Friday, 24 September 2021 05:17

My unbiased thoughts on the great Herschel Walker running for U.S. Senate!

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Rags to riches stories, and I have many of them, dont I? 

Few though to me strike as POWERFULLY Home as the great David Goggins (mentioned on the sales page for Pull-ups - from STUD to Super STUD for a damn good reason - US Navy Seal, Ranger, and more - they are truly studs at pull-ups! (and more)) ... 

... and the great Herschel Walker, mentioned on the sales page for the 0 Excuses Fitnes System, and the book itself. 

I mention other greats in the book, not the least of whom is the Great Gama, who even the Giant Khali in the WWE would probably acknowledge, as my friend from the Marines once did. 

"He was truly the best!" 

That he was, my friend - he sure was!

And Walker to me isn't far behind in many of his accomplishments. 

This morning, I read email coming from Walker (apparently?) in my inbox with regard to his upcoming Senate bid. 

I had not signed up for it , but I'm assuming the Trump emails I get on a a regular basis - hes working with Trump, so I assume it's something to do with that. 

Immediately though, the name Walker stood out to me!

Trump has made the RIGHT CHOICE for one - I knew this before, but reading what Walker wrote in some of his emails, something "moved". 

Herschel Walker, the little overweight kid growing up in Georgia, who knows what REAL racism is about - being bullied relentlessly - having to develop multiple personalities to deal with them or be "GONE!" - his relentless bodyweight training routine ... and more ... 


It could have been me saying some of the words he is ... 

Anyway, I've focused on his fitness accomplishemnts on the page above - I've no idea if he did the squats the Gama and a lot of YOU guys do - but he DID do a ton of pushups, pull-ups, and other squats that got him into great shape not to mention - HILL SPRINTS, the Mecca and Medina of leg training!

Walker was also HUGE on training the way I teach you in the upcoming Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - I dont know if he's ever used Indian clubs for one, but he would absolutely LOVE THEM!

He DID however, like Walter Peyron train with tyres around his waist, running uphill... 

My daughter was asking me why people did that!


I told her why. 

Anyway, it also brought to mind what an idiot Charles (the former friend) once ranted on about during his infamous rant about pull-ups and how my emails were useless. 

Truly, a typical Tom Tom - much like the Chinese that dont know English teaching those that do - Charles who can't even hang on to the pull-up bar bitching about pull-ups because he is a phat phock, and LAZY and not willing to do what it TAKES and learn from the best i.e. me to DROP the weight. 

"I dont know how you work out for hours in that blazing heat, Rahul!" 


Walker did it too ... 

You won't find Walker saying crap like "my girlfriend is smaller than me so she can easily outdo me on hills". 

Sheer and utter idiocy - I've mentioned this before. 

Fat is fat, muscle is muscle. 

Force = mass x accleration. 

And the last comes from MUSCLE, not lard. 

And if the mass is mostly muscle, then there is no reason big guys can't be agile and FAST at the same time. 

Just ask the Grizzly bear, Chuck!

Anyway ... 

I mentioned how Walker had it tough growing up, how Walker was the exact opposite of "easy gains". 

Charles didnt agree. 

"Muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick!" 

It don't either, bro. 

But why believe me? Why not read what Walker HIMSELF has written on it i.e. being an overweight kid constantly bullied and more? 

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I give you an eating secret that will skyrocket your fitness gains and weight losss - UPWARDS!

Walker used this same technique too (no, I didn't get it from him. I knew about it instinctively years ago!) 

And everything Walker says, right down to Trump not being racist despite what the Tom Toms claims, rings so damn true. 

(Personally, I could give a crap less about racist idiots like you've seen with my talks about Glyn Brummie "in ass" Bozo for one - one of the nastiest and most horrible people you'll ever meet, who still clings to the "I have black friends, so I'm not racist" nonsense while he spends the entirety of his day pestering womn from Mom's basement and creating nasty racist mems which of course, his friend Chuck seems to "enable" to a degree ... but Walker knows a thing or two about racism!! Growing up in the Deep South, poor, definitely underprivelegd back then - now that is a guy thats seen it all. 

I do too - and have seen and experienced it too - but like I said, I could give a crap less (believe me, I could rant all day about the stories I have in that regard, but I ain't - I dont give a crap, and I'm better than that, curiosuly enough, Glyn Bozo once in his saner moments said exactly that about me and the Tom Tom's i.e. "you're better than that!")- and never really have (like the ole Trumpinator, hehe).

Ultimately, it seems Herschel did that too. 

As he says in a book, his parents at least taught him well - I for one was never told what he was, that "it doesnt matter what your skin color is, and where you're from, you can ACHIEVE!" 

For a very long time, I was brainwashed into the "they have it better because they're white" thinking. Although I never believed it (hence the "you're a white man trapped in Indian body!" idiocy I get - no I ain't either - I am ME, and that is THAT!) 

I've been saying it for ages, of course. 

Trump, my friend is a pragmatic BUSINESSMAN and the least racist person you'll ever meet. Trust me, you can feel these things. 

And he's done more for the black and colored community than th eTom Toms and Bidens "super predator" types ever have ... 

Anyway, this ain't about politics, I'll be honest. 

But I remembered Charles, who first claimed to be a wrestler and therefore big (when he is plain FAT - nowehere near as fat as the Bozo though) - and then when called out on it, "football's my jam" "I didnt really do wrestling" - though its unclear if Charles ever played football to begin with to be honest - and if he wasn't a wrestler, why SAY he was??... 

And so, I had to write this. 

Anyhow, thats that for me. 

I dont know, Walker to me is one of the greats, a real man, and I'll never stop saying it. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Is it a conincidence that one day I was thinking "what if Herschel Walker actually saw 0 Excuses Fitness" - and bingo, I got an email from one of my greatest and best customers, another real life hero from the UK John Walker ... 

Y'all know I dont believe in coincindences!!

PPS - Lest you think this is about politics, it ain't either. 

Like I've often said, before Trump (and coincidentally, the plague from China) - I didnt care two hoots less about poltics beyond thebasics, and I still don't for the most part (other than keeping up with what Brazilian PM Jair Bolsonaro is up to ; I love that guy!!) ... 

But Walker, Bolsonaro, these guys, especially Walker, I can look into their eyes and it tells a story, a very powerful, moving story, same thing with David Goggins... (he's even got the brown eyes like I do, hehe). 

(it's often been a bone of contention in my home i.e why I dont "look" like the others, and the brown eyes and so forth. Hehe).