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I know that sounds strange, but bear with me - and yes, I didnt so much "learn" as it reinforced what I already know (and do). 

But anyway, I bought a different "style" (flavor) of toothpaste from the one I normally use. 

For whatever reason, I've been wanting to buy this one for a while. 

I dont know if it's the blue color or peppermint or what not - but the ad just "struck home". 

More than that, China colgate (at least the ones Ive bought) with that color have always been super good, and being I was buying the same brand? 

I figured it would be GREAT. 

Upon opening the pack though, and trying it - it wasnt. 

But looking at the ad for it, would I buy it again ? 

I'd probably be tempted to yes for whatever odd reason, even though I know the toothpaste ain't that great!

But anyway, thats a very very rare example of marketing done right - or maybe it just hit home in terms of the color combo etc for me, I dont know. I've never seen most people in China use the brand of toothpaste I do, so ... 

But it brings to mind an interesting point. 

Those people - and I'm talking not just fitness books, but everything in general - that talk and market a big game, but their product falls FLAT on their face. 

Those people that invest a ton of time and money into taking "the perfect picture", proof reading their book about a bazillion times, making sure the cover is a piece of art, and thereforth ... 

Yours truly, my friend, has always been the exact and polar opposite. Overdeliver while UNDERPROMISING  - and this holds especially true for the fluff etc like pictures, book cover etc. 

I always laugh at people who say "covers matter a hell of a lot" to the exclusion of CONTENT. 

True, covers sell - big time. 

But the sort of person that judges a book by it's cover and that alone is an idiot in my opinion. 

I'd rather customers like I have who know that despite there being no fluff or filler in the books, my books deliver. 

Despite the covers not being fancy in the least. 

(Most are black and white!). 

Despite no fancy showboating, showbiz style stuff etc ... 

And I'm only getting MORE this way, as you can see from the cover of Profound Handstands

Or the cover of Battletank Shoulders, or Shoulders like Boulders!

Would I sell more if I made the workouts easier, and SOLD OUT (in my view)? 


Would I sell more if I gussied up the book covers etc? 


Truth be told, I could care less about any of that and therefore I will NOT do it. 

I want the covers, the books, everything to emphasize my bare bones BRUTAL training style. 

And they do! 

And that, to me is what really matters - along with the results. 

And my very best book ever is a prime example of just that - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

If you haven't got it as yet - you'll want to do so NOW. 

Truly spectacular!


Rahul Mookerjee

It may sound completely counter intiuitive, and maybe it doesnt, I dont know. 

Maybe it sounds elementary, Watson. 

(that last bit about Watson rang so true for reasons I wont mention here!) 

But elementary or not - we have ALL been guilty at one time or the other of not just not doing it, but doing the precise and polar opposite. 

Me, when I first started making money off the fitness business all those years ago for one.

I dont even mean "big" money. I mean any money. 

And when I first started making sales off the site and other sites I have, my first thought wasnt what I just told you to do. 

Incredibly, and this might sound familiar to YOU, I'd use the cash for what I needed at the time or thought I wanted. 

This doesnt mean the business failed or anything. 

Quite obviously not. 

Other hand, for long periods, I'd notice that while I'd do well, I wasnt quite reaching the levels of sucess I desired. 

Now, to me succes is a journey more than the destination. 

I realize most may not think I'm right on that one, and thats fine, but there is a reason I say what I am. Believe me, think about it yourself, you'll know what I mean. 

And you'l likely agree, but for long periods, I "felt" I wasn't quite getting there. 

I can very confidently and unequivocally say this NOW - that the #1 overriding reason other than mental aspects was this - I wasnt doing what I just told you to do. 

Incredibly, the minute I started to do this, all other things fell into place pretty much. 

And as the sales graph keeps shooting UPWARDS, I gotta write this to you - in the hope that someone out there who is starting what they might think is a "side gig" sees the potential in it - knows what to do and what not - and knows the truism of "aggressively REINVESTING". 

I have said it before, I'll say it again, and it bears repeating. 

Feed the business first and foremost no matter WHAT else needs to be done, and I mean what else. 

Naturally, you dont starve yourself to death doing this. This doesnt need to be taken to extremes, but skipping out on the nightly beer for one is a sacrifice you can damn well make, my friend - along wth many others - if you're serious about what they call LASTING fitness.


Did I just say fitness. I meant success. 

But really, it applies to fitness too ie. give your fitness the time and attention it DESERVES. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Don't make it the last thing to do - make it the FIRST. And you'll rich REAP - reap rich - REWARDS if you do it this way. 

The above isn't the whole key, of course. There are plenty more, and the first edition of Zero to Hero contains the most important onces. Check the book out now if you so choose. 

On the other fronts, I just put out another edition of Rolls Royce Fitness - with a few changes I'll talk about later. 

Let me just say though that the "before and after" pictures is a truism you shouldn't ignore either. 

Neither is the "before - before - after". 

What do I mean? 

Well, patience, I'll reveal all, along with a rather idiotic review for the book as well. Hehe. 

But for now, here's a decent question from "Jonathan", who is an Advanced Hill Training fan, but wants to know why I dont have a "videos only" feature for the Rolls Royce of fitness. 

Well, not entirely a bad question, but the reason is simple - one, because I've never had requests for videos and not the book. 

The other way around - all the time. 

But just the videos without the book doesn't make any sense for most people. The COMBO is what does. 

And so despite having paperback only options, despite having paperback PLUS digital download options, despite digital ONLY options, there is not and will not ever in the forseeable future be a "videos only" option. 

If you've bought the book from elsewhere, and want just the videos NOW, well, contact me and I'll finangle another option for you. 

(as I did for Jonathan). 

And second reason?

Well, even though the videos have been very very well received indeed, and people have asked for MORE - personally, you know me. 

Mr Caveman isn't exactly a fan of videos ... 

That said, I'll probably do some in the future for Animal Kingdom Workouts and the books on pull-ups, but truth be told, I prefer the written word. 

Yes I realize that dates me, and I realize the "world is going digital and video". 

But there are tons of Dinos like you and I out there as well that prefer paperbacks, like DVD's the old fashioned way and so forth, so I'm not so concerned about which way the world in general is going. 

And, in any case, I've always done the polar opposite of what the "sheeple" in general do, hehe. 

It's served me very well until now, and I don't see myself changing anytime soon!!

Alrighty then , thats it for now.  .  .  

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness here - it truly WILL turn you into a beast, a PURRING one at that .  . . !

Look at any of the achievers of YORE, my friend - or today, and you'll find one common strand (after persistence). 

ALL of these men and women usually got off to an ultra rocky start in life, and dealt with more problems, nuisances and hassles than the average person does in 10 lifetimes, or 10 people do in 1.

Indeed, some of the things the DOERS and therefore ACHIEVERS have dealt with and overcome to get to their ultimate levels of success (and beyond) are beyond the comprehension of "ordinary" mortals who just look at them "now" and never believe such things such as being homeless, having no money for years and such could even HAPPEN to these people, supposedly born with a silver spoon in their mouth and with "God's hand seemingly on their backs". 



Just shows you how little the average person knows about real success. 

Napoleon Hill said many times in Think and Grow Rich and his other outstanding work that "there is a Guardian to the gates of success that doesn't let people pass easily". 

Men are tested - tested - and then again. They are put through all sorts of discouraging and depressing circumstances, and so forth. The Universe lets NO-ONE enjoy great success without going through great tribulations - and those that cannot take it simply do not MAKE IT. 

There is no easy path anywhere for anyone to "become a millionare by so and so age", as I've seen several idiots (one being the "Chloe" I wrote about last month or sometime) whose apparently now got "Billionaire by age 40" on her LinkedIn profile! 

I wonder why she felt the need to put that on there? 


Probably the same reason the Bozo told me he's a pound millionaire "out of the blue". lol. 

But anyway, as we enter the "fifth" day without emails to some lists - hell, sending less than at least six emails a day is UNTHINKABLE for me - and has been for years - and as several other interesting things happen, I'm thinking . . . 

First off, I'm hardly worried about a temporary blip in email on this site. 

Sure, I could "jimmy" it. 

Ther eis an easy fix, but I ain't gonna use it. I've seen several houses built on flimsy foundations "seem to stand" - but ultimately fall. 

Ya'll know one damn thing. 

IF I do something, I do it right, or not at all, so we'll wait for the issue to get sorted out in full. 

Funnily enough the 0 Excuses Faithful haven't complained - not one. 

Neither have the Bozos, with eyes firmly fixated on backsides and this site. Hehe. 

That don't mean we won't get back to email. 

It just means, people will LOOK for ways to follow you if they really want to, beyond the obvious. 

Anyway . . . my computer issues have gotten resolved miraculously, almost out of the blue, and it's been almost a week on that too. 

And you have NO idea how annoying the computer was for the past three months! 

The Universe doesn't just grant "situations and problems" - as Napoleon HIll said, every adversity, every temporary defeat carries within it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit (not the flower of full blown success, but the SEED from which said success may be said to bloom). 

And beyond the computer, there is another huge, huge Positive in the "no email" situation that I may explain later, or may not . . .

But anyway, fitness wise, and life wise, if I had stopped to wail on the "deck of cards" I've been dealt, admittedly shittier than most then I would not be sitting here writing to you, running around China with God knows who, hehe, and all the other things I get up to. 

I'd be a washed up, "never has been" drugged up Bozo "beyond repair" lashing out at man, animal, or anyting he can see to "alleviate the inner pain". 

Well, I wouldn't quite say "beyond help" - but I certainly wouldn't want to coach someone like that!

And again, I wouldn't BE coaching if I paused to dwell on (permanently) that deck of cards I've been dealt. 

Brings to mind a movie series "The Marine" (I think they had seven installments). 

In III, I believe, an ambitious young Marine known for saying it like it is, doing well, and sometimes "doing first and asking later" (my sorta chap!) gets into trouble. 

Senior officer looks at his "rap sheet". 

"In and out of school, troubled childhood, tough life" (something like that) - he says, without looking up. 

"Yes sir", responds the Marine. 

Officer looks up with a "see how less I care" look. 

"You've had it rough. Some of us do". 

He didnt say "so what", but he might as well have! 

Thats the attitude to have, my friend. 

It's one thing to temporarily bitch and moan, but to dwell on the deck of cards the Creator has dealt us - well - exercise in futility. 

You'd be far better off concentrating on the fact that the greatest successes came from the most unlikely sources and people and in the most "resistant" of environments. 

Where there is a will - there is a way. Always! 

And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If I can do it, remember YOU TOO can! Start with the Rolls Royce of Fitness right HERE

Words, my friend are indeed powerful. And we should choose 'em wisely!

Those of us "in the know" either consciously or subconsciously do. 

But though I've been in the know on all of this for most of my life, even I've missed certain things. 

Back a few years ago - yes - not that long ago! - I'd think that when someone told me "I'd love to read it!" that they WANTED the book I wrote. 

This happened with 0 Excuses Fitness for one. 

Two people - friends - told me "they'd love to read". 

Years later, they've probably either forgotten they have the book or that they never read it. 

Then there was an idiot who claimed she'd read it and give me a review. 

Another rookie mistake on my part, I admit it. But that was years ago! 

Of course, she did NEITHER. 

And it wasn't necessarily because I "gave it to them for free" or what not. 

True, most of us don't value what we get for free. 

Hence the prices on my product being HIGH. Hence why I STATE it upfront. 

(Of course, a certain select bunch of doers would probably USE free information with gratitude - I did this for years - but anyway, everyone doesnt think that way!). 

My wife and daughter were getting into it the other day, I believe - about my daughter "running her mouth too much" about what she does at home, how good she has it, her ":knowledge" (she knows way more than the average kid her age) and so forth. 

On this one, I support my wife. 

I once told my daughter - well, I have given the analogy in the past - and I did this by putting two glasses right next to each other. 

"Imagine one full and one empty, or sort of empty", I asked her. 

Now, what happens (and I told her she was the full glass) - - I asked her if people keep MOOCHING off the full glass? 

What is mooching, my little one asked, I remember. 

OK, Siphoning! 

She didnt know, so I taught her the meaning. Hehe. 

But anyway, a colleague in China in 2003 once told me the same thing about the "all foreigners are rich" and the locals trying to mooch off them with a "full well and everyone drawing from it until the well itself is DRYER THAN DRY" mentality". 

And when my daughter got it, I told her that most people are just massive ENERGY drains, and therefore, while it's fine to socialize and fraternize, it's NOT OK to tell everyone, and indeed most people - your goals, desires, dreams etc. 

"There's a lot of Bozos out there", I finished off with. 

"Dad, can't you ever use language for kids", she scolded me. 


But she repeated the Napoleon Hill saying of "Tell the world what you're going to do but show it first" and then asked me "Why I kept repeating it". 

And I repeated the Claude Bristol saying of "Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, lead to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen!

Some of the best education you can give your kids other than the rot they fill their brains is stuff like this. 

Anyway, back to wording. 

Now, the "I want it". 

EVERY time a custome rhas said "I want it" - they have DONE it. 

John Walker from the UK once said "I want to own all the book". And I've no doubt someday he'll DO IT!

People use words often without being conscious of it, but even those that know the difference and dont mean one but say it as if they do - well - sorry, but the VIBE shines through. Everything you say and write has a huge VIBE coming off it!

And thats why you see "I WANT IT" "NOW" as the order buttonfor all my courses. 

I dont want wishy washy lukewarm idiots with "I'd love to read it" because they never will. And if they get the course, they will never USE the information in it. 

Instead, thats what I want To REPEL. 

And I think I'm doing a pretty good job of doing that. 

And if you after reading this consider yourself a DOER in life - and are so pumped you can't wait to get "some" - then go HERE, my friend. 

And I'll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, that link is HERE. GEt you some now and get cracking TODAY. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 07:10

"Money is written on your FACE!"

My lovely (or not, you decide, hehe - and no, yours ain't different either. As Glenn from Australia - a great, great, GREATTTTTTTTTT guy said - I love Aussies in general - stellar DUDES and SAY IT LIKE IT IS REAL MEN! (except for the China tom tomming bozos from there) "they're all sisters living in different houses") wife once was discussing money with me. 

Or the lack of it, according to her. 

I think this was back in ... again, I forget. 

Maybe 2000 something, or really, I can't remember - maybe that same time when those kids pointed at me climbin up the hill and did the "rich foreigner thing" (no, they don't do that to ALL Expats). 

A feeling. 

Every time I go to India, people "react" to me differently - why? 

I'm as Indian as they are (at least outwardly) . . . 

But, there's that "feeling" you get. 

Now, I'll write more about that ... but here's the point of this - I was telling her to calm down (losing battle I know guys) - and there was no reason to panic over a payment that was just "stuck" and not "in" as yet. 

So typical ... 

But then I told her about the instance I told YOU about in the last email (check the blog if you missed it). 

She scoffed, harrumped and humphed. 

Hence what I keep saying about "tell the world what you're going to do, but show 'em first". 

Ole Napoleon Hill, the SAGE of all SAGES along with Claude Brisol "Go, but tell no man!" had it SPOT ON!!!!

And then made the following comment. 

(after she scoffed at people following me despite me not (according to her) having a penny in my pocket). 

"Money is written on your face!" 

Is it? 


But it ain't because of external bling. 

It ain't because I wear 10 gold chains and am a millionaire. 

It ain't because I own 15 cars. I used to drive a beat down ole "Zen" at a certain point in my life (I love ZEN!!!) - but other than that, I've never owned a car, and don't feel any lack for not doing so. 

Cars are losing investments to me, and in China you don't really need 'em. 

Unless, of course, you plan on loonnnnngggg road trips there and adventure and driving WITHOUT A China driving license - and I best shut up now, hehe, or I'll reveal too much. 

Maybe I will in my "forked tongue" ways in future emails. 

Ah, the story, the adventure, the FREEDOM, those skies, that ROAD!

"The miles go by like WATER under the bridge!" 

(remember Sly Stallone in OVer the Top driving trucks?) 

Anyway, he didnt have a woman with him, hehe. That one was uber macho, and I love the movie! 

Still watch it sometimes, if just for the tunes. 

but really, I could write tomes on all this, but the point is this - you RADIATE from INSIDE!

You could be stuck in a dingy hovel in Mumbai for one, and you could STILL be peaceful and happy and not "feel lack" despite plenty around you. 

You could be looking at folks with so called outward accomplishments, and yet, utimately, people gravitate to the person that HAS good energy - that does NOT feel lack - and guess what - THAT is the key to ending ALL your troubles forever - even money troubles. 

No, it won't help you end the China plague. 

But it WILL solve those things you have "control" over. 

Anyway, that's the brain dump for now. 

In the meantime, remember our products are top notch, and if you approach them with a "burn a hole in my pocket" mentality, then hang on to the chump change bro. 

No problem. 

If you really think "its too expensive", then keep thinking that way. 

(don't blame me for attracting lack tho). 

But for those of you that understand the term "stellar and lifelong investment" - go HERE - NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is what a great customer had to say about this!

W. T. F. I don't understand either, you're offering a "service" just like a Michelin Starred Chef at a top restaurant, if I want to experience what that Michelin Starred Chef has to offer? I book a table at the restaurant, order from the menu eat my meal and pay the bill whatever it is, after I've eaten I feel satisfied that I've experienced something that not everyone has the opportunity or the means to experience, either I want the experience or knowledge or whatever it is or I don't.
If I do want what is on offer then I pay the price, if the price is too high??? Then I have a choice to make, I have to balance what means the most to me, the experience, knowledge or whatever it is or the money either way the choice is mine.
If I decide the money means more to me than the experience, knowledge or whatever I cannot bellyache later that I've missed out on whatever was on offer and tell the person selling the service that they're wrong for trying to make money from the service on offer.
I cannot understand why some people think nothing of spending a fortune on fine dining, cigarettes, booze or whatever but when it comes to training knowledge and experience those same people expect it to be free, well good luck with that.... 
(I'm chopping part of this for brevity, and including the relevant part) - the various shit heads who feel aggrieved that because you can find "most" of the things you teach online for free? Then you should not charge for your knowledge, experience or skill either.

Well people if that is true then what is your problem? If you truly believe that you can learn all you want/need to know online, then why are you wasting your time writing and sending stupid pointless emails that achieve nothing and serve no valid purpose, life is just way too short to waste it with this absurd diatribe, if however you realise that you cannot learn everything online and you're ready to "really learn" from a master of his craft, then the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee.

Because in most cases, people do them WRONG. 

If you're thinking the "me, me me" way is wrong - then you're wrong, by the way. 

It is about YOU. 

And therein lies the key. 

Did you spot it? 

I bet not . . . 

Words, my friends have a very huge power in how we shape our lives - and how our subconscious which ONLY responds to "feeling laced words" responds. 

For most people, although they do the affirmations dutifully (those that do) - there is ONE key ingredient missing. 

One KEY word missing - and it ain't what you're thinking. 

It aint "will", "want", "will get", "can", and so forth. 

Dont get me wrong - all the above words are UBER important and mega powerful. 

But the real Key? 

Is to think of YOU! 

And I don't mean use the word "you" either. 

I mean change your SELF TALK after you finish your affirmations! 

(Again, this is for those of you that actually want to improve YOUR life). 

Believe me, using the right words for ME made a WORLD of difference to results I was getting. 

Before I used this magic word, my results came - but not and nowhere near as satisfactorily as I'd have liked. 

Once I replaced a couple of words (it just "came to me" as an idea, and I did it) - VOILA!

Things started to flow big time. 

As I wanted. 

And most self help books do NOT get into it. 

Some do, but it's so obvious that even experienced self help practitioners miss it occasionally. 

And it's an SUPER IMPORTANT thing I cover ALL The time in my coaching classes, so if interested - and if YOUR Results at whatever you're doing aren't what youve wanted, or if you want MORE - as you should - then APPLY today, and we'll see what we can do. 

Yes, it won't be "cheap". Or "free". 

But it all depends upon your mindset, my friend. 

And if you've got the right mindset, thats the right place for you to BE. 

Now, fitness wise, same thing. 

Ask yourself this question. 

What do I Want today in MY LIFE ?

What do I Want today in my fitness results? 

What do I want to do now ? 

What do I want in terms of my finances? 

And so forth. 

Could be anything you want - but just ask - and you shall GET (provided you DO, and don't just talk/affirm). 

Now, let me ask you something. 

WHO wants my products

And fitness wise, if after reading this, you aren't saying "me, me, me, ME!" to the question I just posted, I'll be a son of a gun. 

Which I probably am anyway, hehe. 

But the choice is YOURS - but if I were YOU, I know what choice Id ADVISE you to make in terms of fitness - the REAL DEAL. 

The rest, of course, is up to you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, "waiting for the money to come so you can invest" will not necessarily make it come. You have to ATTRACT and FORCE that money to come - much like a shy maiden, hehe. And FAITH - and knowing that you get TEN times worth what you PUT IN - into anything - is key to this! 

Recently, I was reading a book by a lovely writer - Catherine Ponder. 

She was an author I had NEVER Heard of before, and yet - she "talketh sage!" 

Or "seeress", hehe. 

And out of the blue, the thought to write THIS to you - in the midst OF YOUR DAY came to me. 

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I wrote that the 10 Commadments of Physical Success are ESSENTIAL for success at fitness, but they apply to life as well just as much, or work. 

Ditto for what I wrote in the 10 Commandments of Successful SALES. 

And now, let me give you what the title of this email suggests!

I may or may not add notes here in - let's see! 

Most of all, use this email to ponder and reflect on your life - and how it applies to YOU - and fitness, maybe - but life in general. 

The tips cometh beneath - indeed commandments YOU SHOULD FOLLOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here are the tips, as promised. 

1. never neglect life work

2. no price gougers

3. more visualization

4. forgiveness

5. every situation has a positive ...

6. Revenge doesn't work

7. Jealousy doesnt either.

8. "Look within, and you shall FIND"

9. Failure, and the "darkest hour is before the DAWN"

10. Uplift, and the world shall be THY (ine).

I was thinking to "elaborate" a bit on these, but I've done so in all my emails and writings thus far, but for now - ?

YOU write back and tell ME how YOU feel about these! 


Got ya there for a minute, didn't I? 

But really, muscle size, no matter what muscle we're talking bout unless it's the BRAIN - that almighty source of ANY AND ALL POWER IN ALL REGARDS - size usually matters not. 

Unless, of course, it's riduculously small or big ... 

And yeah. I'm talking MUSCLES here, and the ones we can see .... or even the covered up ones, legs perhaps. 

No third legs though. REally. Hehe. 

But anyway third legs and third "wheels" aside (I've often found it interesting how women, by the way, externally adjust a lot better to being the third wheel and seemingly enjoy it - but interally - boy oh boy, they seethe! - while the guys - well, I've never done it - and never would - and those that do - they dont seem to like it that much, unless of course they're "competing" for the samr woman). 

Anyway, thats neither here nor there I'm sure you're thinking, and so am I. 

Here is a email I got from "Allen" no less in the PRC (the trolls do a pretty good job of copying NAMES - as do the spammers, hehe). 

I am Allen, Chinese, I am very good at email marketing, millions of people can receive my emails every day!
If you need to develop a global market, I can help you and will bring you surprising results!

Make a friend! thank you!


I can tell you one thing, my friend. 

Making a friend is the LAST thing on his mind. But it IS interesting how the Chinese badger you for business by saying "just friendship!" and thinking you won't see through it.It's NUTS. 

But, its also one of the thing many email marketers from ANYWHERE attempt to do. Hehe. 

Not everyone is yours truly, uber direct and upfront (except perhaps for the one email a day promise, and you get like 8. LOL) Or more. 

But anyhow, and in fact, "Allen" probably isnt' even aware this email reached me. 

He probably IS aware that the name on the email address it was sent from wasn't from "Allen somebody" - and the WeShat ID he attached was one of those common ID's the entire "office" uses. In another words,a recaptacle for "any and all incoming email". 

So even if I did email this nut back, chances are excellent he wouldn't even reply - before a month or so. 

As for the results he's gotten, I'm sure he'd copy and paste some from the Internt and send me if I asked, but nah - I won't!

Believe me. I worked IT. And I know how they do it!

And as I get those emails of "Sir, we want to build a website for you" I'm reminded of the days where our own guys (the "grunt guys") used to be sitting there spamming the Internet with "one size fits all" messages. 

And then they wondered why they didnt get business!

Anyway what makes Allen special? 

Nothing, really ... 

Except I know TWO people by that name on my WeShat, and of course "Alan" the great guy who left a testimonial for the "Rolls Royce of Fitness"!!

(and, of course, I give you real world sales stuff that WORKS like a charm in any economy HERE - The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

(OK, "Allen" is marketing, and I dont have a book on that out just as yet, but the above will for now).

And more pertiently - I just CULLED - did a massive cull on yet another site list I own which was growing more by the day, and getting less responsive by the day. 

Perhaps I'm a bit extreme in that regard. 

But I'd rather than a tiny very focused and responsive list than "spam a million email inboxes". 

In fact, one of the things I'm always looking to do is CULL - and TRIM - the fat. 

The more I cull, the better I do (and I ain't talking just Advanced Hill Training here - I'm talking life, business, everything). 

Not the way everyone sees it, I know. I realize that there are folks out there that think the person who didnt open the 50th email mayyyyy open the 51st. 


To me, if they didnt open 2 or 3, thats enough for me to hit delete unless there are of course tech issues etc. 

Anyway - back to "large" . 

Muscle size, my friend, has NOTHING to do with strength at all. In fact the really strong guys are usually the guys on the smaller side. 

Such as a person "my size" my buddy from the Marines (a giant!) told me about, who did 200 SLOW "elbows in" pushups without stopping to rest - slow mo!

Now thats super stud!

Remember, all in one set. 

And this pushup is one of the hardest to do that I mention in Pushup Central, but by no means THE HARDEST. 

You'll see what I mean when you get the course! 

And last, but not least - same thing and philosophy I adopt towards my customers. 

I'd rather have a FEW focused and great customers than a ton of nitwits who may or may not actually DO the thing. 

I'd rather sell my stuff to people that will USE IT - read it from cover to cover - then again - then again - then make notes - then read it again for inspiration - tweak the workouts - ask me questions - and so forth - before they do the same with the next book. 

That, my friend, is me - and my type of person! 

And so it goes. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to check out Kiddie Fitness right here - absolutely SUPERB course this for kids - especially during these times of "lockdown shockdown". 

That came out as "platititudes". LOL. 

Never been much of a "ti***" many myself. Always one for the legs, hehe. 

But anyway, frivolity and women aside. Point begets. 

Last year, when the entire world shut down was oddly enough when 0 Excuses FItness really started to take off in ways more than ONE. 

And thats funny, because just as when I started wayyyy back in 2010 without any HUGE amount of products to sell etc (except Fast and furious Fitness, Gorilla Grip, Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! - and Shoulders like Boulders!  - - and even those great courses didnt have everything that the current versions DO), the customers came. 

The list grew. 

To an unwiedly 15000 plus, which I had to trim and maintain ...

And the sales came. 

Incredibly, for whatever reason, I didnt focus fully on it back then. 

Then 2017, 2018. 0 Excuses Fitness. Pyscho Cybernetics. And so forth. 

And I really started to pick up steam, especially during the second year. 

Think about it - I expanded so rapidly within the space of a year that I wondered what I did with all the years I was doing F&F! 

Even more inexplicably, I slowed down in 2019. 

Which may not seem like I did, of course. I still batted out daily emails, did my products sold etc, but SOMETHING was missing. Even I could tell!


And the results are showing, and it ain't about "what I'm doing so much " as the how and the thought processes behind it. 

But I gotta say one thing. 

Even the most succesful of us STOP doing what we were meant to do - and what GOT us to where we WERE in the first place. 

Remember Napoleon Hill and the repeated "disappointments" in Outwitting the Devil ?

You have been a stubbon student! Learn this once and learn this now - that you will find happiness only by helping OTHERS FIND IT!

Sage, my friend. 

And when he finally did accept the fact - voila! The floodgates opened in more ways than one. 

But anyway, point of me telling you this is simple. 

That you gotta put your biz FIRST. 

Ahead of ANYTHING Else. 

Ahead of what the Bozos say and the jobbers want you to do. 

Ahead of what family thinks of it. 

Ahead of what ... and just saying this ain't enough. 

You have to DO first. 

You gotta SHOW the Universe you're serious. 

Part of that entails reinvestment - multiple times and always - into your biz first. 

This might grate with families etc, especially when times are lean (and I've been there!). 

But it just HAS TO BE DONE. 

Takes one to know one, but it takes someone special to keep doing what he or she wants and ultimately get to where they want DESPITE, not because of all the criticism and everything else ... 

But this is about seriousness, and not mere platitiudes 

And you have to DO first. 


Fitness wise, if you want splendid and spectacular results, mere talk won't cut it. 

Mere actions won't either. 

You have to put your life first. Remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH! 

And anyone that tells you otherwise is full of crap. 

Your body is indeed the ONLY Temple you have - that will never ever let you down if you take care of it. 


Like many of my great customers saying "missing workouts is sacrilege". 

You dont do it unless you HAVE TO! 

You do what you have to do - you learn what you need to - despite wives, significant others, and many others around complaining, pissing and moaning about nothing in general. 

You get HER done - first! 

Pun not intended, hehe. 

Although sometimes that isn't a bad idea either, as they tend to complain less thereafter. LOL!!!!!

And that, my friend is the attitue I want in m customers. 

Give 0 Excuses Fitness - the ROLLS ROYCE, truly - of fitness - ALL you've got. 


Ditto for possibly the greatest course of them all - Animal Kingdom Workouts - though there are plenty more! 

Give first. 

Give unflinchingly. 

And you'll be surprised at how doors open up both fitness and life wise! 

And thats it from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Health is wealth should be something EVERYONE should be CHANTING by now, but curiously enough it's the exact opposite. As I see folks that diss exercise, and especially stuff like you and I do falling sick LEFT, RIGHT, and CENTER - and I ain't even talking China plague here - I gotta shake my head. What BE these folks thinking ... 

Anyway, yeah. Work these exercises hard, and you'll turn ito a super human befor eyou know it!

Or, an INDESTRUCTIBLE, ARMOR PLATED beast and a force of nature. 

Thank me later, hehe. 

You're welcome!

(nothing if not humble am I). 

But nah. SERIOUSLY. I dont want thank yous so much as I want genuine testimonials telling me how much my products helped YOU - as I've said ad infinitum - - that, my BROTHER - is what makes it all worth it!

I've been getting the retarded marketing messages on this. 

Folks - if you gotta market - at least do it RIGHT. 

And then they whine and blame things on the economy. 

And of course, as yours truly "selu" sells away, they complain. Hehe. 

Be ... ah, but anyway. This ain't about how to sell. 

But really, this idiotic concept of "one day to really and truly profess your love on". 

We know it as Feb 14. 

In China, they got their own date for it, and then they have "Wo Ai Ni" - or "520 day". 

May 21, I believe. 

"Wo Ai Ni " means I love you in Mandarin Chinese. 

"Wo Ar ling" means the numbers literally translated. 

Ling means ...well, male physical equipment in Hindi. LOL. The Bozo has probably spent and still spends plenty of V-days with that "equipment" if I might say so, hehe. 

But anyway, why have ONE day to celebrate your love? 

China has expanded the concept (ever mercenary, hehe) - to 11/11 , 12/12, and God knows how many other "special days" - all designed to drain that WALLET specially and give you little else other than that "dopamine drip" the Bozos so CRAVE. 

Big time! 

And the same thing for Valentine's Day. 

To me, if you love someone (and that love is as rare as good FITNESS PRODUCTS out there these days - trust me!) - then you do so DAILY. 

You profess your love in ways direct and indirect daily. 

And if you don't the drama and sham of "one day" won't work. 

Same thing for birthdays. 

I dont really believe in the concept beyond a certain age ... 

Why not make EACH DAY special? 

Why not START - and END - each day with VIM, VIGOR, GUSTO AND GUMPTION!?

There is a very good reason I put those words on the Barnstrormer Shoulders page, along with the picture of a THUNDERBOLT, hehe. 

(I still remember my Mom's comment about how ridiculous the thunderbolt looked - to her, hehe. When it was on the bottle of beer I was drinking at the time, heh)

Yours truly loved it tho, and so will YOU. 



Same thing for fitness. 

New Year's Resolutions and other BS. 

Whats so special about the 31st or the 1st? 

I dont think much at all, brah. 

Not to mention most New Year Resolutions fall by the WAYSIDE once made. The dopamine drop and STUPID self congratulatory BS wears off, and in many cases, these people are back where they started. 

Make each day goo d- great. 

Take action towards your goal - - or goals - - daily! 

There ARE some special days in my life though. 

But they've got nothing at all to do with V day or any other commercial bullshit. 

I'll think about them and let you know what they are if you want! Let me know. 

And as if on cue, some spiritual style movie that reminds me of "in flight" music started playing .

Nothing if not in sync with the Universe is yours truly. I was gonna tell the person to turn it down, but now - no. Despite my hate of noise, it's there for a reason! 

But anyway, I better end before I get tears in my eyes. Hehe. I got some now, actually. 

Us tough guys cry, and cry often. 

We just dont SHOW the world, hehe. 

And neither should YOU. 

Back to it - pick up the Rolls Royce of fitness HERE my friend - and start purring like the FIT CAT you've always wanted to be. 

Lithe, MEAN, lean and AGILE - and STRONG! 

LEAP them buildings - in a single bound! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - There is a very good reason the Jaguar is mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training page. See if you can find it! (no, I dont mean the Car either!). 

PS #2 - I forgot to say, turn into a FAT CAT as well if you so choose with the techniques HERE and HERE

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