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One of my pet "dislikes" (and there are many) about my "significant" other is this habit she's developed over the last year or so to keep staring at the dumbphone when I come in to talk to her (which isn't a lot at all). 

It's her childish way of showing "disrespect" - and she thinks, at the age of 35 plus "it's cool" (know those airheads you see on the phone China style, "eyes glued to the phone" even if a damned bomb burst under their seat). 

Now, her own life - and the way she runs it - utter catastrophe in many ways, and I've discussed that before, the results, or lack thereof, and so forth ... 

But what I want to discuss today? 


And those growing up in these sort of dysfunctional families. 

I should know, hey. 

I grew up in one - and if it hadn't been for the extremely tough love I've received all my life - and my own BRAIN - and a will (back when folks actually had a will as opposed to doing what the Guru on the dumbphone prattles on about) ... I'd be a complete wreck as of now, or maybe worse. 

This morning, I was doing the usual, pacing about in my room thinking of business issues, growing the businesses, and so forth - which the first few hours of every day and indeed throughout the day - I'm THINKING. 

Issues that bother me, issues that need to be solved, and so forth- but what I do NOT do the first thing in the morning is flop down into the sofa, legs spread wide apart, and get on the dumbphone and watch idiocy. 

That has been my wife's life for YEARS now, and unfortunately she's managed to, by virtue of "leading by example" - get the daugher to morph into a future "her" as well in that regard. Ugh. 

I was always very against getting the daughter a dumbphone at the age of 7. There are far better things one can give their kids, of course, try explaining that to a Nazi feminist who runs to the nearest "backed up by a cuckold" Nazi feminist mother in law who will shower her with free goodies if just because "big bad Rahul dared say a word against her". 

My family's been the sort where a woman could literally run rampant over, or even maybe some day "off" a guy - and they'd be like oh the girl must have had a reason, guy did it, they wouldn't bother thinking of reasons or lack thereof. 

Now I'm well used to all of this, but the point is this -kids. 

I'd rather see my daugher play, exercise, do some of the things I do - which the example is right there in front of her. 

Yet, the wife outyells me - and her - in everything, and as my mother correctly says "my daughter is petrified of her mother". 

She doesnt need to be, I keep telling her, but when the wife clutches her closely to her everywhere she goes, the little lamb has no choice but to be petrified of a loony Mary ... 

Sound familiar, this story? To some of you it will ... 

The way these women literally damage kids - then turn around and blame it on the kids - and of course, then men - everyone but their own damned selves, I mean geez, growing up, I was taunted at home big time for wanting to be fit - how stupid is that? 

When I wanted to play soccer, and other manly sports, I was told "I was no good" so we won't buy you equipment to do it (which was basically all I wanted was shoes). 

And so forth. 

I was never shown the way, no example was set - changing car tyres, driving, drinking a beer, all the "manly" things a guy should be doing - or for that matter LIFE, or business. 

My father was always quick to tell me I could never run my own business. 

Yet, he never once told me HOW to do so. 

Maybe because he never managed it himself!

My Uncle took me to his office once - an Uncle who I barely ever stay in touch with "wolf" as he calls me. Hehe. 

I still remember that. 

I dont remember my father taking me to, or even being OPEN about his own office to me ever - or my sister for that matter. For my mom that was always adults talk - of course, she neglected to know this - "kids learn by example". 

Not everyone needs to be a fitness expert, no. 

Not everyone needs to be a visualization guru. 

I might be a lot of those things, but the bottom line - waking up each morning and staring at the dumbphone is one thing - brain destroying. 

And all else the kids see in these households, the way their mothers live, nasty, lazy and ... whats the term? Filthy homes with dishes overflowing, the bed never made, garganturan bundles of clothes constantly piled up - I never saw that growing up, but my daughter does. 

All the time. 

And this "under the wife's thumb" where I "have no say in it". 

So much for letting women be in control and run the show - now thats not to say ALL women are like this. 

I know plenty that haven't allowed their kids a phone till the age of 16, I know plenty who believe in doing their own chores and not ranting about self entitled prima donna "maids" and so forth, I know plenty that believe in WORKING for a living as opposed to "what is the next freebie" I can get ... and so forth. 

But I'm talking Nazi feminists here, sadly, there are a lot of them out there my friend. 


I'll close off with this one quote which I saw and loved - basically one about "anytime a woman breaks up with you, she's betting against your future. It's your job to make her regret it".   

(I see a lot of these quotes, but this one really struck home, I generally don't retweet or reshare these "motivational" quotes though I'm not saying they're wrong or bad, but THIS one - was one of the rare ones I shared, and given so many people liking it - there must be something to it. Hehe). 

I do that everyday with my significant other. Hehe. 

Albeit indirectly, and the way to win against Nazi feminism isnt the direct "brutal" way - that way will get you nowhere fast - if at all. 

The indirect way is explained here, my friend - in the one and only book of it's kind - https://www.0excusesfitness.com/how-to-not-only-combat-and-win-against-but-profit-big-time-from-the-nazi-feminist-disease-plaguing-modern-day-society/

Audiobook here - https://www.audible.com/pd/B0BZWLNKYJ/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-342669&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_342669_rh_us

And thats that, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Guys, and this needs to be said - if nothing else, maintain control over your finances. All too often I see guys bending to the whims of idiotic women thinking "on the spur of the moment" with NO long term vision and making purchases etc. One of the keys to success is RATIONALLY evaluating each and every purchase - I've done that for years with my wife, and none of - literally NONE - the things she;s bought or wants me to buy (which I didnt a lot of times) have any long term value, if anything, they have a net long term LOSS. 

"School project. We need these things NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


Yet days later, the supplies sit there, unused, the dumbphone is the only thing that is used - of course, until the mother decides its time to get off the phone and get the kid to do some homework for a change. 

She complains about my own mother "stocking up" for emergencies (not saying my mom is any less culpable) - I tell her, well, in those days thats how it used to be, old habits die hard, yet rants up a storm when she deems I dont stock up on essentials. 

Essentials that when I tell her show up at home she's too busy on the dumbphone or bitching with the fat ass she calls her "maid" to even acknowlege they're there - and they sit there literally rotting in the fridge, when you tell her thats money wasted, she yells up a storm. 

Truly, I'm seeing the effects of "having it all on a golden platter in front of her". LOL. Hilarious, but sad as well... 

Utter lunacy my friend, and you, the RATIONAL MALE reading this would be best advised keeping control, insight, and even TALK about your business, life and finances to yourself. 

Way too few men do that though unfortunately ... 

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Pun NOT even intended, to be honest - hehe - in fact this might well extend to "daddies" in that regard too if you get my drift. 

But before you wonder what exactly I'm on about now - though those in the know already "know" - let me preface with a bit of history with my daughter's Whatsapp school group. 

This group is one in which the most inane of issues are discussed, usually by women, and of course if you know how kids are these days, it's the polar opposite from when we were growing up, so the group is usually jampacked with mothers discussing which kid forgot which HW, which kid fought with which, and so forth. 

"In our day we simply headed off to the woods to play!" 

I remember Alan Murray saying that in a sage manner at Balboa School ... hehe. 

I agree with him. 

The unsaid part was the extreme mollycoddling these days, NOT good at all for kids - and it shows - both physically and in their mental and physical health as well. My daughter for one seems to have picked up this indigestion problem and a hacking cough from shoving too much junk down the gullet and very little real exercise unfortunately (Kiddie Fitness days seem to have been put on the backburner - more on this below!) ... 

Anyway, this group - any time there is any real issue that requires someone to speak up, of course, no-one wants to be as Uncle Bob once put it "the nail that sticks out the most also gets hammered the most". 

When my daughter was being bullied at school beyond a limit, other than telling her to smack the dude one (and she did with me standing right there and so was dudes Dad) - I also posted a brief paragraph in the whatsapp group - brief by my standards in hindsight. 

The silence in that group, it was like a Russian bomb fell on it or something. ... 

Everyone agreed with what I said. 

No-one had the balls to say it publicly or even agree in public which I thought was pathetic, but liberals these days - well - thats how they are. 

More recently, and I believe I wrote about this to the list - mothers were complaining about their kids having to do "more physical activity" in school (two extra days of dance or something, which to me was an excellent thing, the kids needed it BADLY). 

Of course, the complaints started from the kids, then in the group, and I posted I was personally HAPPY this was going on, with all the other rot in the school and the sorry excuse that passes for "education" these days - at least their health is improving, albeit temporarily. 

That was the gist of it, I was far more polite and verbose (yes, I can be very formal when I need to be!). 

(because if I wasn't some idiot teacher would no doubt find a way to take it out on my daughter). 

Pindrop silence again. 

My wife, who often says "these people's food doesnt digest without a good fight in the group" said that night "you're taking the Mickey out of them" (in Hindi). 



I was stating a fact, and an obvious one at that, and it goes to show how far society has fallen and how damned pathetic people have become in general when such facts are greeted with stoic silence and "oh my God, what did he just SAY!". 

Two ladies agreed. 

I'm sure more did too. 

One added me on whats app and then pretended "I did that by mistake". 

Right, my dear, that New Year's greeting I got was by mistake too? 

And that brings me to the central point of this. 

New Year's greetings were being passed around the group, but for some reason, all I saw repeatedly was "Happy New Year to all the mommies" and kids saying it to each other ... 

This happened thrice before I just had to chime in - I thought twice before doing it, but instinct took over. you know me!

I quoted a lady, and responded thus - 

"And the poor, much ignored daddies too" ... 

I suffixed that with several smiling emoticons, given all the females in that group. They love 'em! 

All females love emoticons. Hehe. 

And sure enough, pin drop silence again as if to say "thats truly the bottom line" has been said, and then ... 

A couple of the ladies giggled and said "good one". 

More likely agreed. 

One reason they dont talk a lot to me is the language barrier, I suppose, but more than that - its the fact I THINK Differently and they can tell. 

Its also the whole "he's from the US, who does he think he is!" nonsense people have in their minds .... 

But either way - point and why I said this - well, it's true. 

When was the last time you saw a Dad get wished on Father's Day - or on his birthday - without strings attached? 

When was the last time women actually spoke to a man without money being involved or "I need this or that". 

I could potentially die tomorrow, and my "family" would probably just shrug and say "we dont know what happened" - thats how dysfunctional it is these days - and it ain't just my family either. 

And whats most aggravating, these damned women spoil the kids's health - their mental state - all for their own petty purposes. Hell, my daughter and I used to to go the park, for Granny "thats not good" - and for Mommy "she shouldn't take videos out there to benefit YOU!"

Its utter BS, like I need someone to take videos anyway - that was done to benefit my daughter, give her some skills other than sitting in front of the blasted dumbphone all day, and as a bonus we'd do Kiddie Fitness together, she NEVER had any health issues like she does now, yet, trying to reason with these blockheaded women is like banging one's head against the vault in Fort Knox. 


Didnt you know, they are women, so they can get away with bloody murder and you can't do squat about it. 

Women, my friend, and the liberal Bozo men that enable them have literally turned men into expendable sticks of meat to be roasted, grilled, BBQ'ed and shat out later. 

Even "sugar daddies" face the same thing - lol - they wouldn't be called that without cash i.e "human ATM".

And men love it apparently - the vast majority of buffoons out there. 

No, not ALL Women are like that - but the vast majority are. 

The only ones I know that are NOT of that bent of mind are usually Republican too - just sayin ... 

It's always been this way with women, my friend. Bottom line tho - the reason society wasn't this dysfunctional before is MEN were real men back in the day, and wouldn't ever put up with a lot of the shit that men take for "reality" these days.

No, not all those women in the group are Nazi feminists, but good part - I'd benefit if they were. Hehe. 

Point is this, there are still a few real men out there like yours truly who dont believe in this crap, who believe in true equality, goose and gander and so forth ... 

And deep down inside, most of the liberal men know what I am saying is true too. 

And if YOU want to break free of the Nazi feminist shackles, and not only benefit from it - but PROFIT from it at the highest levels possible - well - crack open my course on doing so NOW. 

Whining about it wont help (no-one cares about male problems or feelings, women, of course, the slightest little thing turns into a tsunami worth of global media attention apparently), neither will fighting it directly. Society's too far gone for that. Instead if you can't beat 'em - join 'em - to WIN against them in the only manner possible - but its a GRAND manner indeed - and YOU will have the last laugh ... 

I know lots of men feel this way, but wont speak up - change that - but do so i.e. speak up in the right manner, and at the right place/time, but dont ignore how you feel. The more men that jump onto the bandwagon, the better it is not just for men, but society in general. 

Never accept second place or being relegated to little less than a human cash cow or something to that effect - if you're a real man, that is - and there's precious few of us remaining out there. 

GET the course now, implement, win, and laugh all the way to the bank (especially tip #26 in the book! - so sage it's #26...).

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure to check out the related - somewhat - in general - video I did on this at the bottom of this page. Lots more to come in this regard; stay tuned. 

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Well, well, well. 

Seems my rants (all very well warranted) on Nazi feminism and the lot aren't just being read - they are, as I've been saying all along what a lot of (non cuckolded and simped) men FEEL - on a damn near daily basis - especially if you're born after the year 2000 or so. 

Before that the effects of the World wars were still there, when (right after the wars) men were at a premium in most places (indeed, today, look at places like Russia, still the case! I heard they used to give Russian females awards for those that pumped out 10 babies - such was the paucity of people in general - quite different from today's vastly over populated coddled world!). 

Anyway, from CBSE Drops 'Sexist' Passage form 10th English Exam, Students to get Full Marks (news18.com) ... 

Since I couldn't copy and paste from that link, I googled, it's all over the place. 

According to the contentious section, "women acquiring independence is the primary cause of a wide range of societal and household difficulties." It further stated, "The wife's emancipation damaged the parent's control over the children." It added: "By lowering the male from his pedestal, the wife and mother robbed themselves, in reality, of the instruments of discipline."

Essentially, this was there in a question paper or something for some exam for students in India, therefore, had to be studied first in some textbook (I'm not quite up to speed in that regard, especially nowadays!). 

But what people felt was what was put into the text, and of coure, there was a massive hue and cry about it, now it's been taken down, students get full marks for the question whether they got it right or wrong, everyone is bashing the leading BJP for it (true, I'm not exactly enthused by what they've accomplished in India over the past few years, but neither has the opposition, at least, end of the day, BJP took a STANCE!) ... 

Thing is though, that is how a LOT of men - and quite a few REAL women feel. 

This "emancipation of women" is all well and good, but it has been taken to extremes. 

Female rights and equality dont mean the men have none practically speaking, yet, the liberals everywhere have made it that way, and / or are doing their damndest to make it that way. 

No matter where you might fault the ruling BJP in India, there is ONE silver lining - a huge one for me. 

They're NOT liberals in any sense of the word. 

Sigh of relief ... 


But anyway, I'm not for teaching this sort of thing to kids either. 

But, point being this - they're being force fed Nazi feminist idelogies damn near all over the place everywhere else, so I dont blame someone for taking a stance and saying it like it is (like I do, and no, I could care less about lost sales in that regard). 

More to the point - anyone notice the disaster single mom families are - in all regards - both economically and otherwise? 

When you turn over any and all decision making power to the woman - it is an UNMITIGATED disaster. 

That is not support patriarchy necessarily, but men are a very vital cog in the wheel of parenthood and family for one. 

The trend these days is to marginalize the men to whichever extent possible (of course, in my family, that has been going on since birth). 

But how does that work out - look at the stats for one. 

Then you take goose and gander. 

What say unequal divorce settlements - downright unfair ? What say "if women are truly independent, why do THEY get alimony, and mammoth amounts of it - while the man gets zero or less?"

What say visitation rights? 

Even in the families where men do live with their kids, taking the man out of the decison making process has never ended up well for anyone. 

If the man has any brains, he'll do what I did and go mgtow. 

Trouble is though, the kid can't do that. 

And a father is essential for kids, my friend - any kid. 

Ask even the most coddled and Nazi fem spoon fed kid - and they'll tell you wistfully how they wish their DAD was with them. 

That ain't theory I'm spouting, it's FACT. 

And of course - not a word has been said, even in India, about men being on the hook for everything financially. 

And the rare cases they arent, it's only so the woman can "do it her way or the highway". 

That ain't the case with a male head of the family. 

The woman often and almost always STILL has her say and decides on matters that are "female domain". 

Yet, the opposite case - females decide damn near everything, the men nothing - not even the "male domain" issues. 

My take on it remains the same - real woman, feminism, all OK and well and good. But when it morphs into Nazi feminism - or anything morphs into Nazi anything - THAT is where one needs to take a stance!

Anyway, it's great guirella marketing for the politicians too, hehe. 

If it was intended to be that, of course. I dont see how it could be anything else (CBSE is national level education, so I'm sure they anticipated the hue and cry). 

Anyway ............................. 

For those of you stuck dealing with Nazi feminism, remember - you can not only combat it, but BENEFIT from it. 

And unlike the CBSE - my book on it ain't going anywhere anytime soon, neither is mgtow. 

Get this book NOW, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'm off to do handstand pushups now but before this - there has been an EXPLOSION of interest in the great course "Shoulders like Boulders" which gives new meaning to the phrases "power packed" and "pocket dynamite" and "good things come in SMALL packages". Truly, this course offers more value per WORD than ANY OTHER fitness course out there. Grab it yourself NOW, and see what people BE yelling about. 

(and if you have already bought it, please leave a review. Thank you!)

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It’s often been said that women are the ones that feel true emotion while men are cold hearted bastards for the most part, operating on drive, caveman like desire, and logic.

The reverse is true, my friend, and the above couldn’t be more wrong – except when asked to present a logical argument of any sort when the Nazi femdoms of course descend into meaningless and trivial obfuscation and emotional tirades that are neither true nor make any sense at all, but they do succeed in wailing up a storm to the point that the “big bad men” (not) get sick of it and they THINK They win.

If only they knew what some of these men really thought and how they really felt.

No, I ain’t talking me either.

I’m an open book, pretty much but not everyone is as open about it as me due to various reasons.

If you’re a wackjob in China, for instance (foreign wackjob) that despises the fact you gotta depend on your rich and well heeled wife or girlfriend to pay the bills while you’re leashed to her quite literally in every way, for instance, you might not be in a position to say it.

Some men don’t say it to “maintain the peace” and a deep subconscious thinking of “she’s always right” hammered into them through the ages by first mother, then wife, then daughter (adult).

Many different reasons, my friend.

In my case, lets talk marriage.

Would you believe it – I’m sure you would – before getting married, I committed the cardinal sin of asking my then girlfriend to live together FIRST before getting married, so both of us had an easy out in case things didn’t work out.

Normal, no?

Of course not!

She was having NONE Of it.

It was either marriage or nothing else.

And of course, what tilted the horse in her favor was the idiotic and highly so argument of “this is not the West”.

It’s the non sequitor a lot of people in India fall back upon.

“We’re traditional!”

Right …

The country which secretly watches the most porn for one …

But anyway, apparently according to her, Indian didn’t live together before marriage and “they don’t divorce”.

What utter baloney, my friend.

Dont take my word for it.

Dont look at the facts i.e. spiraling divorce rates out the Wazoo in both India and China …

Just google it yourself, and tell me (honestly) what you find out.

I’ve been pretty frank about the two court cases we had to fight to get married – which I did again … because of …

It’s the same reason I finally married her. We’ll get to that!

I’m not saying I didn’t learn anything from them, of course.

The first – I learned a lot about conniving lawyers, and decent ones – and the corrupt police system in India, and the courts that ultimately make the right decision in most cases.

Second, I learnt first hand how women are still locked up inside their houses in parts of Northern India for daring to want to … gasp! Marry the man of their choice!

The first could definitely have been avoided, of course, if we lived together first, but hindsight is always 20/20, so lets not go there.

Anyway, same thing for my kid.

I made the choice not to have kids for a while, because of the responsibility it entails.

Even to the extent of (my wife wanted kids) NOT having sex “just in case”.

I’d rather I could tell my wife logically that hey, it’s a responsibility we might or not be ready for, of course, logical discussion doesn’t take place in these cases.

I stopped having sex.

When I did, I did such a piss poor job at it (yes, me!) that I hoped she wouldn’t want more.

Of course, the reverse occurred.

Contrary to what yall reading this might think, Mr “you look like a movie star” could honestly care less about the million or so notches on the bedpost I’ve had. Might as well be zero for all I care. I could care less if I never have coitus the rest of my life – I DO care about that cold beer tho! Hehe.

But anyway, you know how it goes.

Women get moody as heck when they’re not getting it (if they want it from you).

Finally, to keep the peace I “did it”.

And of course, I later learned that was the day she got off her birth control and never told me about it.

For an hour or so, after we knew, I considered abortion.

Then I firmly decided – NO WAY!

Three months down the line, I was harangued by my mother who complained up and down about “we were not fit to be parents” (though somehow SHE WAS? HA!) and that “abortion was an option”, and …

I told a lot of people about this.

Michael, a friend of mine was the one that vehemently disagreed the most in no uncertain times.

“I don’t agree with what she’s saying about it’s not the right time!”

(she was – and while he commented on the other parts too, his reply is unprintable. Hehe. Rightly so!)

“It’ll never be the right time!”

He’s right.

There’s never a right time for anything. Napoelon Hill kept saying the same thing in Think and Grow Rich. i.e. the time will never be right – if you believe in it, and want to do it, then just go DO IT!

Today, of course, that same mother claims she loves her granddaughter more than anything else in the world.


Anyway, lest you think its just me – think again.

Lots of guys, if not all are guilty of falling prey to emotions.

We care.

Women care about the $$!

And it’s only because I cared and had feelings that … HA!

That, my friend, is lesson #2 or 2.5 on the scale of 1 to 5 (if there is such a thing) in terms of learning about Nazi feminism …

1 is beginner level, of course, which is where most of the readers of the book on it will be, and after you’ve read it about a dozen times, and you start to do, practice, implement, most importantly PROFIT from this nasty plague?

Then you’ll be on your way to 5!

Will the book ever come out?

I don’t know, hehe, I’m having so much fun with the pre-promos…

Ditto for Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness.

IF there ever was a book the real men will just love and can’t get enough of, and the simps, cucks and Nazi feminists will HATE with a passion – it is this one!

Be sure to lock in your price NOW by pre-ordering.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – For the bozos and idiots who try and deflect the points made in this email by saying “Boo Hoo! He doesn’t love his daughter” – think again. Think several times. There’s a reason she does the photography for my books whenever possible, a reason why I’m writing all this … and a reason why I say I’m glad to have made any and all of the mistakes I did because a)I wouldn’t have learned what I did if I didn’t, and b) I would not exchange my daughter for anything in the world.

She is truly the very best!

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And why I am indeed uniquely qualified to talk to you about freedom, and my almost fanatical quest to promote the concept of personal freedom and liberty above ALL - and support those that promote it - and truth be told, given the way the loony radical liberal left is spreading their control tactics globally, there are precious few of us left!

We're indeed torchbearers. And so we shall continue to be. 

People as a whole are tired - and people are SICK of the madness. People want NORMLACY. A calm life. Peace! 


Anyway, one reason is - growing up - some of what you would consider to be basic freedoms were severely curtailed for yours truly growing up - on the whims of, of course, my nazi feminist mother. 

I mean, who in their right minds wakes their kids up at 7 am on Sunday mornings of all things "to go play tennis in the blazing heat - around 930 AM -1130 AM, almost the hottest part of the day in India summers for that matter!"  when those same kids would like to relax and enjoy their Sunday - do what THEY please - I still remember complaining about not being able to watch my favorite war shows due to that madness, and my "white knight" father hollering at me in the car "how dare I". 

True, Dad, you were right in that I had a talenf for tennis and swimming. 

But did it ever occur to you that maybe what I wanted was what I'd really excel in

I could be - and am talented in probably way more sports than just tennis. 

But just beause Mom wants to put on the "upper society" face "we play tennis, look at US, the educated middle class!" (back then in India tennis was the preserve of the elite. It still is, to be frank!) ... doesn't mean I need to play along, no? 

What I wanted was to be one of the boys playing soccer. 

Of course, that never happened. 

"He thinks he's so strong!" 

Of course, how dare I be the alpha male, eh. 

But let's take swimming - something which is one of my favorite things to do. 

If I truly had talent, and you wanted me to "excel", then you sure didnt show it much via your actions, Dad. 

Dumping me in a crowded, packed pool on Sunday evening "because Mom wanted to go then" doesn't exactly inspire confidence. That pool was so packed you could barely swim an inch in it, let alone laps... 

Think about this though Dad. 

In the Kolkata summers, I'd wake up - on MY OWN - with NO CAJOLING - at 430 AM in the mornings. 

Think about it. 

Rahul Mookerjee, the caveman, early int he morning!

But I did it. 


Because my grandfather never forced me to do it. He never shoute dup a storm at me. 

Most importantly, I enjoyed the swim!

I enjoyed swimming in the pool - the wild lake - all of it!

Hell, even my cousins wouldn't wake up at that ungodly hour. I still remember my Aunt saying "not today" sleepily from the balcony because it was too early. 

At least she cared for what her son thought. Hehe. 

Paradoxically, of course, my younger cousin would show up. 

Not surprisingly, my Mom hated that younger cousin. 

"He sits at home!" I can still hear it. Hehe. 

He never goes anywhere! He's always SITTING A THOME!

Poor guy was just going to college, Mom. What else would he do BUT sit at home after college? 

(and not like his sitting at home impacted YOU - he was in a room - my room - thats all!)

Of course, if he'd go out drinking etc that would be an issue too 

How dare he enjoy life. How dare any man. How dare anyone!

Anyway, this lunacy persisted ... till adulthood. 

Till now, of course. 

t's truly the SCOURGE that needs to be PURGED, my friend. 

Part of it of course is the idiotic and inane "power competion": and "we have more money than YOU!" drama (while furiously trying to find out how much money you have, hehe - and checking your parcels - trying to figure out whether it's bank cards or credit cards you're getting in the mail) that is common to control freak Nazi feminist morons. 

When I bought my wife a dishwasher, my mom pestered me up and down for days because apparently "it was a big investment". 

I was 30 years old. 

Like Mommy, I can figure out my own damn finances without your meddling - without so called input from a person thats never earned a dime in her life. 

Apparently the logic on that one was "This is India! We hire maids - annoying ones at that that show up at 6 in the morning to clang utensils loudly and never piss off when they're done" etc etc. 

Then of course, when I installed satellite TV instead of the silly ass "cable tV" that was all the rage back then in India. 

(That was again for the wife - yours truly doesn't watch the boob tube, as you know - and that was during "happier days with the wife". Do I miss it? Sometimes, but given how it's turned out, nah - I dont miss it at all! I'd rather be the single dog!) 

Mom wept up a storm about "how her son doesnt listen to her". 


WTF ? 

Then of course, the crowning glory of all this -w hen a phat phock of a Doctor once told me not to swim and drink beer so "my liver could recover". 

It never did. 

Years later, it did - and how! (at the age of 36 plus, when most had given up on it - and indeed, me, hehe). 

And it happened by methods of my own choosing, not what some phat phock Doctor that didnt follow his own damned advice told me to do. 

And of course, Mommy went behind my back and cajoled him to write "no beer" on the prescription he handed me. 

He was almost embarassed writing that. 

I asked him politely just why he'd do such a stupid thing. 

"Your mother....: " 

His voice trailed off.

Given the area he works in (Nazi feminist Central hub) - he probably deals with a ton of these maniacs daily. 

But really, my friend. 

You can laugh, or you can curse when all this is happening to you - and I bet it has, or is, or will at some point. 

Unless you're lucky enough not to be dealing with Nazi feminists in some way, shape or form. If you are, great - I salute you!

But believe me, the best thing to do? 

Is to combat it - and WIN against it - take your freedom BACK - and of course PROFIT in ways these Bozos never thought possible. 

And no, with Nazi feminists, going out all guns blazing will backfire. 

Remember "they're women so they can get away with bloody murder", but if a man says something, he's automatically abusive. Hehe. 

Thats how it works, friend. 

But thats NOT how it was supposed to work - or SHOULD work. 

Goose and gander!

But since they wanna play it this way?

We'll play it OUR Way too , my friend. 

And the book on combating Nazi feminist behavior, and PROFITING IMMENSELY from that - well, it's 85% done, and I'm planning on having it out this coming week. Lets see how that goes, but I truly think thats the next one out!

For now, place your pre-orders HERE

(And for all those that have already placed a pre-order for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness" - another book in the works - a huge, huge THANK YOU for your support! Thank you - we couldn't be doing all this without you! 

And for those that haven't, please place a pre-order now for the book - linked above). 

Remember - your support doesn't just count. It helps - and matters - a whole hell of a lot!

So thats something to digest. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 

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Monday, 10 May 2021 09:15

The ugly plague that is Nazi feminism

And we see it rearing it's head EVERYWHERE, in all aspects of society (unless you push back).

And in some cases where the person, usually male can't push back, do so in means the other party has no control over. Which ties into marketing and a lot of other things.

I've been speaking of the first part though with MANY people as of now.

Not everyone talks about it.

But believe me, the reason I talk about it is because a lot of men face these issues, and a LOT have come out privately and told me.

That, and plus I think it needs to be talked about.

Sure, there are WOMEN that are good out there - and that speak up against it too.

But by and large this Nazi feminism thing is still running rampant, and it needs to be CULLED. ASAP.

Along with a host of other rot in today's society.

Here's a case in point.

I recently read something about two cops in the Netherlands.

The woman, I believe, had some issue (medical issue) - and she had to go to the hospital. She did.

There were five kids at home.

And she left 'em there - and the cops took care of them until she got back - and they even cooked dinner for the kids!

Now thats real man for you.


And I'm sure, my friend, that you can find the link if you google.

Now, point of this isn't to put men in the kitchen or what not (although some men do a fine job at it).

Point isnt to encourage Bozo Schofields ...

POint is, the response it got?

The first one ..

"What a great mother they had!"


I mean, why is it that anytime a man is good, the woman is celebrated, and any time a man is BAD, the man (father) is torn down?

Can someone please tell me why goose and gander is such a hard concept to understand?

Can someone please tell me why men can't make good parents and are always seen as abusive and other bullshit, when the FACTS are that women can be just as abusive and destructive, if not more?

I dont know, I'm asking!


Anyway, thats yet another reason for the upcoming book on Nazi feminism.

And in more cases of HEROS?

Dude from mainland China who stands on a bridge in Nanchang, the world's #1 spot, saves people from drowning.

And believe me, suicide is a real issue in China!

I wonder, of course, how many credited his father for it, and how many his mother ...

And I'm out.

Back soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS - Brutally honest, politcally incorrect, and the best ever - Pushup central. Get this NOW!

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