Sunday, 19 September 2021 11:54

"Hi pal why you remove me from employment group"

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I've been doing something I haven't done as of late, but normally do all the time (very regularly, I should say). 

That being, my version of spring cleaning. 

This afternoon, I went through my wechat employment groups - by far the most professional and sane of any of the other groups out there in terms of China based employment. 

Believe me, that is only true because I have rules and ANYONE that is guilty of not following them gets removed. No exceptions, no reasons, no ifs, buts, maybe's. Thats just how it is. People dont like that sort of thing - a lot of people don't, but so be it. The rules make the groups the stellar - and most importantly, uber professional - like me - groups out there - no typical Tom Tom's and ESL allowed (there is that sort there yes, but they dont act up near as much as they do on other sites). 

And as I did a mass cull today of many members who were little more than a bump on a log for YEARS - I got messages flooding in furiously. 

"Why you remove me" 

These same people wouldn't answer anything when posed to them. They'd never participate in the group - but they'd sit there like a massive swamp or something, energy drain, bump on a log, whatever you call it - and, well, for lack of a better term, they would DO NOTHING! 

If there is one thing I cannot stand more than anything else it is apathy and inaction, and one of my own rules (lifewise) is to not just avoid, but actively RUN away and put as much distance between me and this sort as humanly possible. 

I dont care if people dont agree with me - or call me stupid for my life and fitness philosophies - or jump up and down wanting to complain about price of books - so long as theyre not trolls (like Bozo) - I could care two hoots less. 

And they are at least doing - something. 

It's the do nothings, Typical Tom Tom's and wackos that take up space in groups, get togethers, email lists and such I cannot stand. 

Speaking of the last, I ain't done a cull on this list as yet (for a while). 

But that time is coming, my friend. 

ANd I wont ask you before doing it either. 

I'm a gut feeling sorta dude, and if I feel you're sitting there being nothing but a silent bump on a log, well, then thats fine - your right to live your life that way, but I'd rather not have that sort on my list. 

(and, that type is welcome to keep reading what I have "for free" on the site - but the list costs money to operate, mail to, and keep active, and I consider the list to be the "creme la de creme" list of the fitness world anyway, highly curated, high quality ... so, I'd rather keep it that way). 

I mean really, and again. 

INACTION - APATHY - and an unwillingness to CHANGE - is what I cannot stand MORE than anything else - everything! 

The "I dont care" crowd. 

The "I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy sort" when all they're busy with is either (if it's Schofield, wanking off in front of porn and other rubbish) or precisely "squat all" - vast majority of this sort have all the time in the world for social media, inane political discussions, sharing silly memes and tweets, trolling, anything but REAL Conversation or ACTION .. typical Tom Toms to be precise. 

And of course, people that claim to "want to talk to me" yet never reply to anything I say beyond the cursory obvious. 

It just annoys the living Bejesus out of me. 

Some of the last sort might be buyers. 

But I do all I can to avoid them anyway, because I don't want Tom Tom's getting 0 Excuses Fitness for one, and then letting it "sit there and do nothing with it" and later complain "it didnt work" when the fact is YOU didnt work to make it work, so of course it didn't... 

Alright, thats the heads up for now. 

And make sure to grab 0 Excuses FItness at the link above - and get started now!


Rahul Mookerjee


Rahul Mookerjee