Life (242)

Life's a trip, eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, G.... (Nah, it ain't the Bozo Glyn we're referring to here, hehe). 

Those two lines were more sage lines from one of the best movies ever, Training Day . . . 

And it is a trip, really! 

Bengali, a language I was "supposed" to be the best at, but never was. I didn't quite like it growing up! 

(I was born in that part of the country, for those interested. Neighboring China of all things. Fancy that. Who'd have thunkkkkk yours truly would end up in no place other than China years later)? 

Bengal, the land of the poets, Mamata "Didi" and a state which back then was supposed to be underdeveloped, and right now in many regards isn't all that bad of a place to live actually. 

(though I wouldn't really want to live there either) 

Poets, poetry, and even WRESTLING, though for some reason the burgeiose Bengali lot (hey, thats alliteration right there! New book?? LOL) prefer to focus more on Tagore than the wrassling ... 

(and really, the Gama was the most famous in INdia, and he was a North Indian breed. North India being where yours truly grew up). 

anyway ... where was I? 

The language, eh. 

I've mentioned "Baba" in the email before. The Bengali word for Dad. 

And I've mentioned (well, years ago I think) how though I can't speak Bengali, dont "look" it etc, (actually I'm not sure WHAT I look like other than a bonafide CHAMELEON) .. some dude in HK in 2005 just stopped me ont he street and started speaking to me in rapid fire Bengali!

Some things, the logic just isnt ... and if you need further proof of why I believe in SPIRIT, this is why! 

Anyway, Hindi was the local lingo where I grew up. 

Much hated by Mom, hehe. 

She'd rather her "cultured Bengali" 

And while I'm not entirely sure that either Bengalis or those from the Northern part of the nation are more "cultured" - thats one of those "India things" you have to experience to truly understand - and being even I don't quite understand it, we'll let it go for now. Hehe.

But anyway ... 

I'll give my parents kudos for ONE Thing. 

They might or might not have done it for reasons other than what it turned out to be. 

But their insistence on me speaking good English - and also introducing me to reading etc was the BEST DAMNED (and probably the only, hehe) thing they ever did. 

So - despite all the hoo haa - and Charles Mitchell, here I am finally saying it. 

THANK YOU Mom and Dad - for that! 

If THAT influence along with all the other negativity wasn't there, I'd be screwed right about now. 

True, I was never encouraged to write etc. 

True, I got wher eI am on my OWN STEAM. 

(and every I was put in Bozo jobs etc or told to, or what not which I hated - I quit rather promptly. That was back in the day when I still did jobs. Hehe. Right now they're a distant foggy memory if even that!) 

But that communication I'm so famed for - well - it has to start somewhere. 

For me, it started via READING. 

something I still do, albeit not fiction. 

Anyway, back to "Baba". 

I used to call my Dad ... "Baaaaa" for some reason. 

The second "Ba" never came out. 

So it sounded like a sheep, almost ... 


And it was quite the joke, even for yours truly! 

My own daughter calls me Dad. And I'd rather that! 

But you old timers reading this will recall the "Ma" and "Pa" times when YOU were growing up, especially those of you from the UK etc. 

(The UK And India do have a very interesting shared history!) 

Anyway .... 

POint of all this is THIS. 

The Sheep, my friend, is an admirable and calm animal in many regards, but (and I love eating it!) I'd rather the STALLION. 

The stallion that REARS AND BUCKS - and is on the page of Barnstormer Shoulders - because guess what - a STALLION is what YOU will feel like when you get on those workouts!

The stallion you've always wanted to be!

And more - the stallion is NOT one of the animals mentioned in Animal Kingdom Workouts

Neither is the sheep, but the CHICKEN is. 

If life and workouts aren't contradictions, then I dont know what is!

And on that note, I'm out. 

Have your fill right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

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One memory I've always had growing up at home was this - on Sundays, the "day of rest" - it was always the "most hectic". 

Including Saturdays. . . 

India's normal chaos was magnified x 10 duing those two days, at least in our house growing up. 

When "Baba" (the Bengali way of saying "Dad", I think) was there - "all hell often broke loose in many regards", hehe. Including a couple of piegons one day who raised such a ruckus that you'd think Cain himself had shown up ... 

Anyway, mispellings and all that aside, yours truly is the polar opposite in that regard. Perhaps thats why? 

Yours truly prefers living in a CAVE, and working with those that do so too, and he's done it. 

And he workouts in a cave by himself too for the most part, unless he's in Qi Feng Park, but he can't stand crowds even there. 

But there's something else ... that he COULDN'T STAND - and still can't in many regards!

The HEAT. 

The blazing heat and humidity in Southern China. The blazing HEAT when I grew up. (it wasn't that humid there, but it was even hotter in terms of temperature). 

But anyway, I hated it growing up. 

And one of the rules oddly enough in our house (for me, at least) growing up was to "play tennis" at the grand ole hour of 9 AM on a Sunday morning, which meant "el caveman" was required to wake up even earlier. 


How we (I) rebelled and fought against it. 

I still remember my Dad telling me about my frequent sips of water throughout the game. 

"You need a pipe to your mouth!" 

LOL. The Bozo is no doubt having several org-you know what reading this ... 

And I remember the heat. Ugh, the heat! 

But anyway, point of this? 

Was that I was actually GOOD at tennis, but I was too damned LAZY to do it - in the heat. 

It wasn't so much waking up. 

And though I don't get along with my parents, my father did in his own way sometimes "try". 

Especially with that infamous comment of "playing like Michael Chang" (French Open was going on around that time, I believe, and it was a particularly good day at the courts too). 

What yours truly REALLY REALLY enjoyed though was the evening SWIM in the pool, albeit in a pool so crowded you could barely swim. 

Ah, the White Tiger. 

I could probably write book #2 on that!

But I dont want to, hehe. The less I think about India in many regards the better, and it's sad, really. 

A country with so much damned potential, and yet, the end result? 

We truly ARE, as a nation, or people - as we think. 

And anyway, fitness wise and workout wise, my thinking is to be LAZY - and get it done. 

I dont mean lazy as in "what I do". 

But I mean as in "do it when I like", and as I like, and get stellar results by NOT spending all day long. 

And that, my friend, reflects itself in all the brief workouts I do, and write about. 

On yet another side note, the heat. 

I still hate it! Can't live without A/C on all the damn time, and that cold BEER ... 

But workout wise, I think y'all know I conquered both the laziness and the "heat phobia". 

Oh boy. 

More mentioned in the book on inspirational fitness recollections,but as I sign off ... 

Another quote from Training Day

"Life's a trip, eh"

"Thats some trippy ass shit!" 

Contradiction, I'll say that - and so it SHOULD BE! 

Shades of grey, my friend. Shades of grey. And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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This morning when I woke up, I had another of those Napoleon Hill moments. 

He writes in Outwitting the Devil about how he was forced to stay in hiding for a year, maybe more due to his fear of being assasinated (for a biz associate of his callng mobsters out for what they were) and how he for more than a year "never left the house without a pistol in hand' (at night). 

Every time a car stopped outside the house, I'd carefully scrutinize its occupants for a while through the basement window, and only when I thought it was safe did I .. 

After a few months of this experience, my MIND began to crack. 

And these are a few quotes from the book "Outwitting the Devil" you must read, my friend. 

It APPLIES today. 

And it applies to a lot of you living under these inane and retared lockdowns, especially in Europe etc, but also India, Asia etc. 

If you're a wackjob in China reading this that claims "but China is open" (and this ain't even about CHina) - well guess what. 

It may be open, but business ain't exactly booming, and neither is travel during the busiest part of the year. 

'tis a FACT Jack. 

Anyway ... my own experience obviously has got nothing to do with the specifics of HIll's situation. 

But like I said, I've noticed, and continue to notice ALARMING (in a very good way) parallels between Hill's life and mine, hehe. 

(except for the many marriages, hehe). 

I might as well be a reincarnated version of him in many ways - which to me would be an absolute and complete HONOR. 

There are few men I admire more. 

And anyway, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 


Big time. 

Many reasons. 

But I was just ... I dont know, DOWN. 

Didnt feel like doing squat. 

Thought "oh god, this day is going to be terrible". 

And so forth. 

Lets put aside the hocus pocus of feeling good daily on auto pilot the idiotic self help books teach you. 

Life doesnt work like that - not real life. 

And I paced around the room. 

Like Hill did on the hill all those years ago!

The moon shone brightly in his case, the light did in mine. 

SNAP OUT OF IT, Rahul! You gotta get your BRAIN out of this lethargy thats affecting most of the world!


You've got a job to do - motivate - inspire - continue to do what you do BEST!

It didnt happen instantly. 

But a few rounds around the house, and a song or two later, I was FIRED UP. 

I opened the computer. 

(what beautiful English, as the Chinese say, hehe)

OK, so I turned it on. 

But anyway ... 

No air conditioner to "open". 

And I got to it and I've cranked out some great stuff for ALL my busiensses within less than an hour. 

Thats about 5000 words in all, I'd say. I think 5540, but not sure. 

But anyway. 


I FEEL GREAT - and buzzed. 

In a short while I'm going to workout - handstands and pull-ups

And I'll feel even better. 

This, my friend is one example of how to do it. 

See if you can relate!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure and pick up Gumption Galore! and Zero to HERO! which for YOU are prime reads for days "like this". No, ranting and venting on social media ain't gonna cut it bro ...

And that can never be extinguished, no matter what . . . 

No, I'm not just talking a deep desire to get fit my friend. Those of you with that desire would likely already have DONE the needful. 

My thoughts here are something different, but not really, and as I literally "write in the flow", this was inspired by a flame - literally - burning in the darkness - as I boiled my tea in a way I normally don't. 

Now, the flame was turning BLUE. 

Which is great. 

Blue, by the way is one of my favorite colors! 

The color of SPIRIT, or so I believe. Peace, harmony and BEING ATTUNED To the SPIRIT while having a flame burneth inside of me ALL the time. 

And therein, my friend, I explained "my flame" to you. 

What is YOURS? 

WHAT is that ONE thing you have always wanted to do (maybe more than one) -but never HAVE? 

Maybe you dont even KNOW what it is, or if you do, you're scared to acknowledge it or believe "that sort of thing is not possible for me, or can never happen". 

Well, you're sadly mistaken my friend if you believe the last. 

The other two are very common though. 

And what is amazingly often enough the MOST common is that people dont even KNOW what they want out of life. Don't feel bad if thats you. Yours truly never really had a crystal clear vision of any of it until the age of 36 or so, and it's only really crystallized in the last couple of years. 

Napoelon Hill, that VISIONARY was RIGHT about the ages of 40-50 being the most productive for a man (due to the reasons mentioned in Think and Grow Rich). 

(and one main reason he mentioned was "sowing your wild oats before that", which most men do, or (more commonly) want to do). 

Huge mistake, unless done right, and I believe I have done it right! 

But Bozo like "chasing women" and (in his case) sticking his tongue where the sun dont shine only guarantees one thing - well - more Bozo like results like HE is getting 

And thats what Schofield wants so thats fine by me, hehe. 

But YOU, my friend, would be well served by figuring out WHAT that burning flame is for YOU. 

I could tell you what it is for me, but it wouldn't necessrily resonate with you. We're all different. 

Figure out what it is - and then BELIEVE - and then ACHIEVE. 

Get - AFTER IT! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In Zero to Hero, the VERY FIRST "introductory Chapter" gives you a HUGE clue into the what and "how" of what I've said above. Pick it up NOW. 

PS #2 - Fitness wise, if you really, really want to do it, guess what? You'll find a way, and them obstacles will MELT away . . . 

(But thats only if you REALLY want something) 

He “passed on” a while ago, years ago, I believe in 2013. I’m not sure, but I think thats when.

Curiously enough, at a time when yours truly moved back (again!) to China due to reasons mentioned in emails prior, and curiously enough … well?

Was it a case of passing the BATON along – again – unconsciously?

He often appeared in dreams in very vivid form, often giving me advice and such which I sometimes followed, when I could decipher it!

And this just increased after the age of 36 or 37 …

Anyway he was a man that ENJOYED his life.

Drank. Smoked. Probably other things I don’t know about either, hehe.

And I still remember him standing on our balcony when yours truly was “ye small”, smoke billowing out of his nostrils.

Curiously enough, despite the almost Purantical and very strident opposition my immediate family has to me drinking, smoking etc (I Do it anyway, hehe) -my grand mother – that PATNERAL grandmother was of a different bent of mind.

Her son came home from school (college) and smoked at home.

It was allowed.

Do it in the open, she probably told them (which is what I tell my daughter NOW).

The same thing my Dad’s friend told my Mom at age of 17, hehe.

I still remember it.

“…. what will you do when you can’t stop him anymore!”

And to me?

Half drunk, jolly ole fellow, and he raised a glass, got me a beer (or opened the fridge) and said the following

“Even if you get a girl pregnant, tell your family!”

Maybe if I was part of the George Bush style family I would, but mine?

Hell, I couldn’t even tell them about my marriage – they found about it in the news paper (when I could finally tell ‘em!).

Ah, my stories.

But anyway, back to my Uncle.

And the paternal grandmother I’ve written so much about.

Both people I didn’t really know for various reasons, but both pretty much the only people (along with the guy who called me a wolf, and very rightly so, hehe) that saw something in me.

Napoleon Hill writes about his family often thought of him as a rank outcast, loser, and much more unprintable here until the day he died pretty much.

Yet, the stepmother who he first met at a young age was the one that encouraged him to take up a typewriter rather than the gun.

She SAW something in him. 

“If you beat this boy again, I will never speak to you!”

Was what she told his Dad, notorious for handing out hidings that in Hills words would have brought down the SPCA on him if he did that to a horse!

(all for not going to church. Hence, the “Outwitting the Devil” book years later).

But anyway, my Uncle.

Despite what others in the family thought, despite what my Mom said about him “needing to be more responsible because he had two kids” and less carefree or what not, despite what others may or may not have said or thought, I still remember him ENJOYING life.

With a glass in hand, hehe.

I STILL Remember him telling me I had a good voice.  

(and he didnt see it as a rank nuisance as my Mom did, hehe. Bathroom singers and all that, and my songs were "movie" songs where guys were openly "hitting on sexy gals". How dare I, hehe)

Well, he told his wife. A kindly aunt whose never really done much wrong to me, and who I don’t know much either really, but she’s “all right” I’d say.

A man that never had much for most of his life, but could care less (but he finally hit it big in his final years).

Curiously enough, or maybe not, both my paternal grandma and him (I knew the former even less) passed away with 3 years of each other. Or 4. Both wayyy before I ever became as attuned to the Spirit as I am now.

But they are the ones, the ONLY ones that show up in dreams in a positive manner.

A helpful manner.

And back to the good ole Uncle?

Well, we’ll meet. And I’ll pour a whiskey for him someday.


Too much to do, too many years to LIVE on this here “earthly plane”, hehe, before I build my wolf house or harem or what not “in the beyond”.

Too much!

And I’ll write more on this later!



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Life life kingsize, bro. It truly is the only way. VIM, VIGOR, GUMPTION AND GUSTO!

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And most don’t.

Which to me is a massive mistake right out of the gate.

I’ve written about this before, but the thought struck me to write to you AGAIN about it, so here I am now doing just that (and I think really, with the way the world is thinking collectively, what it needs right about now is a massive kick up the ass to do more – and think POSITIVE from the inside out as opposed to just words).

Anyway, this “it is what it is saying”. . .

Look, most people just use it when there is something they would like to change about their life, but CANNOT – and have NO idea on how to either motivate the person in front of them to change their live, or do so THEMSELVES.

Usually a combo of the two, I’ve found.

You’ll find that without exception, every time the average person is in a rut, he may “want” to, on the outside, change things, but then reality hits – hard.

“It is what it is”, he shrugs . 

Maybe it is, my friend.

But I know one damn thing.

Saying just that and nothing else IRRITATES the HELL out of me.

It is also why I’ve STOPPED talking about anything important with most people, problems, nuisances, annoyances (hey, we all got ‘em), because a) I usually draw a giant blank with most people (they have not experienced half or less of what I have so they’ve got no idea HOW to respond or what to say), b) because the average nutzo out there wants to hear just that “it is what it is” and then lament about it and c) because saying just that isn’t exactly the most productive of things to do.

Adding the “for now” on makes a huge, huge difference.

Let’s say you don’t like where you’re living at the point.

Until you can change that reality (could be an apartment, country, city, whatever) – “it is what it is”.

But if that is what you think, and nothing else, chances are nothing ever WILL change.

If you, however, take that statement, and think internally, for now, but like hell it will REMAIN that way.

I will CHANGE it.

IF that is what you think, then you may or may not need to add the suffix externally.

But even those that think that way, a rare breed would be well served by SAYING the suffix too – so as to leave your subconscious in NO doubt about what you want, and how you want it.

“When” is something I’ve never paid attention to. My deadlines just “happen”. In the flow!

But all the results I’ve created and attracted in my life (wrt things I did not want, or things I was forced to change or what not – well – NONE of that would have happened if I sat on my big ole rumpus and said “it is what it is” and then nothing).

(not big rumpus now, hehe. But you understand the point!)

Take ACTION, and do so NOW BRO.

It’s those baby steps that will get you to the GOAL …

Fitness wise, fitting into those dream jeans might be a long, long way off – NOW.

Will it be that way forever?

You decide.

Doing ONE perfect pull-up may sound impossible. Right about NOW. Especially when your chinning bar at home can’t support your weight …

(it happens!)


The future, my friend, only YOU and only YOU can choose.

It is what it is – for NOW.

And that, more than anything else in my opinion is what people need to hear GLOBALLY TODAY.

Tell as many as you can!

And be sure to pick up some pathbreaking and the greatest ever fitness products right here.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out my latest compilation of fitness tips HERE – Fitness Pioneer – Volume TWO.

Many have commented on my very “storied” and indeed COLORFUL life thus far.


And rightly so. I’ve done things most wouldn’t in several lifetimes, and I don’t mean just training wise.

I mean the combo – the medley – the “all in one” package.

(who charges a PACKET and a half too, hehe)

Training wise. Writing wise. And doing what I do with all my other businesses (some of them you’d be hard pressed to believe it’s actually ME doing it, hehe).

And yet, I do.

I continue to do the unexpected, pull Houdinis when I need it (if I do), pull rabbits out of hats, and … do pretty well while doing all of that I’d sa

Other than the mosquitoes that sometimes buzz near me. Ugh.

Like the trolls, kinda of, I swat ‘em away.

But trolls, my friend, are an indicator of your success.

The more you have, and the more they’re “jealous” of that one crab leaving the bucket (believe me, to me, I haven’t left – Ive got so much more I gotta accomplish! SO MUCH!) - the more YOU succeed, bro.

Trust me on this one.

It’s been proven time and time again.

I don’t quite do what Dan Kennedy taught everyone to do .. that being to raise your arms and scream HURRAH! The first time you receive a trollish review.

I DID do it for the Gorilla Grip “price shopper” review in 2017 tho right after I revamped the course with some blazing hot tips and stuff.

And I’ve never looked back since then, because trolls = WINNING for me.

And yours truly has never lost the WAR. I may seem to lose a battle temporarily.

But trust me, I don’t lose the WAR.

And some of what I do, but by NO means the entire shebang has been detailed in “Zero to Hero”.

Saleswise, in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

And I Could write second and third volumes for BOTH those books right NOW if I wanted to.

Because trust me, there is so much more.

But anyway, Zero to Hero initially was intended as the story of MY LIFE!

It was intended to have a tagline “From 120-60kgs – from FAILURE to SUCCESS – CONCEIVE – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE!”

For some odd reason, after I put the book on for sale in 2017, I removed it almost as quickly.

I don’t know why.

Within a few days, 0 Excuses Fitness came to LIFE. Everything else did. And of course, the other site was alive and kicking for a LONG, LONG time prior to that … Ten years and counting!

Why didn’t I simply morph all I do into one site?

Well, I thought about it a LOT!

And Bozo Schofield had nothing to do with my thinking, trust me. Hehe.

Neither did the trolling etc.

But I thought about it a lot.

Then I did what I Do best, make an “on the spur of the moment” decision.

Just do it, said my mind after a loong walk on a lovely CALM afternoon in Southern China.

That lovely walk by the pond nearby, "talking to the golden fishes" ... 

I did it!

Anyway, so the story of my life.

It’s sitting on a hard drive SOMEWHERE.

Except with all the crashes, I don’t know WHICH ONE.

I might re-write it someday if there is demand, and actually there is.

But it will be a BEHEMOTH! Trust me on this one.

A 2000 plus page behemoth if anything … sort of like Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram that I so enjoyed reading.

(Curiously enough, his book was torn apart by prison guards not once, twice, but THRICE. Great minds go through similar experiences, hehe). 


That was almost a 1000 pages, and he wrote two more I believe after that.

Lots of folks told me “he had a photographic memory”.

Which I agree with.

But of course in the same breath these people told me yours truly was useless, and I didn’t.


Proof, my friend, is truly IN THE PUDDING NOW!

And Greg – if you’re even in Colaba again, be sure and enjoy some of that Kingfisher beer, and do some boxing, hehe.

Anyway, thats it for now. That book won’t be coming out anytime soon as I’ve got too many projects on my hands I need to get done fitness wise.

But for now, it’s back to relaxing, green tea, and RUMINATING.

The thinking that this man does, and that YOU do can truly CATAPULT you to places and levels you never DREAMED OF, my friend. IN ways you never ever imagined possible.

Too many different things! You wouldn't even believe ... as I said on the other site! 

Trust me, bro.



Rahul Mookerjee aka Mi … ah, but I didn’t reveal all on one of the other sites, so I wont do so NOW HERE. Not the right time, but it’s “Coming”, pun NOT Intended. Hehe.

PS – Pick up our Grip Compilation right here -truly the best and greatest compilation of grip tips out there. Yes, I know. I need to do up Vol #2, but my lazy ass hasn’t gotten around to it as yet, hehe.

PS #2 - Spanish versions for Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) available too - contact me, and I'll direct you to the right pages etc! 

PPS - Bozo Blowfield once told me in his trolling to "get a gorilla grip". LOL. 'nuff said! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 09:04

The pants that split up the ASS

I can’t remember the exact name of the book.

But it was a PG Wodehouse special, replete with Jeeves, Wooster and the inimitable Aunt Dahlia, and the rest of the gang. Heh.

(The Inimitable Jeeves, I believe is what it was…)

And we had a certain “shrinking daisy” and lily livered poltroon “Gussie Fink Nottle” who was supposedly an admirer of “newts” (I don’t know how to pronounce that rightly, LOL, so let’s say “flies”??) and little else.

He was trying to also muster up the courage to get “married” to the girl of his choice, and to tell her about it.


Well, I won’t get into the plot here.

But suffice it to say that Bertie Wooster was pulled into “presenting the prizes for “kids annual day” or something” at Market Snodsbury School or something, and that was something he absolutely did NOT want to do i.e. present prizes to gaggling schoolkids!

And he got out of it (smartly, so he said, hehe) by fobbing the job off to “Nottle”. Who didn’t want it, so he (despite his own initial reluctance) got drunk to DO it.

And got drunk in the funniest manner ever.

Wodehouse is one for the ages!

But anyone, before getting drunk, Bertie told him the story of a “headmaster” whose pants once split up the ass as he bent down to pick up a prize or something (it happened in front of the entire audience). 

Or actually, Gussie in his mournful way brought that up I believe while Bertie was trying to “chuff him up”.

“How we laughed!” said Bertie. How could we forget!

Indeed, much like the plague from China, some things and some people and some characters will never be forgotten, Donald Trump being one.

Anyway, the Nottle got drunk, went on stage, and the rest is in the book. So drunk that Aunt Dahlia called him “Bottle” from there on it.

Wodehouse, I repeat, is ONE FOR THE AGES!



And I remember an instance where I was out drinking with my buddy from the Marines, wearing those tight “Straight fit” jeans I so love.

That show you off at your BEST when you’re in shape, and WORST when you’re NOT (if you can get into them at that point, hehe).

Thats always been me, of course. 

When I’m fat, I’m a lard ass. When I’m fit, I’m a virtuoso at it. Never any “in betweens”, hehe – and if the Bozo Trollfield is reading this, it aint THAT in between.

Anyway, I was showing him how to do Hindu squats (my friend, not the Bozo-nator).

And stopped in the nick of time.

We don’t want these pants to split, I laughed.

He laughed back.

“No, you don’t want that!”

Curiously enough, this is the SAME thought that came to mind to me today while doing my SQUAT workout. Hehe. Even though I wouldn’t tear my pants (track pants).

And sadly, this is more reality for most people than TRUE.

Most people are at risk of TEARING their pants if they bend down to pick up a pencil – if they even can

And most people expel flatulence at the SLIGHEST hint of bending anything – knees, back, anything – again – IF They can get past a certain point.

And if there ever was a category of people that “break Chinning bars” without trying to (hey – even those poor things have a limit to the amount of tonnage they can hold – they weren’t meant for ELEPHANTS!) … THEY Are it.


Sad state of affairs.

But hey, I was once in the last category.

All good things happen for a reason tho for us true ACHIEVERS, and it only led me to do MORE pull-ups when I was FAT – on thick bars outside!

I was the exception rather than the rule, sure.

But so should you!

And good news, you don’t HAVE to be an exception if you don’t wanna be.

But, being a wannabe is NOT how you should spend your life. “Being jealous” (as the self projecting Schofield keeps accusing people of being) is NOT how you should spend your life. Looking at others that got good at pull-ups and claiming “they say just do it” when you yourself are FAT, I repeat FAT – and cannot even hang on the bar is NOT the way to go.

LOSE that weight, chump.

Be a CHIMP. Not a CHUMP, I should say! (and I might well send out an email on that too!) 

It’s just that simple.

And don’t tear any more pant asses than you have to (I’m not talking to the Bozo here either. LOL).

He has to tear ‘em apart, or he goes nuts.

And on that sage note, pick up what is possibly my best damn course ever on whipping THY BUTT into the best shape ever pronto – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Just do it, my friend. Really. Just click over, lift a butt cheek up, pull out a card or something, and then just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You know those rooms you avoid because “they just smell like farts no matter what”? Well, most bedrooms and offices are like that. Ugh. What a sorry state of affairs mi amigo, and even sadder part, it don’t need to be that way. REVERSE the “flow” (LOL) starting NOW.

 I know what y’all gonna think when you get this.

That Mr. Handstand pushup did one too many, hehe. Or drank one too many. Or fell on his head. And is off his rocker finally!

High time eh. LOL.

(No, Sco-Blow, I mean NOT That high time!)

That came out as “rocket” the first time I typed it. Hehe.

But anyway, I’ve falled on my chin while doing handstand pushups so it wouldnt be a first!

But hear me out, please.

When I say insult, what I mean is ...well, NO insult to be frank.

I just sent out an email about … making love of all things on another site.

One of my numerous sites, and obviously NOT a related biz.

But it was not so much about doing the deed, as NOT doing it.

A combo therein.

No, I wasnt talking about sexual transmutation either as Napoleon Hill did in Think and Grow Rich.

Some portion of the email might be considered as graphic by some, mundane to others.

Downright BORING to some (yours truly even tho I wrote it).

But end of the email, the post script included the following. . .

“I wrote this email to weed out the NON-BUYERS, and there BE too many of them on this list. If you’re one of them, please do leave “silently” and I’l lmake sure the door does NOT bang you in the ass on your way out”

I believe I said “hit you”, not “bang”.

I also believe I BOLDED The “NOT”.

It was actually a very polite request.

Velly velly.


The result was spectacular tho …

A list no more than – get this – 61 people.

One is yours truly, so 60.

NO LESS than – I repeat – no less than 35 unsubscribed.

I haven’t checked emails as yet. Probably a ton of hate email in the Inbox, which I welcome. Hehe.

In the same breath almost, that email made me $495, some of which are recurring payments.

The amount itself might not sound large, my friend.

But when you have a list of 60, an 35 bail, it speaks Volumes to the efficacy of two things – one, saying it like it is, and two, catering to the DOERS, not the if’s, but’s, maybe, no money’s, and so forth.

I cater to Mei.

Mei’s. Hehe. (meaning women in Chinese, or little sister).

But NOT “maybe’s”.

I cater to those with a GOAL and purpose in life.


Not idiots with no aim other than to troll. 

And most of the people that quit were either non buyers or Blowfield’s, or Blowfield wannabe’s.

I Say the last because Glyn “Blow everyone in sight” is truly the BEST troller – from the bottom.

Truly the best I should say.

He could give you lessons how to troll, and LOSE money …

Have an account almost always at ZERO. LOL. Or -ve.

As one of his best friends said “always a step away from being homeless”.

Perenially broke. LOL.

Hey, if he could get his head out of asses long enough to actually troll with a brain, he might make something off it …

But anyway, thats the email I wanted to send now, and have.

True story that

happened a while back.

And, why do I bring it up here of all places?

Because fitness wise, it applies brah.

People need to be TOLD like it is.

If someone is FAT and out of SHAPE and cannot hang on to the chinning bar for any length of time, guess what.

They need to hear just THAT.

It might not be an insult. It might be said nicely. But they may take as an insult, but guess what.

IF its true, it needs to be said.

You’ll see I do PLENTY of them in “what is probably my best book till date” (customer words) - - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

But again, like I Said on the page, it NEEDS TO BE SAID.

Not just this.

A lot of the other stuff I said there on the page DESPERATELY needs to be said, because people NEED To hear it.

If it pisses them off, well and good. Not the sort I want anyway.

But those that GET it – the DOERS in life – will JUMP to action, my friend.

If thats YOU on this list, get the book NOW.

(and no, this here email isn’t one designed to drive non-buyers away. Hehe. Some others are, but not this one. And truth be told, NOT every email I write is with that intention in mind, but sometimes, it needs to be done).

And that’s that for now.

The BOZO be a stewing. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up some more products HERE.

It’s getting nigh on HILARIOUS.

And though I read about this last year in India, an unusual country to say the least, I never ever thought it would extend to Bali.

A tourist spot of all places.

Apparently lao wais (don’t know what the Indonesian term is, hehe) are being “punished” with 50 pushups for not wearing a mask, and apparently 15 if you wear it incorrectly

Yours truly has never been one for breaking the law, no matter how RETARDED it is. Anywhere in the world!

Wherever I live, I make sure to follow the law or I don’t go there (in terms of these bloody MASK-SHASK regulations).

People in general choose to run scared and wear ‘em.

That is their business, not mine. I don’t. And I don’t go places where masks are MANDATORY.

In China thankfully now they aren’t, but of course, we all know who spread this damn thing. And with the anti foreign devil sentiment even in China, well, tho it’s not mandatory, you’d be surprised at the ruckus people create if you’re NOT wearing a mask.

Anyway ..

From Foreigners Forced to do 50 Push-Ups for not Wearing Masks in Bali - Sentinelassam

Lest you think I’m making it up.


A Video footage circulating on social media shows tourists in T-shirts and shorts being made to do the exercise in sweltering tropical heat as masked security officials stood over them. Meanwhile, more than 70 people paid a fine of 100,000 rupiah ($7), however, about 30 foreigners said that they did not have the cash, hence they were ordered to do push-ups.

Those who were not carrying a mask had to do up to 50 while those who were wearing a mask improperly were punished with 15 push-ups.

Um …

Well, first off.

Sweltering heat.

I wonder if the good Indonesians know of the workouts yours truly accomplished daily in even more sweltering heat, and the SUPER HEALTH it got me into. Hehe.

Five climbs up that hill in weather far more sub tropical than on Bali.

Think rain at any minute. Soaked. And then you’re soaked again the next minute in the HEAT AND humidity.

Kelly was right when she told me “This is real hill climbing!”

So were the other two ladies (I know, yours truly Lothario, hehe) who said “Sir, you’re really killing it – you’re an IRONMAN!) .

But anyway, for the vast majority of people out there.

Indonesian and expats alike?

I’d say it’s a great punishment.

Except they may collapse on rep #1. LOL.

The average pot bellied “man” couldn’t do a pushup to save his life, let alone one PROPERLY.

(Asians aren't immune from this these days either. Gone are the skinny days!) 

Curiously enough some of the foreign devils in that picture look all pumped and toned from the Jim Sim.

Highly doubt they’get past FIVE perfect REGULAR pushups – and five is a good number for Jim Shim maniacs!

Apparently five reps in the Jim Shim means you’re “Strong”.



So yeah, good punishment for most.

But really, for the 0 Excuses Faithful, we’d LAUGH at such stupidity and wouldn’t think TWICE about doing it.

Even with the intrusion on civil liberties and what not.

Which I HATE, but thats how a lot of Asian countries India and China included are.

Back to that ole rant about RIGHTS – and GUN RIGHTS.

When thy personal LIBERTY is threatened, thy got but one option (no, not storming the capital or not following the law, but the law shouldn’t make you do pushups in the first place!)

(Then again, giving the world is turning into Lardass Central, maybe thats a good thing in a way!) 

But if it does?


I’ll crank 50 out all day.

Much like my friend Lilly (a guy) told me …

“If he doesn’t think you can do ‘em, drop down and show ‘em!”

End of story.

And please – stop the panic, folks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Heard that “Hidin” Biden is going to make masks mandatory in the good ole US of A too if you’re going to federal property, or interstate travel too. Ugh. Never thought he’d be a good leader, and with his 17 HIGHLY retarded actions (reinstating the US back in the Paris accord is another MORONIC action), well, he’s proving me right on DAY ONE.

Anyone else feel this way?

(I know you do. Speak up!).

PS #2 – I don’t plan on going to Bali either, no thank you. They can keep their tourists!

PPS - Goose and Gander, anyone? I didnt see any ladies doing them pushups, hehe. 

(I know, I know. How dare I! They're ladies! But really, folks! THINK. GOOSE AND GANDER!) 


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