Rahul Mookerjee

That book seems to be writing itself as we go along!

(I should call it TWENTY commandments though, as there are just so many LESSONS to be learnt from it).

But though I’ve sent you a few emails about it, and though “how to deal with trolls and the infamous by now Bozo Glyn Blowfield” WILL be part of it – probably a very ling Chapter, the Senorita might well too!


I should say LOOOOONNG.

Pun not intended. LOL.

But anyway (and most of you probably didn’t even notice that VERY unintentional typo I INTENTIONALLY left in there) … she sent in the following sizzler of a review for a book I wrote in 201...I believe it was 2017, but the “ideas” and what I wrote in the book have been a part of me since I was a child pretty much.

This book is NOT related to fitness, and NOT on this site. It’s another business. But the basic topic (or premise of the book) was how to attract (not chase) the women of your dreams in a certain type of relationship (which the Senorita has literally no idea about - well, she knows NOW, but I’m the one INTRODUCING her to the lifestyle basically).

And I won’t post the whole review here, but I’ll post a relevant part.

(something the trolls and Bozos that run after women saying “I want to be your servant” – that was one of Schofield’s pet themes in China should read, but even though they will read it, it will fly straight above their heads).

(Both heads)

The secret? WE WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS.  When you (man) can understand that simple phrase, you will have the girl of your dreams (and, of course, if you are not an asshole).

If you want to know more … of course, read the book.

Anyway, thats part of the review.

But we ain’t talking WOMEN here (although you know one thing bro. When yours truly RIGHT WING and highly “anti social” and anti Nazi feminist gets praised by … um, women! Something must be right).

Either that, or I love Spanish women. Hehe.


Chinese women too.

But if Jeff Bezos can dance around with his Senorita … LOL.

But anyway, again. I better not start. Or I’ll be writing books on that too!

The point is SALES. 

And you can only sell well, my friend, when you KNOW your customer.

“Ankush”, a guy I knew back in the day asked me the following when I quit THAT job.

“How many customers do you have on your list”, he asked.

Wrong question, for reasons I won’t get into here.

But then he asked what was pertinent, and something I REMEMBER until this day.

“How many can you just call and TALK TO?”

He was damn right too!

In terms of YOU on this list?

I have no doubt I can call or email any of my customers at any time (well email at any time, call maybe at a mutually convenient time) and ask for help if I need it – or discuss world affairs or politics- or do “bro talk” about women – or fitness – or so forth!

And I’m sure they know they could too!

That level of “comfortableness” didn’t come from simply bashing out emails daily.

It comes from getting to KNOW your customer.

And therein lies another very important point.

In the Gorilla Grip review on the Amazon UK site, one of the three star reviews complains about “less details”.

I’ve already critiqued that review ad infinitum, and truth be told, it was an honest review so I never panned it – simply “critiqued it”.

(yes, there IS a difference)

But a lot of peiople complain about this.

Charles the friend, you’ll remember ranted once about “you just say just do handstand pushups and just do it!”

Well, two things.

First, the devil is in the details, and if you read the books, you’ll know bro.

And second, more importantly.

In this case, what works for the goose might not for the gander.

There is simply NO way I can put workouts in a book that EVERYONE can just blindly follow and make great gains.

I can give you the outline, and I can tell yo uwhat to do.

How long to do it for.

How many sets, reps.

But beyond that, bro, YOU gotta take the initiative.

YOU GOTTA understand that YOU hold the reins of YOUR life and fitness. NOT ME!

And last, but not least, YOU have to tailor things to your personal needs and requirements.

And that, my friend is as simple as it gets.

All for now. Remember, if you want personalized coaching – it won’t be free – but you can apply here, and if I deem you’ve got what it takes – you’ll not just be welcomed aboard – I’ll do so with open arms, hehe.

The more the merrier!

(Sorry, Charles. Had to use that one. LOL).

(But I doubt you got a trademark on it, so I should pretty safe, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, if you jump aboard the SHIP, you get access to ALL our products for a LIFETIME assuming your membership stays active. Do so NOW!

PS #2 – I haven’t yet thought about introducing the book here, but if there is interest, I might re-do the book and do it – let me know!


This really should be in the second book on “10 Commandments of Successful Sales”.


Well, Trolls have made your truly SO many sales until date (without even trying in most cases) that it “beggars belief”.

There’s many ways to draw ‘em out of the woodwork, of course. I’ll go into more detail in that in a future email. Actually, I already have last year. Hehe.

But for now, lets take a look at (part of) the email a customer from (I believe) Russia of all places sent me.

Short, crisp, to the point.

“I like your book!

But who is Scofied??”

(He isn’t on my list but he’s been reading my stuff).

So, and for those of you that want a “speedy” DL on who the guy he is (wrt the trolling, let me try and give it to you here “in a few words”).

OK, so in 2016 or so, I believe, I was getting tired of monkey jobs approaching me (with damned good pay I must say). I turned ‘em down left right and center.

(Before that, in 2014, I started a WeShat group called “Keeping it Real in China” which a few years later I gave up, as it had (as Alex rightly pointed out) “stopped serving the purpose I created it for” and quite frankly I didn’t have the time for it anymore).

In the midst of all this, I saw a post by some clown on some group claiming “Some rich guy wanted teachers”, and apparently only “white teachers” according to Schofield (the guy).

I introduced him to a few groups etc. Invited him into my own. Ugh. Big mistake.

Almost from the outset he was batty.

Trolled and bullied anyone he could get his grubby little hands on.

Spread lies in public forums about people (a certain “Roney” probably remember it. We all do!)

And in general stayed drunk and jumping from one monkey job to the other with a bot in hand.

(More than a bot, the coke or what not).

I could write a book (with proof) on this idiot, so to keep it short (LOL) -

I called him out on some BS in 2016.

His response was to block me on WeShat, spread racist memes about me (apparently “only whites belong in the Southern US” according to the Blow-field – come to think of that, Schofield with his insane rants on “cuckolds” would love to blow a field – ugh – but LOL) and in general troll me any way, shape or form he could.

While a certain Charles knew about it, but didn’t do much or tell me about it …

He dragged him into the muck too.

And he did even more vicious things to him. Stole from him. Hit on his “girl”. Sent her messages that honestly if it were me, I’d have taken a 9 mm or something to him.

(not really, but you get the point).

He trolled a whole bunch of other people. Stole money from women left right and center. Got his ass deported or what not (remember, he blocked me on WeShat, so I couldn’t reply to him).

And much more, all the while trolling yours truly, which I got pissed over initially, but then ignored.

(Believe me, this is the “icing” on the cake. I haven’t gotten to the cake!)

I forgot about him.

He likely did time somewhere (apparently he didn’t have a phone).

Enter 2020, that year when all hell broke loose everywhere, and the Bozo likely tired of lockdown shockdown showed up.

Sent me pictures through Charles begging me to be friends.

I didn’t reply. End of story.

Troll boy got pissed.

Troll boy started sending me insane emails and signing up for my site with even more insane monikers whch I blocked, but then ignored again.

No time to deal with “el troll” while writing Pushup Central for one, heh.

(Along with the book on isometrics, jumping rope and ANIMAL kingdom conditioning - one of my best courses!) 

But then the emails got personal.

And while I won’t say what pissed me off the most (yes, Glyn, I KNOW you’re dying for me to tell you, but I won’t) - - I gave it back.

Yours truly hides his strength and bides his time, and truth be told, I did that for FAR too long with him.

He should have (as a customer wisely said) got that slap across the face a long, long time ago!

But if someone attacks me, I don’t curl up into a ball.

I attack back.

X 1000.

And I did it on my list, to my considerable audience and so forth, and the Bozo got pissed.

How dare I, he wailed. I just did it on WeShat.

Well, Blowfield, it ain’t my problem if you’re too lazy to build a business or make a life for yourself.

X 10000 like I Said!

Trumpinator philosophy as well, and I’ve ALWAYS been that way. I just let you “be” for a while because we were friends before, but the gloves were truly taken off in 2020.

He realized he was getting nowhere. He stewed some more. 

He then had an “aha” monent! (and so should I, hehe, after the dream I had on Sep 26).

Prophetic indeed as many of my dreams are. A huge fat “Bozo Schofield” showed up, and then after a lot of blasting away, fell to the ground and melted away.

Two days later, I saw he posted inane reviews of my products all over the Internet which were so childlike and juvenile that not only were people laughing but I was making sales left, right and CENTER From it.


(Check out my products on amazon.co.uk folks – along with reviews from REAL customers!)

He probably thought he’d “destroy me”.


The Bozo forgot I come from a long line of – well, actually I don’t, I LEARNED this – he forgot that I WELCOME trolls. LOL.

I’m not “Andy”, or “Josie”, or “Roya”, or any of the others, you nutzo I should have told him.

But if I had, it would have spoilt the fun! LOL.

And I wouldn’t have made half the sales I did (off him).

Now, latest is Amazon has blocked his account (they’re cracking down on trolls big time).

So he’s posting through alters called “Keith James” and so forth.

(Curiously enough, he trolled me with memes of Shoulders like Boulders too. Those Brahma Bull Shoulders really hit the Bozo where it hurt, LOL - even his alter "Keith" is at it for that book, hehe)

He’s wailing about how I don’t “allow bad reviews”.

Um. I don’t own Amazon, brah. ‘nuff said.

And I welcome your posts, Bozo. Do post some more – I check for it every morning, because that CHA CHIN in the ole bank account it leads to is without comparison, hehe.

I knew I’d keep it short, so I’ll end here, at no less than FOUR pages.

Like I said, my friends – don’t get me started – on anything!

I rant a lot (hence the people that say “you send too many audios”! And never listen – and hebce they’re NOT in my life no more – if you can’t listen, read, or have a sensible discussion, I Dont WANT YOU in my life).

And this Chapter – or this post – or email – will be either the preface, or a GOLDEN rule in the SECOND and upcoming edition of “10 Commandments of Successful Sales”, which gives you actually 20 and more . . .

So for those of you not versed with the Bozo, thats a bit of a rundown.

All for now.

For our great fitness and inspirational products that are getting the WORLD in super shape and inspiring millions, go HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be on the outlook for a tale of how (and I said this before, but I’ll probably say it again) a simple “I don’t want to speak Chinese or learn it” rant from yours truly led to TONS Of trolls coming out of the wood work. I think Gorilla Grip was the book that profited the most, hehe.

(curiously enough on Amazon again).

PS #2 - A lot of you might be wondering why I didnt tell him anything PERSONALLY. Well - you know now, hehe. Or you should. Remember, never attempt to wrestle a pig. Bring the fight - -to YOUR DOORSTEP - your FIELD! (no blowing tho, Scofield LOL) 

PPS - Hope you got some value from this. A LOT of folks should, given the nasty behavior going on out there ... 

What I’m about to say is something that might resonate very deeply with a lot of you on this list, so listen up.

I have been hearing a LOT from people that can’t travel (internationally) or go places etc, and nowhere do I hear this more than in the PRC.

Not about the Chinese wanting to travel so much (Xi has pretty much brainwashed or bullied the majority into the “china velly velly good everything else velly velly false” routine) as expats etc trying to get back to the middle Kinkdom, hehe.

I say kink for a reason …

Anyway, a lot of English teachers keep asking me “when China will open back up”.

They know the answer, of course.

When their own nations do!

And right about now, international travel is exactly, once we’re past all the Biden hoo haa etc where it is when this mess spread to the ROW.


Now, a lot of ESL teachers etc are jumping up and down not just because of loss of income, but because … well, their LIFESTYLE has been completely uprooted and taken away from them.

China has a different lifestyle than most other countries, my friend.

Very different in many ways, especially down to the “deliveries with a smile etc” – yes, there ARE some things the Commie dictatorship does WELL!

Anyway, point is this.

Last night, I spoke with Cicy a friend of mine that has bought into the “xi” line hook, sinker, and ...well, you get the drift.

I wrote about that before.

But amidst everything else, she DID say one good thing.

“Why don’t people try to recreate their lives as it was there – in their own nations!”

Now, that was sage (though she doesn’t know it).

And positive too.

Dont get me wrong.

Not for a minute should we forget what China did to the ROW.

But remember, right about now, the ONLY option is to think positive.

The only way to go is GO … UP!

And as Napoleon Hill said, your big opportunity may be where you’re at now, my friend.

And it usually is.

Believe me, EVERY time I’ve been in a hole anywhere, I’ve applied myself mentally, and I’ve come out tops – no matter what!

It’s happened so many times to “ole Houdini” that I simply cannot tell you how right Hill was!

And fitness wise, same thing.

YES, you CAN recreate the glory of the ole days!

YES, you CAN get into the sort of shape you were when you were “young” – even better!

And I should know.

I was in crappy shape at 19.

WORSE at 21.

Great at 25.


And post 35,36?

Never been in better shape!

So can you, my friend.

So can YOU!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Erecting tenthouses can be fun. More on this later!

I might be beating a dead horse here.

I probably am, since those that don’t wanna listen won’t anyway.

… I take that back.

They’re sneakily checking yours truly’s posts emails and “what new books does he have up” right during their busy little days, and while trolling galore …

But anyway, an ex of mine, wayyy back in the day once wanted to cook “Tandoori Chicken”.

Huh. I said when I first heard it.

She was a Southern Gal, as white as white can be.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes.

The “whole shebang” if you get my drift.

And she cooked GREAT Southern style food. Especially biscuits for breakfasts. Sausage biscuits.

I literally ate so many of them daily that not only did I turn into “el fatty hog el SUPREMO” (and was happy about it!) but she got tired of making them.

And irritated half the time when I asked her to make ‘em.

“You eat them all!” was what she said once.

Well, isn’t that a compliment?

LOL. Further, no-one EVER once stopped her from eating them too. She just didn’t want to.

Anyhow, this isn’t about her.

Or women.

But it’s about what I said in the last email.

Glenn, a chef I know from Australia could probably cook up some great Tandoori too.

Also white as white can be, and a great guy!

Now, my ex.

The chicken turned out pretty good, but being it was done in an oven as opposed to clay tandoor (brick oven) it naturally didn’t taste the same 

Nikhil, an Indian friend of mine asked me about it.

And assumed, of course that it wouldn’t tur out well.

“She cooked it”, I Said.

Befor eI could go any further, he chirped up.

“Acha nahi bana hoga”.

“It probably wasn’t good”.


I mean, first thing you know, at least she TRIED.

Second, if it didn’t taste good it didn’t. But it wasn’t that bad at all!

My point in saying this is .. oh, and Glenn could probably do up a great Tandoori too, hehe.

Anyway, my point in saying this – is ..well, you get it.

I’m sur eyou do by now with no less than 5 emails on it!

(either direct or roundabout).

Is that preconcieved notions are STUPID.

“You can’t speak English because you’re not white” go the Chinese.

A while later they show up at your truly’s doorstep paying him big bucks to teach just that – English.

And in three months, they speak better than the rest of the class, because ethey got more education than they ever bargained for. LOL.

Don’t believe me?

Ask “Madam” Carol, and she’ll tell ya!

True story, bro, and there are plenty of other such true stories.

And thats that for now. Hope the horse is finally put to rest and “in the other Universe” by now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – DROP the asinine notion of “Jim shim being necessary to get fit”, my friend. It ain’t true. You know it. You’ve seen plenty of proof. Yet, you continue to hang on to this absurd notion of “without the machines and weights nothing is possible”.

Yes is is bro. Oh yes, it is!

(and by “you” I don’t necessarily mean you on the list, I mean in general).

Or, I should say even more fashionable to make “racist allegations” against the “bad white race”.

Or so they say!

I gotta say this once and for all – race “sh” ace.

While to a certain extent racism exists everywhere, it is NOT I believe the problem people make it out to be – and I don’t know if this is coincidence (I Dont believe in it!) - but as soon as “Hidin Biden” becomes the Prez, you have this rash of celebrities showing up (curiously enough a lot from India) claiming they were either “bullied as kids” (cry me a fucking river for Christ’s sake) or “subject to racism” (I really believe a lot of it is OVERSTATED).

Now, don’t get me wrong – racism obviously has NO place in society anywhere in the world.

And neither does bullying quite obviously. You on this list are WELL, WELL, aware of my position and stance on both.

But being a cry baby?

That doesn’t either in my opinion!

First I read something about some Indian guy (engineer apparently) being refused a house in Stuggart (I can’t remember how to spell it), Germany apparently because “of my skin color”.

He claimed the landlord sent him notes to the extent of “We would never rent to someone like you”.


This goes both ways.

In China, hardly a white country, a landlord once thought I was Australian (don’t ask, LOL).

And he thought I was white.

Once he found out I wasn’t, he tried to do the dodge.

And in Chinese, which he didn’t think I’d understand, he told the real estate agent that while he’d rent to me, he thought “Indians ate too much curry, made a mess, and were dirty people”.


(I better not SAY it. LOL. But really, the curry and mess. I mean, if you visit a lot .. what dude was saying was right in a way, and I had to cackle just that little bit. (mostly because yours truly doesn’t cook ANY Indian food))

Now, the Chinese in general are racist as heck, but as far as yours truly?

Landlord never gave me any trouble, and the Chinese for the most part didn’t either.

(I still have that guy on my contact list, as well as the lady he sold to who I rented from. So much for "racism". It boils down to PEOPLE eventually). 

Thinking, my friend solves ALL many a times!

And how you REACT to something.

We have Priyanka Chopra, famous actress claming she was “bullied due to her race” at school and called “brownie”.

Then we got Sunny Leone talking about the same thing.

And of course the usual BLM bullshit, and apparently “Rihanna” or someone “taking out the trash”.

My point is this. 

Aren’t those crying about racism BEING a bit prejudicial themselves?

I can tell you one damn thing, my friend.

I’ve lived in the American South, supposedly one of the most racist places on the planet, and in China, where they openly SAY they’re racist.

“We don’t want blacks” was posted in Micky D’s there last year. Not shitting ya!

And yet, yours truly has had nothing but fond memories of either place, and made some of his best friends there.

I don’t think that would happen if the people there were inherently “bad”.

OK, they’re brainwashed big time in China, but “bad”?

I don’t think so my friend.

And I also think that WAY too much is made of the “white man” complex that some people have.

As in “they have it better” nonsense.

Personally, I think it’s a big can of TRIPE that stinks to high hell and beyond. If anything, it’s minorities etc that have it good in many ways today in the Western World.

I realize these views may not go down that well, but really.

Think about it.

It’s hardly the Victorian or imperalist era, my friend.

And the very people that these cry babies accuse of racism will be the first to tell you that yes, there IS a problem, and that yes, there ARE jackasses all over the world (and Jill asses) … 

(German friend of mine, for one, when I asked him. “Yes, there is a problem unfortunately sometimes”, he said. “And if you can’t speak German, forget it!”)

(That was another complaint the guy who couldn’t find an apartment had. The landlord apparently didn’t want to rent to a person that didn’t speak his language i.e. German.

Is that necessarily racist? I don’t know! I wouldn’t say so necessarily, but who am I to comment!).

But really.

Whatever happened to GIVING it back?

You won’t hear me whine and moan about the Bozo for one trolling me with his inane racist memes.

Or sending me idiotic emails to the extent of … well, you on this list know it!

What you WILL hear me do is attack him BACK x 100.

Racists and bullies of ANY color are made of the same cloth my friend.

And once you hit back, guess what.

You hit them hard – you hit them HEAVY – you hit ‘em where and how IT HURTS!

And poof – much like balloons, off they go.

(not mine – that is Rocky V!).

And I’ve no doubt Bozo is gnashing his teeth right about now thinking of “just what do I have to do to get this guy PISSED”.



But anyway, I had to get that off my chest, and I did. (oh, and as far as BLM goes, I wonder why the media shedia doesn’t notice that a lot of these riotiers are tearing apart none other than BLACK OWNED businesses! Somehow that seems to be a fact that flies STRAIGHT over their collective heads up their asses…) …

Anyway, enough on that.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System is much like me, brutally honest, to the point, and it doesn’t care “where you’re from” or what skin tone you have or what not.

It’s about YOU.

What you got inside of you.

And you either got it, or you don’t my friend.

Find out right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – and folks – really. Stop with the whining, pissing and moaning. If attacked, attack back, and thats that! There are few things that piss me off more than this incessant pacifist whiny moany WHINING!


Now this one is REALLY Straight from the horse’s mouth, my friend!!

(My haters will love this here email, so if you're on the haters list and those that think I'm a complete dolt - please - DO read this, hehe) 

Really is.

And he’s right.

But first, let me preface this by saying that I’ve always said that the one thing you can and SHOULD be doing with YOUR LIFE is the one thing that even your most ardent critics/Bozos/what not (and no critics can be GOOD if it’s genuine criticism or suggestion as opposed to Glyn Schofield inane rants) . ..

The one thing nary a person can criticize you for at any point or stage in your life.

IF you’re on this list, and have been for a while, you know what I mean, and despite being (as another great guy told me) “a bodyweight exercise GURU” “par excellence” - - there is ONE more quality at play here.

What is it?

I’ll let you guess, my friend!

But for now, lets take a look at what Panourgias, a recent customer from Greece (well, a long term one I should say) had to email me a few hours ago …

6the only reason I don’t buy something from your products is that I am short in money. I see something in you.Even if the books didn’t have no value for exercise etc I enjoy reading you.The other book is reverse pushup.With all my heart and respect I give you now one tip myself.The exercise think you got it more or less.For nutrition and way to live I strongly recommend ARNOLD EHRET.You can find his books for freeHe was a genius and you will recognise immediately.He did put in order one of the most controversial subjects.And I say it is the solution for politics and society so you don’t need any tramp or biden

Now, thats HONEST – kudos to YOU – bro!

And as far as the money shortage?

Foeey. He buys my products every chance he gets.

And yours truly gave him the “first time 20% OFF” discount on the site on his last purchase even though he’s a repeat customer, and I’d do that for anyone that truly gets it (if you ASK nicely, like I’ve said so many times).

And he does.

My response -

Hi Panourgias!

Thanks for your email! I know your situation - what I mean is those that are just there on the list "for the free stuff". For you, I actually said you're a man that "gets it" (which means you are one of the smart ones, hehe).

Yours truly is nothing if not honest, so you KNOW I MEAN it. And thanks a lot for "seeing something in me - and the products!" . That is much, much appreciated, and deserves yet another mention on the site. Kudos!

Now, Arnold the German naturalist? I think thats who you're referring to? I haven't read him - - but which exact book are you referring to (w.r.t not needing politicians)?

Let me know - not sure about "Free" but I'll certainly look on Amazon etc!


Rahul Mookerjee

Now, I don’t know who Arnold Ehret is, to be honest. Other than the fact that he’s a German naturo”path (I used naturalist).

But despite having read a lot on the Mighty Atom, another probably of that ilk, I haven’t read anything at all about this dude.

Ill have to look it up.

And while the Simple and Effective Diet DOES contain some excellent tips on diet and general health, I’ve no doubt I will learn a LOT from Arnold as well.

Have any of you read it??

Write back – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Feedback like this makes my day. Really! And thank YOU!

And I said “bro”, but if you wish, it can be “bruh too”. LOL.

Or bRAH.

Or, simply put, brother. Or, even “brugh”. LOL.

Nothing if not a “Big Tymers” fan I am. LOL again.

Anyway, Bozo Schofield sent me the following email (most of it was unintelligible but he seems to have strung together a couple of words I can actually, um, READ) …

(Doesnt look like it was written in Amex fueled coke binges either).

Anyway, here is what he said.

“They didn’t hire you because they didn’t like your face. You’re ugly yes, but thats not the reason. They didn’t want you because you’re “not really from Arkansas”.


Now, first off, I’ve searched the Internet net, my sites, my room, my house, my man cave, and even my underwear. LOL. But I ain’t found where I said, even once, that I’m from Arkansas.

I have never even been there!

(And jobs - I mean, really. Me applying for jobs? Thats a stretch even for bozos with their heads up their (non existent) women's asses) ... 

But the other thing.

A person “Richard” from the UK that I was chatting to a while back before I got off WeShat completely told me the following.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re a cowboy from Texas!”

(This based upon our audio conversations, chats etc. We havent met as yet).

And Tim another guy from the UK once termed me (in the third person) as a “good ole boy”.

He didn’t say from where though, hehe.

(Thats another reason peopel follow me. The good ole boy that wasn't, if you get my drift. Hehe. But really. Be "exceptional", my friends! If I can do it, and I ain't talking ole boys club here, I am talking FITNESS - so can YOU!)

Perhaps most pertinently, and this gesture really touched me my friend.

NOBODY has ever done this for me before!

I’ve spoken about how Marc the AFRICAN SILVERBACK GORILLA, and right-goddamnwell-fully so - - HELPED me in ways no-one would in 2018.

When I needed it.

It came wthout me asking!

And Vincent, that same year (my buddy from the Marines) gave me a Christmas sock (this was earlier on in the year I believe, I’m not sure). 

Small thing I know.

But no-one’s ever given me a X mas gift!

And it hit home.

We were drinking, and I didn’t “tear up”. Hehe. Real men aren’t supposed to!

(Nah. Not really. Real men do it all the time. Hehe).

But it touched me.

Along with that, he gave me a “Fedora hat”.

Cowboy hat, much like they wear in the South … Hehe.

On them RANCHES!

I love me a ranch. Hehe. I love me some TX ribs too, and some Southern gals as well!

(Yours truly unruly, unchained and LOTHARIO like has spoken about the last before, so I won’t get into it here).

But really, brah.

My STRAIGHT SHOOTIING style amongst other things is really what brings this comment out in people.

It’s not the way I speak. Not my accent. Not my tone. Not my language. Not my nationality. None of that!

It’ s about who I am - - at the CORE.

And I give it to you STRAIGHT.

If I like you, I tell you.

If youre a Bozo, I tell you that too.

There ain’t no in between’s here!

And thats how I like my customers too. And my gals. My friends. Everyone!

When I tell you that Shoulders like Boulders! IS – THE- again, THE course out there you need to get started on now to build upper body BRUTE STRENGTH lik enever before, I mean it.

Gym shym 12 – 15 pack whatnot.

Hell with all that.

Let’s see Jim Shim guys even GET into a handstand the way I do.

Do ‘em with pull-ups, and you’ll be buying new shirts and PANTS very soon.

First, because your shoulders will EXPLODE in no time.

Second, beacause thy lard will SHRINK.

(Bozo Schofield, your lard might not shrink, but your non existent wanker well might. I can see your eyes goggling right about now …).

And if you get on a program such as in Advanced Hill Training.


You’ll literally get into the best shape of your life almost within days, or so it will feel like.

Thats what I call SHOOTING FROM THE HIP.

Plain ole Jane courses that WORK (even for getting Jane in bed, hehe).

(and actually improve thy performance there too).

And that deliver results like NO OTHERS OUT THERE!

Jump on some now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo has been picking up copies of Pushup Central and has been returning them just as he buys them. Hence his Amazon ban, and the latest “Keith James” episode. LOL . And that in itself should give YOU a good reason to check out the course. Remember, the more they hate, the more you PROGRESS!

(but even without any hate, the course was doin just great. Ask Charles Mitchell for one!!).

PS #2 - Be on the outlook for the story of Schofield wanting to be "Josie's servant", lol. I've not outlined that pop corn cracking tale here, but I will soon! 

(Unless Bozo begs me not to, hehe). 

(Then again, that would turn him on. UGH! What a cartoon!)

PPS - Why do people buy my stuff and love it? Because, as Charles said, they cannot do what I Can - but are WINNERS in life that want to learn

(The Bozo will no doubt be gnashing his teeth at this too. So will his trolly friends. Glyn, dont you just love it when the shoe is on the other foot, and not going away ANYTIME soon, if at all?)

Mel (anie, hehe), you’re so nice. Really. You don’t even know it!

Actually, maybe you do. Vibes. Hehe.

But anyway, I was reading something on the news today about “two dozen gold miners” in china being trapped under a gold mine which collapsed somewhere up in Northern China – Shandong or something I believe.

I’ve never been there, but that part of the country is significantly different from the much richer and DEVELOPED Southern part of the country which I prefer.

I don’t mean the girls. LOL.

I mean LIVING there …

(as for girls, and preferences, ah. I don’t think you’ll want me to get into that here. Basically it boils down to … down to … down to … what do I like? I don’t know. ZERO I’d say given the wide variety and range of women I’ve been with. Hey. I like women. Those that are REAL women that is!).

Anyway, so this brought back memories of a certain Ashley, who I had the fortune, misfortune, good fortune (and yes, money too) or not (depending upon how one looks at it) of teaching English to.

No, my little reader.

I did NOT teach “ESL”.

She was a private student that paid me well that came to me after a month or so of a bozo job (actually, she showed up “mysteriously” just when I joined that job) …

Or was that “Joy”?

I think the latter. Hehe.

Anyway, Ashley and me watched a movie “33” once. 

Supposedly about some Mexican or Chilean, I can’t remember which miner being trapped underground in pretty much the same damn situation, and how they were rescued (hint – Stallone fans – and I’m one – no superhero “Daylight” like antics there!) …

And after the movie, she made the following comment.

“If this happen in China, government won’t care!”

I had to agree.

“You’re right”, I Said.

And they probably wouldn’t.

The news I’m reading says there are rescuers out there.

Though to what extent its fake news and to what extent the rescuers actually care, I don’t know. Given China’s abonimable track record (especially for its own people – they’re actually pretty good to us foreign devils provided we “toe” their line) I wouldn’t bet on a positive outcome, but who knows. They did seem to do a pretty good job during the earthquake in Sichuan a few years or so ago …

Point of me saying this and bringing it up is this.

I read the words “crawling through narrow shafts” there.

I read “health problems”.

I read “medicines urgently needed”.

And none of this would or should surprise either you or me given the circumstance, but it got me to thinking.

How long would the fat blobs out there masquerading as “men” last in that kind of situation?

Narrow shafts my rear end.

(Scofield pun NOT intended). 

More to thepoint, how much of a BURDEN would they be on their fellow “stuck in this situation” mates and the RESCUE team?

It’s hard enough to keep people alive in that situation.

Add on excess flabbage and all the associated health problems, and you’ve got a walking disaster on your hands.

So all Ican tell you is this, my friend, and a lot of my customers say it too because they are SMART.

End of the day, you gotta be PHYSICALLY prepared for ANYTHING – especially these days.

Much like with guns and gun ownership.

You may never need to fire that damn thing.

But if you DO need to, you’ll be glad it’s there.

Same thing for fitness. Pull-ups.

The ability to knock off handstand pushups

Believe me, these things have very real real world carry over effects …

And back to “guns” and Ashley.

 (Her husband was a kung fu champ apparently. Ah, the irony of it all...)

Reminds me of another movie scene in Get Carter – not the Stallone flick, but the original Michael Caine flick.

I liked both. (but Stallone looked like a bad ass in the film tho!)

But that scene in the 1976 or so classic where Caine is in bed with a woman, and two gun men show up to take him, and he jumps up butt naked with a RIFLE in hand …

“You might wanna put that away, Jack”, goes one of the gunners.

(Jack, like Clint, was “too quick on the draw”).

“He means that, of course”, laughed the other, pointing to the REAL gun.



And on that note, yours truly Lothario like unscruplous “alpha” DOG is out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – All alpha males – REAL MEN – can do pull-ups, and plenty of them (and I don’t mean pulling your pants up either, hehe). Learn how to do them like a STUD right here.

 PS #2 - And once you're done getting to STUD level - get to SUPER STUD level - RIGHT QUICK

After readin that last post, a lot of the righteous folks will be FLAMING, FUMING and RANTING. 

Big time. 

So be it. 

"There's always problems in life!" they'll say for one. 

True dat. 

But, NOT to the extent in India. And NOT certainly NOT for every damn little thing you DO in the country. The "great" country (it could be great, actually, which is the real PITY. It could be BETTER than China, but ... ugh). 

Anyway, then . 

"Focus on the solution! Not the problem!"

Sage my friend. 

But what if on certain things there should NOT be a problem in the first place? 

Why does India for one not have the system of "dumpters" and why does a person come to manually collect trash on a stinking push cart of all things in the year 2021? 

Plague shague and what not, some things don't change, 

WHY does the caste system persist? 

WHY does the system of having "maids" persist? Why not get off thy lazy DUFF and do it YOURSELF - like the REST OF THE WORLD DOES? 

Cheap labor? 

OK ... great. 

But then those maids don't do a good job either, so I've heard peopel complain! 

A lot of India's problems are of it's own making and should neve rexist. 

Did I make the Indians reading this furious as yet? 

"Go to china!" 

"We like it this way!" 

Great. I did. So did anyone that CAN and with half a brain (not necessaril yChina tho. There's other places to go!) ... we like it this way, now? 

Well, great. 

But that doesn't change the FACT that these problems shouldn't happen in the first place. 

Why is that MOST, if not all of even the richest mansions in India require water pumps "shumps" running an INSANE hours of the day to get water - i.e. why no WATER PRESSURE from the municipal bodies in the country that charge BIG BUCKS for it? 

Why is it that every time it rains in India, toilets overflow at the slightest HINT of rain? 

Roads flood galore? 

YEs, I know. 

The latter happens in CHina, and everywhere I've been. 

But NOT to the extent it does in INdia, and NOT with raw sewage floating about on the roads!

This isn't so much a rant as pointing out facts. 

IF the government would get its SHIT together - and the people that VOTED them into power would - VERY FEW of these problems would occur. 

Bottom line, my friend. 

Argue all you like, but it is TRUE. 

And fitness wise, same thing. 

Why do you have to LET YOURSELF get to beached whale status in the first place? 

Why do you have to GET to the point where doing one pushup is an impossibility? 

And so forth ... 

And most pertinently, now that you are, why not just focus on the solution (these same people that rant about focusing on solutions curiously enough are the lazy asses that turn the other cheek when it comes to FITNESS). 

And what yours truly espouses i.e get down to brass tacks andjust do it. 

Nike popularized that first, hehe. 

But my other site SECOND popularized it. 

And so it IS, so it SHALL BE. 

Just do it, bro. NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And please, please don't get back with lengthy rants of "this is how INdia is". I know. Thats why I hardly ever stay there unless "Forced to". And really my friend. Focus on NOT having problems which can be avoided, and the world might well be a BETTER place to live in for us ALL. 

It might sound like a pipe dream. Eh?

But thats precisely and funnily enough, or perhaps NOT what some of the Bozos and price shoppers have said about my books.

The first, or one of the first reviews I got for Gorilla Grip on the Amazon UK page has been hacked to bits already by yours truly so I wont go there.

Let me just say that he ended with “he seems to be giving out MINIMUM information for MAXIMUM gains”.

Well, first off, even if I was, so what?

Isn’t that SMART?

What if you think thats what I do (no I dont) - and if you think thats "worth it" (which it ain't, but you seem to think it is!) is stopping YOU from doing the SAME (other than pure LAZINESS - this to the person who wrote that, of course) 

Second, thats NOT what all serious customers, or any of them for that matter say about yours truly and his products.

Charless Mitchell once said the following -

“I am willing to spend more on your products because the workouts are hard and CHALLENGING – and you’re the real deal! I hate books that dont challenge me, and yours DO!”

Another customer from the UK asked for a bit of a discount, and yet, when he first “gets money for Christmas”, here is what he said.

“I can think of NOTHING better to do with it than spend it on your great books”.

He is right.

THEY are right.

And they do it, and did it!

But anyway, lets get back to it ...

I’ve been speaking about How Windblows has brought my entire computer to a freezing, screeching halt over the past couple of months.

No doubt something to do with them trying to pry money out of me. Hehe.

(Hence the upcomin move to Linux).

But, I finally seem to have got things to a point I can WORK. Actually WORK.

Without the damn thing hanging every damn second.

And point of this?

It took me MONTHS Of searching to figure out a temp solution that took all of TWO mouse clicks to implement.

My wife, from what I hear has been having similar issues (not sure, but I think so) with her computer.

And if I tell her as I have in the past how to solve it? 

Rather than any sort of praise, I’ll get this.

“Oh, you’re an IT guy! So you know!”

Or ...

“Oh, that was so simple! Just two minutes...”


What about the time taken to FIND the solution ?

What price the “IT guys who couldn’t solve the problem before?”

Not to mention I didnt learn much of anything other than about life in college ... and what I do now is so far apart from what I “studied” that it ain’t even funny.

But of course, try telling that to the sheeple.

I might not so much care about my wife telling me that.

I do, actually. Hehe.

But I care MORE about the IDIOTS that ask me, as a certain reader once did “why my ebooks are so expensive”.

I bet this same nimrod wouldn’t ask Bill Gates why Windows costs a bomb eh.

While NOT delivering value.

Or why GOOD things in life cost more money ...

It’s taken me YEARS to bring to life all this my friend.

It’s taken me YEARS of hard slog.

It’s taken me YEARS of hard work.

KNOWLEDGE and experience from being in the trenches, and if you or anyone thinks I should lower prices???


No way, Jose.


And thats really I gotta say about that.

It’s the little things in life that COUNT.

Small hinges DO swing big doors.

Ponder that for a while, my friend.

And then just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, contacting me nicely and explaining your situation and asking for a bit of a discount or what not ain’t what I BE ranting against. In fact, precious few people do just that ...

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