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Saturday, 28 November 2020 10:02

More on a colossal waste of ENERGY

Most people that know me can’t figure it out.

And of course, they’re too lazy to actually READ what I write ...

... but I keep getting the talk about “why don’t you talk to me on social media!”

Or “why don’t you answer the phone!”

And some of these people are friends – or so they say they are.

And yet, they dont know how much I despise the dumbphone. Hehe.

Dont get me wrong. Sometimes, it’s good to pick up the phone and talk to someone.

But in the vast majority of cases, it’s NOT warranted, especially when what youre saying can just as easily be said on email, or text, or a simple “voice note” (that seem to be all the rage these days).

Instead, you have people “not reading because it’s too long”.

Or, people that “dont listen to all the voice messages because they get too many”.

And yet, when THEY want something, bang on target, here they are with the same thing ...

... Part of the reason for yours truly cranky caveman being the way he is is I get a LOT more accomplished staying to myself.


I get a lot more workouts done.

And so on and so forth.

Going within is something everyone should do, and yet it’s roundly pooh poohed by most.

Big, big mistake bro.

And here is the point of me saying this.

My daughter is almost 7 right now. Great English skills, great life and marketing skills, great sales skills, and great at many things

Of course, yours truly’s family claims I had nothing tod o with any of the above, especially the first. 


Anyway, that isnt the point either – point is this.

She constantly has people calling her up to “talk to her”.

Ostensibly to “make friends”.

But really, its because of what people often try and do with me in China, that being to “practice my English”.

For free, of course, and in return what do I get?

Zilch. LOL.

I’ve told my daughter to do what I did when I was young (which I figured out the best thing for me to do was to hang out with OLDER guys that KNEW MORE than I did in many ways, and I knew more than them in some, so it was a fair exchange), and was roundly pilloried by my mother for doing so.

“How dare you hang out with 12th grade guys? You’re only in the 8th grade!”

Or, my Dad when yours truly “pimply and gangly” wanted to get to the razor a few years ago and “stole” his Dad’s, because Dad wouldn’t give me my own 

“I know you’re a big man with long beards!” he said in a sarcastic manner.

(while complaining about some meaningless “rubbish” about how I didnt do this well at school, or that well).

(Schools. College. Education. Formal education. Look around you right now, and tell me what use that fancy degree is my friend. Hehe. No, I’m not dissing education – the formal kind – but its really education you get from being in the trenches that truly counts in LIFE!).

Anyway, my daughter and me do NOT have that sort of idiotic excuse of a “relationship”.

We have a real relationship. She’s a special gal, and I give her all the advice someone should have given me when I was growing up ...

... and I dispense it to my list as well, hehe.

And thats what I wanted to talk to you now about. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Energy drains are one prime reason I rarely, if ever get on the phone. But I did do it once to make my 0 Excuses Fitness videos!

Check ‘em out right here. You’ll love ‘em!

(yes, paid product – sorry to the “Freebie seekers”, hehe, but thats just how it is. For free snippets, follow my YouTube channel).

PS #2 – And yes. If you want to succeed, ditch the energy drains. You truly are the sum of those people you hang out with the most – and on that note, I’m off to do some much needed meditation before the “fun starts”. Hoooo boy!

PPS - Bozo Schofield actually reminds me of a certain someone in my family, someone you'd think I'd be closest to (or anyone would), but am NOT. More on that later, hehe. 

PPS #1 - I never met a certain Uncle in my family, who from what I hear is as much the "skeleton in the closet" as yours truly, hehe. He was termed as a genius for his eccentric ways. Yours truly? Well - YOU be the judge, hehe. 

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020 19:19

The idiocy I just saw on LinkedIn

Saw the following “prime bozo” comment on LinkedIn, a social media network I usually avoid, but sometimes get on to share my posts etc ...

Here is what I saw

When we raised our minimum wage to $70k in 2015, productivity soared and revenue tripled. A lot of people interpreted that to mean people are motivated by pay.But that's not what we found. In reality, just removing money as a stressor let them bring their full selves to work. Research shows your happiness improves as you rise out of poverty but money stops buying happiness above the point where you are comfortable, around $75k or so.CEOs don't need an extra million. Low-pay workers need to be lifted up.

Im not going to mention the name of the person that said it.

But it's so glaringly nanny state like STUPID that I can't even begin to write about it.

Actually, I just did. Hehe.

I was going to reply to him there.

But there would be no point, as he wouldn't get. Plus, I dont deal too well with bozos that advocate a nanny state anyway ...

First off, here is the point.

You do not, no matter what, hamstring the RICH and “supposedly” benefit the poor.

I think this dude was talking about bailing big companies out, etc. But the point is this – when those companies get bailed out, in general, the economy does as well. So do the workers to an extent I'd think.

I dont know, but to me it's simple logic – if the money doesnt go directly to someone's pocket, then it probably benefits the workers in general. Maybe not in ALL cases, but most, I'd say 

But that ain't the part I had a problem with.

The problem is this “low pay workers need to be lifted up”.

No they dont need to be lifted up!

This is the most STUPID thing I've heard in ages, and someone responded with the following -

“There is thing called scarcity thinking where you're too worried about resouces to concentrate or focus on other things. I've been there, and it's like a slow death”.

So said Madam Chloe ... (a person I know only fleetingly).

Again, one of the most asinine comments ever. 

Here's a bit of a reality check, fellas and ladies, or the other way around.

MOST, if not ALL, Ceo's did NOT get where they were by whining on social media about needing support, not having money, being in a “scarce” mindset (which is the exact opposite needed!) and so forth.

Most LOSERS however did just that ... And stayed where they where.

Most successes you see today were bankrupt multiple times and were rejected in many ways, shapes or forms (and continue to be) – way more so than the whiners ever were.

If they only knew, heheh.

Second, that ole Deng Xiaoping saying.

“If some people get rich, it's a good thing!”

No, he did NOT, as I never tire of saying say “To get rich is glorious” (although really, if you do so on your own terms it is!).

But really. The wealth DOES trickle down, if you're keeping score.

Which the bozos aren't. Most of them need a good kick to the rumpus to get their ass in gear and make a life for themselves without whining about their failures or “why they can't do it” 

As Connery famously said in “The Rock” (a potboiler if ever).

“Your best”, he sneers at Nicholas Cage (who was in a moment of indecision).

“Losers whine about their best! Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!”

Said like a champ, and it is TRUE bro.

“Carla was the prom Queen”, responds Cage.

Hehe. Said like a champ there too (Carla was Cage's love interest in the movie).

And thats al I gotta say about that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fitness wise, same thing. Most people need a kick to the rumpus to get started and keep going, not endless molly coddling that the whiners who claim “your advice on pull-ups doesnt help anyone” or thos ethat claim “you just say you just do it”. Hey, Nike said that too, and did pretty well, didnt they? If it's good enough for Nike, I'd think it's good enough for YOU reading this!

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System the very kick to your BOOTY you need to get your ass in high gear and make something of your LIFE, my friend – fitness wise, and LIFE WISE!


** Start Edit ** // from my coder days, hehe. 

Research shows your happiness improves as you rise out of poverty but money stops buying happiness above the point where you are comfortable, around $75k or so.

I dont know which bozo researched that, but I'll tell you one damn thing. HAppiness isn't and shouldn't be dependent upon "how much money you have". It's NOT being happy in the HERE AND NOW regardless of anything else that keeps mos t people from even starting to get someplace in LIFE (or fitness). 

CEOs don't need an extra million

But I'm sur ethey WANT it. And it's what you WANT is what you GET out of life, and fitness, NOT what you "need". 

Try telling Bezos for one he doesnt "need" an extra million, and see his response. Hehe. If he's allowed to speak freely that is without the bozo "whiners" and SJW's getting their knickers in a twist (and the commie nanny state advisers out there). 

Last, but not least, this moronic advice of "everyone should get enough to at least "get by on"" (whatever figure that is up to the poster apparently). 

Well, first thing you know - everyone has differnt standards. 

And second, and not least by a long damned shot - how did that work out for the Soviet Union? 

Where people had literally no incentive to work? 

I dont think it ended up too well, my friend. 

** end of rant -cum- response, but really, it's true!" 

// end code, hehe. 

I forgot to link (and PIMP, hehe) 0 Excuses fitness right there, so I will do so NOWHERE is where you can pick up the System, the best damned fitness system ever. And if you're part of the "how dare he charge me" group, well, goody. The system is NOT FOR YOU! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - YES! 

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It's been a busy few days!

And I've written so much int he past few days, that I see “writing” everywhere I go. And indeed, as I'm almost done with finishing my other book, I'm writing this to you for a break – and a change in pace.

And it reminds me of a whil eback.

Remember that trip I told you about to Dalhouse and Khajiaar in the Himalayas in India?

Well, the drive back and forth was around 15 hours, give or take, and in Indian conditioins thats like driving 30 plus hours STRAIGHT with unwavering focus and concentration (and to make things harder, we didnt have GPS, or auto steering, or any of that other rubbish back then).

It was a stick shift as well, the car!

And after the drive either way was done, I remember sinking down into the chair, and my hands would automatically “move” as if on the steering wheel.


When I looked at my wife, I'd have to consciously focus, so used to had I got by dint of sheer FOCUS and concentration over the past few hours (past many hours, I should say) that life seemed to have turned into a “road”.

OF course, the spell wore off after a good sleep.

But right about now, that is how I feel, and I've still got work to do. And I'm still going!

And I could tell you right now, and I'd be right, that THAT is the sort of energy advanced jump rope workouts give you (being that was the last form of exercis eI did before the writing spree).

You focus more. And better.

You keep going, like the ENERGIZER BUNNY!

And ... in all areas of life, if you get my drift, hehe.

And thats how deeply ingrained bodyweight exercise sshould be for YOU, my friend.

You shouldn't have to think about exercising – or doing Hindu pushups – or handstands.

You slip into position, and yo ujust do it, and anything else should feel strange.

Ditto for your normal routine.

EXERCISE should be a part of it, and LACK OF IT should make you feel lik eI did above!

That is how ingrained exercise is in my life, and how it should be for you too.

LASER SHARP FOCUS and bulldog tenacity.

Thats what it's all about!

I'll be back soon with more (especially FOCUS)! For now, it's off to finish the other book.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up th e0 Excuses Fitness System, truly the best damned fitness system out there RIGHT HERE.

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I've written about this before, of course.


Get rid of (or make a decision to – and follow through) that which you do NOT want in your life, and guess what replaces it.

Emerson's laws said it best.

“Every excess is balance ... every debt is repaid ....”

And while I do not remember that great philosopher's words to a T, the sum and substance of it is this – if you get rid of what you do NOT want – then the equal and opposite reaciton occurs.

Guess what replaces it's place.

That which you DO want.

It's the “fear” of “losing” that stops people from doing the former, of course.

Most people.

And I used to be one of those peopel a long time ago, and in some regards, still am (or was, until last year I should say)

Now, I function 100% PLUS on vibe 

If it was 100 percent before, now it's AMPLIFIED.

If I get a vibe off something I do not even remotely like, or want, or prefer, then in the vast majority of cases I make a conscious choice to DROP that person – or thing – from my life.

If I can't drop it rightaway, I make a decison to do so, and follow through.

This holds for life. Relationships. Friends. (or so called friends). Contacts. And yes, business and fitness too!

Fitness wise, well, you already KNOW what I mean.

I never ever once went to a gym in my entire life – and for a damned good reason.

Now if they built them like they did in the days of Doug Hepburn, I probably WOULD GO!

And then some.

But the way it is now, you wouldn't and couldn't entice me to go there if you tried to.

Not even with free memberships as the lovely Carol once gave me (and I have to thank her – she tried).

The weather was insane in China at that point (my city) and she was trying to offer an alternative, so in that regards – kudos to her.

But yours truly climbs in category 3 and worse hurricanes!

Anyway, business wise as well.

It's no secret that the vast majority of the world loves to watch the one thing I dread.


“Watch that video!” my contacts keep telling me, before sending me another MINDLESS time wasting video – something which cuould be summed up in a pithy manner, and yet I get to see the person rant on about the obvious.

And when I say it in words, apparenly the impact is less for the sheeple, because “so and so” with X number of followers didnt say it on YouTube or whatever 


And I've made the decision to stay away from videos, and for most part, voice notes which are all the rage these days.

I just saw a discussion on LinkedIn (that I participated in) on this where the vast majority of people is all FOR audio notes, and yet, yours truly?

No way

And for a good reason. People tend to rant way too much on audio fo rsomething that could be said in one line or less most of the time 

And of course, ignore the written word ... (convenient to do on audio).

Not to mention all biz is done ultimtely at the end of the day in writing (Freddie was damned right in that regard!).

And yet, despite the hordes moving to the opposite side, I stay on mind. Very firmly so, and I'm geting “worse” by the day, and BETTER at culling ANYONE, or any sor tof practice I do NOT like out of my life.

Including certain forms of social media as well (WeShat being one that I culle dbefore, got back on, but have culled for the most part yet again, and this time for good in many regards) 

And guess what.

What I WANT is coming to me.

Without even trying in most cases.

More sales. More customers that get it, and want more. Customers that DO what I ask in my books, and get great results!

And in life, pretty much the same thing.

(Unless you count the bozos trolling me actively, but since they help boost sales, hey. I'm all for that too, hehe).

And so it endeth. Remember the lesson therein (again) – most valuable one for you!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pick up the best damned fitness system EVER right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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Sunday, 08 November 2020 12:54

Throw the kitchen sink at them!

So, this is something that is a central facet of my thinking – philosophy to life – fitness – or anytihng, really.

Anything I do – I really do.

Anything I REALLY want to do – I go at it with VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO – and then some!

“The best form of defense is ..." 

You guessed it.


Many years ago, in fact not so long ago actually I was of the opinion that “taking a step back” was the way to go.

And it still is, actually for me, if conflict can be avoided, and if I don't really care about what is happening.

Por ejempelo, several “fights” I've walked down from as of late (and over the years) – not because I started them, or because “it was my fault” - or “I couldn't win”.

It was because I could simply care less.

Compare me to a hyena in that regard.

And I read this in a novel once – a James Hadley Chase novel.

The hyena is the most “cowardly” of all the beasts out there, despite having the strongest bite force (per sq inch I believe, but I'm not sure, butI think thats right).

It will do All it can to avoid a fight.

But when it's cornered – watch out.

There is no animal more vicious than said hyena!

And given a wildlife explorer in Africa of all people said this, he must have known something about it.

Same is true of all big cats, including my favorite, the tiger.

They dont go looking for fights. They don't go trying to prove something, even when they can.

But when it's time to get that job done, you wouldn't bet against that tiger would you?


I'm the same way my friend.

When it really, really matters – I'll find a way - - and usually, I'll doing so by giving it my all and then some.

Throwing the kitchen sink at it.

Donald Trump said it best and right,I believe, when he said th efollowing.

“If you're being attacked, then fight back with ALL you can and have NO mercy! ”.

(paraphrased, but that is the gist of it )

And as I recently told a friend of mine “ If people don't screw with me, and leave me the hell alone, I'll leave them alone – in DUPLICATE. If someone comes after me, I'll come after them – in TRIPLICATE.”

Lesson to be learned right there my friend. Two of them!

And despite the bozo like “Oh, Mama, why is he doing this to me” responses you get from the crowd that delight in BULLYING (Bozo Scofield being one prime example, but there are others), you give it all you can.

And you hit 'em – where it hurts – the HARDEST – and you do it over and over again until they BACK DOWN.

So it goes with fitness occasionally.

When that fat refuses to budge, I went on multiple climbs up that hill.

Sometimes to the tune of SEVEN, not kidding, times a day!

Extreme? Hell yes!

Crazy? Hell yes!

But did it get results, lasting results, and then some! ?

Hell YEA! 

And thats the way you gotta live life my friend.

Attack every day like it's the last you live – and you'll like live a very long and fruitful life as well!

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the take no prisoners, give it your ALL 0 Excuses Fitness System (and no I don't cater to wusses and sissies that “are too fat” but can't lose weight because of XYUZ Reason, so please, if thats you, do yourself a favor ... and ... stay ... away!).

PS #2 – Neither do I PANDER, my friend. It is what it is. Take it, or LEAVE IT!

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I was talking to a friend “Becky” the other day.

She was down and out ... almost.

And the reason for that is understandable. Her Dad, who she is close to “close to passing on”, and in one of the most painful manners possible.

No, it isnt the China plague we are talking about here. It's cancer, and ... well, its a long story, but I understand her pain.

Remember that Uncle who I wrote about who always (despite my many faults as a kid) had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about me?

He truly did look at the positive, and try to amplify that ...

... and he was a man that LIVED LIFE. On his own terms for the most part.

Smoked. Drank. Quit jobs when it took him. Didnt give a rats ass to what anyone thought ...

... Sort of like yours truly.

Minus the smoking, which of course I quit at 25, because I was getting to the point I coul dbarely climb a flight of stairs without wheezing and being out of breath).

(Forget climbing hills or doing pushups!)

(I did do some weightlifting back then, but it never got me the results I wanted. But you on this list know that! ;)).

And anyway, as I spoke to her (Becky) I had this to say.

“Hi Becky! I'm so sorry to hear that! But take heart – he's going to a better place!”

(where he will be ETERNALLY HAPPY).

We never die ,my friend. A lot of you might scoff at this, but what Becky told me?

“I've been comforted by a lot of my friends, but this one sentence really helped me the most”

(I'm paraphrasing).

I've got no idea if she believes in the Almighty. I do know she's not a Christian, and neither am I.

But we all “move on” for a purpose, but never “die!”

It's as simple as an “eternal sleep” and for the life of me I Cannot understand why a lot of people are petrified of death.

As Napoleon Hill wrote about, it is indeed one of the primary fears that STOP most people from achieving their best in life ...

.. And it shouldn't be.

“You sleep and have dreams, don't you? Are you scared of sleeping?”


'Then why should you be scared of an eternal sleep with nothing but peaceful dreams??”


Death is something yours truly has been scared of ever sinc ehe can remember . My first memory of that was crying at the age of 4 when I saw a movie or something of a person dying and asking my father “when I woul dgo too”.

He tried to comfort me.

But nothing dispelled the fear quite like the words Napoleon Hill wrote above.

And at the age of 36 at that, when I first read 'em.

Is it any coincidence I got into the best damed shape of my life then? I think not!

Anyway ... habits huh.

I tried quitting smoking TWICE before I finally did.

When I finally did, I just put my foot down and did it.

I ignored the headaches, the stress, the “temptations” and just iron willed my way to do it. And here I am, decades later, smoke free.

Not “booze free” though. Hehe. I love my beer!

But really, though that is an effective manner of quitting smoking, it doesnt work well all the time.

What do I mean?

Well, as of now, my emailing on these sites has been put on hold temporarily (as you know) as we are figuring out a new method of making sure the emails hit your mailboxes as opposed to “bouncing back”.

And while that happens, there has been a lull in posting.

For yours truly, my trigger fingers literally ITCH to email the way I used to, but I stop myself.

Because there isn't much point.

And I focus on something ELSE.

It was the same thing I did when I started writing, and was Not in the habit. Except in opposite, and before I knew it, well....

... They say it takes around 21 days for the human mind to “accept” a new habit. I have no idea if this is true or not, but making new habits – and quitting old ones isn't half as easy as it's made out to be my friend.

Just doing it is part of it.

The other part is “eating a bear at a time”.

And it applie sto fitness, business, writing, emailing, habits, anything you can think of.

Anyway, enough on that front. If you're currently unfit, and in the worst shape of your life at 30 plus, or 40 plus, or indeed TWENTY plus a many are, then NOW is the time to change things my friend.

Start by investing in a good program right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to pick up Corrugated Core right here – it has exercises you've probably never HEARD OF!

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Saturday, 07 November 2020 10:40

Blocking out the noises that really dont matter ...

And that you want to, and should ignore.

Kind of like associating with the type of people that help you GROW – not stagnate (which means going backwards anyway) – and not NEGATIVE minded people that just drag you down into their morass along with them.

Which is pretty much the majority of people out there these days, and sadly, sometimes, and a lot of times indeed, due to no real fault of their own.

That pesky conditioning, beliefs and so forth.

But anyway, I wrote about this on the other side today from a “meditation” (or even “focus”, really, if you choose to call it that) standpoint.

And I made a breakthrough in that regard!

Yes, you never stop growing, and neither does yours truly and some of my current fitness routines, or not would nigh ON AMAZE YOU, my friend. No questions about it!

On that note, a lot of you have been signing up for the newsletter, but not getting my emails on either site.

And while we're currently testing all this, rest assured it should be fixed by next week or so (the delivery service I'm going to use is a professional indeed service, and by next week all subscribers on BOTH sites should be getting my daily emails as a matter of routine).

(But it's still a very good idea to sign up for both sites anyway if you're truly into what I say daily ...)

(And of course, as for site #3 – well – that should be online too shortly. Stay TUNED! Hehe).

Now, on to it!

Fitness wise, it ain't no secret that I hate being interrupted, bothered at , ooh aah'ed at, or :asked for selfies” as it were while working out.

And it happens all the time. Especically in China (but it happens elsewhere too).

And the most annoying part aren't really the lookie lous that are there to waste time and will never, ever for instance GET to doing bodyweight exercises regularly.

Remember the guy I wrote to you about in 2018?

He came over to me, asked me a ton of questions about pull-ups, and (being he couldn't do a single one) – I figured he was actually serious.

I re-directed him to the book, which he never bought.

(He did end up buying green tea though, but only because he thought it was a "quick fix" for losing weight, and once he saw it wasn't - he never bought again. UGH!) 

OK. No problem, and I gave him some very valuable free advice indeed.

Two or three days later, I saw this same dude.

Asked him about his progress

“Oh, I'm sorry! I gav eup!”

And off he walked trilling away to the gym of all places as if it was no big deal, and indeed, to him, it probably was not!

To him, it was probably “oh, so what”.

But it ain't to me.

What I do is to me, sacrosanct. And it's precisely THESE people that come up to me and badger me as I've written about ...

.. in the past, I'd laugh at them, but they wouldn't go away. It seems the barrage of buffoons with nothing better to do than take selfies and badger people while doing squat all themselves has increased exponentially, much like the plague from China has everywhere ...

I'd go elsewhere.

I'd show them my back (like I did with dude who pestered me about “using my brain” when I was doing pull-ups).

And so forth.

All of this worked to an extent. I even got into an almost fight over it once.

But really, NOTHING worked until the following -

  • until I well and truly started to IGNORE these people.


Yes, I still look at these people and laugh, but I “really” laugh now.

And they can feel it, and off they go. Whereas when it was just a “superficial laugh”, and I meant it, but really didnt, they stayed and pestered me.

Anyway, it ain't the easiest of things to do for sure.

But it can be done, if you truly have to, and if you work at it!

Ditto for ignoring noise etc while you're engaged in visualizing or what not (and truth be told, I'll have to write more about that soon. So much to say, not that much time to say it in – here!).

And I'm off. Remember to pick up the much vaunted course on pull-ups HERE – truly the best course ever on it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And remember what I said about emails. We'll be back full speed from next week most likely, but until then, you gotta check the blog(s) as I post everything there as well. And keep signing up – you'll never regret it! Never a dull moment, hehe, not with yours truly is there.

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You may not agree. But it's true.

I recently saw a quote from the Trumpinator himself along the lines of “I've played to win all my life”.

The actual words were different.

I believe he said “I've succeeded at everything I've done all my life”.

But if you read between the lines ... notwithstanding his “grand failures”, you'll see he's right. And for those that care to read on (liberals not included, hehe), you'll see this ain't just a “Trump” piece.



A long time ago, Uncle Bob once famously told me the following (which he sometimes didnt do, hehe).

Easier to just do it than ask permission!

Can keep asking for permission later ...

This was with regard to the erstwhile “Major General Michael and Rahul's spats” ... which were infamous in bonny DG back in the day.

Still are to the old timers, hehe.

And he was right, actually.

When Trump wants to do something, or say something, he may be right or wrong.

He may be inviting a catastrophe, or he may be doing something RIGHT. REAL RIGHT!

But one thing is for damned sure.

He doesnt sit around vacillating and thinking what if.

He doesnt think about “what they'll think of me”.

He just says it and then does precisely what he says.

End of story!

And THEREIN, my friend, lies the key, which amazingly enough the very people that complain about no freebies are missing.

Some don't lay it out straight for you.

They want you to buy marketing books to learn it (my wife recently bought one on “Internet Marketing” of all things, and oh boy. A glance inside shows it's SO BORING and utter bilge that even the most desperate of marketer would be hard pressed to use it, but of course, my wife, and ... well, enough said.)

(I'll see if I can find the author. LEt me know and I will, but I believe the name of the book was "Fundamentals of Internet Marketing")

(A prime way NOT TO title a book, any book ...) 

Men are always “wrong”, hehe. Aren't they?

But jokes and jibes aside The secret behind Trump's successis simple.

Follow thy gut.

And just do it.

Now, the former entails being WRONG a lot of times, but guess what.

You have to lose in order to win even bigger, and be WRONG in order to be RIGHT later.

A while ago, a friend of mine was in a situation partly created by his actions, but the mess he landed in was a nightmare I wouldn't wish upon even “Bozo” scofield to be honest.

Something most people wouldn't be able to cope with or even imagine the specifics of.

It ended in six months, though no-one gave it a chance of ending before THREE YEARS.

In another month, it started again.

And presto, right now, as we speak, he's in a far far better place today than he was then.

And if he didnt take the actions he did then, he wouldn't be where he is now. Everything DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON!

And it only happens because you follow your gut.

Could be Trump and the way he is. Could be Ford and his insistence on making the 8 cylinder enginer no matter. Could be Edison with his 10,0001 tries. Could be Jeff Bezos. Could be anyone!

But you take a decision – change it slow – and then just do it.

Don't muck around!

The Universe has a way of throwing it's weight behind the person who knows what he or she truly wants, and is willing to go to any length to get it, even when it seems IMPOSSIBLE and then some.

Not mine.

Napleon Hill. (I mean the part in bold)

From that same guy.

The Universe truly knows NO SUCH THING AS THE WORD “impossible” or “permanent failure”!

The Trumpinator was recently asked what if he didnt win the election.

I believe he will. So does the ROW ...

But, if he didnt.

Sage answer as always.

Crisp, and to the point.

From the heart.

From the gut.

“Ill do something else!”

And if this doesnt make you understand, I dont know what will.

Fitness wise, lifewise, marketing wise, relationship wise, biz wise, same damned thing.

Just do it.

There are those that spend time vacillating over “will the 0 Excuses Fitness System really work” despite proof in front of their eyes. (same thing for Advanced Hill Training).

Then the bozos who can't do pull-ups, and yet question the efficacy of methods from a man who DOES IT ...

(on that note, be on the outlook for the next email, and workout that truly shake your BOLLOCKS up, hehe).

And we have those questioning the efficacy of the humble pushup when champ boxers and wrestlers all do it ...

Stop vacillating my friend.

The time for talk stops NOW.

Just do it – and let the results flow – and if you adopt this method to LIFE IN GENERAL, well watch out. You might well be surprised and then some!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Plenty more such nuggest in Fitness Pioneer – Volume 1. Pick it up right NOW, right HERE. (bozos not welcome tho, sorry, hehe)

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Or perhaps it was “fails occasionally”.

I cannot quite remember.

But hark back to the days of 2011 ... I believe. When I first showed up in the Middle East on an assignment I just KNEW I was going to hate, and big time.

Don't ask. Hehe. (as to why “I took it”). Those on my list for a while will probably know why or you can guess, but I took it anyway.

And it wasn't all bad, actually. I actually liked the little stretch of beach around 20 minutes or so from where I “eventually” lived there and my nighttime runs there. . .

. . . it was also where I first started pouding the heavy bag. Big time.

Anyway ... point being this.

When I first showed up at the company that hired me, the “General Manager” called me in.

(being he was sort of “indirectly responsible” for me anyway).

“I know you've been to US”, he said, looking at me.

(for reference, this was an Indian owned company, and an Indian run company, and ... oh boy. Don't even ask. Chaotic mess, and if I told you some of the machivations these here guys got up to, you wouldn't believe it. What I cannot believe is I put up with the 8 or so months I did before I reverted to true type and got myself canned, heh.

Although my canning was NOT something that started because of something I did.

That email ... ah, but let it “be” for now, as a lady recently told me.

Apparently she wants “two beautiful initials” and saw fit to email me at 2 AM in the morning about it. It's that same jewelry seller I wrote about a while back!)

bAck to it!

And he said a lot more, but basically his gist was (and remember, it was a huge company, so he didnt know a lot about me, really, past what I told him) “you've been all over the world” and so “adapting here shouldn't be a problem”, but “sometimes even the best of us fail on foreign shores”.

For reference, “Sachin Tendulkar” was the “Master Blaster' in India I believe.

The God of cricket as they call him or used to, from what hazy memory recalls. I was never huge on cricket or baseball or any sport when growing up. All I liked was swimming to be honest.

And this Master Blaster despite having a stellar record overseas apparently “failed” overseas occasionally and people got on his case about it.

Don't ask. Again. LOL.

Anyway, I can see him (the GM, who shall stay unnamed) reclining in his chair. To say he was “massive” would be an understatment.

That of the century, actually ... (and I don't mean “muscle” here!!).

And I remember what he said.

But funnily enough I didnt agree with what he said back then (but didnt say much other than nod).

And I don't agree now.

And I never have, actually.

Yours truly is the sort of person who THRIVES and PROSPERS – big time – anywhere but what we call “home”.

I dont know why. But living “on my lonesome”, and doing my own thang, and ... well, back to China (curiously enough the good GM did all he could to ignore a country where I've spent the majority of my adult life, hehe) ...

Home is indeed where I hang my hat is what I should have told him.

But didnt. 

As he went on about “how I should avoid walking outdoors after 9 PM”.

To a guy that did midnight beer bashes and got into altercations all the time.


But again, yours truly was silent.

Point of this rummy tale you ask?

Well, one that “rum” there was rationed. You had to get a permit. And that was something yours truly hated.

Yours truly does NOT like people even THINKING about imposing upon his freedom an dtelling him what he can eat and drink for one. And there were many other things there I hated.

But again, real point is what I said above.

Embrace the UNFAMILIAR my friend. 

It's indeed a key to success at ANYTHING.

Ford embraced an idea that no-one ever believed was possible. So did Steve Jobs. So did anyone that created anything worthwhile, including Jeff Bezos who was told “it would never work”.

Of course, so was I.

“You'll take 10 years to get it going!” I still remember.

Hehe. How dare I. I know! 

Anyway, enough rambling on my part.

Pushup Central, for one, will give you workouts of the nature you've never dreamt of before. It will strip away fat and build CORE strength and functional muscle in ways you never thought of.

So will Advanced Hill Training, 0 Excuses Fitness, and my other courses.

The unfamiliar, you say. Hehe.

EMBRACE IT, my friend. If you so choose, of course!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – ALL my products are written, structured and created in exactly the manner I tell YOU about – the same “just do it mentality”. And so it SHOULD BE! Take a gander right here bro.

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Saturday, 31 October 2020 08:05

Why I laugh at people that say “Go away!”

It's hilarious ... to me at least.

Years ago,I knew a dame named Sophia.

In the city of Shenzhen, I so believe ...

And this girl was a nice person, actually. Well, pretty nice in most ways, but of course, that ole thing about Chinese girls and money ...

(and no, for the record, I don't buy into the “all chinese girls are gold diggers” myth. What I DO and WILL say is this – Chinese girls are some of the most PRACTICAL I've ever seen. That isn't always good, but it is what it is eh)

Anyway, we knew each other for a while. And one fine day, she messaged me out of the blue wanting a quote for a web site of all things.

Apparently she wanted me to build her own website (Something I occasionally do, by the way...but IF AND ONLY IF I'm compensated well for it).

As ole Freddie rightly said all those years ago.

“You don't work cheap, do you”.


No, I don't. And not for free either, but let me continue.

So first thing I told her was “huh”??

This girl is anything but a biz woman. Practical as heck yes, but she ain't n obusinesswoman, and I could tell she just wanted a quote to take to a competitor company and she did all she could in her “sweet” manner to get a “professional” quote out of me (that she could then copy) 

And I called her out on it from the word go.

“Sophia, come on”, I laughed. “Lets cut the BS. We both know that ...”

I didnt need to say more.

And I DID give her the quote for shits and grins, but mostly to get her off my case.

A month or so later, she contacts me.

Of course, she's gotten her site built by someone else on the cheap.

Great, I say. And then I talk to her about the weather, I believe.

I could care less, for those that might be asking me. That wasn't the reason I contacted her in the firt place (or she added me, or whatever).

And while I may have lost biz in that regard, she was inspiration for more than three books, so ... ah, but we'll let that go! ;-)

Anyway, she asked me to write some free reviews for her. I declined.

Sophia, stop badgering me”, I said. I was kind of irritated at that point I do admit because of other things I was dealing with.

One thing led to another, and she deleted me.

Of course. Practical gal. No freebies, so ...

Months later, I contacted her to see if the anger had died down. Just for grins again ...

Her response?

“Go away! Just go away!”

OK ...

A few weeks prior to writing this (perhaps months), I got a similar response from a clown who voluntarily signed up to my list, and apparently didnt catch on that I email - - a LOT.

“Stop sending me emails!”

“Just go away! Please stop sending me emails!”

“Go, go away! Stop! Go away!”

'Tis hilarious, considering these bozos dont even notice the unsubscribe link in the emails they sign up for voluntarily.

Ah, the irony.

Crowning part of all this is they don't know they're getting me more biz, and if I tell them, they don't believe me, and (by their acts) give me MORE fodder.


Like a certain “Glyn Scofield” I write so much about ... Hehe.

But really, when I see these statements I think the following (in no random order).


Joker. Joke job (is that even a term, hehe).

Idiot. Bozo. And so forth.

I mean, really. How hard is to unsubscribe?

Or get the message for one that I ain't here to dole out freebies?

Pretty hard it would seem for most people, hehe.

And the vibe I get off it it this.

A “crying” vibe that says Mama's boy didnt get what he or she wants, and so ... (or, they're offended by something or the other).

And this is precisely the sort I don't market to.

And precisely the sort I do NOT want on my list, or anywhere near me.

Some folks have questioned me why I remove dthem from social media etc, making my circle even smaller.

Simple bro.

When you cut out energy drags and idiots you do NOT Want in your life, guess what replaces 'em.

What you DO WANT!

And on that note, fitness wise. If something ain't working for you, cut it out – NOW. No point doing it to appease the brahs at the gym, my friend. We all know that belly fat ain't going away for one by doing nothing other than gulp down supplement after supplement and do curls to show off those massive mammoth biceps that disappear a day or two after said supplements do, and then it's back to ...

They actually did a movie on that. “English dog in Bangkok” or something. Hilarious movie, but some of the gals were pretty hot, I will say that! ;)

And thats probably why they made the movie in the first place.

OK, enough on that front as well.

To pick up the most “unbozo like” fitness system that truly does work, and gives you results you can only DREAM about, go right here - - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS : - For those interested in getting rid of fat – and QUICK – follow the techniques outlined right HERE – Advanced Hill Training

(And yes, before you ask, it works without access to hills or slopes as well. As I said in the last email, stop arguing (and asking meaningless questions) and just DO the thing, my friend. You might well be amazed!).

PS #2 - Ole Freddie was one of the BEST bosses I ever had, bar none. I did mess up leaving the way I did. Mea culpa ... 


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