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And, how I keep giving my daughter tutorials on this, even when I'm not PHYSICALLY present with her - YES, transmuting your thoughts is not just an art practised by those interested in the occult. 

It's something EVEYRONE does - whether we're aware of it or not!

Before I start, a quick "note". 

Tippany, they call it in Hindi I believe, hehe. 

In Claude Bristol's the Magic of Believing, he speaks of the following (via a third party) .. 

"Nothing is ever forgotten, you know! 

If I am having trouble recalling the name of a certain person, then I just sit back - close my eyes - and picture details like dress style etc associated with the person. And, the name has always come to me pretty soon after thar!" 

Napoleon Hill spoke about this in a different way in Outwitting the Devil as well where he spoke of his travails in terms of "finding the right person to publish his books". 

For three days he labored, almost that. 

And then he "gave up" - temporarily. 

":But I was exhausted. I had spent the better part of two days focusing on the list of names, and nothing came to mind!" 

He leaned back in his chair. 

And, in a flash, it came to him - the right name - as he rubbed his throbbing temples!

Two great lessons - but YOU, the reader is thinking "well thats them". 

they're unique!

They're the greats!

You can't expect everyone to think like you, or them Rahul!


I think YOU can be a great too!

But anyway ... let's give you an example from my own life. 

ONce upon a time, my daughter was pranking me - doing all kinds of stuff. 

Putting giraffes (toy ones) -miniature ones at that on top of my tea container, and so forth (I was using a saucepan at the time). Hehe. 

Leaving "sticky notes" for me. 

And, "Daddy! A lizard jumped into your tea!" 

And so forth ... 

Anyway, after the last prank, I took some toys away and said "honey, since you're pranking me, and I got pranked (I didnt, hehe) - I get to keep 'em!) 

And then of course, 

"nooooooooooooo! My toys, Dad!" 

Hee, hee, I went.

"No, mine!" Typical kiddie stuff, you'd say, except ... 

And then I said this. 

"Ive hidden it" 

"Try and find it!" 

I was holdiing it underneath a window where she couldnt see it, hehe. 

And then when she came to that side of the window, I switched it, true, slapstick comedy style "Houseful 2" style to the other hand. 

And I tittered. Hehe. 

All riled her up a lot. 

And then, I gave her this. 

Honey, there's a riddle you can solve (she loves 'em) - and if you do, you'll get it!

"Its in something you put apples in - and you don't do it i.e. put apples in, but you CAN!" 

Trust me, she looked all over the place. 

She couldn't find it. 

But, you know what? 

The FIRST place she looked at - was the right place - she looked at it three times, no less! 

And, where was it? 

Well, I gave her a further clue. 

"Its nowhere where adults put their things" (she thought I hid it in my office). 

And so forth. 

she couldn't find it, hehe. 

Now, how I eventually got her to understand it was right there inf ront of her eyes ... all along, and that she LOOKED AT IT - was a different story!

But what I told her was this. 

Honey, just do something else for 10 minutes. 

"It'll come to you!" 

It didnt - but she learned an important lesson, one I told her. 

Think about a problem - then "forget it for a while". 

The answer will come! 

Anyway, where was the damn toy giraffe? 

Sitting in the basket attached to the cycle she looked at so many times, hehe. 

She finally found it, yes. 

(while I was writing this - or not - hehe. I was writing something yes, but of course, after beign told not to interrupt, she had to, and when I told her not to, she of course said how dare I. hehe! 

My little girl is classic, truly ME in a small version, truly a chop - and chip off the old BLOCK - and does everything I wasn't allowed to when young!) 

Including putting ice cubes in my tea - and making it iced tea when I prefer it ALWAYS WARM. Hehe. 

And, when she was three, dunking some color in my beer or something... 

Pranks that would have got us spanked like heck, or worse. Hehe. 


Gotta love 'em. 

Anyway back to what I was saying - key thing was this. 

It was out in the obvious, friend. 

She looked at it three times. 

I told her. 

Yet, it wasn't until after she sat down for a couple of minutes that she figured out the right place to look without consciously thinking... 

Think about that a bit, my friend. 

And you'll be amazed what your thoughts lead to!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Zero to Hero! friend - if there was ONE book I'd promote in this email - it's this. Get it now. YOu'll love it!

Sunday, 15 August 2021 06:06

Am I Chinese?

The "rainbow pimp" as a certain "Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks" once called me "You got the HAIR, RAHUL!!!!!!!!!!" ... is wondering. 

He's been in a great mood all day!

He's been thinking. 

And as I think about something, and as the Universe opens up to ME - I had this thought. 

Am I half chinese? 

My Dad said it, of course. 

"You're half Chinese", he once said. 

I have no idea whether he really meant it, but somehow, those off the cuff remarks hit home - he probably did!

"But you skin yellow!" (true comment made by Anna, a property consultant who pinched at my skin when I tried to explain that I was ethnically Indian - not red either. Hehe). 

And a host of other comments. 

True, I've always been a chameleon, adapt at picking up the signals the Universe is sending me, hiding, biding my time (Bozo knows this, hehe) ... and much more. 

True, I could be "from anywhere". 

From Arabic to Spanish to American to South American to Chinese to "Asian" - well, Indian is probably the LAST thing someone would call me. They hardly ever do. Hehe. 

Hilarious, eh. 

But thats how it is - as we think, so we attract!

And I've always been this way my friend. 

Anyway, I think I remember telling you something about a group I created - which is still going strong? 

Two, in fact - two employment groups. 

Of course, with me yin and yang never goes away. 

With employment "Jack must play, he was never a dull boy!" 

So I created a kink related group too in 2014 - around the same time I created "Keeping it Real in China" - and the two employments groups - one networking group- and so forth. 

All free services, friend, top notch groups that people literally beg to get into. 

I've spurned offers from people wanting to buy the groups - literally. 

And all this for free - the tight ship I run, and the rules I implement - everyone complains. 

Those rules are ultimately though what attract people, because the groups serve the purpose for what they were intended. 

Unlike a certain "Keeping it Real in China" which I was pretty lax on moderating. 

Bozo Glyn and the rest had fun in that. 

When I left that group I gave it to Glenn, a guy from Australia, who then handed it to the Boozo. 

As another pal Alix once said, this group is no longer serving the purpose Rahul wanted it to!

And as Charles said, "don't give it to Glyn - he will RUIN it immediately". 

Which he did - but Charles wasn't willing to take up the mantle of responsibility either. 

Remember, my friend - everyone "wants". 

As I told a lady today, "everyone is bored, but no-one is speaking up, all are silent" (she added me out of the blue today - long time since we spoke - 2014 - and I almsot didnt remember her! But, the picture looked familiar, and ... well, that smile... and well, I'll get into that below!). 

Everyone wants - but no-one is willing to take RESPONSIBILITY and DO. 

Remember, what you're doing for free - or a community service - the laws of the Universe apply just as much to free services as they do paid, perhaps more. 

Sometimes, what we do for free pay us WAY more in satisfaction and even money down the line than we realize. 

Dongguan Expat, that website we created - back in the day - it literally gave me my next job when I was almost "done" with China and had almost given up!

I found Freddie through the site I created (well, Michael created it, but we co-did it, basically - it's a long story, y'all know that!). 

Same thing with these groups, except yours truly created all of them, never anyone else involved. I've had offers of co-moderation, all spurned. 

But anyway ... "everyone is scared to speak up". 

People are content to be the "drooping lily on the wall NO-ONE notices". 

People are happy to "NOT do" the thing - people are happy to NOT say the thing. 

People are happy, most of all, not to be the "nail that sticks out, because it gets hammered the first". 

With all that said, where are we NOW? 

Ah, of course, I gotta be interrupted just as I sit down to write to you ... 

Back soon... 

Ah, I'm back - back after a break. In the past, I'd get SO irritated at losing my train of thought - now? I prefer not to, but blessed is the state of mind I can sit here, write to you, not worry about losing my train of thought even after being interrupted - something most ADVANCED writers cannot do, trust me. 

Anyway .. .

So another group I had rules for, but never went anywhere was the "kink" group - which of course turned into an idiotic porn group with idiots spamming it. 

I clamped down, but then no-one talked. 

No-one my friend, especially these days is interested in real conversation. 

"We just wana look at videos". 

Fuck, how the hell do you CONVERSE without the other person being frank about their opinions etc? 

As for kinks trust me, we ALL have 'em. 

It's a matter of whether we're smart and sensible about the, or a Bozo Schofield. Thats a choice we can all make. 


Like I told you before I gave the group to Gubo, and I left. 

I've no idea where Gubo is. 

And remember, I never hid my face - identity etc as a lot of people did on there. 

Yours truly, always transparent and open - and TODAY, as I was thinking about future plans, she added me. 

I didnt know who it was, but I knew I knew her, I asked. .. 

Turned around she was part of the group - and after we chatted, she lamented the group went nowhere after I gave it up. 

The number of members stayed stagnant. 

NO conversation, even less than before... (we had some thought provoking conversations in there, I'll tell you that!). 

And ... so I've asked her to find out who the admin is, I'll probably take the group back - and run with it. 

The time is NIGH, my friend, for miracles to happen. 

Yes, I know you on this list are thinking "he's going all esoteric on us again", but life, my friend - that is the only way. 

As I have written SO MANY times, life comes full circle. It always, always does... 

And on that note, I'm off to talk to Maria. 

Now, before I go - 

The "pre-sales" cycle for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - is rapidly coming to a CLOSE. If you want in at the price now (I will price it FAR higher down the line) - then take action NOW. 

And second, those two copies of Fast and Furious Fitness "pure Gold" - the Collector's Edition must go, I've already had interest, but I'll giv eit a few more days for you guys and then if no-one takes action (on those books - curiously, sales are ROARING on the other books) ... then away they go. 

All for a good cause!


Rahul Mookerjee

Life's a trip, eh. The "vacation before death", a saying Dwayne use!

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes!


- Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "I'll leave the groups to Rahul!" Hehe - So said even Glyn Bozo "Popko Schofield" once... 

Yes, even Bozo sometimes gets it. Hehe. 

In 201.... Well, I can't remember, when but there have been plenty of instances like this in mainland China!

The one I'm referring to was when a lady literally paraded a naked Bozo - not Glyn for a change - through the streets of somewhere, in Fuzhou, I believe (I can just see the Bozo Googling and trying to find th epicture, hehe - but yeah, Bozo Glyn do so, news had a picture too!) ... and, stopping at a bus stop in rain or something. 

Created a massive furore back then. 

But really, in a country like China,with more delectable girls and Nazi feminists than you can say "voila!" - it ain't surprising. 

On the other site, I wax lyrical about the ladies at the border in Louhou, for instance, who publicly slap their husbands, and they hang their heads and do nothing - - and th eBozos (yes, like Schofield) who that turns on (believe me it ain't a turn on for most in real life though!) ... 

I wax LYRICAL about groveling boyfriends, the man - woman ratio in China, the desperation many men (and these days, girls too) SHOW to "find the right mate" ... 

And so forth. 

Then there was a clown who was pulling a highly drugged tiger in China on a dog leash and Tom Tomming it. 

I remember thinking, dude, you better get out of it's way when that thang is PISSED!


But Bozos like that kinda crap - much like what the Chinese do the majestic tiger and brown bears in their horrible animal farms. 

It's horrible. 

The mangy looking animals for one, they really disgrace Mother Nature (the Chinese, not the animals -those that they LET live that is. They eat damn near everything in case you didnt know!). 

But it always makes me angry to see the mighty tiger humbled like that due to forces OUT of its control. 

But anyway ... myself. 

I keep getting asked this. 

"With your background, why not work a job, friend". 

"You'd make a ton!" 

Ah, but that ain't the reality. 

ALL the jobs I've been had - have not paid me what I was worth, and expected me to be a Bozo grinder that delivers results day after day, and gets peanuts for it. 

Not all ,actually, China jobs were a tad better in terms of pay... 

(or I wouldn't take 'em, period - and YES what I consider decent pay is what most Bozos and so called employers consider "sky high" - of course, when it comes to THEM ... HA! It's never enough) 

But anyway, I will always remember a comment an old boss once made in THAT job. 

At the time, the company was three people "old" and growing by the day. 

Sales - yours truly - was the one making it grow and how!


They never even expected that sort of performance from the get go, as a certain "Ravi" once told me "Rajesh was expecting you to settle in for a while, and then deliver - you didnt need that weaning in period at all!" 

"He's very happy with you!" 

All true , my friend. 

Of couse, what I GOT for my efforts - anything but commensurate. 

And the minute I asked for more, it started to fall apart (see the book). 

Thing is, with my background, people have this subconscious "he won't work for what we want him to" thinking, and despite them liking me, or not, this is ALWAYS the case. 

They always expect more, and want to pay less - operations, for instance at the time was not just doing nothing, but wasn't contributing to the bottom line one damned bit, yet, he got more than 2x what I was getting. 


The lifeblood of any organization!

Read more in the book, of course... 

YES, their sales manager there for years couldn't convert leads coming on a platter to him. 

But anyway, boss made the comment about hiring "a third person" in charge of all three of us - which of course everyone was against - well, I wasn't asked, the other two were. Hehe. No-one asks me these things, because "how dare he!" 

(of course, they did eventually hire someone supposed to report to me, except he never did, and that was their way of saying "goodbye" i.e. skills transfer to him- no need to pay me what I was worth - its that sort of short sighted thinking that keeps people and companies from growing. But yeah, maybe they never wanted to grow (boss said that once, to his credit)). 

So he never hired that person, but to me, he turned around and said this. 

"That guy needs an office, Rahul He's a senior person, from IIM!" 

IIM is some fancy shmancy instittute in India - the Tom Tom's keep Tomming it. 

(today, people from there are driving cabs for a living, it's been going on for years). 

Nothing against, cabbies, but the Tom Tomming about fancy degrees - I've spoken out against it for years, and the facts bear me out. 

Just because you're someone that sat through college or fancy or not, doesnt guarantee squat shyt. 


Most real achievers didnt even make it past high school in many cases, let alone college. 

But anyway ... 

I remember thinking "He deserves a room, they deserve more salary, yet the person getting you results NOW - what do you give HIM?" 

(and this dude, remember, he hadn't even joined as yet. Somehow his fancy degree made him more valuable? 

I call BS. Haha.

Fact is, their thought processes were "how dare Rahul think HE is valuable, just because he has overseas experience, which we will never ever have".

Aha. I hit a sore spot, I can feel it... )


I couldn't say that, of course, then. 

The only time you can truly be honest in a job is when they're fed up with you enough to fire you. Hehe. 

Else, the farce of bosses saying "be honest' is just a farce. 

They want Tom Tom's, monkeys and Bozos. 

I've never been that!

To me, I'd rather have the risk of working for myself - and the joy. 

No rules, nothing reporting, nothing doing. 

I make the rules - I'm the one that takes the wins - the losses - all of 'em! 

I've ALWAYS been that way, and always will be ... 

And I admit it, I was PISSED at that job. 

We were all at the same level, yet, THEY got an office, more benefits, I got exactly .. what? 

F-all in the grand scheme of things. 

Despite producing the polar opposite, which is the point of me saying this - it isn't because I miss the job. Hehe. 

Anyway, such is life working for others. 

I highly recommend you NOT to. 

Creating, and having the ability to create is what counts. 

Do so, you'll be ont he right track for life - and a hell of a lot happier to boot. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS. - Remember, the two copies reamining, Collector's Edition .. 

PPS - In short they want Bozos on dog leashes, I was never that ... Hehe. 

I still remember, in Oman, they had this idiotic requirement "to wear ties". 

To someone who can barely stomach formal wear at it's barest, ties? 

As Anupam, a guy there once put it (when yours truly, of course wasn't wearing one) ... 

"Gale ka patta kahan hai! Boss aa raha hai, Boss will be pissed!" 

He did not say "pissed", he said "Boss is very serious about that!" 

i.e. where's your dog collar (in jest) - the boss is very serious about it. 

Like, why? 

That influence results any which way? First thing you know, I ain't no damn model though I could be, but fact is, thats another means of BS Control - there was no need for that in an "IT technician" position. 

More foolishness from the Bozo factory. 

My lovely friend, or my dear reader, whichever it is .. 

I'll use dear reader, on this site, hehe. 

Something interesting happning this morning (or afternoon, whatever it is for YOU the reader(. 

A lady broke rules in my WeChat group last night so she was booted. Period. No second chances, no explanation, and I believe I've gone over the why's and wherefore's before - in short, my playing field my football so my rules, within reason - two, rules are there for a reason, else much like Bozo Glyn who I allowed way too much latitude in "keeping it real in China!" the group goes to the dogs - though I would never allow that in a more serious group - KIR was an adventure, really - but NOT my employments groups, where you break rules - YOU'RE OUT - though with reason, not like the idiotic "you listen to smartphone" you're out idiot of a Prof in that silly grad school I once applied to in Southern India) ... and three most importantly, people dumb or brazen enough to break clearly posted rules usually do so again. 

With all that being said, something interesting happened. 

This lady, Helen, a "Goddess" if there ever was one - more on that later - added me. 

Sent me such a long note explaining why she did what she did that I just had to .. you know, I had a change of heart. 

Then I steeled myself. 

Remember, Rahul, you've done this before, the people have broken rules -AGAIN. 

So I told her, nothing doing - rules are rules, although I understand why you did what you did, rules are rules, and I explained it all in short. 

I didtn need to. I'd find that out later! Hehe. 

But anyway ... then, the way she accepted this struck me as ... something. 

not odd, different. 

Most people piss, moan, whine, and groan. 

She didnt, and was continually polite and most importantly, friendly about it - VIBES, vibes, vibes, that vibe I keep talking of! 

And, the vibe I got, smart! 

And other things too. Hehe. Including the Goddess part when she said "Oh God!" to my reply of "no way". 

She reminded me of a certain Ivy Bao. Hehe. 

I told her she reminded of a certain girl. 

Little did I know a girl I dreamed of lik etwo weeks ago, Carol, I didnt write about her - but this girl would also show up on my wechat today - and she did later! Right now, in fact. 

But anyway, Helen. 

So, the God(dess) was a bit of aj oke ... not really. Hehe. 

Her personal life proves it. 

Trust me, the Bozo would have kittens reading about her, and, another lady I wrote about on the other site (another school owner where the foreign monkeys apparently cook and clean, and she shops with half their salary or some inanity - Bozo would LOVE it, period) - but this lady, no. 

She wouldn't go near the Bozo with a ten foot pole. Hehe. 

We spoke of many things, including how Bozos like Glyn get caught by the TSA when wearing chastity devices, and end up in the emergency room after shoving bleach up their backsides to kill the China virus ... 

Both true stories, except I didnt tell her #2. 

She asked tho!

"how do these guys clean themselves after do private business"

"how to go to toilet" 

The guys sit down ,I guffawed. 

That they do! 

As for #2, Glyn could explain better. Hehe. 

But really, I suppose the plastic ones pass through undeteted, and I also know, one of the poses I mention in Isometric and Flexibility Training, although I Did NOT write the book thinking about that is perfectly tailored not just towards removing constipation and nigh quick (have a toilet nearby when doing the patented Rahul Mookerjee Squat in the book) ... but also if you're wearing "devices" down there. Hehe. 

"Do women actually wear those", she giggled. 

Men do, I laughed. And women too. 

To each his or her own, and I actually agree with that so long as you aren't a Badgering Bozo. Hehe. 

being a pest is not acceptable. 

They get swatted away repeatedly... 

Anyway, that pose is the natural way of taking a dump they've been doing so for years. Sitting on the throne - the exact opposite, and it ADDS to constipation if you have it (many do). 

Anyway ... and again. 

So, mid way through all this talking something struck me as odd. 

Hey, Rahul, you spoke to her before. 

I asked her. 

Sure enough, I had. 

Sure enough, Madam broke the rules - and was put back in because, well .... 

And now, even with my "NO SECOND CHANCES policy" she's got two. 

And she knows it. Hehe. 


Not often someone slips one past me, but this "Mad Madam" did. 

Now, whats up with the Mad Madam part 

Well, we were discussing the after life and how I was sayin gthat things happen for a reason, no such thing as coincidence, and that death is just an eternal sleep, therefore not to be feared. 

And, lo! 

"I was reading a book by someone called Michael" she went. 

And she was!

I wont mention him here - he isn't the Mike I use on another site for my erotica books (more on that later). 

But yours truly has many faces, but all brutally honest and hard hitting, studs, cucks and Bozos all blush, salivate and want MORE of what this person has to "offer". Hehe. 

But anyway, thought that was interesting. 

The Mad Madam interested in wierd (NOT) stuff that made me break my own rule twice. Hehe. 

In her own words "I dont want you to think I'm a Mad Madam who is interested in wierd stuff". Hehe. 

All for a good cause, but hey. It happens!

She didnt know she snuck one past either... 

Anyway, thats the tale for now. 

Remember, no rule breaking allowed in terms of the pre-offer for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness which was GONE a few days ago, but Kevin, well, I put it back because of him ...(or was that Irwin? From Ireland, I recall) ... 

And definitely NONE allowed for the last two copies of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition allowed. 

(on that note, I was interrupted twice while writing this. Ghnash! 

In the past, I'd throw a FIT! 

Now, I just continue... while people around me spend days thinking of how and what to write....) 

But anyway, I've asked once, I'll ask again. 

Do you want 'em? 

IF so, come - and - GET 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - Some of you have reported not recieving the purchase emails or what not after you buy something. If that is YOU, please get back to me - we'll figure it out. Sometimes, emails dont go through as they should!

Friday, 13 August 2021 03:21

I was SOAKED in blood!

When I was 13, I believe, not sure, but yeah - ninth grade, I believe so, I was playing with firecrackers. 

Being the rowdy "Rathore" (not really, hehe) sort, I was the sort that used to burst those ... I dont know how do you describe them? 

"Bombs" we called 'em, and the massive BANG those crudely made firecrackers caused would make the whole house shake. 

Back in those days, before Diwali (the festival of lights, supposedly, but it turned into a cacophony of noise and smoke so thick you could barely see anything in your own house with all the thick smoke drifting in - and on the roads, it would seem like there was more paper than road, so solid was the firecracker bursting and the revelries "back in the day". I still remember our next door neighbor (well, the guys in front) really getting into it - three guys, their wives, all going all night long - with the crackers, hehe. They're stilll  living there. Good guys, all of 'em! Hehe. Well, two are there, the Dad passed on, and I believe one of the sons left. 

That often happens, another neighbor, two sons - one "left" because he was gay or something (so goeth the story). 

I dont know, to me, it seems like the Prodigal Son often leaves, hehe. 

He may return for short bursts, but he never stays - is never really down - has never really been down ... and so forth. He belives in the power of the Mind, and uses it to perform miracles, and ... ah, but where was I, my brother?) 

Lets get back to it. 

Gushing blood, like from a geyser!

.... so back in those days, people would start fooling around with crackers a month or so before the actual festival and days after. 

"Rockets" would launch into the sky - and you'd hear nothing but "bombs" everywhere. Hehe. Bang Bang Bang. 

I rather liked it growing up, as opposed to the hooliganism of "Holi" (festival of colors) where you'd be pelted with water balloons at all times of the day regardless of whether or not you actually did participate in the festival (I wrote about it here once). 

But anyway .. 

One night, I was bursting some "cloth bombs". 

These were crudely made "devices" (I dont know how else to put it!) with blue cloth interwoven, a tiny wick (you literally had to light it and RUN or the damned thing would blow up in your face) ... 

And what we'd do - or I'd do - and my Dad gave me this trick - I'd put a piece of paper under neath it, light that, and then until the flame got to the wick, I'd be at a safe distance. 

So it was supposed to be. 

One night, I wasn't. 

And the damn bomb burst... and initially, I felt nothing. 

Tilted my head, and blood literally GUSHED from it. 

I rushed "upstairs" to the house we were in then (we were on the second floor, two others on the first and "ground" (in India apparently first floor is ground an dso forth). 

I remember Mom screaming. 

Dad to his credit didnt - he showed up with ice and a towel, hehe. 

That towel was soaked to the "bone" in less than a minute. 

I remember it. 

Blood, blood, blood everywhere!

Not quite Sharon Stone in "The Specialist" moaning about "i never know blood could be so sticky" (that movie was hilarious in some ways) - but to me, I was wondering two things. 

One, the damn shrapnel hit right above my right eye- so I was thinking, I'm lucky it didnt take my eye out!

I still have the scar. Hehe. 

Two, I was thinking "the first time I got really injured". 

Three, I was thinking about writing to you about it. 



Not really. 

That was when Rahul was 13!

Anyway, the head is a most vascular place, friend. If you're wondering or have ever wondered how the WWE wrasslers (back in the day) used to bleed like stuck pigs - well - they used to have tiny razors hidden away in their wrist bands, and they'd slit their foreheads a bit when no-one was looking. 

Remember Steve Austin vs Bret Hart - that iconic "last man standing " or "I quit" match in WrestleMania? 

The match that turned Hart from "Hero" to heel, and Austin from bad guy to good + bad + the biggest star ever? 

Iconic images of Austin "bathed" in blood were beamed around the world globally (to his credit, Bret Hart is one of the best - a "real wrestler" trained by Stu Hart and the lot in their basement - their Mom would hear the kids scream in pain when Daddy was training them, no wonder they turned out as brutal wrestlers! REal men!- he was the one that won, but Austin won the crowd!)

Anyway, I showed up at school with my version of a "bandit bandage" with that damn thing tied around my head - and of course, that happened once on the chin too. Hehe. 

Nothing if not pungacious and "violent" I've often been. 

Of course, it's always been with bigger guys pounding the heck out of me - but here's the thing. 

Weak or not, I fought back. 

To me, that is KEY. 

And perhaps part of the reason I do all this now is because I wanted to be in super physical shape when young, yet had neither the tools nor info to get in that shape (pink dumbells were there tho, ugh. Thats OK, Dad, I used them for the other biz! Always the "money minded" man I am, hehe). 

Money grubber, I was going to say, but that ain't me. I'm the precise and polar opposite. 


The tricks and tools to get into the best shape of my life are HERE

Get 'em now, my friend. 

The pre-order we have going on NOW is Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness. Get this now too - you'll love it. 

And of course, pick up 16 INspirational fitness Recollections here. 

(the gory one above ain't mentioned, plenty of other great ones are though!). 

That, friend, is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


I gotta say it ... to you! 

I would have to the person who thought I didnt know what and how and why she was doing... 


But - really. I've spoken about this before. 

All the mantra tantras, all the shamiaic CRAP the Astrologers tell you, all the so called predictions, all the so called nonsense, all the beads, chains, amulets... all of this rubbish. 

Does it work? 

Yes - BUT!


What really does the trick, friend is the subconscious mind. 

Read Claude Bristol's The Magic of Believing for more on this, but it's so damn obvious... 

Why do you think Narendra Modi for one shows up as a "wise old man with a longgggggggggg beard" and upraised forefinger all the time? 

Just why is Trump as successful as he is? 

And, why are the astrologers and wacko "fortune tellers" who couldnt predict their own fortune accurately let alone others (I know one lady that got banned from YouTube recently after a few days ago she boasted of her one million crap plus subscribers or what not) making tons of moolah when no-one else (apparently is)? 

Because they're preying on people's beliefs. 

Light camphor - get good luck. 

Write down your affirmations. 

I am, I am, I am. 


Hows that working out for you in terms of either money or fitness? 


I thought so, especially the former. 

There is a way to affirm, and a way NOT to - to magnetize what you REALLY WANT ON AUTO PILOT!

And, there is a way to repel. 

All free advice which works, which will be ignored by those that "don't know" - or couldnt be bothered. 

But just like seeing a magpie or anything doesn't mean bad luck, a broken mirror doesn't necessarily mean bad luck either. 

Broken glass don't either. 

For me, it's always been goo dluck. Hehe. 

Nigh everything that happens (Steve Austin ain't got shit to do w/the broken glass part either, heh) to me ? 

Is good luck, even when people say it's bad. 

THEREIN lies the key to success - your mind. 

Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, leads to belief. 

Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen ... 

Its amazing, the number of Bozos that do this - yet repeat the WRONG THINGS to themselves!

And aren't willing to learn. 

Lets do one simple experiment to finish this off, friend. 

Next few days, lets say a month. 

If you're a phat phocker, stand in front of the mirror and do what the Gurus say. 

i.e. proclaim the following. 


I am desirable!

And, whateve you want to be - according to the Gurus, thats what you need to affirm, eh. 

Do this for a month. Or even a week. 

Write back, tell me how you progress - or regress. 

Other hand, do it the way I tell you with SOLID action, and watch you rresults. 

Again, report back - thats all the proof you need. Hehe. 

Or, continue to be misled and make the nut jobs that don't know their own nuts from the hole (sorry had to say it) more moola... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Lots of such sensible life advice in Fast and Furious Fitness as welll, get this NOW friend (the Collectors Edition won't last beyond this week). 

Oh, if you"couldn't be bothered", kindly unsubscribe as well. Thank you!

Life's a trip, eh. 

Some trippy ass shit, Holmes! 

- Training Day, of course. What else!

But anyway, yesterday I posted something on here (an email I sent out to my list) which had a bit of a teaser in it which I know (and had posted) to draw a few Bozos out. 

As a certain Steven California on a forum I owned once told in 2005 ... 

Let me shake the tree a bit and see what nuts fall out, lol. 

Well, plenty fell out here!

I was wondering where Buttler Schofield was for one. Hehe. 

After Mandy "outed" the Bozo (though to be fair, she's one of a lonnnnnnnnnng list he's screwed over, stole him as he says "licked ass and now everyone hates him" and so forth) ... he's been oddly quiet. 

He DID send me a few inane emails with the subject line of "Beta Fag Glyn". 

Which is fine, thats what he is, but really, Bozo, the whole world knows that by now. 

Then he sent me some equally batty comments about his derriere and the expanding girth or what not. Ugh. 

But other than that, he's been oddly quiet. 

So I had to do it!

I dangled the carrot. 

Sure enough, the Bozo jumped - and jumped first. Hehe.

Its amazing, friend. The Bozos and Trolls claim "no-one buys your books or reads your stuff". 

The first? 

Well, it's obvious - bestsellers don't happen without tons of people buying books!

But the second, you'd be amazed how many people "quietly" read everything I post. 

Hang on to every word I say. 

Can't wait for the next update from me. 

Trust me on this one, friend. 

True, the But(t)ler is obsessed with me, to put it gently. 

He cannot stay away from secretly checking what I'm up to on the sly - even if he's been roundly blocked on all social media, email and what not. 

Hey, Bozo started the block game on WeShat ... Hehe. 

Now he's getting it back in triplicate. 

He whines about "Rahul blocked me', yet he forgets what HE did ... 

To start it all! 

Anyway, I didnt even link the social media platform - I just mentioned Instagram, and my handle on there i.e. @0excusesfitness. 

I figured those that want will follow me there anyway. 

Remember, they'll find a way!

If they want to do it, they'll find a way - if they want to buy from you - they will FIND a way. 

Even if you make it hard for them, they'll still find that way! 

And the Bozo did. 

The post got like 70-80 likes within an hour or so of posting, but the Bozos three or so likes (I can just imagine him salivating at the woman he could never get in the picture, hehe) cinched the deal. 

Instagram was the only major platform I had NOT blocked the Bozo on until now. 

That's been rectified now, thank you, Bozo! 

But anyway ... 

Interesting how it works!

That email - or that bit - was designed SPECIFICALLY to draw the Bozos and trolls out. 

And it did it's job - quite well! 

(It was also designed to get the DOERS to get off their, ahem, butts, and take action. This inertia the world in general has slid into where people are content to sit by and do exactly F all. It's amazing, I dont get it! How can people BE that way! But a lot have become like that, the majority has...) 

I got another idiotic note on Twitter the other day. 

"Give us a break, please, please!" 

Thats all. 

Along the lines of the "Stop, stop, stop, no more emails please!" idiocy I received last year - remember that? 

Insane, my friend. 

Does life give YOU a break - you, me, or ANYONE? 

I didnt think so. 

It rumbles on. 


So does Rahul Mookerjee, my friend. 

And when I set my sights on something, Idont stop till I get it. 

Reletless Repetition, as Pete Lillo once famously said, and you cannot miss. 


I've been that way all my life, friend. 

And here's the thing - on inertia. 

It's amazing, but a book like Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition (remember, its MY copy and another which I'm giving up right now - thats ALL that remains) - a book which in the past would have sold out instantly within a few emails of promoting it - right now - inertia. 

It ain't that people dont want it. 

As a great customer said in May, you'll probably sell out before July!

I did - way before that. 

But the last two copies, people want it. 

The click rates etc are enough evidence of that, even if they weren't - you can feel these things. 

Yet, taking action is where the inertia kicks in. 

First you have those that claim they dont have money, yet they have all the money lying around for inanity. 

Apparently spending more than $100 on a night out is worth it, but not a book that will last you a lifetime and do you a world of good, a hell of a lot more than drinking it up in one night... 

(True, its your money. No, I'm not telling you how to spend it. But the point - and fact - remains). 

Then those that will only buy when it's "on rock bottom price with discounts galore". 

I dont get it. 

Lets take gold, which a lot of folks with sense are snapping up everywhere - yours truly included. 

Do we ask for discounts on that, or do we buy it up before the price goes UP? 

The answer should be obvious. 

Then to me, it's amazing why people would want discounts on something like this book - pure gold? 

True, I offer discounts a lot of times. 

Product specific too... 

But on this book, the Collector's Edition, I've never once offered a discount except "in private" - and I do not intend upon doing so either. 

This book is pure GOLD, my friend. 

And I treat it as such. 

Then of course, the do nothings, trolls and such ... always have all the time in the world to get on Instagram or whatever, and serial refund on Amazon, but ask them to BUY and ... 

"No money" 

Truly, thats the response I get (from idiots). 

Anyway, it's funny. 

The Bo(o)zo posted about "Priority Passes" on his Insta - one of the few things I saw before I very hurriedly blocked his ass on there. 

It said "B Schofield". 

Not kidding you, even. Hehe. 

Maybe Bozo has changed his name to Bozo Schofield, and given how famous he's become in that regard, hey. I wouldn't blame him. Plus, thats what he is anyway, maybe he's finally come full circle!

Anyway, thanks for reading this - what ? - 1000 plus - 1111 at the time of reading - word "rant". Hehe. 

And take action now, friend. 

Here's the link - remember to choose the Collector's Edition and email me if you want an autograph - -


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - From Charles the former friend to Mandy to a HOST OF OTHERS - believe me, all "lurking" and either gnashing their teeth "how dare he" or nodding their heads in appreciation "sheer genius!" (believe me, I get both comment son a daily basis. You either love me, or you hate me. No in between, I've been a highly successful marketer naturally all my life - this is who I AM, hehe - no "in betweens") ... 

All hanging on to EVERY Word I say, every utterance I make. 

Truly one of the best measures of success, hehe, in any regard, any field... 

PS #2 - I wouldn't be surprised if the But(t)ler ends up buying some of these books anyway. He's given up now. In the past, he'd have sent me inane remarks on social media, now it's just whiny "likes" i.e. I hope Rahul doesn't pillory me further. 

Well, I will - but I might not if the Bozo does what I asked here. Hehe. 

Well, thats one of the things. I can't find the exact email where I mentioned what needs to be, but its basically doing a Tony Greig in front of me (dont equate the great man with this idiot though) (and he'll probably love groveling anyway, ugh). And, it's doing the Jahpannah thing mentioned above hehe. 

And signing his name to the following. 

"Rahul, I'm truly a beta fag that messed up and trolled you, took advantage of many others except I didnt know that when I messed with you, I met my match in spades (black ones, hehe) and then some". 

I'd write more. 

but hey, y'all - and the But(t)ler get the drift. 

But really, don't be surprised if he shows up, his faggy self whining about "Rahul, please sell me some of your books". 

After all, he's using stolen money anyway...

Ron De Santis is no Donald Trump, not even close though he's been dubbed as the Trump of FL. 

But despite the fact the (first glaring different) man reads from a pre-prepared script for his speeches, something I'd never need to do - but hey, each his own, and he doesnt really read from it as "refresh" his memory from it - he's a stellar solid character!

(The ONLY alternative to Trump globally IMO? Brazilian Pres Jair Bolsonaro, by far the best thing to ever happen to Brazil in recent times. And he, my friend, is truly - well and truly - the Trump of the Tropics!) 

But anywya, I couldn't help but break into a cheer while watching De Santis on youtube tear Biden a new one. 

This was a speech from 5 days ago, and he's spot on (De Santis). 

"I dont want to hear a blip from Joe Biden about the COVID until HE does his job!" 

Or something like that. 

He literally finished so strongly and tore ole Sleepy Joe a new one so abrasively that not even the Trumpinator would say "you could do better". Hehe. 

Fact is, friend, he's right. 

Joe Biden has turned the Southern Border (well, he and Harris) into an unmitigated, unprecedented disaster. 

People are pouring across that damn border like there's no tomorrow. 

Other hand, going to a damn restaurant in NYC with all their Communist restrictions has gotten tougher than crossing an international borde r- that belonging to the world's #1 nation!

It's stupendous indeed!

These illegals are unvaccinated, untested for COVID. There they are due to Sleepy Joe's policies (or more accurately lack thereof and delegation to the The Hyena) .... and they're not just pouring over the border. 

They're being bused all over the damn country - without being tested or anything!

And then Joe Biden weeps about the freedom loving states in the U.S. South. 

I'll tell you one damn thing, Joe. 

Ain't no-one gonna force me to wear a mask for one. 

I find every excuse not to even if the law were to say it (though I wouldn't break the law, but I simply wouldn't go where masks were mandated). 

And the panic passports? 

Kiss my ass on that one. 

It just ain't happening, Joe. 

First thing you know, TWO things have been conclusively proven SO OFTEN that I get tired of repeating it - One, who spread it. 

And two, if you get this damn thing, you develop immunity to it anyway (and MOST that get it recover, and that panixines don't mean you won't get the damn thing, so how the hell is it a vaccine anyway Joe and company????) ... 

I'm not a politician nor a future teller. 

Of course, i've been called a seer by many. 

I'll tell you this, whats happening in France with the passes and what not might happen there, but it won't happen in the US as a whole - perhaps some sections of the North, but believe me, there's stellar freedom loving people there too who won't let it happen, period. 

And neither SHOULD it happen. 

From Boris Johnson in the UK to the Governors down South to anyone with half a brain, damn near everyone has realized now that shutting economies down causes way more damage than anything else - and way more deaths. 


In the pudding, friend. 

And people are globally starting to rise up and protest. 

Enough is enough !!

By all means, if someone wants to be a sheep and turn into a crocodile or alligator or what not by taking this stupid thing (really, the side effects - research 'em well folks!) ... then thats their choice and I support their right to do so. 

But don't come shouting in my face telling me to put something in my own body I don't want to. 

Not only am I not going to not do so, but if you cross a line, things, my friend, will get serious. 

I've had it!

Flights shut down everywhere for ages, countries shut down, everything has "it's COVID!" excuse. 

I mean goddamn it, China spread this damn thing - now what? 

Live in fear and panic and be controlled the rest of our lives?

I dont think so, friend. 

And do you see ANYONE talking about real fitness? 



..... Maybe so? .



I Thought you'd say that. Even the most provaccine of people and fake news media out there will be the first to admit nigh NO-ONE talks about exercise - or the mental side of this - except when it comes to pointing out fake stories about 42 year old fitness fanatics that died from the plague. 

Nice try, Yahoo News, but no dice. 

It didnt change my mind one damn bit. 

I only dug my heels in EVEN FURTHER, and will continue to do so. 

so should you - if you've got half a brain. 

Anyway ... I won't criticize or even make a negative remark if you email me back saying "Rahul, but I want to take the vaccine". 

Hey, it's YOUR RIGHT to choose!

I fully support it. 

Just please, please bear in mind goose and gander, my friend. 

And bear in mind, permanent lockdowns and shutdowns ain't good for nothing or nobody. 

As a whole, lets rise up, lets get past this (engineered) madness once and for all .

LET THERE BE LIGHT - and normalcy! 

Oh my - I for one cannot WAIT for that day!

Anyway ... 

Remember, Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition, still lying around. 

And remember, its gotta go. 

Be the first to get the last uniquely unique copy of this stellar book, my friend. 

You won't be disappointed!


Rahul Mookerjee

So life, dancing monkeys and more! 

I've been in flashback mode since ... well, last night before lopping off to bed. 

I was purging some very nasty memories indeed, hehe, including a stint in the Middle East which I didnt like at all. But hey, all happens for a reason eh. 

But anyway ... 

Yours truly was once hired as a bouncer. 

At a dancing monkey center. 

A decidely unthreatening one - hired to keep the monkeys away or bring 'em in, well, you decide. 

I even had an assistant! 

Her name ?

I wouldnt know, friend. 

Wham bang thank you Ma'am my ass. 

She disappeared the minute I took the infamous photo. 


Which shouldn't be as infamous as it is, but remember, Rahul Mookerjee says a word, the word of haters starts hating 

Or was that the other way around. Hehe. 

Sometimes, I think I just need to be natural. 

And thats all I need to do. 

I swear, thats all I ever do and have ever done.... Hehe. 

Anyway, social media isn't something I love, but I'm using it more these days but of course. 

LinkedIn might remove me permanently. 

And if they BS at me any more this time, I won't even bother. Hehe. 

Like I don't with Freakbook - for the most part, of course. 

But .... 

That picture is decidely unbouncer like. Movie star like, perhaps. 

Renegade, yes, artist, yes, and many other things, but bouncer? 

In the future, I'll post a picture of myself with a true Bouncer and Gorilla, hehe, my buddy from the Marines. 

You haven't seen David and Goliath until you've seen THAT. Hehe. 

And, yours truly wrote about "Happy Giraffe" International school with some very real protagnoists on the other site. 

You'll see a picture of yours truly as a Giraffe as well. Hehe. 

Be on the outlook for all that - and would yo ubelieve it, friend, I actually had an English student/still friend called "Giraffe". 

He had a short neck, apparently he wanted a longer one... 


ESL you beauty - not - when I DID deign to do it - and trust me, they paid me a heck of a lot to do it. 

Way more than the Tom Tom's and Bozos could ever dream of. You'll see it and why in the pictures, all to come... 

So, if you ain't done it already, follow me on @0excusesfitness on Instagram. 

Plenty from China! Hehe. 

And thats that for now, my friend. 

I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Almost forgot, friend - Fast and Furious Fitness- the Collector's Edition. It's gotta GO - NOW. 

ARE you gonna be the first - and last - to get this most prestigous, world famous, and critically acclaimed book? 

I dont know. 

Only you do!

And remember, autographs for zilcho - free - too! 

I dont know, to me that would be cincher....

On top of all I've said, all thats going, the panic and what not, here's something that nigh no-one seems to have noticed. 

There is one nation, New Zealand, which never really got the plague to begin with - at least nowhere like anywhere else. 

That continues till this day, as this thing ravages the world. 

Coincidentally, or perhaps not (I dont believe in the former) it's also the one place in the world where billionaires (real ones, not Bozo schofield 'I'm a billionaire ass licker, Mommy!") are stacking up against like each other like nine pins, buying up land, property - even bunkers lik ethere is no tomorrow. 

It's also the one place in the world actively CALLING such people - one such fine dude apparently got his NZ citizenship sitting in California of all things without even visiting the country because NZ deemed him to be of great use or something. 

I could tell you a story or two about this. Hehe. 

But, for now, lets focus on what I just said. 

NZ, also is one of the few places in the world which is neither very likely to come under nuclear attack, and if the world does, it's one of the safest places to be due to its remote nature. 

That has also been touted as one of the reasons for it's success against the China virus, friend. 


What about Japan? Fiji? Marshall Islands? (I dont know about the latter two, but Japan is being hit HARD, hard, hard by it!). 

The UK is an island too - not exactly in the center of the world, and it was hit HARD too. 

You could argue not that many people travel to NZ. 

Id argue otherwise tourism wise.... 

My friend, the engineered nature of this silly panicdemic was obvious from the get-go. 

And it becomes more and more obvious every day. 

The Liberals and Bozos are trying every which way to silence us from saying it, of course... 

Right down to rebooting phones remotely. 

Which I dont know, but I think Google's up to something there like Microsoft (I've been talking about that). 

Make them buy a new laptop first, but ONLY the models we want. Hehe. 

Then it's phones, since the renegade writer never bought a laptop, since he wont settle for less. 

Think it's all horse shit ? 

Think again, friend. 

All very, very true ... 

And what you can do, friend is to STOP the panic by taking a stand against it. Plain and simple. 

And, by taking charge of your OWN LIFE fitness wise FIRST. 

And that, my friend, is the only thing that makes total sense of this totally sensical rant... 

The 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

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