Tuesday, 22 March 2022 10:10

Why attempting to reason with Bozos and idiots is idiocy of the grandest order.

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It is also why I dont get on the phone - period. 

MOST, if not all the conversations I have on the phone are utterly nigh usless in terms of productivity. 

Ricky, my friend (one of them) often asks me "why I Disappear for long periods". 

Well, one reason was he spoke to me on Facebook, which I then ditched after the election steal, the other reason? 

Well, lots, but mostly, people keep asking me the same questions over and over again. 

These people that wont respond to texts - though most things are easy enough to respond via text want it their way or the highway i.e. people to "talk to" - of course, when you call them out on it, you're the fool and the sarcasm flows forth. 

"You're a high thinker!" many of the idiots go. "how could we ever understand you". 

Well, maybe thats a compliment - I take it as such!

This morning, I heard from a guy who I've asked for help before, but thought he might have tried, nothing ever came of it except long phone conversatons leading to zilch all and zippo. 

He wants a phone number from another country "to run Whatsapp on". 

Why, I asked. 

He ignored the question. 

I asked again, with the addendum "I hope it aint nothing illegal" (not that it would be, but just in case, you never know these days).

He didnt reply, badgered me with questions. 

So I told him to get a number online, the cost etc, then he pestered me with "can you give me a free alternative". 

I told him I couldn't give him any alternative until he told me WHY he needed it, of course, all along, I knew it was an excuse to get on the phone. 

Sure enough, calls came in thick and fast. 

I never took 'em. 

I'l be waiting for his "fuck off" later. 

I mean, I dont get it. 

You dont answer these meaningless calls, the other person turns around acts all high and mighty - when whatever the issue can be just as easily handled via text as on the phone. 

Thing is, they dont WANT to do it. 


Far easier to blabber on the phone than just type out a single text message replying ... but I know. 

How dare I say it, hehe. 

Anyway ............ 

It's part of the reason I never get on the phone unless I absolutely have to. 

And with friends etc, same thing ...  probably one reason I dont have too many "friends". 

Explaining all this to these people, of course, is an exercise in FUTILITY. 

You might as well, as a great customer said, "bang your head against the brick wall that would probably make more sense anyway". 


So, I just agree with them. 

"Oh yes, you're right and I'm wrong" is all I tell these idiots. 

Or, just a "hmm, hmm" to everything else. 

Seems far easier than trying to "convince" Bozos that never will be. 

Same thing applies to fitness. 

If after all I've written, said, there are some that prefer pumping away at the gym as opposed to doing real stuff, bodyweght stuff - then I roll out the red carpet for them. 

I dont bother explaining beyond a certain point - my energy is precious. 

So it is with this list, hehe. 

There are some on it who will NEVER be convinced. 

Some that will ask retarded questons no matter what. 

And some, the doers, that will do no matter what!

Which side you fall on , only you can decide. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Doers, head on over here to grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

PS - People who have no time to reply to texts, but hours on the phone, or no time to change a car tyre, but hours to do everything else... Hehe. 

Of course, then they claim "the hell with you" when called out on it. 

I give up, hehe.