Monday, 11 April 2022 04:45

Suzie Wilson, Wong, and why spamming dont work, period...

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At least not with those of us that have some, you know, BRAINS (which are admittedly very rare these days). 

Received the following in my inbox today - 



Is it possible for me to submit an article for your website on the following topic: Should You Buy a Starter Home Before Buying Your Dream Home?


In many places, home prices are high, but interest rates are still low. Many first-time homebuyers are left thinking if they should buy a more affordable home now and improve later, or if they should go ahead and invest in their permanent home, knowing they'll be there for many years to come.


To assist your site readers in making the best selection for their finances and life situations, I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of these options in my post.


Is this an appropriate topic for your website?


All the best,

Suzie Wilson

s_wilson "at" bozo dot com.

(I wonder if I should buy the domain, hehe). Just checked - it's taken!

Now, I've made my feelings clear on this tripe before - people "bulk spamming" their emails out - basically doing what an old I.T. company I once worked at did i.e. throw shit against the wall, see what/if sticks. 

They claimed to have success with this as well ... 

(it was THIS company). 

But that was a different time and there were still some people buying into the snake oil of SEO or whatever these guys were promoting (I believe it was data entry services etc as well) - didn't quite work for web development (which as you can tell from the book above was what yours truly did for them resoundingly well in terms of sales) because those guys tended to be the one with brains (and more money as well, hehe). 

Plus, this idiotic question "is it appropriate". 


Sometimes I think I should start a "how to find housing for seniors" website. 

Im sure I'd be an instant hit judging by the number of fools that want me to promote  this crap on what is clearly a FITNESS WEBSITE!


I'll stick to fitness for seniors, juniors, real men, real Bozos, trannies, Glyn Schofields and so on and so forth. 

Without a one size fits all approach. 

You know, this applies to fitness too. 

People do the same thing in terms of fitness. 

One day theyll try this, the next day that, the third day something else, the fourth day they dont get results, the fifth day they're "tired and depressed", the sixth day some wacko on social media "charges them up and they're ready to go again", and then they crash again on the 7th. 

Thats what happens when you "throw shit against the wall and see if it sticks", end of the day shit - or spam - or rubbish - is just that, crap. 

Same thing Miss Wong- or Wilson - or whatever the fuck her name is is doing, she's essentially prostituting her services (w.r.t home buying or what not) online. I wouldnt be surprised if she's spamming photos of herself too on whichever site it is she is promoting, I did not do her the courtesy of a click through. 

What the vast majority of people do "hope someone will notice me!". 

They never will with that mentality. 

Or, they may notice shit ... 

And back to fitness, if someone tries what I said above, doesnt stick to any one proven routine, doesnt stick to following advice from someone whose been in the trenches, been there, done that - a real visionary as opposed to some moronic astro- "shastro" - influencer on social shedia raking in the big bucks "here today, gone tomorrow", then your fitness results will be shit too. 

It ain't about throwing a routine against the wall and seeing if it sticks. 

It's about giving it a good solid go. 

It's about persisting with it. 

It's about WORKING at it. 

It's about workign through the tough days, the boring days, the days you wanna just pull you fucking hair out ... 

And if you dont have those days, you ain't "real" (you wouldn't believe how many people claim "oh, all is always hunky dory" on social shedia and so forth). 

Had an idiot pester me for free English lessons the other day - and I ranted on social media about it. 

A certain gentleman who once called my exercises "faggotty yoga" wrote back saying "teach Fucking English? That sounds like fun! Normal English, forget that trash!". 

Sometimes, the desperation shines through doesn't it. 

And I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the time tested, RESULTS producing 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

No it ain't cheap, it never will be, and its for the DOERS. And it's worth every goddamn penny you pay for it, and then some. 


Rahul Mookerjee