Thursday, 13 May 2021 16:49

Why I can't stand Tom Tom's with no guts to "really tell the world what they think"

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I guess this one might come across as a bit strange, but bear with me ...

As of late, especially on Pinked-In-Out, a social shedia network I'm about to leave pretty soon I think (much like I left Freakbook, and never returned), I've been seeing scores of people post news.

Some post news, and then their comments on it either way which is fine.

Either they support it, or they don't or they're in the middle. All good!

But an increasing number of people - specifically bozo expats from China it would seem are posting China news - sometimes "sort of critical" of China, but you'll notice its like a robot posting.

They post the news as if it's a computer spitting it out.

And they never post THEIR views on it.

And those that discuss, it seems they're just "watching from afar" with the "oh, I'm just putting it out there" excuse wihch is spiel so full of doo doo it STINKS to high hell and beyond, because these same people wouldn't miss an opportunity to openly Tom Tom if they got the chance (and they often do).

Hell, even the Tom Tom's at least have one side they took.

But these folks ... I get a feeling of they want to call China, or whoever out.

But they just dont have the balls or fortitude to do so.

I mean, else, why post the way they are?

Beats the very purpose of a discussion.

Even She N N and Fox-x-y news don't just "tell you the news".

There is always some sort of "discussion" on it?

An interview, a discussion, something ...

These folks are just too SCARED to say anything it seems.

Then on another note, I was seeing a post about how social she-dia these days is taking posts such as mine (with plenty of cuss words etc in it) and "filtering" so that the bare minimum of people see it, and the Tom Tomming posts get pushed up to the top, or idiotic diatribes about how "freelancers making money spend it on their annoying pooches" (I mean, a dog's a dog, but some of those damn things the Chinese and certain girls like - they resemble pink rats more than anything else with bows tied around their neck yapping all damn day long).

Give me a German Shepherd ANY DAY of the week - a REAL DOG!

And my favorite by far.

Anyway ....

Yours truly remains the same, I'm never ever scared to post my thoughts or views on anything anywhere, and if I had restrictions of that nature - I simply wouldn't post or talk about it as opposed to "talk but have no opinion" as I find that pointless.

Plenty of controversy everywhere I go. Hehe.

And I make plenty of great claims too - all can be proven!

For instance, in Advanced Hill Training I tell you that you'll probably lose X amount of kgs per workout .. or something like it.

Animal Kingdom Workouts (#2 in that series by most regards) makes a claim of "turning into a super human with the exercises and courses therein" - and again, if you do what is told - you'll turn into as close to a super human as you can get.

Some of it causes plenty of angst amongst the nutjobs that don't "do" (the claims etc).

So be it!

Never one to back down I've been, and never will be.

Anyway, we're receiving plenty of interest for the last remaining copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition, so if you want in, jump now.

No, NO plans for a reprint for this one down the line!!


Rahul Mookerjee