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How women use emotion to trap and ensnare MEN

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It’s often been said that women are the ones that feel true emotion while men are cold hearted bastards for the most part, operating on drive, caveman like desire, and logic.

The reverse is true, my friend, and the above couldn’t be more wrong – except when asked to present a logical argument of any sort when the Nazi femdoms of course descend into meaningless and trivial obfuscation and emotional tirades that are neither true nor make any sense at all, but they do succeed in wailing up a storm to the point that the “big bad men” (not) get sick of it and they THINK They win.

If only they knew what some of these men really thought and how they really felt.

No, I ain’t talking me either.

I’m an open book, pretty much but not everyone is as open about it as me due to various reasons.

If you’re a wackjob in China, for instance (foreign wackjob) that despises the fact you gotta depend on your rich and well heeled wife or girlfriend to pay the bills while you’re leashed to her quite literally in every way, for instance, you might not be in a position to say it.

Some men don’t say it to “maintain the peace” and a deep subconscious thinking of “she’s always right” hammered into them through the ages by first mother, then wife, then daughter (adult).

Many different reasons, my friend.

In my case, lets talk marriage.

Would you believe it – I’m sure you would – before getting married, I committed the cardinal sin of asking my then girlfriend to live together FIRST before getting married, so both of us had an easy out in case things didn’t work out.

Normal, no?

Of course not!

She was having NONE Of it.

It was either marriage or nothing else.

And of course, what tilted the horse in her favor was the idiotic and highly so argument of “this is not the West”.

It’s the non sequitor a lot of people in India fall back upon.

“We’re traditional!”

Right …

The country which secretly watches the most porn for one …

But anyway, apparently according to her, Indian didn’t live together before marriage and “they don’t divorce”.

What utter baloney, my friend.

Dont take my word for it.

Dont look at the facts i.e. spiraling divorce rates out the Wazoo in both India and China …

Just google it yourself, and tell me (honestly) what you find out.

I’ve been pretty frank about the two court cases we had to fight to get married – which I did again … because of …

It’s the same reason I finally married her. We’ll get to that!

I’m not saying I didn’t learn anything from them, of course.

The first – I learned a lot about conniving lawyers, and decent ones – and the corrupt police system in India, and the courts that ultimately make the right decision in most cases.

Second, I learnt first hand how women are still locked up inside their houses in parts of Northern India for daring to want to … gasp! Marry the man of their choice!

The first could definitely have been avoided, of course, if we lived together first, but hindsight is always 20/20, so lets not go there.

Anyway, same thing for my kid.

I made the choice not to have kids for a while, because of the responsibility it entails.

Even to the extent of (my wife wanted kids) NOT having sex “just in case”.

I’d rather I could tell my wife logically that hey, it’s a responsibility we might or not be ready for, of course, logical discussion doesn’t take place in these cases.

I stopped having sex.

When I did, I did such a piss poor job at it (yes, me!) that I hoped she wouldn’t want more.

Of course, the reverse occurred.

Contrary to what yall reading this might think, Mr “you look like a movie star” could honestly care less about the million or so notches on the bedpost I’ve had. Might as well be zero for all I care. I could care less if I never have coitus the rest of my life – I DO care about that cold beer tho! Hehe.

But anyway, you know how it goes.

Women get moody as heck when they’re not getting it (if they want it from you).

Finally, to keep the peace I “did it”.

And of course, I later learned that was the day she got off her birth control and never told me about it.

For an hour or so, after we knew, I considered abortion.

Then I firmly decided – NO WAY!

Three months down the line, I was harangued by my mother who complained up and down about “we were not fit to be parents” (though somehow SHE WAS? HA!) and that “abortion was an option”, and …

I told a lot of people about this.

Michael, a friend of mine was the one that vehemently disagreed the most in no uncertain times.

“I don’t agree with what she’s saying about it’s not the right time!”

(she was – and while he commented on the other parts too, his reply is unprintable. Hehe. Rightly so!)

“It’ll never be the right time!”

He’s right.

There’s never a right time for anything. Napoelon Hill kept saying the same thing in Think and Grow Rich. i.e. the time will never be right – if you believe in it, and want to do it, then just go DO IT!

Today, of course, that same mother claims she loves her granddaughter more than anything else in the world.


Anyway, lest you think its just me – think again.

Lots of guys, if not all are guilty of falling prey to emotions.

We care.

Women care about the $$!

And it’s only because I cared and had feelings that … HA!

That, my friend, is lesson #2 or 2.5 on the scale of 1 to 5 (if there is such a thing) in terms of learning about Nazi feminism …

1 is beginner level, of course, which is where most of the readers of the book on it will be, and after you’ve read it about a dozen times, and you start to do, practice, implement, most importantly PROFIT from this nasty plague?

Then you’ll be on your way to 5!

Will the book ever come out?

I don’t know, hehe, I’m having so much fun with the pre-promos…

Ditto for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness.

IF there ever was a book the real men will just love and can’t get enough of, and the simps, cucks and Nazi feminists will HATE with a passion – it is this one!

Be sure to lock in your price NOW by pre-ordering.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – For the bozos and idiots who try and deflect the points made in this email by saying “Boo Hoo! He doesn’t love his daughter” – think again. Think several times. There’s a reason she does the photography for my books whenever possible, a reason why I’m writing all this … and a reason why I say I’m glad to have made any and all of the mistakes I did because a)I wouldn’t have learned what I did if I didn’t, and b) I would not exchange my daughter for anything in the world.

She is truly the very best!