Thursday, 10 February 2022 15:38

Kids - truly, the best imitators!

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Growing up, I'd imitate my heroes - all the time!

I'll probably never live down, at least in my mind - the time I took my favoite (at the time) actor's picture to the barber salon and asked for a haircut "just like him". 

Barber looked at it curiously. 

To his credit, he didnt laugh - that would have embarassed my 13 year old self even more!

But he told me that "wasnt for me" and that wasn't a real hairstyle "just fluff it up". 

I'm not sure till this day. Hehe. I do know a lady once at the age of 21 gave me a haircut - probably the best in my life, that middle aged lady in MS (the haircut!) - and even my Mom and Dad, perennial "naysayers" - looked at it and said that was a nice haircut (or Dad did at least, getting Mom to say anything remotely complimentary about anyone is a chore, let alone yours truly "headstrong". Hehe) 

Then she wonders why she has no friends ... 

(Dad too, but thats a different thing!). 

Anyway - in Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote about how he never truly, despite being well past the age of hero worship "outgrew it". 


I can understand!

If I like someone, if I admire someone, I'll study every damn thing about them - I'll do my best to emulate THEIR actions in my field - I'll take a look at my life and theirs, and compare how the goods and bads "eerily" match up in many regards - and so forth. 

They always have for me, because I've always compared myself to real achievers, those that have done it on their lonesome despite all odds, those that have picked themselves up by the bootstraps - REAL DOERS, in other words. 

This afternoon, I was exercising in the park. 

And a little baby was gazing at me curiously, while the parents were lazing around in the park. 

I was stretching. 

Doing the downward dog, then the splits, back into the former, then the front splits, and so forth. 

And the baby kept looking at me. 

She - or he - was only like two, or maybe four months tops!

And it was cute, the way the baby was trying to imitate me - she couldn't even walk!


"Kids", I laughed, looking at the lady. "The best imitators!" 

"Yup", she laughed back. 

Anyway - point of this? 

Is that kids, young children - and even adults - EVERYONE to an extent "imitates". 

And especially kids and young children - if you're in front of them as an adult, they will notice EVERYTHING. 

One reason I have always done what my heart told me and my gut told me - despite all the hard times, despite all the neighsaying, despite all the idiotic trolling, despite the not so idiotic occurences, and much more this post won't even skim - - isn't just because I'm a doer, achiever, and because I won't stop till I get what I want - it's also because NOW, I've got someone OBSERVING. 

She might not say anything during the tough times. 

She's too young to (or was). 

She might not notice the exhiliration that comes when good times re-appear - for her "it's always good" (so it should be, although unfortunatly that isn't the case with many a kid growing up). 

But what she WILL remember, down the road when she grows up, and trust me "her time will come" is when times really got rough, when it was back against the wall, when it was DO or die, when it was about GUT and split second decisions, when it was buying her that little chocolate she so wanted despite not having the cash to do so, and many other things - she will remember how her Dad reacted. 

An example I never had. 

And it will be worth it all just for that. 

Anyway ............. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

If you're a tub of lard, and refuse to change, belching and farting away like the Bozo in Brum (Schofield, who claims he's a world famous "in ass" philathropist or some rot - I think he swapped it for scammer, hehe) - then guess what example your kids will follow (thank heavens Bozo ain't got no kids - ain't no lady crazy enough, and he can't keep it up anyway unless he's tongue in ass, but ah - I'll let that one be!Hehe). 

If you're a fitness freak, ditto. 

If you're someone that does squats all day long, kicks all day long, same thing. 

And so forth. 

On that note, my latest book the "Isometrics Compilation" is trending at #17 on Amazon, and there is only one way for it to go now - UP. 

If you ain't got your paws on this world class, once in a lifetime compilation - do so NOW. 

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - My next book, half done, will be "Advanced Plyometrics". Havent gotten into the writing mood as of yet to finish it up, but it'll happen soon!