Tuesday, 23 November 2021 07:32

"Youre not pushing in the right areas!"

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Everyone has a weak spot. 

Find his!

This, my friend is something I have always known. 

It is also the reason - one of them - behind my grip - my "extreme fitness" that leaves NO stone uncovered or unturned, no part of the body untouched ... 

Turns you into "rock solid" from head to toe as it were. 

And those dialogs above, well, I learned it from "Lockup" or whatever the Sly Stallone movie was in the 90's where he's locked up - this is Sly in a beefy avatar, not the "Cobra" lean and mean look - for a crime he never committed. 

Prior to that he was in minimum security because some idiot liberal judge put him in jail for defending an old man at a garage where he worked, then of course, it becomes "fomulaic". 

He mysteriously in the middle of the night gets transferred to max security, which as the warden puts it "six months here is like a lifetime", and "welcome to hell" - and compared with the "country paradise" he was in - it IS HELL!

Truly max security (although how he was transferred like that defies all logic). 

But anyway, Leone (sly in the movie) has six months left. 

The original sentence got extended because he apparently "broke out for the old guy's funeral", but the liberal judges in that case oddly enough just tacked on an extra few months to his sentence. 

Six, or something like that. 

And Sly's determined not to let the six months get to him. 

Warden, who was apparently the warden of where Sly originally broke out from was pilloried and lost his job or what not, and was transferred to hell where he swore revenge on LEone, and as you see Leone Entering (not sunny, hehe) - the words ring out i.e. he'll "never leave". 

Sly does it all by the book. Scruplously so. 

"I just got six months", he says to anyone trying to even remotely push him in the direction of trouble. 

Plenty try to, including a hardened group of convicts led by "beefcake Bozo" (I called him that) ... and they almost succeed, but each time, Leone controls himself and doesn't go over the top. .. 

Except when ... 

Ah, but thats the movie for you - I'll let you watch it if you so desire. 

But the goons, frustrated with Leone's "no reaction" style - complain to head Warden. 

And Warden tells them what I wrote in the first two sentences of thi semail. 

I've learnt in life, marketing, anything - you have to make people STOP AND THINK. 

Or react, or whatever it is. 

If you're boring and humdrum, regardless of the economy or not, people will do nothing (and pass you by). 

It's the nail that sticks out that gets hammered first. 

BUt it's also the one that gets max eyeballs attention and such ... 

Fitness wise, how does this apply you might ask? 

Well, two ways. 

One, the "acupuncture" (in layman terms's Chinese foot massages) I keep talking so much about. 

Let alone the girls, the pressure points on your body and such - it isn't just ancient Tantra mantra. Those points WORK - and those ancient acupuncture charts originally came from India, and are a part of that (even more ancient) culture too. 

Indo-China was once "one" if you can believe it, and it all came from India, I ain't even braggin there, but it's nigh true. Fact. 

And second ... in even more layman's terms. 

If fitness wise, what youre doing, and you might be doing a lot of GOOD things ain't working? 

YOU aint pushing in the right spots, period. 

Sometimes, you do the opposite of what you might think is required. 

To shift that stubborn "bit of fat" or last bit of fat around your waist, for one - or the lower chest (for men). 

All the cardio and pushups in the world won't do the trick on occasion - because you're not pushing in the right spots i.e. you're not really KICKING into high gear.

Same thing for bench pressing, and still not having strength to get into a handstand, let alone a handstand pushup. 

You have to approach it differently . . . 

That, my friend is as simple as that. 

And it's the lesson for this one. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - As ole Freddie once told me when the other managers were not getting back on an important email - 

"Keep pushing!" 

I did. 

Month later, same thing. 

Freddie said nothing, but sent an email ripping not them - but me "a new one". 

Oddly enough, I felt anything but insulted, I knew what ole Freddie was up to. 

Canny cat, and as he said to me later. 

"Rahul, if I don't say it, no-one will DO anything!" 

Freddie was indeed the best, hehe. Great guy!

And to build the strength you need for pushing, well, this course does it. 

Rather goddamn well if I might add. . .