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Women, goose and gander, and more ...

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The other day, I remember reading about one of those horrific "maid abuse" stories which are unfortunately becoming all too common these days, my friend. 

It was another one of those ghastly stories - I'm sure I dont need to spell out the details - where the maids usually coming from poor countries such as India, the Phillippines, Myanmar, and other such Third World or worse places are beaten, tortured, and starved to death - locked in cupboards - fed "mouly bread soaked in water for days as their main meal" - made to massage feet and such though it's not part of their job (Bozo Glyn Schofield brumming around in Brum would love it!) - locked up in cupboards - have boiling water poured on them - beaten with rods (I can relate. LOL. My Dad once made the comment about "I should be beaten with an iron rod by the police" - and why?? All because I defended myself - FINALLY - in school with the Gorilla Grip! HA! It was OK for the others to pound on me but not me to give it back to them? Fuck that!) ... and the employers usually get away with a slap on the wrist or less (sometimes more). 

In this particular case, the employer seems to have pleaded "bipolar disorder" or some pyscho babble, but the good part about Singapore, where this took place - the law is usually applied equally. 

You don't get away scot free on the basis of your gender. Man, woman, third gender, all treated the SAME ... she got 30 years. 

How much of that she will actually serve is ... well, I've no idea. 

Link is here - 30 years' jail for woman who starved and tortured Myanmar maid to death, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

It ain't the only one by far. These cases are VERY common - especially in the Middle East and other places where they impound your passport too upon arrival. 

One of the most illegal practices ever, and it continues anyway, because people are too scared to speak out against it. 

I know - it happened to me!

And I hated having my passport with the company HR where I worked - though admittedly I wasn't doing a maid's job. LOL. I was a glorified "IT Engineer" - though they called us "technicians" laughingly. 

Everyone laughed at everyone in that compay. 


Anyway, thats a long story - back to abuse ? 

Thing that gets my goat here is this. 

In the VAST MAJORITY of cases, if not ALL - the perpetrators, condoners, those that cover it up and so forth - are FEMALE!

The same so called man hating Nazi feminists who if the man does even the slightest tiny bit of something "wrong" - will raise up a stink about women's rights and such. 

Yet, these SAME women go to all lengths to torture their own ? 

And then they call themselves feminists, or women's rights fighters and some bullshit? 


They're double faced and ... whats the word? 


In India, I used to rent for a period in 2008-09. 

And the house behind me, they had a six year old girl working from morning to noon. 

She wasn't allowed to use the bathrooms in the house. 

Her food was handed to her on a special "servants only" plate (I swear, Glyn Schofield, you woudl LOVE IT) - and she was made to eat - sitting outside the house. 

The "Madam" of the house used to treat her like a prisoner of war in a NAzi camp. 

She was only 6!

True, the dude of the house had a daughter that age, and he wasn't exactly not culpable either - he used to yell at her all the time. 

But here's the thing. 

In all these cases, again - WOMEN!

Men might grope (if the person is an adult) or try and get what they cannot at home from their domineering bratty "phat as phock "Nazi feminist wives. 

Am I saying thats right? 

Hell no. 

But its way, way, way less than what these women do - and the women LET the men do it!

Apparently when the men do it "the women caused it" - and this idiocy is spread by women. 

I remember the lady we rented from - she used to live next door to us. 

Her maid (an older woman) took one day off from work, and the next day - oh my - she'd berate her like nothing and nobody's business!

No, this isn't about maids rights!

This is about goose and gander. If a man had done even 1% of the above, you can imagine the outrage, no? 

Even the courrts for some reason condone it and give women a FAR longer leash than men could ever expect to get. 

Anyway, this ervant thing seems to be something "everyone in India wants". Even my parents in India growing up had underage child labor - my grandfather's house had tons of (all adult) maids living in and coming in and what not - apparently part of the culture. 

I dont get it. 

(and no, my family didnt beat and torture any of them. True, I dont get along with family, but a spade's a spade - while they certainly did their fair share of yelling at 'em, thats worlds apart from the other tortures and indignities these poor souls get heaped on them on a daily basis). 

(No, they weren't rich by any standards. Think "abundance of cheap labor"!) 

This abhorrence persists in India till this date. Everyone wants "maids". My wife does. All the women in India I know do. Chinese women would have 'em if they could. And so forth. 

Me, I dont know ... I've always had a pathological desire to "run away" every time I see a maid, broom in hand or what not ... 

Maybe it's because NONE Of the maids I've ever seen in my life or those that have worked for me either directly or indirectly have been the "oh so gorgeous foregin workers" that are the lust and envy of men sitting at home furiously wanking off to God knows what. 

They've all been phat as phock middle aged you know what. 

The ONLY - I repeat the ONLY - lady - or two, I'd say I liked in this regard? 

A motherly sort my property consultant introduced me to in 2004 in China (his mom). 

She was great - I cannot thank that old lady enough - much, much respect!

Then Carol introduced another old lady to me once. 

She was equally great. 

Other than this though - maids? 


They impact my caveman lifestyle way too much -especially when they tell me to remove my beer bottles from the windowsill (or not to leave them there as it makes their job tougher). 

Um, isn't that what they're being paid for. 

Not like what an ex of mine in the US when working as household help once had to do i.e. scrub leftover cheese left for days (she said "the lady did it knowingly to torture her") off of nasty, mangy utensils. 

Simple matter of tossing beer bottles in the trash. 

And truth be told, I'd rather have empties staring me in the face from the window sill than a ton of gorgeous (not) maids running around. Ugh. 

Anyway getting back to the central point of all this ... 

Goose and gander!

And while you might think these random thoughts are "unrelated" - they're not. 

Women, my friend, are getting more and more unreasonable - by the day. 

You know it, and I know it, and people on this list - HA!

I was disussing this with my "wife" the other day (I use quotes for a reason). 

"In China they used to break their feet! So they're getting their own back", she said. 


It was WOMEN who actually did the foot breaking thing. 

I cannot for the life of me understand or comprehend how or why someone would find "lotus feet" attractive. 

If Glyn Bozo is reading this - any ideas bro (sis)? 

Or whatever gender he identifies with now .. 

More than that though, these SAME WOMEN literally broke the feet of their own daughters - girls as young as like 6 or 7- and THEN they complain about MEN being aggressive and "torturing us" and what not? 


Give me a fucking break!

Then we discussed the gender imbalance in China. Women not getting married (and men too) - the former because they're brats for the most part and the latter because they're (not all, but a LOT) LAZY and content to "lie flat on back" as they say now in china because according to them "we can never own a house, so why try". 

Both highly idiotic ways to think if you ask me. 

I've written about the latter before as well. 

But my "wife" told me the following. 

"Those poor girls can't find the right man!" 


Are you freaking KIDDING ME? 

A country where there are nothing but men all around - and women are in SHORT supply - and you "can't find men" ? 

I proceeeded to tell her it was market economics - supply and demand. 

She was having none of it. 

"They're businesswomen! They dont want men who ... " 


Lets do a fact check. 

In the PR of C, a country that is full of Nazi feminists brimming to the core, how many women are in leadership roles anywhere? 

Other than Bozo Carrie Lam, tucked away at the back where you can barely see her on National Day - it's MEN that are leading. 

Good or bad is a different story, but thats how it is, friend. 

MEN are the ones that start businesses from scratch with no help whatsoever. the women usually get help, like a certain Ashley who tom tommed all the pharmacies she owned from their "dads and husbands". 

But I repaid them back, she whined. 

sure you did. 

But the men didnt have that advantage to BEGIN WITH!

Can't find the right man? 

Give me a break!

Maybe I should point the Chinese women to the Bozo, who loves brats. 

Trouble is, when the brats get what they say they want - a simp and cuck - they run far, far away from him. 

Because deep down inside, they want real men. 

Case and point - proof - well - those on this list know the proof. LOL. 

Anyway, goose and gander, friend. 

I had to share it, so I have ... 

Off my "soap box" for now (but it's really not a soap box, to be frank). 

And before I go ... 

YES, the book on Nazi feminism is in the works. I just want a stable computer first - I'm getting sick of - I repeat, sick and damn tired of one laptop crashing, the replacement not being worth a damn, and so forth - and my beloved Toshiba computers not being available right now (not the model I want). 

So, the wait continues. 

(Although I do have a couple of good ones lined up). 

Yes, you can place pre-orders for Lumberjack Fitness right now- and I highly recommened you do so to lock your copy in at the price mentioned on the page - right HERE

And last, but not least, remember, you should always start off with the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Did you know a female (I think - I didnt check to see whats "down there" ugh) Bozo recently tried to shut me down saying "toxic masculinity" or some bullcrap? She even told me "you have no followers - who do you think reads you!" 


Apparently she missed the 10 K on Freakbook (that I no longer use - principles! I will STICK TO THEM) -the over 6K on Pinked out (which I do use) - and my Twitter base that might not say a lot, but read it all ... 

Shut yours truly down? 

Good luck, lady. 


PS #2 - While retarded philosophies like Nazi feminism usually die a slow death anyway from within, the coming war (and yes, it's headed that way) - well - thats yet another reason. Society has warped into something that it was never meant to be - too many people, too few resources, too many brats, too many do nothings while expect it all - and way less of goose and gander than there should be. 

If you've studied the conditiones before the first two World Wars, well, you'll see what I mean. 

Yes, I know. 

You think "it can never happen these days", not to you. 

OK, fine. 

Fair enough. 

I hope it doesnt come to your doorstep one day ... 

But ignoring reality - you are seeing it in various shapes and forms around you doesn't mean it won't happen. 

And it's of course, the so called oppressors - MEN - who fight on the front lines. How many women do you see doing it? 

Case and point? 

Almost ... 

Except these Nazi feminists are forgetting market economics . Hehe. Take a look at what happened in Russia, where women were literally given awards to have kids - in Germany during the war where teh thinking was "polygamy" should be allowed so "more babies" could be "popped out" (so thought the lunatic that headed Germany at the time - we all know who!) ... 

The time of reckoning is NIGH. AND HIGH!

(not to mention some of us men find a way and always have naturally to thrive even when the market economics in that regard i.e. in China have been so called stacked against us, hehe)