Tuesday, 26 October 2021 12:05

Why I REALLY dont like selling to beta fags like Bozo Schofield or any like him ...

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Beta fag, by the way, by Glyn's own persistent admission - every time someone calls him a bozo, he responds back with "Beta Fag Glyn" so forcefully that you gotta wonder, I mean yes, he's that, but it actually turms him to be called that. 

No accounting for taste, even if it's the Bozo we're talking about. 

Anyway, in response to THIS email of mine, I got the following pseudo-faggoty response - 

U have good info but u shld remember, not All uR customer are so RICH AS u!

apparently this was typed out on a mobile phone, or perhaps it was a drunk Bozo doing it, I guess. Idont know (Bozo himself, his typing is even worse, so who knows!) - and apparently not being content to start off with this, his email was a long rambling one about "why I didnt support the trans movement" more and other nonsense. 

He also apparently wants to know Glyn's address to invite him on some "pride march" or some rot. 


If theres one thing both faggotty Glyn and decidely NOT so myself are very happy that we DONT know? 

It's Bozo's actual address. Me, because I've got better things to fill up my "always lit up with ideas" brain and "perenially lit up" Glyn Bozo because well if I did, I'd have handed him the ass whooping of his life one more time by now. Hehe. 

Anyway, why I dont like selling to this sort? 

Before I get into that, and again, let me tell you one damn thing - I ain't got nothing, not one single damn thing against gay people - or bisexuals - or people with any sort of sexual fetish so long as its SSC i.e. safe, SANE and consensual and carried out between consenting adults. 

I could give a damn less what you do in your bedroom, and quite frankly, it aint none of my business. 

What a lot of these faggoty sorts do though is try and "force" the other person to "convert" to their way or the highway. 

And I aint gonna stand for that. 

Its THAT sort I'll go to the ends of teh earth to call out, not people who are normal, but have "different" preferences in bed. 

It's the Bozos, idiots, morons, harassers, pyschos, racist jerks, and ... asses (Glyn, I mean the braying sort) in general I dont like one damn bit, and rightfully so, and never will. 

Live and let live. Bozos dont get that, which is my prime grade A beef with them. 

Anyway, the other thing and why I dont like selling to this sort?

It's always about price when it comes to something useful. 

Always a rant about money. Which like Glyn, they NEVER ever have enough of, or at all. 

Like Chuck rightly said about Glyn, dont ever go out with him! You'll ALWAYS end up paying, because Glyn never ever does. 

And judging by what he did the night we met i.e. "the ATM was never there for Glyn" - Chuck was spot on. 

Thats OK, I dont mind .. its his other rot I dont like (Glyns). 

And honestly. Glyn, even when he got paid, he was usually broke the day after because he'd go berserk chasing over the hill hookers to "put his nose in their backsides (God knows what it is with Bozo and Chinese rectums, both male and female) .... and there went his dough right there. 

So pathetic, like Glyn, be a man for once in your life... but anyway, back to money. 

I mean, they never have enough of it do they - but talk about going bottoms up with the nearest cruddy hoooker on the street corner or the nearest seedy X rated bar, and they always have tons of it. 

Misplaced priorities, and I dont like selling to this sort, then dealing wth the price whinging. 

I mean, look. 

I've spent year and years in the trenches here putting together info you cannot find anywhere else, training info that is so valuable I'd equate it with GOLD in terms of your health and fitness - truly coming "from the Master", and I dont use those terms lightly, and given what you pay in gym fees, doctor and chiro visits, meds, and the whole shebang, my prices are a DOWNRIGHT STEAL. 

Trust me on this one (or calculate it yourself). 

Even if they weren't the info costs what it does, friend. 

If thats too much, too bad. 

Pay peanuts, get monkeys. 

You want "Michelin":, then you gotta PAY the tab as well. 

And it's explaining all this to the Bozos that never get it, and the vibes etc - I just dont want to deal with it. 

And therefore, I do all I can to REPEL this sort from myself and my businesses. 

He also sent this (another one off the top of my head)

"We r working class men here!"

Oh, God. 

Class, no class, like I've always considered myself "classless" - i.e. without any of this BS. (not "not classy")

Upper class, lower class, working class, pseudo class, ranting class, Burgoeise, Turqiose, Burgundy, did I leave any out? 

Put me in a room with any of them, I'll talk to them in MY language - THEIR language, which will both be the same. 

Identifying with people and getting on the same page with them regardless of anything else is what true sales, and anything in life, really is about. 

You nail that, you can do damn near anything. 

The only class I did attend, of course, the class of WHOOP ass, and I'm always ready to open a can or two of them!

All for now!

As far as Glyn, his latest is "I want to lick Dejon's ass". 

Apparently "strongman Dejon" was doing squats, and that was all it took for the Bozo, of course, nothing doing in terms of derreries and Bozo went back chastened (and wrote me a nasty email about "pubes in the gym showers" - I mean this guy, just UGH!) ...and then went on another bender. 

Happened last week, not sure if he's off it now. 

But anyway, thats why I stay away from these beta fags... 

Just not worth it, my friend. 

I suggest you do too. 

And I also highly suggest and recommend picking up the 0 Excuses Fitness System (those of you that have not already), truly the best fitness related investment you'll ever make.

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee