Thursday, 21 October 2021 12:44

"Why I cant sign up again"

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I was recently chatting with a girl Lucy - who I blocked earlier this afternoon. 

Its the usual BS with her of not replying to anything (except what suits her), it's the usual nonsense about "I am tooooooooooooooooooo busy all the time", the usual crap about "there's always a reason I dont reply directly to questions you pose" - and so forth. 

I got sick of it eventually, and blocked her - not so much in a pique, but AFTER explaining all this to her, much like I did with Dani the other day (to her credit, Dani responded as I expected her to, in a sane and calm manner, of course, she's someone with brains, not some Bozo like this Lucy whose apparently into "sleeping around" or some nonsense - nah, I'd rather stay away!) ... 

A few hours later, I unblocked her. 

Blocking people is something I rarely do, as oppposed to the majority of people out there who will simply up and block people, and wont give them a chance to reply. 

Like people saying something, then just "blocking" so you canot reply. 

It's JUVENILE, my friend - childish to the extreme, and usually happens when the other person is in the wrong, which she was here (to me, I can tolerate everything and any preference, but rudeness and disrespect - someone trying to curtail my freedom of speech (like former friend Charles) - dishonesty - backstabbin (Bozo, all of the above)) - that is a RED LINE FOR ME. 

But I unblocked her, just to give her a chance to reply, though I knew it would be some BS. 

Sure enough, I got a "smile" - followed by a "recall" message i.e. a feature WeChat has where you can send the other person a message, then they can "take it back". 

Another one of those chilidsh, idiotic features, in her case, it was to see if I unblocked her. 

Which I had, of course, she wouldn't answer anything I had addressed before that. 

So I let it rip, let her have it, and of course, she bailed . Hehe. 

Which is fine ............. 

I dont know what has happened to people in general, especially over the past few years - just STRANGE is the way people are acting. 

Including other agents etc who apparently are always too busy making excuses about being busy to DO any real work ... 

Anyway, I've been known for removing people from my life - and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, once the stale energy goes, better comes. 

So like I've been sayng, I've been doing a cull on this list. 

I've been paring down the over 13K (at this point) list to something far more "niche and manageable", and MORE curated than it already was... 

Because if I'm sending you all this, if there is NO action from your end on anything then really, and I have said this before, it is pointless for you to be on the list. (free reading can be done via the website, but people just dont do the right thing and unsubscribe themselves if they have NO intentions of ever "taking action" and doing something i.e. buying anything). 

So I took matters into my own hands, and sure enough, the complaints started. 

Look, if I've removed you from the list there has to be a damn good reason I DID it in the first place. 

And if I've blocked you from signing up - that reason multiplies by 10. 

Sure, you can still EMAIL me - thats fine. 

But the list - no - it's a highly curated list, and I'm getting tired of certain people on it that DO NOTHING - just ... I dont know, are little more or less than "bumps on a log". 

Same thing with my life. 

And it's pretty much what I'd encourage YOU to do too, my friend ... 

OK, enough of this. 

But if you're getting a "not allowed to sign up" message, now you know why. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness System is right HERE