Monday, 07 February 2022 05:45

More on why I never have a plan B - and never probably will.

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Ive always thought plan B's, C's and the rest are overrated - in many ways. 

Dont get me wrong, I'm not underestimating the value of plans. 

But plans, when communicated via the subconscious are often different - and ALWAYS more meaningful and results producing in the long term than plans thought out "logically". 

Even during my darkest, deepest moments of "being in the hole - or trough - or valleys" - whatever you call it, if you asked me? 

I NEVER had a plan B. 

From when my Uncle (one of them, curiously enough not the one who earned a lot more) - asked me about plan B's and C's in the year ... 2001, I think? 

I never had one. 

I never have one. 

It's something that has perplexed, VEXED, agitated, irritated beyond belief people around me - yet, I refuse to change. 

Because to me, it's always been about this - or nothing. 

Double or nothing - or more. 

It's been about what Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich i.e. to succeed, you MUST burn all bridges behind you, period. 

You must not leave yourself with any chance of doing something else. 

You either win, or perish. 

And no, for those thinking, it don't mean I fly by the seat of my pants, although it might seem that way many times - the two are different. 

I was watching an interview with ole Arnie the other day, I love the guy. Hehe. 

Given his background, coming from Austria, a young boy that wanted nothing more than to go to America - hell, I understand, and empthasize! 

I used to be the same, I still am, I love America!

But anyway ... 

Arnie was talking about the value of NOT having plan B - and I agree. 

Basically, he said the same thing as I keep saying ... 

If you have plan B, you're telling your mind there is a "fallback option" - an easy way out. 

Arnie put it as "you're taking energy and intentions away from plan A". 

Which is so true. 

To succeed at anything, friend, you must not just fail multiple times and rebuild from scratch, but you do so via the subconscious mind and with the knowledge you either win - or perish.

It's that simple, no middle ground!


You struggle. 

You do what you have to. 

As Arnie said, people perform best without a safety net. And again, him being from Austria, he knows a thing or two about this. 

Now, does this means fitness wise you choose ONE way - and dont try others? 

Not at all. 

What I am saying - and what Arnie is saying - and what anyone with half a brain will say - keep your goal in mind - but if you have to take multiple winding routes to get there, by all means do so.

Your GOAL should never change is the point, provided it's a goal you deeply care about and really WANT with every fiber of your being. 

You'll find if this is the case, eventually, with persistence, miracles happen down the road - no matter where you're at now. 

Even fitness wise. 

And again, Rahul Mookerjee should know. 

From 120 kgs and someone "you! You can never do anyting in life!" that has been told the quoted part all his life, and still is, hehe... 

To someone that has done more in his own life by the age of 41 than most will do in three lives - or more - and someone that lives by the "Im just getting started" philosophy. Hehe. 

That, my friends, is the message for the day - take it or leave it. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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