Sunday, 16 May 2021 16:28

Turning into MORE of a blubbery mess during the panic-excuse-demic

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Some people just dont know how well they have it in terms of being molly coddled!

I've written galore about how people are using this panic demic as an excuse for all sorts of thing.

Binge Eating. Drug overuse (and abuse). Alcoholism.

(I even read they've set up a "mobile shooting van" in the UK if you get my drift - not the Government obviously, but some "kind soul" who claims "they'll do it anyway"!)

"So what! We're not living in normal times!"

Drunken and other inappropriate behavor

"Self compassion! I'm practising self compassion!"

Getting FAT as phock - even phatter than before (curiously enough these same pople were hardly fitness fanatics before - it's just now that the panic-demic, or so called anxiety demic has given them MORE of an excuse to do less) - which is PATHETIC.

I will say it again: we are not living in normal times. Therefore, why should we hold ourselves up to normal standards?

Stressing about gaining a little weight only makes it harder for me care for myself. I’m already worried about the pandemic, I already have OCD, I’m already not sleeping that well. I don’t need to add another ingredient to an anxiety-cauldron in danger of boiling over.

A pathetic little Tom Tom wote this, and she kept babbling about how "these are not normal times".

I wonder if this idiot ever heard about the famous Claude Bristol saying that he made popular.

"As we think, so we are!"

And of course, these idiots - the sheeple - are the first to stick their heads in the sand and want lockdowns etc, while denying the fact that maybe, just maybe, all this was spread - why?

To engineer global panic, crash economies, and so forth!

Gaining weight can be worrying, but if you packed on a few pounds over the pandemic, I say don’t stress. You can always lose it later, when you’ll have more freedom, energy, and means to do so.

Why not NOW, lady?

My pants feel tighter, I’m eating more, I’m moving less, and I feel more sluggish. That’s enough information to tell me I’m not as fit as I used to be.

But frankly, I don’t care.

Anytime I read rubbish like this from female versions of Bozo Schofield (this one is al of 4'11 inches tall too apparently - ugh - I can just imagine) I gotta say, I dont know how lucky people have it in some places - or should I say, I dont know if people even realize how lucky they are to have their lights on, government assistance (that a lot of Schofields use for purposes they were never intended for) - 911 to call anytime they feel like "checking themselves into the loony tune bin" - and so forth?

This chick claims "it's not an emergency" so she doestn need to be fit, and it's fine to turn into a lardass because "she's so stressed out and anxious".

She never did say WHAT she's anxious about and why.

Of course, being she's "living in a climate controlled comfortable environment" as she says, gorging and stuffing her gourd daily, and seemingly has nary a worry in the world, why WOULD she be anxious? 

Bored, yes. Excuse maker and whiny, yes. But anxious? Hell no! At least I can't find one single reason for her to be anxious , and if I get it right she's from .... Canada, which while it might have some restrictions etc, in the overall scheme of things is hardly the "anxiety ridden" mess she claims she is. 

I wonder what people like this would do, for instance, if they were suddenly stuck in a life or death situation like in India.

Or China in some regards.

Or, Israel right about now ...

The fact is, my friend, its MORE important than ever to be super fit - NOW - using methods you can use on the road with you!

When that gym is closed, or blown apart, whichever it is, you got one thing left.

The one thing that people hav ebeen using for centuries to turn into fitness phenoms.


And a MIND.

The latter controls the former, and if you let the latter run riot by thinking what you shouldn't, you're a fool. Simple.

As an aside, of course, panic is hardly "new".

I remember back in 2001 when 9/11 occured, classes etc were cancled (which I understand - completely understand) . . . but what I did not understand was the long ass lines for gas forming up "because we might have to attack Saudi Arabia".

And, of course, my girlfriend at the time.

I was getting a few beers.

"I'm going to get drunk today" announced my girlfriend suddenly.

"Didnt you have something to do", I asked her (she did - she had plans).

"I dont care! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed!"

And get drunk she did, which  given she was a looker wasn;t a bad thing ... (for me).

But, it does sum up the panic / excuse mentality that a lot of people have PERFECTLY.

Nigh perfectly.

Avoid, my friend.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, you can never ever go wrong with great bodyweight exercise programs. Start right HERE.

PS #2 - Whats that? I hear you say "I dont care"?

Well, my friend, what if YOU had to run a mile at top speed NOW to save your life?

What if you had to FIGHT your way out of a situation where noone was there to do it for you?

What if you had to be self reliant and grow - and fetch your own FOOD?

You dont think physical fitness comes into any of that?

But wait, who am I talking to.

If whoever is reading this is part of the "excuses" club, they'll never get it.

The doers  DO though - and more kudos to THEM!