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I’ve been writing on this for a WHILE NOW ... and I’ve been asking people up and down (those that buy my stuff, and there bE a plenty, hehe) to leave ... REVIEWS!

One of my customers recently wrote back telling me the following.

“Reviews are personal opinion a lot of times, and so I generally don’t leave them as what works for one person might not for another. But with your books, I’m more than happy to shout from the rooftops as to how good they are, because the stuff is REAL, and WORKS! Thank you for putting the best training material out there”.

Now, this is taken from an email – stored in my memory banks. It’s there on the laptop too, but I haven’t dug it out, so it ain’t verbatim.

But that is the sum and substance of what he said ...

Now a few flashbacks (those y’all enjoy so much, hehe. As “Milan” once told me, “You truly dont have a dull moment in your life!”)

So back when I was working a full time job (in China, again!) ... ‘twas time for an annual review (Which was delayed by three months for whatever reason. Isuspect they were planning on how to get rid of me first. Hehe).

It was a scathing review indeed, and “Jim”, my boss (and the VP there) had this to say to me in a consoling and somewhat condescending manner.

“This really nails you to the wall! I hope you don’t mind!”

Me? Mind? I could care less to be honest on a lot of that stuff. I hated that job – but just didnt know how to escape that life, hehe. 

Live and learn!

Then he asked me if I “agreed” with the review. Followed up by “no-one’s ever disagreed with my reviews before!”

Sort of like saying you better do as I say, or else.

Yours truly isn’t the type to cower down in front of anyone, and he knew it.

He was probably banking on the fact I WOULD disagree inwriting, and they would can me that much faster.

No dice, bro.

I just smiled, agreed, and walked away.

Now, in fairness some of what he said on the review was right. Mea Culpa.

But mostly, it was “I dont like Rahul because the HR manager, a snotty someone who was FAT to say the least didnt like the look of me from the word go, and he needed HR more than he needed me so he could keep his “cheap” China employees in line through someone else, and so forth...) ...

Anyway, when one door closes for no fault of yours, a bette ropens.

And it did with Freddie, and in THAT case, yours truly was wrong for leaving “in a huff” as he did.

True. I was young and wild.

But, no excuses. Freddie personally did RIGHT by me, and I probably should have at least left in a more “civilized” manner than I did eventually.

Again, live and learn.

But really, Jim’s whole review boiled down to another thing. And something HE got wrong.

“You wanted to do more”, he said. “We gave you more, and you didnt do it”.


Except he gave me what I did NOT want and ask for

I asked to be put into sales.

Via email. In writing.

And that was ignored.

And ... that was something my employers post all this didnt ignore.

Por ejempelo, “Pankaj”, an Indian employer of mine once when I walked into his office, bored with the “system analyst” job I was hired for and seeing others doing somthing I could do much, muuch better! ... (he was the CEO) had this to say when I asked him if I could do it (much to the detriment of my direct reports).

“Just do it!"

(he didnt say it in those words, but he agreed at the speed of light. Most sensible biz men would if they saw green dollar signs flashing in front of their eyes, which he (and I) did. Hehe). 

And I did.

Bagged a 7000 plus sale my first try.

Wasn’t bad, I’d say!

And then of course, history was made in THAT job where I took the company from “Zero to Hero” ...

But anyway, point of all this is to say reviews aren’t necessarily bad ... provided they are FACTUAL.

Just like my mom’s inane rants about “Your 40, do something with your life” (because I dont do what she wants me to do) clearly shows BIAS and stupidity, the trollish reviews I often get ar ethe same.

And they’re hilarious. Glyn the Bozo, if you’re reading this, please leave more reviews of this nature!

And here goes his latest.

Terrible trash for Tom Toms!

(This for my advanced book on pull-ups).

Review underneath (if you can call it a review).

The author claims to share how he can be a stud, I thought I would try it. My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities. I was just a typical Tom Tom! I wanted to be a stud like Rahul who has no friends or sex life. Sure enough, the book was utterly drivel. I asked for my money back but Rahul launched into a campaign of threats. He is obviously a loner and we hope he will get help.

(This was in response to me referring to him as a China tom tommer, which in addition to all his other glowing (not) qualities, he is. Hehe).

(A s for the workout part, he copied it off the “free” section of the blog and meshed it in with his own unique experience of collapsing in a heap at 7PM after God knows what was on, and then waking up “hungry for more” at 3AM ..)

(And getting booted out of the one room dorm his “paper mill” Chinese university assigned him to be a dancing monkey).

Now, I've addressed this and his other trollish reviews here - Why you genuine customers out there should ALWAYS leave reviews (even if the book isn’t up to your expectations) ( - so I won't do it NOW. ​

But and again, does this sort of thing sound like a REAL review? Genuine? Or not?

I think the answer is obvious.

More importantly though, if you the shopper are trying to decide which book(s) to buy – does it actually help?

Obviously and of course not.

So, and here’s another call out to ALL of you. Some of you have already stepped up to the plate, but this is a repeat call out – to leave reviews in any way, shape or form you desire.

All I ask is that they are GENUINE reviews (Without an “axe to grind” as it were).

Because if you don’t, the bozos will, because sitting in Mama’s basement twiddling their thumbs and sending inane WeChat messages to women they dont know gets boring after a while ...

LOL again.

But I gotta thank Scho the Tro(ll) for his inane rubbish. Not only does it make sales, but some of it makes me laugh – repeatedly. Hehe.

Anyway, thats it from yours truly.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 – Being Glyn is, as a mutual friend told me “obsessed with me”, I guess I shouldn’t ask “if he’s reading this”. The dopamine levels do get low every hour or so from what I hear, and from all the IP’s he trying to read it from after being roundly blocked on ALL. LOL again!

Sage lesson indeed in today’s email, so hang tight and let’s sget into it.

I remember reading this on Ben Settle’s site once ...

“My concealed carry instructor once said that “everyone’s goin gto do what they’re going to do””

(in short)

(and being I read this a year or so ago, I do not remember the exact wording his instructor used – but basically what he was saying was “you can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink”. )

What do I mean?

Well, consider for example yours truly’s long, Jesus like (at a point, and getting there again now) LOCKS.

Complimented by a well hidden BALD Spot, hehe.

Hair that everyone (excepting a few people) have despised ever since I knew.

I remember a highly idiotic teacher in high school (we used to call him “The Watchman” for he was the one assigned to catch those in the habit of “bunking” (sorry, thats an old British term,hehe) class etc) looking me up and down in 12 th grade and having THIS to say.

“You want me to cut your hair off for you, boy!?”

Menacing, imposing. Giggle, giggle.

Or my Dad in eighth grade ...

Or my Mom throwing a fit about it when I returned from China for a brief sojourn in 2006 ...

Or my wife, who makes it a point to boot me to the barber every chance she gets (and she doesnt get many, but she tries).


Even I’m laughing writing this!

But reall,y point begets.

Amidst all this, I cannot recall a time where I’ve had short hair consistently for any length of time.

Regardless of the fact that according to these fine folks – “I look more handsome with short hair”.

Right ...

I highly doubt people would getting their panties in a wad over it if that were to be the case.

And even if that were to be true, so what.

I don’t like short hair on myself, period.

So, I keep it long!

And thats as simple as it gets, and what it boils down. Given I’m hardly parading about nude in public, I think thats an allowance that can be made, no (is what I tell these people).

Not that it does a damn bit of good.

Because guess what.

Everyones gonna do what they’re going to do ultimately.

Me, you, them, everyone.

You can take a horse to water, brah, but you simply cannot “make” it drink.

Fitness wise, thats why I never try and “argue” my own point with people who’re clearly not interested.

When people call me up and try and “draw me” (bait me) into the “Deadlifts are better than pull-ups” idiotic discussion, I dont take it (I used to earlier, but now, no longer).

All you’ll get out of me is a simple “OK”.

And thats it!

For some reason, that infuriates these nuts more, hehe.

Andthey keep trying to press their own point of view to me, and it might as well so much water sliding down a duck’s (or a beached whale’s) back .. 


If someone doesnt want to do something, they wont do it.

Fitness wise, if you here on this list WANT to make something off yourself, and your fitness levels, and indeed life in general, well, I’m HERE for you and then some and I’ll give you all the advice you need – and then some!

But if you’re inclined to do the exact opposite, well, then guess what.

Youwon’t hear a peep outta me.

Because, “they’re going to do what they will, and so will everyone, and ...”

Ah, but wait. We covered that one before didnt we??

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Pick up the best damned fitness system TODAY, my friend.

Ages ago, in 2014 I believe it was, I built a great website for a client of mine.

A world famous model.

And while he hasn't been modeling for a while that I know of, at least not in China, his name etc is very much still there on Google.

Canadian, ex Army (not sure if he was Special Forces, but he might well could have been).

Tall. Strapping. Everything you'd expect of a model ... and as he did the “Namaste” sign while handing me the advance cash for the website I was going to build for him, I was both somewhat flattered and honored by the gesture!

Its the little things that count!

No-one would have guessed it, but him.

Hence what I say about him probably being in the Special Forces. Those guys aren't just “buff”- they're smart too 

Anyway, that was back during my “Fat” and not overly “confident” days if you get my drift.

And the life changing experience (a few months) that I've written about SO much with a certain peron that shall go unnamed here occured just a month later, strangely enough and turned my entire life around, but for then, I remember asking the model.

“Any chance I could ever be a model”, I asked him, laughing in the Metro.


I was expecting him to say NO.

And it wouldn't have upset me in the least if he HAD said that.

Instead he took one look at me and said the following.

“Of course you can! Just make a nice model card etc, get some decent pictures taken and you're off to the races”.

(And he actually sent me a ton of contacts etc to get this done, and I'll always appreciate that!)

And he was right. Years later, and years prior to this as well (my wife when she met me apparently told me the same thing and I WAS in shape then, so...) as people kept commenting about “if I went to the gym” or “you look like a movie star”, or “you have that X shape girls love!” or “your back is built!” I did actually briefly dabble in modeling.

And instantly gave it UP.

Yours truly “cranky” couldn't handle the constant demand for selfies, “looking good”, and the assorted BS that goes with walking the ramp, my friend.

Anyway, point is this.

Another dude I knew at the exact same time in that “Keeping it Real in China” WeShat group I once started was a model too.

South African. Tall. Strapping. Probably not from the military, but there was one key difference between dude above, and the dude I'm talking about here.

First was a FIT guy.

Second was a boobybuilder, who felt one fine day for whatever reason compelled to share the fact (in public) that he'd let his condoms “dry out so he could re-use them” . . . and posted pictures of the same in the group as well.


Anyway, that isnt what I'm referring to here either.

I asked him the same question I asked the other dude 

And his response?

“Do you have muscles? Do you have a six pack ?”

“Unless you go to the gym daily and pump n tone, you can never do it!”

And so forth.

And this same scenario has been repeated several times over my life.

Moral of the story being?

First, business is more about people liking each other (once we get past the core competencies) than anything else. And second, some people will find any excuse to tell you a bazillion reasons why you CANNOT do the thing, while others will do all they can to uplift you.

Curiously enough, or maybe not, the self made lot fall in category #2, not ONE.

And thats why I still occasionally chat with my “once friend” Charles despite our many irreconcilable differences.

There was a period in his life when he was making money doing what I hate, despise and detest with a passion, that being teaching English in China, and I remember him doing all he could to “get me on the train”.

Which I did, of course. But left it shortly after I got on for reasons I've made very clear in past emails ...

If there is one thing yours truly simply WILL NOT DO in China, it is this – teach English there! 

But I still remember Charles telling me over and over again.

“Again, there's no reason why you cant do it!”

And hes right. No reason. Except for the fact I did not want to do it – with a passion!

Pity he didnt apply the same logic to fitness, but hey, to each his own.

And that brings me to th ecentral point of this rather long winded DISPATCH.

Central point #3.

That being, fitness wise, I'd rather be the guy that tells you the many reasons you CAN do pull-ups, for one, and tell you whats holding you back as opposed to being the molly coddler who tells you what you “want to know” i.e. “oh, they're so tough!” ,or “oh, you're not fat – youre just “big”!”

And so forth.

I would rather be and AM the person that would FIGHT for the above and FIND reasons to tell you why you CAN do a certain thing as opposed to cannot. 

Thats just how I've been all my life!

And perhaps thats why I've never had a dull moment in my life, hehe.

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The new course on isometrics is done – except for the workouts part, and me getting all the pictures into the book. Will take another couple of days – but again – I want to make sure I get it done RIGHT the first time around – so rest assured – on the way!

(I am also re-doing some of the exercise descriptions to make it easier to understand from an isometric standpoint – so hang in there, folks!).

You CAN place pre-orders via email tho - here is the sales page for the book -

PS #2 – In the meantime, feel free to pick up the system that will get you in the best shape of your life at “warp speeds” - the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PPS – Been having one of those “annoying days” so far. Is it any coincidence that I got on social media for a sum total of 5 minutes last night, and ... !

UGGGGGH. Pity I cannot avoid it altogether, but I do my best to!

I'm sure to get a lot of asinine response sto my last email ...

to the extent of “how dare I support the rich!”

OR “don't you know times are tough!!”

Or ... “WAH! We need support, not you dragging us down!”

Well, goodie again, but I ain't dragging you down my friend. I'm exhorting you to RISE UP on your own terms and if you're too much of a PRIME BOZO to see this, well, my site ain't for you.

Neither are my products, and I wouldn't sell to you if you handed me money on a PLATTER.

Well, maybe if you put it on a platter, hehe. But NOT otherwise.

Now, whats the point here you might ask.

It's this ... that you SHOULD aspire to be the CEO you profess to hate 

so much.

Let me ask you one thing (this is for the prime bozos, not those that get it).

“Don't you honestly want to live life on your own terms, free of WORRY and STRESS over monety of all things, but other things too?”

Show me a bozo that doesnt answer yes to this, and I'll eat my hat. 

That I don't wear, hehe.

But again.

They're saying it, sure.

But they ar ejust SAYING it .  

Do they really want it?

The majority DON'T.

If they did, they'd do the thing as opposed to whining on social media and doing nary a thing to improve their own lives (look at how many of these people have their own products etc, or a side gig that they actively promote etc (I know, how dare I. Moneeeeee!) and so forth).

How many are actually fit and healthy as opposed to LAZY.

I'd bet not too many at all. Probably 1 – 1 is my guess, and being I'm a math whiz, I'll let YOU figure that one out.

I dont normally use emoticons, but it seems appropriate here.


Anyway, we all hate that we can't (or are too scared to become).

Bozo Scofield hates me because I am what he never was, and never WILL be unless he stops being a troll and low life loser 

The nuts that claim to “lift me up and throw me out of the window” would do better if they actuallyacknowledged they need to LOSE weight – around the MIDSECTION – and therefore get better at pull-ups which they want !

(And if they didnt, they wouldn't be trolling yours truly with idiotic comments).

In short, we hate that we AREN'T, and dont seem to be on a road to be either, hehe.

And fitness wise, same thing ...

Need I say more?

I think NOT, so I'll sign off – for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Zero to Hero contains an intensely personal and motivational story about TRUE HAPPINESS that I mentioned in the last email. In case you're tired of being a PRIME BOZO, check it out right HERE – Zero to HERO!

PS #2 – Oh, and pick up the best course out there on doing pull-ups right HERE. (and HERE if you consider yourself to be “advanced”).

(dont write back WHINING about the workouts being tough. They're tough,a nd they shall REMAIN that way, bro!).

I gotta do it again ... last time. Promise!


And go completely contrary to the advice that most gurus (so called) spout on this. 

You keep hearing “segmentation” and segmeting i.e seperating people on lists to “give them more of what they prefer” to make more money.

And truth be told, there is logic to that.

For instance, if you're selling feminine items, for one, such as bras, underwear etc – you wouldn't want to come across as an uber macho “mysognistic” “male supremacist or “MGTOW” or whatever they call it (no, that last philosophy isnt what I mention in the second – far from it – but most people on the “outside” think it is...) ...

If you're selling products on pull-ups, and that alone, then you probably don't want to be talking about the benefits of lat pulldowns to those on that list.

(unless you want to do something I do VERY often to make more dough, and something marketing related, and unfortunately something most people don't do well at all, so I'll let that sleeping dog lie for now, hehe).

But segmentation isn't the magic bullet it's made out to be.

Nothing is, to be quite honest.

It's about showcasing YOU, if I can put it in one word (or a few) – and I get that most people reading this won't believe me, which is fine. I'm not trying to convince you to do that.

But anyway, on the other site, one person wrote to me about “how he shouldn't have to read about what I was writing about” (I was writing about something RELATED but not what “he liked” or “claimed he liked”).

It's wierd.

Probe people's minds, and you'll find that they WANT the very thing they claim to despise (for instance, the nuts claiming that “weights are where it's at” and that “pull-ups areOK, but the deadlift RULES” while secretly poring over yours truly pul-up books) ...

... And thats people in general for you.

Way, way too scared to acknowledge what they truly want, even to themselves, and thats why when you ask people what they WANT, you'll come up with a blank in MOST cases.

No, “more money” doesnt cut it either!

And back to the topic at hand.

It's impossible for me, for one to talk about pull-ups or getting better at them without talking about PUSHUPS in tandem.

Specifically Hindu pushps and handstand training. (and pushups).

And if its impossible for me, yours truly pull-up “Master” in many regards, you'd better bet your bottom dollar it can't be done.

The two are mutually symbiotic.

Much like if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

And so on both the sites (0 Excuses Fitness and this one), you'll see you sign up for ONE list.

Because fitness is an all encompassing thing, my friend.

And the sooner you realize that, the better.

And those that dont', well, the unsubscribe link is right ther.e

Anyway, enough on that. HERE is where you can pick up Jump Rope Mania! - a course I've been meaning to put out for ages, but dillied and daddled on, but finally got around to a couple of days ago. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the course on pushups as well – goes with the above!

Or realizing it, I should say.

But let me back up a bit.

Yours truly has always been headstrong to an extreme and especially if it is something I want.

No matter how trivial. I'll move mountains to get it, and I'm like a horse with blinders on when it comes to these things.

Always been that way, but it's really been this year, as both my businesses take off by leaps and bounds that I've realized the truism of the above saying.

Mike Mahler, I believe it was, him of kettlebell fame that once said on his site that “anything that came between him and his goal (back when he was setting up his biz) was OBLITERATED”.

Big time.

And in my case, it's been Napoleon Hill's advice of “you truly are the sum of the people you hang out with the most” (or are other wise influenced by through any medium) that I truly took to heart in a BIG way this year (and again, it's not that I did not do thi sbefore – it's just been magnified this year).

And I've made no secret of that, of course.

Now, at this point I gotta say something.

NONE, or at least not most of the people I've “removed” from my life are either “bad” people or unsuccesful, or not motivated to do their own thang, or whatever.

Quite the contrary.

Most are great people.

And a lot of them are wildly succesful at what they do in their own lives whether they realize it or not (and those that dont, well, I've gotten tired of trying to get them to realize it, but thats why, of course I ... ah, but we're getting there!).

But when you're having conversations with people and increasingly feel a disconnect, or a feeling of being used as a sounding box for one, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship.

He knows what he's on about”, is the silent cry that goes on in most of these people's minds, so when they want the real scoop or to rant about somethign they're too scared to do publicly guess who they come to.

Thats fine to an extent.

But when it comes to the reverse case, and yours truly needing to rant, nothing doing (or it has to be done their way or the highway).

Not to mention that the vast majority of people out there subconsciously sabotage not just their own success due to what they've been programmed with, but actively get on the “Crabs in the bucket” train when they see someone really going to town in every regard

And in the past, I'd give these people a slight chance.

These days?

Not a chance.

I could care less.

And it's only by REMOVING all negative influences, deliberate or not, conscsious or not that you can truly succeed at the highest levels.

Napoleon Hill said it best in Think and Grow Rich in that you can have ANYTHING your heart desires provided the desire is strong enough and the FOCUS is all encompassing, allowing nothing to come betwen you and the goal! 

And it's true, my friend.

Most won't believe it, but then again, most won't succeed at the highest levels. You that WANTS To, well ... tough decisions need to be made!

And back to fitness.

When I got in the best shape of my life, I got laughs when I made the mistake of announcing my goal to a couple of people (I thought they were my friends, hehe).

(Par for the course, by the way ... and I've written about this before. Human beings tend to unconsciously point out the 100 reasons it can't be done, and neglect the one reason that it can!).

If I had told them at that point I'd be climbing hills multiple times a day, or doing 100 pushups perw workout, they'd have a coronary most likely.

(NB – I actually did 500 pushups a day for a while back in the day, but thats a different story, hehe).

Same thing with pull-ups and the advanced variations I've put out.

I didn't ask if i could do it. I just did it.

And when it gets to the point that you can't have a simple, casual conversation about bodyweight exercises without it being dissed, criticized and mention of gym shym being made (all to an innocous comment about “I did pushups and I feel great!”, for instance) then it's time to reevaluate.

In my case, what was ending up happening was I was subconcsiously getting irritated by these people, and allowing that irritation to sometimes take my mind over.

Bad mistake.

As soon as I PERMANENTLY removed these people from my life – guess what.

The flow not only came back, but increased greatly. Big time!

Do I mean we all have to agree on everything?

Hell no.

But there is a difference between being neutral and negative.

For instance, people often talk to me about their gym routines, and contrary to what you might think, I dont try and push my advice down their throats.

Never have, never will. How they train is their business - - unless they ASK, of course (and sadly enough many of these bozos ask, and don't listen).

But really. Unless asked, I'll actually even give them tips on how to improve in the gym, despite my dislike of modern day gyms.

THAT, my friend, to me is truly staying NEUTRAL.

If you get my drift.

And back to the central focus of this email.

If you're truly, truly looking to succeed at the highest levels at whatever it is you do, you must be ruthless in removing anything that even seems to appear between you and your goal!

It's only then that your faith is truly telegraphed to the Universe, and powers that be – and once that happens – watch out!

OK, my friend. I've got that off my chest haven't I. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the very best damned fitness system on the PLANET right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Matt Furey.

You guys have likely heard the name.

The man who started with nary a pot to piss in, and went on to become a multi-millionaire and has two home in two continents (and probably counting as we speak, hehe).

And then some.

A man that has motivated MILLIONS of peope globally.

A MAN that yours truly looks up to, admires, and always has.

And a man that was the basis for 0 Excuses Fitness in terms of a FEW of the other exercises – the main ones – and a man that I made my mind up to get better at certain exercises than he likely is. ;)

Hey, it's always about the “student” besting the teacher!

That is what I tell ALL my customers.

I don't care if it is Gautam who I once told could do pull-ups BETTER than I could if he just buckled down and did the thing! (which he DID DO).

Or if it's Charles Mitchell whose furiously working the exercises in Pushup Central (especially the fingertip versions ;)) ...

(As I told him – you can best me at them!)

He said he wasn't quite up to par as yet, but hey.

He's trying.

And I'm sure he'll get ther e(but I WILL be training too in the meantime, hehe. ;)).

But the point stands.

And as I've been comunicating with John Walker, the customer I speak so highly of, and the custommer that left me many a glowing review (with reason – and this is important – you'll see why beneath) ... a recent communique from him left me speechless.

Again in a good way!

He literally compared me to the legend.

Something I've often done privately (including with Ben Settle, another genuis and legend if there ever was one – not fitness related tho).

And something I never thought despite my books reachin thousands of people globally anyone would say.

Matt Furey, my friends, is truly a LEGEND.

Along with a few others I could name (Brooks Kubik being one!).

Anyway ... enough babble from me.

Here is the email and followeth my response too.

Dear Rahul

You are most welcome my friend, I just hope that I've done you justice as I don't write a lot of reviews, that's because I do not put much faith in other peoples opinions (opinions are like arseholes "everyone's got one") and I do not take anything I'm told at face value whether it's good or bad.
I tend to think most people are like minded and wish to make their own mind up about whether a product has true merit or whether it's just overhyped garbage.
With regard to your books I'm more than happy to shout from the rooftops how great they really are, whether anyone will be interested in what I have to say is "unknown" but if it helps you in any way then I'm more than happy to write as many reviews as you want.
I know there seems to be a lot of sceptics out there these days and if you try to give people your honest opinion they automatically assume you've had some kind incentive if the review is a positive one.
Your books on your training methods are unique I have never read anything like them, the closest being Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey, however, Matt's book could only be considered "basic training" compared to the "advanced methods" you proscribe in your books and although I don't own them all (yet) I know from what I do have that they are the best training books on the planet bar none, thank you for publishing the best training material in the world.
Warmest Regards

REsponse beneath - 

Hi John

Once again, thanks!! Yes those reviews did justice and then some ... and well ... enough said on that - I'm equally eager for them books to reach you so you can start cranking the workouts, and DO THEM justice too! ;)

(As I'm sure you agree, hehe).

Yes, I agree. Opinion are indeed like A-holes, but when that opinion is backed by FACT (as yours are) and has the RING of TRUTH to it (as a buddy of mine once told me) - well - then they do count!

Yes, do keep writing reviews - either on Amazon or to me personally (whichever works better for you is fine - although Amazon etc is probably the best best as "more people" would see it there) ...

And last, but not least, thank you again! To be compared to Matt Furey and as you rightly say, the workouts being more advanced than what the LEGEND (Furey) put out - well - I am left speechless for one. In a good way! But yeah, thats why I mentioned Matt in 0 Excuses Fitness - he deserves the mention and then some!

And so it goes. Thanks again my brother - you truly DO make all of this worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

Well my friend, enough said on that one eh.

I'm out for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I was just telling my daughter how to do Math (something about addition – the question was a great one) – and the first thing I told her ? Handstand pushups solve all problems!

(and those of you paying attention on the other site KNOW WHAT I MEAN! ;-))

Next thing I know, she's in a handstand, hehe, and the four “sums” seem to be over and gone by the wind.

Again enough said!!!

PS #2 – Pick up Kiddie Fitness for your kids right now, my friend. It truly is a better gift than smartphone, endless inane videos, and other such “nonsense”. Get them started now. Get them started on the right PATH EARLY – I did mine at the age of 6 months on the monkey bars, and have never once looked BACK!!

PPS - It isn't often that my hands "shake" while writing, but really. Matt Furey. He is a legend! 

PPS #2 - Just remembered, you ADVANCED trainees will love the ADVANCED book on pull-ups - pick it up right here - Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

Writing this, or “about to say it” is carthratic in itself for whatever reason.

But over the past year or so and especially this year, I've been culling people off my “friend listS” and removing them PERMANENTLY in most cases for very valid reasons.

It's something I shoul dhave don eyears ago, of course 

As they say, the teacher only appears when the student is truly READY!

And in that regard, I always knew that if one replaces what one does NOT want – promptly – with what does ONE want – even if that be MENTALLY – well - I didnt fully implement it until the past couple of years, and especially now.

Remove that which you don't want from your life.


No excuses.

(after giving it a good think, of course, but for me, really it's all about gut feeling and that is what it boils down to you too).

How do you feel when you talk to a person? Be with them? Explain something to them?

Are they even WILLING to acknowledge fact – think rationally – and so forth?

Are they WILLING to do what it takes to improve their own lives as opposed to rant?

In most cases, I've found the answer to be a huge NO .

And in these cases, I used to give people a second chance, and third chance ,and fourth, and .... until I realized THEY were dragging ME down with THEM.


Whether we realize it or not, we ARE the sum of people we “hang out with the most”.

And if it's you in your cave that you hang out with most, well ...

... And Napoleon Hill, of course, given the amount of readin gI do on him!

Anyway, here's the point.

Remove that which you don't want from your life, and what you DO want will replace it so quickly that you'll never miss what you removed.

Trust me.

I've seen it happen so many times that I cannot even say it – and I've WRITTEN about it as many times or more as well.

And I've EXPERIENCED it myself too.

Anyway. Thats ONE reason, but the other thing I want to say now, and that I've been ruminating about for the past 15 minutes or so?

Is this, my friend.

That people have a tendency to “leech”.

I don't know why it is, but every time I try and discuss something that matters to me, I either get NO response, or “the messages are too long”, or “I'm too busy right now” - - and yet, these same busy people would drop what they're doing in a New York Minute to listen to some idiotic TV show, or some political debate, or some nonsense that matters NOT in the grand scheme of things.

Same thing for fitness and “having no time”. Of course! 

And while I used to accomodate these people in the past, I do NOT any more.

And a red flag to me is this.

When people discuss something with you, and you have an opposing opinion, and you state it, and thats that, and yet they keep trying to “convince” you despite the two of you (or more) clearly being in a position where “your perception of what is fact is the polar opposite from the other person” and therefore the “debate” or discussion has zero point, and you then “back down” (by not engaging in any more).

And then they get back with “How's it going there”.

Something which you had been asking them for a while, which of course they ignored.

And when you tell them how it is going, they ignore it and back to the roundtable that really “goes nowhere” 

Not to mention some of the situations yours truly gets into are situations most people have never been in due to whatever reason, and so it's frustrating to “have to understand the other person” but the reverse not happening to YOU.

And I'm sure if you're reading this right now – YOU TOO can relate to this!

Last, but not least, you might want to think that the people I “remove” from my life are “bad” people or “not motivated” or “never going to make it”, or something like that.

Well, maybe in some cases, or a lot, but not all.

Many times, they're just not the right “fit” anymore, and especially with all the spiritual babbling yours truly does, sometimes I dont blame them for not being the right fit.

Hey, it ain't for everyone, the spiritual side of life!

Anyway, enough on that. But really, important life lessons there for those that choose to LEARN (listen first, and then learn – not ignore!).

And thats that for now. Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Here is where you can pick up the BEST damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS#2 – And this also is another reason I RARELY if ever get into politcial debates anymore with ANYONE. Sometimes emotion clouds logic (often does) – and while thats great in a way, it doesnt make for logical discussion to say the least! Hehe.

PPS – Now emotion, you say. Picture yours truly knocking out some of the hardest versions of pull-ups out there on CHAINS – no less. And good news?? You can get there too- HERE is the course that will do it (and yes, I don't “pander”. My stuff is for thos ethat get it, and really do it, and those that know getting hte HARD stuff out of the way is the key to achieving ANYTHING – either fitness wise, or life wise!).

For whatever reason, the plague that China spread has had more than one unintended effect.

One being something I'm sure not even the powers that be at the PRC thought about.

And that is that the number of “excuse makers” (along with a lot of other negative things) have increased exponentially this year.

As has my “block” finger. My trigger finger in this regard, hehe. I cannot recall one damn year before this where the vast majority of folks out there (and no, this ain't about supporting Trump or not or politics in general) are unable to see what is clearly placed – right infront of them – on a platter!

Then again, maybe thats why you do it the hard way, and work for that knowledge, or insight, or what have you. Hehe.

And the way I do it ...

But anyway this morning I wrote about getting back to my old routine in terms of timings.

And one of the things that I was thinking about during the “head banging” I was doing at the number of people that were pestering me with inane nonsense of all kinds (I mean really, a discussion is one thing, but simply saying the same thing over and over again don't make it right, my friends!) was this.

I've made no secret of the fact that I have crappy genetics, for one. Working out hasn't come naturally to me (no doubt in large part due to my upbringing which focused on the exact opposite of physicality. Indeed “those brutes” were how my mother for one referred to strongmen ... probably still does).

Or, “he probably eats all of their food”!

And other such silly stuff.

It impacts a kid though, and along with the pink dumbbells nonsense, and a chinning bar being installed in the house but no-one teaching me HOW to do chin-ups for one – well ..

But anyway, it is what is it.

Then you have certain other situations which I often seem to end on the “toughest” side of.

Life does seem to give it's toughest battles to the strongest warriors!

And of course, all of this makes it hard to (combined with my no nonsense say it like is approach) connect meaningfully with all but the bare MINIMUM of people.

So this morning, and indeed sometimes when I feel down, or whatever, here is what I thought.

And told me.

What can you do NOW, Rahul?

Why are you feeling the way you ARE – NOW?

And most importantly, #3.

What can you do NOW – better than the rest?

Sage questions all of 'em, and yet so simple.

I believe I answered #2 in the last email (oh and yeah – we're still waiting on the mailing service to go up, so please bear wth me in that regard) ...

And I believe in a way I answered #1 and #3 as well.

And as I go to post some stuff somewhere for a biz unrelated to this, the thought struck me – again.

What can you do NOW – despite everything else – that will make you stand out – better than them?

There is ALWAYS something you can do – NOW.

Even if you think times are the direst they've ever been, there is always hope and inspiration provided you're willing to reach out to it!

And so it goes, my friend. Back soon with more!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – This last month has been a month of “learning” for even yours truly in many regards. Who woulda thunk, for instance, that I'd be making sales WITHOUT a website (or my personal website) for that matter? But I did, and plenty of 'em on the other biz (for the other biz)! Always somethign to learn eh. Hehe.

Thursday, 05 November 2020 10:07

Is what I do not “real work”?

I remember Uncle Bob laughing about something once, way, way back in the day ...

.. .about a certain mutual friend of ours.

... the “Major General” (not really, hehe) as it were.

And while specifics aren't important, let's just say Michael did the very thing back then that I do now (and I daresay made a ton of money while doing it).

(Is it any surprise my English name is Michael? Or my other “names” are ... ah, but we'll wait until the other site is back up to go there. ;))

But either way, he made the following comment once ...

... “and get a real job” (he was referring to our friend).

Not necessarily in a BAD manner either.

But get this.

While both of us (uncle Bob and myself) were bored stiff in the corporate world aching for a change, the 'General' was living the change (self created for the most part).

He was working from home. Working his own hours. Drinkning a ton of beer and having a ton of fun (that bit applies to me too, but hey! ;)) ... and most importantly, perhaps, at the tim eI met him making more money than either one of us was for the “hours” he put in (and enjoyed!).

And so forth.

And I get the same thing thrown at me all the time.

“I'm working”, I'll tell someone. Could be anyone.

Oh ok.

Where's your office? What do you do ?

I tell them.

Oh, you write. Great. But whats your real job?

And so forth ...

... Apparently writing and producing the amount I do on a damn nearly basis, and high quality stuff all of it isn't a real job?

What would these people tell me if I told them what Ford once told others?

“Thinking is by far the hardest job”.

Thats right.

Sitting still, focusing your mind on ONE THING WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS – and thinking – ruminating and on that ONE THING – for hours.

Is indeed one of th etoughest jobs out there!

And one that I can lay claim to being pretty good as of late.

Anyway, the same thing happens fitness wise.

Oh, pushups, you hear them sneer. But what about fitness?

You know you need the gym to get fit!

And so forth.

The comments pour forth from the brainwashed, and perhaps more surprisingly so, during the lockdowns everywhere, people haven't figured out to find a way, and are instead ranting on about closed gyms, “depression”, and the like.

Fiddlesticks my friend.

I just got a brief little stretching workout in that would floor most gym goers and Crossfitters from the word go.

Took me about 3 minutes in all, and I BE BUZZING now.

With energy, verve and vigor, and ready to go ... again!

Nah. Not what you think, hehe.

But really, the point stands

These preconcieved notions about “what it is” and what it “should be” are just stupid my friend.

Ditch them today – especially fitness wise. Best choice you'll ever make bro!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the best fitness system out there (to put it simply and plainly!) - the 0 Excuses Fitness System. And yes, you DO need to grab it NOW.

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