Monday, 11 October 2021 13:42

More on the value of never, ever GIVING UP - on anything you truly WANT - DESIRE - CHERISH - with FORCE!

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I knew there was a reason behind the ravens crowing, the birds chirping ... all of what I sent you earlier today. 

But let me give you yet another real life example of NEVER quitting, my friend. 

It may or may not seem significant, but it's TRUE. 

"As long as you keep fighting, never give up, the resources you need will be MADE available to you". 

This line keeps playing out in my head -has over the years, and only intensfies as I grow older!

And its always worked out that way. 

Houdini with nine lives didnt become houdini because he wanted to. He became because he trusted, and then DID. 

And told the world LATER. 

This here email is being written BEFORE the fact happens. And it will be sent out "later" ... 

a while back, my bank - one of the accounts I have, this bank headquartered in India, debited my account for a large amount - for no apparent reason. 

I checked, and the huge amount they took out was apparently for "ATM declined transactions". 

Now, admittedly, I had used my card (the debit card the bank gave me) on Amazon for certain declined transactions, admittedly they tried to charge my card quite a few times, like 20 or so - and there were fees associated (until I noticed my error, and changed it to the credit card which then got charged fine) ... but nowhere near the amount they actually debited, for about 10 x times that. 

Card issues are nothing new for me, hehe. My customers are aware of this too! Hehe. 

All works normally, but as always, I have backup upon backupon upon backup ... "just in case". 

So I complained to the bank. 

Their customer service - you got it - useless. 

I complained for three weeks or so, and simultaneously sent angry emails (though very logical) to their country head, regiional head, and their CEO too. 

Nothing happened, so it seemed. 

I went to the Reserve Bank of India - regulatory body over them. 

My complaint got turned down twice for some wierd reason. 

"You didnt give them enough time to reply". 

I replied back that I did with proof, but for some reason, nothing doing (which is strange - the RBI is pretty good about resolving this sort of thing if you explain what happened to them PROPERLY). 

Then, I went to consumer court - or the "online equivalent". 

I raised a complaint there, and some other places, nothing really happened. 

I complained again. 


After a month and a half, I "cut my losses", and forgot about the whole mess. 

But, things were happening behind the scenes, much like many things happen before that seed SPROUTS into a PLANT - and then a tree! 

That thought kept coming to my mind for some odd reason over the past couple of months. 

A couple of days ago, I checked that account which I pretty much stopped using since that happened, and there was a credit - a tiny one. 

I asked them what it was. 

IT was related to the issue above. 

OK, great. 

I forgot about it after that. 

Then out of the blue, FINALLY - two plus months later - a RESPONSE - from a real person came!

And they sent me a list of transactions for which charges were being applied, which I had been asking for for ages. 

Of course, it was just those 20 declined transactions. 

So, I told them that i.e. just  20, fine, charge for those, but not the amount you debited! 

No reply. 

Followed up. 


This morning, I got an odd - or maybe not - answer after doing handstand pushups. 


Dear Sir,

We are arranging the approval for whole amount reversal as a service gesture."

Along with that, another email showed up from support (tech support) on another organization as I wrote this (unrelated to this, but I didnt think they would be replying anytime soon either). 

Now, this isnt' about money. 

It isn't about what yours truly got - or will get - or whatever. 

IT's about the value of persistence. 

And never giving up, and never telling the world before it's DONE - when you have PROOF, as opposed to crowing about it BEFORE (it usually never happens then!) - and most of all ... 

Knowing it's NEVER over till it IS. 

And that, friend, is that!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This email will be sent once I receive the final credit BACK to my account. Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first!

PS #2 - If you love this sort of motivational stuff, then Gumption Galore! - and Zero to Hero! will be RIGHT up your alley. 

Further Volumes outcoming soon too. (oh, and 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections as well).