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Joe Girard, my friend.

Have you heard of him? Many on this list are voracious reader, and should have …

And yours truly devotes a LOT of time daily to reading – but not junk. I used to be a HUGE fan of fiction, and still am to an extent, but you can count on the fingers of one hand minus 5 how many fiction books I’ve read in the past God knows how many years.

And you could probably reverse that number to get the low down on motivational and inspirational reads.

Now ,the law of 250 you ask.

I don’t know how I came across it today, but it’s been on my mind a while.

Joe Girard, known as the worlds greatest sales man for a reason (and believe me, he didn’t start out great!) coined this phrase, and guess what – when someone like that speaks, you listen.

This guy didn’t just crack sales and marketing.

He cracked the hardest form of sales there is – that being LEAD generation in a highly competitive market.

Its one thing to sell to people that come to you.

That, my friend, is something a LOT of people fail at – for example, at THAT job I keep referring to. (amazingly enough, they faile dat closing even the "pre sold" customers!) 

It’s quite another though to generate leads “out of the blue” and sell to them!

It can be done if you kno whow – sure. I did it for my business.

But at the level Joe has done … well, that takes some doing. 

Anyway, he went to a funeral one day, and he asked the funeral or mass director or something how they knew how many cards or what not to print for the attendees.

The answer was instant.

“Experience” , said the dude. “Approximately 250 people show up for this type of event”.

Then the great man researched weddings.

Same thing.

“Approximately 250 from the grooms side and 250 from the bride’s side usually”, he was told.

Now, WHY he wanted to find this out is beyond the scope of this email.

But the fact isn’t.

And the conclusion is this, all of us over the course of our lives, at any certain point know approximately 250 people that we can “influence in any way, shape or form”.

Even the Bozos, though they don’t know it. Hehe.

And while I am certainly not telling you to market yourself to “everyone” for fear of not offending those that don’t get it etc (actually I’m telling you the OPPOSITE), ther eis a very valuable lesson to be learnt in terms of what Joe says.

And, what I want you to do now is to take that little snippet, and see how you can apply it to YOUR life – relationships – business – whatever!

Ah, but fitness you say.

Well, it’s strange how it works.

I never thought of it this way.

But those workouts I did that got me in the best shape of my life?

250 odd pushups (NO, I did not have this law in mind!)

Divide the number by 60, and you get FOUR hours – roughly the time I spent hiking hills during those LOOOONNNG workouts!

Or, you get 40 minutes. Which is roughly the cumulative time most of my workouts these days last for, if even that.

I’m sure I could think about it and find many odd ways this number applie sto me.

I’m sure you could too!

But either way, something to bear in mind , and an interesting little ole tidbit, would you not say?


Anyway, think about it – and be sure to grab Animal Kingdom Workouts while you’re at it. 250 seconds might be a stretch to last in some of the workouts when you first begin, but if you can DO ‘em for that long – thats a solid start!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – 250 seconds is about say … 4 minutes. Yes. If you can do Animal Kingdom Workouts NON STOP for even 4 minutes when you first start – guess what – you’re in elite company already. Modern day men would be hard pressed to do more than a few seconds, even the Joe Schmos at the gym on fancy machines and split routines and babes and babettes aand what not!

It’s just that.

Cold, hard logic.


And the reason that most SJW’s and Nazi feminists (and if you’re one of them, believe me, you ain’t alone. The list of my haters is far, far, far longer than those that can’t get enough of me, hehe)

(Yes, it’s true).

And anyway, why they hate me so much isn’t so much my penchant for getting to the point, being brutally honest and saying it like it IS.

Not for calling people out either necessarily.

It’s for saying what THEY don’t want to hear in a MANNER that THEY don’t like (because they find it offensive).

Por ejempelo, the ole discussion about “I’d rather learn English from a white person” that a friend (we won’t name him here, hehe, but you on the list KNOW) made to me.

“If it’s Mexican food, I’d rather have a Mexican cooking it!” 

“So, I don’t blame the Chinese for wanting white people to teach. “Real” English”.

Now, I love me a bit of rabble rousing and controversy, and I do it all the time.

But when it borders on the absurd and insane?

I’d rather stay away.

Like dude, get real.

Are you saying I’m a better cook of Indian food than all the great WHITE chefs that cook it?

Hell, I can’t even cook me a damn tortilla, let alone Indian food!

Are you saying that Chinese raised and born in the US of A speak “English any less better” than anyone else raised and born therE?

Maybe they do. 

Does that mean no other person of no other race does?

I mean, dude, come on.

Gotta get past the absurd eh.

And when I Called him out on it last yer, he sent me an angry rant (comment) along the lines of “don’t misquote me”.

Well, my dear friend Charles, I didn’t misquote you.

Curiously enough you admitted that in your comment as well.

“Yes, I said that”.

I mean, logic is logic bro.

And just because you “want” people to agree with you on inanity doesn’t mean they will.

Bozo Schofield might.

He does, as you well know!

But even an idiot like that knows the pointless “road” that arguments like that lead to.

Hence why his latest email to me about “I’m not racist! I have black friends!” 

Ah yes.

The typical cloak behind which Hannibal hides.

“I love eating me some French ….(I can’t remember the word”

All the while serving his guests human liver with Cianti wine.


Hannibal – Anthony Hopkins was a CLASSIC.

Not so much Bozo Schofield, well, he’s a classic from the bottom. LOL again. And he loves bottoms, too, so I guess thats a moniker he’ll be nigh on thrilled with.

Bozo Bottom Schofield, ttruly the bottom of the barrel.

No, Charles, you’re not in that category. You never were.

Neither are you in the SJW or Nazi feminist category.

Curiously enough on that note, the real feminists, those that believe in REAL and true EQUALITY and they are a fast dwindling “breed” can’t get enough of me.

As can’t the Latinas either apparently. Hehe.

Or chinese.


Saying it like it is.

And on that note, if YOU (and I ain’t referring to any one person either) wanna look like a movie star, get in the best shape of your life, get that V shape to your back – attract members of the opposite sex like there is no tomorrow, get into STUD like shape that will piss Bozos and tom tommers off no end, and more …

Well, then there MANY things you could do

The Jim Shim ain’t one of them though. And the expanding Belly of Buddha and the Glutenous Maxius of Plenty proves that “adding more weight on to the bar” doesn’t necessarily do squat (pun intended) eithe rin terms of real world strength or looks, or even confidence (hey, lets face it. These bench pressers are ALL wanting to do pull-ups and handstand pushups!).

And the quickest way to get there?

The biggies.

The BIG exercises.



Handstand pushups (or pushups if you can’t do ‘em).

Let me tell you, fella.

ONE workout – a solid workout including the above – will do MORE for you in terms of real fitness than a WEEK or more of moseying around and complaining about machines, plague shague, girl shirl, bimbo shimbo at the Jim Shim will. 

You’ll start to feel it, in some cases, almost instantly.

And as the fat starts to literally fly off your body, you’ll wonder why it took so long to become a convert, hehe.

And I’ll be standing there to welcome you.

Not with garlands, hehe.

Not with the “hui gwani” these Chinese gals do (hey Freddie, I forgot the Pin yin! But thats what it sounds like!)

I’ll be there with a slap on the back and an exhort to do MORE, not less.

And a kick up the RUMPUS too if you don’t do it, hehe.

And on that very sage (do sages do all this? LOL) note, I’ll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can find out how to do “swami” (a close enough Hindi term for SAGE) pull-ups – Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks.

(And become a super stud at pull-ups while you’re at it too).

I’m not sure if it’s still around.

But way back in the day, these guys were there – best pizza in the entire state of “The Socialist Democratic Republic of New York”.

(The People's Republic is an epithet I save for CALIFORNIA!)

(The PRC no less, hehe). 

While it’s reached giddy limits under their current governor Cuomo, it was bad enough back in the day in 2002, I believe.

There was this STEEP hill there which was supposed to be a hideout for crime gangs and other notorious characters, and hills?

OF course I’d know about it!

But what I didn’t know, coming from the US South, and what the cops later told me was this.

“Don’t go there alone”, was what one friendly copper advised me.

(and my then girlfriend).

Why not, we asked.

He told us.

“Even the cops don’t show up here without an army”, he laughed (curiously enough the same dialog Denzel said in Training Day when showing up in the hood. Of course, Denzel WAS the hood, so thats different!)

And he went on to say that due to restrictive laws etc, the CRIMINALS were roaming around the city with IMPUNITY while the cops?

Did what they could.

And I’m sure any cop, or ex cop reading this will “feel” me.

Not the case down South, my friend, where gun ownership is FAR easier for people than up North and West.

When the LAW abiding people own guns, crime goes down.

The other way around just doenst work my friend.

Try telling the idiot anti-NRA or what not that tho …

Anyway , this ain’t about guns.

It’s about the pizza joint, and an Italian family that ran the BEST damn pizza joint I’ve ever eaten at !


Believe me, while Dongguan has it’s own version of pizza (lip smacking!) - it is NOTHING compared to what I ate up there.

Papa Johns doesn’t come close. Dominoes and Pizza hut aren’t even in the same galaxy.

We made a beeline for that place every tim ewe could.

By taxi, since yours truly only rented a car there on weekends …

Good ole Enterprise Rent a Car, hehe.

But it was that good we made a beeline for it in TAXIS.

During Monday Night RAW!

I still remember GOBBLING the pizza up so quickly one night that my girl at the time looked at me unbelievingly.

“Just three pieces left”, she told yours truly “hog”.

(Worry not. We had a great eatery right next door with the best “orange” chicken wings ever. Some Afghan guys were doing it. Best ever!)

(and we ordered that for her. She loved ‘em!)

(No wonder I became as big as a house despite the hills, lol).

But anyway, point?

Is that these guys (pizza dudes) had a clientile that was LINED up out there in the COLD weather to get their pizza!

It didn’t matter if it rained, snowed, sleeted, or hailed, a combo therein (the year I was there was mild, but I froze my butt off anyway) …

They were THERE!

And the restaurant was TINY.

But guess what.

The dude who ran the place just wouldn’t either get delivery – OR a bigger place.

“It’ll lose the home cooked feel”, was all he’d say.

And though I didn’t get it then (Well I did but not entirely) – now?

I get it!

And he’s right.

The minute he goes commercial and mainstream is the minute he loses his devoted BASE that would do ANYTHING to get at his stuff …

(and his was the best, so rightly so!)

But there’s a lesson in here for all of you (same one I learnt).

My stuff ain’t mainstream – as yet.

(some is, but not the bulk)

Most people scoff at it (while remaining Bozos, while the rest of us that get it go on to get in the best shape of our LIVES at BREAKNECK SPEED!).

But yours truly actively tells people that ain’t got it to STAY AWAY – much like pizza dude told those who complained about “no delivery” to go to Papa’s or what not.

Did it hurt his sales tho?

Not an inkling my friend.

Same thing for me.

But guess what.

One of my GREAT, best customers Charles Mitchell once told me that “if I make my stuff easier, I’d appeal to MORE people”

(This is in response to an email about people that don’t get it!)

But Charles gets it!

“But that would mean changing who you ARE!”

And he’s right -and he said it better than I ever could.

Hard hitting info in a decidely NOT Fancy package – and NOT cheap either my friend.

Thats me.

And that stuff delivers RESULTS, if you just do it.

And if you don’t?

That little “unsubscribe” link be a beckoning, hehe.

Anyway, enough on this.

Get the BEST damned fitness system right now – right HERE

I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and jump yourself fit right HERE.


I loved it back then too!

But I didn’t do much about it, hehe.

I was being kind.

Which I always am to EVERYONE unless they prove they don’t deserve it.

To be honest, it’s been very few people in my own circle that have been that way.

I might not GET ALONG with Charles (the friend) for one.

(he probably hates my guts in some regards too. And that fine!) 

But would I ever troll him – spread lies – baseless rumors – or misinformation about him for one?

OR any of the other people I have “disagreements” with?

( dont think HE would either)

No way, Jose.

No-one deserves that.

Not me. Not you. Not no-body ..unless they’re Glyn Bozo on Drugs and in A** Schofield, both in their wild dreams and fanciful imaginations which “peter” (pun very much intended!) out at the mere THOUGHT or “requirement” of doing something.

The bozo often bitched about the women I attracted.

You know what “C…..” ( I won’t mention the name, hehe) said about him once?

(I’m not mentioning the name because Bozo knows TWO people by that name)

“Maybe she wants more than your tongue …. …. A**”

You get the point, LOL.

Maybe they all did, not to mention he’s a pyscho from hell and even Hannibal would run for the hills.

But anyway, I trie helping him. A LOT.

More than other people.

Listened to his madness, couseled him for FREE, gave him valuable advice, and what did he do?

Well, a scorpion never changes its colors, and my bad, perhaps for thinking that this one would. He CAN be extremely persuasive while playing the “lost little boy” role. Perhaps thats why (well thats one reason) he’d on the lam – he’d never last a MINUTE (and hed love picking up the soap too. Hehe).

But anyway … I still remember it.

The first time I sent him (he didn’t know it). 


I had a bad feeling.

Right there and then.

But I ignored it for once.

Big mistake.

“I write books on BDSM too” I told him.

Just to see what he said.

And true enough, he and another person “wanted to read ‘em”.

No prizies for guessing who the “other person is”.

But that little angel on my shoulder, perhaps a female one (I know, Glyn. Poor you, wanking that wanker LOL) told me NOT To.

I didn’t.

Good I didnt/

Or he’d be having a field day there too.

But then again, on second thoughts, maybe I’ll put the URL here.

I would SO LOVE a sales boost like I’m getting on the fitness stuff from the Bozo (or “Keith James”, LOL’s trolling) …

“Mate, you’re ajoke! BDSM! Fitness!”


He might have well been on his period. LOL.

Come to think of it he probably was, and as “Mr. Samurai” (as I like to call one of my customers who at the age of 60 PLUS can do stuff that would make a man 1/3rd his age GAPE) would say, maybe he “needs a tight slap across the face”.


I love it how English is used in the UK, LOL.

Poor Bozo...

But anyway, my wife and mom often get into it too, and my wife had this to say about my mom.

“She secretly copies a lot of what I do”

Now, you ont his list is well aware of the fact I do NOT get along with either.

Facts speak though, bro.

And my wife might be a lot of things, and might not be a lot of things, but a good MOM she is.

She would do anything for my daughter. Perhaps the reverse for me, but thats ok. I’ll live with it – happy to, hehe.

Because … ;) Well, we wont go there here.

But I would too (for my daughter) so I get it.

But really, and as I told her.

“They only copy or get jealous or fight because they see something in the person in front of them THEY don’t have”.

Sage my friend.

And that bit of crowy self promotion aside, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo chose the picture on Shoulders like Boulders! To troll, because guess what. That LOOK in the eye hit him!


PS #2 – Ditto for “Eat More – Weigh Less”.

As they say, the knife that cuts the deepest. Ah, Glyn, ain’t you just “luvin it”from yours truly COWBOY?

No bareback mountain for me though, sorry, but I know a couple of shemales around in lockdown #2 China I could send your way. That sound nice? LOL gain.

PPS - Daniela, thank YOU for all the translation. You truly are SO nice. THE BEST!

I haven't received any flames as yet (emails, hehe) from my last two posts. 

But I'm sure I will down the line 

How dare I. 

I know. 

But I did! 

Sir, Ma'am, and everything in between. Heh. I DID say it, and WILL say it, and CONTINUE to say it (while supporting YOUR right to disagree too). 

If that doesnt jive, you can piss off right about now ... 

Anyway, something funny about the entire Bozo Schofield sage in hindsight, which is always 20/20. 

His trolling (admittedly racist to a T) didnt just piss me off because I tried HELPING him - and because he did what a scorpion does best i.e. sting back. 

(hence the story of the scorpion and the frog on the other site. Glyn, do up a search and you'l find it. I'm sooooo helpful aren't I, hehe). 

It pissed me off because ... well, it IRRITATED me. 

Now, something that has always been borne out through my whole life in ALL REGARDS is this. 

The shoe never stays on my foot.  

Inevitably, inexorably, that Houdini DOES escape, often at the 11th hour. Usually without ANYONE noticing it, and he resurfaces the same way. 

Except when HE puts the shoe on the other foot? 

Well, my friend ,much like the POWER handstand pushups build like I wrote about on the other site , that shoe STAYS PUT. 

"Dhai Kilo Ha Hath" (the 2.5 kg HAND that speaks with FINALITY and BRUTE FORCE, as the INIMITABLE Sunny Deol once said ...) 

But anyway, point is this. 

If you're pissing people off by saying it like it is - guess what. 

It's not because you're wrong. 

IT's because what you say CUTS DEEP and hits 'em where it hurts (such as what I Said about the many flaws, most self made of a certain country in past emails..) 

(Ditto for what I say about China) 

And fitness wise, same thign and why I dont care (actually ENCOURAGE) unsubscribes from ALL my lists, even the other business (except there I do so in a different manner, hehe). 

Because if doing pushups and your insistence on them being the best darn exercises enough pisses folks enough to troll you or send drunken remarkes, guess what. 

You're doing it right. 

When you tell the "weight rules" bozos that squat over 300, but can't do 15 Hindu squats without not being able to walk for days, or get into a special squat position yours truly has made WORLD Famous ... well, they get pissed. 

Because they know what you're saying is RIGHT. Hehe. 

And when you tell the duffers that wanna do pull-ups but cant, well, same thing. 

Case in point what a former friend sent me about pull-ups. HIs drunken rants weren't so much drunken as IRRITATED. 

BEcause what I said - HIT THE SPOT. 


And I've never shied away from bringing it up ever since. 

Same person bitched up a storm when I wrote about China and it's military aggression against India. 

How dare I say anything about his China. HEhe. And he ain't Chinese! 

A person on LinkedIN said it the best when he said these dancing monkeys have pained themselves into a corner where they literally HAVE no place to go other than China, and so even if someone else talks about the country and NOT them in any way shape or form they feel compelled to jump in to pseudo-jingoistically defend both their and their adopted country's non existent honor. 

Sad, but true. Especially when NO-ONE needs to be without options, least of all not being able to return home. 

Unless it's Bozo Glyn on the lam from cops for running into a brick wall or what not when driving stone cold DRUNK. 

So he says (brick wall). 

Judging by how SCARED he is to bring that topic up, I'm not so sure it wasn't more. I dont know, of course. But ... 

Anyway, enough on the Bozo. Ugh. 

To get the BEST in fitness go right HERE

And get started rightaway!


Rahul Mookerjee

I saw a post from Chloe, that lady I once brought up here on my LinkedIn (I should say “Shinked-In”, hehe) which said something to the effect of “boss logic being his opinion is right, and yours is wrong”.

Now, I’ve dealt with this sort of rubbish a LOT back when I worked a full time job, most notably with THAT job where after the initiual euphoria of sales galore for the boss wore off (although I dont know – it wouldn’t have for me! Big mistake!) he kept “disagreeing with me”.

Which was a pity, because ... that relationship could really have gone places and in his heart of hearts he knows it, though in public I’m sure he’ll turn it around on yours truly and say “it’s your fault”.

Which he DID do during round #2 of my employment there for a bozo like issue which was really not why he was pissed.

He was pissed because I didnt follow “authority” yet got result doing it MY WAY.

So second time

HA! He thought.

This guy NEEDS a job (to be honest, big fucking mistake rejoining, and it was NOT just my decision, but ah, more on that later!) ... lets screw him over and do what we COULD NOT the last time (because last time yours truly was a SINGLE free bird, hehe).

Lots of my problems started not just at home whem I was young (well, they did, but thats a different tale).

They started after making a decision which I recommend MOST men against NOW.

Getting MARRIED.

Live in. Relationship. Girlfriend. One night or ten night stands. And so forth.

But marriage?

Stay away if you want your T-levels to stay where they are, real man T levels – and especially FIRST marriages.

For some reason, a lot of us do better with the THIRD marriage. Perhaps the age difference and the man’s financial status by then has a lot to do with it.


Anyway, where was I.


The logic shogic.

He went off on a rant about how I should be reporting to person number this and that (who didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground to be honest – I mean thats why I did NOT report to him the first time around and even the second time, the boss made the decisions anyway, but anyway – politics. UGH. I hate it. And will not put up with it!).

No matter what.

But point was, his silly logic.

“I’m right, and you’re wrong”.

And I get this so often from people (or should I say “I USED to get it so often”) that I used to get into arguments with them.

Now, for the most part I just laugh at them.

“Ok, I’m the bozo” I tell them.

This seems to please them no end, and end of silly, meaningless, pointless argument anyway.

(for those of you guys getting in arguments with wives etc - tell them this, and watch them literally hit the ceiling. LOL.) 

I have not advised Chloe to do that – maybe I will. Hehe.

Maybe she’ll actually LISTEN for a change.

But either way, I get the same STUPID arguments from the weightliftters and booby pounders (lifters).

Builders, sorry.

But they probably lift and pound ‘em too, hehe. For them that might just be a workout!

Not to mention lifting their own usually ponderous bellies and man boobies. ...

Why are weights better?

“They just are!”

Why are bodyweight exercises useless?

“They dont build any strength! “Everyone”knows bodyweight stuff is just good for endurance!”

Proof please?

“How dare you ask the obvious!”

Proof to the contrary, please!

“Oh, just go away! We all know!”

And it’s that cacous IMPOTENCY which used to irritate me before, but now makes me laugh if you get my drift.

My advice to anyone on this list dealing with such rubbish.


Big time.

And just say what I did, and watch ‘em SMOULDER in annoyance. Hehe.

Anyway, all of this wouldn’t be complete without my “righteous” plug, hehe. Another one of those Settle terms I so love!

HERE is where you can grab the best damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Don’t attempt to convince the BOZOS about it’s efficacy or those that complain it’s too expensive hehe.

They already KNOW it!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up our compilation on pull-ups, one of the best exercises EVER right HERE.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 08:43


As it was MEANT to be lived, bro!

As ... but anyway, flash back time first.

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day (this was REALLY way back in the day), my mother and father finally and grudgingly “reconciled” to the fact their son was “en route” to “spoiling his life by running around in vague places”, and “being adventurous”.

These comments were all made tons of times in some way, shape or form, but luckily yours truly although NOWHERE near as hard headed and HEADSTRONG as I am NOW, didn’t listen.

Like I said, the FORCE was always there within me.

Like a genie, uncorking and unbottling it was what counted. Which I did and do plenty of, hehe. (the bottles).

And anyway, that is probably another reason they didnt want me to go. I remember complaining about lugging groceries up flights of stairs (before writing books about how Chinese damed carry massive and mammoth bottles of water up stairs  (or how skinny cHinese dudes lug garganturan weights up stairs most notably A/C compressrors and such) and why YOU SHOULD TOO – but hey – I was a “Jim Shim at home” addict then!) and the first thing Mom thought was “he’s carrying cases of beer up stairs”.

No I wasn’t.

They were all getting delivered, usually by cut little gals that would giggle and laugh at my ever expanding BELLY (back then).

Nothing if not brutally frank are those gals in China ...

And I love it! (because for the most part they keep it interesting).

Smart girls, really.

But anyway, when they came to visit me, we went to Beijing.

Did a tour of the forbidden palace or what not.

Which was so boring I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to pound BEER.

(which I did later. Four bottles I think ...)

But anyway, during all of this tour and the friendly tour guide showing us around, Daddy made the comment about a gal (curiously enough the birds be chirping agin as I write this! Spirit!) ....

“you can find all that very easily here!”

(I believe after looking at some young dame hanging on to a Westerner's arm or something)

Now, I already knew this, of course.

But he told me.

The tone was in sharp and stark contrast to what he said at the age of 17.

“Those Chinese girls! Beware! They’ll TRAP YOU!”

curiously enough in all my years in America I never once dated a Chinese gal!

Or one of Asian origin.

Was all hot Southern babes, hehe.

(ah, those summer months and the SORORITIES, hehe).

But anyway, point of this is, you ask?

Is, for one that he made the comment without my mother noticing (she was busy arguing over something on some “Tshirt” or some such stuff with another equally crankly older American tourist. Dont ask. I stayed away, hehe).

Or maybe she did, but didnt care.

Probably didnt care.

My point is this tho.

Everyone wants to do it, my friend.


We’ve all been programmed to believe and think life is a drudgery.

Is it any wonder that looking around us right now, what do we see in the World?

Thought, my friend is what changes things.

You were NOT MEANT to “do nothing with your life and be a slave to corporate jobs (unless thats your thang)”.

We ALL have that something inside of us that we want to do.

Precious few have the balls to DO IT.

And the rest complain saying “they have the chance to do it, so they do, but we didnt get the chance”.

Foeey x 10.

We MAKE our own luck, our own CHANCES!

Thats just how it works brah.

You attract it into your life.

Point is, really, live life KINGSIZE.

That isn’t always the easiest way to to do it.

Fitness wise, following the roid monsters in their pump shump dump routines might look like the easiest way out NOW.

Joining a bozo job might look great for someone that is “down and out” (or thinks he or she is).

In the long run, is that what you really WANT?

Get after what you WANT, bro, not what they say you should want.

You KNOW you want to do pull-ups galore and be called “pull-up champ” or “You have that X taper to your back” or “you look like a movie star”.

You KNOW you want the Jim-bo Bimbos to GOGGLE as you crush their hands with that GRIP ship.

And you KNOW, nothing compares to the feeling you get from cooly and casually pumping out handstand pushups right there in the gym, right under their very NOSES!

(or, in the park outside bathrooms with dogs licking your nose, hehe).

Get after it. NOW.


You got one life, bro.

Do it – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Really. Just DO IT!

George Bush II and his Presidency aren’t anything I’d writ ehome about.

Bush isn’t on the list of people (a very short list though!) I admire, and wish to emulate (or should I say those people that have traits I’d wish to emulate myself).

But I’ll always remember the “mano a mano incident” when young Bush (at the age of 40, hehe, if I’ve got it right, but perhaps I’m wrong!) showed up drunk one night to the home ranch, and when his dad asked him about why he ran over the neighbor’s trash, the challenge was issued.

“You wanna go MANO-a-MANO right here?”

Now, I dont mean to say that physical violence solves all. FAR FROM IT!

But, what Bush said and did was REAL.

You know, the way in which it was done, and the way “it came out!”

Bush was nothing if not a colorful character (a term my mother loves to use).

Albeit in a mournful manner, as if it was something “bad” ...

Sports cars, heavy drinking, drug usage, lots of women ...

Hmm ....

Sans the drugs and sports car (some of the ones I’ve driven have been anything but sporty) yours truly comes to mind. Though I’d probably outdo Mr Mano a Mano in the girl count, but who knows!

I never counted, hehe.

But anyway, growing up, there was this Indian actor my mother often took a “liking to” in a strange sort of manner, apparently because his “mustache was manly”.

I was at the age where macho men should appeal to me the most, but for some reason this dude?

He seemed cool, but that was about it. The mustache certainly didnt seem “manly” or what not to me.

No accounting for taste eh.

And a comment, which according to my father, she will “never live down”.


But anyway, point of this?

Is that colorful characters in my family have always been people that are “secretly” watched.


“Whats he up to!”

“How much money does he have!” (this ONE question burns in my Mom’s mind so much so that it creates all the other friction, hehe). Only she can’t ask outright. Gone are the days when yours truly “not truly in the know” would tell her what they paid me at the job-shob ... so far gone I dont even care to remember!

(A certain girl Sophia went so far as to ask me this the FIRST time we met. But at least she made it interesting. Nothing if not interesting and colorful are most Chinese gals I've met, hehe, so FAR away from "plain and staid" that I cannot even begin to tell you, but back to it..) 

Control is what it’s all about.

And yours truly “bad boy” and “Colorful” has NEVER been one to be controlled.

At least for the long term.

That bird ultimately and usually gets back to doing what it does best.


And as I had a dream of me last night (curiously enough) doing just that, fly, I’ll write about it now!

But anyway, those bad boys are also the same people women secretly LOVE – and men “aspire” to follow many of their traits as well.

Let’s face it. We all do!

But you wouldn’t want him dating ... or marrying your daughter, or sister. Would you?

(So said a nutty feminist once. "Rahul, you'd make a great party guy, but I wouldn't introduce you to my friend that wants to get married!"

Hey. We were discussing GOOSE and GANDER. Not marriage. Not relationships! 

My response? 

Hun I never ASKED to be introduced. 

Not like I got a shortage of girls around me anyway. 

Perhaps thats why she said it anyway. )


I dont know.

I wouldn’t care so long as he had a good heart.

But thats me!

Anyway, colorful lives and bad boys aside, thats what I love so much about my fitness system bro.

They make you feel not just like a BADASS.

But FREE Too.

Free like the bird you were MEANT TO BE.

Free from all the BS.

Free from unwanted WEIGHT!

Free from ... health issues, and poor energy levels and so forth.

From “Dud at pull-ups” to verifiable STUD, and then SUPER STUD and beyond.

(Papa the Pull-up Champ!)

ditto for handstand pushups ...

(Mr Handstand pushup).

Or, simply getting in the best shape of your life.

(Advanced Hill Training, 0 Excuses Fitness, and HILL climbs. - - “You look like a movie star!”)

And so forth.

I dont know about “Jim Shim”, but can he – or they give you a single benefit that compares?

If there is, I haven’t seen it as yet.

And no, I won’t go (or ask to go) mano a mano with you if you tell me, hehe. Trust me. I’m not that wild anymore – well, not most of the time!

I am deep down inside though.

As an aside, and on a funny note, even when I do NOT say that, and merely say things to defend myself when people try (emphasis on “try”) to attack me, then said people feel threatened.

Absolutely hilarious if you think about it.

Anyway, I’m back to lollygagging around and doing not much of anything since my computer finally quit throwing several hissies. Gazdooks!

And you, my friend, in the meantime, be sure to pick up some products right HERE.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Both are equally important ....

But anyway, yours truly has been anything but a “together” sort of guy for most of his life (unless you count the women, hehe, and there have been, well, more than a few...)

But for the most part, yours truly is a LONE WOLF (as his Uncle very rightly pointed out at the age of 19 at a Motel 6 (with Micky D’s opposite to it)).

And this was said on a pay phone no less, hehe. Back when people still used

em. I’m sure they still do. Hehe.


And a loner (so people say).

So say the Bozos too. He touted my “being a loner” in one of the sh-eviews he posted (hilarious to be honest) as if it were some sort of a dishonor.

Truth be told, he sounds exactly like someone I know. No prizes for guessing WHO.

And truth be told, most successful men and women are loners (to a degree).

Yet, are we – or anyone – ever really ALONE?

In our minds, we have thousands of thoughts going on constantly for one.

And consciously or not, we’re being affected by others whether we LET ourselves or not.

Key is to let only the POSITIVE in my friend.

As Napoleon Hill rightly said, the mind needs to be CLOSED to any and ALL influences that might be negative.

Just as one bad apple DOES spoil the cart, same thing for negative influences in your own mind.

We ARE the sum of people we hang out the most.

Workout wise, the Undertaker for one often came to mind during those long hot and lonely slogs up the hill.

Getting in good shape was the last thing on my mind then.

I’d just focus on getting her done somehow, and believe me, it wasn’t no easy task whatsoever in that blazing heat and humidity.

IT also gave me a quiet confidence of “if I can do this day in and day out, I can DO ANYTHING I set my mind to”.

I always had that, but these workouts increased it manifold.

Anyway, it could be Trump telling “me” “Together we CAN, and together we WILL!”

Or, a huge rally.

Or, maybe collective consciousness.

But fact is this Jack. Bro.

That birds of a feather generally flock together, whether in person or not.

The losers, tom tommers, and Bozos and do nothings (and serial refunder’s and those that moan about product being expensive or what not (note – this is different from gettig in touch with me and TALKING to me about it – I’ll listen if you do that!)) usually hang together ...

And the doers hang together, and influence each other too.

For the better.

They uplift each other. Motivate each other to keep going when the chips are, or may seem to be DOWN.

And thats what the main purpose of the 0 Excuses SHIP is, brah.

A COMMUNITY of like minded peopel egging each other on to improve, and move on to greater and better.

As Donald Trump has been doing in his own inimitable way for so long.

We all have our own ways of doing thing, of course.

But truly, my friend.

If you’re ready to hang with the BEST – both life wise and fitness wise -join the SHIP today.

Be prepared to go onward – and UPWARDS – at the rocket speed of LIGHT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Elections? Stolen ones? Trump’s still the Prez, my friend. Nothing is over until it is ... if you get my drift, and I think you DO.

in the entire Bozo Schofield sage, I’ve omitted to mention one thing.

That Charles, the “former” (I assume??) friend who never bothered tot ell me about his antics when he first came to know of them “yeah he sent me a few” was his response when quizzed on it (I didnt push it though ... but ... HA! That elephant like memory ...) and Bozo Schofield don’t exactly have the best of history.

Both of them have had so many falling outs that I could write a BOOK about it, and they probably STILL do.

In fact, a group someone invited me to a while back showed precisely that – Charles laying into the Bozo, which to be honest he has every right to do after the way the Bozo screwed him over and treated him.

Believe me, Charles treated him like a brother, or better.

What did he get in response?

Shit. Backstabbing. Thievery. And more ...

Anyway, The bozo has his own tales on that (all made up obviously).

And if there is one thing they “sort of unite on”, from what I can tell.

“How dare Rahul write what he does about pull-ups”.

“How dare Rahul post articles that criticize the PRC”

How dare Rahul does ... but you get the picture.

Much like the good ole Trumpinator, yours truly is a man that people either love and will die for (figuratively, so please, before the brickbats show up!) or HATE with a passion and will kill if they had half a fucking and fighting chance.

Right (that last part).


(for those people).

But anyway, same thing with my wife and mom and the eternal drama.

Every problem they have between them is miraculously all “solved” within the space of a nanosecond or less when yours truly “wild” shows up between them (IF he does, and if he has the misfortune of doing so).

Hey, what can I say. The common enemy. LOL.

Your enemy’s enemy is my friend, even if thats friend “until the enemy disappears”.

And last I heard, the enemity is still very much there despite the claims to the contrary.

How dare I. I know.

How dare I even think that.

I know.

How dare I even breathe, these people would love to tell me, so much do they hate my guts.

But guess what, boyo.

Thats how I’ve been .

Thats how I always will be, and intend to be.

Thats also how I advise YOU to be.

As Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once told me.

“At least with you I knew where I stand! There is no bullshitting!”

And he was RIGHT.

What you SEE is what you GET with me.

I don’t play games, backstab, run around the proverbial Mulberry bushes, even when “spode” is after me, hehe.

Well, I’ve been known to do it often with a dame in hand. Hehe.

But other than that, back to it.

What you see is what you get.

Brutal, wild, HONEST to a T, and saying like it IS.

And that is how I will be until the day I pass on, brah.

And after I do, the products will remain.

And THEY Will be the same.

THEY will remind you of a man who once “was on this planet” and pioneered certain training methods that the ROW is only waking up to NOW at the time of writing this.

A long haired brutish “ladies man” (yes, they seem to love bad boys, LOL) who “just does it”.

Does what he WANTS.

And so should life be lived, bro.

Anyway, point of this?

You either love my fitness programs, or you dont.

And I’m equally adamant in telling you that there are NO refunds of any nature offered, that the programs are TOUGH and demanding (but they WORK) – that there is NO CODDLING of any nature, no “warming up”, NO Mama’s Boy bullshit, no “Mamsy Pamsy” whining, groaning pissing, moaning, and no Bozo like excuses about walking for miles at 3 am supposedly and still having the “ginormous” Belly of Buddha, man tits and more.

Walking my ass.

In his dreams.

Anyway, thats it from the man people love to LOVE – or HATE.


Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re wondering WHY Gorilla Grip is the book that arouses the most rage and passion in my supporters and haters, worry no more. The reason is explained right above, hehe. And grab the book while you’re at it – best ever!

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