Monday, 17 May 2021 09:35

Just why have people become such LAZY phocks?

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If you've seen the last email I sent out from this site (posted under Blog) - you know what I'm talking about.

I swear, I'll tell you one damn thing.

If I wanted to  I could make a veritable FORTUNE right now.

Not by selling my books or products, although thats a plan in the works.

Not by selling books on the other site.

Not by writing.

Not by calling the Bozo out.

Not by tom tomming.

But by selling "get slim quick without exercise" potions and slimming pills and a bunch of rot.

I mean really, just how lazy and desperate can folks get??

And this is in the midset of lockdowns or gradual reopenings - in both cases, most people have "F all" to do (and while you might be busy otherwise, thats not an excuse to skimp on taking care of health).

It's a mindset thing too.

People don't do what sets them FREE.

And thus, its always staying frustrated, complaining etc - and never actualy either working out or DOING something to improve their situation.

I know a lady right now putting on more and more weight than ever.

She's done everything the Chinese do.

OR Japanese, and Korean, and what not.

Or Indians for that matter.

Traditional Asian food.

Starving herself.

Drinking warm water and nothing else during the day.

Milk coffee when she feels hungry.

Some sort of wierd "legs" up stretch which to be honest is a "modified" yoga move, but the original is what counts, not the modified one.

And so forth.

Yet, she and scores of others despite all this hoopla and worrying about the external stuff (see yesterdays email) are getting fatter and more miserable by the day despite what they claim.

Think it's ladies alone?

Think again.

Think several times.

And it ain't just Bozos either.

It's people in GENERAL getting lazier, mushier, and FATTER by the day and complaing and pissing and moaning and whining and groaning and what not.

When the problem could be solved - - how?

By getting their RUMPUS in high gear.

And one of the programs that will not only motivate you to get off your ass and DO (well, one of the many - but this is for lard asses and couch potatoes that haven't budged an inch for years) (the sweat on Bozo's couch - I've seen it - makes an outline, literally as he sits there growing lardier and fatter by the day) is this one - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

So simple that even the laziest of people should - or would be motivated to try it.

Of course, there is one category of folks beyond help.

Beyond all the above.

It's those I mention ont he 0 Excuses Ship page (those I do NOT want either there or buying my products).

It's the grade Z+++ +buffoons that claim "it's too easy " and "its too simple".

For you folks, well, NOTHING I have to offer will help.

Until I sell the supplements I've mentioned above i.e. the lazy man's manna from heaven.

And pigs will fly out my ass before that happens.

And thats that for now.



Rahul Mookerjee