Thursday, 14 October 2021 11:24

Taking "me, me, me" to insane and retarded limits...

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The chant just gets louder, doesnt it? 

Me, me, me ... 

It's always all about the person saying it. 

Never about what anyone else might think - or not - or never about how the person himself or herself treats other people, and always about "this is ME! He (or she) better put up with it - or else!"

As of late, this line seems to have become even popular than the line above - 

"I dont run after people!" 

"Whoever comes into my life comes, whoever goes, goes. It's up to them, never ME!" 

Which is fine until a point, but people have been taking it to giddy limits over the past few years, and it's only increasing NOW (when it should be the opposite). 

Look, it's fine to put yourself first. You SHOULD. 

Yet, there is a line, often a fine line between narcissism which can spiral into an extreme version before you know it - and putting yourself first. 

There is an even finer liner beyond NOT letting other people be a drain on your time and energy - and not letting yourself be controlled or taken advantage of - and doing the same thing to others, or worse. 

There is a fine line again, between wanting RESPECT - for you - but being disrespectful to others. 

A pet peeve of mine is when people dont get back to me. 

It's only gotten WORSE over the years, and it aint just me either. 

You send someone a message - they dont reply. 

You send them emails - repeated emaijls - they dont reply. 

When they finally find time in their so called busy schedules (busy watching inane soap operas all day or the male equivalent) - they'll reply with annoyance at your asking mildy "well, why didnt you get back to me". 

Apparently getting back is about "me" and "when I feel like it!" and "I'll get back when I can!" and "if you dont like it, get out of my  life!" 

Sad it's come to this. 

Whatever happened to basic human decency? 

This afternoon, I was wondering what happened to a person whose always been fairly good about getting to me via email. 

She's disappointed me - as I eventually figured she would - i.e. the same "no response", and no, in case you're thinking, ain't nothing romantic or near about involved here. 

If I ask her, I'm sure she'll get back with "I'm sorry". Or, "I need time off from the world!" 

OR, her latest and most inane excuse "I blocked my email accidentally!" 

When the truth is, she's frustrated about something, and just doesnt want to reply - but Jay Roy, a guy I once worked with (a conman who was from Cameroon and pretended to be from the US, though anyone with half a brain could see right thru it, but then again, not many people at that workplace had anything resembling a brain to begin with so they thought anyone who wore their hat backwards and used the term "whatsup boy" in a made up voice was a rap star or some rubbish) had the following to say about this. 

Send them a red packet, see how quickly they reply!

I.e. send them China's version of digital money. Hehe. 

But really, it's pathetic. 

Like I said, one thing to stand up for yourself, be yourself, and NOT letting others dictate to you how to live life. 

Quite another to lose all sense and sight and even smell, if there is a such thing of human DECENCY .. 

Rise up, folks, rise up, I grow weary of saying it. 

ah, I get it. 

No-one cares anymore, right ? 

Well, you SHOULD care. 

Anyway, thats that from me. 

Remember, folks, the BEST damn fitness system is waiting for you - a system that alongwith the stellar and ONE OF ITS KIND videos (nothign like this out there) will get you in the best shape of your life - in your living room. 

No, it aint just pushups and squats, no, you cannot Google it and find it, no I dont provide "teasers" except on You Tube (i can just see people typing it in Google for "freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" hehe) and so forth. 

Did I answer all your objections as yet? 


I thought so. 

If not, let me know what I missed, and it shall be covered. 

And, that said, now the "call to action" for YOU - right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another pet peeve of mine is idiots trying to constantly draw me into conversation with the "how are things" line - when they have no real intention of asking me how things are - its always to talk about them. 

I've lost track of the number of people who equate friendship with "shoulder to cry upon", but "never reciprocate". 

Sad it has come to this, aint it.