course, and in return what do I get?

Zilch. LOL.

I’ve told my daughter to do what I did when I was young (which I figured out the best thing for me to do was to hang out with OLDER guys that KNEW MORE than I did in many ways, and I knew more than them in some, so it was a fair exchange), and was roundly pilloried by my mother for doing so.

“How dare you hang out with 12th grade guys? You’re only in the 8th grade!”

Or, my Dad when yours truly “pimply and gangly” wanted to get to the razor a few years ago and “stole” his Dad’s, because Dad wouldn’t give me my own 

“I know you’re a big man with long beards!” he said in a sarcastic manner.

(while complaining about some meaningless “rubbish” about how I didnt do this well at school, or that well).

(Schools. College. Education. Formal education. Look around you right now, and tell me what use that fancy degree is my friend. Hehe. No, I’m not dissing education – the formal kind – but its really education you get from being in the trenches that truly counts in LIFE!).

Anyway, my daughter and me do NOT have that sort of idiotic excuse of a “relationship”.

We have a real relationship. She’s a special gal, and I give her all the advice someone should have given me when I was growing up ...

... and I dispense it to my list as well, hehe.

And thats what I wanted to talk to you now about. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Energy drains are one prime reason I rarely, if ever get on the phone. But I did do it once to make my 0 Excuses Fitness videos!

Check ‘em out right here. You’ll love ‘em!

(yes, paid product – sorry to the “Freebie seekers”, hehe, but thats just how it is. For free snippets, follow my YouTube channel).

PS #2 – And yes. If you want to succeed, ditch the energy drains. You truly are the sum of those people you hang out with the most – and on that note, I’m off to do some much needed meditation before the “fun starts”. Hoooo boy!

PPS - Bozo Schofield actually reminds me of a certain someone in my family, someone you'd think I'd be closest to (or anyone would), but am NOT. More on that later, hehe. 

PPS #1 - I never met a certain Uncle in my family, who from what I hear is as much the "skeleton in the closet" as yours truly, hehe. He was termed as a genius for his eccentric ways. Yours truly? Well - YOU be the judge, hehe. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2020 19:19

The idiocy I just saw on LinkedIn

Saw the following “prime bozo” comment on LinkedIn, a social media network I usually avoid, but sometimes get on to share my posts etc ...

Here is what I saw

When we raised our minimum wage to $70k in 2015, productivity soared and revenue tripled. A lot of people interpreted that to mean people are motivated by pay.But that's not what we found. In reality, just removing money as a stressor let them bring their full selves to work. Research shows your happiness improves as you rise out of poverty but money stops buying happiness above the point where you are comfortable, around $75k or so.CEOs don't need an extra million. Low-pay workers need to be lifted up.

Im not going to mention the name of the person that said it.

But it's so glaringly nanny state like STUPID that I can't even begin to write about it.

Actually, I just did. Hehe.

I was going to reply to him there.

But there would be no point, as he wouldn't get. Plus, I dont deal too well with bozos that advocate a nanny state anyway ...

First off, here is the point.

You do not, no matter what, hamstring the RICH and “supposedly” benefit the poor.

I think this dude was talking about bailing big companies out, etc. But the point is this – when those companies get bailed out, in general, the economy does as well. So do the workers to an extent I'd think.

I dont know, but to me it's simple logic – if the money doesnt go directly to someone's pocket, then it probably benefits the workers in general. Maybe not in ALL cases, but most, I'd say 

But that ain't the part I had a problem with.

The problem is this “low pay workers need to be lifted up”.

No they dont need to be lifted up!

This is the most STUPID thing I've heard in ages, and someone responded with the following -

“There is thing called scarcity thinking where you're too worried about resouces to concentrate or focus on other things. I've been there, and it's like a slow death”.

So said Madam Chloe ... (a person I know only fleetingly).

Again, one of the most asinine comments ever. 

Here's a bit of a reality check, fellas and ladies, or the other way around.

MOST, if not ALL, Ceo's did NOT get where they were by whining on social media about needing support, not having money, being in a “scarce” mindset (which is the exact opposite needed!) and so forth.

Most LOSERS however did just that ... And stayed where they where.

Most successes you see today were bankrupt multiple times and were rejected in many ways, shapes or forms (and continue to be) – way more so than the whiners ever were.

If they only knew, heheh.

Second, that ole Deng Xiaoping saying.

“If some people get rich, it's a good thing!”

No, he did NOT, as I never tire of saying say “To get rich is glorious” (although really, if you do so on your own terms it is!).

But really. The wealth DOES trickle down, if you're keeping score.

Which the bozos aren't. Most of them need a good kick to the rumpus to get their ass in gear and make a life for themselves without whining about their failures or “why they can't do it” 

As Connery famously said in “The Rock” (a potboiler if ever).

“Your best”, he sneers at Nicholas Cage (who was in a moment of indecision).

“Losers whine about their best! Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!”

Said like a champ, and it is TRUE bro.

“Carla was the prom Queen”, responds Cage.

Hehe. Said like a champ there too (Carla was Cage's love interest in the movie).

And thats al I gotta say about that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fitness wise, same thing. Most people need a kick to the rumpus to get started and keep going, not endless molly coddling that the whiners who claim “your advice on pull-ups doesnt help anyone” or thos ethat claim “you just say you just do it”. Hey, Nike said that too, and did pretty well, didnt they? If it's good enough for Nike, I'd think it's good enough for YOU reading this!

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System the very kick to your BOOTY you need to get your ass in high gear and make something of your LIFE, my friend – fitness wise, and LIFE WISE!


** Start Edit ** // from my coder days, hehe. 

Research shows your happiness improves as you rise out of poverty but money stops buying happiness above the point where you are comfortable, around $75k or so.

I dont know which bozo researched that, but I'll tell you one damn thing. HAppiness isn't and shouldn't be dependent upon "how much money you have". It's NOT being happy in the HERE AND NOW regardless of anything else that keeps mos t people from even starting to get someplace in LIFE (or fitness). 

CEOs don't need an extra million

But I'm sur ethey WANT it. And it's what you WANT is what you GET out of life, and fitness, NOT what you "need". 

Try telling Bezos for one he doesnt "need" an extra million, and see his response. Hehe. If he's allowed to speak freely that is without the bozo "whiners" and SJW's getting their knickers in a twist (and the commie nanny state advisers out there). 

Last, but not least, this moronic advice of "everyone should get enough to at least "get by on"" (whatever figure that is up to the poster apparently). 

Well, first thing you know - everyone has differnt standards. 

And second, and not least by a long damned shot - how did that work out for the Soviet Union? 

Where people had literally no incentive to work? 

I dont think it ended up too well, my friend. 

** end of rant -cum- response, but really, it's true!" 

// end code, hehe. 

I forgot to link (and PIMP, hehe) 0 Excuses fitness right there, so I will do so NOWHERE is where you can pick up the System, the best damned fitness system ever. And if you're part of the "how dare he charge me" group, well, goody. The system is NOT FOR YOU! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - YES! 

It's been a busy few days!

And I've written so much int he past few days, that I see “writing” everywhere I go. And indeed, as I'm almost done with finishing my other book, I'm writing this to you for a break – and a change in pace.

And it reminds me of a whil eback.

Remember that trip I told you about to Dalhouse and Khajiaar in the Himalayas in India?

Well, the drive back and forth was around 15 hours, give or take, and in Indian conditioins thats like driving 30 plus hours STRAIGHT with unwavering focus and concentration (and to make things harder, we didnt have GPS, or auto steering, or any of that other rubbish back then).

It was a stick shift as well, the car!

And after the drive either way was done, I remember sinking down into the chair, and my hands would automatically “move” as if on the steering wheel.


When I looked at my wife, I'd have to consciously focus, so used to had I got by dint of sheer FOCUS and concentration over the past few hours (past many hours, I should say) that life seemed to have turned into a “road”.

OF course, the spell wore off after a good sleep.

But right about now, that is how I feel, and I've still got work to do. And I'm still going!

And I could tell you right now, and I'd be right, that THAT is the sort of energy advanced jump rope workouts give you (being that was the last form of exercis eI did before the writing spree).

You focus more. And better.

You keep going, like the ENERGIZER BUNNY!

And ... in all areas of life, if you get my drift, hehe.

And thats how deeply ingrained bodyweight exercise sshould be for YOU, my friend.

You shouldn't have to think about exercising – or doing Hindu pushups – or handstands.

You slip into position, and yo ujust do it, and anything else should feel strange.

Ditto for your normal routine.

EXERCISE should be a part of it, and LACK OF IT should make you feel lik eI did above!

That is how ingrained exercise is in my life, and how it should be for you too.

LASER SHARP FOCUS and bulldog tenacity.

Thats what it's all about!

I'll be back soon with more (especially FOCUS)! For now, it's off to finish the other book.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up th e0 Excuses Fitness System, truly the best damned fitness system out there RIGHT HERE.

I wrote about this in one of my emails, and posted it in one of my blogs (on).

Dont ask me which one – I bet the 0 Excuses Fitness one, but catch as catch can on that! ;)

And today, while meditating, for some odd reason her face and her WORDS (the latter was more important) swam in front of me.

I thought I'd complete what I was doing, and then address the thought (indeed, that is what I normally do).

Oddly enough, or maybe not, I was interrupted again.

And rather than search for and send the same commuinque out, here goes – again.

YEARS ago, I went on a trip to Dalhousie and Khajiaar in the Indian Himalayas. This was in 2010, I believe ... (before I went to the Middle East).

I'm not sure, but I think so!

We met a lady in the charming “hill station” (as theyc all it!) of Khajjiar.

And she was selling trinkets and other ethnic stuff, and other Buddhist style wall hangings, and things related to Vastu etc (which in China is known as Feng Shui).

Feng means air, shui means water.

Air and water.

The yin and yang, and indeed, and I'll reveal more later, this blend of male and female energy forms the basis of not just my own sprituality, but anyone that gets it.

Anyway, my wife got to talking to the lady.

And she took one look at me, and rattled off details about me that even yours truly didnt think he knew about himself!

“How did you know all this”, I Asked, both shocked and amazed.

She just smiled back. 

My wife told me she was a seer later. (funnily enough, yours truly was called that a couple of years ago too!).

“Some people are born with it”, she said sagely.

“Yes, but how ... “ my logical mind couldn't comprehend it!

But it happened, and was true!

YEARS later, I believe in 2016 – we visited there again – this time with our 4 year old in tow.

And she had a gala time, and we found the SAME lady there, who miraculously or not, still remembered us!

And after some casual chatting, she looked directly at me, and laughed (when my wife asked her about me, and my “future”).

“Him? Hes never going to live in India full time!”

Or I belive what she said, and these were her exact words ...

“Rahul will live abroad” 

Note she didnt say the former. I inferred it! There IS a difference! ;) 

And oddly enough or not, isnt that exactly what happened? (and what has pretty much been happening ALL my life?).

Business wise, she said I'd do “something related to electronics”, and looking back, and right NOW, if you regard the computer to be an electronic item, and the pulses of data across the Internet to be ... well ... you gethte drift!

Truly amazing.


Anyway, I don't know why I felt compelled to share that my friend.

Perhaps because my biz (this one) is GROWING by leaps and bounds this year, and I'm HAPPY.

I'm always happy, of course! ;)

But either way, back to terra firma – make sure to pick up my latest course on jumping rope right here my friend – Jump Rope Mania!

Yours truly “seer” predicts it will whip you into shape in record time, hehe.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember too, to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here!

PS #2 - Speaking of ethnic. We've got a course on ethnic FOOD right here - check it out - Dish Delicious

(I haven't gotten around to putting out the second Volume. Maybe soon. HA!)

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