Friday, 04 February 2022 14:53

Max impact - Min effort.

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This might sound contradictory, especially with all I've said about putting in the hard yards, and believe me, all of that is true. 

But I was thinking about this as I was listening to a Ben Settle youtube video, and he mentioned something about martial arts (which of course you guys know I've been into at a young age - I still practice my kicks and stuff!) being similar to business in that you ideally want to get to the point where you do LESS - and MAKE MORE. 

Now this is something of course I've spoken about for years 

And it's true. 

When you see those "small" martial artists generate more force with their punches and kicks than you'd ever think possible for someone their size (I wouldn't think that way - steel and whalebone is immensely STRONG!) - you might wonder where all the "strength" is coming from. 

The right term to use there is energy - and DIRECTING that energy - and "flow". 

All concepts I talk about all the time. 

Generating force though the energy in your own body - properly harnessed and directed - is an art that can literally take years upon years to just get to "basic level" at - let alone any sort of mastey. 

Same thing with business, writing emails, and so forth. 

But to get to the point where you can bang out one email and have it make a ton of money - and repeat that daily - and work for like "one email a day" (however long that takes) - now you have to put in the hard yards to GET to that level. 

That said, once you get to that level - and everyone should aspire to get there if you're into business - you do less - make more. 

And more. 

Thats like a slap to the face to those people who believe everything should be all about "grinding through the dust on your elbows through broken glass" to cash that check or whatever. 

But it's true. 

Think about all the rich people you see - they dont work harder. They work SMARTER. 

Their money works for them. 

They did, of course, put in the hard yards and go through many a heartbreak to GET to where they are (lots wont talk about it). 

I talk about some of it on the Gumption Galore sales page, truth be told, that doesn't even start to scratch the surface of it - but for most people, that alone is way too much to handle (for those that have been there, done it, they will nod and say "amen" - and add on their own stories too). 

Its about working to get to a point where you are positioned so you deliver "max blow" with "min "work"". 

Now, fitness wise how does this apply?

Well, it's what I keep telling people all along. 

If your time is limited, indeed, even if its not, if you're starting out - hell, even if you're experienced - nothing ever beats focusing on the BASICS. 

That, for fitness is squats - and pushups - and pull-ups (those that can do 'em). 

These truly, along with bridging are the big dog(s) of the fitness world. 

Especially LEG work. 

I can think of nothing that gets you more out of breath than squats - or climbing stairs and steep hills for one. 

Or, running sprints. 

Want bigger biceps? SQUAT!

Want a huge chest? Squat!

And so forth. 

Same thing for handstand pushups, another "max bang" for your buck exercise. 

If you want to fry the upper body within a few minutes flat, and get a workout that most of your contemporaries couldn't get in the gym for an hour - if they can even do it? 

What I mention in Battletank Shoulders is the ticket. 

None of this takes away the need for hard work. 

ANd learning your trade. 

And the exercises I teach you. 

But train SMART should be the mantra, not necessarily "grind more". (except when it's required). 

And those my friend(s) are my thoughts for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee