Saturday, 26 March 2022 07:22

Lun-affirmations Central . . .

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I've written before about the lunacy, have I not? 

Affirmations that go nowhere, affirmations that you repeat ad infinitum - affirmations that never get you the results you want . . . 

The "I am affirmations" that people keep repeating. 

"I am rich". 

"I am happy"

"My work is going really well!" 

I've written about how DUMB these affirmations and statements are - and how they are actually self defeating in many regards. Unfortunately, with all the crap the self help gurus spread about "I am" - the lazy mans way out, I'd say ... this is gettign all the more common. 

Case and point, my "lovely" (not) significant other, and the utter lunacy she's descended into over the past year or so. 

Sometimes when I look at people "learning what they are" - right about at this time when times are tough - and yours truly, been learning, applying all this ever since I was a kid - tough times or not - I have to say this. 


People only remember "God" - or whatever it is when they need "him" (or her). When times are good, no-one even thinks about all this do they? 

My wife's latest (for the past year or so) affirmations? 

Wake up in the morning, touch the ground. 

Apologize to it "because we put our feet on it and walk ont it". 

Touch the ground again. 

"Thank you for letting me walk on the ground". 

touch it again. 

"Thank you for giving me a nice day!"

Apparently these affirmations are supposed to "ground you" - and give you teh nice day you want. 

As I listen to her on the phone (ever notice that most wise men keep their mouths SHUT unless and if asked - while the idiots blather on galore) ... 

She's telling a friend of hers to do the following. 

"I have a nice boss!" 

"I'm rich!" 

"I'm happy everyday!" 

Incredibly, people believe this bullshit. 

Now, I'm not saying affirmations in general are bullshit. 


Claude Bristol spoke about it in the Magic of Believing - repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN. 

And it's true. 

But there is a way to affirm, and a way not to, and the "I am" bullshit so many self help gurus spout, and are getting rich on - leads to the exact opposite result long term that you're hoping for. 

Case and point again, being these same people that keep affirming "I am rich". 

Year after year, their riches never seem to manifest, while the person that silently visualizes and affirms the RIGHT Thing - keeps going up, up, up. 

You might notice his or her progress, but its steady, gradual, he (or she) is progressing in SOME way, shape or form regardless. 

Fitness, my friend is the same. 

Wearing loose clothes when you're fat won't conceal the fact - yet, with all the modern day BS about body shaming , and "fat is acceptable", people stand in front of the mirror and affirm "but I'm looking good! (or beautiful)" - while silently knowing they aren't and wanting the polar opposite (and wondering how those that DO - get what they have). 

"They're lucky", they silently think. 

I dont write about this lunacy too often, but when I hear people saying "say she is right, and I apologize to you for being wrong" as an affirmation (when the other person is in the wrong, but apparently apologizing to the other person for THEIR fault makes their vibes "positive") - I gotta say, the world has been going insane over the past five years or so, but specifically, ever since 2020. 

As they say, when the shoe starts to pinch. 

Idiot central, I'd say. 

Anyway, fitness wise, remember affirmations are good - but if you're saying I "am" when you're not, all the affirming to that end won't get you anywhere long term. 

Trust me, I've been there, done that. 

It's about affirming your base desires - something you think about ALL the time without wanting, or trying, its about recognizing and seeing you do NOT have what you want - as yet - and affirming THAT to yourself, which works wonders. 

Case and point, well, my own life. 

And if you want to learn more - apply for my coaching services right HERE, my friend. 

Other than, I'll see you -oh, almost forgot. 

Shameless plug, fitness wise, nothing beats DOING the thing. 

You can't simply do the easy things and expect "stellar results". 

Isometrics, for one, is becoming increasingly popular these days, I suspect part of the reason is people think isometrics alone will get you in great, great shape. 


They help, contribute, your gains will skyrocket if you do things right, but end of the day, they only deliver the results you want - when combined with a serious overall fitness regimen, such as in the 0 Excuses Fitness System

There is no substitute for putting in the hard yards. 

There is NO substitute for huffing, puffing, panting, sweating, hurting, not wanting to do the reps but doing them anyway, gettng good at squats, pushups and pull-ups, the big three - NONE at all. 

Bottom line - you gotta DO the thing. 

And you'll have the power, whether you affirm or not ... 

OK, thats it for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee