Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 18 June 2022 07:41

What I cant understand though, is THIS...

Unwanted child, therefore "problem child", trouble child (although in reality, I was none of the above - the problem was something else entirely) ... I can sort of "understand" all this. 

I can sort of understand friction, anger, why's, wherefores, and so forth. 

What I cannot understand is this - how can someone not just "dislike" their children, but HATE them to the point that if they were put in front of a firing squad tomorrow and brutally killed - they would not just be happy over it, but applaud. 

All my life I've seen family support family - in cases even so extreme such as when one of the progeny committed murder - rape - or something completely unpardonable (at least in my opinion) - yet, end of the day "theyre family" - not to mention those that were thought of as losers - US President George Bush is one prime example i.e. "mano o mano" at the age of 40 and everything he did before. Hehe. 

(I dont dislike or hate Bush, I'm simply being factual in terms of his history). 

Although I have always said the war in Iraq should have NEVER happened, I've always rather liked Ole George and his quirks. HEhe. 

Anyway .......... 

It's been my family that has been that way - amazingly enough, when I did nothing of the sort above, nothing to warrant that sort of thinking. 

Ole Steve Austin comes to mind here, his Dad who he says "abandoned" them - when he finally met him as a successful wrestler years later, "I have no feelings for him, but no animosity either". 

That I can understand, and relate to. 

Although I might get temporarily angry, in the long term? 

To me they simply dont matter either way. 

But the hate coming from parents - THAT I don't get. 

To me, the buck in these cases ALWAYS stops with the parents. 

What do I mean? 

Well, my little girl who I love more than anythign else in this world - if she were grow up and NOT do what I want, or turn into a liberal, or what not - would I care? Give a shit? 

Hell yes I would, 

Would I try and stop her/? 

Hell no I wouldn't. 

Whatever it was, I've always told her, and always WILL - that end of the day, you'll always be Daddy's little girl. 

How someone can HATE a human being they took care of as a baby is beyond me. 

Of course, that never happened in my case - I'm not sure until this date if I was adopted "quietly" or not. It wouldn't surprise me one damn bit if I was!

Anyway ........ 

I can sort of understand if my wife feels that way towards me (she does) .

It's not "right" given all I've done for her and what I denied myself to do. 

But its understandable to a degree, a relationship gone wrong big time, two adults, hey - I get it. 

What is unfortunate is how my short sighted wife aligned her lot with my mother years ago "against yours truly" - and turned into a proxy of sorts for both parties - willingly "for the almighty Dollar". 

We all know what happens to proxies ultimately... 

I'm sure at the back of her mind, she does as well. 

Anyway ........ 

Why do I say all this. 

I dont know, random thoughts before I workout. 

And I can't see how any real parents can hate their children - period. 

If they do, the parents aren't real parents and even mine ONCE admitted "we made a lot of mistakes". 

Anyway - lots of people HATE fitness, or so they say, but do they really? 

They hate the effort, but not the results. 


And one dont sprout without the other, the latter certainly wont bloom without the former. 

Start planting them seeds NOW, my friend (pun not intended). 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Unfortunately or not, there are plenty of "silent" cases out there just like me - families just like mine...

PS #2 - and in MOST, if not all (I'd say all) of these cases, the buck almost always ultimately stops with the PARENTS, period.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022 05:50

Communiction rules the nation.

Period, no puns intended whatsoever. 

I once watched a Bollywood tale “Munna Bhai MBBS” about a small time hoodlum with a huge heart who hides the fact he’s a hoodlum from his family (shows them he’s a doc) – then when they take him to get married ie. to check out the girl first (he really does NOT want to get married, he even tells the girl on the phone to “reject him”, period!) – he gets found out.

His Dad gets upset, leaves, long pot boiler type story there – but the gist is this – girls Dad is the Dean at a medical college, hoodlum makes up his mind to not just join the college by hook or by crook, but also to marry his daughter, no matter how!

Dean’s daughter studies at the same college, but guy’s never seen the girl before. Hehe. So she says she’s “someone else” when they meet.

He never knows it.

Along the line, the girl he “wants to marry” i.e Dean’s daughter is “shown to him” – by another girl impersonating a slutty girl, and when he finds out the girl he thought was “so nice” – is actually the opposite, he drops all thoughts of marriage, but in the meantime, he’s been talking to that “other girl”!

And discovers he has fallen in love with her.

She initially doesnt respond, but later finds out she falls in love with him too!

That’s a Bollywood tale that came to mind.

But it holds true, I’ve seen it happen SO Often …

For relationships, in my case -so many times - not just relationships, business, life, everyuthing. 

HONEST And open communication is KEY - my friend, and the barrage of testimonials I'm getting for my other writing business all hinge on this - "I love your brutally honest writing, its the most important thing for a writer!". 

And it is - and in life as well. 

Some of those people aren't even into the sex, kinks, etc that I mention in those books - they "just like to read them" - just like a certain Panourgias once said about my fitness books, i.e. "even if I'm not into fitness, I still like just reading them!"

That is indeed the highest compliment, or one of them any writer can be "paid"! 

Anyway same thing with the lady Celene I mentioned in the last email on videos. Oddly enough, or maybe not, she got back this morning to an email I sent her with a cute little video - not email - though she's smart - she followed up with an email and links later (she knows how I hate video, so "just in case he doesnt see the video"). 

And THAT - along with her lovely smile, of course (hey, that doesnt hurt) - the giggles - the shyness and nervousness of doing something "in the flow" - and of course, the fact she was smart enough to make it a small video, include a proper "teaser" and so forth and most of all, deal cutter - she included LINKS so I could read if I wanted to - all great from a customer service standpoint, but also a "deal with cranky Rahul" standpoint! - made me do something I NEVER do in the early AM, period. 

Watch a video. 

And if I do it, I ... 

Well, let me paste part of what I told her!

As you likely have already guessed I dont watch videos, hehe - and if I do, I usually very impatiently scroll past most of it to find the "meat and potatoes" of the video - most videos have too much "unnecessary talking" going on if you get my drift, and I find it much quicker to read rather than "watch" - but I watched your entire video - well made!

What I loved most about your video? The "on the spur of the moment" vibe - you likely "just decided to create a video" and send it over, and thats great - thank you so much! :)

Obviously I also read the article you sent in the other email. Hehe. I'll let you guess (without checking metrics, stats etc) whether I read the article first, or watched (the entire) video you sent first. ;-)

Yes, I know you're the customer service manager (Director) - and you are definitely customer centric - I can tell! A far cry from my own cranky "bear" self where it's about all I can do to turn on the laptop in the mornings, hehe.

(just kidding, but it's true - you're good at making videos!!)

(I guess and am sure I could be too, I just prefer email more, hehe - so that is what I focus upon).


Thats part of it. 

I left out the "lovely smile" part I sent her in different lest y'all reading this burst into tears. Hehehe. 

But she got me to do it, eh. 


And kudos to her, not many can lay claim to "gettng me to do something I dont want to and happily at that". 

She's one of a select bunch, truly. Kinda like Gorilla Girl Sophia.Hehe. 

Anyway .......... 

point being? 

Communication RULES THE nation, period. 

And it dont need to be a certain type either. 

I focus on writing and email because I'm best at that, and because, well, I like it the most - the second part being key. If I wanted to, I could be a master video guy too, but I dont like it, I feel it's superflous at the end of the day unless absolutely required, in which case I'll do a darn fine job i.e. the 0 Excuses Fitness videos

It can be via video. It can be via phone. Choose your medium! 

Point being, DO it. 

And do it with an open heart, do it well. 

Lots of you dont like writing in, but I know you have plenty to say - to me, or in general! 

Use THIS link to do it if you dont feel like exercising those fingers... 

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do exercise the fingers the way I tell you in Pushup Central though, hehe. Some of the best exercises and workouts you can do - PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Randall, a guy who I initially qualified as a cross between a doer and a complainer - someone that eventually does after complaining up a storm - someone that postpones the nigh inevtiable - and someone that eventually as I predicted (yet again!) correctly from the get go in terms of his hesitance to pay what he owed, how he'd pay (I still remember the hissy fit he threw when I asked him to pay bank transfer associated fees "why should I pay!!") (even tho it was a few bucks here and there!)) - I mean, it's one thing to want to save a buck, I get it, but at least do it nicely like "Percie" did. Hehe. I still remember him standing in line at a Dollar Store, Emily behind him, chortling - as was the black girl who he asked for a couple of dimes back, hehe. 

"This old white dude is nuts" I could almost hear her saying. 

But I loved him! Great guy, hehe. Emily, I dont know, more embarassed than anything. I still remember her "Dad's..........!" 

Anyway, Randall - eventually he turned into, always was, I guess, one of these guys who complained about "it should include everything!" 

Which was inexplicable to me - I built a website for him, clearly laid out terms, conditions and expectations on BOTH ends (no pun) - as I always do. 

Ya'll know me

Fair, upfront - and very brutally honest. 

Yet he threw a hissy and complained anyway (when he had to pay what he owed me). 

"Your deal are too complicated! There's layers upon layers in every agreement!" 

admittedly there are, if it's a business agreement, more so. 

Thats life, pally. 

Thats called SMART BUSINESS and not letting yourself be screwed over. 

Hey, no-one forced you to agree did they? 

And while I was always this way naturally, clients in the past and their own style of complex communication (which when you break it down really is logical and simple with a story between it, or in front of it) - have also influenced my thought/writing/decision making process. 

I think out several times into the future - either consciously or not, mostly the latter. 

And my style of writing?

I keep it simple, yet, some sentences run to a paragraph length - like the first in this email. 

Thats how it is, pally. 

Some have several brackets. 

So to someone who asks me something I might say ...

... as I said about the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship (which you might or might know about (since you dont get the chance to read all my emails(which is perfectly fine - no problems there!!))) ... 


Did I close the parantheses properly, hehe. 

Probably a throwback too from my programming days when C++ nested if loops looked like this

(simple ones) 

if x=y

then do this 

else do 

    but if a=b

        & if b=c

             then do this


               do this 

else if ... 

You get the drift. 


And they ALL have their associated paranthesis, miss one, the compiler goes haywire. 

I still remember a certain Rueben going red in the face after "Rahul done messed my program up" (I was trying to help him. Hehe. But I finally told him, lets go drink beer, call it a day, we'll come back tomorrow, in all that, with his getting pissed off, some bracket appeared out of nowhere, boom went the whole thing). 

As Jyoti, a girl I once knew said. 

With programming, that ONE little thing .. makes all the difference. 

(as I said the other day, those little things make all the difference eh). 

Or, as General Michael knows, Dongguan Expat was once down because in ALL Those php files, which I debugged at work, hehe - there was nothing wrong except one mysterious { that showed up int he middle of nowheresville. Hehe. 

Damn tediious to fix, except I got it - less than a minute. Not even bragging. 

Now, where am I going with all this ? 

That it's all LOGICAL at the end of the day. 

And given the reluctance of most to read, think, analyze - and then talk or write, given I do it SO MUCH i.e. the writing part that its second nature for me, and my brain therefore functions (And so will YOURS if you do what I do) at a much more logical and analytical level than most - not to mention quicker (I still remember JOhn Walker once telling me "mate, I forgot how fast your brain must work, in the time it took me to send you ONE reply, you sent me FIVE emails!)) ... 

(he was talking about Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition) ... 

But end of the day, if you read it - it's logical. 

It's fair. 

It ensures neither party gets screwed over. 

Thats how it should be as well. 

And more... 

Anyway ............. where I'm going with all this? 

That if you're not the writing sort, well, free to send me your testimonials via THIS link here. 


Or, anything else you might choose. 

Workout wise, send it in here too! 

Anything you want, just keep it PG rated. Hehe. I had to say that, lots of Bozos be sniffing. Though I've asked Celena for the auto censor thing, doubt they have it built in (which is fine, just sayin!).

And if you're the video sort, well, remember FIVE great videos with the 0 Excuses Fitness System! 

Otherwise, I still recommend using the link in the emails you get with your purchase to review, as those are easier to process, your words go up on the site UNFILTERED - and a 10% discount code goes out to you for your next purchase automatically and instantly (if it doesnt, let me know). 

But these videos will go up that way too eventually.

Ok, thats it from me. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

"Thats just brilliant!"  

I can still hear it, I've heard it so many times - even grudgingly from those that truly hate me and my guts (more my guts, hehe) the most. 

"You're an extremely intelligent person!" they'll yell like banshees (I remember a certain time when ... ah, but lets not go there for now). 


Admittedly I use my brain in the right manner, which is more than what most people do, but I truly believe if we all tune in the right way (hint - simply writing out sheets of paper by hand because the Guru on Youtube told you do it aint the right way necessarily) - then we're ALL brilliant. 

In our own ways, we all can be, pity that most people dont tune in and GET it. 

But my brilliant ideas, which "come from the ether" is the best way I can put it, much like Edison once said - aren't the only reasons for my success at life, business, even women. 

It boils down to much more. 

Brilliance is one thing, but as Bret the Hitman Hart would know "excellence of execution" is EVERYTHING. 

Hart probably still remembers the times Owen and he trained with Stew Hart in their familys basement for years - starting when they were little kids. 

The yells of pain would reverbrate through the entire house as Dad taught them how to wrestle - real wrestling. 

Tough love taken too far? 

I dont think so - look at the Hitman - say what you might about him, the man is a monster - a REAL wrestler - and SOLID to boot, even with all the injuries and all he's had, much like with the Undertaker "best pure striker in the WWE", you just get a feeling of "REAL strength" when you see Bret Hart and those shoulders!

Point is this - brilliance is one thing, but it wont win the day over, friend. 

"Genuis is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration" 

So said a great man, I do not remember who.  (ok, I googled it - Edison again). 

Think about it, mi amigo ... 

A man who says "ideas come from the ether" - and then the part above. 

Sounds self contradictory, the two dont go together? 

But they do, my friend. 

They do, and they're symbiotic (sorry, haters of "big words", hehe). 

One can't exist without the other. (especially not #1 without #2). 

Pun NOT intended. 

Most of my success in business, for one - life, women etc - boils down to not intelligence, but being, and staying in the trenches. 

Way too many people give up at the slighest hint of trouble, ready to accept their "comfortable lives of medicority which most men seem to be willing to live". 

No Gumption Galore, no PERSISTENCE, none of that, no stickability ... 

Plans - made in the subconscious, but more importantly, following through on those plans no matter what. 

Having FAITH - and INVESTING. A lot of my own success would neve rhave happened without investing, reinvesting, and I dont just mean financial either my friend. There's way more to this. 

Paying attention to the little details and more ... When it comes right down to it, success is usually a result of those factors EVERYONE, born brilliant or not, can control. 

Academically, romantically, all the same. 

You can be the most handsome guy or gal out there (since gals are apparently handsome now, and guys are "pretty") - but without game, you're dead in the water. 

Despite what they show in 3 Idiots, you won't get anywhere being brilliant but not "mugging" for exams that need such - you'll simply fail or not do well at all. Fact.

Fitness is the same. 

Some people are naturally just genetically gifted, fitter than others. Granted. 

But take that genetically "well disposed" person - compare him to someone like me whose been in the trenches working it out AGAINST all odds, and coming out on top - well, y'all know who I'd learn from! 


You may think that is bragging of the highest and grandest order. 

Maybe it is in some ways. 

But can you say its not true? 

I dont think so my friend. 

Bottom line - YOU too can get in the best shape of your life, but only if you take ACTION NOW. 

If you just read this and "do nothing", you're part of the do nothing crowd. 

If you're NOT part of that crowd, well, start NOW - right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do nothing's, if you dont mind, do SOMETHING and hit unsubscribe. Why clog up the plumbing Hehe. (well - many good reasons to do so, Glyn could tell you all about the plumbings he's clogged, and continue to happily unclog but I'll let that one be for now!).

Before I wade into the "Roe vs Wade" issue, pun NOT intended, Joe Biden, did you just start a "Ministry of Truth" or something like that? 

Obviously isn't named that (the WWE back in the hey day had ministries though, hehe) - but apparently its some new department set up to "counter disinformation". 

Which to me my first thought upon reading it was this - well, so can't we counter it ourselves? 

Then again, given the world has essentially turned into dumb Bozos "believing what the media throws at them - Hitler style or not - depending on what you believe", given the free for all I've been predicting for so long is finally"coming to pass" - and given thinking for yourself has never been a skill the world in general has believed in over the past decade or so, I guess Ole Sleepy Joe has some sort of a sleepy creepy point, except I dont see it. 

Those guys working there will be subject to the same pressures the media is. 

They can be paid off, bought, and more - and probably will be. 

This is basically a "Joe Biden says it so thats how it is" department. Which of course is liberals to a T. 

I woke up this morning to the news that apparently some docs were leaked out of the Supreme Court  and that Roe vs Wade will "soon" be overturned (of course, legally speaking that could take up to two months, decision could change, yada, nada, schnada, but thats the nub of it). 

I wonder if the Justices themselves aren't sure on what to say here. Hehe. 

Are they, or someone leaking this to (I mean how the fuck can Supreme Court "to be decided" cases be leaked anyway??) - wanting to see "how the public reacts", or just in general some hell raiser leaked it "to see how it goes"? 

First we have Elon Musk, someone I never liked, someone who is now the darling of a lot of "right wingers" - to me, he's always bent the way thats beneficial for HIM - true liberal - born rich etc - and given the control China will soon have over Twitter (indirectly), I'll probably be leaving that soon too. 

And now this with Biden, then the Roe vs Wade thingy. 

Let me very clear, I was never quite in support of the judgement - NOT because I am explicitly always against abortion. 

True, I dont believe abortion laws should be misused, but to me, Roe vs Wade misintrepeted the concept of "privacy" and (God knows how) expanded it to include abortion. 

While it didnt quite, as many believe give women "carte blanche" to abort anytime, anyplace - the states (some of them, like Loony California right about now that wants "enshrine protection for abortion permanently in its Consitution) did what they could to do so, or not.

Second the way "life" was interpreted in that landmark decision leaves a lot to be desired. 

But anyway legalese aside, let me start all of this with a story, as I so often do. 

In 2012, I believe, I finally did what my wife wanted me to for ages (and what I didnt) - and "got back into the grind" if you get my drift. 

I had been avoiding it for reasons I won't mention here, but reasons a lot of you know. 

She was going bonkers, nuts, insane, and well, while I'll probably offend most reading this, those with sense will understand - if you dont give it to her regularly, she goes nuts. 

Simple as that. Hehe. 

Pun intended, maybe not, no, Glyn Schofield, all the ass licking in the world doesnt substitute sometimes, as Charles said, "she needs more".

(of course, what HE himself does is another story eh). 

(one I wont discuss here). 

But so I finally did it, next day, she was feeling sick and queasy, I didnt think anything was up, but we went to the company clinic anyway. 

Uh oh. 


"Weren't you on birth control", I asked her mildly. 

Of course, somehow she chose that very month to get off it without telling me (because as she later told me, I would NEVER Have kids if it were left up to me). 

Cant say I blame me either. Hehe. 

Can't say I blame me for now ... anyway, lets get to that now. 

I was stunned. 

I had not one single time thought about having kids until then. 

Never ever. 

always a hell no. 

"Should we abort", the thought passed through my mind. 

Not so much because of the kindly Indian lady doc who brought religion into it and said "it's God's work" basically ... 

... but because, well ... every guy reading this will get it. 

For a split second, maybe more, I considered it. 

Then, as always, I made the gut choice. 

Lets do it! (my wife wasn't sure what to do at that point, whether or not she would have aborted is a different story, but she might would have). 

Hey, I dont know why I made the choice, but I'm damn glad I did!

Looking back, I guess because I've never backed away from anything in my life, so why this. Hehe. Again, I am SO glad I made the choice to go with it!

If the Universe deems it so ...

Three months later, I was nigh mortified to hear my Nazi feminist mother prattle on about "how we're not fit to be parents "ie my wife and her (but apparently Mom is herself, hehe) - when the kid was already three months "old". 

I mean sweet Jesus, what she said "but you could have aborted" - how could she even have said that at that point is beyond me. 

I never told her that, of course, because reasoning with a brick wall, only another brick wall would attempt. It might not work even then.

There is never a right time, Mom, for someone who has no inkling or clue of what real life is about, for someone that has never earned a penny, always had it handed to you on a platter, you wouldn't understand. 

(and a woman who famously made my wife (reasons not mentioned here) to go in "public transport" during the 8th month, when she could have just as easily sat in a car and gone) .. 

(and if you needed any more reasons as to why I'm truly the best person to teach you about how to not just combat, but BENEFIT from Nazi feminism... hehe). 

(really, get the book, stop putting it off, it's great!)

But anyway - my thoughts? 

I dont view this as a "one or all" decision. I DO think the States should decide it, as they do so many otheri issues, because that is what the Constitution mandates. 

And in some cases, maybe one like ours, where if someone changes their mind the next morning, well, at that point it's a bunch of cells to me, not a "human being". 

I realize most that are vehemently against abortion will disagree. 

Life is life, they say. 

It is, I'm not arguing that, but you have to mix PRACTICALITY and what the to be parents want into the mix. 

Nothing worse (for a child) than an unwanted child. I should know. Hehe. 

And a day or so into it, you're not really "killing anyone" in the true sense. 

That dont apply once the baby actually "forms", like I said, case by case basis. 

In some cases, if the woman was raped for one, then I do believe - until a certain point - it should be allowed. 

People misuse laws, so of course, what I said about the "next day" above could be misused. 

But to me, it's one ot those things that are NOT just about women's rights, dontrary to what the mainstream media morons will have you believe. 

Isnt the guy on the hook for support down the line? 

Thats one thing about my wife - despite her own Nazi feminist leanings, she's at least not fully bought into the BS (perhaps my influence has something to do with that too. hehe. How dare I say it, I know). 

I will say this though, a lot of the idiotic arguments the liberals and rainbow lunatics are propogating already - beyond belief - much like this email I sent you guys yesterday. 

End of the day, if you notice those that are succesful, they usually lean RIGHT. 

Pun intended. 

there is a reason. 

Common sense never quite goes away, does it ... 

Of course, thats my take on it. 

(the latest ont hat - apparently "Peter Thatchell", some moron who claims "all sexual activilty involving children and adults is not necessarily harmful is being invited to speak at ... uh, schools.  

Apparently its ok because some "boys" in Papue New Guinea according to this Bozo "have sex with adult warriors" as part of an initiation into manhood. 

I mean really, Peter. 

Some tribes in Africa shake penises as opposed to hands, should we do that too? Glyn Schofiel in Brum and you would make a perfect, sweet, cuddly couple.. 

I mean Jesus Jumpin' Christ on a pogo stick, leave kids, minors and animals out of it.  I write erotica, even there, in fantasy land, I'd never include them, apparently not the more rabid LBGTWQSFJR or whatever nutjobs out there).

Anyway .......... 

More than a few people have been unsubscribing from my lists as of yet due to these "views" as a certain nutjob who wrote in yesterday about the mustache email told me. 

Ok, great. 

If thats you, please leave too, no hard feelings.

For those that remain, get on the fitness train NOW by adopting the BEST damned fitness system - TODAY. 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - I realize what I said above might not be "legalese", but I'd rather common sense and the option to THINK things through over all. 

PS #2 - If you were to ask me my thoughts on all this in a line that doesnt include the words common sense, well, I'd say the Court is doing the right thing, batting it back to the States is the way to go, as that is what the Founding Fathers wanted and intended it to be. Simple as that, after that, of course, what is not so common comes into play...

Friday, 29 April 2022 03:59

"Well, since my English is sooooo poor"

I'll always remember the time when a fat cunt driving on the wrong side of the road pulled up in front of me and claimed "I speak with a "fake accent"". 

Gotta love India, and the insecurities people have over there (which is where I was at the time). 


I remember my wife later telling me about "her own English being so poor she could barely understand what you were saying, and so of course, the attacks start". 

I remember many other things too. 

A black dude who was standing next to me as I was brushing my teeth, who once famously told me he could't understand a word of what I was saying "though I was speaking English". 

And then of course, the famous TEMB "Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks" telling me "this is pathetic! Habib Milakuwhat from India - originally - speaks English 10x times better than I ever did!" 

LOL. I've heard that over and over again all my life, but even if I hadn't ... 

Anyway, this morning I got off the phone with an idiot who I never got on the phone with over the past few years. 

He implored me "not to speak English". 

"I can't understand your English", he went in his ghetto slang drawl (which he isn't black, for those reading this. He's orignally Indian too). 


I repeated myself, apparently "he couldn't understand the words I was using", so I asked him why. 

No answer. 

So I told him the obvious, what his thought processes were, of course, that didnt go over too well. 

Then I sent him a ton of texts, but deleted them all because in his own words "he doesn't read texts, he's terrible at replying to texts", but of course, when HE Is busy, he'll text galore and expect me to reply. Hehe. 

And of course, he wants everything done on the phone because that is how he prefers. 

This my friend, is yet another one of those reasons I NEVER get on the phone unless I absolutely have to. 

The idiocy I deal with on a daily basis beggars belief - quite literally. 

From Bozos that can barely speak the language clamiing "my language skills are poor" - though credit to this Bozo, despite being asked several times, he wouldn't use that wording - to clowns that are always too busy for everything - to idiots that think they're better because their Mommy and Daddy gave them a ton of credit cards, and a business to run - into the ground - in most cases. 

Anyway, where am I going with this rant. 

I dont know, hehe. 

The "sooooooooooooooooo " part was something I picked up from a certain Gorilla Girl Sophia whose latest fad is describing guys and girls she likes as being "soooooooooo cute". Hehe. 

I give up. 

But she's pretty cute herself, I'll give her that. 

Anyway, whats the point of this rant, where I barely even explained what I was saying? 

I dont know - idiots galore. 

And it's why I prefer texts and emails over all, there are literally no excuses left in that regard. 

Alright, on with it, I've heard a lot on the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos, and I've had people tell me "they dont understand what I say in certain parts because their English is not so good" (those from non English speaking nations, or non natives, or whatever the politcally correct term is these days) ... but comments on my English. 

Come to think of it, this person that made precisely the same comment about "he didnt understand what I said" probably fits right into the same bracket despite immigrating to the USA at the age of 4, despite being handed his citizenship on a platter almost, ah well, what can I say ... 


English "Winglish", I believe was the name of an Indian movie they once made, and the insecurities Indians in general have about the language and the colonial hangovers, and "if the British whites spoke it, it must be something to aspire to". 

More BS I dont subscribe to in terms of skin color and that crap. 

Of course, try explaining that to the vast majority of fools out there. 

I give up. 

I'll stick to what I'm damn good at - writing emails in English, communicating in general - and part of the reason people "cant understand me" more and more is the more you write, the better you communicate - and THINK. 

And when your thinking is 10x the level higher than the average Bozo, no wonder he wont understand a word of what you're saying. 

Back to fitness. 

The 0 Excuses Fitness System is by far the most effective and best out there - proof in the pudding. 

And if you AIN'T (emphasis on aint, hehe, as Dr Kolibal once said in class) got it as yet, you're missing out. 

Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 10 April 2022 10:07

Ignore Central

Ignoring something is a skill a lot of us have - unfortunately for most, they end up ignoring the WRONG things altogether. 


Their health and fitness

Lifewise, their own dreams and asprations (dont get me wrong, this doesn't mean you go "me, me", me" all the time, but when your own desires and needs are usually always cast by the wayside for other so called important reasons which usually include what OTHER PEOPLE WANT for you, and not what YOU want - then it's BS, plain and simple)... 

And more. 

Now, today I'll talk about what you - and when you should - ignore 

One prime example, when you have peopel in your life - helpful, perhaps, "friends", perhaps -but they all do it "according to their own needs and desires". 

I've lost track of the number of times in the past I've asked for help in the past and have had it thrown back in my face in the form of "well, we did this for you, so you do this for us". 

Rarely, if ever - I cannot recall one single time where I have ever gotten, either when I asked, or didnt ask - help without "strings attached". 

Maybe y'all have, some of you, I dont know, but in the grand scheme of things, I have found it to be as rare as pearls from an oyster. 

Now, when people irritate you - it's always gotta be THEIR Way, and never yours? 

And when these same people understand the logic behind what YOU are saying about it being disrespectful, about how YOU FEEL about it - but CHOOSE to ignore it and continue on in their own merry manner, you've got two choices. 

One, try and reason with them for the nth time. 

It'll usually go nowhere. Either they'll say "whatever" and do the same thing again - or they'll try and twist the point around to some sort of BS argument about "I did this for you, not me". 

Or some such nonsense .


Ignoring is something that drives people NUTS. 

Believe me. 

And if you do it right, it's one KEY weapon against Nazi feminists - and women in general when theyre acting up (which they usually often do for no reason). 

It's one of the keys I've explained in great detail in the book on COMBATING - and PROFITING from Nazi feminism, which is a book you really must get my friend - a lot of you are in the same situation, so you know what I'm talking about. (same situation as what I mentioned above in terms of life, women etc). 

It's also how you drive trolls like Bozo Schofield nuts - to the point they literally turn themsleves into caricatures of women to get your attention (that is what Bozo is doing nowadays, believe it or not "Ma'am I want to be woman SO BAD" is his new pester central trick). 

That is something which will be detailed i.e. how to properly ignore trolls (if you just ignore, it wont work, you have to ignore in a manner that WORKS) in an upcoming book Profit trolll where the Bozo and his cohorts will feature heavily. 

Trust me, you'll WANT to grab that one when it does come out. 

Other than that, ignore is also a great way to work up to cutting idiots and morons out of your life... 

And if you're scared "nothing else will come along" - believe you me, it will. One door closes, the other opens, I've seen it happen all the freaking time... 

OK, I'll have more on this in the future. 

For now, remember NOT to ignore your health and fitness - without either one of those two, I dont care what else you got, you ain't got nothing without health and fitness, period. 

When it's all taken away from you - house, car, degree, salary, or what not - can YOU stand on your own two feet? 

I've posed this question often. 

People ridculed me, scoffed at it, not so much THESE days. 


Be sure to get a jump start on your fitness by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System - not today, but RIGHT NOW. 

Yes, RIGHT - NOW. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 26 March 2022 07:22

Lun-affirmations Central . . .

I've written before about the lunacy, have I not? 

Affirmations that go nowhere, affirmations that you repeat ad infinitum - affirmations that never get you the results you want . . . 

The "I am affirmations" that people keep repeating. 

"I am rich". 

"I am happy"

"My work is going really well!" 

I've written about how DUMB these affirmations and statements are - and how they are actually self defeating in many regards. Unfortunately, with all the crap the self help gurus spread about "I am" - the lazy mans way out, I'd say ... this is gettign all the more common. 

Case and point, my "lovely" (not) significant other, and the utter lunacy she's descended into over the past year or so. 

Sometimes when I look at people "learning what they are" - right about at this time when times are tough - and yours truly, been learning, applying all this ever since I was a kid - tough times or not - I have to say this. 


People only remember "God" - or whatever it is when they need "him" (or her). When times are good, no-one even thinks about all this do they? 

My wife's latest (for the past year or so) affirmations? 

Wake up in the morning, touch the ground. 

Apologize to it "because we put our feet on it and walk ont it". 

Touch the ground again. 

"Thank you for letting me walk on the ground". 

touch it again. 

"Thank you for giving me a nice day!"

Apparently these affirmations are supposed to "ground you" - and give you teh nice day you want. 

As I listen to her on the phone (ever notice that most wise men keep their mouths SHUT unless and if asked - while the idiots blather on galore) ... 

She's telling a friend of hers to do the following. 

"I have a nice boss!" 

"I'm rich!" 

"I'm happy everyday!" 

Incredibly, people believe this bullshit. 

Now, I'm not saying affirmations in general are bullshit. 


Claude Bristol spoke about it in the Magic of Believing - repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN. 

And it's true. 

But there is a way to affirm, and a way not to, and the "I am" bullshit so many self help gurus spout, and are getting rich on - leads to the exact opposite result long term that you're hoping for. 

Case and point again, being these same people that keep affirming "I am rich". 

Year after year, their riches never seem to manifest, while the person that silently visualizes and affirms the RIGHT Thing - keeps going up, up, up. 

You might notice his or her progress, but its steady, gradual, he (or she) is progressing in SOME way, shape or form regardless. 

Fitness, my friend is the same. 

Wearing loose clothes when you're fat won't conceal the fact - yet, with all the modern day BS about body shaming , and "fat is acceptable", people stand in front of the mirror and affirm "but I'm looking good! (or beautiful)" - while silently knowing they aren't and wanting the polar opposite (and wondering how those that DO - get what they have). 

"They're lucky", they silently think. 

I dont write about this lunacy too often, but when I hear people saying "say she is right, and I apologize to you for being wrong" as an affirmation (when the other person is in the wrong, but apparently apologizing to the other person for THEIR fault makes their vibes "positive") - I gotta say, the world has been going insane over the past five years or so, but specifically, ever since 2020. 

As they say, when the shoe starts to pinch. 

Idiot central, I'd say. 

Anyway, fitness wise, remember affirmations are good - but if you're saying I "am" when you're not, all the affirming to that end won't get you anywhere long term. 

Trust me, I've been there, done that. 

It's about affirming your base desires - something you think about ALL the time without wanting, or trying, its about recognizing and seeing you do NOT have what you want - as yet - and affirming THAT to yourself, which works wonders. 

Case and point, well, my own life. 

And if you want to learn more - apply for my coaching services right HERE, my friend. 

Other than, I'll see you -oh, almost forgot. 

Shameless plug, fitness wise, nothing beats DOING the thing. 

You can't simply do the easy things and expect "stellar results". 

Isometrics, for one, is becoming increasingly popular these days, I suspect part of the reason is people think isometrics alone will get you in great, great shape. 


They help, contribute, your gains will skyrocket if you do things right, but end of the day, they only deliver the results you want - when combined with a serious overall fitness regimen, such as in the 0 Excuses Fitness System

There is no substitute for putting in the hard yards. 

There is NO substitute for huffing, puffing, panting, sweating, hurting, not wanting to do the reps but doing them anyway, gettng good at squats, pushups and pull-ups, the big three - NONE at all. 

Bottom line - you gotta DO the thing. 

And you'll have the power, whether you affirm or not ... 

OK, thats it for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

It is also why I dont get on the phone - period. 

MOST, if not all the conversations I have on the phone are utterly nigh usless in terms of productivity. 

Ricky, my friend (one of them) often asks me "why I Disappear for long periods". 

Well, one reason was he spoke to me on Facebook, which I then ditched after the election steal, the other reason? 

Well, lots, but mostly, people keep asking me the same questions over and over again. 

These people that wont respond to texts - though most things are easy enough to respond via text want it their way or the highway i.e. people to "talk to" - of course, when you call them out on it, you're the fool and the sarcasm flows forth. 

"You're a high thinker!" many of the idiots go. "how could we ever understand you". 

Well, maybe thats a compliment - I take it as such!

This morning, I heard from a guy who I've asked for help before, but thought he might have tried, nothing ever came of it except long phone conversatons leading to zilch all and zippo. 

He wants a phone number from another country "to run Whatsapp on". 

Why, I asked. 

He ignored the question. 

I asked again, with the addendum "I hope it aint nothing illegal" (not that it would be, but just in case, you never know these days).

He didnt reply, badgered me with questions. 

So I told him to get a number online, the cost etc, then he pestered me with "can you give me a free alternative". 

I told him I couldn't give him any alternative until he told me WHY he needed it, of course, all along, I knew it was an excuse to get on the phone. 

Sure enough, calls came in thick and fast. 

I never took 'em. 

I'l be waiting for his "fuck off" later. 

I mean, I dont get it. 

You dont answer these meaningless calls, the other person turns around acts all high and mighty - when whatever the issue can be just as easily handled via text as on the phone. 

Thing is, they dont WANT to do it. 


Far easier to blabber on the phone than just type out a single text message replying ... but I know. 

How dare I say it, hehe. 

Anyway ............ 

It's part of the reason I never get on the phone unless I absolutely have to. 

And with friends etc, same thing ...  probably one reason I dont have too many "friends". 

Explaining all this to these people, of course, is an exercise in FUTILITY. 

You might as well, as a great customer said, "bang your head against the brick wall that would probably make more sense anyway". 


So, I just agree with them. 

"Oh yes, you're right and I'm wrong" is all I tell these idiots. 

Or, just a "hmm, hmm" to everything else. 

Seems far easier than trying to "convince" Bozos that never will be. 

Same thing applies to fitness. 

If after all I've written, said, there are some that prefer pumping away at the gym as opposed to doing real stuff, bodyweght stuff - then I roll out the red carpet for them. 

I dont bother explaining beyond a certain point - my energy is precious. 

So it is with this list, hehe. 

There are some on it who will NEVER be convinced. 

Some that will ask retarded questons no matter what. 

And some, the doers, that will do no matter what!

Which side you fall on , only you can decide. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Doers, head on over here to grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

PS - People who have no time to reply to texts, but hours on the phone, or no time to change a car tyre, but hours to do everything else... Hehe. 

Of course, then they claim "the hell with you" when called out on it. 

I give up, hehe. 

Thursday, 10 February 2022 15:38

Kids - truly, the best imitators!

Growing up, I'd imitate my heroes - all the time!

I'll probably never live down, at least in my mind - the time I took my favoite (at the time) actor's picture to the barber salon and asked for a haircut "just like him". 

Barber looked at it curiously. 

To his credit, he didnt laugh - that would have embarassed my 13 year old self even more!

But he told me that "wasnt for me" and that wasn't a real hairstyle "just fluff it up". 

I'm not sure till this day. Hehe. I do know a lady once at the age of 21 gave me a haircut - probably the best in my life, that middle aged lady in MS (the haircut!) - and even my Mom and Dad, perennial "naysayers" - looked at it and said that was a nice haircut (or Dad did at least, getting Mom to say anything remotely complimentary about anyone is a chore, let alone yours truly "headstrong". Hehe) 

Then she wonders why she has no friends ... 

(Dad too, but thats a different thing!). 

Anyway - in Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote about how he never truly, despite being well past the age of hero worship "outgrew it". 


I can understand!

If I like someone, if I admire someone, I'll study every damn thing about them - I'll do my best to emulate THEIR actions in my field - I'll take a look at my life and theirs, and compare how the goods and bads "eerily" match up in many regards - and so forth. 

They always have for me, because I've always compared myself to real achievers, those that have done it on their lonesome despite all odds, those that have picked themselves up by the bootstraps - REAL DOERS, in other words. 

This afternoon, I was exercising in the park. 

And a little baby was gazing at me curiously, while the parents were lazing around in the park. 

I was stretching. 

Doing the downward dog, then the splits, back into the former, then the front splits, and so forth. 

And the baby kept looking at me. 

She - or he - was only like two, or maybe four months tops!

And it was cute, the way the baby was trying to imitate me - she couldn't even walk!


"Kids", I laughed, looking at the lady. "The best imitators!" 

"Yup", she laughed back. 

Anyway - point of this? 

Is that kids, young children - and even adults - EVERYONE to an extent "imitates". 

And especially kids and young children - if you're in front of them as an adult, they will notice EVERYTHING. 

One reason I have always done what my heart told me and my gut told me - despite all the hard times, despite all the neighsaying, despite all the idiotic trolling, despite the not so idiotic occurences, and much more this post won't even skim - - isn't just because I'm a doer, achiever, and because I won't stop till I get what I want - it's also because NOW, I've got someone OBSERVING. 

She might not say anything during the tough times. 

She's too young to (or was). 

She might not notice the exhiliration that comes when good times re-appear - for her "it's always good" (so it should be, although unfortunatly that isn't the case with many a kid growing up). 

But what she WILL remember, down the road when she grows up, and trust me "her time will come" is when times really got rough, when it was back against the wall, when it was DO or die, when it was about GUT and split second decisions, when it was buying her that little chocolate she so wanted despite not having the cash to do so, and many other things - she will remember how her Dad reacted. 

An example I never had. 

And it will be worth it all just for that. 

Anyway ............. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

If you're a tub of lard, and refuse to change, belching and farting away like the Bozo in Brum (Schofield, who claims he's a world famous "in ass" philathropist or some rot - I think he swapped it for scammer, hehe) - then guess what example your kids will follow (thank heavens Bozo ain't got no kids - ain't no lady crazy enough, and he can't keep it up anyway unless he's tongue in ass, but ah - I'll let that one be!Hehe). 

If you're a fitness freak, ditto. 

If you're someone that does squats all day long, kicks all day long, same thing. 

And so forth. 

On that note, my latest book the "Isometrics Compilation" is trending at #17 on Amazon, and there is only one way for it to go now - UP. 

If you ain't got your paws on this world class, once in a lifetime compilation - do so NOW. 

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - My next book, half done, will be "Advanced Plyometrics". Havent gotten into the writing mood as of yet to finish it up, but it'll happen soon!

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