Sunday, 28 February 2021 11:38

More on the law of repulsion, and Josie, and Bender Blowfield Schofield (Glyn)

I cannot stop laughing as I think about the messages the dame in China sent me (well, she's actually someone I knew before) - from Glyn. (a few years back). 

He was one of his infamous benders as he is now, and some of the stuff he's written about "Goddess, I want to buy you things, be your servant, and obey every order" was met with an incredulous "WTF". 

Poor Josie wasn't well accquainted with the Bozos fetishes, or fetishes in general and probably still isn't. 

Anwyay, the Bozo was roundly rebuffed. 

She laughed at him. 

And of course, Dr Jekyll+ Mr Hyde (which he is NOW, hehe) emerged. 

And he told her some of nastiest stuff you can think of - even trolls don't usually get this nasty. 

There is a reason, my friend, that Hannibal Lecter and the Bozo would make great cellmates. 

actually, not. 

The former was at least SMART. Smart as heck. 

The lattter is a buffoon x 100, and makes no pretensions about being one. 

But anyway, she blocked his ass. 

And he tried contacting her again, but couldn't. 

You'd think what he said would be like acid in her veins, and it was. 

But this older lady understood the truism of "Remove that which you do NOT want in your life, and you get what you DO want" - something I keep telling you on this list about. 

And thats why yours truly roundly blocked the Bozo as soon as I heard back from him last year on social media, email, list etc. 

Everything he CAN do goes straight to trash. 

Even his IP's are blocked ... 

And there is a reason behind it which should be obvious by now, but after all the blocking, you'd think he would give up - but no, he keeps posting inane reviews on Amazon for books he hasn't bought - and even people that are NOT into fitness are tittering at him right now. 

All great fun, and makes me SALES (as a friend said, "must be great for your bottom line"), left right and center every time he trolls. 

Poor Bozo, heh. 

But thats a reason I'm so ruthless about calling people out on BS - on making sure people that get my products DO the thing - or making sure I only get those that VALUE quality and aren't just looking for free, cheap, or instant gratification. 

And one of the ways I do it is putting out the best products out there. 

The best for the best, and, as a customer recently said, if you want to learn from a Master, a true Master at his craft, the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee. 

And the other way? The law of repulsion. 

Believe me, the sorts I mentioned above - I do NOT want ANYWHERE NEAR me - or my  life - or my business. 

and so should YOU, my friend. 

We truly ARE the sum of people we hang out with, fitness wise or otherwise. 

Anyway, more such wisdom available here - Gumption Galore - and Zero to Hero - from a LIFE standpoint. 

And from a fitness standpoint, you KNOW where to go, hehe. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up what is possibly my BEST book ever - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and start applying what is in there NOW. Write back and let me KNOW how you DO!

PS #2 - I'll keep you posted on Bender Bozo, hehe.