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I've often written about thick bar training outdoors being brutal, callous building - and RESULTS producing, so the above should come as no surprise. 

But, I've also written about thick gripz in the past - those THICK foam grips you can add on to your chinning bar - kettlebell handles - dumbbells - or just about anywhere that you can - to make the "gripping" part of the exercise that much more difficult. 

Lots of folks think that this trains only the grip a lot more. 

Incorrect, my friend. 

Like everything else I say and do workout wise, you train the entire body hitting the BIG muscles in the upper body like you never hit before - if you incorporate thick grip training done right into your routine. 

They make pull-ups tougher by at least a factor of 5. If not more. They're DIFFERENT from thick iron bars in that you can really squeeze these suckers, and it REALLY, really hurts - in a different manner from the equally productive thick bars you find outdoors. 

This form of training makes you breathe hard and heavy. 

It builds a grip of CAIN x 10. 

It builds unnatural Kung Fu Like grip x 10 as well. 

And it builds LUMPS of muscle all over your upper body - it gives you the sleek, muscular CAT like look you want - everyone wants. No, guys, the females dont like "big huge muscles and bloat around the midsection when youre fat and attempt to pass it off as "big" or some nonsense". 

The X shape is what everyone wants - sees - covets, yet few can get it, which is a pity, because it's easy if you know how to do it, and THIS sort of training is one of the ways to do it. 

Corrugated Core, currently in production before it goes on Audible is the book you need to pick up NOW if you truly want to become a lean, mean, fighting MACHINE with beast mode perennially engaged if I might say so, as I said in all my videos this morning. 

Post a 100 pushups, nothing feels as good as grip work before getting back to pushups. 

Nothing makes you feel like a BEAST more than pull-ups and grip training do. 

And if you cannot do a single pull-up right now - fear not, we're here for you. Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks, a course that has literally shocked the entire world in terms of "simple and effective" is your ticket my friend - if you just DO.

back to thick grips - I recommend EVERYONE doing pull-ups at home needs to get this cheap but highly productive tool to incorporate into their training. The results far outweigh the pittance you'll spend on them. No, we dont make 'em - as yet - stay tuned though on this one, we will soon! (when T shirts come out...). 

Last, but not least, a great review for - well, the Simple and Effective Diet, which is yours GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System ... 

'Simple' just like the title says!

This book has some helpful tips to maintain good health. The tips are simple in the sense that it's easier to maintain the habits mentioned here. So 'bouncing back when stopped' is out of the question. The book also gives the reasoning and how the particular habit helps your body. It is a good short health-related book.

And there we go, my friend. Thank you, Prajakta Telele (FL) for submitting that one - much appreciated!


Rahul Mookerjee

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In came a message from our superlative reader, narrator - and reviewer (interesting how that works - they love the masterpiece (not my words, Janet's!) that much that they then either translate it or narrate it - true DOERS!) - Janet Clare about a couple of other books she's about to read. 

Those are "Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training" - and "Isometric and Flexibility Training - the COMPILATION!". 

know I know you are sick of me already lol but <chopped>..
I am sure you might perfer a big burly man for this one though lol any way thanks for listening"

That giggle, Janet!


As she pronounced my name PERFECTLY (which is interesting) - and as she's reading the book out loud, I can hear the giggle. It says it all "here I am again, Rahul!" ... 

And I'm glad she's got the book, and reading it - and enjoying it from the sounds of it! 

Certainly, as I told Janet, Janet, remain as you are - "as is right now" - certainly no need to be big and burly, hehe - especially given the topic isometrics is for EVERYONE - and given a lot of the exercises I promote, including some of the more effective ones like the pull-up - WOMEN do them far better than a lot of fat men prancing around with their bellies claiming "they're big but not fat" - while the women crank out pull-ups effortlessly and get fitter, leaner, ,meaner and stronger - with every passing day. 

Not EVERY woman obviously. 

But you'd be surprised at the numbers that do! 

And it was interesting, I was reading what another bodyweight exercises Guru who I wont name here was saying about "people call me skinny, so they think I'm not strong, but one doesn't have to be big to be strong!" 

So true, especially considering his 20 pull-up per set challenge. He's even more hardcore than I am - I say you're not strong if you cannot do at least ONE pull-up in perfect form chin above bar - preferably 5- he's got the bar set - no pun intended - at 20 perfect reps! 

Good man, haha. 

I'm not going to name him here either ... but you've likely heard of him if you're into serious bodyweight training. 

And he's spot on in saying what I do myself - that it hardly matter if you're 250 lbs - or half that weight - so long as you're not fat - you should be able to do pull-ups just fine. Indeed, my friend! I say the same damned thing - especilly to fat guys who claim "my girlfriend is better than me at hill sprints becaus eI'm big!!!!!!!!!!" 

No you ain't big. 

F=M x A. 

Simple physics. 

If that m is FAT - then you wont do good at hill sprints, simple as that. If it's muscle, you'll do just fine no matter how big you are, Ive given you examples of old time strongmen repeatedly who were truly big, and did superlatively well on all types of bodyweight exercises including the super advanced ones!

Anyway - a cetain Schofield in UK on his knees reading this might be lusting after big burly men to "take him". 

Not me, Janet. Hehe. 

Big, burly - solid - speaking of which - here are three more solid reviews from a former teacher and current basketball COACH - Terrence Miller - Good going COACH!

Gumption Galore

50 Solid Tips!

“One of more important sections of this book to me is the “Retirement is a crock” section. Being a retired teacher myself, getting into voice acting was a segue into the next phase of my life. I’m not old, b any means, but it gives me another purpose, if you will, that Rahul outlined in his book.” “I can’t tell you how many times a day I’ve hear the phrase “It is what it is,,,”, but Rahul’s chapter allowed me to think about this in a different light. I’m now using the replacement phrase “It is what it is...FOR NOW” every time I hear it!

Rahul - We addressed this before, he's spot on in term of the "for now" - anytime you OMIT that, it leads to tacit "acceptance of the situation as is" which is NOT conducive to IMPROVEMENT - conversely, when you say "for now", you are CHOMPING at the bit to improve NOW! Anyone can tell you which is more desirable - the former, or latter. HA!

Zero to Hero! 

Wonderful Book

I particularly enjoyed reading Rahul's advice re: visualization and "writing down goals on paper." I've often said to people that I have "...goals in life", but wondered how to go about achieving them or even sticking to the process itself. His trials and tribulations make for a great inspirational story and one that I can apply to my own life. Well done!

Rahul - Thank you, Sir! Indeed, "learning in the trenches" as it were - the only and best way (well, the most effective and best way I should say)!

(you might remember he reviewed the above two books earlier, but he loved 'em so much so that along with using the advice in his live coaching classes - hes's reviewed them again!) 


(Terrence loves training outdoors on hills too). 

Solid read for those who are SERIOUS about training

As a current coach, I'm always on the lookout for varying types of workout routines for my athletes. After reading Rahul's book, I'm re-energized as to a new perspective I can share with my team(s). I've tried some of his 'sample workouts', and believe me- they're NOT easy but the results are spectacular. Highly recommended.

Indeed my friend, indeed, and he's even gotten Animal Kingdom Workouts.  (after I told him it was basically level Two from the book above)

Oh boy - I can only imagine how much he'll love that one!

So will YOU, my friend - all of these books if you just stop making excuses (those that are) - and get them NOW. 

And that is that!


Rahul Mookerjee


There's a very good reason the old timers despite their weightlifting prowress and other feats of strength NEVER ignored bodyweight training - they knew to do so would be nigh foolish. 

It doesnt matter which end of the spectrum you're talking about either - could be Charles Atlas with his isometrics - John Grimek with hiis feats of strength - or (my personal favorite) the mighty DOUG HEPBURN! doing handstand pushups on a log and dipping bar in addition to his other work. 

I've written about this before and Doug said it himself - the HANDSTAND pushups were what built his prodigous pushing ability. 

It was not weights that built the weight lifting prowress - it was his bodyweight training routine, and yesterday, lifting them heavy boxes which a while back seemed impossible to even budge - I was struck - HARD by the truism of what I'm saying again. 

History has proven me right as well. Scores of people that are weak in the gym do bodyweight work exclusively for a while - then they come back to the gym - and voila - "miraculously" all their lifts go up - they're far stronger than before. 

The reverse? 

Not a chance. 

You could be a big strong lad lifting boxes all day long, but if you've got a belly, NOTHING will make them pull-ups easier to perform! 

Same thing for pushups. 

Nothing quite beats one arm pushups, archer pushups, and some of the advanced pushups I've written about (and will put in Pushup Central - Volume Two when I get TIME - which is of the essence right now. With all the great reviews we're snowed under - and keep them coming guys!! - and with everything else going on, Rolls Royce Publications Inc is one busy place (cave hehe) to be in right NOW). 

So much to teach, so many books still to come... All in "dew" time, eh. 

In the flow, and here is what I wrote to Terrence Miller, who along with his immense appreciation of Zero to HERO! - and Gumption Galore! - so much so that he's using the tips in his OWN Coaching classes! - loves training on HILLS! 

He's in CO - lots of snow to shovel too. Hehe. 

And he's going to be narrating Advanced Hill Training for us and the next natural step, and book #2 in that series - the almighty 68 exercises KING of all books - Animal Kingdom Workouts!

OK- Battletank Shoulders vies for that King position as well, but there is something SO special about animal movements. 

As I wrote to him  (actually, this is what I sent EVERYONE interested in the narration, since we've recieved so many auditions for it already) .. 

This is one of our most popular books - Animal kingdom workouts! Animal movements are some of the best fitness movements you can do - and they can be done ANYWHERE - and they will bring the average Gym goer to their knees in a jiffy as well (and therefore exponentially increase levels of health, strength and fitness very quickly if done regularly!). The best narrator for this project should be on board with what should be common knowledge i.e. the SIMPLEST of things work the best - and that nothing, I repeat, nothing trumps bodyweight exercises done right. Sure, there are other workouts that COMPLEMENT bodyweight exercises, but nothing TRUMPS bodyweight - period. 

And it doesn't, my friend - doesnt! 

And remember, this is an advanced course, so you'd be well advised to get good at the 0 Excuses Fitness System FIRST before you jump on this one. 

Aright, thats it for now. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Boy oh boy. 

As our books pick up even more in popularity - one of them is really breaking through the "ranks" as it were - along with Pushup Central - ZERO TO HERO! - is one of the "unnoticed books" that is really starting to make waves. And I haven't even gotten started ! Hehe. 

Often times people talk about life - and current situations with the terminology "it is what it is". 

I never agree with this wording - for a very important reason. 

I went hoarse correcting people - and then I stopped correcting them " it is what it is - FOR NOW!" . 

The "FOR NOW" part is KEY, my friend, absolute KEY!

When you say "it is what it is" - then your brain automatically "resigns" itself to "what is". And in many cases, the fire to BETTER your circumstances dies out right away after hearing that term, even if you say it to yourself. 

That phrase, to me, has a very "downbeat" albeit practical connotation and vibe. 

Instead, why not add on "for now" to it?

INSTANTLY, you'll see that no matter how aggravating, annoying or depressing - or irritating your current circumstances - they're not permanent. 

You can - and WILL change them. 

And the minute you say "for now" you'll be chomping at the bit to improve "what is now". 

Trust me on this one. 

Anyway, for a long time I thought it was only the Ship members and myself on board with this ... 

Here is what Terence Miller, currently in the process of narrating Gumption Galore had to say!! 

I’m going to start sending you my “reviews” each time I email you because I want to comment right when I’m thinking about it so I don’t forget. “One of more important sections of this book to me is the “Retirement is a crock” section. Being a retired teacher myself, getting into voice acting was a segue into the next phase of my life. I’m not old, b any means, but it gives me another purpose, if you will, that Rahul outlined in his book.” -Terrence Scott Miller


“I can’t tell you how many times a day I’ve hear the phrase “It is what it is,,,”, but Rahul’s chapter allowed me to think about this in a different light. I’m now using the replacement phrase “It is what it is...FOR NOW” every time I hear it! -Terrence Scott Miller


Well well, well! 

he's spot on too - I can't argue with the way he said it!

Zero to ...HERO! And Gumption Galore are MUST grabs my friend if you're looking for success in every endavor of your life - yes, these tips extend to fitness too - and if you're looking to cut past the hocus pocus, mantras 109 times, incense, beads, chains, amulets, Babas, and other horseshit most self gurus tell you to follow (because it' easy, but easy does not get results). 

The tips in the above books will catapult you to achiever status if you just, as an editor of mine once told me "get the head down and DO". 

Horse blinders, my friend. 

As Terrence said, all my books have a recurring theme of focusing on goals - and then going out and GETTING (achieving them). 

Whats YOURS? 


Rahul Mookerjee

If they did it would put them in the doers category, so they're probably too scared, definitely too lazy to. 

I saw the dude today out there in the park - same guy who complains about me exercising all the time - and about him never being able to do pull-ups, or even pushups in proper form, because he is too much of a lazy ass to follow my instructions and do - or TRY. 

He's content with 40 so called bouncy sloppy reps of the pushup and barely going down at all in the squat... 

Which is fine, of course, but of course hes got to pester me about sunglasses when working out, my choice of clothing, why I do this, why I do that, bla bla bla - tho as of late hes got the pic and steers clear of me, but the copying? 

Right down to the green sweatshirt and blue pants I wear, I saw him today - with a pair of sunglasses almost as "unique" as mine, but not quite - you can't ape the original, and that ones not available for sale around this neck of the woods anyway. 

Which is all well and good, I've long since given up on people ogling me, women included - so directly at times you'd think they were a man doing it to a pole dancer or something - all for doing my own workouts out there in the sun, shirtless or not. 

Apparently hard work and some of the movements I Do are a rarity ..... to say the least. HA!

So thats fine, but it got me thinking about what these apes dont ape. 

They dont dare to ape me on the monkey bars, no matter how many times they pass snide comments ... 

One of these apes got on to the monkey bars today and then declared "I'll have to soak my hands in warm water for a week". 

ugh, how men can even say things like that ... 

The other ape with him with a huge belly and office attire attempted to throw himself into a dip and failed, then made some wisecrack about "weights being the real deal". HA!

These nuts would never copy the hard work, long hours of slog, 500 pushup workouts, the squats, stretches, any of it. 

Because thats hard as hell to copy. 

And because that would of course put them into the category of doer as opposed to utter loser... 

Interesting how people always look for the easy way out, yours truly is the polar opposite, looking for - the HARD way most of the time. 

Because guess what - thats what ultimately brings lasting results. 

Alright, thats it for now. Back soon!

To get on workouts that will have  you burning fat at record speeds and folks staring like you're climbing Mount Everest barefoot and in underwear - the 0 Excuses Fitness system is your baby. 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Off for a nap, then Zero to Hero! and 10 Commandments of Successful Sales will be LIVE shortly on audio as well. 

This email is only going to be understood by those that truly do the thing -not just specifically train the grip like it's MEANT TO BE (see some new videos I put out on that today) but train hard, and right in general - the way you are MEANT TO TRAIN - taking NO PRISONERS! 

Its also going to be rather long, an ode of sorts to a little kid at the end, who was more inspiring than the hordes of ruffians and bozos I see out there at the park daily with nothing better to do than inanities (one of these nuts was throwing shoes up in the air as a game - an adult at that. He did apologize as it fell right next to me - though tiger like, I was watching him anyway - interesting how animal like training makes you more animal like by the way? You meow to cats, and you "sneak up on people" while walking silently normally on tip toes who then jump up six feet in the air and say "sorry, you startled me!" - the wife does it all the time. Hehe).  .  . 

Anyway, let me start with the first dude I met - a friend of mine -real man who used to train with weights a while back. And he had a strong, strong grip when I first met him, but today - though it was as strong, "something was off" when I gripped his hand, and I put my finger on it instantly. 

"You've not been working out as of late, have you bud" I queried. 

And being the real man he is - he got it - understood, and smiled, and replied in the affirmative. 

And hey. 

Thats fine. 

Life happens!

"I know I'm fanatical about it", I laughed - "but . . . "

"carry on", he said. "I'll be here!" 

And that puts him in DOER category right there - he knows I'm there to work out. For a purpose - isnt wasting my time! 


Wish more people were like that! 

This happened with my buddy from the Marines all the time - a guy with a grip like a cement grinder. 

I'd grip his hand, and I'd tell instantly. 

"Vincent, you've been working out again have you not!!" 

Yes, he'd reply. 20 sets of 20 dips per set was what he did ... Or, 10 sets of 20/set. Pretty impressive, and when he slacked off - you could tell. 

I can tell in myself too.a 

It ain't just about grip training, its how you FEEL - the VIBE. 

When you're training LEGS hard - like hiking hills daily for hours - your grip will change very naturally my friend. 

No, that isn't the key to building grip strength like no other, but ... people will FEEL the difference when they grip your hand. 

It's the X factor that comes when you train hard - daily. The LOOK IN THE EYES - the vibe - it has to be FELT to be experienced - conversely, people who dont work out much at all, and their vibe - same! 

Anyway, as I worked out, there was a crowd gathering today. 

Not going to be able to get a hell of a lot done, I thought. 

But I did, and as I did my pull-ups, I saw an old geezer that normally rolls in a wheelchair around here "get up" and do some baby step-ups on the monkey bar. 

Isn't a bad workout for old geezers at all that sort of thing, but why the hell he rolls in a chair when he's perfectly capable of standing is beyond me. 

Anyway - as he did, he kept repeating, step after step. 

RELENTLESS, as I wrote about this morning!

Maybe he's recuperating from something - I dont know, but during physiotherapy and stuff - they start you off BASIC - and you relentless repeat, over and over again. I've never heard some of the fools, asswipes and jokers that complain about high rep workouts being boring or tedious complain to the physio about this ... ? Have you? I doubt it! 

Idiots incaranate basically. 

Anyway, as I was prancing around trying to find a decent spot to go beyond 200 pushups, beyond kids yelling, Madam's walking all over the place - shoes falling from the sky and other BS - I found a ... TREE!

THIS is what I've been looking for in that park - to do handstands and handstand pushups on, and I saw one of the most inspiring things as I did. 

Little kid, all of 3 shows up tree next to mien, and starts apeing me!

It was just so cool, the way little kids ape - and do - until the age of 5, after which I told who I assume is his Dad (perhaps from back Stateside too) - "kids until 5 - they're so curious, after which the formal schooling system kills it all". 

Kid was great, did handstand after handstand, and did it on his shins when he couldn't go no more - I even took a video - with permission - on Youtube! 

Just so awesome to see that happen, kids like the kid in Rambo III where he points at my bracelet, and asks "what is that". 

Then my sunglasses. 

"Those are dangerous", I laughed. 

Kid even wanted my "big" tree


Truly as in the movie - wanted "everything"! 

Anyway, I've no idea where dude was from, or his friends, but back Stateside I thought, not sure tho. 

He asked if I do calisthenics a lot in the park. 

"You've got a strong grip". I noted as I gripped his hand, careful not to over do it, but I could feel his grip too. 

"You work out occasionally, right?" 

Not too often was his answer, but I Suspect his not too often is more than what most people do in a lifetime. Hehe. Or. close to it ... 

You've got a strong grip too, he went. 

I then explained to him I hate the pumping and toning on pointless machines in the gym and would rathe be out in the fresh air. 

"Hey, if someone likes that, by all means ..." I said. "But it ain't for me!" 

Finished off with another little girl wanting to know my name, I said Michael. 

"Thats different from Rahul!" dude said. 

I had to point out that the Chinese pronounce Rahul as Lahoo, and I got tired of being labeled Yahoo or Lahoo, so Michael it is, although I didnt get into the full story. Hehe. 

We were just goin to discuss how HK is SO different today (they have been to HK, but not China) than it was before - but he had to go, so did I. 

Anyway, hopefully lady didnt think I was being racist. in today's PC world, cant never tell. 


Loads of fun, enjoy the videos, and remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System - when you train this way - wonders never cease to happen, my friend - you'll be an inspiration to all around you as well!

And little kid - again. Inspiring, he was even breaking sticks to show off the grip. Champ! hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up Shoulders like Boulders! and Battletank Shoulders! if you're interested in truly building "out of this world" shoulder strength that will SHOCK you once you get good at it - and most others as well. Leave the Jim goers GAPING in astonishment as you do one rep after the other of ... the almighty handstand pushup and all its mightier variants. Do it NOW, my friend. Get the books NOW, and start cranking. ZERO EXCUSES MOFO, as Marc would say! 

As I shook hands with a "trusty" vegetable vendor - I noticed his grip. 

It's surprisingly "soft" at the best of times, but despite the guy being out of shape and having a big belly - he's got THICK hands - the sort of hard, calloused hands that comes from doing heavy duty labor all one's life. 

He used to be a tailor too. 

I've often been told my own hands are "small" - which they are. Delicate, is what I often used to think! And my aunt was right in that I have "long slim fingers, beautiful fingers" as she said (not that I care two hoots about that as my bleeding palms and calluses show, hehe - "surgeon's fingers, talented fingers". 

Well - them fingers can be thick and talented too - though there might be a reason why dude is no longer a tailor. Hehe. 

Anyway - lots of men with strong grips have surprisingly "soft" grips when you grip their hands. 

It's not about trying to out-grip the other person all the time. 

For me, I'll always have a firm grip no matter what - and I'll always remember the lady who shook my hand at work in 2003 - small, petite lady, yet, her grip - my! 

"You've got a damn strong grip", I remember saying. 

So do you, she grinned back (I was holding back - because, well, she's a lady and ... you get my drift, and she knew it. Not that she minded. Hehe). 

I remember my colleagues talking about it later, and how they all agreed my grip and surprise was in response to HERS which was exceptional for her size and gender - just shows, with no excuses, the sky is the limit! 

Anyway - back to old time grip strength - old school forearms - thick - rugged - strong - the HANDS thick and rugged as well as you'll see with many old school weight lifters that do their lifting with thick bars. 

Guys like yours truly who do their training with thick bars might not have that sort of hand structure - but the MUSCULATURE can be built as can the strength which is the good news here. 

Genetically, you may have tiny hands. 

Even Sylvester Stallone does. I remember my ex talking about how small his hands were, and how her hands are bigger than his (apparently Sly's hand size is there somewhere on display in NY). 

Anyhow, as I shook the guy's hand repeatedly this morning, he "no no'd" about his grip, being a bit deferential to the customer. 

But I kept doing it, grinning, and he finally responed with strength in his grip, and then suddenly gripped my hand - arm wrestling style. Hehe. 

Thats the strength that never goes away - years of hard labor - years of hard yards - what I wrote bout RELENTLESS REPETITION this morning! 

(Edit - I knew I forgot something when I first wrote this! It is these sort of people that have seen tough times and therefore dont sweat it with so called "tough times today" and what are essnetially "first world problems" to be very frank - unlike the WUSSES and PANSIES moaning about price rise, inflation and so forth that their own (Democrat) policies have created - or liberal tosh, in short. 

It rhymes too, but jokes apart its true. 

Truly, those who have seen tough times, and these type of folks have - are old school, and dont complain about so called tough times - or do "bad thngs to nobody" - I knew there was a damn good reason I saw that meme this morning! )

Nothing sexy about chopping vegetables or meat all day - or working as an ironmonger - or blacksmith - or a farmer (carrying heavy buckets, corn, and what not all day long in the heat, rain, all of it - especially in countries where farming is not mechanized to the degree it should be - plowing through muddy fields). 

Nothing sexy about repeatedly doing what I tell you in Gorilla Grip - monkey bars - pull-up variants - newspaper work -back and forth, back and forth, for hundreds of reps daily without fail. 

But - if you want old timer like strength, that is what you got to do. 

Could be Doug Hepburn pounding out handstand pushups all day long as an example that motivates you - while he was at work being a lifeguard. 

He didnt do one set, or two, or one day or two. He did them throughout the day - every day he went to work. Key, my friend, and there are tons of more such examples - the Saxon brothers, for one - known for their incredible strenght and "out of the world" grip training hard for like four hours a day. 

You may not need to do that much, or even half, but put in the hard yards you simply MUST if you want to join the ranks and legions of the TRUE GREATS - there are no two ways around this my friend. 

Thick hands, rugged hands, and always remember, "the punch is the last to go on a man" - and so is the GRIP. 

Those of us that have done the thing KNOW what this is about, my friend. 

Anyway - if you're interested in building this sort of rugged, cast iron grip that will last for years and years - well, implement the information I teach you in Gorilla Grip - and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) and Gorilla Grip (TIPS)  - if you so CHOOSE. 

That last bit is also key, only YOU and You ALONE can make the choice in terms of opening yourself up to a whole new world of ruggedly lasting STRENGTH AND FITNESS - or, if you're content to remain at "normal guy" status. Completely up to you - choice is yours - but if I were you - I know which path I'd go down, and have gone down. And if I were your BROTHER, I know which path I'd point you down! 

And that's that, if you're interested in building them THICK MITTS if I might put it that way - then do yourself  a favor and get the above courses NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

I'll always remember a scene from the 1980's movie "Cliffhanger" - where four friends - well, two couples I should say - go on what I can only describe as a climbing double date high up there in the dizzying heights of the mountains - I dont know where they filmed it, but I damn near got vertigo from the visuals alone! - Stallone is nothing short of a genius in his chosen field! - or line of work - and then disaster strikes, and the better half of "Gabe" - I believe that was Sly's friend in the movie? Not sure ... falls - rather, plunges to her death "miles beneath". 

The friends all break up, they move to different areas and such, try to move on with their lives, and Sly in particular can't get over it. 

One day, his girlfriend corners him and tells him enough is enough. 

"It was not your fault! You did all you could!" 

"And what was Gabe doing out there with a girl that could barely climb anyway??" 



All too often, people focus on "niceties". 

Oh, the poor girl died... 

Sure, she did. 

But she should not have BEEN THERE in the first place and neither should her boyfriend have been stupid enough to take her there 

You gotta face the consequences of your actions, my friend. It's a natural law of the Universe, you can ignore it - but that doent mean the law wont take its course. 

You look at these idiots that show up with weed in countries like Russia where it's obviously and clearly banned thinking "they can get away with it" - and then whining and moaning when they're rightly put in jail for it. 

Look, when you're in another country, you follow their damn rules. You were well aware of the rules before flying, you CHOSE to break 'em - even if you weren't aware of them, ignorane of the law is NEVER an excuse. 


Now, read this link before proceeding -A truly INSPIRATION “Cliffhanger” story why grip training is damn near as important as BREATHING! (0excusesfitness.com)

Did you think John Walker whined and moaned about "grip training being too hard"? 


Do you think he took personal responsibility - planned in advance - and so forth?

Hell YES. 

And all that training, subconscious planning of what to do when (if) something goes wrong(and if it can it will) - took over, and he saved a life. 

THAT is how it's done. 

Fitness wise, way too people seek refuge in pathetic excuses and dont acknowlege the fact they're out of shape. 


"Big not fat"

"Different body sort"

The excuses pour forth ... 

Perhaps thats why I named 0 Excuses Fitness what I did - more than it being catchy, it's true!

Take personal responsibility my friend - for your life, fitness, biz, all of it. 

"Blaming others" or being jealous of those doing well - fitness wise and life wise may be an easy refuge as is trolling etc- but it wont do anything to improve your OWN LIFE in that regard. 

Look at yourself in the mirror, a good long hard look, ACKNOWLEDGE where you're at - life wise, fitness wise, all of it. 

Then set goals - have a plan of action. 

And get to work. 

ANd fitness wise, remember the right tools are key to getting the job done right - as with anything. 

And the best and first - not in that order - tool fitness wise you must grab NOW (if you're serious about your health and fitness) is the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Trust me, there is no other course like this out there that takes you by the hand, guides you - kicks your ass when there is a need to do so - and long story short - gets you in the best shape of your life nigh quick - NO excuses made. 

Do so NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee


Thursday, 09 February 2023 11:15

Fitness, and performance at what you DO.

This afternoon, after a workout in the hot sun I was walking back home and saw some fast bowlers BOWLING - if you know even a thing about cricket, or if you can Google it - then you know thats a far tougher thing to do physically and in many ways "bend your back skill wise" than the fancier "batting skill" so often talked about. 

Some of these guys probably couldn't do 500 pushup workouts, but they were fit in that they could do pushups - and damn, they were doing a damn fine job of doing what they were!

It brought to mind an even more elementary question with an even more elementary answer that I wrote about in the last email to you. 

Will doing pushups - or pull-ups - improve my PERFORMANCE in my chosen sport? 

Short answer, yes, maybe. Long answer - yes, maybe. 

Bottom line is this -you can be a fitness phenom, but to get good, real good at anything, you DO the thing - and that thing the majority of the time!

Pushups and pull-ups are part of cricket training along with rope jumping, stretching, but they hardly make up the majority of a cricketer's routine - thats net practice! 

Lets take one of my favorite batters and Aussie legend Matthew Hayden for instance, "Big Matt the Bat" - who is not only an accomplished batting legend - but a successful triathelete who along with his no longer mate Symonds swam back in shark infested waters in Australia - about a mile or so- after their fishing boat capsized. 

And a damn good boxer too most likely. 

"He's an obnoxious little weed" he once had to say about Indian bowler Ishant Sharma during the 2001 India - Aus series "down under". 

I dont know if thats because Ishant got the best of him there - or the chirping. Bit of both I think!

Anyway .... lets take Iron Mike - the pinnacle of boxing basically at his time (much more so than Hayden at his chosen sport). 

Put Hayden in with Iron Mike, and all the fitness, strength and the pushups and huge massive chest Matty has wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. 

Put Iron Mike into the batting/bowling arena - same thing. 

Elementary, eh? 

You DO the thing you want to get good at. 

Yet, fitness - real fitness means the PHYSICAL TOOLS you have at your disposal to get the job done get enhanced greatly with the right dose of fitness! 

So yes, it will HELP you get better ... 

But it wont replace DOING the thing, putting in the hard yards at doing that thing. 

A very simple concept, but one most people find hard to grasp ... 

Anyway, one common exercise that all doers, illuminaries, sports legends and anyone thats is actually fit has in common? 


and SQUATS. 

These two truly form the baseline of any serious fitnes system like the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

And the three courses above are all you need to turn into a fitness phenom and remain at that level the rest of your life if you DO the thing. 

Get the courses NOW if you have not already. Believe me, there is so much in there not seen out there in all the $2 blue light fitness courses that it aint even funny. GRAB 'em today. 

And write back with an honest review, we'll give you 10% off your next purchase!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - I put out a great little tutorial today on one of the least understood aspects of the mghty tiger bend pushup (along with that, the tiger version of the animal movement as described in Animal Kingdom Workouts) - enjoy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA7-sqd5ioQ&t=17s

Thursday, 09 February 2023 10:45

Why trolls troll.

They're truly an interesting bunch and a lot of them, like Glyn for instance, are quite successful at their chosen "Trade" if you get my drift. 

The basic answer "Watson" to why trolls troll is this- they're dissatisfied with their lives - SOME aspect of it - if not overall, and in typical childish fashion (trolls have the mentality of a 8 year old - so does the average person deep down inside, but the average person controls it, trolls cannot) they get "jealous" and since they can't run to mommy complaining, they get on the internet "behind the safety of their computers" and troll. 

I've always laughed at these idiots who hurl abuse at cricketers during games, for one. 

As Australian cricketing great Justin Langer once said (when he got REALLY pissed at a spectator - unfortunately there is only so much you can say) ... 

"These people guzzling beer, 50kgs overweight..." 

(guy's a martial artist - black belt - and a top former cricketer, and current coach. Full marks Justin I agree!). 

Look past the BS, and you'll see plenty of things that trolls have in common - all types of trolls. 

They cannot hold down a job for long, and whatever job they do get, they find a way to get canned or have disagreements in it and then "quit". 

They're usually NOT financially independent and depend upon significant others - or in Glyn's case scamming - or parents -or something of that nature to stay afloat. 

And, like most people - they cannot STAND harsh facts being pointed out to them. 

Nothing pisses them off more (or few things) than others raking it in - in supposedly tough times - by sheer dint of hard work, stickability and persistence, perserverance, all of it . . . 

The human mind is great at, as Napoleon Hill said, finding 101 reasons as to why one CANNOT do the thing as opposed to find and work the one reason they CAN. 

Trolls "utilize" this weakness of the human mind (though in hindsight there is a reason why it is that way) FULLY. 

They'll find excuse upon excuse to avoid facts. 

They'll never give you a direct answer about their own lives, instead preferring to focus on others (like with celebrities).

Another common factor - they're inherently LAZY people. 

Fitness wise, an example of a troll could be someone who is fat - but wont acknowlege it, and will say hes "big" when the facts and mirror both speak otherwise. 

And some of these trolls are actually quite good at trolling "logically" - they'll use ridiculous, yet "sound good" excuses of "but thats my body type" and so forth. 

I've seen so many trolls in fitness try and justify their inability to either do a proper pullup or get teh chin over the bar by saying "thats wrong for my body type". 

Not, my friend. You're simply too fat and unfit is the fact. The basics and nuances of any exercise dont change, and what I pointed out above is simply what everyone knows as a fact, pull-ups aren't dont properly until you get the chin over the bar at the very least from a dead hang. Anything else, you're simply not fit and strong enough, period. 

(and have too much fat around the midsection most likely). 

And these trolls will defend all this vociferously - which is actually funny and sad at the same time, because when you break the argument down to facts, devoid of emotion -much like Nazi feminists - they will NEVER answer direct questions with a yes or not, facts or figures. They'll find SOME excuse to avoid a direct answer. 

Given all this, trolls are actually very successful a lot of times at destroying people's lives - because people in general react to them and treat them in a manner allows them to do so. (Lawd!)

Look, I get it. 

The fine line between trolling and successful marketing is VERY FINE indeed - trolls exploit basic human insecurities and "feelings" very expertly indeed. 

Often times, the person being trolled won't even being realize they're being played until too late. 

Not that this helps the trolls improve their own lives, but it gives them a "quick jerk off" type satisfaction that they'd never get the real thing elsewhere, so they know they make do with "what they can get". Again, pitiful, but thats how this lot is. 

Successful marketing pinpoints and exploits emotion too. But it does so at the end of the day with hard facts that can be backed up with RESULTS. Trolls, well, nothing doing there.

All this being said, they're actually rather sad and pathetic people with no real lives, awkward in social situations, couldnt speak extempore if they were paid to do so, list goes on. Losers bascically and funnny jealous lil kids basically... 

All this said, best thing to do with trolls, you'd think and say - and indeed it is - is to IGNORE them. Block them. And so forth. 

indeed it is - its what I do too pronto, BUT there is one caveat to this. 

What you "run away from" chases you. 

Law of attraction, period. 

Now you can block it, but with trolls, they're addicted and if what you're doing is pushing their buttons, they'll find a way to keep coming back for more. 

Take Glyn for example, his alter Mungo "still" keeps coming back here after everything ... 

Its like poking the bear, or pulling a tiger's tail, there is no end to it anytime soon, or at all. Hehe. 

So since you can't beat 'em, next best thing? Join 'em - and profit from them. 

Once you needle a troll's insecurities, you literally have it made. 

Thats one of the tips I include in EVERY tip of Profit Troll, a book which deals with this subject - something which is important for a LOT of people to know and understand. 

Take Glyn for example. 

You should actually welcome trolls if you're trying to expand your biz, they can do the best marketing that anyone ever could for you - with you doing nothing. Literally, Glyn did it on the biggest platform out there Amazon - and when I noticed the trolling (so called reviews) he left, I didnt even have to respond. My customers, some of whom I would not even have known existed out there since they bought off Amazon were doing a mighty fine job of responding to  Glyn and the other trolls! 

Believe me, I milked Glyn for cash like the proverbial cash cow that year in 2020, when most businesses were FAILING. 

I still do. 

But he's hardly the only one - there's plenty I do the same with. 

And thats what I find hilarios and funny about some of these trolls that whine "he doesnt allow negative reviews". 

Look, pal, for the nth time, thats up to Amazon. I can't control reviews there even if I wanted to. 

And if they detect, and its easy enough that you're reviewing books you've not bought - or have excessive profanity in - or in Glyn's case, horrible paedophile like comments (he's a confirmed pedo, unfortunately I dont know how he's still running rampant - criminals like that scamming women out of thousands of pounds, and the bobbies in the UK are more concerned with face masks...) - then yes, they will remove it, for obvious reasons- it degrades their platform, no-one wants disruptive influences in their organizations like that. 

Otherwise, they'll let it remain. 

Proof in the pudding, Bozo Schofield's comments are all still very much up there. If enough people complain about it they'll remove 'em, but I specifically asked my list not to complain, hehe - so most people have not. 

Yet, the trolls whine ... which is what is funny. Facts, my friend, speak loud and clear. 

(and, if you really want to troll in a manner that wont be removed, do it semi logically. Go to Amazon, post about how you never bought the book, yet whine about price. Hey, be honest - at least. Hehe. And relax - no-one, neither me nor Amazon will particularly give a rip. They and I both realize how whining makes businesses MONEY.)

(I can just see the trolls, especially certain ones RUSHING to Amazon now. Hehe)

Bottom line - we all have this sort in our lives, and we can ALL benefit from this sort if we know how to. 

No, it ain't just business benefits you get - you can benefit in LIFE Too from this trolling, hard as you might find it to believe, and my book Profit Troll (this is part of the book) covers how in very great depth "unlike anything youve ever seen before", so, if this subject interests you, place the pre-order NOW

Price will go UP shortly. 

Oh yes, back to fitness? 

Since we're talking elementary Watson, no pun intended, I put out a brief video today on the most elementary version of the pull-up I talk about in "Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS" - one you MUST master before any other version of the pull-up. Even if this is all you did your entire life in proper form, you'd be in excellent shape! 

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMGd5me-ZlY&t=17s

And its below at the bottom of the page as well. 

Aite, I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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