Sunday, 09 May 2021 12:04

Why I love mixing biz with controversy - especially if supporting President Trump is deemed as the latter.

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This just follows on from the Trump marketing thingy I told you about in the last email, except in a different way.

Trump, my friend, is controversy himself you might argue.

The point is this though - people are IDIOTS in general.

Pinked-Out had a post about Trump helping the Vets, visiting injured folks in hospital, and so forth, and along with that that the caption "Does this look like a man who would disresprect our troops?"

I Couldn't agree more!

And I posted the following.

Trump is the ONLY President that did something for the cops and Vets - and miliary in general. Respect!!

That, of course was enough to bring the liberals out (point hit home).

This is business channel ... please stay away with your political opinions especially if they are that controversial

Um ....


Can someone point out what was controversial in any way about what I said?

Another person asked him that to (on Pinked-Out), so we will see what/if he responds with.

But really, this Bozo posted pictures of Trump in hospital himself, and when someone responds with what the meme says that HE posted, he gripes.


Anyway, whats the world coming to my friend.

Isn't helping the vets and miltary supposed to be apolitical?

BIden, Hiden that claims he's "far better than Trump in every regard" - just what did HE do for the troops?

Big fat zilcho.

I wonder if these buffoons actually talk to the troops and find out who they support?

I wonder if they know how many Trump ballots - military ballots - were found in the trash pre -election?

Then they bitch about "no the election wasn't stolen".

My ass.

A hairy one at that.

The Marines, especially - where Trump support is still solid.

There is a reason they aren't buying into this whole panixation panic, and I dont blame 'em!

Anyway ...

Controversy, right down to the Bozo has always been my middle name too, along with brually honest.

My most controversial book though is right here - Isometric and Flexiblity Training.

Just a must get!

And it works.

Perhaps thats why it's so controversial.

And maybe yours truly, Trump, and a few others on this list - we're all "brothers from a different mother", hehe, if you get my drift.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P S-  More TRUE and insanely controversial claims made HERE.

I DARE you to prove 'em wrong!

You won't be able to!