Wednesday, 03 March 2021 07:31

Brutally effective, brutally honest, the "email gate" saga - and "thats ME!"

If there is one term you could use to describe me above all, my friend - it would be this. 




I say it like it IS, my friend. 

And I'v enever been shy about doing so, regardless of the consequences. 

In 2017, I remember my buddy and myself from the Marines drinking beer and having the conversation about whether the Trumpinator or myself was MORE brutally honest. 

"I gotta give to Trump", I laughed. "If there is ONE person walking the face of this planet who is MORE brutally honest than I am, it is him!" 

My friend winked back figuratively. 

"Not so fast, Rahul! It's by no means a foregone conclusion!" 

He was probably right. Hehe. 

All my life, I've been this way. 

Either hated or LOVED. 


Exteme way of living. 

"Extreme ways have helped me, have helped me every time!" 

"Extreme places 've been that never seen any LIGHT!" 

"Too many heartaches too many ... too many different things! YOu wouldnt even believe!" 

(The credit song for the Bourne Series. Kudos Matt Damon - for a dude who couldn't do a single pull-up when he started, and this was AFTER becoming famous - he knocked out 33 or so in a set for th eBoune series!). 

My own family - same thing, hehe. 

Most would rather steer away from me as far as possible. LOL. 

And thats OK! 

But anyway, that email gate saga, which you on this list no doubt remember. 

During a job in the Middle East my wife angrily shot off an email for some reason too irritating to explain here to the GM of HR. 

Nope, she didnt ask me before doing it. 

And of course the next day I got blamed for "why my wife sent it". 

They were all expecting me to say "sorry, I knew it, I'm sorry for letting it happen" 

Or, castigate my wife. 

But here's the thing. 

She was RIGHT in the reason she said it, if not the way she did it. 

So I stayed silent. Didnt say anything either way. 

As for #1? 

Interesting how it works. 

When I tell a woman to do something, the Nazi feminists scream bloody murder, and when I don't, I'm told to tell 'em. Hehe. 

can't win for losing!

Anyway, I told dude (he was overweight as heck by the way) how it was honestly. 

"Like dude, really. Yes, thats not the way to do things, but I truly had no idea!" 

I was grilled later on why I didnt' just tell the white lie. 

(curiously enough by a person who growing up once asked me "what I'd do if I supported someone (a cricketer - this was during the infamous Australia India "monkeygate" saga and a ball supposedly touching the ground or not) and didnt want to say they might have made a mistake (MIGHT)". 

(Would you stay silent, or would you just say he's right). 

(I chose the former option as a 13 year old). 

Because, as Charles Mitchell once famously said (one of my earliest and greatest customers, though they all are!) 

"That's not you!" 


That ain't me. I don't tell white lies for the most part, if at all. 

I could give a rats ass less about consequences - so long as IN MY HEART I know I'm doing the right thing and can (as Charles the friend told me) "sleep easy at night" - THAT is what counts to me - and the Universe, and everyone KNOWS IT. 

And it's interesting how things come full circle!

The latest review on Pushup Central from John Walker in the UK starts with the following. 

"Brutally effective". 

And he's damned right on that one. 

Go HERE now and read ther est of it - and dont just click - GET the damn course - and GET cranking on it, BRO! 

It's that damn good!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another course I recommended to John was Jump Rope Mania! Pushups go great with jumping rope and vice versa. It was good enough for the greats, and still is, and this combo is good for YOU. Jump - literally - on this NOW and GET THE DAMN COURSE!

(All of you on this list, I mean. Really - that combo is WORTH IT!) 

PS #2 - Did my wife apologize? I'll let you guess, hehe. But guess who got blamed anyway. LOL.